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Schoolgirls in tights are back at rape schools teachers using them for rape

From primary school all the way up to secondary schools fresh meat

School girls in tights any age do not need an education they are here for us to rape

Grab em n rape em all constantly

Who cares about em rape pieces of meat rape and dash

Porn needs to be mandatory at primary schools and secondary schools

Girls n kids need to forcefully watch and copy everything they see

We rape em all constantly coz they r here for us to rape




way back when i remember when i was 12 to 13 and just figuring out my sexuality. I played with my nipples until I got dripping wet. I could feel my wetness through my panties. I would get hotter and hotter but I didn't have a way to release it. I wanted a cock inside me. I would fantasize about older men bending me over the bathroom counter and fucking me senseless. I didn't have big breasts or a pretty face but I did have a nice bottom. I wanted a man to suck my nipples and make me wet before forcing his cock inside me. If there was a man, or a dildo, that I could have fucked at that time, I would sit on it all day. I was so young and so horny. Now I'm older and I guess thankful I didn't have sex with an older man, but at the same time, I wonder how it would have felt for my tight hole to be used like that. Comments? What would you have done to me?




My little flirt 2

I saw her again tonight wearing a long dress that still showed a little bit of leg. That made me happy but a big sweater over the top was a little disappointing.

“How are you sweetie? I haven’t seen you in a while”. “I’m good she says”. We make a little bit of conversation but the whole time I’m thinking how sweet she is. I go off to get a drink from the kitchen and return to strike up some more conversation.

I’m not surprised she’s taken her big sweater off. The top of her dress has thin loose straps. Sitting on the sofa playing her game she looks so sweet. “I won’t be able to wear this dress much longer” she says. “Why not it looks nice on you” “look the straps are really loose so it falls down at the front.

Fuck me she pulls the straps down flashing the sweetest little buds my cock goes instantly hard. “Wow Alyssa you’re getting little titties” she smiles and turns away almost embarrassed. I instantly think I shouldn’t have said that so boldly.

But when she turns back pulling on her straps revealing her titties again I new she didn’t mind. “ I can’t walk around flashing my boobs” “oh yes you can. You can do it all day long”. Her big smile meant she was in her flirty mood again. “ should I tie the straps up” “If you like but I like it the way it is”. If she only new how hard my cock was for her.

Shen ran off back to the living room. I followed imagining her lying there with her dress pulled up and her little legs spread flashing her pussy. But no she had returned to her game.

I thought I needed to walk away I’m getting to excited I need some air.

I’m in the garage and I can’t stop thinking about that sexy little thing. I need some release. I pull my cock out and start stocking it thinking about what a sexy little thing she is. And in my wildest fantasy all the things I would do with that body. Mmm lick those little titties squeeze that tight little ass. Slide my fingers between her ass cheeks until I find her warm little pussy. I’m so in grossed with my fantasy I didn’t realise her was coming till I herd he close the back door. I frantically stuffing my still hard cock in my pants when she comes walking through the garage door. “What are you doing?” “Are you fixing something “ “Um no just cleaning up”. She starts poking around. “What’s this? What does this do? How many of these do you have “ there just tools I use” I tell her. I then realised I had cum all over my hand. I need something to wipe it off. Alyssa is standing at the work bench looking at tools so I walk up to her and put my hand on her shoulder and slide it up her neck smearing cum on her. “ your hands are wet she says wiping some of the cum away. Sorry sweetie I told you I was cleaning. Now I’m looking at this sexy little thing with my cum all over her. I can feel my cock oozing cum in pants fuck this is so hot.

I need to see more of this hot little body. “Alyssa can you reach under that bench and get me some rags” “sure” she crawls under the bench. Seeing her bent over I come up behind her grabbing her little waist and imagining sliding my cock along her ass. “ don’t hurt yourself self Alyssa “ “ I’m ok”she says. I can’t help it now I gently push my cock against her little ass. “I’ve got you” I look down at the perfect sight of my hands around her little waist my cock pressed into her ass still oozing cum. “I’ve got them can you help me out “. Stay there sweetie I need you to make some room under there for some boxes. I have to do it. I pass her a random box. “ try and put this at the back for me Alyssa “ “ ok I’ll try” with one hand now lower on her hip touching her ass I pull my cock out grab her waist with my other hand and press my cock against her ass. “ I’ve got you push the box right to the back “ the sight of my hard cock dribble cum on her dress was wild. “It’s in now can you help me out now “ I grab my cock and quickly put it back in my pants. Now there’s cum on her dress and all over my hand. She comes out from under the bench. “Thanks honey”. I rub her cheek with my cum covered hand. Now she has my cum on her face as well “Ooh your hands are still wet”

That’s why I needed the rag. Off she bounces back into the house. Holey shit I need cum. I need to take a shower and finish myself off. I go back into the house to head for the shower but fuck there she is face down on the sofa playing her game with he dress pulled up high enough to show of her perfect little legs. Fuck that’s so sweet. I need to get my cock out again. “Can I watch you play Alyssa “ I lay down beside her to get a better view of the game. Positioning myself so cust cock was right next to her ass. I watched her play and faked interest in what she was doing. I was pretending to be excited by the game. “ wow good shot, that was close. I was excited she was excited the whole time I was caressing her neck her shoulders my hand getting further down her back. I reached in a pulled my cock out and let it rest on her ass. I was so hard I just wanted to push it in to her tight little pussy. I kept running my hands up and down her back stopping every now and then to give my cock a little stroke. This was insane. Lying next to this little hottie stroking my cock. I rubbed my hand up her back and the belt on her dress kind of caught in my ring pulling her dress up a little. I rubbed slowly down her back making sure not to push her dress down. when I rubbed up her back again I made sure I caught her belt again to pull her dress up a little higher. Looking down there is the most perfect little panty covered ass with my hard cock resting on it. I can’t believe my cock is so close to her. I’m so hard and turned on I nearly shot my cum all over her. I have to go and finish myself off quickly. But that ass I have to feel it. “Alyssa I’m going to take a shower ok” I slide my hand down her back and stop right on that perfect ass. “Ok she says . My cocks throbbing I’m touching her ass. Fuck I’m going to cum. I quickly try to get up I get one leg over her but I can’t hold on. I shoot the biggest load all up her back and into her hair then a second and a third. I get up and look at this sexy little thing covered in cum. My cock still hard and dripping.




so my mom dated a guy for like 8 months when i was in 6th grade who had a boat so we'd go out on it and i saw him changing under neath where people sleep. it was pointed down and jiggeled when he moved, it wasnt long but it was so big around and the tip was big. it made me wet to see it it was the 1st time i got wet that i remember




To start yes this is a true and actual account of what i did five years ago today 20/08/20.

I had seen a video on Luxuretv called "The Record" and decided to beat it, The woman known as Stray X set a record for having sex with eight dogs in one session one after the other.

I knew someone who works at a kennels for grayhounds and after a few drinks hit him up with the idea! a few drinks more he he agreed to let me do it.

two days later I went to the kennels and found out there were twelve dogs who were not neutered and who were used for breeding, I thought great enough to break the record and more.

This is when my "friend" told me he had approached the owners of each of the dogs and they had all replied "as long as we can watch and video it"

The next day was sunday 20/09/15 and I again made the journey to the kennels where i was greeted by eight men two women my friend and the owner of the kennels, Now I am a male who loves to cross-dress so i was wearing black lingerie and heels and was nicely made up wearing a long blonde wig.

for the next few hours i was in heaven as i sucked and then fucked each dog in turn twice, as well as sucking the eight male owners while their dogs were knotted into my ass, The owner of the kennels was both sucked off and fucked me as well as filming the entire thing and i found out later that my friend had fucked me and cum into my ass twice.

i was so full of both dog and human cum as well as covered in it that i couldn't put my clothes back on over it to go home, my "friend" suggested walking through the fields between the kennels and my home, now as i live in the countryside this was an option.

on the way home i could feel more cum dribbling from my gaping asshole as well as feeling it tighten which is when i got to the feild next to my house, in this field there were four pony's two male two female one of which was in heat so the males were showing their cocks, i needed no second thoughts and immediately started sucking on a pony cock as soon as it began to twitch i hurriedly pushed myself onto it and felt his warm sticky spunk gush into me.

I ended my day of depravity in my garden repeatedly sucking and being fucked by my two male Rottweilers which included being spit roasted by them

so my own personal "Record" is fourteen dogs at least twice each ten men and a pony.

And yes I am planning on beating that as soon as Covid is gone I had planned it for this year and had arranged twenty dogs with male owners and my new neighbour has two male pony's and a full breed horse if I can I will follow that lot with avisit to a local dogging spot as i plan to spend from eight am until midnight possibly longer either being fucked or travelling between locations... wish me luck




I really want to fuck my step sister. She's 14. She's already had sex like 7-8 times and those cocks she had were big. Guys are always messaging her asking to fuck her or taste her pussy or get some head. She knows I want to fuck her. I almost had my chance with her before she lost her virginity but I backed out because I didn't want to get caught. Should've taken it. From what I hear she knows how to throw it back, suck dick (she knows how to deep throat already)., and swallow cum.

She's such a horny girl and she doesn't even try to hide it. I love smelling her used panties. It's complete fucking heaven the way her pussy smells.

Any tips on how to fuck her? Serious inquiries please




I have extremely well endowed and lately want to brag about it more and more so here I am. Im bigger even than a lot of porn stars. My size soft is bigger than most guys hard, so I bulge pretty easily. I like to let it happen on purpose sometimes when I go out so that I can enjoy some extra attention while Im out. Theres nothing like going to the beach, having a big bulge in your trunks, and catching hot bikini girls staring down at it. I might go to a nudist beach one day just to show off my big cock.

When it comes to sex, every women Ive been basically says that my big size alone makes sex with me a lot better than the other guys they were with. I was talking about my girlfriend to her ex recently, were all friends, and the topic of sex came up, and he told me that she didnt put out as much as he wanted, only a couple of times a month. With me, she puts out 4 or 5 times a week, so I asked her about it, and she said that she didnt have much of a sex drive until we started having sex, and that my longer and thicker cock feels so much better that she just wants it as much as she can get.

Size matters boys, and I've got you beat