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I am a 16 y/o boy, and I just want to be FUCKED by older pedo men and women :(. I just want to be a toy to fill out their illegal pedo desires. I want to be their fucktoy, their cumslut, their illegal onahole and dildo.

I want an older daddy to use my throat for his enjoyment. Have him fuck my throat to get himself off, I want to feel his balls slap me in the face as he uses my throat like a flesh light. I want him to wrap his hands around my neck and choke me until all I see are stars...

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I also want to suffocate on an older mommies pussy. I want her to force me to lick, suck, nibble, and drown on her pussy. I want her to vacuum seal my cock down her throat. I want to feel her sucking off my teenage cock as she gets off on sucking a boys dick. And I want to fuck her throat like no tomorrow, and give her what this criminal woman deserves.

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I want them both to fuck me together. I want him to fuck my throat as she rides my cock. I want me and the daddy to fuck the mom together. I want to eat her out as he blows out my ass. I want her to wear a strap on and have them both fuck my ass. And I want them to work together and wrap both their hand around my throat and have them both choke me as she makes out with me and he keeps fucking my ass

All I want is to be fucked by as many pedo men and women as possible. I want to be gang raped by a group of men and have them all glaze my cute face in cum. I want them all to fuck my and fill me with their criminal spunk, and I want to see how many of them I can fit in my ass at the same time. I want to worship and breed as may pedo women as possible. I want to fill all of their criminal adult cunts with my viral teenage cum and breed as many new toys as possible.

I just want to be a fuck toy for pedo men and women. I only wish I was able to contact any near me so they can fuck me. Who knows, maybe I'll get lucky and someone will come and use me like the underage teenage boy slut I am :(




he told me he is sick of seeing ass from women and if we have sex he wants it the right way. I am all for that .




I’m a 21 year old woman going on 22 and I really want an older man to grope me. I want my nipples played with and my pussy fingered while my juices run down his hand. My pussy throbs thinking about a random old man being so nasty and perverted and giving my tight young pussy what it needs.




So it was on our nightout , me and my gf were alone ( all bored ) . At some point of time we both got intimate but she was not really in the mood for sex . I was all turned on by the time. My gf was wearing her soft cotton nighty ( nightdress) so i was casually rubbing my penis on her stomach , kissing and hickeys which turned out to be really sensual, cozy and erotic. It was that time when i couldnt resist the feeling , stranded her tight in my arms and started huming on her stomach. Trust me " this was the best feeling of my life after sex ".

That day i discovered belly humping is the best resembling action for sex. leaves no traces , everythings clean ( except u and ur gf may get sweaty due to continues action and heat ). The girl's moaning will drive u crazy while stomach humping.

PS: *Men always on top

* Always let ur girl wear " a soft tshirt , nighty or lingerie " to avoid unnecessary friction and loss of enjoyment.

* Always cover yourself with sheet " it supports you from unnecessary hump force.

* 15-20 seconds of hump only then break " frequent breaks are necessary for ur girl to rest her stomach and relax her breath , or she dies Lmao"

* try to maintain as much silence as you can " no fan, ac or cooler , tv , radio " etc. Its a surprise . Enjoy

* This tips are wholely and solely for men not for females.

*Please tell me on not the only one and this is a normal fetish




I'm now just a horny old man of 53. It must have started when I was just nine. I remember when my mom and dad took my older brother to get ice cream when he turned 16. They would be gone for at least a half hour and my older sister, Lynn, who was almost 15 said it was time for me to be a big boy and let her see my winkie. For some reason I let her pull my pants down and start playing with my little cock. Then before I knew it she had dropped down to her knees and put it in her mouth. It actually felt really good. After a bit she let me get dressed and said that if I wanted to be a big boy I would let her see it whenever she wanted.

A few weeks later mom and dad were at lodge for the night and Lynn came into my bedroom and said it was time for her to play with my cock. She pulled my pants down and as she was sucking me my brother Richard came into my bedroom. He stood there watching for a minute and said that looks like fun and before I knew it I was on my back with my head off the side of the bed with his cock in my mouth. It seemed absolutely huge and he fucked my mouth until he filled it with his cum. He said it was man juice and would make me into a man so I swallowed it all. This went on nearly every week for several months. I was pretty used to him cumming in my mouth when one night I walked into Lynn's room and he was fucking her. She was cussing up a storm and I was mesmerized. He finally pulled out and squirted all over her back. He wiped it off with a towel and then saw me watching them.

He made me sit on the bed and suck him until he was hard, then made me take off all of my clothes and stand up bending over the bed. I did and felt his finger poke into my asshole. It was wet and slippery and he pushed in deeper and deeper and told me to just relax and I would enjoy it. I finally did and with a second finger in me he was finger fucking me. My little dick was sticking out and he pulled his fingers out. Then he said that this was hot a faggot gets fucked and I felt him push his cock into my ass until it popped past my pucker muscle. It hurt at first but Lynn just kept saying to relax and it would get better. It didn't get any better that night, but the next week he fucked me again, and by the fourth week of him fucking me I started to enjoy it.

For the next two years I got ass fucked nearly every time mom and dad were out of the house. Sometimes Lynn was there and sometimes it was just me and Rich. bout that time I learned about jerking off and had my hand on my cock nearly all the time. The more he fucked me the more I liked it. He finally moved away but I still needed a cock in my ass. I started using everything in the house that I could fuck myself with and by the time I turned 15 I was pimping myself out online to much older men. I became an excellent cocksucker and would let anybody fuck me for a price.

I kept it up after high school and by the time I was 24 I had nearly $300,000 in the bank and hooked up with this older hooker and opened our own brothel near Las Vegas. On occasion I would offer myself at a special price and give other men the blowjob of a lifetime. Within six years I had made my first million. I invested wisely and by 40 my net worth was in excess of 13 million. I retired at 42 and have lived a bachelor life ever since. I hire the best hookers to fuck or suck me and will actually pay the men who used to pay me for them to suck me or fuck me. I guess I'm a little different but have had more sex than most men and don't have any desire to stop anytime soon. So if you want a nice ass or mouth to fuck, just e-mail me and I'll be available. You know who you are.




Dad died in a car crash when I was 11. It devastated my mom and she started drinking. Often when she had been drinking for a few hours she would lounge on the couch and play with herself. She didn't care if I was in the room or not. Several times I was able to see her clean shaven cunt. By the time I was 13 I was jerking off nearly every day and got a boner any time I saw mom drunk. She never dated and didn't work. She got a sizable insurance settlement and didn't have to do anything but collect her monthly stipend. So she drank and masturbated. One night after playing basketball I came home and plopped on the other couch while she was laying in her spot watching TV and fingering herself. I didn't even glance over but instead stared at her until she looked up. She saw me and my boner through my gym shorts. "That's quite a pole you got there" she said. I was embarrassed but kept staring as she unabashedly fingered herself. Then she put her fingers up to her mouth and finger fucked her mouth while staring at my cock. Then she said "come here, I want to show you sumpin." I walked over to her. She struggled to sit up and in one motion she had my shorts and jock strap down below my knees. I started to push her away but she reached around and grabbed my ass cheeks and pulled me in. As she pulled me in her mouth opened and I found my hard cock in her mouth. She started to suck me. This was the first time for me as I had never even had a girlfriend. Within about 30 seconds I felt myself about to cum. She sensed it and mumbled "Let it go honey. I can take it."

I started to cum and didn't know how to stop it. But it was fucking great. She sucked me dry and when I finally pulled out she hadn't spilled a drop. Then she said "Honey that was great. You even made mama cum. Now I need you to fuck me." I didn't know what to do and froze. She pulled her nightgown over her head and was naked. I stared at her tits and she stood up. She turned her back to me and grabbed my hands. She pulled them around to her front and said to work her nipples. I did the best I could and she let out a moan every few seconds. She took my right hand and pulled it down between her legs. I took the hint and started to rub her cunt. Then she bent over. I noticed my cock was hard again and my instincts took over. I pushed her forward a little more and shoved my cock in her cunt. She squealed a little. She kept saying "Fuck me harder." I was thrusting as hard as I could and finally was gonna cum again. I told her I was about there and she said to fill her up. I knew she had a hysterectomy a few years back and knew there was no chance of getting her pregnant so I fucked her until I was empty. When I finally pulled out I realized what had happened and pulled my shorts up. I ran into my bedroom and plopped onto my bed.

A couple of minutes later mom came back in and sat on my bed. My head was buried in my pillow in shame. She started to rub my back and I found myself crying. She kept saying "It's okay honey. You're just helping momma out." Her hand went from my back down to my butt. She rubbed my ass cheeks a bit and her hand found its way under my shorts and she had hold of my nuts. Not hard but sort of fondling them. It felt really good. She finally told me to turn over and I did. She removed my shorts and jock and was gently stroking my cock with one hand and my belly with the other. She said "i love you more than ever." That eased my anxiety a little and she said that she wanted me to watch her suck my cock. I nodded and she went down on me. I had never cum three times in one night before but she soon had me hard. Her mouth was on my cock and a hand was playing with my nipples. Then I felt her other hand on my balls and a minute later she was rubbing the side of her hand up and down my ass crack. Then she pushed a finger inside my asshole as she sucked me. "Holy fuck mom" I said as she clamped her mouth around the head of my cock as she finger fucked my ass. I exploded again. It wasn't much but the feeling was fucking phenomenal.

From that night until the time I moved out at 19 she sucked my cock at least twice a week and I fucked her nearly every time she blew me. When I was 17 she finally went on a date and two months later they were openly fucking in our family room. Then one night she said I was old enough to drink a beer. I drank too many and somehow found myself sucking her date's cock and he ended up fucking my ass. She was helping him along the way. I was confused and she explained my dad loved to do this and she was okay with it so she often brought men home to fuck my dad. She said she thought I would enjoy it as well. Not only did I fuck my mom often I sucked or got fucked by most of the men she brought home.

I'm 24 now and every cock I suck or have up my ass I think of my mom. I've become a true twink for the men I pick up. But last week mom called and asked me over for dinner. I went and we ended up in bed. When I woke up the next morning, hungover and naked spooning her I knew I wanted to come back home. She said I could, but only if I was willing to be her little cum slut. I agreed and so far I've been fucked twice this week. I can't wait to see what the future holds.




I love sex, I'm a bi bottom, have an 8" thick dick, and in my early 30s. I met this woman online, for the first few months we just met, and fucked. Then we started hanging out, she had a 10yr and a 7yr old son, which sometimes hung out with us at the movies or whatever. Then she started suggesting that we "experiment" with another guy since I was bisexual, and we started looking. Next day she says this one guy replied and wanted to meet us. As I asked questions come to find out he was a black guy, and from the pics she showed me, he had a lot bigger cock. So I'm thinking that she wants to get fucked by this black guy since his cock was bigger, I was thinking go get fucked, and I'll stay home with the boys playing video games. But I agree to go and meet this guy so she can let him fuck her. Oddly enough when we got there it was almost like they already know each other, she starts kissing me, we all strip, and she's on the couch, I end up between her legs licking her pussy. I then feel him start rubbing his big fucking cock between my ass cheeks, I felt him putt my ass cheeks open, he spit on my ass, and used his dick to get my hole sloppy. I then heard my girlfriend tell him to push it in, I felt his huge dick enter my hole, and oh fuck did he have a big dick. He starts slow fucking me as she's telling him how hot it is watching her man take his big cock. He start fucking me faster, his fucking huge cock was rubbing my prostate every time he shoved his dick in me, and I started to cum. My girlfriend is cumming in my mouth, I'm cumming on the floor, and I felt his cock swell, and then he started cumming in my ass. My girlfriend and I got dressed saying out goodbys.

That night she cum harder then she's ever cum, and the whole time she was asking if I liked him fucking me in my ass. The next night she calls me saying she has to work 3rd shift (midnight to 8am) and wanted me to watch her boys, I told her they'd have to sleep in my bed, and she said that's fine. That night the boys and I played video games, her youngest James went to bed early, and then her oldest Michael went to bed with me around midnight. We both stripped down to our boxers, then he says "mom says you have a big one", I said "you mom told you that", and he says "yes she shares every thing with he". I'm thinking what else did she she with her 10yr old son, we get in bed, I turn the tv on, and he says "can I see it". I told him no, that I could get in trouble, and go to jail. He says "mom don't care and I'm not going to tell anyone", I'm sitting there looking at him actually thinking it over, and he says "come on please". So fuck it, I pulled down the waistband exposing my dick, he then reached over, and wrapped his fingers around my dick. My dick started growing, he starts leaning over like he was going to go down on me and I push him back up, saying " said see not touch", and then he says "please John, I've done it before all the time". He's still holding my half hard dick, I asked him when has he before, he says "I do it all the time, I like it", and he starts leaning over again as he says "pleassssse". This time I didn't stop him, he starts sucking on my dick, he then stopped, without saying a word he gets up on his knees, spits in his hand then reaches back, and starts rubbing his butt. He stands up and steps one leg over me. I asked him what he's doing and all he said was "having fun". I didn't say anything as he gets back on his knees straddling me, he reaches back, and I'm thinking no way, he's just going to rub my dick on his ass. As I'm looking at him, he looks back at me, and smiles, I felt him start rubbing my dick on his rosebud. Then I started slowly sitting back on my dick, I felt the head of my cock pop into his asshole, and he said "you are real big", he then pushes down on my dick more. He then starts rocking back and forth taking more and then more of my dick each time. His butt was so fucking tight I started to cum, which made his asshole really wet, and he now was taking my whole 8" dick! As we're cleaning up I said that I shouldn't have done that and please don't tell his mother. He kept saying not to worry about it, he's not going to tell, and his mom don't care if I use his butt. Out of the whole experience all I could think was "how did that fucking little kid take my whole dick" and he sat down hard on my dick when I started to cum in his butt.

The next day she calls me saying that black guy is going to have a party and wants to know if we want to go. So we get to this party, it was 5 black guys hanging out naked and drinking. We get our cloths off, the guy we met before says for me to follow him in the kitchen, and two other of the guys followed us. I suck their dicks a little, we go back into the living room and my girlfriend is gone, she's in the bedroom with the other two guys. I get between the legs of a guy on the couch, start sucking his big black dick, and I feel the guy we met before enter my ass, and then started fucking me. Each one of them guys took turns cumming in my sloppy gaped asshole. When I stood up there was a puddle of seed under me and I felt their cum dripping down the inside of my legs.

Next day again she wanted me to watch the boys all night again, I of course said yes thinking that I'm going to get a chance to fuck Mikey again, and the boys come over, we're playing video games. The black guy calls me asking if I want to come over to hang out, I say no that I'm watching her boys, and he says bring them over that he has games too. I say no, he then tells me the whole story, him and her met before me, her boys know him. He then says, "she told me Mikey let you fuck him, and I've fucked him before too, for me to bring the boys over because they know already". I knew them two knew each other before, I was pissed off, and agreed to go over to his house with the boys. When we walked in he was naked and both boys hugged him! They really knew him for two little boys to hug a naked man, we get in, and he says you boys know the rule, and then without saying a word they started stripping.

We walk in to sit down, Mikey crawls up in his lap, and I'm thinking WTF? Then Mikey starts playing with his dick, I looked over at Jimmy, he looks back at me smiling, and reaches over taking my dick in his hand. He then leans over and starts sucking on the head of my dick. I look back at Mikey and he's already lowering himself down onto the black guy's dick. I'm sitting there in shock as I'm watching this big black dick go inside this little boy's asshole and I hear Jimmy say "do you want to use my butt too". As I start slowly pushing my dick into this 6yr old's asshole I hear the black guy say "oh fuck stretch that little asshole out, I've been wanting to fuck him so long but still can't get my cock in him yet", and I push a little harder as the head of my dick pops into his hole. He squeals pulling away, I'm so turned on being able to fuck a 6yr old boy in the ass, I grab his hips, and push harder. I squealed again, trying to get way from my dick, but this time I had a hold of him, and I pushed more of my dick in him. I pulled back and pushed my dick in him again as I hear the black guy just about yell "fuck yes stretch his little boy pussy out for me". Just he said that I started to cum, I shoved my dick about half way into Jimmy's little 6yr old butt, and started pumping his butt full of cum. As I pulled out, Jimmy collapsed on the couch, I sat back, when I looked over at the black guy, and Mikey, he was fucking drilling Mikey's asshole with his big black dick. Mikey was grunting every time the black guy shoved his dick in him, and I heard the black guy grunt himself, then his cum started dripping out of Mikey's butt hole.

Come to find out, their mom got off on watching them get fucked and I was more then willing to fuck them.

Within a year she was pregnant and had our daughter, and then NO, if anyone touched her I'd blow their fucking head off!