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After reading dozens of stories and confessions on this site (and cumming dozens of times) I’m starting to wonder if all the dark, twisted deviant shit that makes my clit tingle is just normal. I feel like I’ve found my perverted ass tribe and I’m especially glad to see so many other girls into the same kink and filth I’m into.

My childhood was full of hot, horny exploration and I loved every second of it. I loved and still love hearing about kids having similar experiences. Sometimes I feel bad that I’m not some sad victim who’s afraid of sex. I was molested by kids and molested other kids. Was never forced and never forced anyone. Growing up I was always hypersexual, always down for an opportunity to act out on it. I spent many nights naked in bed “having sex” with my teddy bears and baby dolls, exploring my pussy and seeing what felt good where.

I never had an adult touch me, but I wanted it so bad. I secretly wanted to be left alone with the uncles my mother warned me to stay away from. I was jealous of the kids in the news that had sex with teachers. When my mother scolded me for wearing my jeans too tight and causing some old perv to look at my ass, I secretly loved it. My pussy would tingle and I would imagine some creepy old man pulling me into a dark room and having his way with me.

My mother gave me the don’t let anyone touch your privates talk very early, and I was happy to disobey. I was 6 when my 9 year old cousin created the game where you pretend you’re dreaming. One of us would pretend to be asleep while the other fondled body parts, looked inside clothes and humped on the sleeping persons ass. Things got hotter when he started showing me his boy dick. I loved licking it and tasting his pee. He would rub my prepubescent pussy and even tried to put his dick inside once. We got caught and never tried anything again. Years later that same cousin knocked up his 14 year old foster sister when he was 19. I’m sure he’s still a deviant and would be down to fuck me.

I fooled around with both of my little brothers. The first time was when I was 10 and the eldest was 5. We would expose ourselves to one another and fondle each other.

We would sneak and watch rated R movies with nudity in them and act out what was going on in the movies. We didn’t do too much more than flash and fondle each other. We eventually got caught and stopped until one day years later.

I was 18 and he was 13. A play fighting session turned to me grabbing his crotch and discovering I made my little brother hard. We had both watched a lot of porn at this point, as my dad would leave his tapes in the VHS. I would always sneak and rub my clit to them and I suspect my little brother was jacking off too. In fact, I believe my dad might have been leaving the tapes for us on purpose. He once mentioned to me that he knew we were watching the tapes because they were never in the same spot he left them, but I didn’t get in trouble. My mom caught me watching lesbian porn on the computer and made a big deal about it to my dad. Shortly after that when I went to sneak and watch his tapes, he started leaving lesbian movies for me to discover.

That day, my brother went into our parents room, locked the door, got naked and stared humping each other hard. I got soaking wet feeling his soft tip bump against my clit and his dick had gotten so big. I was too scared to get pregnant to let him inside and I regret that to this day. I sucked on his big dick and he licked my pussy. I can still feel him sucking on my clit when I think about it. After we tried oral we rubbed up against each other and felt each other up until my mom called and said she was on her way home.

Our religious upbringing made him feel really bad about it afterwards so I apologized and we never speak of it anymore. However all these years later I want to do it again so bad. If he asked me to fuck now I would have my legs open for him in a heartbeat. He has two young sons now and I would gladly give them their first taste of pussy. At Christmas this last year the 2 year old smacked me on my ass and giggled when I bent over. I loved that shit! I remember thinking to myself “like father like son”.

I started molesting my other brother who was 10 years younger than me when I was 11. I would occasionally “practice” giving head on his little infant cock and he would giggle and laugh. One day when I was 14 I got out of the shower, exposed my naked body to him and he smiled. I took him to my room, got him naked and put him on top of me. I put my hands on his soft little ass and taught him how to hump me. His toddler dick felt so fucking good poking into my hot teenage slut hole. Sometimes I would turn him over and hump his ass. I would hump him until I came all over his baby dick. We did that for 2 years. He’s a hot 20 something marine now and I would open my pussy for him anytime he asked if he wanted.

While I enjoyed all the little boy sausage I got to sample my truelove is for little girls. I was 3 the first time I ate pussy and had my pussy eaten. My 11 year old sister showed me a porno of what I now was a father eating his daughter out while the mother held the little girls pussy lips open. Apparently it was a tape my uncle had. She would smile deviously and ask me if I would do that and I would say yes, not really knowing what I was saying yes to. Eventually my sister would lure me under her bed and pull our panties down. She made me lick her pussy and she licked mine. I loved it and even started asking her for it. I’ve been hooked on coochie ever since and my clit throbs at the idea of sucking on some loli pussy.

When I was 8 me and my 7 year old friend who skip recess to hump each other in the bathroom. We would pull down our panties, embrace each other standing, or sit on the toilet with our legs wide open, grinding our little pussies together. To this day I almost can’t have lesbian sex without pussy eating and tribbing and I have my formative years to thank for that.

While I was humping my brothers, I truly craved my little sister who’s 11 years younger than me but didn’t dare try anything. She was a tattle tale. Still. I was drunk with lust. She was a thick little girl (how I like them!!!) with a juicy booty and chubby little titties and thighs. She started puberty early like I did and had a full bush of coochie hair at 5. I wanted to burry my face in it and make her cum for the first time with my tongue. I wanted to get on top of her and grind my clit on it until I exploded. Sometimes she would fall asleep naked with her legs open and I would finger myself so hard staring at her. I would sniff and lick her panties while masturbating. I never got the chance but I doubt my sister is truly as innocent. One day when she was about 10 she was acting kind of shady with our young niece coming out of a locked room and I had a feeling she might have been touching her. I wish I would have walked in on that because I would have turned that into the most deviant threesum there ever was.

I didn’t have a true pedo experience until was 21 though. The sister who introduced me to pussy licking had 2 girls at this point. The youngest one was 2. One day she wet her diaper and when I took her into the washroom to change her, I locked the door. I knew what I was going to do before I even did it I think. After I cleaned her up I playfully tickled her little cooch to get her comfortable, teasing her lips with the wipe, enjoying her toothly little grin. Then I just went for it. I licked that baby pussy from the inside out. It was so silky smooth, warm, wet and sweet! I stopped to look at her and to my delight, she smiled, and pointed at her pussy, indicating she wanted more. I did it for a few more minutes and then stopped. Shocked at what I had just done….only to do it twice more after that. The last time I believe I almost made her cum. She even pushed my head back between her legs when I stopped. She started to breathe fast and heavy so I stopped, I got nervous and wasn’t sure if a baby having an orgasm could have an adverse effect. Still. I knew I made her horny because when I stopped she rolled over and started humping her little twat on the counter. I recently saw her a few weeks ago. She’s 13 now. Gorgeous. And I fucking want her to sit on my face. Bad.

I fucking love little girls, age 2-11. I feels so fucking good to admit it. I love Hispanic little girls the most, with their tan brown skin and long hair down their ass mmmmm. I especially love when they’re hyper sexual, dance sexy and dress in slutty clothes at a young age FUCK it drives me nuts. I remember being a 16 year old camp counselor and crushing hard on Auribel a Puerto Rican 12 year old with waist length wavy hair, a baby face and an ass like JLO. She made me so wet when she started asking me if I ever had sex. She even told me she “knew what it felt like because she has cousin that don’t think right and then lay her in their bed”. Lucky bastards!

I would love to have an 11 or 12 year old gf that I could spoil and make love to all the time. I fantasize about traveling to countries where the age of consent in much lower and having sex with hot young girls after they do a hot strip tease for me. I don’t want kids but if I did I would have a little girl that I sucked and humped on. My dad and I don’t speak but I want to fuck him and let him eat me out so bad. I want to suck my mother’s pussy and put my tongue in the slit I came out of. I dream about having an orgy with all my siblings or a lesbian orgy with my sisters and nieces. I’ve let my sisters dog lick peanut butter off my clit. I let my cat eat whipped cream off my pussy and I came so hard. I would love to feel a dogs dick inside me. I used to date a couple that had a six month old daughter and I loved fucking them in front of the baby. I secretly wished I would have kept dating them and we would have become an incest/ped family. Incest of all kinds makes me hot as does underage situations. I love pretending to be a little girl while I’m getting fucked.

I could be like this because I was physically and emotionally abused and the only affection I felt was during inappropriate sexual encounters. I could choose to want to examine and therapy this away…but I like it? And I like that I like it? It’s wrong…but why? If sex feels good and is wanted, why should it matter if it’s with a child or a family member? Oh well. I guess I’m just a sick perverted mommy pussy craving, daddy dick addicted pedobitch….and I fucking love it.




This is a continuation from #4926

When I came home to my hometown after the summer holidays with my aunt, I was going to start third grade at a new school. There I quickly became friends with a girl my own age. She and I hung out both at school and in our free time. We lived in what is called a drabant town with lots of blocks of flats. In the basement of these blocks there was a living room and common area for the residents. There it was possible for us kids to hide a little away from our surroundings, and it didn't take long before me and my girlfriend found ourselves in such a basement room. We were completely alone and could play undisturbed.

Like most nine-year-olds, we were curious, and I asked her if she used to play with her pee like I did. She grinned and blushed, but nodded eagerly. - "It's great" - she said - "but mom and dad get mad if they see me doing it. But sometimes, when I'm alone, I rub my cunny with my fingers, but then I just get scared that mum or dad discovers it, and then I don't dare to continue" - she said. - "The adults are just stupid" - I said a little cheerfully. - "Can I cuddle with your cunny, then you can cuddle with my dick?" - I asked. She became a little skeptical. Looked around nervously, looked down at my crotch and got even redder in the face and breathed fast. "OK" - she said - "but you can't tell anyone" - "of course not" - I said - "I never gossip about anything secret".

We took off our pants and underwear. Then we stood there and looked at each other. Me with a hugely stiff, hairless boy's cock pointing at her, and she with her cute cunny without pubic hair, which she a little shyly tried to cover with fumbling hands. I remembered what Auntie had done with my fingers, so I gathered my index and middle fingers and placed them in the place Auntie liked so much. Then I started moving my fingers gently back and forth in her slightly wet crack. Not as wet as I remember my aunt being, but wet so that my fingers slipped easily.

She reacted almost immediately and her legs began to numb. - "I have to sit down" - she said.

There were some old mattresses there, which I quickly put on the floor. Then we lay down. I continued to gently massage her in the crack, as aunt had done with my fingers, and her body trembled more and more. I paused and took her right hand down to my cock, telling her how to hold around it and move her hand up and down. - "I know", she said - "my uncle likes me to do that with his dick, and other things." - "Okay" - I said, and didn't think about it any more. I continued to massage her crack and she jerked my dick. She did it a little harder and more intensely than my aunt had done, but it was delicious. - "Won't you lick me then, so I can suck your dick afterwards?" - she asked suddenly. I thought back then that only boys sucked each other's cocks, and I didn't understand how I could suck a crack like girls have. Lick..? What was I supposed to lick? I asked how to do it, and then she spread her legs apart while lying on her back, spread her pussy lips and pointed to a small lump in the crack. - "You can lick there like when you lick a lollipop" - she said. I did as she said, and it tasted quite similar to when I sucked my friend's dick. I liked it. I licked and smacked, while she became very restless and herself in her body. She moaned and I had to ask if everything was okay. I remembered my aunt... - "YES! JUST KEEP LICKING LIKE THAT!" - she moaned quite loudly. - "Don't shout like that. We have to be quiet so no one hears us" - I said, and continued to lick. I could see that she was gritting her teeth, and her eyes were rolling and she was grimacing. Suddenly, her whole body arched as she shook. She stayed in that position for a few seconds before laying back down. - "My God, so delicious!" - she said, and was completely red in the face. I smiled and was happy that she thought I was good. - "Do you want to fuck?" - she asked, while I was on my knees between her legs with my stiff pecker straight at her. - "Just stick it in here while you lie on top of me" - she said, pointing to the hole in her crack. I fumbled a little, but suddenly my cock slid inside her, and I felt a delicious and warm feeling that was indescribably good. I moaned in pleasure as I instinctively moved up and down. It was so good that very quickly I saw stars and my dick throbbing uncontrollably. I lay over her for a while and just breathed fast.

I pulled out of her hole and knelt a little in front of her. We giggled and laughed a little shyly as we looked at each other. My dick was completely wet. - "Look how wet it is" - I said. - "It will become wet when it has been in there. You can just wipe it off with your sweater" - she said. I did as she said. - "When my uncle fucks me it gets a lot wetter" - she said - "and then white spray comes out from his dick, and what he sprays comes out of my hole afterwards, and then I use to wipe it away with paper. And sometimes he squirts in my mouth, and then I just swallow it down. It's not dangerous" - she told me while I listened with interest. - " Can we do it again some another time, if you want?" - I asked as I looked at her. - "Yes, we can" - she said. Then we put our clothes back on and went out to play with other friends.

Today I shake my head at how little knowledge she and I had. We had sex several times in that basement, but I moved on after a year. Anyway, she was the first pussy for my dick. I lost contact with her, and don't know where she is now, or how she fared. I still hope her uncle was kind to her and didn't force her to do anything she didn't wanted to do.

Sorry for my limited English. English is not my main language.




im a 15 yr old guy who is addicted to almost everything, back when i was 7 i caught my brother watching porn and he told me to watch it with him, 7 yr old me didnt know what it was at the time so i started watching it with my brother almost every day, after a while he started touching me in all sort of areas, we kept watching it together until i became 8 yrs old, that's when he raped me in our living room, we were watching porn on the tv while my parents were out of town and instead of the usual touching me he told me to roll on my stomache and he just raped me right then and there, after that he never touched me again, growing up i always fantasized about it and about him, i started touching my own little cousin while he stayed over, i touch him everywhere, im gonna rape him,

im addicted to porn, im addicted to smoke, im addicted to sex, im addicted to weed, vapes,

the past year ive been into older men and women, i met a woman who is in her 50's and ever since then i fuck her every week, one time she bought a dildo and fucked me in my ass, i loved it, ever since my brother no one has touched my ass, i loved it so much that now i finger myself in the bathroom, i sometimes even use toothbrushes to finger my ass, it feels amazing, the women's pussy feels amazing, tastes amazing too, i fucking LOVE eating her old wet pussy out and watch her dancing around trying not to cum, i love it when she sucks me off, i love my life, im probably going to hell anyways so i might as well enjoy it.

i fucking wish i could share my info to get even more sex.




I'm 32f bi and my kids are 10f and 6m

I have a girlfriend, and everytime we have sex we force my kids to watch us.

I scream at them, call them names, tell them I hate them.

I hurt them physically, punch them, pull their hair, slap them, choke them.

When my son was younger, three years olds, I carried him to my room by his hair, layed him on top of me, and just started to beat on him while I got ate out.




When I have kids, I gonna teach them at a young age (3-4) to suck my cock, and when he/she gets a bit older(6 years) Im gonna pop their cherry. For the girls, I'm gonna turn them into my personal fuck toy. She'll learn that my cock is her reason to exist. The boys, Well He's gonna be raised like a girl, I'm gonna turn him into a ladyboy, As they get older, I'll force the girls to rape other kids, boys and girls. as for the boys, well they get a choice. Either they get a chasity cage preminently installed, or he does the nastiest, most abusive/humiliating things possible




Schoolgirls in tights are back at rape schools teachers using them for rape

From primary school all the way up to secondary schools fresh meat

School girls in tights any age do not need an education they are here for us to rape

Grab em n rape em all constantly

Who cares about em rape pieces of meat rape and dash

Porn needs to be mandatory at primary schools and secondary schools

Girls n kids need to forcefully watch and copy everything they see

We rape em all constantly coz they r here for us to rape




I guess I have always been a sexual addict. My earliest memories were when I was 7 or 8. My Mom would make me and my one year younger brother lay down with her and take a nap midday. I was never sleepy so I would spend the entire nap time fingering my butthole and playing with my dick.

Then, when I was about 10 or 11, me and a neighbor kid who was about the same age liked to get naked and play with each other's dick and butthole. Eventually we started sucking each other and tried to buttfuck each other but never was too successful with that. I guess our dicks were still too small.

Soon new neighbors moved in. They had a young daughter about our age, maybe a year or two younger. It wasn't long before I had her playing "doctor." She would let me fondle and finger both her holes but she would not suck my dick or let me try to fuck her.

The next thing I remember was when I was about 12 or thirteen. We had moved to another city. By this time I was jacking off every time I got a chance. I learned to do it well enough that I would have powerful orgasms. But they were dry. I guess I was still too young to have any cum. One day I jacked off to a powerful orgasm and blood came out my dick. Scared the shit out of me!!! I was afraid to jack off after that. But after I couldn't stand it anymore, I had to. Blood again!!! What the hell??? I waited a few days until I just had to do it, and this time cum came out!!! WOW!! I was so thrilled!!

Somehow I got my hands on a nudist magazine. No sex stuff but just a lot of naked men, women and kids. I jacked off so many times to those photos!!!

There was a much younger boy in the neighborhood that was always hanging around acting like a dork. Everybody picked on him and made fun of him. Nobody wanted much to do with him. I befriended him and treated him much nicer than anyone else did. He really appreciated it and started following me around like a puppy. He was like my shadow. I had this power over him. He would do just about anything I asked him to. It wasn't long before I had him sucking my dick. He would suck it like a new born puppy. I would cum in his mouth and he would just keep sucking. He would not stop until I told him to. I would have him lick my asshole for a while then finger fuck my asshole while he sucked me. Then I would do the same to him. He was still to young to appreciate it. Then I started butt fucking him. He seemed to really enjoy that. During the summer when school was out, my parents both worked and me and my brother were at home all day by ourselves. That kid would be knocking on our door early every morning. We would spend the whole day licking and fingering and fucking each others buttholes and sucking each others dicks. I really enjoyed that kid.

One day a military family moved into the neighbor hood. The Dad was a naval commander. He was very strict. They had 4 boys and a girl. 2 of the boys were older and I had very little to do with them. The other 2 were my age. They had a younger sister about 8 or 9. We had very little time to spend together because during school they always had to do chores and homework. They mostly were only able to come out and play on Saturdays. The little girl never came out. I think her Mom had her helping with cooking and cleaning most of the time. Besides, I don't remember any other girls in the neighbor hood for her to play with. Mostly boys. Anyway, her brothers and I became pretty good friends. We would set up a tent, and spend the nights out in the back yard a lot. Once again a lot of getting naked and playing with our dicks and sucking each other and fingering and fucking our own and each other's buttholes. I started to hangout at their house more and their younger sister began to have a crush on me. She was really a "cutey." Her hair was so blonde that it was almost white. Her eyebrows and eye lashes were the same way. Her skin was sooooo white!!! She was like an albino or something. She was always right next to me. Always wanting my attention. The boys could tell that she liked me and I liked her. They confided in me that she was pretty much their sex toy. That she would let them do anything they wanted to her. They invited me to have a sleep over. Their parents would go out to the Officer's Club on base just about every Saturday night until after midnight. That is when they were able to do what ever they wanted with her. The 2 older brothers were there "babysitting," but they just locked themselves in their room and said don't bother them.

After their parents left the boys immediately got the sister in their room and took her clothes off. We began to play with her smooth hairless little pussy. We took turns licking and fingering her pussy and asshole. And letting her suck our dick. She loved to suck dick and eat our cum. She even liked licking our buttholes. We then took turns fucking her in both her holes. Soon her brothers had all they wanted and quit. But her and I kept going. Her brothers did not seem to be interested in kissing her, but her and I were kind of sweet on each other and we did a lot of kissing. The kissing part was new to both of us, but we really enjoyed it. She and I continued on for hours and I think my dick stayed hard the whole time!! Even after cumming 3 or 4 times. Eventually she had to get back to her room and we had to go to sleep because it was nearing time for their parents to get home.

Because their parents were so strict, they were always in trouble and/or on restriction so we did not get the opportunity to do this often, and since they were military, soon they moved away. I still think about those orgies we had with their little sister. Something I will never forget.

Once I got into high school and started dating my sex life was pretty boring. Just a lot of jacking off. None of the girls wanted to put out. A lot of heavy petting and feeling and fingering, but no sucking or fucking.