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In a wild turn of events I became the talent scout for a men's club. Every girl who danced at the club had to impress me. We had all nude happy hours, and it requires the girls to dance but not show any pink. My job required me to look straight up pussy to make sure the girls didn't go too far.

Before that I saw girls thru eyes of employment and making money. After we went totally nude for happy hour I saw girls through their pussy. Only the best pussy made the grade.




I'm a lesbian and me and my girlfriend have been together since we were 13. We're now 25 and we've sexually developed a lot, including a discovery that we fucking love filth.

Anything taboo and makes people a bit afraid makes us go feral. We've done it all and I wanna list some things here to really tell people the sluts we are.

- We have pissed on each other and drank gallons of it

- used a dildo to make each vomit and covered ourselves in it

- had a threesome with a black girl and called her a nigger whilst degrading her

- had group sex involving incest from both our families before and even forced twins to fuck each other for our pleasure

- got so violent that we've played with our own blood to cum

- inserted toys so big they've actively damaged our holes

- had sex with Unconcious people a lot

- had an orgy with several underage girls at a party and made porn out of it.

- blackmailed our teacher when we were younger after we'd had a threesome with her so she'd keep fucking us

- made horses cum on us just for fun

- used so much female viagra once that we had sex so much that our bodies began to shut down




I am a lesbian, virgin, 14 and deeply insecure about my body and pussy.

I've been that way for like 4 years, I started discovering my body at 8, but started only realising thats somethings 'wrong' at 11.

I saw so many people call my type of pussy ugly, gross and disgusting. I'm an outie. It made me very insecure and worried.

I saw many people also tell me that "you need to find a good man and he won't care" but I'm lesbian. I don't want men. What about women? Do they care? What if my future girlfriend will hate me for how my body looks? What if it engrosses her? What if my body will disgust her and make sex with me unpleasant?

I have decided to get labiaplasty when I turn 18 so I can finally feel that im not gross and dont have an ugly "roast beef"




I went to work for a company and was assigned to an older lady. She was forty, because we had cake a couple of weeks after we got there. I became her favorite and she called me baby, and would call me over 'baby come and give mommy a kiss'. She has big boobs, mine are so tiny. The itty, bitty, little titty song applies to me. I got lost in her boobs while she felt me up with her hand up my snatch poking her fingers in my hole. That's when I started to make out with her, to really kiss and make out. She ate me and I lay there spread eagled just looking back at her while she stared at my wet pussy.

You would think that some questions just don't get asked. But I asked her that day while she was looking at my pussy and spread open legs 'are you a lesbian'. She laughed 'Yes, aren't you?" I told her I didn't now, I had fucked guys. She told me that no self respecting lesbian lets a guy fuck her, so quit cold turkey, no more dick.

I stayed lesbian for more than four years. I was 27 and working out and getting laid now and then by some girl I met at the gym. I still fucked Leslie and by then I ate her too, but I liked it most when she ate me. I liked being her baby and calling her mommy. That's the kind of women I was attracted to. I let this one girl pick me up, she was mid thirties, heavy with big mommy boobs. She shaved her pussy and I stuck my tongue in her and she doubled me up and ate my pussy with my ass in the air. Then I felt these two hands grab my ass and a dick was shoved in me. I hadn't had a dick for over four years, not since I started having sex with Leslie. But once fucked, you know immediately it's a dick and not a dildo.

The short of it is that it felt amazing, being slung around and fucked like a ten year old. He let his cum in me and I stared back at him, like I stared back at Leslie. My legs wide open, my wet pussy for him to see. The girl that picked me up came over and wanted to eat me, but I pushed her away I wanted him to look at my pussy. I ate her, she sat on my face and I ate her, and he sucked on my pussy before fucking me again.

I'm 30 now and I fuck men again. Big men, bossy men, touch guy men, men who don''t take no shit from a woman. Sort of like Leslie, but with balls and a dick. Oh, and I suck on Lesly's pussy even if she's 47.




When I was 7 and she was 9, my stepsister used to experiment with me. It started with us kissing under the covers, and eventually she started to touch my nipples and my pussy over my clothes, and asking me to touch hers. She taught me how to kiss with tongue, and we would french each others necks and ears too. She coaxed me into taking my shirt off so we were both only in panties and we would french kiss while rubbing our nipples together. Eventually she taught me how to hump and we would rub our pussies against each other over our panties. I was only 7 when I licked my first pussy. I remember how she laid on our bed and spread her legs, encouraging me to kiss her down there. The taste was sour, but her moans were so sweet that I wanted to keep going. Then it was my turn, and I'll never forget the feeling of her sucking my bald little cunny like that. We then began tribbing. The first time I ever had an orgasm was with her, when we were camping in the backyard. It was just us and our parents were inside. We took off our skirts and panties and started to rub our wet pussies against each other. I was on top, tribbing my pussy against hers. I was so nervous but she kept begging me to go faster, harder while kissing her. She grabbed my hips and moved me against her. I ended up cumming and I was so confused on what was happening, I was a little bit scared but it felt so good. I found out later that her mom was watching us the whole time but she never said anything to anyone else. I wonder how wet she got watching me cum for the first time at 7 years old.




I am a 21 year old woman who has had sex ever since I can remember. I can remember people giving me pussy tickles when I was three. An eight year old girl used to get me naked, eat me out and make me squirt when I was four and five. I was allowed to run naked all the time at Uncle Owen’s manshion, and so the kids , mostly girls, used to take me into any bushes or secret place, and laying me back, would lick me like an ice cream cone. But I had to lick them back and I loved it.

Then came the boys with horny dicks! . One day when I was 7, Robbie took me naked into the pool shed and stripped. I saw a long hard shaft litteraly throbbing and bouncing up like a spring. I went to my knees as he put it onto my mouth. I sucked and sucked and rubbed my clit as I did , and soon I was cumming. He cried out that he was cumming. He was 13 and in puberty and so for the first time, I tasted a flood of cum. I drank it all down. Then he layed me down and licked me until I came, and I squirted all over his face. It was so fun.

I used to stay with uncle Owen a lot and that was where the kids molested me every day. He had always lusted for me and he knew what the kids were doing to my naked body. My parents were always away on business and so I stayed with him. As soon as I would get to his house, off would come every stitch of clothing I had, and I was always naked with him; sometimes for weeks at a time.

I remember so many times, bending over with my legs spread. He would rub the ridge of the head of his dick on my oiled pussy, back and forth on my clit. My legs would quiver! My tummy would burn with butterflies and as he edged my seven year old pussy into a squirting orgasm. We slept in the same bed with lots of oral sex, but no full intercourse, because I was to small in the pussy still.

Finally when I was ten, I was really growing. I already had B cup tits and that day came that I’d wanted for so long. I was laying naked at his private swimming pool. He came home and stripped down. He rubbed us down with oil, and then took me in his arms to the bedroom. He layed me down and I spread my legs as wide as I could! Omg! I was already masterbating as he pushed his dick onto the lips of my pussy! He laid down on me, and I yelped as I felt his hard long dick forcing its way into me! I bled the sheets as it tore my cherry, and soon I felt the head of it pushing onto my cervix. He laid there still as my entire vagina gripped his dick.

Then he started humping me! Next thing I knew, he had my legs back over my shoulders and just fucked the hell out of me. Then as he grunted, I felt hot sperm filling me up.

When he let me up, I grabbed hold of that dick and made him scream as I deep throated him.

I loved him and still do. Now I am in a lesbian relationship with Mindy, that same girl who has been doing me since she was eight.




I have a three year old daughter. She was born 12 days before my college roommate's son. We share the same father. But let me get to what happened. She is from Del Rio, Texas and I'm from Plano, Texas. We went to school together, we both have fathers who are doctors. In such a small space in a dorm room it wasn't long before I saw her pussy. Shaven, not waxed. It wasn't but a second before I got wet and I fell to my knees and held onto her hips and sucked on her pussy. It took a some work to push onto her bed and I had to fight to get her legs open and then I was able to do what I love, I ate her, her very hot and wet shaved pussy.

She was angry at me, I told her it was totally not my fault, she is the one who showed me her pussy. By then I was all over her, kissing her, grabbing her tits, sticking my fingers up her vagina as far as they could go. I had to hold her down and tell her that she was my girlfriend and that there was only one thing worse than letting another girl kiss her, and that was letting some dude fuck her. Like it or not, she was now a lesbian.

Two years later we moved into a small two bedroom house which had a mirrored doble door closet. We stood in front of it, totally naked, with freshly shaved pussies. We started to talk about what we were going to look like pregnant. We stood 'holding' with our hands pretend pregnant belies, laughing before getting on the bed for our morning breakfast. After I was full from eating her pussy I asked her if she would really get pregnant. I mean, let some guy fuck her and get pregnant. She said yes, but only if I let him fuck me too and I got pregnant.

She told me that in her house, there were stories of this woman that helped girls get pregnant. She was a fertility woman, who came by and used oils to rub your belly and your pussy, who chanted away all the bad influenced and always told girls that they needed a man, a real man who could fuck them and get the pregnant. There was nothing good about a man who was scared of women, that he should be a man that would spank you if needed. Of course all in Spanish, but she told me it was true, after she saw you the girl got pregnant.

During the Spring break we went to Del Rio and saw the fertility lady. She was very upset that we were lesbians but we told her we wanted to get pregnant, at the same time from the same man, and if she knew a man who could get two girls pregnant, she should let us know. We went through the oiling of our bellies, of her oiling and massaging of our pussies, we had our breasts oiled too. She felt us up, all over.

The man she brought to us was a heavy set man in his fifties. He had eight children and she said he knew what to do with us. Yes, she confirmed to him, he was to get us both pregnant. And that's how we ended up with big bellies, giving birth in the middle of the Pandemic. We don't say his name, he is just 'that man', but sometimes we lay there talking about maybe it's time to drive to Del Rio and go see him.