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I walked in on my husband fucking our newborn daughter and honestly it’s the hottest thing ever I love when he cums in her face and forces his cock in her little slit if I get a few comments I’ll post detailed stories




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I'm an underage masochist slut that love obese men.




I want to be gangraped by I bunch of guys with huge cocks. I know I’m only 16 but it’s something I dream about every night. I really want it to happen! I live in nyc. If anyone can help me out please text me (608) 501-1203




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Im a 18 year old straight female with a crazy fetish for females neck, especially if its flexible. I love a neck that cant back far or that can turn around a little farther than usual even neck cracking. Its come to the point where l’ve made a IG page specifically just for my fetish. I’ve checked alot of fetish sites to see if I like was a thing but what I find is just regular neck fetish videos.

There’s hardly any female videos that caters to what I like, but have found alot with guys, which bums me out. I honestly wish there were more females with a kinky side that wouldn’t mind trying out my fetish. Even sometimes I want ask around online and to my friends if they would try it, even though my family and friends know nothing about this cause they would freak out if they did.

I know neck fetish is normal but as a straight female, I feel weird to have such a feeling towards it.




Another story from my messed up youth

I was 13 and in the 7th grade. Awkward and just starting Puberty, totally inexperienced. Through some other Kids I knew I met a kid from a nearby Neighborhood named Garry and we all hung out together, he was 11 or 12 and had a Redhead sister 9 years old, Her name was Linda. She was fat with too many freckles and not pretty. She had a piggy sort of face but since she was so overweight she was already in a training bra. Even through her shirt you could tell she had Puffy Nipples. I was walking Home by the Elementary School when the 2 of them pulled up to me on their Bikes and we were talking

Linda said "ask him Garry" I said ask me what?

Garry said "She likes you. she wants to know if you like her too" It seemed like an Opportunity to me so I said I did. (but I definitely didn't want to take the teasing that I'd get if my REAL friends saw me with her!)

So I started to hang out in their neighborhood a bit more and go to her House after School (to see her Brother ; - ) if anyone asked

in her Garage she would let me kiss her and Squeeze her Boobs a bit. I was just learning and it was awkward...clicking teeth and all that

Once Garry was in the Garage with us and their Parents would be Home soon and I said something to tease her about Sex. her response surprised me

She said "I know about sex" I was like "No you don't" and Garry said "She's already had It done to Her"

Linda said "First You Stick it in, Then you Go Up and Down Like Mad!" I had to go then because their Parents were coming Home and I had to go home too

The next time I saw Garry I asked about it

Turns out there was a 13 year old girl in the neighborhood named Yvonne who was something of a predator, she would set off red flags nowadays and would get a lot of the younger girls to play Dr and stuff. Even telling them how good sex was and talking some of them into doing it with her 9 yr old brother Benny. Garry had been part of the Circle too...a bunch of the Kids there were.

Linda had told her "I don't want to have a baby" and Yvonne told her "You can't, you're both too young" So in a shed behind Yvonnes House Linda laid down and let Benny "Stick it in and go Up and Down like Mad" while Yvonne watched..

Shortly after that I found a girl from my own grade and the opportunity for Linda faded away