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Used to be a place downtown adult bookstore arcade that had many GH

I used suck off guys all day long

One time I guy came in with his wife

They were Asians I guess she didn't suck so he came to the arcade

He they entered the booth ,I stuck my finger through the hole. He unzipped and stuck a 5 in cock through the hole I sucked him off and they left...




When my wife goes out with her girlfriends, I put on a pair of her panties, and go to the Adult Theater to suck cock thru the gloryholes. I bring an extra pair of panties that I’ve found in her dirty laundry, and pass them thru the hole to my anonymous friend. Knowing that her pussy smell has gotten them extra hard turns me on and I suck their cocks with enthusiasm. When they cum in my mouth it’s as if she had a part in making it happen. While she is out drinking and dancing and likely being a cocktease, I’m the one actually getting cock, and plenty of it. My sissy secret.




It all started about 15 years ago. I have a good marriage, and my wife is a sweet woman but is a little selfish in the sex department. When we would have sex I would start by kissing and licking her up and down then give her multiple orgasms where by she would usually squirt. I would use my mouth and hands as well as toys. She would be so hot all she wanted was to get fucked. Well, in the 45 min to 90 minutes I spent on foreplay for her I had usually gone soft and needed some stimulation to get it up again. She always gave me the impression that it was a major imposition to stroke me or give me a blowjob. Then all she wanted was a vanilla missionary style screw.

To say the least I was bored with our sex life. I always enjoy trying new things. When we were first married I asked her if I could fuck her ass. She responded by saying." You can fuck my ass when I can fuck yours with my dildo!" Obviously she assumed I would say no. She was wrong. I rolled over in the doggy style position presenting my asshole to her and handed her the KY jelly and her dildo. She then hesitated for a moment but with in minutes she was fucking me with gusto. I secretly loved it, but played it off as a means to an end. When she had satisfied herself, I cleaned up myself and we switched position.

I began slow and opened her with fingers first, but it turned out to be an epic failure as my cock has much more girth that her slim dildo. I felt bad so I stopped. After that things were very vanilla for two more years until I started watching femdom strap on porn and on a whim bought a strap on.

I remember it well, I was trying to figure out how to tell her I had purchased said item and wanted her to strap it on and fuck me. It was a Friday night and we had had some friends over and some alcohol was consumed. My wife gets kind of loopy on wine. She also gets very horny as well. I convinced her to watch some porn on the computer to really get us both hot and bothered. I brought us to a tube site and navigating quickly I was able to bring up a clip of pegging porn. She was caught off guard and asked what it was. I quickly said I didn't know and that it just came up. Being she was tipsy she bought it, and told me not to change it. She soon started navigating around and watching all sorts of pegging clips. After an hour she turned to me and said that it was really hot and she wouldn't mind fucking me like that. "Really?" I said.

I then brought her in the bedroom, we started making out and undressing. She was dripping wet so bad it was wet almost to her knees. I then took the opportunity to ask if she meant what she said in the other room. She nodded and said she would love to be in control. I took this opportunity to get the strap on and hand it to her. Her eyes got huge and I almost thought she was going to back out. She surprised me and asks if I could help her get in to it. I did and it took a mere second for her to change from meek to dominatrix. She spun me around and made me bend at the waist over the bed. Seconds later she was lubing me up and the shaft of the tool. Note: this is not a small tool; it is ten inches long and as big around as silver dollar, with veins and balls. I was slightly terrified at what could happen especially how inebriated she was. But I was happily surprised at how much she had learned from the videos. She was gentle and applied pressure slowly and eased it in. She even let it sit in all the way for a few moments so I could acclimate to its presence.

Then she let me have it. She fucked me like a pro. Deep hard full strokes for at least 45 minutes in three positions, the whole time asking if I enjoyed my mistresses cock deep in my ass. For the whole time all I could feel was the huge cock stirring my insides and its balls mashing in to my ass as she bottomed out. When she tired of it she took it off and cleaned me up, then got up and road my cock until we both came. Then she did something I never expected, she climbed off my withering dick and spun around planting her cum filled pussy on my mouth and ordered me to clean the mess I had left in. It was scary at first but wasn't so bad. As I ate he juicy cream pie she informed me that mistresses liked to be orally cleaned by their slaves after the slave left a mess in there pussy. She also told me when she was my mistress this would happen every time.

That was the one and only time she strapped it on. Since then she may play with my ass with a finger or her small dildo once or twice a year. I soon became bored and not much interested.

I stopped at the local video store and found out they had preview booths. Having been a while since I had rubbed out a good one I paid my five dollars and went back. I was nervous the first time because there were guys in the hallway of the arcade just staring and I didn't make I contact with any of them. I found a private booth and watched some good porn and did my business. I left promptly. I returned frequently always to a booth marked private. Then one day I went in when there were lots of cars in the parking lot. I perused the store for a while, which was empty except the clerk, meaning it was a full house in the arcade.

Having to keep a schedule, I finally entered the arcade. I quickly walked to my normal booth but it was in use. I then looked for another private booth that was open, I only found two booths but they said "Come play with me" next to the door. I entered the one across from the bathroom and closed the door. I immediately noticed the hole in the wall. I assumed that it was for others to watch. Just wanting to get off I put it out of my mind and put my card in the machine and began searching for the movie that really got me going. I had just found one when I felt something poke my back. I turned and sticking out of the hole was a large white cock, semi hard and pulsing slightly. I wrestled with my thoughts and wasn't sure what I was supposed to do. I have never touched another mans cock before. I rationalized in my head that I could stroke it a little and that would not make me gay.

Very gingerly I began to stroke his meat and he responded in due form by becoming fully erect. I began to think about the other guy, how he must be hard up if he has to get his rocks off this way. Maybe I should pity him and stroke him to finish. So I increased my efforts and he seemed to enjoy it. Suddenly I became very aroused and it was like my body took control of itself. I suddenly found my body bending at the waist and my mouth opening without being able to stop. I felt this severe desire to suck that big beautiful cock I had in my hand. With in seconds my lips were wrapped around his head, and gently sucking. It wasn't long before I was sucking his shaft all the way to my gag reflex and back. The funny part was I was really getting hot and actually enjoying this. In fact just writing about this, I have had a hard on for the last half hour. I continued to suck and then I felt his cock suddenly get slightly bigger and harder and before I could stop it was filling my mouth with cum. Not really thinking just acting on impulse I began to swallow and continued to suck. I know when my wife sucks she continues to suck throughout the orgasm and I find it to get so sensitive you almost want to crawl up the headboard. So I continued and kept swallowing when my mouth would fill. I must have swallowed five times before he stopped cumming and I could hear him moaning on the other side of the wall. He then began to pull away but I attempted keep him by sucking and he let me for ten to fifteen seconds longer, then pulled out completely.

It was then I began to freak out. What had I done? I didn't know that guy; he could have AIDS for all I know. I rushed out of the booth before he could pull up his pants and out to my car. Once in my car I took a few minutes to calm myself. It was then I realized I had cum in my pants, a lot.

I was freaked out for about it for a while, coming up with excuses not to have sex with my wife, just in case. I went to the doctor's office two days after the incident and got a blood test for everything. I gave her story that I had another co-worker get hurt bad and was bleeding bad and I got blood on my hands and shirt. She agreed it was safer to check.

Five weeks later the results came back negative for any disease. Stress level went down. But I vowed not to do that again.

About a year went by and two more blood tests, just in case. I went to the video store and decided to enter the arcade. I went in my old private booth. I watched a video for a few moments when I rationalized that I could go to the other booth and if a cock came through I could jack him off. I could even suck if I got some condoms.

It has been three years since I sucked a cock. I went to the glory hole booth many times but I only got one taker and when I attempted to put a rubber on him he pulled out and called me a fucking asshole. I haven't been back since.

But since then I have told my wife she was a selfish lover and she took it to heart. She is now giving as much foreplay as receiving and we even have had a good conversation about the fact that both she and I want to have a same sex experience. She really wants to have a lesbian experience, and also wants to watch me get the full bi experience. Secretly I can't wait, I am nervous, but I want to feel what its like to be fucked by a real dick, not some ridged piece of plastic or rubber. My other fantasy is to have a she male.

So needless to say, we have become a bi curious couple and want to have a threesome, male/male/female, female/female/ male, or tstv/female/ male. Waiting patiently...




I (32f) have lived nextdoor to this family for years but we haven't been really close as friends or anything. They have a boy, he was a couple years old when I moved in. Really cute little guy.

At the beginning of summer, the family setup a very expensive playhouse in the back corner of their yard, butted up against our privacy fence. There's a shed on my side in that corner, about two feet away from the fence. My dog likes to take naps between the shed and fence when she's outside.

One day I notice she's sitting up in the space doing something repetitive. I watch out the window and see she's licking at something. Something pale, pinkish protruding from the fence. I was on my way out the back door to see what it was as I heard the neighbors' door open and they called for their son. The object on the fence disappeared and my dog then noticed I was there and came to me.

The neighbors called again and I hear "Coming!" from the playhouse. I have this anxious but excited feeling as I walk to the corner of the yard to look at the fence, and to my delight I find a hole in the fence. That naughty little neighbor had been letting my dog lick his penis through the fence!

I gave my dog a very good pet for that, the lucky girl. My mind was racing and I remembered that I have an old spare security camera. I waited until I knew nobody would be in that part of the yard, and mounted it in the space on the back wall so it points out along the fence with the hole. The rest of the week was uneventful, but Saturday rolled around, just as it had the first time I saw this, and my camera picked up another visit. The boy's cute little penis slipped through the fence and wiggled a bit. I heard him tick his tongue and my dog approached. She gave him a good sniff and there was whispering I couldn't make out, then he started to pee. This triggered my dog to lick. She lapped at the stream from his soft little dick and it soon stood up hard as she continued to tonguebathe him. This went on for several minutes and I was so turned on I had to rub one out.

I noticed a pattern over the following weeks. The boy would come out around the same time each Saturday. Got off to the videos so many times that month, but it wasn't enough, so one weekend sat outside against the fence waiting. My dog would have stood at the backdoor whining if I went out without her, so she joined me. Right on cue, the prettiest little penis I've ever seen appears through the hole beside me. I'm transfixed. My dog is already sniffing at it and I hear the boy giggle quietly as the hot breath tickles him. He lets out a little pee and my dog starts licking. I get on my hands and knees beside my dog and push her to the side so that she's licking around his shaft. Sprinkles of pee squirt out as the stream is interrupted by the tongue shaking his tiny cock. I open my mouth and taste his pee. It is the most erotic and divine thing I've ever tasted. His penis starts to stiffen as the pee finishes and I push my dog out of the way. I start licking at the boy's hard little penis trying to mimic the dog.

My dog gets bored being left out of the action, but I have made myself available, and soon she finds my naked pussy exposed and starts to lick me. I could have died happy in that moment.

But I decided to push my luck and do something stupid that could get me in so much trouble. I put my lips around this perfect little penis. I heard a gasp as it was quickly pulled back through the fence. There was silence for a moment then I heard breathing near the hole. "Hello?" he whispered.

I was so torn what to do, but I had to do something, so I just whispered back "I won't tell if you don't."

There was silence again and it seemed like forever! Then the penis poked back through the hole. I was so relieved. I started to suck on him and I heard him making the sweetest little sounds of pleasure. His dick was the perfect size for my mouth. Several beautiful minutes passed and I felt him twitching in my mouth and a big huff and forceful breathy giggle. I knew he had orgasmed. I let him slip from my mouth.

The next week was absolute hell. I was terrified that he was going to tell someone what happened. But just like clockwork, next Saturday my camera picked up the action outside.

I've sucked the neighbor boy to completion every weekend this month, and we have even started to exchange words a little. I do my best not to be seen by the neighbors coming and going, so I'm not really sure he knows what I look like. I'm still nervous, but this has been such a wonderful new development in my life. I hope it continues.




About me I am a 52 year old male who is both married and a farther/grandfather, I am also a crossdressing slut who loves cock of any type!

Well the story I tried to tell was off the time I took my first black cocks as well as my first relative-incest fuck.

My wife said ok when I told her I was going to go and get some cock on the day in question,

it was Tuesday 01/03/94 to be accurate and I went upstairs to get ready, I put on black lacy lingerie with seamed stocking I did my makeup and as I had long hair I left it down, I put some heels into a bag and put male clothes on for the walk to a well known local washroom.

I got to the washrooms which were by a coach station and a carpark where I went into some bushes and stripped off my male clothes put on my heels and put my male stuff into the bag then I hid the bag and walked around the building so anyone interested would see a slut enter the building.

As I entered I asked the attendant to open the holes which he would only do when asked (paid) to do so, while he took the cover's off the gloryholes I went into the middle stall and sat down.

There were two holes in each wall and a larger one in the door for people to watch or take pic's and video's through, before the last cover was even off a nice large cock was being fed through a hole to my right, I took it into my mouth as quickly as I could and began the first of many noisy sloppy blowjobs.

I saw the attendant take up his usual spot by the door but ignored him as I was used to him watching, before long another cock appeared in the other wall so I went to town and sucked it into my mouth and pushed my ass against the first cock hoping he would slide his spit covered shaft into me, but he pulled back I was a little disappointed but carried on sucking until I felt the first cock being forced into my ass DRY! he had pulled back and dried it off!

It eventually entered me and bit by bit was forced into me, I wont say it didn't hurt but I enjoyed it. Now I was the filling in a cock sandwich and was being watched I was loving it when the cock in my ass began to twitch and was pushed fully into me where it emptied its load,

As I am a classy slut I turned and licked and sucked this lovely cock clean to finish it off and as i did so cock no two was pushed into my ass, As i was being fucked a wonderful surprise greeted my eyes and it was a huge Black cock and then a second appeared in the second hole in the wall, I went to work sucking and licking both these lovely cocks then as i was finally able to get the longest to enter my throat I felt the guy in my ass squirt his cum into my gaping hole and onto my ass cheeks, now I had two cocks to suck but none in my ass so I asked for someone to switch ends I was disappointed when the larger one left but also excited to feel it enter my ass, It didn't disappoint as it entered me as It still had to stretch me a little and as it slid ever deeper I could feel it in my stomach and when I looked I could see a bulge in my lower tummy area which kept reappearing every time he re entered me fully.

I was greeted by the sight of another cock back in the first wall alongside the second black cock, my jaw was already starting to ache when I heard a conversation taking place about who was next in line!.

I recognised one of the voices and got really excited, almost on que the two cocks i was sucking began to pump their cum and I was showered in spunk from both, they were quickly replaced by another black and a brown on I presumed either an Indian or a Pakistani from the voice and figured these guys were coach drivers who had got here on the right day (for me)

I continued to be fucked by the biggest cock I had ever taken (at the time) and when he finally came there was so much cum it flooded out around his shaft, I again turned and provided a cleaning service which allowed the two different coloured cocks to take turns and by the time I had cleaned of the monster they were both about to cum, this is when the cock belonging to the voice I recognised appeared through the wall "Hi Uncle Richard" I said outload and simply heard "hi get sucking SLUT" in return, I quickly and happily obliged and sank my face down his shaft until i felt his balls on my chin, now Uncle Richard usually brought some friends with him and today was no exception after a short while sucking Richard I turned and started on the replacement cocks while Richard used my ass, It was now that I heard complaining about how long was it going to take and why didn't I just leave the stall to get more cock.

I stopped and stood up much to the disappointment of the people who were using me and I said "Follow me" I went outside and around to the area where I stripped off My uncle lay on the floor and I straddled him as he slid into my ass I felt another cock being pushed into my ass along side him as I tried to look who had put a second cock in my ass I had one of three cocks pushed into my mouth I spent the next hour or so pleasuring five cocks at the same time as they kept swapping places then to finish I knelt and was showered as one by one they all started cumming onto my face. now I had arrived at 09:15 and it was around 12:30 now i had to get home so I could tell my wife what a good morning I'd had before she went for the ids from school. Luckily my uncle offered me a lift home as my legs were in no fit state to walk home then as I started to tell my wife about my morning my Uncle pulled out his cock and said "here slut I'll finish the telling" I looked at my wife smiled and sank to my knee's and took his cock into my mouth I sucked licked and slobbered away until he was done telling her all then he said to her "here watch this" then he proceeded to switch end and shoved his cock into my ass and as he humped spunk was being pushed out of me until he was covered then he again switched ends and pushed his cum covered cock into my mouth again I had just enough time to clean him off and get one last load of his spunk on my face before he offered my wife a lift to the school.

While they were gone I cleaned ,myself up and got changed ready to help the kids with their homework.

I took so much cock that day I never had an evening meal as I was too full off cum!




Birthday treat,

Sunday 17,02,1985, I was working in a hotel kitchen in Rugeley at the time and was doing a morning shift,

At 13:00 when my shift ended I went up into a room in the hotel where I had arranged to meet a waitress I was seeing, on the bed was some sexy lingerie and a note saying that she was sorry but had to go home early.

There was a black basque with stockings attached and some skimpy knickers that matched.

I had worn lingerie in the past for my own pleasure and thought fuck it why not! I quickly got changed into the lingerie but there were no shoes! I remembered seeing some large looking woman’s shoes in the lost property box in the cleaner’s cupboard just down the hallway,

I left the room and went to the cupboard and yes! There was a pair of black high heeled shoes that fit me,

So I put them on and walked back to the room, as I had no more plans I put the heels into my bag put my clothes on over the lingerie and went to get a bus home to Lichfield.

While I waited at the bus stop I noticed it was pretty isolated so I took the opportunity and stripped off to my lingerie and put the heels on then I took a small walk about to enjoy the fresh air on my skin.

I could see the bus in the distance so I quickly got ready and caught the bus just in time.

As the bus drove along its route I felt really horny I looked around and believed I couldn’t be seen so I carefully stripped to the lingerie and put the heels on, the feeling of the seats material instead of my trousers was a real turn on so I began stroking my cock through the knickers.

I lost track of where we were in the journey and the bus stopped in a small village where it turned around and went back on itself, but also where the driver would often do a bus check if he was ahead of schedule.

Damn he was leaving his cab area and I was now the only passenger! He headed straight toward me as I was sitting at the back, there wasn’t a thing I could do but watch as this 30+ year old man walked toward me a 16years old TODAY boy in lingerie and heels!

I was so red in the face when he got close to me and looked at the floor first on the empty side of the back seat then straight at my legs and feet! He kept staring at my legs and his eyes worked their way upwards to my crotch.

He then looked me straight in the face and smiled as he moved into the empty seat and dropped his trousers and pants to his ankles revealing his semi hard cock “you know what to do queer boy”.

As I had sucked cock for money in 1984 I did indeed know what to do I stood up revealing the rest of the basque and walked halfway down the bus then turned and walked back to his now rock hard cock, I slowly dropped to my knees and slid my mouth over his shaft and went straight to work fucking my own face in his lap, He responded by holding my head and humping.

Luckily he wasn’t too big and I could handle it without choking a few minutes later I was given my first birthday present!

He looked at his watch and stood up and pulled up his trousers, I moved out of his way and he went back to drive the rest of the way to Lichfield without saying a word.

Once we were moving I put my clothes back on over the lingerie and went to the front of the bus, the driver was on his radio but went quiet when I got near to him.

When we got to Lichfield bus station I got up to leave and heard “go to the toilets” intrigued I said ok and went straight to the open public toilets in the station building.

The toilets was placed so the front door was outside facing straight down the station, as I approached I saw 2 more drivers standing by the door and heard the driver from my bus getting out of his cab.

As I went into the open door I heard the driver off my bus shout “hurry up and get changed in the middle cubicle” I looked back before going in and getting stripped down and putting on the heels.

I put my bag and jacket onto the hook on the back of the door and made sure it locked, I looked about wondering why he wanted me in this cubicle and why I had just done as I was told!, I soon got one answer when I heard the drivers ask who was going first as I saw the holes in the cubicle walls.

I then heard a door close and there was a tap on the right wall I turned towards it and saw a cock pointing at me through the hole, bending at the waist I took the tip into my mouth and ran my tongue around the helmet before taking the whole thing into my mouth,

This time I choked a little as it hit my throat but was ready for it on the next drop, I slid my mouth up and down this shaft for a while when I heard a knock on the other wall! I turned to look and saw a long dark brown cock looking at me, My lucky day I thought as I took it straight down swallowing at the moment I felt it hit my throat and sank right to the balls on my chin.

I was going back and forth between these two cocks until I heard the first guy saying he was going to cum!

Sinking the cock balls deep into my mouth as I felt wads of warm sticky spunk hitting the roof of my mouth,

My back end was now facing directly toward the other hole I moved back a little and felt the tip of a large black cock pressed into my arse hole! I was stuck if I moved forwards I choked on cock and if I moved back I would be impaled on the biggest cock I had ever seen!

Right at that moment the cock in my mouth twitched another jet of cum and bang! It hit just the wrong spot for me and I gagged and moved rapidly backwards POP! That monster cock was now stuck in my ass!

“God damn” I heard from the owner of the black cock as I slid onto his shaft, Fucking OUCH! Was all I was thinking the only thing I had ever had in my ass until now was my friend’s mother’s dildo! I went to move forward and got poked in the eye by another hard cock so I pulled back and this time my cheeks hit the wall I had a 9inch cock buried balls deep in my ass.

Having had to brace myself on the cubicle wall I wasn’t able to move as my knees had gone week, the owner of the black cock took the opportunity and began fucking me as hard as he could without pulling all the way out he pummelled my hole as he did I took the cock poking through the other wall in my hand and wanked it until I heard “turn round I’m gonna cum on ya face” I pulled forward and turned to take a load of cum from a big black cock! As the warm sticky cum splashed onto my face I felt the other cock enter my now loose hole and pushed back taking it all in and it instantly twitched and pumped cum into my arse.

At this point there was a lull in activity and the voices disappeared I decided to see if there was anyone else there before I got dressed and left and as I did the toilet attendant walked in, “ so you’re the slut of the day are you” now I was standing in a public toilet at 14:20 in the afternoon with spunk running out of my loose ass hole and splashed across my face I just smiled and said “ it is my birthday” he told me to bend over the sink and pull my cheeks apart! I did as I was told and waited for the inevitable and bam! There it was a thick veiny shaft stuffed into me it wasn’t as long as the black cock but it was thicker a lot thicker!

He began humping and grunting but couldn’t get into a rhythm so he pulled out, I stood up and turned to see what was wrong when he grabbed my cock and began pulling me telling me to go with him.

He headed toward the door to go outside I panicked and tried to pull back so he grabbed my balls instead, the pain was unbearable as he pulled so I had to follow and he led me by the balls outside and then around to the back of the building that backed onto a multi-story car park.

That’s better he said as he turned me around leant me against the wall and rammed himself back into my arse, I couldn’t believe what was happening I was wearing lingerie and heels outdoors in a public place with spunk on my face and a cock in my arse! I loved it as he pounded into me relentlessly.

My knees were beginning to buckle again when a bus driver came around to where we were, “hurry up Ron I want to use it some more” I looked up it was the first driver again he had come back to Lichfield again hoping I would still be there for him to use, Ron pulled out and span me around and squirted his cum onto my face and chest, Ron did up his pants and walked away the driver said “ follow me” and walked toward the car park.

We went up to the third floor and in full view of anyone who looked up at the stairway landing window he stuffed his cock into my face and fucked it like his life depended on it for what seemed like ages until he pumped his load into my mouth again, I swallowed his cum greedily and watched as he walked away and got into his car.

I was now in a carpark stairwell in front of a window covered in cum wearing a black basque stockings and high heels with a walk to get back to the toilets to get my bag!

I managed to get back to my stuff eventually dodging people and hiding from view along the way,

I Heard the bus driver talking to Ron again, I went to the sink to clean the spunk off my face when Ron appeared and said “out” and pushed me out of the door.

Now I was standing in Lichfield bus station with cum covering my face and the lingerie in full view I put my jacket & trousers on and left for home with Ron’s voice ringing in my ears as he shouted “Happy Birthday you fucking slut” and at that moment it actually was the happiest birthday I could remember.

I walked home taking the longest route through the town I could smiling at people as I went with cum dribbling from my arse and covering most of my face with a couple of strings hanging from my chin, I got home and went upstairs as I cleaned my face my mother shouted “come on were going out” with my face clean I put a t-shirt on and went to my uncles house with the lingerie still on and the spunk still running down my legs every time I stood up.

I never got to repeat this event in my life but I would love to do several bits again, like deep throating and taking a big black cock balls deep in my ass, walking around with several loads of cum on my face, being used as a cum dump by several men and being spit roasted.

I have got to wear lingerie several times and been fucked in the face and arse while wearing it since but nowhere near as much YET!





Im 44yr old female, i enjoy getting fucked by strange men and have them fill all of my holes with cum. One if my favorite things to do is to go to gloryholes, put my pussy against the hole and let strangers take turns. The most ive had in one night is 6 loads but id love more. I love the feeling of loads of cum running out of my used cunt and ass.

I also enjoy going on cam and having strangers watch me while my dog licks my ass and pussy, and masterbating with random objects they suggest, such as bottles, vegetables, remotes, hairbrushes or anything they suggest.