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I have always fantasized about being with other women. I’m a bisexual woman who has always been with men. I have always desperately wanted some pussy, but no luck finding any. I want to bury my face in a juicy wet pussy. Just the thought of a woman spreading her legs and letting me play with and eat her sweet pussy drives me wild. I want to suck on her titties first and get her slit nice and wet. Then bury my face in it and kiss, lick, and suck while she moans in pleasure. I want her to cum with my tongue on her clit and to taste her delicious juices. Then I want to play with her pussy til my heart’s content and will surely end up eating it some more. Would like to experiment with a toy and see how much I can get her off also. I started searching for some pussy online. Put female searching for female on a dating site. Talking to a real cutie right now. She’s kinky. Likes to tie people up. Said I could lick her pussy as a reward if I’m a good girl. That made me wet and I masturbated thinking of her. I hope I get to be with her and bury my face in her juicy snatch.




I am early 50s, white, straight. and above average in appearance. I have fantasies about a sexy middle-aged black woman approaching me and starting a conversation... she likes my blonde hair, my boots, do I know where to find a store, something innocent. We chat comfortably and I ask if she'd like to grab coffee or something sometime and exchange numbers. The next day she texts to see if I'd like to come to her place for a drink, so I go over later on. She greets me at the door in a wrap-dress that shows her beautiful cleavage and curvy hips and legs. We sit across from each other getting acquainted, but she stops and asks "do you find me attractive?" Caught off-guard, I say "of course.... anyone would. " She tells me to go over and stand in front of her, so I set my drink down and do as she says. Once there, she puts her hands on my waist before sliding them up to my breasts and squeezing them together. "I think you're adorable, all buttoned up. and I'm gonna unbutton that proper attitude of yours". I'm shocked into silence as she unbuttons my shirt and pushes the cups of my bra down to expose my nipples that harden in the cool room. "Hmm," she says...."maybe you're not as proper as I thought. " I start to pull back, but she pulls me forward quickly and I stumble, catching myself on her shoulders. She leans forward and captures my nipple gently in her teeth before sweeping her tongue over it. I moan, embarrassed that a woman has exposed me so quickly. "Ah, I've found a horny little slut, haven't I Baby?" I don't answer, enjoying this new sensation, so she squeezes one nipple hard while she sucks the other angrily and I yelp. "I asked you a question Baby.... are you a horny little slut?" "Yes ma'am, " I whisper, embarrassed. "I hoped so when we met Baby.... we're gonna have some fun, you & me."

While still sucking my 38D titties, she slides one hand down and cups me between my legs. "Mmm, someone has a warm pussy..... show Mama your pussy Baby."

I have gone into auto pilot, doing what this sultry woman demands while her full lips suck my nipples and her manicured fingers tickle the crotch of my jeans. Reaching down I unbutton my jeans and push them down to my thighs along with my blue cotton thong, exposing a cleanly shaved mound, now pink with excitement. "Oh sweet Baby girl, you are precious....." as she softly slides a finger between my lips and raises it to my mouth. "Suck your juices off my finger like a good girl." I suck her finger into my mouth, cleaning the slickness off. "Does your pussy taste nice? Do you want some more?" I nod and whisper "yes please".

She releases my breast from her hand and pushes me down to my knees before spreading her luscious thighs. "You've gotta lick up Mama's pussy first baby girl..... show me how much you like pussy juice. "

I lean forward a bit unsteady with my legs constrained together in the half- down jeans, but place a kiss on her neatly trimmed mound. "No teasing Little One", she instructs.... "get that pretty mouth to work". I start licking her lips, bottom to top, stopping to suck quickly on her bright pink clit. I've never eaten pussy before, but hers is beautiful, glistening with want, and I'm afraid of what might happen if I'm no good. So I eat her like I like to be licked, fucking my pointed tongue into her honey pot and drawing out the cream before circling back up to give long, adoring licks over her clit. "Oh yes Baby, you're gonna be Mama's special cunt licker, aren't you?" Looking up at her I nod before using my fingers to spread her lips and expose that stiff button. I whip my tongue over it, feeling her juices running down my chin. "Oh fuck Baby, yes, just like that..... get those fat white fingers in Mama's pussy and fuck me dammit!" I slide 2 fingers in deep, crooking them to find that one spot and finger her pussy while I suddenly suck hard on her clit button. Maybe if she cums good, she'll let me go, but honestly, is that what I want? Mama comes hard, grinding her wet pussy into my face using both hands. "Yes, yes, oh fuck.....oh you fucking secret slut...."

If you like this, say so and I'll write the next part. For now, I've gotta deal with my juicy pussy.




I’ve never told anyone this before, but it feels ok to do it now.

When I was 13 and 14 I babysat a little girl that was the daughter of a woman my mom worked with. She was a little terror - 3 and still in her terrible two’s. I would be so tired when she’d get dropped off at 7a.m. I just wanted to go back to sleep.

So, I’d do things to stay alert - read her stories and put on tapes for her to watch and things. One morning I was just horny and I wanted to sneak off and rub my clit and then go back to watching her. I went into the bathroom and stuck a hand in my little gym shorts and tried to be as fast as I could. But it wasn’t happening, so I grabbed one of my makeup brushes I kept in the drawer and liked to play with. I’d rub the soft head of it on my clit and then put the handle in my pussy.

I leaned back onto the counter to get a good angle and was tickling my clit, lost in how good it felt before I realized the little brat had walked in on me.

She was blond, tiny even for 3. She said all excited and loud, “makeup!”

And I had been so close to cumming, so wet, so fucking horny, the kind you get only when you’re a teen and just want to rub yourself on any and everything to see how it feels - I just said, “Yes, makeup - do you want some?”

She said yes, so I rubbed the brush I’d had on my pussy against her face, and then I told her to come in. I locked the door this time. I told her we were going to put make up on our pussies. She looked confused so I explained - she called her privates her “bobo”. “It feels really good to put makeup on your bobo.” I pulled my shorts totally off, panties too and sat back onto the counter, my pussy about eye level with her. “Ever seen a big girl’s bobo?” She shook her head no. She looked at me then. “I call mine ‘pussy.’” She looked more and I slid the brush slowly down my clit so she could see. I shuddered. “It feels good, but really only big girls can do it, if I let you, you can’t tell anyone, you’ll get in trouble.”

“No telling!” She agreed. She pulled her little shorts down and I picked her up and sat her on the counter, kneeling in front. I painted that little baby pussy with my brush while she talked.

“Feels good,” she said over and over.

I took the tip of the slim handle and barely pressed it inside her hole. “It feels really good when you can fit something in here but you can’t yet.”

I told her I was going to use my fingers now. She was pretty wet, visibly so, as I rubbed a finger tip on her clit, pressing down a little. She actually fucking moaned and I nearly came. “Now, I want to lick it and make it clean ok?”

I realized what I was doing was wrong, but it was like she was a sex toy or something. A fun little addition to all the masturbating I did.

She said ok to my licking her and I went to town. I licked that tiny, hairless, slippery cunt until my tongue hurt and she was moaning in what may have been pain even. She seemed to cum though. She tried to back away and told me she needed to pee. My own orgasms were sometimes that intense and I spoke with my lips against her bald pussy, “it’s ok, if you pee, just do it in my face, sweetie,” and then she let go and started to shake a bit. It was a little extra wet. She might have squirted some - a thing I didn’t know existed at the time.

Then I asked her if she wanted to see what her bobo tasted like. She eagerly agreed. I told her to lick my face, and she licked her own cum off me. I opened my mouth and she took the hint, sticking her tongue on mine and wiggling it, then pulled back giggling. “That’s like my mommy and Mike.”

“Yes we can kiss like them, but that’s more grown up stuff. Nobody can know.” She kept kissing me, sloppy and then I grabbed her little face, and jammed my tongue down her throat, slurping, spitting into her. I felt kind of aggressive, I didn’t want to hurt her but I kind of did. I picked her up off the counter now, her bare wet pussy warm through my tshirt against my waist.

“Can I see your boobies?”

“Yes, but I want to see yours too, ok?”

We both took our shirts off. Her flat chest and tiny rosy nipples were so cute. She touched mine. Her eyes were kind of glassy as she stroked them.

“Do you have milk?”

I explained I didn’t but then told her I wanted her to suck like I did. She put both her little hands on one tit and clamped onto my nipple, sucking so dutifully, moaning a little. I guess it reminded her of nursing. I lazily stroked my clit while she sucked and I cradled her blond head. I shifted her around a little and played with her pussy while she sucked. She nuzzled in, eyes closed and legs flopped open while I played with her. She had this total relaxed look on her face. Like bliss.

“You’re a good girl, only the best girls get to play like this. Only good girls get to play with their pussies together.” She smiled as she sucked and I was so turned on watching her suck and smile and tapping a finger on her clit I was fighting the urge to cum hands free.

I was trying to decide how I wanted to cum. I wanted to have her tongue on me. I laid back on the bath rug and spread my legs. “Will you lick me clean?”

“Yes, like a big girl. Your pussy is pretty!”

She crouched down and began licking, just as feverishly, as excitedly as I’d licked her. I watched her blond curls bounce between my legs. Her tonight was tiny but she was right on my clit like she knew. I didn’t have to direct her. “Suck it into your mouth like you did my nipple, honey.” When she did that, my legs shook. “Suck my pussy, you are such a good girl!”

I grabbed her head as I was about to cum and smashed her face hard against me, grinding my clit into her face…”lick my fucking pussy….I love your baby pussy, play with your bobo while you make me cum…”

I exploded into the best orgasm ever.

I fucked that kid until she was 12, offering to babysit free even. We did everything there is to do together - I even had my boyfriend fuck her once while I sat in her face. I can’t believe she never told anyone, but then she had a good time. I was always a little forceful with her. It always makes me smile when I think about how annoying she was until I taught her to be good. I would literally tell her to sit still or I wouldn’t lick her, or to pick up her toys so we could do big girl things and she’d immediately do what I asked.

She wanted it. Whoever says that kids can’t consent is wrong. She wanted it. She even asked for it. She’d finish breakfast or a cartoon and sit next to me and rub one of my tits and ask, “Can we play with our pussies?” Or “Will you lick me clean?” After she’d peed. Her favorite thing to do was to lay in my lap and suck nipples while I rubbed her bald baby pussy. It seemed comforting to her and I sometimes wondered if her mom did that to her.




I am a 17/f. I have been babysitting the neighbor’s daughter for about 3 years. She is really cute and very curious. She’s always trying to peek on me. Maybe catch me in the bathroom or if we are changing she looks a long time while I’m in my bra and panties. I asked her the other day if she wanted to see my tits. She turned bright red and looked down. I took off my bra and walked infront of her. I told her to look at them as long as she wanted. She just stared for a long time. I started rubbing my tits and lightly tugging on my nipples. She didn’t say a word, she just kept staring. I took one hand and placed it on her chest, rubbing her nipples. She gasped but let me touch her. I leaned over and licked one of her nipples and giggled. I asked if she licked it and she just nodded yes. So I licked them both a few times. I was getting surprisingly wet doing this. I stood up and slid down my panties. I asked if she’d ever seen a pussy. She shook her head no. I asked if she wanted to. She nodded yes. I sat down and spread my legs and told her to look. I started playing with my clit and she was mesmerized. I started playing w one tit while I stimulated my clit. I moaned a little and she got so wide eyed. I asked if she wanted to touch me. I asked her if she wanted to help me. She nodded yes and put a hand on my tit. She started rubbing my boobs and breathing harder. Did you want to lick them? I asked her. She just looked at me a few seconds and then she quickly put my nipple in her mouth and started licking and sucking it. I kept rubbing my clit. I grazed her crotch over her little cotton panties. She froze. I feather stroked her little crotch as she sucked my titties. Then I told her she needed to take off her panties. I got her to sit on my lap and I started playing with that tiny little pussy. My pussy was tingling and going nuts. I sat her in the chair and got on the floor infront of her. I put her legs over my shoulders and dipped down and licked her sweet, young, wet cunt for the first time. I loved the taste. I started licking her slit and tried darting my tongue into her tight little hole. I told her I wanted her to lick me now. I laid on the floor and told her to get between my legs. She laid there and slowly inched her tongue onto my clit. Her soft tiny tongue started to caress my clit with the softest lightest strokes. I loved how it felt. I was surprised because I came quickly. I usually take care of her at least 2 hours most weekdays. Now, every time I take care of her, we touch and lick each other.




My husband & I were raised in a religious upbringing. So sex was vanilla. Just put it in & cum in me. I thought that was my duty. I did not mind it. We had this sweet teen babysitting for us. I really enjoyed her company. One day she asked me, "Mrs. Johnson does a grown woman's pussy taste as good as a young girl's?"

I was shocked & What are you talking about?

She; "I was wondering, that's all? Can I taste yours?"

I asked her where she got such nasty talk fro?.

She said she eats her friend's pussy & they like it a lot.

She said, "maybe I can ask a stranger?

I was embarrassed to ask her, "What do you mean eat pussy?"

She laughed & said. Mrs. Johnson, your husband, does not lick & lick your pussy?"

"NO! I would not want him too."

She looked sad & repeated about talking to a stranger on the internet.

I told her she couldn't do that.

She said I know you would not like it but can I at least get one small taste. That's all I need. I told her I would think about it.

The more I thought about the next few days, I wondered what I was missing.

The next time she came over, she showed me a picture of a woman she said she might meet up with. She would find out that way.

I sternly told her that is to dangerous. Then I told her she could try my pussy.

She smiled from ear to ear & drug me into my bedroom. She pushed me down & reached under my dress & pulled my panties off. Her fingers started playing with my pussy & sent a shock through me. I asked what she was doing? She said she had to get me wet first. T

hen she said 'Mrs. Johnson I do not need to be rude but we need to trim or shave your pussy."

Next thin I knew we were in the bathroom she was soaping up my pussy & used my husband's razor to shave me. I had never been so embarrassed but turned on.

When she toweled me off she looked me in the eyes & said "You need to be naked if you are going to be mine."

I ignored this but took everything off. She ran her hands all over me & had me turn around.

She spanked my butt & told me to get back on the bed & get on my knees. Her fingers started to softly playing with my pussy then she fingers went inside of me.

I asked her when she was going to taste me. She said to do it right my pussy needs to just right. She when I was ready for the tasting, I needed to ask her to do it.

My pussy was making wet sounds I had never heard before. Then my hips started moving.

Then the words came out "Please taste me."

Now Mrs. Johnson, If I am going to properly own your pussy you have to do better than that.

I was so hot by then I did not care. I surprised myself by begging her to "eat my grown woman pussy."

She put her tongue fingers & face on my pussy. She gave me my first orgasim & it would never stop.

I think I passed out. When I came to she was kissing me. her tongue was in my mouth.& she was fingering my pussy. I was still hot. But I told her to stop this was enough.

She told me she was going to teach me a lot & I was going to belong to her. My second test is this. She worked her hand in my pussy & told me this was called fisting.

She made me look. My legs were wide open & when I saw her hand in me I came again.

After that, I was hers. I asked her what else can she teach me. She climbed up on my face & taught me to eat her. It was wonderful. I never knew sex could be so much fun.




this may sou d silly, but i really want to learn how to hypnotize people. I thought i could say i learned it as a party trick, but actually use it to my advantage. i want to especially try it on one of my friends. she is so hot. so sexy. she has real nice fake tits. 34C. she keeps her body really nice. I want to play with her so bad. I want to hypnotize her and see if i can actually play with her. i was masterbating earlier fantasizing about this.

I would start by having her undress. i would get her to come on to me really hard. Putting her tits in my face and getting those pretty nipples of hers in my mouth. I want her to be eager to lick my pussy.

oh so I'm 35. she is 38. and I am a woman by the way. i want to have her ask me to bathe her. Oh to have her naked and soaking wet.

There are several of my girlfriends I would want to take advantage of in this way. I have another friend. she is 28. she is very petite, maybe 5' tall. she has fake boobs too, and an itty bitty waste, and i nice bubble but. she does very dramatic hair colors and makeup, and she is covered in tattoos. i want to grind her face into my pussy

but i think this could be something i share with one of my cousins. He is cousin through marriage. he's about 68 years old. When I was 16 he offered me free coke and said we could drive around in his van and get wired. I didn't know him very well, but i figured since he is family it would be ok. he poured me a crown and coke and then cut me up 2 fat lines. after about 15 minutes i felt strange. not bad at all. just very relaxed and agreeable. and i noticed that i felt aroused for some reason. I told my cousin Juan how I was feeling. He put one hand on my upper thigh and told me not to worry, i was fine, and he'd take care of me. things got wild. Somehow i ended up topless and braless. my perky big tits just out. I'm a 36DD. Juan said that he thought my boobs were the prettiest he'd ever seen. He asked me to start playing with them. I did, and it felt really, really, really good. He asked if i could lick or suck on my own nipple. I got my left nipple in my mouth and was licking the nipple and sucking away. My pussy felt really tingly. He asked how good it felt. I told him it made my pussy tingle to do it. he asked me if I liked guys to suck my tits. i told him i loved it. he placed a hand on my left tit and started playing with it. he said, since my pussy felt so good, I should start rubbing it. as I did, my older cousin Juan started licking and sucking my tits. it felt so damn good. i was rubbing my clit w one hand and holding his head down with the other. he suddenly stopped and said he had an idea. he wanted to snort coke off my big tit. it was so fucking hot to watch him do it. i was more horny than I'd ever been. i told him I wanted him to make me cum. He agreed, on one condition. I had to jack him off for a few minutes and i had to suck the tip of his dick for a minutes. i started jacking him off. I was a little surprised that he had a pretty big dick. and it could still get hard. as i rubbed his cock with one hand, i rubbed my breasts with the other. he started playing with my pussy. i was wearing a short skirt and he was playing with me over my panties. Then i started rubbing the head of his dick on one of my nipples. He was going crazy. i would alternate between licking the tip and sucking the head. I ended up sucking more and more of his dick till it was all in my mouth and down my throat. He yelled out that he was about to come. I took his dick out of my mouth really quick and he shot his load all over my tits. I started rubbing it in. He seemed to like that. He told me to lay down in the back of the van. He came over to me and said he had wanted to taste my pussy since i was a real little girl. I didn't know him well, but I have caught him looking at the young girls in my family a lot. Once, I caught him jacking off in the backyard while looking at my cousin nursing through the window. He saw me. I just stood there, shocked, I didn't know what to do. He just went back to rubbing himself. I walked off. I never told anyone. I knew he was a big pervert since I was young. Whatever he put in my drink made me not care. He slid my panties off and started running his hand over the outside of my pussy. Then he finally started liking my clit. My orgasm rose up really quick. I must have started coming just a few minutes after he started. He licked me so good. He made me another drink and another line. the rest of the night is really hazy I have only a few memories of the rest of the night. I remember vaguely that he pick up a male friend of his. Juan had me sit on his lap. I remember dancing on his lap, the friend. He was about 50 to 55 years old. I also kinda remembered him licking my pussy. Other than that, it's a big blur. That was the one and only time I was with Juan sexually. Ever since that night I get off thinking about Juan doing things to me or a young cousin.

I figured i would have him waiting in the other room while i get my friend hypnotized. Once she is, I'll bring Juan out and have her start hitting on him, being seductive and slutty with him. Just watch him lick and suck her all over and her like it.

I want to turn my 38 year old girl friend into my own personal little slut. I want to get her horny for men she would never look twice at.

Oh, and another turn on of mine is when people(women/girls) tell me their stories of being molested. It gets me so wet to hear the details. Then, later, I masterbate to what they told me. I heard my 38 year old friend's stories of being molested. I could barely keep still as she recounted the various times and people who molested her growing up. She crying as she told me. I sat as still as i could and said supportive y

things while inside I was picturing all this and imagining I was watching. She had a neighbor, an old plumber, that got her, her siblings, cousins, and a couple neighborhood kids to start hanging out in his basement. As he gained their trust, he began providing them with different drugs, alcohol, porn(even child porn). He would casually talk to them about sex and see if they had any experiences. When they first started going over, my friend was 7 or 8. The old man eventually got the kids playing doctor in his basement, spin the bottle, 7 minutes in heaven, and so on. My friend's older brother got her as his partner for 7 minutes in heaven. He had been drinking and was acting unlike himself. He was very aggressive with my friend and made her suck his cock and finally fuck him. She thinks she was 8 or 9. before long they were basically having orgies in this old dude's basement. The old man would stay and watch, but that was it, for a while. My friend said it was an incest fest. Brothers, sisters, cousins - all kissing and feeling eachother up, goiving eachother oral, and so on. My. friend said she began to really like what was happening She began fucking her brother regularly. One day the old man gave my friend a lemonaide and asked her to help him. He said he needed a plumbing assistant. well, he slipped a drug in her drink. She ended up in his bathroom totally naked as he fondled and molested her preteen body. She remembers it all. She said that whatever he gave her made her really horny. She always felt gross because her body reacted so much when the old man stimulated her. And there were other men who molested my friend, but you get the gist of it.

I want her, under hypnosis to tell me, in detail, all that happened to her. as she doe, i will be rubbing my pussy and watching my cousin Juan do to her everything she recounts to us of her molestation. I will be telling her that she loves it and it feels so good. That she see's the old man when she looks at Juan. Get her to start getting off to those memories.

I would be so excited if this works. I have a list of friends I'd do this to. I would also be really open to the idea of getting an underage hooker, or just a slutty young teen that will do anything. i want to watch Juan molest an underage girl. I don't know if he ever has, But i wouldn't be surprised to hear he has. I don't know ifI'd touch her. Maybe. I would want to , for sure. But I really want to watch a young, preteen girl getting licked, and sucked, and fucked by Juan.




I am a Female in my early 40s. I am just now coming to terms with my sexual preferences and the things that turn me on. I have a wild fantasy life. I love to masterbate fantasizing that I am an old man, a pervert, sometimes a pedophile. Sometimes I fantasize I am very young, 5 or 6 years old, and I am being molested. I really have been wanting to have a girl on girl experience again. But i really want it to be w a girl no older than 18. I love the idea of getting a hooker. a young hooker. I want to fuck her with a strap on dildo. Oh My God. I fantasize about it all the time. I want a slutty, dirty girl who will do everything I want. I want to experience a threesome with two teenage girls. I, of course, want an old man or two to come and lick their pussy's and fuck them. I realized that what i really want are two girls. Hookers. Between the ages of 11 and 16. I watch a lot of loli hentai depicting young girls. I love to put on a loli hentai porn or a porn with Japanese grandfather licking his teenage granddaughter's pussy. Forced, ofcourse. For the last 3 months I have found my age preference going down even further. The hentai site I look at previewed an animated gif of a grandpa sucking a 6 year old girl's nipple while he played with her pussy. It was really hot. I watched it over and over on a loop and came so fucking hard. I wish I had a dick sometimes. I want to fuck a young girl and feel her tight pussy wrapped around my shaft. I want to feel an 11 year old girl's mouth wrapped around my cock. I even sometimes think that having a toddler lick and suck the tip of my dick would be mind blowing. I find a lot of loli hentai that depict what I'm fantasizing. Fuck. I am just so horny for young girl pussy.