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I'm a 22 year old man. I am in the Army and a few months ago I hooked up with this knockout of a 33 year old divorced woman. Her name was Alyce. She was actually the first woman I fucked and the first woman who ever have me a blowjob. What surprised me was one night when she was sucking my cock she put her finger in my ass. It nearly blew my mind along with my nuts. I came harder than ever.

One night she asked me if I ever been topped. I wasn't sure what that was. I thought it was just fucking with her on top. I didn't want to sound like an idiot so I told her no but I wanted to try it. She asked if it was okay if she tied me up first and blindfolded me. I think she knew that I was clueless. I thought that would be kinky so I told her okay.

That Friday night we made plans to be at her place. She had me strip and lay on the bed on my belly with my head hanging over the end of the bed. She tied my legs spread eagle and tied my hands over the end of the bed. I was pretty helpless. Then she said, "so, my little cunt, you ready to be topped?" I figured she just wanted to talk dirty. I responded, "Anytime, honey. Do your best." She laughed and crawled on the bed on my back facing my feet. She started to massage my ass cheeks a little when her bedroom door opened. "What's going on?" I asked. Just then I felt something against my lips and a man said, "Open your mouth, cunt." I tried to struggle but he had grabbed my hair and lifted my head up so my mouth automatically opened. He rammed his cock in my mouth about three inches.

"You bite me and I'll fucking kill you," he said. He sounded black and big. His booming voice scared the shit out of me. He let go of my hair and slowly started to fuck my mouth. At first I hated it, but with him fucking my mouth she reached past my ass and grabbed my cock and pulled it down toward my feet. She was stroking me while rubbing my ass at the same time. All of a sudden I decided I liked all of this so I started to suck him like I was made for it. It took about five minutes and he started cumming. I wasn't ready for it and choked and sputtered. I swallowed some and some flowed back out of my mouth. He kept his cock in my mouth for another 10 minutes until he started to get hard again. I hadn't cum yet but my cock was hard as she alternated stroking me and playing with my asshole.

I felt her squirt something cold on my ass as he pulled his cock out of my mouth. I thought that was what topping meant. Then I felt him crawl on the bed between my legs and the realization hit me. He was going to fuck me. This was not what I wanted. I heard them kissing and he said, "Oh, fuck yeah, baby. Drive this big cock into that man pussy down there." I felt him lean forward and his cock slid into my asshole and past my sphincter. It hurt at first but he was actually pretty gentle. He waited until I relaxed my ass muscles and slowly started to fuck me. They were still kissing as he fucked me. "Oh, yeah, breed that little cunt," she said.

After a couple of minutes it started to feel good, like I was scratching an itch in my asshole. I started to raise a little as he thrust forward. She crawled off of me and he leaned his whole body weight into me. His cock went deeper with each thrust. He must have fucked me for about a half hour before he filled my ass with his second load. I felt the warmth of it squeeze out of my asshole and down onto my nuts.

He finally pulled his cock out of me and I heard the bedroom door shut. When the front door finally closed she undid my blindfold and untied me. I never found out who he was but when she asked me if I would like to do it again I jumped at the chance. Next week she had two guys come in and ravage me.

I found out a few months later that she was my pimp and each time I did this she made some nice scratch. I really didn't care, though, as I loved sucking cock and being fucked by various anonymous dudes.




Many years ago, I started seeing a TS. At that time it was a on off, whenever kinda deal. As both me and wife matured. Passion and sex barely exist. So I spended a little more time and attention to Betty. She's not a escort or anything, that's just the way she is. Anywho, we make love, secretly all the time. I luv pleasing every part, she has a awesome clit, and she does as well. God, there's nothing like making love-- pumping, sucking, etc to one that is totally into it. I'm actually thinking about going all in. by my request. Oh by the way - her blue eyeshadow and red lips are to die for-- And like I'm 56 and she's 52. the affair has lasted 26 years




My Son just love his Mother's child bearing hips, especially in the deck chair position. I watch him cum hard for his Mama every time.




We've been married for 30 years now. My husband rarely wants sex with me anymore. I thought he was having an affair with another woman so I decided to follow him one Friday night. He said he was going out to the bar, so after he left I got in my car and followed him. He did go to the bar, and when he went inside I parked in a dark area and waited.

About an hour later he came out talking with another man. They walked to the other side of the parking lot and got into a large pickup truck. I got interested and got out of my car and worked my way around so I could see in the passenger window. I could only see the other man sitting in the drivers seat looking straight ahead so I snuck a little closer. I was finally just a few feet from the truck. It was nearly pitch black outside. Now I could see in the truck and the driver had his head back a little and as I looked in I could see my husband sucking his cock. I didn't see this coming. I kinda wanted to catch him so I shuck around the back of the truck and walked around to the drivers side. I was standing just to the rear of the driver so he couldn't see me. I was close enough so I could hear him saying, "Oh, fuck man, you really want that juice, don't you?"

I stood there for a few minutes and saw him tense up and say, "Oh, oh, oh. Fuck, I'm cumming." My husband didn't flinch as the guy started cumming. He finally sat up and the other guy bent over and pulled hubby's cock out of his pants and started sucking him. I didn't take long and the guy sucked all the cum out of my hubby.

I walked back to my car right before they got out of the truck. Terry walked back into the bar. I waited in my car for about another half hour and he came out again. This time it was a young skinny woman. This time they went to Terry's car. Same type scenario. The young woman was in the passenger's seat and they were kissing. I was on the passenger's side near the trunk when I heard her say, "Thst's it, honey, get down here and suck on this big cock." "Cock?" I thought. Then I realized it wasn't a woman at all but a man dressed up like a woman.

I followed him because I was pissed but now felt my pussy getting wet thinking about my husband sucking cock. I had my hand down my pants and was fingering myself to orgasm. Then I wondered if he ever got fucked. I went back to my car and fingered myself to a second orgasm just thinking about it. Over the next two hours he came out three more times with different people.

From that night on I followed him any time he went to the bar and watched him suck cock after cock. I even watched him get fucked a couple of times and didn't need to wonder anymore. I take my vibrator now every time he goes out and get more self-sex than I ever dreamed of. It doesn't even bother me anymore if he doesn't want sex. I cum now more and harder than I ever did with him.




My wife and I like to play the rape game. Sometimes when she's asleep I'll hold her down or tie her hands behind her and fuck her. A couple of times I got the wrong hole and shoved my cock up her ass. That made her scream. About 10 years into our marriage she told me she didn't like it when I fucked her in the middle of the night like that. I thought she was joking, but the next time I tied her hands and fucked her, as she was waking up she yelled, "What the fuck are you doing? I said I didn't want to be fucked like this." "I thought you were kidding," I said. "How would you like it if some big, fat guy fucked you in the middle of the night?" I kinda made a joke out of it and said, "Yeah, like that'll ever happen. I'd like to see that." I don't know if she thought I was being sarcastic or not.

I quit fucking her in her sleep and had totally forgotten about it. It was about four months later when it happened. It was a Wednesday night and I had the next two days off so I bought a six-pack and had drank four of them when I decided to go to bed. She stayed up to watch a movie and it didn't take but a minute for me to be asleep.

Around midnight I woke up with a start. My hands were tied behind me and I had a leather hood on my head. It left my mouth and nose open so I could breathe but I couldn't see shit. What woke me was a finger being shoved in my ass. "What the fuck's going on?" I demanded. I could hear her on the floor. It sounded like she'd been crying. "Terry, help me," she pleaded. "Shut up bitch," a voice by her said and I heard a slap. "You're mine now you stupid cunt," he said to her. "No, please," she cried out, and I heard another slap. At the same time I felt a rip as the finger pulled out of my ass and my shorts were literally torn off. I was turned over on my back and a second person crawled up on the bed and onto my chest. "Let's milk him," one of them said. I felt the finger go back in my asshole as my legs were raised by the guy on my chest.

The finger became two fingers and I felt them massage my prostate. As much as I didn't want to I was getting a hard-on. "What the fuck are you doing?" I demanded. I felt the guy get off of my chest but still had my legs up. I tried to wiggle away from them but felt a hand grab my nuts. "Stay still," he said as he squeezed me until I yelped. I froze and let him finger fuck me. His fingers on my prostate got me hard and after a few minutes I felt myself cumming. The guy holding my legs let go and said, "Keep your fucking legs up." He wiped my cum off of my belly and put his hand up to my mouth and told me to lick it clean. I had no choice. The guy was still fingering my asshole and after another 15 minutes I started cumming again. This time the guy who was holding my legs caught my cum in his palm and made me lick it again. My asshole hurt and I was exhausted.

He finally pulled his fingers out of my ass and they turned me so my head was off of the end of the bed. One told me to lift my legs again. When I hesitated he grabbed my nuts. I lifted my legs. I felt him scoot close to me and a wet finger probed my asshole again. Then the finger was replaced by his cock. It hurt at first but the pain went away after a minute and he started to fuck me. "Make him suck your cock," he said to the other guy. My head was off the bed and I felt his cock at my lips. "Open your fucking pie-hole," he said. When I did he shoved his cock in my mouth. He fucked my mouth for about three minutes and I found myself swallowing his load as he was cumming. He kept his cock in my mouth until I had sucked him clean. I was still being fucked in the ass by the first guy.

As soon as the cock was pulled out of my mouth I felt another one on my lips. This was now a third person. He, too, pushed his cock past my lips and told me to take his load. Before he could cum the guy fucking me pushed in one last time and started cumming. I felt his cum run out and down my ass crack as he finished. Then the guy in my mouth started cumming. I had no choice but to swallow his load as well. He finally pulled his cock out of my mouth and I felt two fingers push back into my asshole. "Let's see if he has anything left," he said as he started rubbing my prostate. I had never cum three times in one sitting, but about 10 minutes later I came. It wasn't much, but it was what I had left.

Before I could cum, though one of them put his cock back up to my lips and made me suck him. It took a lot longer but he finally came down my throat. "Fuck, dude. You suck cock better than that cunt on the floor." I'd forgotten all about her. Suddenly I had to piss. "I gotta piss," I said out loud. They all three laughed. "Go ahead," one of them said. I started to get up but was pushed back down. "You gotta piss, you do it right there." I held it as long as I could but my bladder was screaming at me. I could hear all three of them breathing as they stood around the bed waiting for me to go. Finally I couldn't hold it any longer and started pissing. Someone grabbed my cock and aimed it at my face. Again they laughed. As I was pissing one of them crawled between my legs and started to fuck me again.

They kept us like this for the next four days, and by Sunday I was a broken man. I had been fucked at least two dozen times and had swallowed numerous loads of their cum. I had forgotten all about my wife as they kept me busy sucking and being fucked. They even made me tongue-fuck each of their assholes numerous times. They pulled and pinched my nipples until they felt like they were raw and I was willing to do anything they asked. They took turns sleeping and each time I fell asleep someone would fuck me awake.

Finally at noon on Sunday they moved me to the recliner in the corner and took off the hood. On the bed was my wife sucking one cock and being fucked by another. They both came about the same time and when they pulled out I saw her smile. She sat up on the edge of the bed as they quickly put the hood back on me. They laid me back on the bed and it all got quiet. I didn't recognize any of them in the short time I was unblinded. Then I felt my legs being raised again and figured one of them was going to fuck me some more. As I was being ass fucked I felt the hood being pulled off of my head. My wife was fucking me with a strap-on. "Good, you're still awake." She said. "You're my cunt now and I'll fuck you anytime I want. One 'no' from you and I'll bring the boys back in." She continued to fuck me for another 15 minutes and finally pulled out.

"Listen carefully bitch," she said in a stern voice. "You're gonna do what I say when I say it, got it?" I had no resistance left and just shook my head. "Good," she said and rolled me over and untied me. My arms didn't work for another hour.

Since then she has fucked me in the middle of the night on a regular basis and at least twice a month has me suck a stranger's cock. I always had the hood on so I didn't know who it was, but I could tell it was a different cock each time.

That was two years ago and now she makes me dress up like a little sissy faggot and suck cock for her. She's making a ton of money and it's all because of my mouth and asshole. I don't fuck her anymore, but to be honest I really don't want to, if you get my drift.




We had been married for 15 years and last week my wife told me it was time to expand our circle and invited two other couples over for a dinner party. I figured she was talking about social gatherings. I reluctantly agreed.

They came over Friday night and we had a good meal. After dinner we all went into the living room to visit. She broke out the wine and after the fourth bottle we were all a little lit. Pam, Johnny's wife got up and sat next to me on the couch. She was always very friendly, but when she put her hand on my thigh I got a little uncomfortable. "Can I kiss your husband?" she asked my wife. We all laughed, but my wife said, "Hell yeah. Go for it." Pam leaned in and locked her lips on mine. Her tongue parted my lips and explored my mouth. At the same time her hand moved up and squeezed my cock through my pants. I jumped a little.

"Honey," Pam said to my wife, "Terry's cock feels lovely." She giggled. "Can I pull it out?" My wife looked at me and chuckled. "Go ahead, honey, let her play with your little Johnny." She laughed. I figured she was too drunk to know what she was saying. I could tell she was really drunk. I didn't fight Pam, though, as she unzipped me and pulled my cock out through my slit. She wrapped her hand around it backhanded and gently stroked up and down. I was hard in a matter of seconds. My wife got up and walked around to the back of the couch and put her hands on my shoulders. "Go ahead, suck him," she said to Pam.

Pam smiled and immediately bent down and took my cock in her mouth. Everyone was watching her suck my cock when Johnny came over and knelt down in front of me. "Don't hog it all," he said to Pam and she moved off of my cock and he went down on me. My wife let out a whoop and clapped a couple of times. I started to push him away when my wife leaned in and said, "That is the hottest fucking thing I've ever seen." She never cussed but that got me going. Pam then said to her, "I think Terry would love sucking cock." She looked down at me and said, "Fuck yeah. This I'd pay to see."

I looked up at her confused. Then she said, "I want to see you suck Johnny's cock." I gave her a quizzical look, but she reassured me, "It's okay, honey. I want to see it." Before I knew it Johnny had his pants and shorts off and was standing in front of me. His cock was much bigger than mine. My wife started a chant, "Suck his cock, suck his cock." Everyone joined in and now they were all huddled around the couch waiting. I was just drunk enough and bent forward.

Johnny put his cock up to my lips and pushed. I opened my mouth and accepted his cock. They all cheered. My wife was guiding my head up and down on his cock and Pam went back to work on mine. I was still rock hard. "Hey, let's lay him on the floor," Pam said. They stood me up and stripped me and laid me on the carpet on my back. Johnny knelt over me and put his cock back in my mouth. Pam knelt down by my cock and my wife, Linda, knelt down on the other side. At first they took turns sucking me, but when I glanced over they were kissing and Pam had her hands all over Linda's tits. They were ignoring my cock and were now making it about themselves. Pam guided Linda to the floor next to me and mounted her, sitting on her face and said, "Lin, honey, shove your tongue in my cunt." Linda started to tongue fuck her. Linda was moaning and I looked down and saw Jenny, the other woman with her head buried between Linda's legs, eating her out.

Just then Mike, Jenny's husband started to suck my cock. Three men on each other and three women on each other. That's something I never dreamed of. This went on like this for about 15 minutes and Pam hopped off of Linda's face. "Let's see Mike fuck him," she said to nobody in particular. "Oh, fuck yeah," Linda said. The women all sat up as close to me as they could. Mike scooted back and as Linda and Pam pulled my legs up he started to lick my asshole. That felt great. I moaned as he tongue fucked me. When my ass was lubed up from his spit he scooted up to me and said to Linda, "Watch this." He spread my cheeks and shoved his cock all the way into my ass. I was drunk enough that I was relaxed and felt very little pain.

Each time he thrust forward his curved cock brushed my prostate and my cock jumped. Then the most amazing thing happened. Without anybody touching my cock I started cumming. "Oh, fuck," Pam said, "You milked him with your cock." They all laughed again. I was bucking to his thrusts and totally into it. I shot harder and longer than I ever had before. I actually felt the first shot hit my lips and tasted it as Johnny fucked my mouth. That was all it took for Johnny also. He pulled his cock out to the end of my mouth. They were all watching as Johnny grabbed his cock and aimed it in my mouth and started cumming. They all saw him cum in my open mouth. After the second squirt he put his cock back in my mouth and finished cumming. I instinctively started swallowing.

My cock was twitching back to life as I sucked him clean. "Look, honey," Pam said to Linda, "His little cock is coming back to life. I told you he'd like it." He still had his cock in my mouth when Mike said he was gonna cum. "Cum in his ass," Linda said. That shocked me. Pam pulled Johnny's cock out of my mouth and kissed me just as Mike started to cum. After Mike finally popped his cock out of me Pam got off of me and Johnny stuck his cock back in my mouth. Pam took Linda over to the couch and they got in a 69 and started to tongue fuck each other.

Mike and Jenny got dressed and left. The party was over but I was still sucking Johnny. He pulled his cock out and got up. He sat in the chair and pointed to his cock. I crawled over and started to suck him again. "Tell me you like sucking my cock," he said as he pulled his cock out of my mouth. "I like sucking your cock," I said. "Now, tell your wife you're now a sissy cocksucker." I started to suck him again. He pushed my head away and said, "Say it, sissy." My wife glanced over to me, so I said, "Honey, I'm a sissy cocksucker."

"Fuck!" my wife exclaimed. She got up, walked over to her purse and pulled out a dollar. She handed it to him. "See, I told you I could make him say it," Johnny said. They all laughed and Johnny pulled my head back into his lap. I was humiliated but really wanted his cock so I sucked him to a second orgasm.

That was the start. We are now full-fledged swingers and my wife lets me suck Johnny's cock anytime I want. I guess it turned out okay after all.




I was visiting my sister and while there, my niece came home from school. She said high and headed to her room. I was chatting with my sister in the lounge.

She didn't comeback out for a bit, so when my sister went off to make coffee i decided to go find her and say hi properly. I knocked on her door, but she had some music playing so she didn't hear me. I opened her door and i got rock hard instantly.

My 17 year old niece, in her school shirt and pleated skirt, bent over the corner of her bed wearing a pink adult diaper. She was rubbing herself against her mattress. I was standing in her room, closed the door behind me before she realised i was there.

She freaked out and jumped onto her bed and climbed under the sheets to cover herself. It was so easy from here. I explained that i had a few pictures of her now and that if she let me fuck her i would not show anyone or tell anyone. SHe refused a few times and gave in.

I didn't have much time so i just got her bent over the bed again and i fucked her around the diaper. She told me not to cum in her, but i just held her tight and pumped as much in her as i could.

I arranged with her that she has to come past my house several times a week or i would send out the pictures. She was crying because i cummed in her and i just left her in her room.

After a couple of weeks fucking her, i told her that i was going to impregnate her and she was to have my baby. I again blackmailed her and told her i had videos of us fucking and i would show them as well if she didn't. I made it clear that if she had a boy growing to have an abortion, but if it's a girl, she is to keep it.

She cried for weeks when she came over, but she is now 5 months pregnant with my baby daughter. She is due to have my daughter just after she turns 18.