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My 20 year old daughter and I were out at the mall shopping for bathing suits. She picked out a few and said she thought they would look good on me. I told her that I need to wear a suit that has the skirt shorts underneath. When she asked me why, I paused before saying, “ well, I wear those because my pubic hair shows too much in a regular bottom. She said,” really mom? You have that much hair? “ I said, “ yes, I really like it. “ she then said,” wow, I’ve never seen a woman who has hair like that. “

We gathered a few bathing suits for each of us and brought them home to try on. Once home, I went to my room to change and my daughter followed me. I thought she would change in her room so it was odd that she didn’t. I didn't think much at first, but then I realized that maybe she wanted to see me nude to check out my pubic hair.

We put our bags on my bed and began to undress. I began to get nervous. I couldn’t remember the last time my daughter saw me naked. It was probably when she was an adolescent. As I took off my top and shorts, I could see my daughter looking at me through her bangs as though she didn’t want me to see her looking. I removed my bra and my tits fell out. The sensation of having them exposed for my daughter to see, suddenly gave me this weird feeling of excitement. I think it was the tabooness of the situation.

I now took off my panties. I made sure I was facing her. I’ll never forget hearing her involuntary whisper saying,” OMG, OMG.” I knew then that she was turned on, otherwise, she would have left the room. I stood there facing her pretending to fuss with my hair. I could feel my nipples growing and I could feel myself getting wet.

To break the ice, I said,” it’s ok, you can look.” I felt incredibly nervous but at the same time, turned on. My daughter just stared at my pussy. I took a step closer to the bed and I put one leg up on the bed pretending to scratch my leg. Now, my cunt was open for my daughter to see and she looked right up at it. I could feel myself shaking.

Nothing else happened, but from that point forward, we always tried on new clothes together in my room and each time , we would both get naked and get turned on. I’m wondering if one day, something more might happen. I would like for us to masturbate.




I like to be naked when I’m home alone. My sister came home when I had the music loud and caught me. She didn’t say much and hurried a way. Later I asked if she would say anything.. She said she wouldn’t. A few days later even tho I knew she was home I left my room naked.. When she saw me I just said you’ve seen me before. lol. After some convincing she said she would try it. Now she likes being naked.we do everything nude. I can’t help having a constant hard on.




I was laying on my bed, daydreaming, thinking, and fiddling (no, not with myself, pervert). Daddy came into the room wearing shorts and no shirt. It wasn't uncommon for him to go around the house that way. The difference this time was that I could see the outline of his hard cock. He moved close to the bed, and without saying word, pulled his shorts off. There it was again. It brought the wide-eyed wonder in me again, as well as the funny feelings of excitement.

He stood over me and jerked off a bit. I looked back and forth between his cock and his face. He was looking me over, drinking me in. Pretty soon, he laid down next to me. This time, I was on my back, and he laid on his side, pointed at me. I was more of a target that way. He wasn't just jerking off while I watched. He was jerking off onto me.

It didn't last long, but really didn't need to. He jerked for a bit and soon came on my clothes and my leg. Again, came the wonderful, hot splashes of Daddy milk and rubbing it into my skin. I was a bit mesmerized by the beautiful process.

After Daddy came, there was always the inevitable and pleasing, "I love you so much. You are such a good girl." This time though, we had the talk that all little girls get. This is our secret. If someone found out, we would get in so much trouble. (Looking back, I appreciate that he said we would get in trouble, rather than just me). My mom would be so mad if she knew what we did. Etc. Standard fare for "The Talk." He didn't have to tell me though. Instinctively, I knew it was wrong. Logically, I knew we shouldn't be doing it. There was no way I was going to spill the beans. Not ever. Good girls don't tell. Good girls protect their daddies.

Our second day of playing was the same. He called to me after momma left for work and had me get in bed with him. There was snuggling, cuddling, little kisses, and love. All the things I craved and thrived on. Then came him rubbing his cock on my leg and eventually cumming on me. Three times over the course of the day. Each time, I was clothed. Doing a load of laundry before momma got home became part of our routine.

The third morning was different. There was the call into bed, as well as the delicious cuddling and love. This time, however, Daddy told me to get naked. I was quite nervous about it, but of course, did as he told me. He ran his hands over my little body, my flat chest, and skinny little legs. There was also the delightful fingering of my smooth little pussy. I enjoyed that very much. It ended each time with him cumming on my tummy, chest, or some combination of that. I'm not sure exactly when, but somewhere in there, he came on my little baby pussy for the first time and had me rub that in. All of it was thrilling and fun.

Not long after, he asked if I would like to touch it. Yes, I would. I reached out my tentative little hand and touched and played with his cock. I gripped it and felt how hard it was. I squeezed and petted it and had a wonderful time exploring it. Daddy wrapped his hand around mine and showed me the difference between stroking and tugging it. I loved the feeling of taking it in my hand and jerking it up and down. Even more, I learned to love his reaction to the things I did for him. A slut was born.

The first several times we played that way, I would stroke and jerk him to a certain point. Then he would take over and finish by cumming on me. One time came, "Don't stop. Don't stop. Just like that. Keep going." Then that little swell and the lovely twitch as the milk shot out. I made Daddy cum all by myself. He was so happy and I was so pleased with myself. He gave me so many good girls and so much I love you for that. It was the first time I made a man cum and it felt good. I have never forgotten that feeling. It will always warm my heart to know that a man came because of me. Thank you, Daddy.




I have a daily fantasy where I'm in a college research study and I am required to be naked in front of a classroom full of students. The study involves me having to watch porn on a laptop while experimenting with different sex toys. The study is also being broadcast live on multiple websites that allow nudity so I could be watched by an unlimited number of people all over the world. Then three of the young female students come up to help me use the sex toys so my hands are free. Everyone has all their clothes on except me. I am completely naked and cannot have my clothes back for 24 hours because that's how long the research study lasts. It isn't long before I have a major orgasm in front of everybody. I get a huge cheer and do more experiments throughout the day and night. The next day it's the same type fantasy, but different people and different scenarios. I am always naked.




I'm Aditya age 19 and I have real boobs like a girl from my 8th grade.Initially I had nothing but later I feel aroused due to them and slowly I go to my neighbour terrace and wear a bra and panty and used to masturbate in it.In summer I used to go to a Empty school and wear a bra and panty there and walked in it around the school.I even been naked before my friends and at nights been naked with them and be inside a water tank.they used to catch my legs and hands and started to press my boobs.My boobs used to juggling when i play.Other people called me palapikalu(milk rocks).I even get naked in our street at night and wear a bra and panty.I used to take my pics in them.I used to dance like a whore in it.




More from the weenie tickle boy. I last told about how when I was seven, I was laid in a shed by a twelve year old boy Who had already gone into puberty, and he had came down my throat. Now for my first experience with a beautiful little girl my age.

Are your head gone by and I was still getting laid by R in the shed every other day. When I was around him, and there was no one else around which was quite frequent, I could not keep my clothes on. He would always pick me up (I was a very small petite blonde boy, but smaller than all the other boys and bullied a lot) and carry me into the shed, and have me naked in short order. I even got to spend the night with him at his house on many occasions and as soon as the adults were asleep, he would have me out of my t-shirt and undies. If I ever had any close on around him it was one of his sisters dresses which resulted in being fucked doggy style. One of the big advantages of belonging to him sexually, was that he always protected me from all the bullies. In turn for the joy of a lot of sex, willingly giving in to his every desire, I was loved and protected from all those bullies.

A year after the start of this very erratic relationship, when I was eight years old, I discovered the joy of a beautiful girl my age. She never wore a shirt, and usually wore red shorts and a Fishermans hat. She had long curly blond hair and big blue eyes. I had big blue eyes and also long curly blond hair, and I very much looked like a girl. She would be walking down the street in the late evening with her grandparents, and like I said she never wore a shirt. She was tanned all over her chest and back. She had A flat chest but her breath were a little puffy and her nipples were enormous. R have been teaching me a lot of things and telling me all about girls and what to do with them, and said it was okay to have sex with other people, as long as I knew that I belong to him any time that he wanted me.

She was eight years old in about 4 1/2 feet tall, well I was only 4 feet tall even at that age. We shall call her L. We became nearly instant best friends, and I was intensely attracted to her, and loved the fact that she almost never wore a shirt in the summer. Neither did I, but with R around, and away from the parents, I was likely not to be wearing any clothes whatsoever, and he would keep me pleasured in that shed and vice versa, and now I knew that I needed to take her in there and love on her.

One day as she was walking bye shirtless with her grandparents down the street, I asked them if she could stay at my house and play. They had no problem with that and so she stayed with me and the grandparents went back home and said they would be back for her in a couple of hours. It was a Saturday in my parents were gone, and one of my older sisters was babysitting me but she never kept a close eye on me, which was how R was always getting away with having me naked in the backyard most of the time. Now I was determined that she was not going to have those red shorts on very much longer.

So we went to the backyard and started playing catch with a football, and then the next thing you know we were running around giggling and laughing and tickling each other. I asked her how come she never wore a shirt, and that I thought all girls had to wear shirts. She said she didn’t like wearing a shirt after school and it was okay with her family because she didn’t have woman boobs yet. I told her that that was really cool, and then I knew a game we could play in the shed and it was going to be easier because she did not have a shirt on and neither did I.

Remembering what had happened to me in that garage for years before far away in another town, I knew that what I had to do to get her naked was to talk her into at the way that A had talked me into laying down, before he had pulled down my pants for the first time, and started sucking my dick. So I took her by the head and let her into the shed look to see if my sister or anyone else was watching, and to make sure that R was not going to come along and steal her from me, I closed the door and locked it. Fortunately R always kept a bottle of cooking oil in the shed for when he would play weenies with me. And I knew that I would be using it on her as long as I can get her out of her cloths.

When she asked how to play the game I told her that she needed to lay down. Replied, “but I don’t want to lay down“. I beg her saying, “come on lay down. I will lay down with you”. “No”, she answered again, “I don’t want to laydown because I always have to lay down when my mum makes me take a nap”. I replied, “we’re not going to take a nap, and we can lay down beside each other together for the game”. It took me awhile of begging, and I knew better than to try and make her lay down because she was so much bigger than I was she could’ve easily beaten me up. So I kept begging her “please lay down“! She wasn’t afraid of me at all, but and really did not want to lay down, but she never even made an attempt to open the door and leave the shed, in the whole time I was looking at those beautiful little breasts with the nipples the size of quarters.

So finally with a sigh, just to get me quit begging her like a puppy, she laid down on the rug that was on the floor. It was just a big throw rug. My dick was very hard inside my shorts and throbbing, need to get out from under my gym shorts and undies as soon as possible. In fact I had always been naked so much in the shed with now 13-year-old boy R, that felt strange having clothes on at all in there.

So I laid down beside her, with her bare shoulders touching each other and she turned and looked at me in the eyes and I looked at her. Then I kissed her lips and she smiled and said “oh, the kissing game”. I’m not in my head yes then she kissed me back. Then as quick as I could, I got up got between her legs, grabbed hold of those red shorts and her panties and hold them down below her knees and off of her feet as quick as I could, and she was don’t surprised that she did not make a move to protest or to resist but her eyes are wide open, and there she was so very beautiful and so wonderfully naked. Doing what R had taught me when he would lick me, I bent my head down between her legs and started to lick her pussy. She was startled and cried out in a surprise but very happy tone of voice, “oh wow a pee-pee kissing game”! So I just started licking it all over and sucking on it and I had both of my hands down firmly on her hips to keep her from jumping up, and I begin the smell of very warm and musty smell coming from her and she just started giggling and cooing. All I knew was they just keep sucking and licking in the next thing I knew she had her legs wrapped around my shoulders mashing her pussy into my face and then she began convulsing saying, “oh my pee-pee! Oh my pee-pee tickles”!

So then I got up then put my shorts down revealing my Dick which was standing up straight and hard and bouncing like a spring and I said “now it’s your turn. You suck mine”. She was still beautifully naked, and I noticed that the big nipples she had were sticking out straight from her chest and were very hard. She got up on her knees and very slowly put her mouth around my dick and I said “ just suck it like a lollipop”. And so she started doing that very slowly and I gently took her blonde curls in my hands and moved her face up and down the shaft of my dick, and told her to just suck real hard. And she did, and in those years my dick was still so very sensitive to touch that it didn’t take long before I was into my very first weenie tickle (orgasm) with a girl. And it felt so much better than having one with a boy, although I would continue to have those experiences for years to come with R, with my seventh-grade PE coach in the school shower, and a grown man at Church every Sunday in a mop closet. But those are story for another time, this story is dedicated to the memory of my first preteen girlfriend L. We were both eight years old and after that we were nearly inseparable for several years.

But now I told her that there was another part of this game that would be the best and most fun part but that she had to lay back down on the rug and spread her legs. Next time it was no fuss or argument from her and she was soon down on her back with her legs spread wide open. I took that oil and I poured all of my hands and rub it all over my dick a lot ported I’ll between her legs and rub her whole body with it even those hard nipples that were sticking out almost an inch from her chest. She was not sure what I was going to do but I knew what I had been taught to do by R and from B four years before that when I had climbed out the window and went down to his house before sunrise that morning, and had been buttfucked. But I was not going to but fuck her, I was going to put it inside her pussy.

I crawled between her legs and lay on top of her body and just like R did to me, I began to suck those hard little nipples, and as far as she knew that was what the game was going to be and she was very much laughing in giggling and thoroughly enjoying all the attention then I was giving to her, and she said, “so that’s why you like it when I don’t wear a shirt, because you like to play boogie suck”. I said yes, but then she began to feel my hard little weenie on top of her pussy and she giggled and said that it tickled.

I raised up and took my weenie in my hands and begin to rub the head a bit up-and-down her pussy, and it was sliding very easily because of all the cooking oil. Then I began putting it inside of her and she squealed, and wanted me to pull it out but I messed down hard and with my full weight i’ve pushed in as she begin to cry, “oh my pee-pee hurts! Oh my pee-pee hurts”! I felt the head of it come up against something and then the next thing I know she spread her legs and tried to kick out but all that did was cause it to go in father and I felt the pop and then it went all the way inside of her and then she wrapped her legs completely around my hips in her arms around my shoulders as I begin to pump up and down inside of her. She stop crying, and I asked her if she wanted me to take it out and she just mumbled, “No just hump me. I’m starting to feel good now and it doesn’t hurt”. The next thing I know I would into a huge, huge smashing Winnie tickle and I was quivering and shaking all over and I cried out, “Oh weenie tickle you make me weenie L. Oh fuck me do the pee-pee”! And she was pulling me down hard into her with both her legs and her very strong arms and crying out The same thing I was, for she had now learned it from me, “Oh fuck me do the pee-pee! Fuck me do the pee-pee”!

And all of a sudden I felt warm, very warm fluid coming out of her pussy all around my dick onto the rug. And she said in a very excited voice, “ when my pussy tickled because of your weenie, I had to go pee”! Only years later did I learn what that was called, squirting.

That was a very exciting Saturday afternoon in the pale dim light of our secret shed. She rolled me off of her, and then we just laid together hugging and kissing and feeling so good. After a while she said that we had better get up before we got caught come in so we got up put our shorts back on, she still had no shirt, and neither did I come and we went back outside and we are playing football until her grandparents came and picked her up awhile later. We had a relationship until we went into puberty. But it was not with her that I got my first semen field orgasm, when I was 11, that was with R sucking me off in that shed. He was 16 by then. Of course L, by that time because she had developed very large breast, she had to wear a shirt. I also had sex with a female teacher of mine that same year be there at her house, in her bed, but that is another confession in a very eventful sex life that had started when I was four years old.




I almost 30 now and live with my boyfriend in the same neighborhood I grew up. Lydia is still my best friend and I still see her parents a few times a month but not nearly like I saw them years ago. For about 3 years when I was a teenager I slept at Lydia's house on weekends when my mom always worked nights at the casino. I don't think Lydia's mom ever married Warren so he wasn't really her step father. He was living with them since Lydia was 4 years old. I think I was 13 the first time I saw Warren naked but from then on saw him naked or almost naked every weekend for a few years. I even saw Lydia's mom naked or in her bra and panties often. They both worked during the week but on weekends it seems they were always drunk or high on something and not dressed. They didn't care who saw them and it seemed like Lydia was so used to it she never said to much about it. Some of our other girl friends were there many times so it wasn't just me who saw them like that. I knew a few girls who weren't allowed in Lydia's house because they told their parents about it. I never told my mom and know she probably wouldn't let me sleep over if I did.

They lived in a small ranch house and neither of them was ever fully dressed over the weekends. Her mom slept a lot but Warren was always in and out of the kitchen, living room and bathroom. Sometimes he would fall asleep on the living room sofa or the recliner chair and lots of times he was nude. Not always but there was plenty of times he feel asleep holding his penis. I didn't suspect it at first but after awhile think he wanted me and the other girls to see him naked. He got erections lots of times and when he was on the sofa would move around exposing everything. Aside from seeing his dick and balls he would have one legs up where we could even see his ass hole. If I said anything to Lydia she would just say he is a slob but if I said I saw her mom naked she would get mad at me. She did tell me Warren was always like that even when she was real little. I saw him jerking off quite a few times and one time I actually saw Lydia's mom giving him a blow job but I never told her I saw that. If he did have anything on it was just boxer shorts and many times only a towel around him. He drank scotch and beer all the time and know they both smoked weed and maybe other stuff. Warren was a good looking guy and he had a large penis, bigger than my boyfriends. I still say hi to them when I see them somewhere but will never forget how often I saw them undressed. Some of my other friends and I still talk about Warren sometimes and just laugh about it now. If I really think about it I must have seen him naked hundreds of times over those few years. Lydia don't like me talking to her about it anymore and I think it embarrasses her if I do. I think she was so used to them going around undressed it didn't bother her then.