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So I reconnected with this girl after 20 years, we used to date back in high school, we start talking we find out that her and I have been single for quite a few years. We go back-and-forth to each other’s house and meet her I met her daughters. It was great reconnecting with her because she has big sexual energy just like me and we’re loud and we like to get crazy, we’ve been caught in every position, including anal with her daughters barging in and even just standing there, naked, and they were just sit there and look. I would like to secretly get high to take the edge off. When I have the house to myself, I would go through her daughters bedrooms, and the reason for that was because my wife’s sex toys would go missing some of my clothes to go missing even some of my drugs, so I go through their rooms and I would see all of their cute, sexy provocative panties all over the place. I found their journal. I read it. It turns out that her two daughters are secretly in love with me for teenagers. I didn’t think anything at first, but as time went on, we got used to each other I connected with them they said I was the best man she’s ever had. and the biggest their journal say that and I seen them through the bottom crack of the door listening to me and their mom have sex and they enjoy it they like it they masturbate whatever. They love the fact that we don’t tell their mom that I take them shopping and buy them anything they want sexy panties, thong, G string’s mini skirts. provocative bikinis make up they love when I do their hair and make them look extremely sexy for dances or just in general. Her oldest seems to have some kind of newfound curiosity and slight attraction towards her mother. I found her moms good sexy. panties underneath her mattress and the youngest one and I found some of her dildos there so I know they’re masturbating. Well, all of a sudden I start having strong secret, sexual feelings and thoughts, I got high one time, and. her older daughter, for some reason, started coming out of her shell and developing quickly, and she started looking pretty sexy, and when I had the house to myself, I would grab their panties and smell them and masturbate with them, and lay in their bed and come sometimes me, and my wife would be so passionate that we would lay down and fuck in their beds. Her oldest one is pretty tall, big boobs thick, strong, muscular, strong, feminine features, and her youngest one is tall and pretty skinny petite probably be cup perky boobs and a tight bubble butt she can dance and twerk. She makes all these videos for an app. finally, they added me on all their apps and social media and I would go through their pictures and find some pretty sexy ones and I will get home and masturbate. I also found out that once they friended me I would let them see all of my pictures and every now and then I would pick up both of their phones and mainly the older one would have pictures of me the second I open her phone because she didn’t close them out.

Fast forwarding I eventually marry her and we start having a lot of sex and we have a crawlspace in our bedroom upstairs that goes along the side of the house all the way to the front which is where her younger daughter is and I put a camera in there because I thought she was messing around while I guess every time that we would have sex or I would watch porn and masturbate. She would spy on us. I caught her doing it on the camera almost every time so I went through her room and she was recording us. I also found a journal and she has sexual desires for me over the summers. We would go and swim at her mothers house in the big pool, and both of them started getting very flirtatious. I have a really big penis and they can see it perfectly through. my shorts, they would swim through my legs, put their goggles on and look at it underwater. I’m not gonna lie. Her teen daughters looked freaking amazing in their bikinis I like how they would flirt with me and brush up against my dick in the water on purpose. One night as their parents were out of town and the sun was going down around the Fourth of July. We turn the pool lights on and shut the other lights off outside and it’s just me and her two daughters in the pool and I let them have a couple of drinks well, my wife went inside to get the dinner ready and it started off with. her younger daughter, swimming through my legs in a very sexual manner, and the other one said, can you crack my back, so I had to put my hands on her breast bone and spread her giant boobs, and she pretended like the water was wavy or whatever cause she really backed her butt into me and I pushed forward, cracked her back, stretched her and then grabbed her hips and set her down finally after three hours of flirting, they spilled the beans and then they both said that they really really liked me. They thought I was attractive and they asked how I felt about them and I was honest I thought outside look both of you girls are extremely sexy in your own ways, I said I daydream about you too. I like you guys too. then we played truth, or dare that led to both of them, kissing me, which turned into making out which turned into them, touching me and me touching them, and that led to us skinny-dipping we took our bathing suits off. The oldest one said that is really really big. and kind of laughing and making it a little bit of a joke, the younger one wraps, her legs around my naked body, and of course we’re in the shallow end so I have my hands on her bare ass we go down into the deeper and a little bit and I said I apologize but I’m actually really really hard right now and she puts her hand 31 feels it and she gets down close to it with her pussy and rubs it really good so I set her down all the way on it. She gasped and said oh my god that is huge and she starts grading it. I put her up against the pool and I start having sex with her. We look at each other breathing heavily. We kiss and make out and then I grab one of her legs and put her leg up while she stood on the other one and I grabbed her. ribs and chest and her shoulder and made her get pretty loud when I was having sex with her she was loving it. The older sister went inside to go to the bathroom, but ended up being in there for like 30 minutes I pulled out and then swim underwater, and started eating her out and fingering her. She got underwater and attempted to try to put my dick in her mouth. I flipper on her back in the water and put her legs and feet up near my face and she’s floating there and I’m grabbing her and I slide it in again. She said oh my God I’ll keep going. Keep going keep going and that was the first time I gave her a really good orgasm. later on that night, my wife goes into work. Her younger daughter goes to sleep early I guess and her older one was wondering if she could hang out with me and watch a movie in my room message sure, I gave her a little something because I wanted her to feel loosened up comfortable and I put it in her drink. She said I feel weird, but really really good at the same time. I didn’t get her higher anything like that it was a stimulant and it makes your whole body tingle and especially your Jenna Telya it makes you like 50,000 times more horny. She asked me if I thought she was attractive and pretty all these things I said, I’m gonna tell you the truth right now and I’m not gonna just say this for the sake of saving your feelings I honestly feel attracted to you I think you’re very sexy I think you’re cute. I think you’re beautiful and I would love to have dated you if I had the opportunity. she says you are right, well I think you are super hot. In that back room always gets really really hot so she says I’m gonna take my shirt off. Are you OK with that? I said yeah do it and she had a tan see-through sports bra on or something and her short short booty shorts. They’re purposely designed to show her butt cheeks go to the bathroom and I take two big bumps. I show her because she was curious and I’ll give her a small one. She absolutely loved it. She started telling me all these things about how sexy I am her desires, how tingly she was down there. I bumped my semi engorged penis and slid it across her butt cheeks as a pass for the doorway, I said I’m gonna take a quick shower real quick I get in there and start the water as I shut the door. I’m in there for a second, she knocks the door I said, come in. she said she was sorry she couldn’t really help herself. She sits on the toilet right next to the glass and she’s looking in. She shuts the door and locks it. I’m about to do something but you can’t tell anybody I said OK I won’t. I never betrayed you yet. she says I’m gonna come in there with you and she takes all of her clothes off. I said OK get in here. She’s a little shy so she immediately stares at my penis in my butt and I’m looking at her all over the place and I wash her back we cover each other than soap, and then we just all of a sudden start aggressively French kissing and making out. we’re face-to-face locked in on each other. I grabbed her boobs and she grabs my dick and I grab her pussy and play with her. I put her leg up on the bench and I kneel down and get underneath her and I started eating her out. She starts being really loud. She said I wanted this almost from day one that I met you. I told her the exact same thing. I was attracted to you after the first week back before she graduated the first time. we get out we dry off we walk into the bedroom I pick her up and she wraps her legs around me. I line it up and I sent her write down all the way down my dick, so I’m all the way in her and she gasped and scratch my back. Can I get a better grip on her butt cheeks I left her. up and down on it, and I start going relatively fast and she’s really loud. She’s loving it. She’s very very wet. She’s telling me faster, doodle, harder, and then I put her back up against the wall, standing up her legs over my shoulders, and I start humping her. I get down on the bed lay down on my back and she gets on top of me insert helping me then I rolled her over on her back and put her legs straight up my chest, so her feet are in my face she rubs her feet all over my face and starts putting them in my mouth which is super sexy because she has the cutest toes. Then she grabs her legs and spreads them wide-open and I grabbed her side, and I just start going all the way in and out fast for about 10 minutes, I pull out I grab her thighs and shove them all the way back bring her to the edge of the bed I kneel down. I put my whole face tongue and mouth on her pussy, eating her quit, licking. looking her up and down, putting pressure on her pee hole and then I’ll rock her back-and-forth so I can lick and suck her ass hole in her tank in her pussy I get her to come or have an orgasm and she was loud she shoved my head into her crotch. She wasn’t very good at 69. but she has so much potential. She tells me that she’s had a fantasy about me coming on her face or in her mouth. She wants to see what that would be like. We take a break for a second we grab a drink but this time the stuff we took is in high gear really really making us feel good we get back and I told her I’ve never done this before. I’m trying to take it easy on you when me and your mom have sex. It is super hard, core intense. after that, she told me to pretend that I was her mom she says if it gets too intense, I’ll say stop or slow down on my fair enough so when I was doing her doggy style, I was looking at her asshole and it looks big like she has been using her mom’s dildos or some thing I’m guaranteeing it. She doggy style I slide it in she says oh my fucking God yes I will all the way and I said Henry that lubrication she hands it to me I put it on my penis just in case it gets dry, I realized that she can take my dick way better than her mom can. So I grab her hips and I start fucking the shit out of her hard fast as hell and she’s just loud, screaming, loving it screaming she fucking loves it which is crazy because she’s extremely shy and she never cusses. she reaches back and pulls her butt cheeks apart so I can look at it. She grabs the lubrication, puts a bitter figures and starts putting it on an in her ass and this is no lie. She’s just about ready to have another orgasm. she says she wants to try anal with something other than a dildo it’s OK I’ll grab some Anbesol and I put it just on the inside of her butt hole and I slide it in slow. She gasped and said oh really loud I said, are you OK? She says more than you know keep going. she spreads her butt cheeks apart again, and I’m telling her how amazing she is how sexy she is so fucking hot. She is how I like to see that I put my hand on her butt cheeks, and I start going all the way in and out it gets faster and faster and she’s just loving it . I told her I’m gonna come soon she’s like I’m about to come right now harder and then she just screams into the blankets and pillows and I can feel her contract. She starts squirting everywhere I pound her all the way through her contraction when I pulled it out to come over but hole gave the little bit she got a really fast and say you do it. I had 29 contractions the first 18. contractions shot the biggest load I splattered her face neck and a little bit on her chest and probably four or five squirts in her mouth. She coughed and choked a little bit. She jerks me off and sucks my dick really hard and aggressive and I pull it out and she takes a breath and I French kiss her face. She starts rubbing herself and humping the air getting really horny from that so I put it back in her. her asshole, and then went back-and-forth from her pussy to her, but she really enjoyed it. She loved it in fact. She was one of those secret, shy closet, freaks like I was when I was young. I feel like I want to come again so I grab her hips on the side and start going all the way in and out really fast and then really fast and hard she grabs her legs and puts them behind her head we’re both watching it go all the way in and out it looks so sexy and I fuck her ass as hard as I possibly can as fast as I can and I cum in her ass. We both get up right away and go in the shower and clean back up. after those bumps that we took, we couldn’t just sit there and watch a movie so we start talking out in the kitchen about everything. She loved and relished in the idea that it was only our kinky little secret. she never told a soul. She did tell me she kind of likes girls and she has sexual feelings and emotions towards her mom. She wasn’t sure why she said they just started all of a sudden when you got here and I said I had sexual feelings towards my mom at 10 years old, I was always stealing her panties masturbating smelling them and she goes. I did that too. I said you’re not crazy or anything you’re just extremely horny all the time it’s actually understandable. That was literally the hottest thing I think I ever did. I had sex with my wife’s daughters. I made her feel good about embracing her freaky side. We tried a lot of different things sometimes even when my wife was asleep at night, I’ll get up to go to the bathroom come back upstairs, head down to her youngest daughter’s room. she absolutely loved sitting me down, taking my shorts off and sucking my dick like she got really good at it she like to get herself a little bit. I put her back towards me, picked her up by the legs and I would sit her down on my dick we just loved it. She was so light, but her bed made too much noise so we had to do it standing up or downstairs or on her floor. she’s very flexible she put her legs all the way behind her head and she loves when I eat out her ass right before I divorced my wife I am looped up and we were both ready and I was extremely happy because I’ve never actually been with somebody so skinny before and she was very very direct about me putting it in her butt, Thank God we were the only people in the house because we both just cut loose. She wanted me to go hard and fast after a little bit. She’s very vocal. She’s got a potty mouth and she’s loud. She’s addicted to my oral sex. I put it in there. It’s pretty tight, but she is really OK with it for some reason. it just blows my mind we put on some rock music and I put her in a full Nelson lifted her up and just completely destroyed her asshole just like she wanted. Of course I would always stop, but it was so hard and fast and intense. She started like peeing everywhere. I guess I don’t know but it was hot and messy. I did that straight for about. eight minutes she kept telling me to come come in her ass she said oh fucking fill it up. She had another orgasm, and I just completely filled her ass with cum., And six months after that for some reason, my wife completely flipped the script and got pissed off because I wasn’t literally doing everything in the house because I was working 90 to 100 hours a week and only have sex with her once a week. Everything else was good. I just had to slow down a little bit because there’s five people in that house total. I don’t understand why nothing could get done the whole time I was at work not even dinner, made or anything. God forbid I miss a day though, she was always accusing me of doing stupid, ignorant, shit that I just definitely wasn’t doing. I had proof and documentation on everything. She was guilty and acting sketchy over some stupid ass guy she knew from a long time ago. I eventually got the story, but after I had to pay child support, my checks were cut in half and apparently that wasn’t good enough, but I was technically being more responsible on so many other financial levels even bought a house for us. Nope that wasn’t good enough so two days after I got all my stuff. packed and moved out by the house, kind of across the street cat corner diagonal from that one and I can see everything this stupid cocksucker with a brand new white truck pulls up and been there ever cents well eventually I find out who he was. He’s the biggest coward pussy ever he’s a short out of shape man that smokes and drinks and he’s got lots of gray hair with a little bit of black hair, a shitty looking beard and will not confront me at all but according to my Ex-wife. apparently, he’s an old friend that came back into town and he needed a place to stay well. I haven’t been with her in at least two years and sure enough he still there my philosophy is if you’re gonna trade in trade up because I found out through word of mouth or her kids through her kids friends people that I know that she didn’t know that she is significantly more miserable and unhappy. She’s working two or three jobs. She’s stressed out. She’s always a bitch so I’m gonna come crawling back. I never run back on a bitch ever. but at least I got to secretly fuck the shit out of both of her daughters. And the best part about it is. That we all left everything in the past and never spoke a word of anything we don’t contact each other on social media we don’t get a hold of each other we don’t nothing and it’s pretty awesome so that’s my confession.




I’m just going to make a long story short, I’m a very open minded person. I am very practical and reasonable. The story I’m about to tell you starts around somewhere between eight and nine years old. So back then, around 89 years old, I was always for some reason extremely horny, I hit puberty extremely early, and I started daydreaming and fantasizing about girls. Now me and my mother were always very very close. We did everything together I would sit on her bed and talk with her. I would lay down and take naps with her. I would sleep with her in bed and the thing I really liked the most was how she would do certain things like 10 outside in a skimpy very sexy two piece bikini. She had about six of them and she love to tan and she would also take her top off and tan her back and her front we lived in the middle of nowhere and she always tan in the back so she really didn’t have anything to fear. But I would take my dad‘s binoculars and really look at her because sometimes she wouldn’t lay horizontally to my bedroom windows. She would lay vertically to it, so her legs would be spread. Eagle towards me, and her thong bikini was extremely sexy. She had the most beautiful tan line and when I used the binoculars, I would play with myself while I looked at her crotch and her big fat hourglass booty. My mom is 5 foot six long blonde hair. Green eyes and her skin is either extremely sexy and pale or extremely dark and tan. Either way. It was very hot. She has a 36 triple C Cup size for her bra she usually weighed about 138 pounds to 148 pounds. She always painted her toenails and her fingernails. She was a fitness instructor, thick thighs I really liked her big nipples and her very very light pink Areolas. She always had hundreds of super sexy Pantys of all kinds Lacey silk, latex satin corsets.white tan, black, red pink Nylons, fishnets . Satin panties thongs G-STRINGS ,CROTCHLESS Panties, neon pink ,red, black latex skirts body suits and very shiny different color, spandex, and several leotards UMMMMM. I KNEW THIS BECAUSE I LOVED SPYING ON HER, and I went through her room and I found a lot of pictures of her that she and my dad took of her, I even found an old scrapbook from when my mom was 17 19 and21 she had me at 18yrs old. She looked very very sexy,maybe 98 to 100 pounds long straight light blond hair very tight skimpy shorts with her wide hips bubble butt, perky tits. Big nipples. We went to the bathroom in front of each other, and she would let me take a shower with her3 Times a week leave her door open and change or clean and walk around the house in her bra and panties, I HERD HER HAVE SEX WITH MY DAD, OR PLAY WITH HERSELF and my room is on the other side of hurts with a connecting closet with two doors so I snuck through to spy on her naked having very hardcore sex my god,, I GOT GREAT AT FIGURING OUT HOW TO MASTERBAIT , I was full on sexually attracted to my mom, I started getting rock hard for her and girls as well, she caught me playing with my dick all the time, well I started stealing her dirty and clean panties, because I found hardcore porn tapes under the mattress, and I would watch them, I was 10 when I got hard in the shower with my mom, she loved washing my penis and balls, and when I was washing her back, she told me to make sure I get her Butt really good to honey ok, and her big sexy ass was inches from my face, I touched her butthole and taint, I couldn’t help it and when she turned around she noticed it right away and said hi what is that? she said honey that’s OK it’s completely normal as she was grabbing a massage in leathering it back up, she said do I excite you, like, do I make you feel good down there. Yess and I play with it all the time, U MAKE ME FEEL GOOD, I LIKE LOOKING AT YOU AND OTHER GIRLS. She have either a bald PUSSY or a very hairy pussy. She became my teacher, my trustee my best friend, my love, my world , fast forwarding three years I’m 13 and my dad left us, I finally had a girlfriend in eighth grade, but I didn’t know how to do anything so my mother taught me how to kiss a girl, then French kiss with little to all of her tongue for week I’d kiss her lips or with my tongue,hell I’m 38 and we still kiss like that when we see each other. She had me lay in bed one night with her and she had on a red satin thong and a see through bra , and she wanted to show me a porno movie, she told me what it was, and I got excited, and we snuggled up and cuddled, and I was extremely hard the whole way through it, and I touched grabbed and rubbed on her boobs she put my hand directly on her breast. I loved it.MY FIST BREST FEEL . Can you taught me how to feel them lick them, and suck on her nipples are very certain way, anyways, over the years, we became closer and closer when I was 16 she must’ve had 50 different sex toys, still single, I had my first real girl friend she was a freshman I was a sophomore She was thick big boobs 36DDD ABIG FAT ASS AND LOTS OF SATIN PANTYS THONGS. She was hot, And my mom wanted to meet her so I invited her over and my mom was a little jealous, but thought she was very very gorgeous that’s when I told her I really love big boobs and bigger asses , meanwhile my mom Gose once A week to get her on stomach, fat and horror, moans, injected into her ass for a huge ghetto booty bubble butt and she did her bigger Brazilianbooty work out 5days a week,

She asked me if I would have sex with her and I told her we were talking about doing that. I told her I finger you suck my dick. We love being naked together, my mom asked if she was hairy and I said yes she said does it bother you? I said absolutely not. She said, honey did you go down on her like lick her there I said not yet she goes good because I need u to feel and touch me down there. You need to see exactly what everything looks like and doing down there and I’ll show you where to im16 now and I’m really really attracted to my mother and she knows that I really like taking showers with her because she has a very sexy body and I love washing it. She said good , And you know you never have to stop even when you get older you can still come over, after she showed me, and we went through that comfortably, I confessed to her, that I was very very very sexually attracted to her , and her dirty Pantys always got me hard I love smelling her and putting them on my face and masturbating with them. She told me to invite her over again and for me to leave the door cracked so that she can watch us. She told me it was OK so long as it was there and nowhere else. are you two can do it in my bed if you guys want a bigger bed that’s fine my mom has a king size and she sleeps naked all the time. I turned my music on and attend. The lights told my girlfriend that I was staying the night at a friends house so we can be as loud as we want.. I got some weed and gave some alarm but my mom said it’s OK I’ll take it but I have her stuff and she pulls out a little bag of white powder from her cleavage. It was Coke. that was the first time my girlfriend ever got high. She had a red satin bra and a silk blue thong on which I eventually took off and threw over to the door so my mom could grab them and she did and my mom saw her son make love to her before I ate her out and we 69 teach other then had sex in doggy bent over the bed so my mom Open the door a lot more and really started watching she fucked me, riding me on top and on her back. And we got loud and a little hard-core, but I came in her filled the condom, I went to go take the condom off in my moms bathroom and she eat really wanted to take it off my cock so I let her do it. And said that was really really hot . A year passed and we broke up, so I have been noticing how significantly bigger and fatter her butt got it was about the size of Nicki Minaj big fat ass, she would always wear a thong or a G string or really tight neon, pink or white short shorts in the house. We went to spencers to pick out a bunch of sex stuff and outfits. Then to family video to take me in the very back adult section and she said I had to pick out at least two and I did, so we had cook and ecstasy, we got home and we both got ready for a really good night I also stole my friends, dad’s Viagra pill and took half , I have always had a big dick even now at 39 it is 8 1/4 inches long and very thick and veiny so it’s cold out and I’m literally getting ready to turn 18 in three days, we take our pill and she said do a few lines of this give me about 15 minutes. She did her hair her make up and her nails. After my first two lines, I started getting horny. I was looking at my porn magazine masturbating she lit like 30 candles, and put the movies on the DVD player. And I told her you make that look sexy as hell, like I swear to God, make it look hot, she poured some on her boob, and I ripped the light off of her boob and her butt and the only thing I had on was my spandex, red colored tights and she had on a fishnet bodysuit, neon, pink latex G string mini skirt and I told her to take her top off and she did immediately and I said that’s better her giant fat ass made me really hard she got in the doggy style position and faced her ass towards me and started Twerking and shaking it. We expressed some very long time feelings we had for each other . She pulls out the oil and makes me put it all over her body and I take my shorts off call it a early birthday present, I played juvenile back that ass up bumped in the grind it for hours then she says I want to have a mouth gets underneath and turns toward me. I immediately grabbed her hair. And she Gags herself really makes us happy mask but sucks better then my ex. I threw her on her bed spread her legs wide open and ate my mothers very slimy wet big meaty pussy for 30 minutes while I finger her, Legs behind her head and start licking her, asshole taint and whole pussy she had a medium sized Butt plug in she sat on my face and humped my face hard. She smells good and she squirted a little bit, then TLC came on ace of base Alanis moreset then white zombie more human than human she hands me a fist full of all of her dirty panties and says here worship them, smell them now fuck me , she pulls her legs behind her head and said look at that pretty butthole, it’s yours baby, all my holes are yours, I smashed her hard and fast slamming into her CERVEX then doggy style, pulling her hair, choking her and grabbing her shoulders slamming her, then I picked her up held her butt near her anus so I can touch her asshole and feel me going in and out of her well spreading her open in the fucking shit out of her standing up she came hard and SQIRTED ALOT So the next 20 years was pretty much like that off along with me and her, over the years, since I was young to even my current age I have Pantys fetish, I am so extremely sexually open I was with a BBW fat girl that did everything to me and herself sexually we had lots of anal, we bought bigger, giant turtles, she wanted to be stretched out and fisted sometimes and we loved piss spiting period sex all sex and her sister was a short dick, sexy giant, hourglass figure huge ass hips always wore thongs and G strings that I stole One day I stole her red silky G string that she had on for at least 2 1/2 days my wife had a similar on but I switched them and she thought she had hers in her mouth and licking the crotch and sucking on the string that on her asshole, We talked about it and scan it in a porn and wanted to try it but they were her sister Kelly’s, and she told me she loves the way she smells and taste thinking it was her. 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