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A 16 year old left her purse here at our job I went through found a condom and poked holes in it I hope the slut gets pregnant




First time I remember masturbating around age 6. It was a hot summer and as such the three of us did not wear anything at home. Just to set the scene a little.

We lived next door to my best friend who lived with her mother and older brother 6. They had a pop-up pool in the back yard that we used to swim in pretty much every day. Needless to say, we didn’t wear bathers in the pool because there wasn’t much point getting dressed to get into the pool.

Basically, we bounced between houses naked. Sometimes through the gate in the fence other times via the front gate on the open street. We were essentially naked from Mid-December, when school was out till we had to go back to school in February, of course we had to get dressed when we went out) but most the time that was just throwing a dress over top. no underwear, that included my mother as well she wore a spaghetti string dress that covered the essentials while out.

So, like I said we spent most of that summer in the pool but whenever I came home from my friends place I always got this impression I had just missed something. Mum would be hurrying out of whatever room she and dad were in and asking me questions about how swimming was etc. dad would show up a couple of minutes later and sit down in his chair or grab a drink for everyone. But the day I remember starting masturbating was slightly different.

I had just been sent home cause Suzy and her family were heading out for the evening and had to get ready. So, I didn’t come bouncing in to the house like I normally did. When I walked in the door, I saw mum sitting on dad’s lap rocking back and forwards. Neither of them saw me cause mum facing away from the door and blocking dads view. I was so stunned I just stood there and watched for a while. and because I was quiet, they didn’t notice me. I could see dad’s penis going in and out of mum’s vagina (yep we used real names for things) and heard them bath moaning like they were enjoying it.

After a while I started to feel a slight tingle in my stomach and vagina. I was unconsciously rubbing my pussy and hadn’t noticed. about that time, I heard dad grunting loud and mum started shuddering a little. Dad laid back and closed his eyes while mum got up and turned around. I saw dad’s penis plop out of her vagina just as she noticed me standing there. she just started to say something when I dashed away to my room and slammed the door. I slumped down behind the door and just sat. I didn’t know what to think but I knew I had just seen something that I wasn’t meant to. I heard mum and dad talking loudly then about 3 minutes later mum knocked on the door.

I stood up and let her in. She walked over and sat on my bed. That was when we had the other parts of the talk, bird bee’s baby’s blah blah had all that before but now she was talking about how it feeling good and that it was not something to be ashamed of etc. I honestly can’t remember what I was thinking at this point but at some stage I must have answered all the questions right because she got up gave me a big hug and went to make dinner.

All I could really think of was how good it felt to touch myself down there. Mum had of course explained the basics of self-pleasure (if anything she is through when we start on a new subject) and she said if I have any questions to ask her about it. After sitting and thinking for a while I got up and went out to the lounge where Dad was still sitting on the same chair, he asked if I was ok and then turned back to reading the book he was reading as I walked in.

Everything seemed as normal as ever. apart from this tingling I had in my pussy. I sat down on the couch and flicked on the TV. While I was watching, I started to play with myself. not intentionally but because it was tingling. I was getting right into it and had almost forgotten TV was on and dad was in the room when mum stood in the door way and said "just what do you think you're doing"

I jerked my hands away from my pussy quickly and looked up guiltily, dad had looked up and over at me seen me playing but hadnt said anything but now mum was on my case. Then she smiled and said " I have asked you to set the table 3 times, but you were too busy playing with your self that you didnt hear. Go wash your hands and set the table like I asked."

I got up and saw dad’s penis was a lot bigger than normal, he smiled at me and then went back to reading his book and I went and washed my hands and set the table. After dinner we all sat in the lounge room and watched a movie that was playing on TV. We all sat on the couch as normal and sat cuddled up dad in the middle with his arms around both of us, Dad was rubbing my arm gently and ocasionally rubbing my chest and brushing across my nipple it felt good. At some stage through the movie I started playing with myself again.

I looked around and noticed dad was playing with one of mum’s tits. Mum was also rubbing her pussy. but we were all still watching the movie. Soon I forgot about the movie and started rubbing more. the more I rubbed my pussy the better it felt, I must have touched my clit at some stage because I suddenly got a huge jolt that made me shiver and jerk. I it touched again and once again my body shook. the third time i touched my clit I couldn’t stop. I jerked around and shuddered so much dad grabbed me so I wouldn’t fall off the couch. I felt so good nice strong arm holding me tight while coming down off the best ride i had ever had (so far).

I once I finally got my 'composure' back i looked around and saw both mum and dad smiling at me. The movie had finished, and it was starting to get dark outside. Mum stood up, picked me up and carried me to bed.

I must have fallen asleep pretty quick cause I woke up and it was really dark. I heard mum moaning loudly and what sounded like a struggle in their room. I got up quietly and snuck to their door which was wide open. I saw mum lying on her back with her legs in the air and dad doing press-ups in between them . I could see his penis going in and out of her vagina. Their groaning got louder and then suddenly stopped. Dad knelt up and quickly move up so his penis was next to mums mouth. Mum started sucking on it like it was an cheese filled sausage. then dad granted really loud and mums mouth puffed up really big. she looked like she was trying to swallow stuff ( well obviously I know now )

Once dad had stopped jerking she opened her eyes and looked at the door where I was standing. she looked me straight in the eye and said "Bed, young lady" I turned and ran back to bed where I rubbed my pussy till I shook and then prompt fell asleep.

When I woke the next morning and walked out I realised things had changed around home. I wasn’t sure how but the place was not as stress full as it had been.

Needless to say I had lots more fun that summer and from then on but the one thing that slightly confused me till I was old enough to discuss it with my mum was that no matter what happened or what I tried, Neither mum nor dad touched me in any way that I would consider sexual. Yep they both rubbed my chest, smacked my bottom and helped me clean my vagina but never once did they initiate any touching or encourage me to touch them.

Talking to mum about 5 years later she said it was a line they were both not happy to cross. They enjoyed watching me play and enjoyed an audience occasionally but never considered letting me join in physically. I understand this now that I have my own children




The confessions where people jack off their dogs or suck dog cock get me so wet, especially when men are doing it to male dogs. That's man's best friend for sure, when you love someone enough to give them orgasms all the time. Women licking and gently fingering pet pussy is almost as hot.




I have had a rough child hood. I have birth 10 days after my 14th birthday. The father was a 35 year old blackguy. I spent about three hours with him and we were having sex. I sure he paid my mother money. Nine months later I gave birth. Why didn't I have an abortion. I was 5 months pregnant before my month realized it. No one knew who or where to find the father. He was the fourth man i have sex with. He was the only one that was black. I had sex willingly because my mom said it was ok. She was also having sex with different men too. Having that baby made me want sex all the time. And my mom would bring boyfriends for me. A boy was a regular . I guy that come over every Sunday night. We would have a couple drinks and we would go in the bed room. These guys always started off with my mom, they would bring a friend and they would spend the night in my bed room. Guys really like sucking breast milk . So I pumped them to keep them producing. And that was what went on for the next year. And then when I was 16 my mom didn't refill my birth control. When I ask he when she is going to get it, That's when she told me that i should have another baby. That I nee to give my daughter a sibling. Then she tells me who I should let father my next baby and it's long time regular. I guy that I have had sex with and didn't like it. A black guy. She talked me into it and i have my second daughter at age 17. At first he was great. He bought everything I needed for the baby. But then he died in a car crash. His S.S.I was only 900 a month. At 18 I moved out and took my babies. My mother tried to get them from me but she kept failing drug test. So that's it. I'm 25 now and have my own place. I work and having public funding too.




It's almost too easy to have sex with virgin girls in my pool, but today I popped virgin twins! Long story short: it wasn't my plan to fuck 13 years old sister but after one lost top of bikini in deep water another did the same Ten minutes later we were naked and before one hour was over both sister were well fucked . After pool we have sex in my bed until a half hour ago .




I love phone sex. To make things interesting I like to ask the question "If you could get away with anything without consequences what would you like to do? I was surprised at the number of child related responses. A few of my favorites:

One college girl would like to kidnap 8-11 year old boys and tie them spread eagle, and then circumcise them. She had an elaborate fantasy of playing with a scalpel to terrorize them, telling them what she was going to do. Then getting a cutting board and placing their penis on it. Then, slowly slicing off the tip of their foreskin. She was turned on by all the screaming and jerking around and by the blood. Then she would hang it up on a nail on her wall, to dry and keep it as a souvenir.

Not sure if this was a fantasy: Another girl stated that she turned a 12 year old neighbor boy into her boy toy. She would take him to her all- girl parties and make him perform, doing strips, or feminize him. She would use him as a party game. He would stand across the room and they would take turns bouncing a tennis ball off the floor attempting to hit him in the balls. Whoever succeeded, got to take him privately into a room and have fun with him. She also stated he was taught how to eat pussy, and he ate a lot of it.




I'm 31 and i live with my girlfriend Tina. Tina is is 39. Tina has 2 kids. Her 16 year old son that lives with his dad and her daughter Maggie. Maggie is 17. My confession is for the past 4 months, I have been have sex with Maggie. I work 1st shift and I get home about the same time Maggie gets home from school. Tina owns a pizza shop and gets home around 6. So Maggie and I have sex most days before Tina gets home. Tina has fallen in love with me and I really like Tina. Tina has told me that she is willing to have another baby but we need to get married. What I can't stop thinking about is getting both of them pregnant. Maggie is unprotected and I have cum in her. The couple times that I have cum in Maggie, I make sure that night when Tina and I got to bed i cum in her. I also know that when Tina finds out that I have been raw doggin her daughter that it's over.