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I don't know how to explain it very well. I know that both incest and foot fetishes are quite common nowadays, but even so I can't get rid of this guilt of wanting to fuck my own mother, and fill her feet with cum. It's something that interrupts my thoughts every day, even in the most tense and melancholic moments, I only think about how good my mother looks when she wears black pantyhose around the house, or when she walks around wearing heels after coming home from work.

Of course, countless are the occasions in which I have masturbated on her socks, heels, pantyhose and panties, I think there is no underwear of hers that has not been stained with semen in the last year. I love secretly taking her heels just when she comes home from work and leaving them in her room; I take them to my room, where I smell them until I cum completely on one of them.

I've gotten to the point of secretly taking photos of my mom's feet and legs, printing them out, and cumming on them when I smell her used socks or pantyhose. My fondest memory is when she, after returning exhausted from work, asked me to take off her heels and give her a foot massage. I swear I've never had a boner this strong until that day. The wet smell of her feet combined with the smell of the black cloth she was wearing on her…I just wanted to fuck her right there. I stayed for more than an hour massaging her feet without realizing that she had fallen asleep. As soon as I noticed it, I didn't think twice before starting to give them quick little kisses at her feet.

I have come to create false pornographic images of my mother, placing her face on top of actresses wearing pantyhose and heels getting fucked until cumming on top of them.




On my 18th birthday my boyfriend filled my entire room with balloons. First of all I was very happy about it and we played a little bit. Then we had sex in the sea of balloons. It was nice to see them flying around. Of course we popped some while we had sex. The popping sound was so arousing. It got wilder and more intense. Since we had big balloons too, we had sex on a balloon. That was an unforgettable experience. It was such intense and I felt overwhelmed. After that wild sex we popped the balloon underneath us, that was funny.We had some donut balloons there too. So I decided to put them on my boyfriends dick and rode him and the balloon in cowgirl position. He was so horny. I got more and more wilder and exicited and popped them on his dick. That was so funny. After we finished our wild sex session, we decided to play some funny, naughty and wild balloon games. So he pushed and popped some on my pussy, I got so horny, and I put some on his dick and popped them. I rode them such that he gets more and more horny and that the balloon pops when he cums. From that time on we are having quite often such wild and funny balloon parties andballoon sex

I like playing with balloons on my own, too.I love to ride, grind and hump on them until they pop. I love them pop, when I "pop" and cum. It is such an undescriable feeling, when you are on a balloon and grinding and got wilder and horny and it pops when you cum. Such fuck to pops are like the best what can happen.

You should try that, too! You will see how much fun balloons can be! :)




So i guess me and my husband are swingers but ive never really thought about it like that. We just like to have sex with other people and couples. Im bi but i dont think my husband thinks of himself that way even though Ive watched him have sex with at least 10 different guys. Which, by the way is very hot. I really like watching him grunting away when takes them from behind.

Anyway my real confession is that most of my friends know about me and my bfs sex life (some have participated) but they dont know that when were alone we like incest roleplay. Sometimes mom and son but mostly brother and sister. Im embarrased to tell my friends cause theyll think im weird or something. But its just so hot when he randomly walks up to me at the house, pulls out his dick, and says something like "suck your brothers cock". Or like one time when we were doin it he asked "you want your brother's cum" and i was super in the moment and said "cum in your sisters pussy, i want an incest baby so you can fuck me while she sucks my tits". I was kinda shocked that came out of my mouth but in the moment it was super hot.

Is this a normal fetish? Because it would be really hot if me and my bf could get someone else in on it.




I think I have a poo fetish

when Im with my gf she pees with the door cracked open sometimes and I dont look out of respect, but shuts it when she shits. she doesnt know Id really enjoy watching (not touching it though. just like watching).

problem is when I hear the door shut and then hear her turn the sink on to silence any sounds, I get a strange anxious feeling which Im guessing is a fear of missing out. and it sounds silly but it drives me crazy. I sometimes will go in the bathroom right after her (quietly) and sit on the toilet and just masturbate especially if theres a lingering smell, although sometimes I see residue of hair spray on the seat so she tries to cover it up)

does anyone else have something like this? im afraid to tell her or anyone ajd personally if i could id like to learn how to not be so into this since it would just be easier.

even though ive had partners in the past that didnt care so much and let me watch (but they didnt know it got me off. they were just comfortable and didnt care if i was in the bathroom with them or not).




My boyfriend likes to look at porn a lot. I dont mind really. One time i showed him a sex tape i made with an ex and he immediatly started fucking me like an animal.

Now he only wants to fuck me when he watches that sex tape. I think he likes the idea of other guys fucking me and it turns me on. I keep thinking about how hot it would be to have sex with him after someone else has fucked me. I dont know how to tell him though.

I like the idea of being shared but it would feel weird to ask him to let me fuck someone else. Is anyone else like this? Any suggestions?

The whole thing makes me feel slutty but its such a turn on for me.




I've always been into shiny and silky clothing for as long as I can remember, but what really cemented in my satin fetish was a girl I fucked on and off for a few years when i was aged 15 to 18. Amy was about 18 months younger than me. A petite, fresh faced short girl, she was really into her satin and silk, and would often wear black satin panties under black satin sleep shorts and matching camisole under just about everything she wore and also slept in the same. I got addicted to feeling Amy up and fucking her in different satin combinations. As she got a bit older ,she also got other satin items to wear. Near the end of my time fucking her I took a few pairs of her satin panties, a purple satin nighty and a pair of satin pyjama pants of hers, to enjoy and remember her by. I kept them for many years.

A few years later, in my early twenties, I started fucking an 18 year old that was addicted to sleeping pills. Andrea would often go to sleep at the most awkward times, which was mostly annoying... but some times fun. A couple of times she went to sleep while we were having sex. No real issue, as I use to enjoyed fucking other girlfriends as they slept also. Especially the wee silky hottie, Amy from my teens. I loved fucking her to wake her up, she did too.

One time when Andrea went to sleep during sex, I remembered the satin items I had taken from Amy years before. It had been ages since I had enjoyed them. I got them out from the box they were in and started to dress Andrea in Amy's panties. I was rock hard as i pulled the lovely and shiny black satin panties up around her pussy. I also put Amy's nighty and pyjama pants on her. I lay on her and enjoyed humping her almost comatose body, Grinding my hard cock against Andreas pussy covered in Amy's satin. After a bit of humping, I removed the pyjama pants and pulled the satin panties to one side, revealing Andreas rather wet pussy. I lay back on Andrea and slipped my cock into her, pretending the whole time I was fucking Amy again. I'm pretty sure Andrea came at least twice as I fucked her as she slept.

I fucked her in the satin for ages. When I came, I absolutely filled her cunt with cum. Once I started to go soft, I went down between Andreas legs and played with Amy's satin panties on her cummy cunt until they were soaked through. The next day when Andrea finally woke, she said that she had amazing dreams of being gang banged by a biker gang, so I told her I had fucked her while she was asleep, she was O K with it, I doubt she would be O K with it if I told her I dressed her in Amy's satin panties for it!.




As long as I can remember I liked the feel of stockings on women's legs.

I liked to touch my mom's legs covered by stockings or pantyhose. Mom let me do it. She touched his pantyhose-covered legs from ankles to thighs. But when my hand went too high she would hold my hands and I couldn't go any further.

My mom took me to the premiere of the movie "Harry Potter" and I started touching her legs, it was the first time she did something like that outside the home. Mom put her jacket on her thighs so that no one would see what was happening. It was very exciting. She did not use her hands to limit my movements since her skirt was very tight, however I think that for the first time she touched her pussy above the stockings.

My mom is very pretty and sexy. When she wears tight dresses that highlight her pretty figure, she does not wear panties because the marks from her underwear can be noticed.

There was a time when I slept with Mom at my aunt's house. Mom put on a men's T-shirt as a nightgown and under it were her pantyhose. Before we went to sleep I started to touch Mom's thighs and she allowed me to. I got so excited that almost without touching myself I had my first ejaculation spraying my mother's thighs with my semen. She never let me touch her thighs again.

I got married at 22 and my wife always wears stockings when we fuck.

My wife knows my fetish for stockings and my incestuous fantasies with my mother.