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I have the best job ever. This isn’t a fake confession.

I’m a high school principal, 48m.

Every day I get to see tiny teen bodies in their tight clothing, and every day I jerk off.

There’s this one girl in particular, I’m gonna call her Payton. She’s 14. I’m obsessed with her… in an extremely unhealthy way.

While she’s in gym I sneak into the locker room and smell her clothes. I’ve even cum in them multiple times.

Payton is a popular girl and I can see why. She has long blonde hair, thick hips, thick thighs. Perky teen tits and a tight little stomach. Huge ass. All the boys like her and I get why, she’s fucking sexy. Beautiful lips and makeup, some piercings.

I watch her on the school cameras. I’ve watched her sneak into the boys bathroom multiple times with boys and I know exactly what she’s doing in there, sucking their cocks like a whore.

I waited until I had videos of her with multiple boys (7 in 2 weeks the little slut) before calling her into my office.

I told her I had to show her something and showed her the slideshow of her and her (9 total) little boyfriends, some of whom were brothers and best friends. My cock was hard watching the horror on her face, I guess she didn’t realize we had cameras.

I told her I’d have to call her parents, and she begged me not to. Exactly what I’d hoped for. I told her if she didn’t want her parents to know she was a little slut, she’d have to do to me exactly what she did to those boys.

She looked horrified and asked what’s that?

I told her to get on my knees under my desk or I was telling everyone she’s a cheap whore.

She looked shocked at the size and told me she’d never sucked one that big, but I just told her to get to it. She sucked like a fucking pro, it was so hard to not cum. But I wasn’t done yet.

I told her to play with herself and I could hear she was soaking wet. Fuuuuck her daddy must be proud of the whore he raised.

I told her to get up and lay on my desk. I told her since she isn’t a virgin she should let me fuck her. She said no she was seeing her bf after school, I didn’t care. I covered her mouth and fucked her worthless cunt. She tried to scream and I told her to shut the fuck up unless she wanted everyone to know she’s a fucking whore. I told her I knew she was sucking off her best friends boyfriend and asked if it made her feel dirty, she said yes. I told her to keep getting on her knees for everyone who asks. She started to play with her nipples. I got so close and she told me to pull out and I said no, she can go see her bf with my cum in her. She pleaded and tried to pull away but I was stronger and slammed her hard.

I told her she can keep sucking cock at school and being a cheap whore all she wants, but I get to use her mouth sometimes too. She agreed.

This is the best job ever.

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We were at a party , in our married friends apartment . This was a couple of years before we married . The party finished at about 2-00 in the morning . They asked us if we wanted to stay for the night . Eveyone went home , we stayed . We slept as we were , in our clothes . On the top of the bedclothes . My girlfriend was wearing a dess . I took my trousers off . It must have been an hour later . I heard the bedroom door open . I could could just make out the sight of our friend , the husband . Crawling acoss the floor . I closed my eyes and pretended to be sleeping . I half opened my eyes evey few minutes . To see where he was . He was at the back of my girlfriend . He lifted her dress and pulled her panties down to her knees . He fingeed her pussy . He was stoking his cock . My girlfriend gripped my arm . She was awake . He rubbed her clit . Making her cum . She was doing her best not to move , or make a sound . When she was cumming , she was digging her nails in to my arm . He stopped masturbting , so i knew he hd cum . Then he crawled out of the room and closed the door . It had made me feel horny . I asked my girlfriend about it . She told me she had found it exciting , she had tried not to make a sound , when she was cumming . I asked her if she had enjoyed it . She told me it had been good , it had excited her . She wanted me to fuck her . Pulled her panties down and fucked her . . She told me her pussy was feeling as though it was buzzing , vibrating . As though she was still cumming . It did not take long for her to cum . This time she was moaning out loud . This made me cum . When we got up in the morning . There was a damp patch on the carpet . Where he must have cum . We just acted normal , he and his wife made breakfast . We talked over breakfast . Then he offered to give us a lift to my parents house . The next time we were on our own in my house . Having sex . I asked her to describe what it had been like , and how it had made her feel . Telling me , got her arroused . It got me horny . We had a great fuck .




I'm a 15 year old girl and literally told no one about this and I have to get this off my chest. After cheer practice I didn't have a ride or anyone willing to take me home so I had to take the bus. Since I was so tired I didn't bother changing from our rehearsal cheer uniform. I catched the bus and mind you this is a 30 min ride just to get to my area. I sat in the back so I can be alone in a bus with at least seven or so people in there, idk wasn't keeping track.

I was occupied being on my phone texting and scrolling through social media when suddenly a guy entered the bus who looked like he was in his mid 40s wearing dark shades, black leather jacket, and grey sweatpants who decides to sit next to me of all places even with a lot of empty seats around( I'm next to the window with only two seats). I thought it was odd but he didn't say anything and I'm to akward to say anything as well. Of course I was giving him the side eye every now and than like anyone would.

Well since the bus was constantly shaking I thought I felt his right hand brush against my exposed thigh to which I completely ignored at first. This happened for at least 3 stops until I turned my head to catch him doing it on purpose. I was about to confront him however in doing so I noticed a tent in his pants that quite literally shocked me and I at least stared at his tent for about 6 seconds before I realized what I was doing.

He clearly knew I saw it while staring straight ahead with those shades like he hasn't been doing anything. I tried not to draw attention again so I did my best to ignore it but his tent was constantly on my mind and my heart was pounding more and more. It also didn't help I can see it the reflection through the window.

After a stop or two when were officially alone in the back of the bus, he seemed to get bolder and started slowly groping my thighs with every shake of the bus. I really don't know why I didn't say anything I guess I was still shocked this was happening to me? He kept on groping me with his right hand to where I was getting squeezed up and down my leg to where my skirt stopped on my upper thigh.

I pretended like he wasn't touching me while I was on my phone really hoping he would stop in order to go home or something. At this point I checked my maps which had 20 more minutes left until I got to my area. A thought came to mind, what if he gets off the same spot and follows me home. I mean I would have mi familia but still I was thinking those scenarios.

So I finally got the courage to at least say something and I kid you not what I said was can you not squeeze so hard? I had no idea why I said this. Maybe because of his dick tent that was constantly on my mind or the fact he was squeezing my thighs a bit to hard it was pinching me.

He responded back in a sexy type of voice and said "I'm so sorry mami I didn't mean to hurt you, you just have nice thick thighs and it's been a long day". I was shocked to hear his first words yet turned on at the same time.

At this point I was now ok with him touching me, So I started doing the same to him, I'm now groping his tent to which he whips it out his huge dick and I just start strocking it. Meanwhile I'm giving this pedo a hand job while he Caresses my tits and legs, I wonder if I'm going to miss my stop and start to panic I'm going to miss my stop. Now I really start to worry if this guy is going to follow me home. So I told him "I need you to cum before I get off" . So without a doubt this pervert shoves my head towards his dick and I opened my mouth was now gagging his huge dick. I couldn't breathe and made his dick sloppy with saliva and it didn't help the bus kept shaking.

I was down there for about at least a minute light headed choking on a strangers dick until I felt rapid ropes of his cum!! In the back of my throat that made me literally gag hard and right when I was getting up he shoves my head deeper and whispers "good girl". I forcefully come back up with some of his jizz in my mouth and I had to spit everything out right away as now I was about to miss my stop. Yea it was hectic, I left and hurried home to make sure no one saw my messy face.




This is Weenie Tickle Boy. When I was eight years old, and loving a life of gay sex with my lover, 12 year old Rodney, I got horney for my Dad.

It was the summer and school was out. Daddy ran a gas station and I was at work with him. I was wondering about his dick and my tummy was burning. My dick was rock hard in my red shorts and I was desperate for sex. Rodney wasn’t there and if I had been at home in the back yard, he would have already had me bare naked in the shed on that throw rug sucking me hard and then butt fucking the shit out of me like a girl with my legs over his shoulders. So I decided to risk coming on to my Dad.

We were sitting in the office and I was hard in my shorts. He saw that. I asked, “Dad, can I suck your weenie”? He asked calmly, “Where did you learn about doing that”? I replied by telling him, not about Rodney, but about when I was 4 years old when Bobby took me into that garage and made me lay down so that he could pull my shorts down and sucked my dick and then how he made me get naked and on my knees, suck his dick. It was fun and I got my first orgasm from eight year old Bobby when I was four. I called it a weenie tickle.

So my Dad said, “You can suck me Pat, if it is really what you need. I see your weenie sticking up hard under your shorts. But it looks like you need me to do you first”. I was so pleased and happy that he was agreeable and I said, “Yes Daddy. And I swear never to tell mom because she’ll get us into trouble”. We pinky swore on it.

So he closed the station and locked the doors. We went into the supply closet, and he turned on the lights and closed the door. I took hold of his pants and opened them up. Out came a big hard dick! Omg it was giant compared to mine! My mouth went onto it and I sucked him and slurped away on my knees.

Then he took me by the arms and stood me up. He stripped me naked! A bare, prepubucent hairless bodied little boy. First came my shirt. Then he had me stand on a chair. Once I was on the chair, barefooted also, he took hold of my shorts and undies and pulled them down over my knees and to my feet. I stepped out of them and was naked. My long blond hair hung over my shoulders like a girl. When the shorts went off of my weenie, it went down and then sprang back like a spring. It was right in Dad’s face. He looked at my naked body and took pictures of me in girl poses. Omg it was fun. My dick was so fucking hard and my tummy was full of butterflys.

He finally took hold of my butt cheeks and he opened his mouth and gently closed it around my throbbing, desperate weenie. He sucked me for what seemed like an hour. Omg I began to cry as he kept making me cum. Over and over I was crying out loud screaming, “Oh Daddy! Oh Daddy! Weenie tickle! Weenie tickle Daddy! Oh fuck me do the pee pee Daddy! Fuck me do the pee pee!!” I was face fucking my Dad at that point. He wrapped his arms around my waist in an incredible hug with my weenie tickling in orgasm in his throat.

So when I colapsed into his arms he hugged my naked body saying, “Oh I love you baby. I love you so much baby boy. I am so in love with you precious boy.” He picked me up in his arms and I felt so safe, warm and loved.

So I said, “Its my turn to suck you Daddy. But out in the shop”. He said ok. So I ran naked out of the supply room and out into the shop. He followed with his dick sticking out of his pants. He took dozens of pictures of me and I loved it. Then I went to my knees. He came in front of me and I pulled his pants and undies off of him as I giggled in joy. I took that giant hard dick into my mouth and gave suck. I knew what I was doing! I rubbed the bottom of his dick right under the head in the tickle spot. He grunted and moaned as I worked on him! I felt the muscles in his hard on contract! The rim of the head contracted as I sucked hard! He took me by the back of the head and cried, “Oh fuck baby I’m cumming”! A flood of semen filled my mouth! He gagged my throat with the head of his dick and I swallowed pulling sperm down into my stomach. He pulled out so I could breath and cried, “Oh shit here it is again baby”! He squirted again and the load hit my eyes and ran down my lips to mingle with the saliva I had gagged out while he face fucked me. What a wonderful day that was.

After that, we fucked any chance we got! When Mom was gone to visit aunts out of town, I slept with Daddy in bed. We fucked and sucked our brains out! I had sperm all over me! In my face and in my hair. He greased me up and butt fucked me hard like a bitch! I loved it. I actually wore him out that week! I fucked my Dad more than Mom ever did and I intiated all of it!

I was careful about it, not wanting to get Dad into trouble. But I wouldn’t let him alone! He didn’t molest me, I molested him! I even fucked him in the shower!

Like when I was ten, Mom was gone again! Dad was in the shower that night. I stripped, got cooking oil and went into the shower with him. We rubbed each other down with crisco oil and made love in the shower. Omg he made me cum hard! I sucked and got a facefull of sperm. At 12 I hit puberty and as my Dad rubbed his giant dick over top of my now larger dick as he lay between my hairless legs, I shot sperm onto my sleek hairless boy belly. I was moaning like the twink I was as Daddy said, “Let it out baby boy. Let the cum out baby doll”. “Oh yes Daddy! Weenie tickle Daddy! Fuck me do the pee pee Daddy! Weenie tickle! Oh I love you Daddy”. As we lay there I knew I was more his wife than Mom was. I was so madly in love with him and we still do it to this day.




Her and her husband , are our friends . We go out for meals , to shows , and to dances . Every year , they have a party at Christmas . Her name is yvonne . When we are with them at anytime , but mainly at dances . She always find a way to sit on my lap . If she has her back to me . As she is sitting down . She puts her hand on my penis , to lower herself down . If she sits astride my thighs , facing me . She pushes her ample boobs in my face . She puts her hand down to touch my penis . She has always made it clear that she wants me . My wife is so used to it , she treats it as a joke . Move on to the Christmas party . We have been drinking , dancing , and partying . Since 8-00pm . It is now 1-00am . I am sitting having a rest in a daker place . On a wooden chair , that has no arms . My back is to the wall .Being in a darker part of th room . I can see eveyone who is dancing . I spot Yvonne coming my way . I will teach her a lesson . I keep my knees together . I know she will sit facing me . When she gets to me she sits with her legs either side of mine . She puts her hand on my penis as she sits facing me . Then she pushes he boobs in to my face . Then she is kissing me . She is wearing a short dress . I move my legs apart . Forcing her legs open . I slide my hand under her dress to he panties . Rubbing her pussy though her panties . When i feel he -panties getting wet . I move them to the side . Slipping my fingers in to he very wet pussy . I massage her clitoris . By the way she is acting , i know she is enjoying it . She is kissing me , and tying to get hee tongue down my throat . After a time , she leans to my ear . Telling me , if i don't stop i will make her cum . Eveyone will hear . So i stop . She leans to my ear again . Saying " This is not over" . Forward to the summer . Her husband asks if i will fit a Towbar to his car . I enjoy working on cars . So we arrange a day , when i can do it . He tells me he will back it in to his grage . Leaving plenty of room behind it . For me to work . He will be getting a lift to work . Going out at 8-00 am . Not expecting to return , until after 6-30 pm . On the day , i turn up . Park on their drive , and take my tools in to the garage . Then i go to the door , to let Yvonne know i am there . She amswers the door , in her night clothes and dressing gown . Inviting me in for a coffee . When i have finished my coffee . She asks how long i expect it to take . I tell her . Go out and start work . Later she comes to ask if i want another coffee . I tell her i will have one when i finish . How long do i expect that to be . She says she will go for a shower and get dresssed . While i am finishing fitting it . Just as i finish . She comes out with a coffee . I am just sliding out from under the car . I tell her to put the coffee at the side of the wheel . To do this , she couches down . She "steadies heself"by putting her hand on my shorts . Where my penis is . I slide out from under the car , and take my rubber gloves off . She is crouching close to my face . She still has her hand on my penis . Rubbing it through my shorts . The still couching . She opens her legs . Her dress slides up hee thighs . Exposing the fact that she is not wearing any panties . She has a haiy pussy , with the lagest labia that i have ever seen . Including looking in pom magazines . I just want to touch it . It is warm and wet . She is taking my penis out of my shots . She moves to staddle my face . Lowering her pussy on to it . I just want to lick it . Then she says , lets go in doors . She stands up , and i stand up . Tucking my penis in my shorts . When we are in the house , we go upstairs . She gabbs me and kisses me . Taking my hand and putting it on hee pussy . Then she moves away , and takes he dress off . She is not weaing a bra . She has nice boobs . She is not slim . She is as they say . Pleasantly plump . I like plump women . She undresses me . She lays on the bed , with her thighs apart . I get down for a close look at he Labia , and start to lick her . She tells me to use my fingers . I lick , suck and finger fuck her . She tells me not to stop , she is cumming . When she cums , i undestand what she meant at Chistmas . When she told me everyone would hear . She had a real screaming ogasm . After this she wanted me to fuck her . Laying on her back , with he feet over her shoulders . This exposed he pussy . I just wanted to bury my face in it . It made my whole face wet . Befrore i slipped in to her pussy . She told me to look in the bedside cabinet . There was a magic wand . She wanted me to use it on her pussy . When i was fucking her . I slid in to he pussy . My balls were banging against her . She asked me to give her the wand . She switched it on , and set the speed . Handing it back to me , to use on her clitoris . I was fucking her , and using the wand on her . I fucked nice and slow , to make it last . Then she was having an ogasm . Screaming again . This was so hot , it made me cum . When i pulled out , she wanted me to lick her pussy clean . Swallowing the cum and juices . When i had done this , we lay kissing . She was licking the cum and juices from round my mouth . She said . I told you it was not finished . I said , i can see why i had to stop . You make so much noise when you are cumming . She got me hard , and climbed on top of me riding me . She was facing me . I could see he boobs bouncing up and down , and her pussy on my penis . This looked sexy . It made me cum . When she climbed off me . She kneeled over my face , for me to lick her pussy clean . This was what she liked to do . When we got dressed , and i was leaving . She told me she wanted me to keep going round . I just had to phone first , to check it was safe . When i was not working i phoned her . Lots of times , i could go round . I parked my car away from he house and walked . She was always ready . Wearing her dessing gown , and nothing else . If my wife was at home . I told her i was going to visit my friend , who was fishing at the river . Something i had done in the past . We had some great sex sessions . She always had screaming orgasms . Sometimes , after i had licked her and made he cum . She liked to give me a blow job . Then later we fucked . For almost a year , we did this . Then they sold the house and moved away , for her husbands work . It was only 20 miles . At first i travelled to the new house . We had sex . After a few months , i decided not to do it . So no more sex with Yvonne .




As young kids , we had been best friends . Spending most of our time together , just me and her . Like all kids , we played doctors and nurses . Showing each other . Touching and feeling . When we were 7 , we got our own friends . Her the girls , and me the boys . We stopped spending time with each other . For the next 6 years . I rarely saw her . Then it was just to say hi . We went to different schools . When we were both 13 , i had arranged to meet my pals one morning . We were going to the pond . When i got there , i could see that Sue was there . We all lived near to each other , so she knew my pals . Me and Sue got talking . It had been a long time . To get to the pond , we had to climb a 7 foot high sandstone wall . The ground on the other side , reached the top of the wall . Sue was wearing a skirt and a shirt . I was wearing shorts and a tee shirt . Sue needed help . I gave her a boost , by pushing on her butt .When she got hold of the top of the wall . She swung her legs up . Exposing her panties . I got a look up between her legs . I climbed the wall , and stood with Sue . My pals were going to spend the day in the woods that surrounded the pond . Sue said she was not keen . I told her , i did not want to do that . Sue told me he parents were both at work . Did i want to com to her house for a coffee . When we were there , we sat togther on the couch . We talked about when we were younger . Sue talked about us playing doctors and nurses . What we had done . She surprised me , asking if i thought she was pretty . Even as kid , she was cute . Now she was very pretty . So i told her that she was . When i said this , Sue said thanks and kissed me . She put her arms round me . I kissed her . She put her hands under my tee shirt and hugged me . I put my hands up the back of her shirt . Staying like this , we hugged and kissed . I slid my hand round to her belly . Stoking it . She put her hand on my lap . I moved my hnd up to her bra . Sue let me do it . So i lifted her bra up , and off her boobs . Feeling them . I could feel her tying to undo the button of my shorts . I moved back to give her more room . She got the button undone , and moved to the zip . I sat back . This let her get her hand in my shorts . Touching my erection . Holding my cock , she kissed me . I pushed her back , so she was sitting back on the couch . I put my hand up her skirt , rubbing her pussy though her panties . While she was holding me , and i was rubbing her pussy . We were kissing . I could feel her panties getting moist . Sue pulled away , and said lets go upstairs . When we did , i took her clothes off . Then i undressed . She had a beautiful figure , a hairy pussy , and small firm boobs . We lay next to each other on the bed . She was stroking me , i was fingering her pussy . I was nearly ready to cum . So i moved . Getting between her thighs . To lick her pussy . While i was doing this , i watched her face . To see if she was enjoying it . Then she was asking me not to stop . Her face changed , she was making loud moans . She was touching her boobs . She was cumming . When she had cum . I rolled on top of her , kissing her . I tried to get my cock in her pussy . Sue helped me . When i was in , i fucked her . She asked me to pull out before i was cumming . I pulled out and kneeled . Masrurbating , and squirting on her belly . She gave me some tissues to whipe her . Then we lay kissing . I told her she was beautiful . We touched each other . I rubbed her clit , giving her another orgasm . Was playing with my cock . When i got hard , she got down to lick my cock . Just using her tongue on the underside . This made me cum . I whiped my belly . We got dressed . Sue said she was sorry i had to pull out , when i was cumming . It must be frustrating . Before i left , she asked me to come round the next day . The following day when i got there , Sue let me in . There was a younger girl sitting on the couch , she was about 11 or 12 . Plump but pretty . Sue introduced her as Anne her young friend . No sex today . We sat talking . Then Sue asked me to help her make drinks in the kitchen . When we were in there , Sue was whispeing to me . Telling me that last night she had phoned Anne , and told her what we had done . Anne wanted to know every detail . She wanted to join in . Sue told me that Anne was shy . Would i be nice to her , and undress her . She had never seen a naked boy . In the bedroom Anne stood there with her hands clasped in front of her . Me and Sue kissed , and Sue undressed me . Then she stripped . She told m to let Anne feel my errect cock . She quickly touched me , and took her hand a way . Sue kissed me and whispered in my ear . Concentrate on Anne but be slow and gentle . I moved to stand behind Anne , she flinched when i put my hand on her shoulder . I put my arms round her , resting them on her belly . I kissed her neck , moving round it as i did . I looked at Sue , she gave me a look . That showed shee was happy . Anne was weaing a dress . Still kissing her neck , i put my hands on her dress . Over her chest . I could feel tiny plump boobs . I put my hand down the top of her dress , feeling these tiny plump boobs . Next i moved my hands down to her belly . I could feel it was chubby . I moved down to lift her dress , and get my hand in her panties . I could feel her bald pussy , and ripples of fat . I fingered her pussy . It was dry . So i spit on my fingers . This helped them to slide in to the lips , and let me rub her . Then i unzipped the back of her dress , and took it off over her head . I pulled her panties off . Then i moved in front of her . Her boobs were just because she was plump . Not real boobs . She had a plump belly . Little ripples of fat . I found her very sexy . I put my arms round her and kissed her . Sue told her to lay on the bed , with her legs apart . She told me to lick Annes pussy . This got her pussy moist . While i was doing it . Sue was sucking on Anne's tiny boobs and nipples . This made Anne cum . Then Sue wanted me to make her cum , licking her pussy and finger fucking her . Anne sucked Sue's boobs and licked them . Sue had a noisy orgasm . Then Sue wanted me to fuck her . Anne was watching . Sue told me not to masturbate to make m cum . When i pulld out . I pulled out and expected Sue to make me cum . She told Ann to kneel on the bed . Then she told me to fuck Anne . I slid in to her tight pussy , and fucked her . I think the juices on my cock , from Sue's pussy helped . Sue was feeling my balls . She told me not to pull out . This made me cum . Anne's pussy was so tight . When we had finished . We lay on the bed . Sue was telling me what her and Anne did . Licking and fingering each other . and pushing things in to their pussy .Now every time we got together . Anne was there . I always finished by fucking her , and cumming in her pussy . Some days , Sue licked Anne's pussy . When i had cum . Swallowing my cum , mixed with Anne's juices . Only once did Anne come on her own . Cumming in her twice on that day . Anne started to develop . Propper boobs and pussy hair . She was still plump , i loved it . From that time i have had a fettish for plump girls and women . If i see plump girls , i imagine what they would look like naked . I continued to fuck both of them , until i was 16 . When Anne sarted her periods , i had to stop cumming in her pussy . From being 13 , i was over six foot three . Looking older than i was . Missing the feeling of cumming in Anne's pussy . I plucked up the courage to buy some condoms . Now i could cum in both of them .




I'm 31 F, and ever since I was around 12 I've had fantasies about watching my dad do stuff with my little sister (who was 6 at the time.) I would always picture that she'd be wearing really short fabric shorts that showed off her smooth thighs and the bottom of her tiny 6 y o ass cheeks. Then my dad would pick her up and sit her on his lap, bouncing her skinny body up and down so he could feel her underage ass on him. He'd get really hard and start running his hand on her calves and thighs, working his way to her inner thigh. Eventually, he'd lean her back and pull her little legs back towards her shoulders and start rubbing her slit through her shorts, pulling off her shirt to expose her flat chest and 6 y o tummy. My sister would start breathing heavier, wondering why Daddy was touching her between her legs. When my dad couldn't take it anymore, he'd set her down and pull her tiny shorts down so that his little girl was standing in front of him completely naked. She'd look so adorable with her pink baby pussy and tiny nipples showing, and my dad would make her get on all fours so he could get a nice view of her tight toddler holes while he jerked his thick cock. He'd have one hand on his dick and use the other to spread her little cheeks and pussy lips open. Then, he'd rub spit on her baby pussy and start to push into her. I'd watch her start to yell and kick her skinny legs as our dad's dick parted her 6 y o pussy lips. In one big push, he'd bury half of his 8 inch cock inside of her tight child pussy. My sister would cry and protest, but he'd just lean forward, push her face into the pillow and start bouncing his hips up and down, fucking his baby girl. Her tiny toddler pussy would stretch to it's limit, squeezing his big cock super tight. He'd taunt her by saying "squeeze it out baby. If you can push it out of you, daddy won't put it back in." She'd sob and squeeze her 6 y o pussy, pushing my dad's dick almost completely out of her, but he'd leave the tip in and laugh. "Nope. Almost sweetheart!", then he'd push his entire cock inside of her and start pounding her toddler pussy even harder while she shakes and screams into her pillow. I've been having this fantasy for soo long, and I get soaking wet when I imagine it, even though I know it's wrong