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I used to let my dog eat my pussy and she would go so deep and every time I tried to stop her she wouldn’t let me and she would bite on my clit. she ate it last night and it felt so good




My mother used to take my (male) temperature with a rectal thermometer.

She didn't seem to mind who was watching either. Not as much as I did anyway.

My grandmother, my aunt, my brother or even my mom's friend would be in the room. Chatting, like it was no big deal.

Mom would have pull my p.j.s down to my knees. Exposing myself to anyone in the room. Then have me lay over her lap, as she greased the thermometer and inserted it.

It was embarrassing and humiliating being half naked, exposed and vulnerable in front of other people.

I could feel the instrument moving inside me as my mother held it. Waiting for the time to be up.

When she had finished, she would allow me to get off of her lap. I would pull my p.j.s back up. The Vaseline still gooey between my cheeks.

As I got older, I fantasized about other people doing that to me. Mostly, my aunt.

In my fantasy, however, things become more sexual.

When my aunt asks me to drop my shorts, to take my temp, I am already becoming hard. I know she sees it.

I lay across her lap, eventhough I'm a teenager at the time.

She waits for me to get into position. I watch as she takes a glib of Vaseline from the jar, before applying it to my sensitive sphincter. Then, tenderly inserts the thermometer.

Absentmindedly, she twirls and slips it in and out of me.

I can feel myself getting harder.

She notices when a drip of my precum hits her bare thigh.

My aunt reaches down. Feeling the slippery tip of my penis.

She chuckles at my obvious excitement.

Then, proceeds to milk my penis until I cum on her hand and leg.

It's the beginning of fun relationship with my aunt.

Anyone else have fantasies or experiences similar?




way backin 73, my mom was age 30, i was age 11 years old then. that day she'd told me she was going to have a baby, my dick had wiggled a little in my short shorts, i'd covered the wiggling bulge in my shorts with my teeshirt. there she was, in short shorts, a real sheer seethrough top, i sure was aroused by how the top of her short shorts had stretched over her still flat tummy, had my heart beating. my mom was ready to start up the washer when she said 'hey sweety how about putting your shirt in the washer, i'm doing the laundry.' when i pulled off my shirt and put it in the washer, my mom had looked down at the bulge in my shorts, and said 'are you staring at my tummy love?' i'd said 'kind of.' she said 'it's allright if you are.' then i said 'yea i am.' then she'd pulled her top up her bra, and there was her tummy, my dick had wiggled hard at how tight her shorts were. after she'd started the washer, we both were in the house, and went to her room, my mom had invited me to feel her baby, my dick had wiggled hard in my shorts , then i'd just stood there, stared at her tummy just over the top of her shorts.




Hey there. Anyone got any rape videos to share?




This was an incredible experience that I had back in my younger days. My best friend Tom back then was married with an 11 year old daughter, soon to be 12. He and his wife and me and my girlfriend and daughter hung out together all the time. He and I worked together.

One evening we all went to an outdoor concert about 2 hours away. After the concert was over, we all jumped back in his car again to return home. Tony and his wife were in the front seat and my girlfriend, his daughter and I were in the back seat. I was on the left, his daughter was in the middle, and my girlfriend was on the right. It had been a warm evening but as the sun went down the temperatures cooled off pretty quickly. We were all a bit cool so we threw the blanket we had over top of us all in the back. Before long, my girlfriend and his wife were both asleep. I had my eyes closed, but became aware that his daughter was rubbing her leg up against mine in a seductive manner. We both had shorts on. The more she rubbed my leg with hers, the more I became aroused.

Both of our hands were under the blanket and with my cock getting harder by the minute, slowly started rubbing my leg back against hers. I slowly reached my hand over to her leg and placed it on her mid thigh and gently rubbed up and down. Almost instantly, She grabbed my hand and moved it up higher to her crotch and pressed my hand against her shorts covered pussy very hard and began moving my hand back and forth on her covered pussy. My dick by this time was rock hard. With my free hand, I undid the zipper on my shorts, and pulled my hard cock out. I then grabbed her left hand, and placed it on my cock at which time she started stroking it on her own without and encouragement. I then slid my right hand into the leg of her loose shorts and under the elastic of her panty's to her wet little pussy. I found her wet little slit with no problem and started sliding my finger all around her slit rubbing from her hard little clit to her vaginal opening. Wen my had hit her vagina, she used her free hand to push my finger inside her and started a humping motion while pushing my finger deeper into her.

All the while that we were doing this, I kept noticing Tom looking back at us in the rear view mirror. I could tell something was up with him but wasn't sure what. His breathing seemed a bit heavy and I could tell his left arm was moving a lot. Meanwhile, his daughter and I kept our little sexual enjoyment going until we both ended up having an orgasm. She almost started convulsing as she came and her breathing was hard and loud which sent me over the edge and I came all over her hand under the blanket. By this time, Tom's mouth was wide open and his breathing was harder as well. I would have swore that he was cumming also. By this time, we were within 5 minutes of my house and we all kind of got ourselves back in order before arriving at my house.

After arriving home, I grabbed the blanket which my girlfriend and I had brought and she and I got out of the car, said goodnight to all of them. Tom asked if I had a good time and I said yes, very, at which time the daughter said she did too. Tom said good, he was glad. My girlfriend and I went inside of the house and ended up fucking for about 2 hours more. I kept imagining fucking Tom's daughter and I plowed my girlfriend like I had never fucked her before. She ended up having multiple orgasms and was exhausted afterwards.

A couple of days later, Tom was over at my house alone. My girlfriend was at her apartment. We were setting around drinking some beer and he asked me if I liked playing with his daughter's pussy in the backseat the other night. I was a bit taken back, but looked at him and said why do you ask that? I know what you two were doing, I have been having my way with her myself for about 2 years. Her mother doesn't know though. He said that he jacked off himself while driving watching and hearing us. He asked me did I like how wet her little pussy got? I said yes, very much so. He told me that she told him that I fingered her really good and she came and that she jerked me off and I came all over her hand, and she licked my cum off her fingers and I tasted goof to her. The entire time that Tom is telling me this, he is rubbing his cock through his pants,

I told him that I fucked my girlfriend that night for about 2 hours thinking what it would be like to fuck his daughter. He said, oh she is tight and too bad that I didn't get a chance to taste her pussy. All this time Tom is rubbing his cock, and then he asked me if I would like to taste her pussy and smell what her pussy aroma smells like. I said, "Hell Yes". He then said good, and pulled out his cock and said here, suck my dick and you can smell her pussy and tasted it both. He then walked over to me and put his dick up to my lips and said that he fucked her just before he came over while her mom was at work. Being that close to my face, I could smell the sex on his cock and I opened my mouth and began sucking his dick. He held my mouth and fucked my mouth for about 15 minutes before slamming a load of cum down my throat. By this time, my dick was rock hard and he returned the favor.

Since that day, he and I often got together and suck, and fuck his daughter in a threesome. Oh, why did they move away?????




Have masterbated fantasizing about cumming between my mom's hot toes , while I am staring at her bright red painted toenails. I have an super sex obsession for only my mother and have been fantasizing jacking off every day for her feet and want to fuck her doggie style,,sooooo bad....im58 and been lusting for her Soo. Soooo badly since I was 14 yrs old. My cum shoots so hot and i moan and make loud screams when I start cumming lusting soooo hard for my obsession for my mom who I want soooo badly, only she can satisfy my lust when I start shooting my cum every where for my sweet love mother.




I (a male from Rochester, NY) fantasize about being dressed as a whore and taken by a group of men. Their hands all over my body, their dicks pushing into my ass and mouth, exploding in me an on me until I completely drenched in cum.