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I keep thinking about it. My friend's daughters are twins. They are super sexual with eachother. They are 5 or 6. I was getting them in the shower one evening, and the next thing I knew, they were naked in the shower dry humping.

Once I walked in on them, one was licking the other's pussy. I didn't know what to do. I just stood there stunned. The one doing the licking looked up at me and said her sister was sad and this makes her feel better. I just stood there speechless. She went right back to licking her sister's small, bald pussy. All of a sudden my pussy started to tingle. I couldn't stop watching. One was laying on her back having her pussy licked to her satisfaction, the other with her tongue flicking her sister's clit and her hand pinching her sister's nipple. They knew I was there, but kept on with what they were doing. When I realized this little girl was about to cum, I got a little closer. I wanted to see her pussy as she came. She arched her back, held her breath, then yelled out "OH" and laid back down trembling.

"See, she feels better, " the one twin said to me, very proud of herself. I just smiled and walked out.

I want to bath them again. I want to soap up my hands and wash them. I just want to focus on rubbing their nipples and pussies. I want to get the showerhead and aim it at their clits, one at a time, using my hands to wipe away the soap, and taking the opportunity to rub their clits. I want to watch them do so many things. I want to see them play with eachother. Licking and kissing eachother's nipples, fingering each other, definitely more pussy licking. I want to help. I want to taste them. I want to see them masterbate. Themself and eachother. I even want to see the dog lick their little pussies. I know they would let him. Probably already do. I have been rubbing my pussy 2 and 3 times a day and cumming thinking about this.




I'm an 18 year old girl. I babysit a lot. I have since I was 13. I realized right away that I liked girls. Young girls. I babysat for about 5 families. All had girls. A few boys, but the boys didn't interest me.

I liked bath time so much. I had these twin girls I've watched since they were 4 years old. I have so many stories with them. I would really take my time washing their nipples and tiny pussies. I rarely used a wash cloth. I loved to pinch their little nipples lightly. They would giggle and let me. So i started getting them to wash eachother. I taught them how to do special washes. I taught them how to rub and play with eachothers nipples and how to rub eachothers pussies. God i loved watching these girls touch eachother. After their baths, after much play, i would take them to bed. As I dressed them in pjs I'd always take time doing what I called the double clean. First I'd lick their nipples, nibble on them, going back and forth between girls. Then I'd lay them down and I'd lick their pussies. Omg fresh 4 year old pussy is exquisite. I would lick each girl for about 10 min. While licking one, i was fondeling the other with my fingers. Then I taught them to double clean eachother. Watching them suck eachothers nipples, then going down on one another was amazing to watch. I taught each girl how to lick the other's clit(using a lot of demonstration. I taught them to lick the slit and probe their tongues in and out. I'd stand right there watching. I started getting them to finger eachother. They broke their hymens right away, which was great, so now I could finger them. I'd get them on either side of me on the couch and play with both their pussies at the same time. I'd rub their clits, finger fuck them, and finally lick them. Then I'd have them do to eachother what I'd just done. I loved to rub my pussy watching them. Those girls brought me to orgasm from just watching so many times. When they were 6 they started humping eachother and openly licking eachother. Her mom is like a real free spirit and lets it happen. I love to watch them hump. I'll finger one while the other grinds her. I taught them to scissor. Omg i could hardly stand it. One night I was spending the night, the parents would be home the next evening. I finally took the opportunity to teach them to please me. I have nice big tits, a tiny waste, I'm kinda short, bubble but. I look like an anime character. I got each of them sucking on my titties. Sometimes together. Then I got them to simultaneously lick my pussy. I came in like 2 minutes the first time. Those tiny tongues do the job every time.

Lately I've been fantasizing about men licking them i front of me. I am going to find an old dad or gramps to come do it. I want to see a 60 year old, fat man lick those twin pussies like you couldn't imagine. I will find one, I'm sure.




I had a friend when I was 13 years old that was always attempting to feel my titties and my cunny. Like we'd lay in bed and she'd get me to let her rub my arm, then my tummy. I told her not to rub up passed the bottom of my shirt, which was now just resting on my boobs. I developed super early. I was very thin with a young looking face and 32DD boobs. I saw her looking at them constantly. She promised not to pass the shirt. As the minutes passed, I felt her hand slidijg under my shirt, and I was gonna get mad. But all of a sudden her fingers grazed my left nipple. It felt really weird, but I liked it - A LOT. I let her keep rubbing. About 5 min later she is full on rubbing both my tits and sucking hard on my nipples. It felt both gross and incredible at the same time. I felt weird, her being a girl. She said I could play with hers too. They were small. Her nipples were puffy light brown. I sucked on one for a moment, but it didn't really do anything for me.

The next time I stayed over she wanted to rub my tummy again. This time her hand drifted south. I was curious and let her. She was bold, just got into my pj pants and panties and started touching my mound. I already had some hair. Not much. More like peachfuzz. She was fascinated. Then she got aggressive and got ontop of me. She was humping me kinda hard and moving her finger hard over my clit. She was frustrated by my clothes, so she was yanking them off. I was kinda scared. Then she forcefully pulled my legs open from my knees. She was looking down at me all exposed. She looked at me and said "hey I have to. And for a while." I had NO CLUE what that meant, until I felt her tongue on my slit. I wanted to make her stop. I am not interested in girls. I don't mind if she is. But what she was doing, it was like a crazy intense feeling. So I let her. She licked, sucked, and licked somemore. She was down there like 45 min. The last 20 of those min she was building up my orgasm. I came hard and got embarrassed cuz I thought I pee'd a little. She was still trying to lick me but i couldn't take anymore. That was my first girl on girl experience. I let her "rub" me for 2 more years.




I have been licking pussy since I was maybe 6

I had a female babysitter, we did so much with eachother, but then I went and did it to all my little friends. There was a neighbor behind me growing up. We were 7 at the time. I used to spend the night a lot. I used to make her lick my nipples and pussy. She got to where she loved it. Like I'd spend the night and she'd immediately pull up my shirt and lick my nipples when we got alone in her room. One time her dad walked in on her w her head between my legs. He stood there for what felt like forever. We both lay absolutely still and silent. He finally just left without saying a word. I bet you he went to his room and jacked off at the sight of two 7 year olds pussy licking.

I loved to lick her. We have the same name, only I'm hispanic and she's Japanese. I liked to lick her. She tasted so fresh and clean. She was super horny. She would hump me till it hurt. Somehow she learned about scissoring, so ofcourse we did it. She was rubbing her little clit, then mine, then hers, then mine. Then she just plunged back into my lap and started licking. I tried to spend the night atleast 1 night every weekend.

At my house, my mom would have us bathe together. She would was my body just to feel me up. Her mouth loved to be attached to my nipples or my pussy. And she humped non stop. I remember, at that age, thinking she needed a penis. She would put her fingers in me, one time she put barbie's legs a little inside my pussy, then she looked at the barbie, smelled the legs, and then put barbie's legs in her mouth. She was even kinda aggressive. I liked it. I still cum thinking about her.




I'm a 44 year old woman. I have a really sexy friend who is 7 mobths pregnant. She is 23. She is young, Venezuelan, small tits, nice ass, nice legs, and a small baby bump. She used to be a stripper. I am so attracted to her right now. I Loooooong to touch her, lick her, suck her, i just want to fuck her any with anything I can. I want to suck on her little ump titties. I want so bad to rub her pussy with my fingers and my tongue. I want my tongue burried deep up in her pussy. She has no idea




One day after my piano lesson, I stayed to play w my teacher's daughter. I was about 12 and she was 6. For about two years I'd been taking lessons, then playing dirty family after with this little girl.

This particular day we were making mud pies in the backyard and her mom said we needed to jump in the bath to clean up. She got the water started and left us to it. First we showered up and got clean. As soon as we were done, I asked the little girl if I could bathe her properly. She eagerly said yes. I told her she needed to do something for me then. I told her I needed her to kiss me for a few seconds on the lips, then kiss my nipples. She agreed. I started to kiss her, then parted her lips with my tongue. I started french kissing her deep. She didn't know what to do, so I just took control. I sucked her tongue, i ran my tongue next to hers - and started tweaking her nipple w my fingers. Unable to wait, I grazed her pussy w one hand. I loved to play with that little pussy. Finally, I stopped kissing her and said, "your turn" i sat on the floor of the tub, the water hitting my back. She began to flick my nipple with her tongue. I had begun to develop rather early, so I already had a decent size cup. My nipples were so sensitive lately. Sometimes I would cum just by playing with them. She licked and flicked and finally put the nipple in her mouth and started sucking. Gwad did it feel good. I moved my hand back to her nipples, pinching and twisting them gently. My hand slipped back between her legs. I really wanted that little pussy, but I had to make myself wait. For now I'd just rub her clitty. I told her to put one hand between my legs. She started copying me by rubbing my clit. Holy moly did I love it. I felt my orgasm rising quick, so i said it was time to bathe. I got the soap bar and soaped up my hands. I focused on her little breast buds. I rolled her nipples through my soapy fingers. I rubbed my nipples against hers, pressing my breasts into her little buds. She just smiled and giggled. Then i soaped up my hand again and told her to bend over. I saw her little butt and pussy right before my eyes. I took my soapy hand and started cleaning her little butthole and cheecks, then immediately slid down to her pussy. I took my time here. I must have stroked every spot - slowly, over and over.

"Hang on just a sec" i said

I got the showerhead off its craddle and held it close to her nipples. I used both the water, and my hand to cleanse her of all the soap. Then i bent her over and put the showerhead right too her little butthole. She wiggled and giggled. Then I aimed it at her little pussy. The stream was hitting her little clit. She loved it.

I sat down on the floor of the shower and put her back to my torso and opened her legs. I used the showerhead to massage her clit and pussy while my other hand was rubbing the same spots. I just loved it. So did she.

I told her, lets get out and I'll clean you with my tongue. She quickly got out of the shower and went over to her bed. I dried off a little and followed. She was laying down, naked, legs spread wide open. I started kissing her for a few min. Since i was already over her, i lowered my tits to her mouth. She sucked them so good. As she sucked, I diddled her little pussy. Getting to close to orgasm, I moved down to her breasts, out of her reach. I licked and sucked those little buds. Lapping them like a cat cleaning a kitten. Then i began licking down her torso, and down between her legs. Finally, that pussy was about to be in my mouth. I opened her lips and started making long licks up and down the length of her pussy. Id go back and forth between those long licks and quick licks on her little clit.

"Oh, oh, oh" she said. Her legs got tight and stiff and I started licking harder. She started to cum and I just lapped up the wetness coming out of her pussy. I couldn't stop. It was so delicious. She was wiggling and bucking trying to get me off. I couldn't stop. I licked her and licked her until she came again.

As she laid there trembling, I started rubbing my nipple.

"I need you to do that to me now" i told her.

She got between my legs and her little tongue started darting on and off my clit. I couldn't last. I had to cum. She must have been licking me not even 2 minutes when I squirted in her mouth.

That 6 year old licked up and swallowed every drop.

I always looked forward to piano lessons.




I was still fucking Candy and she was licking Debbie and I heard the door open and Chloe brought in Jen and I said I love her daughter,'s tight cunt and I said why doesn't she change places with Debbie and her daughter can lick her.moms pussy just like her aunt and mom taught her from the age of nine. Jen said that she loves to teach girls to lick pussy because young cunt is the best taste in the world. I said that Candy loves big cock and she wants me to keep fucking her little pussy. I pulled out of Candy and Jean put it strapon belt on with a,12 inch dildo and she pushed into Candy slowly and looked at Jen and asked if she wants to fuck Candy.. I said I love her Jean and I will make her happy to be with us. Jen was sitting with her legs spread wide and her cunt being licked by Candy and I said I will give her a copy of the video tomorrow. Chloe waso. on facetime with Kitty and I asked if I could talk to Kitty. I stood with the cam aiming at My face and the two women and Candy I. View and I said hi ladies I have more to send them later Kitty said that is a really young girl getting the strapon and I said I will bring her for lunch on Tuesday and I will bring her mom too. I hung up and I said keep hitting her cervix for as long as you can.