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but no oatis would come out. I didn't play with him long enough. He called his snakey Oatis but Never inserted cuz it was not erect it. I think I would have had to play with it longer to erect it to push it in my holes and I just wanted to see it and feel what it was like for the paedophile in case he wanted me to feel his and he wanted me to check the size difference. He called it a can of worms game. I knew he would want to do it to me soon and yes he got me to feel his as well. I don't know why he was saying about size of dick differences . I was afraid but wanted to know. I would just touch it out of interest or extreme curiosity and try to copy mummy and daddy rubbing a little not with pants down . we were just kids. I feel weird about it now. But it definitely was not rape. I was only 8 or 9. should I feel bad about this. then sometimes we would dance together rubbing. it was not as bad as what my cousin did to me . I feel terrible I did it but I was encouraged to copy sex games from other kids and paedophile as a secret game. Its not a crime in my state cuz I checked. Its not even a child crime, it was just child's play and sexual misleading from elders. can we just leave it at that. I have been shamed out enough over it for 50 years. just stop it. Its not rape. I never put lego or toy truck up his ass either. like his family tried to do to me. I did not enjoy doing this. I felt forced into by the threats of the abuser and paedophile and just a negative voice in my head a lot and I stopped allowing them to hurt me or control me. I did similar with my brother and sister as well and I felt like a robot programmed to do sex acts that didn't feel bad or like sex. they were just testing the water like they had done to me or other kids did to me. stop making me feel like criminal for it when it was over 50 years ago now. I think my paedophile was in his 70s then or early 80s. and at this point he was not drinking as much but he was very controlling of me and I felt so controlled and worthless. I just an object to fool with and that is all these bullies are doing to me now and for the last 25 years. Making something out a can of worms. now please stop bitchin me out over it all.




I am a women 27 now but When I was young teen I used to hang around in the woods alot with friends getting up to no good mostly. One day I remember doing something really naughty but it still turns me on till this day …. My friends little 3 year old sister came with us on a walk one day and we wanted to have a picnic in the woods so she ran back home to grab some food and left me with her little sister. I really had the urge to pull her knickers down and look at her little pussy. I’m not even sure why I think it was mostly curiosity and my urges just took over and I pulled her pants to the side and the site of her tiny pink puffy pussy was just staring straight at me and it looked so cute I really wanted to touch it but I was scared the little girl doesn’t speak much yet so I just decided to bite the bullet and go for it. She was so wet and juicy I just had to try stick my finger inside her I wanted to see what she would do. Having recently discovered my own holes and clit and I knew it felt nice I thought I was going to give her the same experience. But when I stuck my finger in she cried. But for some reason I didn’t stop and her crying turned me on more so I told her to shhh and stuck my finger in harder till it was all the way inside her I carried on for about 5 minutes before stopping and putting her pants back on she had stoped crying by the time her sister had come back just she did see that her knickers and legs was wet and she told her off for wetting herself. She didn’t wet herself at all I made that girl cum even if she didn’t like it. I never got the chance again unfortunately. The family moved away not long after that but I still have the memories.




when i was younger around 6 my Foster dad introduced me to the shower head in the bath. It would always make me orgasm so hard. He would bath me and hold the shower head on my Clit I till I started shaking.he would asked me to let him know when I had a funny feeling happening in my tummy which now I realised he wanted me to tell him when my orgasm was building. When I started cumming he would shove his middle finger straight up deep inside me and tell me he wanted to feel me dancing and pulsing on his finger! But really he was just checking that I had cum properly because if I hadn’t he would put the shower head back on my Clit and turn the hot water up and give me a Clit punishment but it did feel nice aswell weirdly. Which would make me cum even harder. I never knew what it was at the time but he would cum instantly from watching me and his cum would go all over me and just float around in the bath. After a while he asked me if I wanted to try sticking the hose up inside me so it could feel me up. he told me that’s what big girls do to wash themselves. I agreed because I wanted to please him and it was such a bizarre feeling but I did like it aswell! He would fill me right up and I would push all the water out after. it made me feel like a balloon lol. This eventually moved onto a anal enema which I cried the first time as it didn’t feel great at all but after a few months it got easier. It really used to clear me out and poo would be all in the bath he turned into a regular thing every time I was constipated he would give me one with the shower hose We would both giggle at watching my belly inflate and he would tell me that’s what I’m going to look like one day when he’s put a baby in me which I didn’t really understand being so young. I got absolutely addicted to that man making me cum and would get very excited when I knew it was bath night. I got moved foster placement after 5 years or so and I still carry out our special nightly routines. I’m now 25 and still do all the things he used to do to me in the bath to get myself off. I fantasise about him playing with me even though I know it’s wrong I can’t help it. I would of loved to have a baby with him so we could carry on the fun.




When i was 8 i visited a friend of my cousins,He would of been 20-22. He had a box of toys i liked playing with. I was in his room looking through the box of toys when he came in and said that if i wanted to play with the toys,i had to put these on. I turned to look and he was holding a pair of pink satin panties. "Whos are those?" i asked. He replied that they belonged to a girl he knew.As i wanted to play with the toys,I promptly removed my shorts and underwear and slid on the satin panties he had given me. He sat on his bed covering himself with a blanket and watched me playing on the floor. I can remember the feeling of the satin moving on me as i crawled around with the toy cars on the floor. After a wee while he pulled out a small mattress from under his bed. It had a black satin sheet on it. He asked me if i wanted to play a new game. I was interested to see what other games he had,but wasnt expecting what we played...

He asked me to lay on the satin covered mattress,which i did. He then removed his pants revealing a rather large and stiff penis. I had seen other boys stiffies before,but not a mans!.

He lay on me and rubbed himself on my wee satin covered groin for a few minutes. It was kinda fun,and i can remember getting a stiffy my self. He rubbed the panties with his hand ,rubbing up and down my wee shaft and my balls. It felt nice. He then pulled down the panties enough for my stiffy to pop out and he started to kiss it and put it in his mouth. I liked feeling his tongue on me. After a while of doing that he pulled the panties back up and rubbed himself on me again...this time much faster than before. Then he put himself in side the panties,rubbing himself on the bottom of my stiffy and on my balls. He started to make funny noises as he thrusted back and forth inside the satin panties. Then he lay fully on me and rubbed really slow as he mande lots of noises as he looked at me. He got up and my balls and the satin panties were all wet and slimy. He said he had cum on me and he really liked it.

I remember giving him back the panties and getting dressed before heading home. When i got home i showed my brother (5) and my sister (9) the new game i had learned...we played it a lot!!




So it was on our nightout , me and my gf were alone ( all bored ) . At some point of time we both got intimate but she was not really in the mood for sex . I was all turned on by the time. My gf was wearing her soft cotton nighty ( nightdress) so i was casually rubbing my penis on her stomach , kissing and hickeys which turned out to be really sensual, cozy and erotic. It was that time when i couldnt resist the feeling , stranded her tight in my arms and started huming on her stomach. Trust me " this was the best feeling of my life after sex ".

That day i discovered belly humping is the best resembling action for sex. leaves no traces , everythings clean ( except u and ur gf may get sweaty due to continues action and heat ). The girl's moaning will drive u crazy while stomach humping.

PS: *Men always on top

* Always let ur girl wear " a soft tshirt , nighty or lingerie " to avoid unnecessary friction and loss of enjoyment.

* Always cover yourself with sheet " it supports you from unnecessary hump force.

* 15-20 seconds of hump only then break " frequent breaks are necessary for ur girl to rest her stomach and relax her breath , or she dies Lmao"

* try to maintain as much silence as you can " no fan, ac or cooler , tv , radio " etc. Its a surprise . Enjoy

* This tips are wholely and solely for men not for females.

*Please tell me on not the only one and this is a normal fetish




18 year old Bradley came to visit me again. Immediately upon realizing that we were alone he asked if I wanted to do something and of course I said yes. We started kissing heavily and I climbed onto his lap, grinding against his hard dick. His phone started to ring and I could see that it was his girlfriend. I asked if I should get off of him and he said no and put his finger to his mouth to tell me to be quiet. He tried to slow his breathing before he answered.

They talked for a few moments as i rubbed the head of his hard dick through his jeans. His breathing picking up pace again. She was demanding to know where he was but was cutting out, he hung up and told me to hurry that we had to make it fast. I slid down and pulled his dick out, licking and sucking on it for a minute. Then I pulled my pants off and climbed on top of him, sliding my soaking wet pussy down onto his big, thick cock. Oh my god it felt so good. I rode it for him really good and he watched my pussy going up and down on his dick with a smile on his face the whole time.

"Oh fuck, I'm gonna cum" he said. I fucked him harder. After a minute he grabbed my hips and lifted me up, his dick sliding out and cum shooting onto my ass and his leg. I kissed his neck then his cheek and sat beside him.

"Holy fuck." he said panting. "That was amazing. Fuck."

He cleaned himself up and pulled his pants back on.

"I'm going to wait outside so she does not come knocking." He said.

"Sounds good, see you later." I said.

"Later." He walked out the door and I could hear him on the phone telling her he thought she had hung up. A moment later she pulled in to get him. I am so turned on right now. He must not have pulled out quite on time because I can feel a little bit of his cum still coming out of my pussy into my panties. I need to cum so bad.




So, I think everyone has the creepy pervert in their family. My parents were in the middle of a bad divorce, so my mother made my brother and I go live with my grandparents. During my stay I experienced many inappropriate sexual situations. I was about 7, and had no clue about this stuff.

It started off one day when I was sick, my brother and grandmother went to the store. My grandfather came into the room and asked if I was ok. I replied no, and he asked if I wanted to feel good. Thinking it was medicine I shook my head yes. He sat on the bed beside me and started to take off my pants. He slowly looked at me in my underwear, gently petting my body. He then took off my panties and started to inspect my little pussy. He would kiss, finger, lick, and I had NO idea what he was doing but I let him.

A few weeks went by and he asked me to go to his office. He asked if I wanted to learn how to kiss like a grownup. So he had me sit on his lap facing him and started to French kiss me. I wasn't into that, but I was afraid to get in trouble so I kept doing it. I felt something hard, slightly moving, below my pussy. I touched it and asked what it was. He asked if I wanted to see, and I said yes. He pulled out his dick and told me to touch it. I did. He told me to stroke it up and down, and he showed me how. Now this I was interested in. He asked me to kiss it and then eventually suck. I did until he blew his cum in my mouth. I spit it out, and he told me I could leave.

Another few weeks go by, and as I got out of the shower he walked in on me in my room changing. He asked me if I wanted to play more like we did, and I said okay. He began to finger me, eat me, and had me suck on his dick. He then asked me to get on all fours. So I did. He pulled out a rag and stuffed my mouth since my grandma was home. He tied another rag around my head to keep me quiet. I was scared and tried to fight him but I gave up. He forced me on my knees and bent me over. He said he was dying to do this for a while and fucked me. I cried and tried to scream. But I let him do it.

Flash forward to today, after years of abuse, I am now 20. I went to their house, and I'm curvy. 40 DD breasts. I'm a size 12. So I'm not huge. But I was wearing a shirt with my cleavage showing. He called me into his office and asked if I wanted to play. I hadn't fucked him since I was about 12. So I shook my head yes. He apparently filmed me from a secret camera. And he pulled out his phone. I tried to say no photos but he just crammed his dick in my mouth. I can't stop fucking him. I love to pose for him, play with him, and let he fuck me. I hope he brings another friend soon. Id love at least two dicks in me.