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It had started several nights before the school year had started, my mom and I had been by ourselves in a motel room, I had started getting ready for bed when my mom had asked me to sleep with her, I still had on my short shorts when she still had on her short shorts and bikini bra. Then we had both taken off our short shorts, I was in my striped speedo, my mom was in her bikini. When we'd both gotten in bed that night, we'd caressed each other, her tits were sexy hard in her bikini bra, my dick was huge and hard in my speedo. We stayed at it till we were both asleep. This had all happened when my mom was in her mid 30s, when I was in 7th grade at age 12 and 13, way back in the early 70s.

Around 1 month after school had started, my mom had gone around the house in her bikini, at that time, I'd had no way to tell she was pregnant.

Almost 2 months after school had started, my mom sat me down one day and let me know she was going to have a baby and that she would have the baby in the very next June when the school year had ended. When she'd told me this, she'd already pulled off her blouse and skirt. I'd gotten all hard in my short shorts and had stripped to my briefs when I'd seen my mom's stomach all squishy between her panties and bra.

After she let me feel her baby, I went to my room and had enjoyed rubbing myself in my briefs, I couldn't help myself. I remembered around those several nights in that motel room before I'd entered 7th grade, my mom was had shown off her sexy flat stomach in her bikini, it made me get all big and hard in my striped speedo.

At age 11, I'd started cumming, sometimes in speedos, sometimes in my briefs, I had always some how cleaned it up so my mom wouldn't know.

There had been a few times when my mom had gone around the house in her panties and bras and still showed off her still flat stomach after she'd told me about her pregnancy, I had gotten hard in my short shorts just from watching her feel her baby.

The day I turned 13, my mom let me look at her stomach as her pregnancy had just began showing, she'd had on pregnancy panties and bra when I had on briefs, was I all nice and hard in my briefs from feeling her baby as my mom's belly had already started blossoming.

When her pregnancy had started showing and she'd started getting a belly, she'd started wearing seethrough nightgowns, so I still saw what was underneath. When she'd said goodnight to me, I would take a glance at her seethrough nightgown, I had seen what her belly had looked like in her pregnancy panties and bras. I'd started rubbing myself every night till I had fallen to sleep.

Then around Easter vacation when my mom was 6 to 7 months pregnant, I was in my speedo and was ready to put on my basketball jersey when my mom had asked me to her room. There she was in her dress and had asked me if I wanted to look at her belly. I told her I wasn't up to it when she said it was ok. Then as she pulled off her dress, out came her nice slim legs, big pregnancy panties stretched around her belly, a three inch swath of bare belly and bra, was my dick hard in my speedo.

Then she'd had something else to tell me, she'd asked me if I had remembered our night in our motel room those several nights before I'd gone back to school, I told her yes. Then she had told me I was the father of our baby, that the baby had happened in her stomach on that night when we'd both been in that motel room.

My mom had smiled when she told me that and that she'd wanted to be pregnant. We both kept this from my dad who never knew I was the father of what he'd thought was his baby.

After hearing the news, I'd stared at her 3 inch swath of bare belly knowing that went from a flat stomach to a round belly when I was hard in my striped speedo.




My brother is three years older than me. We often sat in the bedroom listening to music when mom and dad were fighting. I know I'm kinda small for my age, but never considered myself queer or anything like that. He used to tease me a lot, but he was my brother and that's what brothers do.

One day there was a huge argument and we went into the bedroom. Dad was pissed and left for a while. Mom said she was going over to Joyce's house for a bit. We were in the bedroom listening to some of Jake's records and he sat on the bed next to me. Finally he turned and asked if I was gay. I told him no, I didn't think so. "How do you know?" he asked. "I don't know, I just figured I wasn't." He looked down at my crotch and said, "I think it's time we found out." "What do you mean?" I asked. He said he wanted me to suck his dick.

I really didn't know what to do, so when I didn't do anything he figured I wanted to. He stood up and unzipped his fly. "Let's see if you can suck dick as well as Debbie." That was his ex-girlfriend. When he pulled his cock out through his zipper I didn't know what he was doing. Then he pulled my head in closer so my lips were touching his cock. "Open up and suck it." I slowly opened my mouth and he pushed his cock in. I figured for a 16 year old he had a pretty big cock. It didn't take but a couple of minutes and he was hard. "Oh, fuck, Terry, your mouth is better than any pussy." He was fucking my mouth now. He made me gag a couple of times, but I started to really enjoy it. "Okay. Now when I cum you're supposed to swallow it."

As soon as he said that he started cumming. It took me by surprise. I had never even tasted my own small amount of cum when I jerked off, so this was a real mouthful. I was able to swallow it all. I thought it tasted different, but not bad. I didn't know what was supposed to happen next, but he pulled his cock out of my mouth and tucked himself back in. "So, you like that, don't you?" he said as he reached down and grabbed my cock through my pants. It was hard. Not big, but hard. "I guess it was okay," I said. "Well, maybe you need more practice."

He had me suck his cock any time we were alone. After about a month he just unzipped and pulled his cock out and I started sucking. Then he decided to see if I really was gay. One afternoon we were alone and I was sucking his cock. He pulled his cock out of my mouth and told me to strip. I thought he was gonna suck me now, but instead he had me kneel on the floor with my chest on the bed. He knelt behind me and started to play with my asshole with a wet finger. Then he shocked me totally by shoving his cock into my ass. I jumped at the pain, but it eventually subsided. Once I relaxed a little it started to feel good. I decided I really liked having him fuck me. And it almost made me cum when he started shooting in my ass.

He finally pulled out of my ass and turned me around. He made me suck the cum off of his cock. I loved it. We did this for the rest of the school year. He got another girlfriend and spent most of his time with her that summer. I never did suck him or get fucked by him again, but ever since I started sucking him I look for as much cock as I can get. That was six years ago and I am a full-fledged cum sucking, ass fucking queer, just like he said.




I've been looking for a cuck couple for a while, so when they answered my ad I was ecstatic. I stand about six feet and have an eight inch cock. I am considered a true BBC. I met them last Friday night. He's a little dumpy white guy and she is also a little dumpy but has big titties. As soon as I walked in I said to him, "You, shut the fuck up and just watch until I tell you otherwise." Then I turned to her, "Now, you be a good little cunt and start sucking me." She had me hard in no time. He was in a chair stroking his cock. "Stop that!" I said to him and he quickly put his hands down to his sides.

I had her stand up and I grabbed her nipples. She tried to push my hands away. "Now, listen bitch. You walled me over here, now shut the fuck up and do what I tell you." I pulled her nipples until she yelped. Then I pulled her nipples down and forced her to her knees. "Is your pussy wet?" I asked her. She shook her head yes. I told her to sit on the floor and I walked over to him. "Suck me," I said. He looked at her wonderingly. I slapped him. "Look at me, bitch. Now, suck my cock!" I ordered. He slowly bent over and took my cock into his mouth.

I was still hard as he sucked me. After about 10 minutes I made him get on the floor and bend over the chair. His ass was up in the air and I had her come over and lick his ass. She didn't want to, but when I raised my hand she flinched and slowly crawled over and started to lick his ass. "Now, tongue fuck him and get him ready." "Ready for what?" he asked. "I said shut the fuck up." I slapped his ass several times and he was now weeping.

I pulled her away and knelt down behind him. In one motion I shoved my cock into his asshole. He yelled. I pulled his hips back and held him on my cock as he squirmed. Then I started to slowly fuck his ass. She was sitting there watching me fuck her husband. "So, you want me to cum in his ass or his mouth." "I think his mouth," she said and gave a wicked smile.

I pulled out of his ass and made him turn around. I stepped up to him and put my cock up to his lips. He was hesitant, but after another slap he opened his mouth and I put my cock in. "Oh, fuck yeah," I said. "The little pussy cunt likes this big black cock, doesn't he?" With that I started cumming. I told her to hold his head just before I let go. She did and he took my entire load. There was so much cum he couldn't handle but about half of my load. Just before I finished I pinched the base of my cock and pulled out of him and turned to her. She opened her mouth and I put my cock on the tip of her tongue. I finished cumming as she sat there with her mouth open.

I rested for a bit and made her get me a beer. About half an hour later I thought I could go again, so I made him suck me until I was hard, then I laid down and had her bounce on my cock until I came again. They were both a little ashamed and humiliated as I walked out, but I got a text from her this morning wanting to do it again. I said yes, but this time they had to pay me. She agreed and I'm about ready to head over for round 2.




It's amazing how many married men will let another man suck their cock. I learned it doesn't matter if it's at a gay or straight bar. I found that most of the men in a gay bar will let you suck their cock and even pay for it. I started charging $5.00 and an extra five to swallow. Easy picking. But the real surprise was in a straight bar. About 20 percent will let you suck their cock if you just ask them. I usually start out by saying, "Hi. I'm Denny. I really like the way your body looks. If you're interested I'll suck your cock in my van for $10." Then I turn and walk out. If they follow me I know I just earned $10.

I can usually get a guy to cum in about five minutes. Most of them are already horny when they get to the bar. I can do this about 20 times a night at different bars. Some of the guys soon get to know me and all I have to do is show up and they follow me outside. I've gotten the price up to $20 per blowjob and $30 to fuck me. That's about the max most are willing to pay for a blowjob from another man.

I started one night at 6:00 and ended up sucking off 24 men that night. Nearly $500 for one night doing something I love. I make about $90,000 a year now just sucking man cock. When I don't feel like working too hard I'll hit the gay bars, but most nights I cruise eight or nine straight bars. I put away about $60,000 a year and after 27 years I'm close to retirement. Man, what a fucking life, huh?




A few months ago my wife caught me looking at gay porn. I try to be careful but that night I wasn't. She snuck in and stood by me while I jerked off to two guys fucking. I was whispering things like, "Oh, fuck yeah, give me that cum, stud?" and "Too bad it's not me sucking on that pole." I started cumming in my hand and licked it clean.

Finally she spoke up and I was humiliated. She feigned being pissed and accused me of being a closet fag and said if I wanted to stay with her I would have to show her. She said she knew a gay man from work. She picked up the phone and said, "Todd, Lin here. I just caught Terry jerking off to two gays fucking. I need him to suck a cock and I thought of you. Can you come over?"

She made me stay right there, naked in my chair until he arrived. As soon as he walked in she had him get naked and stand in front of me. I was ashamed and excited at the same time. My own cock was growing. He stepped forward and she pushed my head into him. I opened my mouth as he put his cock in. She guided my head on his cock, essentially letting him fuck my face. When he said he was gonna cum I tried to pull off but her hands had a tight grip on my head. He let go and filled my mouth with his cum. I made like I hated it but I really liked it. When he finally pulled out there wasn't a drop of cum to be found. She mentioned as much.

I thought this was over but she made me suck him until he was hard again, then she had me get on all fours on the floor. He knelt behind me and shoved a wet finger into my ass. I jumped a little, but again secretly liked it. It was only when he pulled his finger out and shoved his cock in that I felt any pain. Even then the pain was bearable. She made me stay there until he was ready to cum again. It took about 40 minutes and I was exhausted. But after a few short minutes I started to enjoy being fucked. At one point my cock was hard as a rock and she reached under me and put her hand around it. Even before she started to stroke me I started cumming. She reached her other hand under and caught most of my jizz in her palm. Then she brought her hand up to my mouth and made me lick it clean. When Todd announced he was gonna cum I didn't even flinch. He was fucking me deep and hard by this time and I felt every spurt of his cum in my ass.

This was just the start. She shaved me from head to toe and over the next three weeks turned me into as much of a woman as possible. She won't suck or fuck me anymore, but that's okay. Sometimes we even have contests to see who could suck another man's cock the best and who could make him squirt the farthest. I usually win. I'm her bitch now and have become a cumslut for anyone willing. She's even talking about me growing my tits and getting rid of my cock.

Now, how fucking exciting is that?




Seeing my mom's tummy

It was back when I was 9, my mom was 32, it was '91. One Saturday, I had just changed into my speedo for the day. My mom, then around 5 months pregnant, had gotten home, she'd seen me in my speedo and was she aroused to see me dressed like that.

My mom had worn a loose fitting dress and I'd noticed her breasts had gotten a little bit larger, her tummy had been growing big and I had started getting aroused at 9 years old in my speedo. She'd gotten home from doing some little bit of shopping.

Sometime later, when I was in my room, my mom had tapped on my bedroom door, I turned, there she was, in only her short shorts and bikini bra, my dick got hard. Then she said 'Hey sweety feel mommy's tummy.' When I felt her growing tummy, I felt my dick hardening in my speedo. I was turned on by how the top of her short shorts had stretched way over her navel.




I got home from a business trip a day early, and as I opened the front door I heard her saying, "Oh, yeah! Fuck me harder!" I put my bags down and walked down the hallway. The bedroom door was open and I stuck my head around the doorway. My wife, Jenny was on her hands and knees on the bed and our next door neighbor, Jimmy was wildly fucking her. He pulled out of her and she flipped over on her back and turned around. He bent over her and shoved his cock in her mouth. It was much bigger than mine. "Oh, fuck, I'm cumming," he said and she reached around and grabbed his ass. She pulled him in as far she could. I could tell he was cumming and she was taking it all.

At first I was pissed. Then I realized my cock was getting hard watching my wife getting fucked by this stud. She sucked him for another two minutes and he finally rolled off of her. I walked in clapping. They were both shocked. I told her, "So, why don't you ever do that to me?" She didn't say anything. She looked humiliated. "Here's the deal. If you want to stay in this marriage things are gonna change. I want you to suck my cock like you just did to him. And you, you fucking bastard, if you don't want Linda to find out, you're gonna suck me too." I got undressed and stepped up to the bed.

"On one condition," she said. "I'll suck your cock if you suck his." I pointed to him to get down and start sucking. Surprisingly he did. He sucked me until I was rock hard. Neither of them knew that I liked to suck cock and took this opportunity. After he sucked me for a little bit I had her lay on the floor on her back. I knelt up to her and shoved my cock into her cum-soaked pussy. I told him to stand in front of me, and when he did I stuck his cock in my mouth. She came almost immediately, telling me to suck that monster.

It didn't take too long and I started cumming. I filled her cunt with more jizz than ever before. After another minute I pulled out and she said she wanted to see me get fucked. I got on all fours and she laid under me in a 69. She took my cock in her mouth and he knelt behind me. He started licking my asshole, getting me nice and slimy. His cock was still hard and he shoved it all the way into my ass. My cock jumped every time he thrust forward. We were all three loving it. Since we had both cum already we were able to stay hard a while. She sucked me and he fucked me for 20 minutes. He was the first to cum. I felt his warm jizz fill my ass and this made me cum. She swallowed it all.

When we finally all pulled out and relaxed a little he got dressed and left. Jen and me talked about it and decided we needed to do it more often. This was a whole new experience and we have been bi-swinging ever since. Many times with Jimmy, and many times with different strangers we meet on-line. I guess she now knows I love to suck cock.