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I am a guy, mid thirties and I love anal. Love to fuck some pretty ass (female), but I really enjoy riding dildos, sometimes while wearing a lacy thong (versabottom).

Will usually begin the session with a few tokes of 420, some bpm playing, and do a douching/shower if needed (sometimes poops will come out smoothly yet solid enough douching not necessary). I will first warm up with a smaller toy (5 inch silicone dildo) and make sure my hole is clean, afterwards I put on a sexy thong (mens or women's) and ride my fat 8 inch BWC dildo in cowboy position or doggy style. If I feel horny and loose enough I will the ride my hot pink monster dildo ,(8 inches long x 2.5 inch wide). Sessions can last 2-3 hours and I will have 20-30 anal/prostate orgasms followed by 2 ejaculatory penile orgasms.

I will do these sessions 2-3x per week.

More men should experiment with anal. You may just love it and may even spice up your love life!




Last week on Friday the 6th I spent the night at my younger brothers house. He is age 46 and I am 53. He is divorced and his 21year Eric and 19 year Daniel sons live with him. He and I slept in the same bed and during the night we both got horny. I am 6ft 1 285lbs with 36c tits and a 6inch dick. He is 5ft 8 and 230lb with a 8 inch cock. It was around 130am and I was rubbing my dick against his cock and I was good and erect after taking Cialis.

Without knocking Eric comes in and says sorry and leaves. I get up and run out naked in the hallway and catch him. I told him about knocking and I will deal with him later. So my brother and I finish and go to sleep.

Our parents come over Saturday morning and I am making biscuits and gravy for breakfast and Eric comes up and apologizes for last night and I told him thanks but hes still not off the hook just yet and I love him and he goes back to watching tv. Mom wants to know and so I tell her. Well we all had breakfast and its 11am and I take another Cialis and I start getting hard. Dad asks me if I am ready and I say just about and so he tells Eric to go to his bedroom and undress and lay on the bed. After Eric leaves Daniel asks why and so I tell him.

I could not wait any longer so I get undressed in the living room and run to Erics bedroom and shut the door. I get on top of him straddling him and kiss him and start rubbing my erect dick against his cock and kissing him. I then get up to give him a rest and I walk around a bit. Then I resume screwing him and finally he cums and I follow shortly. I was going to get him again but he has math homework from his university class. His dad is nailing him too.

I got horny again just typing this.




When I was around 12 maybe, a neighborhood friend who was a year older somehow got me into jerking off with him. We work both cum and didn’t do much but try oral a little.

Some years later I often masturbated while thinking about jerking off a cock again and sucking it. A different friend and I had become close. Hang out , drink, I smile pot, but he didn’t do any drugs. We went to old school home based bachelor party. Booze, food, weed, porno.

The porno was good. Lots of lesbian and guys who seem could duck forever. It’s was pretty good porn. My friend, David and I are both shitfaced and I am high and driving.

He’s starts talking about the porn as we are driving home. He told me it was fucking hit stuff and i agreed. He said it made him horny and I agreed it had for me too. Next he asked if he would like to maybe jerkoff with him at a hotel or something.

I was yeah, but fuck the hotel I know an area the was fairly wooded and hard to reach unless you knew it was there. I park and we pull or pants down. He starts on me, touching my cock, licking it, sucking it. God it felt so good yet I was afraid to cum or something as much as I enjoyed it.

We switched off and I touched his hard cock. It felt so nice and then I just went for and sucked his hard cock. Feeling his silky skin on his cock. Licking it, holding his balls in my hand, ducking his cock. Within a few minutes he starts to say, I going to cum, maybe like 3 times. He must have thought I wouldn’t swallow but he came in my mouth. I was thinking wow this was fucking good.

He and got together maybe a dozen times even after we married two cousins who knew nothing about are bi experiences. I am 60 now, some ED due to some medical problems, but would do it again. I only told one person about this .




Due to spinal issues, I have ED - meds don’t work well. I went the Men’s clinic and a test was done. A nice looking nurse practitioner doing the test. Injection to try get an erection for a blood flow. It’s a needle into your penis. I didn’t get erect by enough for the test. When I got home my wife is asking a lot questions about it. I went into bathroom, dropped my pants and jerked off a pretty hard cock. It felt so good and I was fantasizing about the nurse.

The following week I had to return to learn how to inject myself with the same nurse. She explained everything and then I pull down my pants, do the cleaning routine. She said pull the head, stretch it out and inject in a certain area. I do it and she says, pants up and I’ll be back in 10 minutes. It seemed like 30 minutes but it was on 10 minutes.

During the 10 minutes, I was thinking of nothing but sex, tits, pussy, -anything to see if I good get a good erection. It was like I want the nurse to see it hard. She asks me to rate my erection, geeze,,I am thinking like a 2 maybe barely a 3 and she agrees. Okay off you go we will go the pharmacy.

I am driving back to work holding my cock as I drive as I felt good to a little hard and getting harder. I finally pulled off to area when I could see anyone coming in this half empty strip plaza. Parking lot is deserted. I park but leave the engine running, unzipped my jeans, and jerked off, I unloaded cum in minutes. I was not looking to seen or perv but I just needed to cum.

When I got home I went on omgele and jerked off with some female late 20’s thinking about my cock which was hard and I came while watching her finger her hairy pussy which I love.




I met her at a friend's house. we'd me once before and instantly fell in love. then we met at a friend's apartment. they were out of town for a few days and we had the apartment to our selves. We ate a nice dinner and went to bed. We kissed for a while and i moved down to lick her pussy. It was sweet and I loved it. Then she started to rub my cock. I got got ad she bent down to suck me. Before too long I said I was gonna cu. She swallowed it all. i Proceeded to eat her pussy and soon had her cumming. We spent the next few nights together and I asked her to marry me.

We've been married for 39 years now and she still sucks my cock like it was the first night we were ever together. She will pull my shorts over my cock and take me into her mouth and suck me until I fill her up. She loves my cum and takes it any time i give it to her. She will suck me any time I want and I married the perfect woman. I ove her dearly and relish the times I want her to suck my cock. and she is willling. Man, what a greAT FUCKING LIFE i LIVE.




Jean and Karen, the two women across the street had a pool. Growing up I was clueless but when they invited me over to swim I went. I though nothing of it and liked them both. They took me fishing and one day Joan asked me to light a cigarette for her. I did and she thanked me. They fished in their bras and panties. I stared but thought it was normal since my mom used to fish with them in her bra and panties as well. Then one day when I was 16 Karen was over drinking with my mom. When mom went to the bathroom Karen said "You know, I'm sterile and if you ever want to practice fucking just come over and let me know." I had only kissed a girl a couple of times so this was quite an escalation.

I happened to be lounging in their pool one afternoon after I turned 17 and thought nobody was home when Joan came into the back yard. Jean was in a two piece and asked if she could join me. When I said okay she walked down into the pool. She did a few laps and then stopped and came over to me. I was in my trunks and just leaning against the pool wall when she reached behind her and undid her top. She threw it off to the side and came over to me. She asked "So, you ever sucked on a woman's nipple?" It made me blush and i shook my head no. She put a large tit up to my mouth and said it was time I learned. I started to suck on her nipple and my cock twitched. Then I noticed Karen was entering the pool completely naked. I glanced at her shaved pussy as she got into the water. Se asked "What are you doing honey?" Jean said she was teaching our friend how to please a woman. Karen made her way over to us and I felt her hand snake inside my trunks. She grabbed my cock and said it was okay to get hard. She worked my cock for a bit and I was getting hard. Then Jean pulled away and suggested we take the party inside. Karen had hold of my cock and started to walk toward the steps. I followed. Once we got into the house Jean produced a towel and dried me off. Karen pulled my trunks down and said they had to dry me off. I wasn't sure what was happening but was just enjoying the moment. The Karen went into the kitchen and brought a bottle of whiskey and said this deserved a drink.

Six shots later they led me to their bedroom. Karen said that I probably knew they were lesbians but they occasionally like a nice cock. grabbed my cock and asked if she could suck it. "Oh fuck yes" I said as she pushed me down onto the bed and knelt between my legs. She sucked me for a while and then got up. Her and Jean started kissing and playing with each other's tits and cunts and said that if I wanted to join in just extend a hand. I did and was soon finger fucking Jean. She said it felt so good and Karen bent down and kissed me. Her hand went to my tit and she started to play with my nipple as I was fingering Jean. Karen asked if I ever had sucked a cock. About that time I felt Jean's lips on my cock. I told her no and she said that I really should try it. It ill give me a real rush. We let it go at that point and a few minutes later kKaren made a phone call. We resumed just touching and licking and sucking each other. About 15 minutes later the door opened.

I was pretty wasted from the whiskey and they were having their way with me. Then Jean said "This here's Kevin. He has a really nice cock and wants you to suck him." I just nodded yes and Kevin straddled my chest. He was naked and I felt his cock against my lips. He pushed into my mouth and at the same time I felt a pair of lips on my cock I figured if they were willing to suck my cock then I was willing to suck a cock too. I was into it when I felt something against my asshole. My lets were lifted and Kevin reached back and grabbed my legs. He still had his cock in my mouth and was essentially mouth fucking me when I felt something large push into my asshole. I heard Jean say to just relax and enjoy it as she went back down on my cock I was soon being fucked with a strap on and sucking Kevin's cock He came first. I don't really remember what he looked like but enjoyed his cock cumming in my mouth. Karen fucked me with her strap-on for at least 15 minutes and I was getting into it. Another 15 minutes passed and she asked if she could pull out. Then she got up and plunged down onto my cock. Kevin had left and it was just us three. Karen was on my cock while Jean sat on my face facing Jean. She put her cunt on my mouth and said to make her cum. They were kissing and fondling each other while I sucked on a cunt and had a cunt plunged onto my cock. I couldn't help it and started cumming. Jean must have felt it as she quickly dismounted and took my cock in her mouth and cleaned me out. In the meantime I was making Karen cum on my face. I was drunk and about to fall asleep now and they said they would let my mom know I was staying over for the night. They told her I had been drinking and they would take care of me. My mom understood and let me stay over.

As it turned out I slept between them and at various times in the night I woke up with a cunt on my moth or a mouth on my cock. In the morning they made me breakfast and admitted that they were both bi-sexual and loved cock as well as cunt. They said that whenever I wanted my big cock sucked or wanted to fuck a tight pussy to come over. Over the next two years until I went off to college I got more pussy with them than I could count and even sucked off a number of their friends. At least 20 different men joined us in the bedroom. I'm a full bi-sexual and like cock as well as cunt. I joined an on-line group with them and at 23 I seem to be the star of the show. I will suck any cock or lick or fuck any cunt that wants it.

All because I chose to go over and get into their pool that afternoon.




I was on a business trip in Tennessee and the motel had a bar next door. I stopped in for a drink. After a few more a guy walked over to my table and asked if I needed a drinking partner. I said Of course and he sat down. He bought me a couple of drinks and said that in this part of the country if a guy buys a drink the recipient owes him a favor. I asked him what kind of favor and he said that the women he buys drinks for usually suck his cock. I said I was down with that if he had someplace to go. He got up and led me outside to his car. The parking lot was pretty dark and he leaned against his car and said that this was as good a place as any. I squatted down and unzipped his pants. I fished his cock out and started to suck him. It was nothing special, about average but the more I sucked the more he talked to me, telling me how good I was and my mouth was more like a cunt than his own wife. I got him hard and he pulled out his phone and texted someone. A minute later he said that if I wanted he could take me home and have a threesome with his wife.

This was a whole new thing for me but I was game. I had sucked a bunch of cocks on my trips but never had another woman before except my wife. I followed him home and she met us at the door naked. I just stared at her tits. Then were gorgeous. Large with bit nipples and as soon as we walked in she said that she had only cum twice and needed all the cock he could give her. It was like I wasn't even there. Then she hugged me and asked what I liked. I told her I like nipples and she said that was her favorite thing. She turned and headed into the bedroom. He led me behind her and when we got to the bedroom we all stripped. She said she loved strange cock and started to play with my cock and balls. He was behind her and as soon as she bent over and took my cock in her mouth he plunged into her. She got me hard in a minute and said she needed me to fuck her. She laid on the bed and said to get under her. She was on her belly and got up on all fours. I made my way under her and she sat on my cock telling me to tweak her nipples. I noticed him behind her and felt his cock against mine. He thrust in and she now had two cocks in her cunt.

We got into a rhythm and she stopped moving every time I tightened up. We double-fucked her for about 10 minutes when he pulled out. Then she said "If you want to continue you're gonna have to suck his cock. She sat up and he straddled my chest. He said "It's up to you." I opened my mouth and he put his cock on my tongue and she resumed gyrating on my cock. He came before I did and I took it all. Then I mumbled I was cumming. He reached down and pulled my nipples as hard as he could. I came buckets. "Oh fuck" was all I could say as I filled her cunt. She got off of me and he turned around into a 69. He took my sloppy cock into his mouth and put his cock back into my mouth. We sucked each other for a bit until we were both hard. He pulled out of my mouth and she mounted my chest with her cunt on my mouth. I started to lick her cunt when I felt him push my legs up and shove his slippery cock into my slippery asshole. Ih fuck what a feeling. I was eating her cunt and he was fucking me. This went on for a while and he grunted and said he was cumming. When he pulled out I felt his cum dripping down my ass as she was cumming min my mouth.

We all then went into the living room and drank some more. What a fucking night. I just hope I can continue with them as my job takes me to their town quite often. If my wife ever found out it would be the end, but as long as I keep traveling I'll suck all the cock I can get and fuck all the cunt I can get.