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I had a brief affair with my relish teacher when I was a freshman in high school. I never told anyone not even my best friend whom I didn’t trust anyway for over three decades. It accidentally came out to a girl yeah knows and had the teacher as we reminisced about or annoying city. I also had it leak out to my shrink.

I could care less what people think about me but I’m no victim. Who wouldn’t want the hottest, most attractive woman seducing you? It’s why the hypocrisy and fake outrage these years is so laughable. It’s always happened and it’s usually the hot English teacher. She was 26 years my senior but fine by me. I had my Mrs. Robinson early. I’m thankful for it despite failing j was a virgin with my loser friends for years because I used to be shy. My English teacher wasn’t the only older woman.

I slept with a nurse when 17 and went down on her in the doctor’s office almost getting caught. She clearly didn’t mine my aggressiveness. I figure my first a few years before brought out this brashness, I now prefer older women even though I’m in my mid 40s now so anything near my age or a bit older works fine. Thankfully, my English teacher taught me well.




i was 8 at school and a chronic masturbator. i wanked off in the school toilets and any empty classrooms i could find. til i got caught, in the boys toilets during class time i got caught masturbating by a male teacher, he stood beside me and began to masturbate with me.




I NEVER told anyone this, but I fucked my teacher in high school. 1) He was married 2) I didn't know how I felt about it until 7 years later. I'm 23 now. I'm a female 5'10, Hispanic with long thick hair big boobs and thick thighs. I had those then, but I was a little shorter, about 5'6, and chubbier than now, so people made fun of me.

My teacher Mr. Stevens was white, tall, fit and 6 feet. He had brown hair and a perfect smile perfect teeth!! He was my 7th period study hall teacher.

From the first time I talked to Mr. Stevens my freshman year, I knew he liked me: He would stare at me; Help me with my homework; always get me out of trouble; etc. He would be there for me when I was having a hard day.

After winter break my sophmore year, Mr. Stevens wasn't around and we had a new teacher. The school just said he'd transferred voluntarily. I was disappointed, but then a month later, I got a Facebook message from Mr. Stevens he kept saying how he got a new job because he needed to get out of our school. He said I was his favorite student and that he missed me. That he needed to meet up and see me. I agreed thinking we would just talk. I was a naive teen.

He picked me up and told me how much he wanted me. That was the reason he transferred schools, because if he was around me any longer, he would do something that would get him in trouble. He told me how beautiful I was and how much he missed seeing me in his class. I felt so happy that I kissed him.

I was still a virgin, so everything was kinda new, but I could see how hard he was getting. I was wearing my favorite white dress that I still wear from time to time. He kept rubbing my upper thigh and my pussy was getting so wet. He said how much he loved how soft I was. I would wear crop tops that showed my belly eventhough people made fun of me, and leggings most days, just so he could see me. I craved his attention. We went to the back seat of his car and he pulled down my dress. My boobs fell out and admired them for a minute before he started licking my nipples. It was the first time anyone had done that. I grabbed his hand and put it under my dress. He moved my panties to the side and started rubbing my clit it felt so fucking good. In that moment, I didn't care he was married.

He pulled his pants down and his cock was so fucking big. I got intimidated by it. I didn't think it would fit. I was scared it was going to hurt. I told myself stop being a bitch and I sat on him.

It hurt so fucking bad but it also felt soooo fucking good. I started bouncing on his cock my tits in his face. He was sucking my tits hard while I rode him the way a virgin does, like in porn but no real life, just kinda bouncing. He quickly corrected me and it felt so much better.

He said he was about to cum and I told him to STOP.!! I wasn't ready for him to cum. He looked confused. I told him he can cum once I came first. That was what all the other girls had told me to say. I told him it was my first time and he laughed, telling me he could tell. He agreed and leaned back to let me keep going. I started ridding faster while he rubbed my clit. It felt so good that my body started to tense up and I came all over his cock.

A few seconds go by with me just holding tight to him as I felt the waves of orgasm pass through me, and then he started pumping me really hard. He held me against his chest and just destroyed me in the back seat of his car.

I don't know how long it was, but suddenly he stopped and I felt his cum inside me. It was warm. I loved the feeling of it dripping out of me onto his legs. I pulled up my panties and we returned to the front seat so he could drive me home.

I was silent the whole time because I didn't know what to say. I just lost my virginity and I was madly in love with him. But what do you say to a marriaged guy when you're 16. I know at the time, I wanted to ask him if he was leaving his wife or whatever, but I didn't and it took me this long to realize exactly what all this really was. He dropped me off at home without saying anything else and I suddenly felt really hurt. That night, I blocked him on facebook.

I'm confessing this now bexause I saw him today at the grocery store near my house. He was with his wife and daughter, whose about 16 now. He pretended like he didn't know me and I got hurt all over again. I guess I'm not over him. I kinda want to friend his daughter on facebook and tell her to watch out for her pedo dad. I wonder how many other girls he did this to...




When I was twelve years old, and in the seventh grade, my gym coach, Mr Thomas was gay for me. One day, he said he needed to talk to me after school about my P.E. Grade. So after school, I went to the locker room and met him in his office. I was a small petite boy with girlish hips, blue eyes and long curly blonde hair. I was not very athletic and my gym grade was bad. He said as much, and I said that no matter how much I tried, I couldn’t make the grade. He said, “Their might be a way, if you can keep a deep secret. If you can, I’ll give you straight a straight A”. I was all in for that and agreed. “I’ll do anything to get an A”.

So he said, “Well, it means that we need to go to the shower and let me take all of your clothes off.” My heart was beating 1000 kph and I didn’t know why I had to be naked. I said so, and he said, “Trust me. It will be fun. Have you ever jacked off”? I was embarrassed but nodded yes. He replied, “Do you get off? Do you get a weenie tickle and shoot sperm”? I was so stunned! I nodded yes and he said, “When you are naked, I will jack you off and make you weenie tickle and shoot sperm. It feels so much better when someone else does it to you.” I couldn’t help it! My dick was rock hard and my tummy was burning with butterflies. I nodded yes, and the fun started.

He made sure all of the doors were locked. Then he took a bottle of baby oil out of his desk. He stood up, walked around the desk, and gently took me by the hand and led me to the shower.

Once in the shower, he turned on all the hot water and steamed up the entire room. I was waiting with a beating heart and a throbbing hard dick.

So now he comes to me and takes hold of my blue T-shirt and pulled it up. I raised my arms and let him pull it over and off of me. He was panting with lust as he messaged by breasts and shoulders. Then, taking me into his arms, he began kissing me like a girl. It was then that his hand went inside of my pants and I felt strong fingers wrapping around my hard weenie. I was putty in his arms.

He then went to his knees and unbuttoned my levis and slowly took them and my undewear down and around my butt to my ankles. My dick popped up stiff and hard like a spring and the next thing I knew, his mouth was on it and sucking. OMG it felt so good. I had gone into early puberty at age ten, and had hair all over my groin. He deep throated me and soon he made me cum freaking hard! I shot puberty sperm down his throat as his tongue rubbed the tickle spot under the head of my circumcised seventh grade weenie! I cried out, “Gimmie weenie tickle! Milk my weenie tickle coach! Fucking weenie tickle”!

The next thing I knew, he had my pants, shoes and socks off of me. He got naked and I saw his huge massive hard dick. “Now it’s your turn Mike. Lets fuck in the hot shower baby dove”.

So he led me into the hot water and I went to my knees. He rubbed the head of his dick over my lips! I opened my mouth and began to suck him. He told me how to use my tongue under the head of his cock, and soon I had him moaning and groaning. I felt the head of his dick expanding and contracting as I sucked! He moaned, grunted and I tasted a mouth full of sperm for the first time. I was jacking off as he came and was burning with butterflies. I was having the best time of my life!

So now he rubbed my entire naked body down with the oil and sqeezed jacked my dick as he did, making me cum a second time! Since he was on his knees and I was standing up, my boy cum shot into his face. The hot shower water washed it down onto his shaved chest.

Then, he handed me the bottle! I oiled him down from head to toe and was jacking his hige circumcised, twelve inch long dick with both hands. I was grinning and giggling and having so much horny fun. My dick was still so hard and sex swollen that I came again, hands free. My load shot onto his belly button and the water washed it down over his nuts.

My legs went weak and I went to the shower floor. He layed on top of me! He started rubbing his entire oily dick across my oily dick! I was still so hard and after five or six minutes of dick to dick sex, I was moaning and saying, “Oh fuck I’m getting another weenie tickle”! He replied gently,”cum now baby boy! Let it go love and cum for me Mike”. I came again hard and my body was quivering with sperm all over my tummy.

Then the next thing I know, he put my small hairless legs up over his shoulders and rolled me back onto mine! That huge dick began pressing into my virgin butt hole. I cried out from the pain as he forced that oily dick up my twelve year old butt! He was soon all the way inside, and then he stopped, to let my spincter muscle get used to penetration. I laid there whimpering, but let him have me. He was panting and could no longer hold back. He began stroking and fucking, fucking and stroking. While I was crying, it made him fuck me harder. My own dick was hard again and then, I came again, hands free! The orgasm made me cry out, “fuck me I’m getting a weenie tickle! Fucking weenie tickle! Oh fuck me do the pee pee! My sperm shot all over my hailess little chest and hit my own mouth! I tasted my own cum for the first time because he had me rolled over onto my shoulders with my naked legs wrapped around hus huge muscular torso! I was his girl bitch and he was like a dog in heat! Just then, coach cried out, “Me too!! Oh you bitch you made me cum”! I felt my butt fill with a crawly flood of semen.

He turned me sideways and we spooned, with his dick still full inside my butt. It didn’t hurt anymore. He messaged my little dick from behind as we lay under the hot running shower water.

A long time later, he let me up as his dick plopped out of my ass. He dried me with a towel and got me dressed. He got dressed and brushed out my hair, kissed me full on the lips and said, “Come over to my house on Saturday for more loving time. I agreed, and as I left the locker room, my butt was sore and so was my dick.

I was at his house the next day by noon, on my bike. As soon as I got inside, he was on me. It was like a whirlwind he was so fast! I was stripped naked, picked up and taken straight to bed. It was a big waterbed. This time, he cut to the chase! He greased up my butt and his dick with vaseline, got me on all fours, and fucked the hell out of me doggy style, all of the while jacking me off with botn hands! Omg he made me cum! I shot sperm down onto the sheets and felt him cumming inside of me.

Then it was the 69. I was under him in the 69 and he drank my semen up in a vacume like suck. I felt butterflies in my tummy as he sucked me! The butterflies went from my tummy down into my balls! Then they shot up the shaft of my dick as he sucked, hitting the head of my throbbing boy cock. When it hit that tickle spot under the head where the top of his tongue was rubbing, I had a huge weenie tickle inside his mouth! My hips were pumping as I mouth fucked him!

Later on he shaved what little public hair I had off, and gave me a deep body message. So for years I was his boyfriend, until I was 17. By then he had a new nine year old boyfriend. I loved being molested and enjoyed every bit of the sex’




When I was in high school, one of my teachers ate my pussy in the faculty room.

It was like this:

I always wanted to experience what it was like to be fucked by my teacher, who was a priest (but not an actual devoted one who serves in church every sunday). I sit at the back row so I seduce him when no one's looking. Sometimes, I suck on the tip of my pen, sometimes I unbutton my uniform and lean over so he could get a glimpse of my tits and sometimes, when I felt extra bold, I mime sucking a dick. I can see it has an effect on him so I played that little game.

Until one time, it was nearly time to go home. He was our last subject and when the bell rang, he called me to tell me I had to go to the faculty room to discuss something about the activity I submitted and I said yes. Little did I know, I'd get the best head of my life.

His department's faculty room had a couch right by the door and his desk was at the very back. At first I thought we'd sit by the couch but he told me that we'll sit by his desk instead. Long story short, the tension was so high. He made me sit at his desk while he sat on his chair and ordered me to lift my skirt and spread my legs. He pushed aside my panties and the second his tongue hit my pussy I almost screamed.

He eats pussy and he eats pussy GOOD.

He teases at my clit with his tongue, flicking it back and forth at a quick speed and then burying his face on my pussy. It was so exciting. The rush that I felt knowing that a teacher might walk in anytime made me even more hornier. I unbuttoned my blouse halfway through and my tits were just hanging out while he eats my pussy like he's starving.

Imagine this: me on his desk, tits hanging out and bouncing everytime I grind my pussy on his tongue while my legs were wide open and shaking. I was moaning his name and other variations of 'sir'. You could hear him slurping and squelching. It was so fucking hot. He'd alternate between rubbing my clit fast and pushing his tongue inside me.

Needless to say, I came with a pleasured scream. My legs shook so hard and my eyes roll to the back of my head while he continued to lap at my pussy even after the orgasm hit.

Obviously, that was not the first time it happened. It happened again just two days after, where I bounced on his cock inside the classroom, not even bothering to muffle my moans in case anybody hears. It's part of the thrill anyway ;)




In 2010, I (27M) was teaching in South Korea and ended up having sex with my student (12F) for money. To be clear about this, two things: 1) there were no laws against prostitution in SK at the time (don't follow current politics) and 2) the age of consent at that time was 14 "International" which was actually 12 Korean (they do a funny thing with ages that make them 2 years older).

I was teaching in a rural school just outside one of the major metropolitan areas, but this "Major City" is one of the lowest economically speaking for the country. My school (K-6) was filled with kids whose parents were mostly farmers or factory workers, so very low income. My salary was low, but equivalent to their parents and as I had very few expenses, I was well-off.

She was in my 6th grade class and was always hanging around the after school programs, mostly because apparently her household was mostly empty until about 9pm most days, so it was be home alone or hang around at school. Despite not actually being signed up for more of my after school (extra pay) programs, I let her participate.

One day we were both waiting for the bus and I was talking with her about her home life. She laid it all out and then told me that it sucked because a holiday was coming up and she wouldn't get a gift. I asked if there was something she wanted and she said she wanted an iPhone (they had just been released in SK at the time), but there was no way she could get the $600 for it unless she "did some special work" which was a euphamism for the girls in middle/high school that do some kind of sex work adjacent with the local bars and stuff (basically convincing lecherous old men to come inside for drinks). It technically wasnt bad, but everyone kinda knew this led to some dark stuff sometimes. I mentioned my payday was coming up and maybe I could give her some (to keep her from doing the "special work").

Well, Friday came and she asked me about the money when it was the two of us waiting for the bus. I told her I had it, but that it required she go on a date with me (I was joking and intended to give her the money) but then she got excited. She asked me if I really wanted to go on a date with her, and I said "Sure. Who wouldn't." So, she got on the same bus and spent the rest of the day with me.

Throughout that "date," she kept getting more and more flirty, and when I went to take her back to the bus stop, we passed a "Love Hotel" and I got an idea. I told her if she went in with me, the money was hers. She looked at it, stared, and then said "Okay."

I was nervous going in to get a room, but the old women just gave me a key and didn't say anything. We went into the room, and at first I figured I'd chicken out. However, after a long talk, she asked me what I wanted her to do. I told her to take off her clothes, and she did.

I stared at her for a long time while she stood there. Technically it wasnt illegal but I thought about the abuse of power and gave her the money. However, she said "this isn't my first time, you know." I wasn't surprised, so I told her to kiss me. After she put the money into her school backpack, she did.

I laid her on the bed and mostly fondled her for a long time but then, feeling that she was ready, I pressed myself into her. It was the tightest pussy I'd ever been in and despite being average sized, I didn't fit all the way in. But I did what I could and slid in and out of her. She wrapped her arms around me and cried a little, but told me not to stop. It didnt seem like she lied about it not being the first time, so I kept going. I continued gently for a long time until I moved to get a better angle to look at her. I lifted her legs up until her feet were on my chest and kept going.

I remember her calling me "Teacher" alot and saying she liked it. I got harder and harder, slowly smashing her beneath my weight, until she asked if I was almost done. I was, but I had us change positions, with her riding me. I wanted to finish like that.

She climbed on top and I will never forget what it looked like. She rocked back and forth, her hands on my chest. I told her in Korean I was about to cum (I'd learned that slang from a girl) and she jumped off at the last second, letting my cum splash up onto her hips and legs. She sat on me for a while while I recovered and then the both of us slowly took individual showers and left the motel quitely.

The whole busride home I guilted and shamed myself, but Monday at school, she was showing off her phone and was suddenly very popular. Years later, when I was back in the US, she friended me on facebook, and we're actually still facebook friends to this day.




When I was in the 7th grade, I fell in love with Ms Whittacker, my English teacher. She was about 35 years old and I was 13. I had problems with the class, doing the work, because I swooned in love with her and she was quick to notice that. She was a petite blonde with huge tits and she weighed about 130 pounds.

She would come to my desk and bend over with the top button of her blouse open and I could see her cleavage! It made my dick hard and she knew it. She would then come around me from behind to help me and press her tits against me and take my pencil from my hand to make some corrections. When she did that I I came in my pants, with butterflies in my tummy.

The bell rang and she asked me to stay after class, which I gladly did, and I became her teachers pet. And far as I was concerned she was a goddess. She did that have sex with me there that day, but that was coming very soon. She said that I needed remedial education, and asked me to come to her house that Saturday morning, and I happily agreed. She told me to be sure and be wearing short pants.

I rode to her house on my bicycle with my school book that Saturday morning. She was waiting for me when I knocked on the door and when she opened it, I immediately had a hard on because she had on a halter top with very short shorts. Her hair was hanging loose over her shoulders and I was speechless with my heart pounding in my chest. Upon seeing that I was wearing the short gym pants as she had asked, she seen my hairless smooth legs and she said, “Now there we go A little boy, nice young sexy legs”. I blushed read and she can see that my dick was hard under the shorts. Now I know that this is why she wanted me to wear shorts, because I would not be able to conceal my dick when it got hard, and it was going to be much easier for her to get me naked. I had no idea that was in a few minutes I was going to be in sexual heaven, and my dick would no longer be a virgin penis.

So she invited me inside, and she send me milk and cookies in the kitchen and she was always swinging and bending over to get things where I can see her sexy butt. She would bend over in front of me by the table after pretending to drop a fork, and I could see her tits hanging down under her pink halter top, with no bra. She could see that that was having the desired effect upon me come into this day I get hard thinking about it, and what followed next to something I still fantasise about today and jack off to in the shower.

She said, “Come on into the living room and we will get started on your homework.” She had me sit down on the couch and put my books and papers on the coffee table. Then she sat down beside me and put her arm around me, and she saw that my dick was making a tit in my shorts and said, “Can you keep a secret“? I replied that I could and would,” and that was when her left hand went down my arm and onto my stomach, and she whispered in my ear, “time for class you sexy little boy”.

Her hands slowly went in to my pants in beneath my underwear and found my hard little dick. She was squeezing it and stroking it as she begin kissing me on the lips. She pressed for weight against me and laid me back on the couch, and gently put her tongue into my mouth, and I could not help it but I came in her hand. she cooed and giggled at the same time in my ear saying, “oh nice! Good job you’re good little boy”.

She got up off of me and stood up. Her head was still full of my new puberty cum, and she licked it off of her hand.,She took me by the hand and put me off of the couch and let me into her bedroom. She turned around and slowly took all of her clothes off, and I felt like I was high, like I had been smoking marijuana. For the first time in my life I saw a naked woman, and I actually started to pass out. He caught me as my legs buckled, and then laid me back down onto the bed. She was breathing hard, saying “oh fuck, oh fuck, oh I’m gonna fuck you you sexy little boy”! She nearly tour off my close, and threw them across the room. I was totally in her power, and I was actually a very small boy for my age, with long blonde hair weighing about 90 lb. But she was much stronger than me by a long shot even though she was a small woman herself. She spread my legs apart and begin sucking my dick. And I cannot help but cry out and Moan is if I myself were a girl. She knew that because I was so young and just into puberty that I was going to be able to cum multiple times. That’s exactly what happened because it was not long after she started sucking that I was bucking my hips and fucking into her mouth. I screamed out that I was cumming and shot another load down her throat. I was painting like a dog in heat and when she took her mouth off of my dick, cum was running out of it under her chin, until she swallowed again what was left in her mouth.

My dick had gotten a little bit soft but not much. She reaches over inside the nightstand, and brings out a bottle of olive oil. She made me stand up beside the bed and then she sat there with my dick in her face, she rubbed it in my entire young naked body down with oil. Then she said it was my turn to rub her down. So she stood up and made me sit down on the bed, and I ran my only hands all over her gorgeous sexy beautiful body. My dick was already hard again, as I rubbed my hands over those enormous tits with nipples the size of quarters. She took me by the ears and rub them all in my face and I was jacking off at the same time.

We rubbed bodies and my dick was so tickly it’s not like I had to pee but nothing was coming out. The next thing I know she laid me back on the bed and came over top of me and I felt something hot and warm surrounding my dick, and my dick was no longer a virgin. She begin bumping and humping up and down on it. Edit the same time fingering herself, and then she started to cum! He was hollering out “oh fuck me little boy”! Then she screamed out, “oh fuck I’m cuming”! She was riding and twisting as she humped up and down and that tickled my dick so much that I came deep within her pussy.

That was not going to be all, because she hopped off of me, and laid beside me. She was French kissing me and rubbing my body with her hands for several minutes until my dick was hard again, and then she said, “fuck me doggy”! She put more oil on my dick, and then got on all fours and told me to get behind her. She told me to slide my dick inside of her and I did so very happily, and then she said fuck me hard like a dog. She instructed me to put my hands on her hips come in when I did I started to pump, and to pump and pound into her. I was almost laying on top of her, and so she went down on her stomach as I continue to fuck her., I was panting and groaning and crying out “oh Ms Whittacker! Oh ms Whittacker”! That’s all I could do was cry out her name over and over, and she was crying out, “fuck me little boy! Fuck me little boy! Fuck me little boy I’m cuming”! My dick got massively tickly again, I felt burning in my tummy that move down into my dick and up the shaft and I felt another load of sperm filling the inside of my English teacher. I collapsed on top of her but with my Dick still and her exhausted.

So we spent the rest of the day together, her giving me enough time to recover between sexual sessions. And I fell deeply in love with her and a few weeks later she told me she was pregnant. My dick has definitely become a mommy maker by that time. It was our secret Love affair.