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My daughter is a cute little blonde, short, slim and athletic. She talked to her mother when it happened, but she had not long turned 10 years old. Me and my wife don't live together anymore.

My wife called me about it and we spoke. She gave me the details as i was due to take my daughter for the next 2 years while she travels overseas for work. I don't know why, but when my daughter moved in and she got her second period i got really excited. I waited for the next one to see if she was regular or not. Then i timed it. After the next one i waited about a week and i started sneaking into her room when she was out for the night. I was giving her injections of Urofollitropin, which for those who don't know helps womens ovaries to produce more eggs. I did this for 8 nights. The 5 days leading to the end of the 8 days i started mixing Clomiphene into her food. Again for those who don't know, it helps the ovulation to release any eggs in the ovaries.

Then the last 2 days i used chloroform to make sure she stayed asleep. While out i fucked my daughter 4 times each night for those 2 nights, blowing as much and as deep in her as i could.

She complained about being unwell and hurting, but i assured her everything was fine. It's been 3 and a half months and her belly is just starting to show nicely. The doctors have confirmed she has triplets growing in her tiny belly. I just love watching her while she sleeps now, knowing that i impregnated a 10 year old, gave her triplets and that she is my daughter. I really want to try with another girl, maybe about 13 or 14 and see if i can put just as many babies in her as well.




We lived a few miles from my uncle and his family. They had a daughter three years older than me. When I was 15 she told me that someday she would suck my cock. After they left that day I had to go into the bathroom and jerk off. Every time for the next year when I stroked my cock I thought about her sucking it. She wasn't very pretty and I could tell she had smallish tits. I had developed some pretty large muscles that year. In additions to my decent biceps my cock had gotten a lot bigger as well. I had a nice seven inch cut cock and thought about Jenny (my cousin) a lot.

They came over one night and my parents and hers were going out. I imagined they would all come back drunk and it would be hours before they returned. I brought out a couple of games and she agreed to play. She was kicking my ass in nearly every game. She thought she was pretty hot shit beating me every time so she challenged me to a wager. If she won I was to kiss her shoes. If I won she would do the dishes for me. She won and I got down and kissed her shoes. No big deal. After a couple more innocent bets I then challenged her. If she won I would do her laundry for a week and if she won she would have to honor her statement of a year ago and suck my cock. She laughed knowing she would win. It was not to be. I won that time.

I stood up and walked over to her chair. I unbuckled my jeans and dropped them to the floor. Then I dropped my boxers and she stared at my cock. "Suck it" I said. She was a little hesitant but complied when I put my hand on the back of her head and gently pulled her forward. She took my growing cock in her mouth. It was the first time anybody put their lips on my cock. I was hard within a minute. I had no experience in real life but had watched enough porn to know pretty much what to do. I started to mouth fuck her. When I shoved my cock too far in she gagged and pushed me away a little. I chuckled a little and backed slowly away. She followed with her mouth on my cock and was soon on her knees still sucking my cock. I told her to take her pants off. She did. I pulled my cock out of her mouth and moved behind her. I pulled her panties off and knelt down. She was on all fours in front of me. I moved my hand over her ass and down under her. Her pussy was already wet as I rubbed up and down. Without saying another word I moved forward and shoved my cock in her pussy. It felt much better than my hand. Her pussy wrapped around me like a dozen mouths on me. She started moaning and fucking back. I couldn't believe I was actually fucking my cousin. I lasted about three minutes and said I was gonna cum. Before she could push me out I started cumming. I filled her up. I was nearly spent when she popped me out of her cunt and quickly turned around. She stuck my cock back into her mouth and sucked the last of my cum out of me.

She said I had the nicest cock she ever sucked and fucked and wanted to do it again. And we did. Over and over again...




We met during Community Theater. Behind the curtain it was dark and during rehearsals she would flirt with me and one night grabbed my cock through my tights. I didn't resist and the next time she grabbed me I lifted her skirt and rubbed her cunt a couple of times before we went on stage. The night before we opened we had about three minutes before we went on. She reached down and grabbed me and I lifted her skirt and to my surprise when I reached her cunt she didn't have any panties on. She giggled and said it would only take a word to have her.

After rehearsal she asked me for a ride home. On the way, though, she led me on a detour. We parked in a secluded spot in my minivan and she led me to the middle bench seat. She told me to strip and I did. I was laying on the bench and she was kneeling on the floor. She took my cock in her mouth and had the softest lips. She had me hard in no time. I'm a stayer and it took nearly 20 minutes before I was ready to cum. She looked up and said, "Will you still kiss me if I swallow?" All I could say is, "Oh, honey, fuck yeah." She fondled my nuts with one hand and started to finger fuck my asshole with the other. It took me over the edge. I started cumming and she started swallowing. It was the hardest cum in my life and seemed to shoot forever. She finally finished me off and leaned up and kissed me. Her tongue parted my lips and I tasted my cum on her tongue as we kissed. I hadn't notice she had stripped somehow while she sucked my cock. I traded places with her and smelled her essence. I spread her legs and was looking at a shaved cunt. Only a little triangle patch of hair over her clit. She was already dripping wet when I plunged my tongue into her. "Does your wife let you eat her cunt like this?" she asked. "Never," I said. I licked and fingered her cunt and she guided me down a little further and told me to rim her asshole. I thought it might be nasty but it was as sweet as honey and between my tongue in her asshole and my fingers in her cunt I made her cum two more times. By then my cock was hard again and I pulled her down to the floor onto all fours. I was horny as fuck now and I didn't hesitate but plunged my cock into her cunt in one move. She gasped and I started pumping away. Ten minutes and she was moaning for more. I took my cock out of her cunt and placed it at her asshole. She reached back and spread her cheeks and I plunged my cock so deep into her ass I thought it would come out her mouth.

All she could say was "Oh, fuck. Deeper!" I tried but could only go so far in. Nonetheless I fucked her ass hard and deep until I shot my jizz deep into her. I made her cum again without even touching her cunt. We were finally both exhausted and decided to get dressed and head for home. Over the next few nights of the play we sucked and fucked more than my wife and I ever did. It's too bad I moved my family to a different state shortly after that. But I'll never forget the woman who could suck my cock like a $400 whore.




It's pretty wrong but I ended up banging my disabled roommates daughter. The girl was molested when she was only 7 by a relative so she was already hyper sexualized when I rented her and her mom 2 rooms in my big house. She was 11 when it started with me, I was 32 at the time.. Around a month after they moved in I couldn't resist her elvish sexual advances anymore! She was constantly walking around teasing me in her tiny panties and going pantyless in baggy leg shorts to intentionally show me her little slit as she would sit across from me on the loveseat spreading her legs a little showing off her candy. Her mother rarely came out of her room and my room and living area was upstairs so it was a recipe for our taboo misadventures. I came home a little drunk one night and went up to my room. I stripped off and half passed out on my bed. I was startled back to wakefulness by her stroking my cock hard. I freaked out a little at first telling her to stop. She giggled and said no then bent down and started sucking on my head as she stroked me firm and slow.... That was the point of no return! Once she seen that I was hooked she shucked off her tiny pink panties and over size t shirt seductively like a pro and climbed right on top of me planting her wet little pink pussy right on my mouth and started riding my face with her entire size double zero ass. She was only 4'7" and barely 70 lbs but that little nymph had me in a trance at that point. She had long thin platinum blonde hair, big blue eyes with perfect white bunny teeth the kind I always loved. I wanted her so bad at that point I effortlessly flipped her off my face onto her back on my bed. As I rolled onto her she spread her legs and lifted her knees up instinctively to give me full access to her slit. I never thought my cock would fit inside her, she was so tiny! I just wanted to rub on her pussy then blow my load on her little hard belly. As I was rubbing my cock on her hole the head and an inch of my 7" man cock wedged into her. It was really tight but she didn't even yelp. Over the next couple minutes I gently worked my shaft in and out deeper and deeper until I was in to my balls. Once she got used to my size I started giving her some faster strokes. I didn't want to cum yet so I pulled out and flipped her onto her belly, I wanted to eat her more, as I went down she arched her back like a bow and I ate her slit and ass from the back for a good 15 minutes with her moaning and grinding the entire time. I couldn't wait any longer, I mounted her face down ass up and it slid right back in this time. As I stroked deep she would arch her ass up to meet my thrusts in perfect time. Within 2 minutes of that I was ready to explode! I wanted to pull out but I literally couldn't, her tight little pussy was like a black hole sucking my cock in! I came so hard I could feel the pulses of cum vibrating through my cock, 4 or 5 huge spurts and a few extra oozing globlets asI buried my load deep. It was the hardest I ever came! She was a spent, sweaty little wreck and she loved ever second of it. It became a regular thing, by 8pm her mother would be in a deep xanax/oxycodone coma in her room so we could do whatever we wanted. She would say, "Wow, I need a shower" as my que. She would go take a shower then say to me," Someone might get a blowjob if they ate my pussy good". I would give her full body massages with coconut oil and eat her until she was spent! Then I would bang her until I was ready to cum she would always slurp down my loads never missing a single drop. Eventually I took her ass too. Last thing I wanted to do was knock her up so I stopped cumming in her pussy until she turned 14 and was on the pill. We managed to keep our secret to this day sorta... Her mom was crippled with a bad back so she was whacked out on pills 24/7 allowing us to get into our forbidden relationship long term. Her mom did see us once when she was 16. We were watching TV laying next to each other on the couch. She was wearing just a long t shirt and I was spooning my cock slowly in and out being sneaky. He mom walked in passing through to the kitchen and saw us but I already had stopped pumping her but I couldn't pull out in time so it looked like we were just crammed on the couch watching a movie. As she entered the kitchen I couldn't hold back anymore! I gave her 3 or 4 deep strokes and my cum literally exploded deep in her pouch! I pulled out quick, slipped my wet cock back in my sweat pants and we stayed in the same position so when her mom came back through it didn't look too weird. It's kinda sick but it was a major turn on having her mom walk by not knowing my cock was buried deep inside her daughter! I almost came not pumping! Her mom never said anything about it so she was either really pilled up or just chose not to mention it. I eventually sold the house and moved when she was 19. She got married and has 2 kids now. We still hook up when I go back to visit, she's 27 now and still loves the way I eat her pussy and she still loves making me cum for her. She was my last Lolita. I had a few before her and after but none that compared to the level of carnal lust she extruded from me. To this day whenever I want to blow my load in a chick all I have to do is think about that first time I came inside her tiny little bald pussy and my cum starts erupting! I married and divorced again since and now I'm unhappily banging my 19yr old whorey step daughter. She's just a nympho that constantly needs cigarettes and gas so she's just a skinny little cum dump. I guess it's better then nothing but I wish I lived closer to my forever Lolita...




My mom's bra and short shorts

I was 14, it was 1973 and my mom was 34 and had always been single. It was a hot summer day and she was dressed in tight short shorts pulled way over her belly button for the first time and her nude lace bra gracing her beautifully swelling breasts, showed very little of her still nearly flat tummy. I was only wearing my tight bathing suit because the air conditioner was broken.

I stared at my mom's hot little ass cheeks and her lusciously slim legs in those short shorts of hers as the back of her bra hiked up lots higher, showed lots more of her back than her tummy when she leaned against the wall fanning herself when she said she needed to talk to me for a moment.

She said "Son, you probably haven't noticed but mommy's tummy's started to change a little." I had noticed, but I didn't say so. She said, "The reason is, mommy's going to have a baby, this is why mommy's got on such big stretchy short shorts for the occasion and mommy's so proud to soon have nice big breasts too."

I forgot exactly what I said, but it was something like, "What? How....I mean, who is the.." She cut me off by saying, "How and who isn't important. The point is before long you're going to have a baby brother or sister. Isn't that exciting?"

I guess I was just staring at her tummy because after a few awkward seconds she took my hand and put it on her tummy, and I couldn't resist caressing it, especially when I had an incredibly hard erection in my bathing suit. She said, "You can't see much yet, but there's a bump there, can you feel it?" I nervously said "Yes."

I don't know why, but I just kept rubbing her tummy and as I did so, for whatever reason, I knelt low to the front of my mom's short shorts and kissed her barely visible baby bump. She said "Awww son, that's so beautifu!." But just after that my hard erection got so incredibly huge, it started wiggling around in my bathing suit, I moved back quickly.

It was a good thing I ran to my bedroom when I did, just as I closed my bedroom door, my erection suddenly popped out of my bathing suit and when I pushed it back in, I cummed in no time and the entire crotch of my bathing suit was completely stained.




Growing up my aunt Marcie often visited my mom and they would get drunk together. Marcie was rather forward at times and when I was 16 she started grilling me on my girlfriends. "How far did you go?" or "Did you kiss her?" As time went on her questions went deeper. She would whisper things like "Does she let you suck on her tits? and finally got around to intimacy questions. "Do you finger her cunt?" and "Does she swallow when she sucks your cock?" One time when my mom went into the bathroom she sat next to me and ut her hand on my thigh and asked, "Have you fucked her yet?" I think she noticed my cock getting hard and I had to get up and go jerk off. I found that when I thought of her when I jerked off I could come two or three times in an hour.

I was 23 when I came home from the Navy and was staying with my mom until I could get on my feet. One night Aunt Marcie came over, and as usual they got to drinking. I was quite filled out now and had a nice seven inch cock and large nuts. I had come from the gym and still had my gym shorts on. Mom called me into the family room and Aunt Marcie gave me a big hug. She was about half lit and whispered. Have you filled out everywhere? She brushed her hand down my cock through my shorts as she said this. I didn't answer and she went back to drinking with mom. Mom was the first to pass out in a drunken stupor. We were all sitting around talking about life and such and I noticed that Marcie wasn't drinking quite as much as mom.

After mom had passed out Marcie got on her hands and knees and crawled over to me. I realized she was trying to seduce me, so I let her. She knelt in front of me and ran her hands up my thighs. My cock twitched to life. I decided to get bold. I figured she probably wouldn't remember any of this in the morning so I lifted her up and told her to strip. I was going to be her master for the next hour or so. She stood and removed her clothes. Her tits were pretty big and had large nipples. They hung down a bit due to her age but I have come to love nipples. I reached up and pinched one and then the other. She said she approved. I looked down at her bush. It was quite full and jet black. I put my hand between her legs and felt that she was already wet.

She spread her legs a little but I pulled my fingers away. I stood up and leaned closer to her and said, "I only eat and fuck a shaved cunt." I sat back down. She was taken back and thought for a minute. "I'll be back" she said and walked into the bathroom. About 20 minutes later she came back and stood in front of me. Her cunt was as smooth as a baby's ass. I rubbed my hand back and forth and felt she was still wet. I gently finger fucked her for a minute then told her to pull my shorts off. She did and knelt before me. Her eyes widened as she looked at my half-engorged cock. "Suck it" I commanded. She took me in her mouth and I grabbed her hair and guided her up and down on my cock. I got rougher and rougher with my fingers in her hair but she never complained. I pulled her down as far as she could take it until she started to choke and gurgle. I chuckled at her and told her to be a good little cunt and lay down so I could abuse her cunt.

She obeyed as if she was my slave. I knelt down and lifted her ass up. I buried my tongue inside her and within minutes she was cumming. Then I turned around on all fours and told her to tongue fuck my asshole. She started to complain but I gave her a look that said she better do it. I felt her tongue on my sweaty, stinky ass. She tongued my for about five minutes and I told her to get on all fours. She did and I knelt behind her. I wasn't gentle as I plunged my cock into her cunt until my nuts slapped against her. I felt like I was ripping her apart. She just moaned and told me to go deeper and harder. I pounded her with all I was worth. She came two more times before I pulled out and told her to turn around and take my load. She took my cock back in her mouth and I mouth fucked her until I was ready to cum. I grabbed her hair and held her as I emptied my cock down her throat.

I kept my cock in her mouth until she sucked me dry, then hard again, and finally until I emptied a second load in her mouth. She swallowed every drop. After she had sucked me dry I pushed her away and she fell back to the floor. I got up and walked away, leaving her there sprawled out on the floor in her birthday suit.

To my surprise she remembered the whole episode in the morning. She had a huge smile on her face as she headed home, and as I walked her to the door she said, "That was the best fuck I've ever had." Indeed it was, and we replayed it a number of times until I finally moved out and found my own woman.




I came home from the service and had waited two years to go to the beach. It was a small lake with lots of beach area. As a High School senior Dan and I would go there and watch the nudists from the bushes. I went alone and walked through the trees to a spot we used to sneak to. There were a lot of people lounging around totally naked and I felt my cock start to get hard. I had only fucked one woman in the service and had been sucked only once by the same woman. She made me cum buckets and I was looking forward to getting sucked off again.

As I looked over to the left by another set of bushes there was a man sucking another man's cock. I wasn't gay but found this oddly exciting. As I watched, my hand went inside my shorts and fondled my nuts. I stood there staring for a few minutes and didn't notice the guy come up behind me. He reached around and put his hand on my cock. I startled. "You ever get sucked off by a man?" he asked. I looked down at his half hard cock and noticed it was quite a bit bigger than mine and twitched as I stared at it. "I'm not gay" I said. "Just getting your cock sucked doesn't make you gay" he said as he put his hand back on my cock. I stood there thinking about it. I hadn't dreamed of having another man putting my cock in his mouth but now I had second thoughts. He kept rubbing me and my cock got harder. "Oh, what the fuck" I said. I turned to him and he pulled my shorts down. Then he led me over to a secluded area and had me lie on my back.

He knelt between my legs and started sucking my cock. After a few minutes he started playing with my ass. Then he slipped his finger in. I was surprised how good it felt. I moaned as I got closer. I hadn't cum yet. He pulled his mouth off of my cock and spread my legs a little more. I felt the tip of his cock at my asshole and before I could protest he pushed in past my pucker hole and was buried to the hilt. "Oh, fuck" I said rather loudly. At first I was appalled but within a few seconds he pulled half-way out and pushed back in. What a fucking feeling, having a cock in my ass for the first time. My cock stayed hard as he slowly fucked me. He reached up and started playing with my nipples. I didn't know my nipples were that sensitive. It felt so good I hardly noticed I was gonna cum. Then I did cum. His cock in my ass was massaging my prostate and I came harder than ever before. He started to fuck me harder and deeper and within five minutes my cock started to get hard again. He fucked me for another 10 minutes and my cock was straining toward the sky. He finally came inside me and I felt his warm cum slide down my ass crack.

He finally pulled out after he was spent. He bent down and took my cock back in his mouth and sucked me for another 10 minutes. Then he whirled around and was on top of me with his cum stained cock at my lips. He was still sucking me and I smelled and tasted his com. He pushed his cock into my lips and I opened my mouth. I loved the feel of his cock in my mouth and didn't mind the taste. I came first as he sucked my dry. After he took his mouth off of my cock I kept sucking. I was his willing cocksucker and was actually looking forward to him cumming. Then it happened. I felt the first squirt of his jizz hit on my tongue. I took it all in like it was sweet nectar. I sucked him until he had no more and didn't want to stop. He finally popped his cock out of my mouth, got up and walked away.

I lay there spent for the next 10 minutes and finally put my shorts on and walked back to my car. I couldn't believe what had just transpired. I actually got fucked by another man and gave my first blowjob. My head was reeling as I drove home, but the next day I was there again looking for another cock.

It's been 20 years since that time. I'm married with three kids but don't get sex with my wife nearly enough. Last weekend I drove to the beach. Surprisingly I saw just what I wanted. Cock and more cock...