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I was always letting our dog lick my pussy as a teen girl and wanting him to mount me. i also would jack him off and suck his cock. Then later as I lay in my bed I would think about it and masturbate. i would do this most every day. It made me excited and feel dirty at the same time. Sometimes I felt as though my brother was watching but he never said a word. One day after school I was unusually horny and took off my pants and was paying with the dogs dick and letting him lick me. I was so turned on that I did not hear my Dad come in. He never said a word just stood there rubbing his cock while he watched me. When I reached orgasm he then made me aware he was there. I was so embarrassed and scared and ashamed I did not know what to do. He told me to go to my room and wait and to stay naked. As I sat on my bed wondering my fate I continued to be somewhat turned on by getting caught and was rubbing myself when he came in. He told me how nasty I was and that I would be punished severely. He walked to my bed and took some rope and made it in to a leash and put it around my neck and made me get on all fours. He then blindfolded me and told me how nasty I am and how he is going to teach me a lesson. He then tied my leash to something and said stay. I will be back. After a short time I heard voices. My Dad had returned and jerked my leash and told me to lay on my back and spread my legs wide. Next I felt a warm sensation and then it became hotter and was getting uncomfortable. He told someone to help restrain me and that I was a nasty dog fucking slut and I am to be punished. He told my brother after my lips were spread to insert it where he said and to hold it there until he said to stop. My brother said but Dad it will hurt her and I cant but Dad said do it or I will do it to you. My Brother was then forced to catheterize me with a very hot stainless steel tube as it burned me and I screamed in pain. My dad said shut up slut you must be punished and I am not going to stop until you have learned your lesson. After it cooled my brother removed it and it had become stuck to my skin and I screamed in pain begging daddy to stop. My dad noticed that brothers penis was hard and said you like hurting your sister don't you? He said yes daddy I think i do. My father then put me on my hands and knees and began giving me scalding enemas as my brother and a family friend watched. When he felt i had enough he ordered my brother to ass fuck me. He started rubbing his hard cock on my tiny tight asshole and making him tell me how hes gonna rape it and make me cry. He then gets behind my brother and says fuck her son and make her cry and rams his cock deep in my brothers ass making him scream. My brother in turn rams his cock in my ass and starts to pound it brutally while I am forced to say that I am nasty and bad and deserve to be hurt. I am also forced to say I am a dog fucking whore and a dirty slut that needs punished daily. After what seems like forever I am again on my back with legs spread and my dads best friend is beginning to surgically staple my pussy closed as he laughs and says his cock is so hard and he has to have it in my ass too and that its 10 inches and it will hurt and he wants to hurt me. He tells my dad that he always has wanted to rape me and now is his chance to do all the perverted acts he has been wanting to do. For hours I am fucked anally, burned in my asshole with a hot curling iron and used until I am swollen and bleeding from my asshole and wimpering in pain. He says since I like dog sex so much he has arranged for me to be raped daily by many large dogs and that this will continue the rest of my days. He has also sold me to others to be abused and molested and quite joyful about it. From that day on I was kept naked and forced into devient sexual acts. I hate to admit it but after a while I came to enjoy it and would masturbate and think about it when i could. I continued to let him abuse me and be his slave until the day he died and now still get turned on thinking about it and masturbating. I turned out to be a nasty, kinky, dirty, dog sucking and fucking pain whore and always needed to be humiliated and told how nasty and disgusting I am. I guess I am just a sick slut.




for 1788 and 1791, i felt it too

i was age 7 when my mom, age 25, and dad, late 30s, divorced back in 66. they no more divorced than my mom started wearing skimpy short shorts, sheer blouses, sheer dresses, and sheer nighties.

even though my mom's figure was slim, she had a little belly. i noticed it lots of times when she wore panties and bras under her sheer nighties.

her panties stretched a little higher over her little belly as did her little short shorts, her almost flat tummy was 2 or 3 inches visible between her panties and bras, her bras stretched 1 or 2 inches higher in back.

when she watched jack lalanne, she was in her panties and bras under her sheer nighties. my dick got hard, even for 7, in my short shorts when her tummy got squishy between her panties and bras on some jack lalanne exersises.

one day when i was 8, my mom got me a pair of girls short shorts, when i tried them on, my dick got suddenly hard, my mom noticed. she called me to her room, she was in her panties and bra and no nighty on.

she sat by the corner of her bed, spread her lovely legs open enough to reveal her pantycrotch, her panties stretched over her little belly, her tummy was all nice and squishy, her bra was 'a' cup. we just stared at each other for just that afternoon.

fastforeward on the first Wednesday in april 77, i was almost 18, my mom was already 36. she and i were camping in a rented cabin when she said 'son, i want to have your baby.' i got shy, she said 'son, i mean it.'

we got nude, just like that, my dick throbbed, she wanted me to pump my seed up her belly doggy style. to feel my dick up her pussy, she kept breathing and pantins 'more, more oh more!'

it went on for an hour, then after that, she wanted us to shower together. after our shower together, we slept together nude.

the last friday in may 77 was the day i turned 18, it was an intimate celebration, i was in my basketball short shorts, my mom was in short shorts and a hoody. my mom gave me a birthday card annonced she was pregnant with my kid in her belly.

when she invited me to unzip her hoody, out came her white laced bra, her short shorts were like an inch and a half shy of her bra, her legs were sexy, her belly, what little of it i saw made my dick throb hard in my basketball shorts, then she took off her hoody and said 'oh son, i love how sexy being pregnant feels.' i said 'i love that you're going to have our baby.' there i was, staring at and feeling my mom's belly.

the friday before labor day 77, we'd already rented a cabin again, that day my mom's belly was all nice and round, we were out by a lake, i just wanted a peek at her belly. she pulled up her sheer belly smock, out came the huge front of her tight little short shorts her belly was just one and half inches bare, there was just a glimpse of her bra under her smock. i got so throbbing hard i shot huge cums in my basketball short shorts and no one cared.




I won't say what country i went to, but i went there because the legal age is only 13 and the local dollars are very poor. I had one plan for my time, so i went right for it.

I walked a few beaches on the Friday afternoon and it took a bit of time and plenty of rejections, but i found a group of 4 girls. One 11, one 12 and two 14 year old twins. The 11 and 14 year old girls were sisters and the 12 year old was a friend. I offered to pay them $5000 US dollars to let me fuck them and have them with me for the weekend. After a bit of chatting and pushing them, they agreed to spend the weekend with me. I agreed to give them half later that night and the rest on Sunday afternoon when we go our separate ways.

They decided they could tell each of the parents they were having a sleepover at the others house. I really didn't care how they got out, just hoped they arrive. And they did at arrive at my hotel at about 6:30 pm. They came to my room and i let them in. I spent a bit of cash for a pretty lush room and they like it. I got right too it and asked if they were sure, which they all said yes. I also asked if any of them were already getting periods or know if they are fertile. They kind of got a worried look, but i assured them that i wanted to know if we had any risk that i needed to be careful of. One of the 3 sisters told me they are all now have a monthly cycle and that they are close to the same time. Probing i was told they were about 10 days into the cycle. The 12 year old friend said she wasn't sure what i meant and if she was or not.

Well i was super hard knowing that at least 3 of them, including a 11 year old girl was fertile. I decided to try my luck with the first of the twins. They were both short blonde hair, round faces and mice small A cup tits. Both sexy as hell. Besides being nervous, the 4 of them got naked with me and we all went to the large bedroom and bed. It wasn't long for me to be fucking her and while i was getting close i asked. I had already given them the $2500, but i offer to give them each another $2000 if i could fuck them and cum in them all weekend, instead of using condoms. The twin i wasn't fucking said ok, the 12 year old said ok and the peer pressure so did the 11 yer old. The twin i was fucking said no way she didn't want to risk it. I pushed and goaded her into it like her sisters. As soon as she unwilling said yes, i pulled out, pulled off the condom and pushed back into her. I cummed so hard and deep in her belly.

Over the Friday night, Saturday, Saturday night and Sunday i must have fucked them all 6 or 7 times. I was so sore and the last couple of times i was shooting blanks for sure. I fucked the 11 year sister 2 or 3 times more than the others as she was so tight. I told them at the mid of Sunday afternoon to all go and shower and clean up and i will have the money waiting for them as they leave. They asked me about the risk of them getting pregnant since i had been cumming in them. I lied and told them it was unlikely as i'm older and because they need to be 14 days into cycle and they were only 12 days, it wasn't really an issue. I also said your 11 year old sister is actually 14 days into hers and might be ovulating, but again, i'm to old to get such a young girl pregnant.

While they all went into the bathroom to use the bath and shower, i wrote a note thanking them for letting me impregnate them and i loved filling each of their tiny young bellies with baby making seed. I even wrote that i hoped they all have my babies together.

Before any of them came out i packed and left. I checked out and headed onwards with my trip. I left no more money and since i used a fake name and ID at the hotel, they won't find me.




For #1788 I know that very feeling.

When I was little, my mother wore non silky non seethrough gowns to bed, then about the time I was 12 when she was ? 28, she become widowed in '97. She didn't seem to care, my dad was hardly ever around anyway. The day she was widowed, her wardrobe changed.

She'd started wearing little clothes, mini skirts, short shorts, seethrough gowns, bra tops, the works. Seeing her dressed like that got my cock hard, sometimes I cummed.

When I was 12, I was on the local dive team for the boys 10 to 12 division, our speedos made our cocks hard. It was almost a week after she was widowed, when I got home from practice, I was in my hoody with my team speedo on almost underneath.

10 or 15 minutes after I got home, my mother got home, she was in her biker jacket, hot pants sheer pantyhose, I thought she was sexy when she said "Hey honey, how was diving practice?" I said "We didn't practice, our coach got talked to the guys about a couple of upcoming swim meets. When he talked so much, then there wasn't time to practice, oh I put away the dishes." She said "Thanks for doing that."

When I was getting ready for bed, my mother softly asked "Hey honey, are those my panties you're wearing?" I said "Mother!" "I wouldn't wear your panties!" "That's my team swimsuit, here see?" As I pulled up my hoody. "That's where it says 'Regional Division II', come on really, I wouldn't wear any of your clothes."

She said "Even if you did wear my panties, I won't get mad, really honey, I think you'd look sexy in my panties." I said "Even so, I still wouldn't wear your clothes, right now, I'm going to bed."

When I took my hoody off my mother asked "Have any of the girls at school told you how sexy your ass is?" I asked "What would I want with girls?" She said "I'm sure they've seen you in swimsuits many times at those swimpool events and when I've been there honey, I've heard some girls saying so too, you're lucky you got my ass genes."

She turned her hot pants clad ass at me and asked "Like my ass honey?" I said "I have to admit, it is nice and sexy." She said "Oh honey, you're so sweet, I'll come in and kiss you good night."

Then when she came in my room, she was in a thigh high sheer seethrough gown, her bra and panties were to die for, her tummy was a sexy turnon. Instead of kissing me good night, she asked "Honey would you like to sit in the spa with me?" I said "Ok." Then when I saw my mother strip to her panties and bra, my cock got all big and hard in my speedo.

Then she asked "Have you had sex before?" I said "No way!" My mother said "Mommy would love to have your sperm fill her tummy." Then we both were naked in the spa, so when we both had sex with each other, my mother moaned the whole time she felt my hard cock wiggle around inside her till a huge gush of cum filled her pussy. Were we got done, she said "Oh honey, oh that felt good." Then we both went to bed.

Then just a little more than 2 weeks before I was 13, was my last diving event before I was aged out, I didn't want to continue on anyway. When I got home, I was in my team speedo and team windbreaker, I found my mother seated in the middle of the couch, her tummy made almost a double roll between her bikini bra and short shorts where she had both her hands across the front of, she had this glowing smile across her face.

Then she said "Congratulations honey, we're going to have a baby!" When she said that, my cock grew big and hard in my team speedo when I took my windbreaker off. Then she said "Wow honey!" "I love how big your penis is, it makes you look sexy in your swimsuit." I said "I sure love how you're dressed." She said "You're so sweet honey."

When my mother stood up, her tummy was still flat, though there was a barely visible baby belly under the front of her still fitting short shorts. When I felt our baby, my cock wiggled hard in my team speedo. When I stared at my mother's tummy, I was impressed by how my cum was making her tummy grow with our baby inside.

Then months later, I was already 13, my mother was 29, it was '98. Her growing belly looked sexy in her bikini. We were walking at the edge of a flowing river when some college age guys stared at my mother's belly and their cocks got hard in their shorts and speedos.

Then when she put on her short shorts for pregnant ladies, the front of them were sexy as they were stretched way over her belly. There was very little of her bare belly showing off between her shorts and bikini bra. I thought she looked even sexier dressed that way than just in her bikini.




So continuing from confession "1785".

Firstly, i went and checked in on the girl i have already fucked and she is leaving hospital this weekend. But, the best news for me is she is pregnant with my baby. I'm sure she will have it aborted, but due to the illness the chart does advise that she cannot go through and procedures for at least 8 to 10 weeks for healing time. She will will be well over 3 months pregnant before she can do anything and this means she will be over the legal abortion times.

Anyway, i did go off and try and find some more girls. I went to another large hospital several hours away from me. I had no luck. And again, but on the 4th hospital, which is almost 3 hours away i found something. I waited around for while again and then went for a walk through the children's wards.

I found room with 4 beds, all full, but all asleep. No one was around, so i had a look into the charts. The first girl is 14, she was a sexy little girl and she was being medicated to sleep during the evenings due to pain management of her broken shoulder and arm. The second was a boy, so moved on. The third was another girl and she was 13. She wasn't being given sleeping medications, but was sound asleep due to high doses of morphine. She wasn't as cute as the last girl, but was still nice. The last bed was a 16 year old girl and she was very sexy. She was being medicated for sleep due to severe pain from a multiple fracture of her heavily casted foot and ankle.

I wait outside where i could see the room and after i watched the nurse do her rounds i headed back. I went for the 14 year old girl. I pulled her curtains around again and i spent a minute making sure she wouldn't wake up. I stripped off and pulled her sheets off. I lay her bed head back down flat and then climbed on. I did what i did last time. I pulled her gown open and was happy to note no bra. She couldn't wear one with her shoulder is my guess. I pulled her panties off and laughed to myself. 14 year old and she was wearing panties that had Cinderella on the front and back of them.

Well i lifted her legs onto my shoulders and slide myself forward. I lent over her and pushed my cock into her. It only took a couple of goes to get it in, then slowly worked a couple inches in until i felt her hymen. Same as last time, i just pushed through quickly and continued to work myself deeper inside her. I managed to get my cock completely inside and could feel myself bottomed out. I just went for it, lasting maybe 5 or 6 minutes until i blew. I pumped another of those extremely huge orgasms into her, blasting 4 big spurts of sperm into her belly. I stayed in her till i had finished pumping any remaining smaller spurts in her and slowly pulled out. I got her dressed and covered again and pulled her sheets back up. I tiled the bed so her head was down and feet up, making sure she didn't leak.

After a short break i went over to the 16 year old girl. I was still nude, but pulled her curtains around quickly. I repeated the try to wake her and made sure. While is was pulling down her sheets i also stopped to read the notes further on her chart. Reading it i opened her gown and was so hard instantly. She had a filly bra over her B cup breasts and a matching filly underwear on. What i had spotted in her chart was that they were providing her with heavy pads as she was due to ovulate in the next couple of days. OMG! I was ready to nut a load right then knowing she was as fertile as i could have been.

I climbed up again and this time i just tilted the back back, making sure her body lay on a 10 or 15 degree angle. I pushed her bra around her neck, letting me see her beautiful breasts and pulled her pants off. She did indeed have a thick pad in them. Anyway, i just went right for it, opening her legs wide, i hung her ankles over the bed sides, making sure her cast was completely out of my way. I lent over her, putting my hand on her shoulders to support myself and hold her still as i pushed into her. I didn't find a hymen which was good, but she felt amazing. I was able to push hard into her, rocking the bed a bit. I slowed down and just felt her for a while, sliding nice and slowly in and out. I felt my head hit her cervix and that just drove me further. I knew i was close so i thrust super hard into her, i was rewarded with a good grunt from her. I did this 4 more times, making her grunt each time until i was balls deep and pushing hard against her cervix. It took almost 20 minutes but i was there and i released. I don't really know how much i cummed in her, but it felt like a tidal wave blasting out of my cock into her sexy body. I finished up and climbed down.

I was going to go over the the 13 year girl next, but since she wasn't as cute and knowing the 16 year old was fertile, i decided to wait with her.I just sat on the side of her bed for 20 minutes relaxing, then I checked the time of previous rounds and figured i still had about an hour or so before they come by. I climbed back up and put her back in position. I Just slid right in and started fucking her again. I was getting pretty excited about impregnating her and was just forcing each thrust hard into her, causing her to grunt with almost every thrust. I know i should have been more careful to make sure no one was going to hear, but i just got so into it. I was fucking her hard for a while, then slowed down and went into a nice steady fuck. I final felt myself after 45 minutes readying to cum. I just went full force hard at it again and thrust my cock as hard and deep as i could. She grunted loudly as i stopped, my cock pressing really hard into the bottom of her pussy and unloaded again. This time i still managed to pump 3 more good spurt of sperm in her. I also realised i was getting close on time, so got off her quickly and got her pants and bra back on, making sure the pad was correctly over her leaking pussy to catch my mess. I put my clothes on and put her bed back.

I also went over and put the 14 year olds bed back in place and i left. My timing was good cause the nurses were just starting rounds as i passed the front desk. It's been 2 days and i'm going to go back tonight and see where it's at.

If the 13 year old is still there i might try her as well, but i really want to fuck the 14 year old again as well and try to make sure i can get her pregnant as well.




I'm a single gay man in his 40s. I work with Randy and am good friends with him and his wife, Vicki. We often play racquetball and I've noticed when he's heading to the shower that his cock is quite impressive.

Vicki and I do little flirty things and eventually get around to talking about sex a lot. She knows my preference so she's not intimidated. I told her one night that I thought Randy had the most gorgeous cock I'd ever seen. She just laughed. She must have thought about that for a while and finally asked me one day if I meant it. I told her I did. I even got a little bold and told her I'd love to do him some day. She thought it would be a hoot to have another man sucking on her hubby's cock. I eventually told her all the things I'd like to do to him and she came up with a plan. It was for Friday night.

That Friday she told him that she had a special surprise for him. When I snuck in that night he was already tied spread eagle on the bed with a blindfold on. I snuck into the room and quietly stripped. She was sitting on the bed naked. When she saw me she leaned over and kissed him and said, "Honey, I told you I had a surprise. I'm gonna finally let you fuck me in the ass." He smiled and said, "No shit, babe?" "No shit," she said and got off of the bed. Instead of her, I laid on the bed between his legs and took his cock in my mouth. It was much larger than mine and within minutes he was hard as a fucking flag pole.

He truly couldn't tell it wasn't her sucking his cock. I edged him a few times until he was begging her to get on top of him. We smiled at each other and she just shook her head. I got up and straddled him. I gently placed my asshole on the tip of his cock and slowly lowered myself down. I'd been fucked by a lot of different cocks but none were this thick. His cock spread my asshole open and it was fucking glorious. I slowly raised and lowered myself on him, essentially fucking him. After a few minutes he started to fuck me back. He said, "Honey, I don't know what's got into you, but this is the best fuck I've ever had." We said nothing and I just kept fucking him with my man-cunt.

He sped up and I could tell he was close. She moved up to the head of the bed near his head. "Oh, honey I'm cumming!" he said, and I felt the first squirt. I nodded to her and she quickly removed his blindfold. He couldn't stop in mid-cum. He just kept saying, "Oh, fuck no. Fuck no," over and over. She was laughing at his hysteria. He was finally spent.

"Honey," she said, "Terry's been wanting to suck your cock for a long time so I gave him permission. We had to do it this way. Besides, you said it was the best fuck you ever had." He was a bit embarrassed but he was also smiling. I asked, "You did like it, though, didn't you?" He reluctantly shook his head yes. I still had his cock in my ass and he didn't try to get me off of him. I turned to Vicki, "You ready for step two?" She looked perplexed. "What's step two?"

"This," I said and pulled off of his cock. I scooted forward and put my cock up to his lips. He didn't move his head away, but glanced over to her with raised eyebrows. "Fuck, honey, it's your choice. You've already fucked him." He opened his mouth a little and I put my cock on the tip of his tongue. He wrapped his lips around me and sucked me like he'd done it many times. Within three minutes he had me cumming in his mouth. He didn't hesitate, but swallowed my whole load. I kept my cock in his mouth and told him to keep sucking. I can often cum twice in one setting, so he sucked me until I was hard again.

I quickly pulled out and scooted back down between his legs. I lifted his ass up and started to play with his asshole with a wet finger. Before he knew it I scooted up to him and shoved my cock in his ass. "What the fuck," he said. "Step three," I said as I started to slowly fuck him. I could tell it hurt like a fucker but he wasn't gonna let it show. He looked at her and she just shrugged. She was having a blast watching her husband being used like a fucking whore. I was able to last a lot longer this time and must have fucked him for at least 20 minutes. Finally I was ready to cum and said as much. She just said, "Go ahead. You already fed him so you might as well breed him." I started cumming. I could tell he was really into it now and didn't flinch when I came inside him.

His cock had been hard for the last 20 minutes, and while I was still in his ass enjoying the softening she straddled him and plunger her cunt down on his cock. I slowly pulled out and quietly dressed, leaving the room as they were fucking like it was their last day on earth.

He thinks she doesn't know it, but I've told her every time I've sucked his cock or had him suck or fuck me. We've been doing it for about two hears now and there's no slowing down in sight.




Growing up my mom wore these silky nightgowns. I never noticed until one night watching TV I couldn't keep my eyes off of her big tits and nipples that poked through her near see-through nightie. From that day on I jerked off thinking about her nipples and spent as much time at home at night as I could.

When I was 14 I was jerking off one day in the bathroom and she walked in. My cock was pretty big at that point, about 6 1/2 inches hard. She just stared as I attempted to cover myself up. They had been divorced for a few years now and mom never went out. She told me not to cover up, that she wanted to see what I had. She said she was very proud of the size of my cock. I blushed. She stepped forward and put her hand on it. After stroking it a few times she left the bathroom and went to bed.

A few nights later I was in bed stroking myself when my bedroom door opened and she walked in wearing her most see-through nightie. "It's time I taught you," she said and walked over to my bed. My cock was sticking straight up and she didn't hesitate. She crawled on the bed between my legs and put my cock in her mouth. "What are you doing?" I asked, a little scared. "Don't worry, honey, you'll like this," she said. She was right. I loved her mouth on my cock. I thrust upwards a little and she said, "That's it. Fuck mama's mouth, baby." I started to hump her face, fucking her mouth as hard as I could. She took my entire cock in her mouth until her lips were on my pubes.

She sensed I was ready and said, "Go ahead, honey. Cum for mama." I couldn't hold back any longer and started cumming. I was a normal, horny 14 year old boy and came for all I was worth. I finished cumming and she took her mouth off of my cock and crawled on top of me. She kissed me and shoved her cum covered tongue between my lips. She was gyrating on my cock and I was getting hard again. "My cunt is so wet," she said. "I need you to fuck me right now." She placed my cock against her pussy and sat down. "Oh, fuck, honey," she kept saying over and over. We fucked for about a half hour and I started cumming again.

She finally rolled off of me and said, "Honey, you can never tell anyone about this." I shook my head. "Good. This is our little secret, and whenever you want a taste of my pussy you just say so and I'll try to accommodate you."

I couldn't believe it. My mom was offering me her cunt whenever I wanted it. We fucked so much that summer I was becoming a real pro. I'm 22 now and for some odd reason I still live at home. Hmmmm....