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I remember the first cock I sucked. He was a big fat guy and offered to suck my cock. I finally agreed and I went up to my hotel room. He came in a few minutes later and I was naked already on the bed. He closed and locked the door. He pulled me down so my ass was off the end of the bed . Then he knelt down and sucked me until I came. Just before I came i warned him and he shoved a finger into my asshole. What a fucking feeling. Having someone's lips on my cock and his finger in my asshole. He was finger fucking me as I came in his mouth. What a fucking feeling that was.

He finally took his finger out of my ass and got up I asked him if I could suck his cock. he quickly stripped and laid on the bed with his a at the end of the bed. I knelt down in front of him and took his cock in my mouth. I finger fucked him like he did me and when he asked if I wanted him to cum in my mouth I nodded yes. He started cumming and I started to cum and I could taste it. I tasted pretty good and I swallowed it all. I had a finger in his ass and when he was finally spent he said it was the best blowjob he ever had.

Ever since that night i have been looking for other cocks to suck. I've sucked at least 35 cocks over the last 10 years and have no desire to stop, Whenever my wife doesn't want to suck me I find another man who will. I have come to love sucking cock and have even enjoyed a number of cocks in my ass fucking me. What a fucking slut I've become. If you want me to suck you or fuck me just let me know. I'm almost always available and love ccock.




My girlfriend and I had just had sex. She had sucked me hard and mounted me. I fucked her for the very first time. I came in about three minutes. She moaned a little and said that if I loved her I would eat her I reluctantly agreed. She sat tat the head of the bed and spread her legs. I laid between her legs and started to lick her clit. My tongue went down to her slit and I tasted my cum oozing out of her. She said she only wanted my tongue so she was holding my wrists up by her chest. I thought we were alone in her house but I heard the bedroom door open. Then she said her brother likes to help her.

She had my wrists and I couldn't struggle away when I felt a mouth on my ass. It was her brother James and he started to lick my asshole. She said that either I let him play or she would never see me again. I was fucking caught. I let him lick my asshole and before I knew it he had my legs spread apart and was shoving his cock into me. It stung a bit at first but she told me to just relax and I would enjoy it. I tried to relax and about 20 seconds later he was fucking me. His cock pistoned in and out ov me and I started to like it. I lifted my ass to give him more access and he fucked me for the next 10 minutes. By that time I had licked all my cum out of her cunt and she was rooting him on. He finally came in my ass and when he pulled his cock out he stuck his tongue back up my ass and licked all of his cum out. Then she said to turn over. When I did he straddled my chest and put his semi-hard cock up to my mouth. He pushed it in and she told me to suck him like she did me. I started sucking and she was between my legs sucking me. He came before I did and I took his cum in my mouth About the time he finally pulled out I came. It wasn't much but it felt really fucking great. She took it all.

When we were all finally finished she explained that they were very close and shared everything, even the men she fucked. I eventually dumped her but my lust for cock continued. I finally found a guy with an eight inch cock and we have been living together for three years. He is the horniest fucker I ever met and he fucks me at least four times a week. I usually take his cum and keeps sucking until he's hard a second time. Then he fucks me until he is satisfied. This satisfies me as well. I guess it doesn't matter who you are with as long as you get fucked as much as you want.




We were in Sunday School and my wife got up to go to the bathroom. The class had ended and everybody had gone into the chapel except me. I was waiting for my wife. Then I felt a pair of hands on my shoulders and they moved down over my breasts. I got up and told her that this was inappropriate for church. She looked heart broken. She was a very good friend of ours and he husband had just went to prison for meth distribution. My wife often had her over for dinner and this day we invited her to come over after church and eat with us. She accepted.

My wife is a wonderful cook and will stay in the kitchen until it was time to eat. Leanna and I were at the dining room table just chatting and I got up and walked up behind her. I put my hands on her shoulders. I moved my hands down and whispered "We're not in church now." I moved my hands down and cupped her breasts. She put her head back and said "I want you." I told her we'd work it out. We had a good dinner and it was time to take her home. We usually picked her up for church and dropped her off afterwards. For some reason my wife asked me to take her home that night. I almost felt my cock jump when she said that. I made like it was a great hardship but I would do it for her. She was really appreciative. I drove Leanna home and she invited me inside when we pulled up in front of her house. I accepted.

I sat on the couch as she said she was going to change into something more comfortable. She first brought out a bottle of wind and poured me a glass. She said to relax and she'd be out in a few. When she came back out I was stunned. She was in a near see through nightgown with sheer blue panties. I could see her nipples and her pussy. Her nipples were huge and I instantly started to get hard. She poured both of us more wine. It was my third glass and I was feeling no pain. She saw me glancing at her tits. They weren't too large but those nipples turned me on. Then she stood up and asked if I liked them. I was now fixed on her tits and said they were the biggest nipples I'd ever seen. She said she was hoping I would notice. Then she pulled her nightie over her head and exposed herself to me. I reached up to cup her tits and she sat on me, her face inches from mine. I was just drunk enough to be bole. I pulled her to me and kissed her. Our tongues explored each other's mouth and I found my hands on her tits rubbing her nipples in my fingers.. I had never heard her cuss but when she said she wanted me to fuck her I was taken back. All I could say was "Okay."

She scooted off of me and knelt before me. She undid my pants and took them off. Her hands were soft on my thighs as she worked her way up to my underwear. When she pulled my shorts down my cock popped out nearly hard. She immediately took my cock in her mouth. She asked if my wife sucked cock. I told her that she hadn't in years so she said she would suck me so I would never forget her. Within five minutes I said I was cumming. That's when I felt her finger being shoved up my as and she said to give it to her. When she hit my prostate I let fly. It was the biggest orgasm I'd ever had and she took it all in her mouth. She was swallowing as fast as I could cum. I finally finished and she kept sucking until I was hard again. It took about 15 minutes. Then whe positioned me on the couch so I was on my back. She straddled my face facing my feet. She lowered her cunt onto my mouth and said to make her cum. I tongue fucked her for another 10 minutes and her cum entered my mouth. I loved it and she started to stroke my cock at that point. I was already hard from licking her cunt but this got me even harder. Then she got off of my face and turned around, mounting my cock. She said I was much bigger than her ex and wanted to fuck me and make me cum inside her.

I fucked her like this for about 10 minutes then she rotated on my cock so she was facing my feet. She started to play with my nuts and I soon felt a finger back into my asshole. Then it was two, and finally three fingers inside me. She said she really liked finger fucking her man while he fucked her. With three fingers ass fucking me I couldn't hole it very long and soon started cumming. I didn't fill her cunt up but it seemed to satisfy her as she moaned a little and said she was cumming. My average six inch cock was doing the trick. After we both came she quickly got off of me and knelt between my legs. She took my cock back into her mouth and sucked the remaining cum out of me. When she was convinced I was clean she turned back around and put her cunt on my mouth. She told me to clean her up as she sat on my face. I licked her cunt until my cum was gone and she was clean.

We laid there for a bit when she said I should get back to my wife. I was to tell her I was helping Leanna with her garbage disposal. It was good that my wife didn't want sex that night as I was spent. I took a shower and went to bed, my wife following. She never found out about us, but now every time my wife asks Leanna over for dinner I drive her home and end up fucking her. She said I was the best fuck she ever had and she would marry me if she could.

A year later I got a divorce from my cold fish of a wife and started to see Leanna on a regular basis. We are now married and she had actually turned me into a swinger. I will fuck nearly anything she offers me and have even let a number of guys fuck my ass. We are swingers and are loving every fucking minute of it. I have come to love sucking cock and having our lovers fuck me. Leanna seems to like it as well and she cums nearly every time someont either fucks me or ingers my asshole. This is the greatest fucking life I could imagine.




I grew up across the street from two lesbians. I didn't realize it until I was about 16 and started to notice them. They both had really big tits and I could sometimes see in their living room window that they walked around in their bras and panties. My mom was good friends with them and I was surprised the day Carol came over and told me that she had a hysterectomy and if I wanted to practice fucking to just let her know. I started spending time with them and would often swim in their underground pool. When I turned 17 they started giving me beer and on Friday nights when my parents were gone I would go over and drink with them. I found that I got horny when I had a few beers and one night I drank nearly a case. Joan, who had the bigger tits asked my what I was thinking. I was really drunk and I said "I really like your tits and the way your nipples stand up in the pool." She said that's what she thought. Then she stood up and took off her bra. She came over to the couch and straddled me. Her tits were at eye level and she told me to suck on one of them. I closed my eyes and took her nipple in my mouth. She said 'That feels so fucking good. Now I want your cock." She scooted down and unzipped my pants. My smallish cock was at full mast when whe pulled my shorts down. She started sucking me and I couldn't hold it. I came in about 15 seconds and she swallowed it all. I apologized but they both just shrugged it off. Joan said she often had that effect on men and I shouldn't worry about it. After a bit I decided to go home and she said to come over next Friday night and she would have a big surprise for me. I figured she would let me fuck her.

I couldn't wait and when Friday came I told my mom I was gonna go over and have a dip in their pool. I even dressed in my swim suit. I figured I was fucking ready for anything they had in mind but what happened that night blew my fucking mind. I walked into the back yard and entered through the sliding door. They were both on the couch naked and in a 69 position. I'm not sure they saw or heard me but I watched as they sucked on each other's cunts. this got me instantly hard watching them. Then Carol looked up and said to get undressed and join them. I was all too eager and shed my trunks and walked over to the couch. Then Carol told me to get a beer from the fridge. They sat up and began playing with each other's tits and after I finished the beer they said to get another. And another. And another. I had about eight beers in me when Joan tested somebody on her phone. I asked who it was and she said it was nothing. I had another couple of beers and was drunk as shit when carol sat me on the couch and started to kiss me. At the same time she was stroking my cock, edging me each time I got hard. I played with her tits and sucked on her nipples a bit and then Joan came back with another man.

Joan introduced me to her friend Jim. She said he was here to fuck me. I barely registered the words as Carol got off of the couch. Jim knelt in front of me and knelt down. He took my cock in his mouth and both Joan and Carol sat on the couch next to me. They each grabbed an arm to keep me from pushing him away. Joan said to just close my eyes and enjoy it. I had each hand on a different woman's tit and was being sucked. I couldn't hold it and started to cum. Jim swallowed every fucking drop. About the time I was ready to cum I felt a finger being shoved into my ass. It didn't really hurt but was different. After I was spent my cock was still pretty hard even though it was only about five inches. Jim stood up and stripped. When he was naked I looked down and saw his cock. It was at least two inches bigger than mine and when he stood in front of me and pulled me to him I took his cock in my mouth. All the while Joan and Carol had their hands all over me. My back, my thighs, my belly and even my cock. They were saying how sexy it was watching me suck Jim's cock. I was drunk enough not to care. He finally came in my mouth and I started swallowing. They both clapped at that.

Being a horny 17 year old my cock was hard again. Then I found Joan sucking my cock and Jim was licking my asshole. He got me nice and slippery and pushed my legs up. Then I felt his cock at my asshole. He said it was time for me to get fucked and shoved his cock in my ass. It stung a bit but soon it turned to pleasure as he fucked me while Joan sucked my cock. He fucked me for about 20 minutes before he came in my ass. As soon as he was spent he pulled his cock out of my ass and Joan laid me on the couch. She mounted me and sat on my cock with her cunt. Then she said "You've sucked, been fucked, and now it's time to learn how to fuck a real woman. She started to gyrate on my cock and Carol came over and straddled my face facing Joan. She lowered her cunt onto my mouth and said to tongue fuck her. I stuck my tongue in her cunt as far as I could as Joan was fucking me. I tasted pussy juice for the first time that night as Carol came in my mouth. I finally came as Joan and Carol kissed and caressed each other while I was tongue fucking Carol and fucking Joan. What a fucking night.

I finally graduated and got a blowjob from each of them for my grad present. I stayed at home and went to Jr. college for the next two years. I sucked and fucked both of them so many times I couldn't count. Occasionally they brought over another man and I had gay sex. This went on until I was almost 21 and I finally moved to the university. That was 11 years ago and I've been married for four. I love my wife but once in a while I'll get the urge to suck a cock or get fucked in the ass and will call them up. They are more than happy to accommodate me and have never let me down. I guess I'm bi-sexual but don't think my straight wife would ever understand. Too fucking bad.




I think I’m addicted to this website it’s almost the only thing that gets me off anymore..and I think I’ve read just about everything

20 F k ik: newobsession00 message me anything stories you’d be generous enough to share 18+ If anybody sees might have pictures to trade in return




Something about my life I thought very few people knew about my ex and me I never would have shared nor agreed to share with anyone outside of our circle of friends that played a part. Who remembers Polaroid instant cameras? While I was married to the ex he took alot of sexual pictures. When we separated and through the divorce process I kept asking what happened to those photos and wanted them destroyed. He swore he disposed of them. That was a lie. A few years ago when my mom was in last stages of cancer she gave me a package telling me I had to wait until she passed to look inside the package. I begged her to tell me what was in the package. She told me it was a surprise and I should wait as she instructed. I was busy taking care of her through her illness and the final arrangements for her memorial. I had to clear out her belongings and distribute as necessary and to her wishes. Several months later I finally ran across that package and sat down to look at the contents. There they were, dozens of polaroids of me having sex with various dogs. Mom never said a word about having that knowledge about me. I sometimes wonder what her thoughts were. I wonder how that conversation started with my ex and my mom. I wonder if he told her how much I loved that part of my life, did he tell her how much he enjoyed watching me be submissive like a bitch in heat.

Some of those things I wondered about were sort of answered in my mind judging by more information that I discovered in that box of photos.

I was surprised my ex had something sexual going on with my mom. Conversations with my mom at least five years after the divorce she would let things slip letting me know they were still talking and visiting each other. He was always closer with my parents than his own. I asked her many times why she was still talking to him because it didn't make sense. We had no children so nothing in common there. The only time I saw him after the divorce was at my dads funeral. I never saw him or talked to him after the divorce. Her neighbors would tell me they saw him visit her many times through the years even mentioned the dogs he had with him during the visits. The neighbors said how sweet it was that he would visit her even though we were divorced. I guess they didn't think anything was out of the ordinary between a 30 something man with a 60 something woman.

I will never know the details of their relationship. My ex had a way of manipulating and controling people to do things he wanted. After I saw all the photos she saved for all those years I have no doubt he managed to get my mom into having sex with dogs and she had sex with him. No photo evidence of my mom with a dog but enough evidence of their fling.

Along with all those photos of me with dogs there were a lot of photos of my mom sucking his cock. Photos of my naked mom, some she was on her hands and knees posing naked, or with cum dripping from her puss and even a few photos of a peeled banana sticking out of her puss and my ex eating a cum coated banana right out of her puss. More photos revealed she had a lesbian type thing going on as well. Photos of another woman licking her puss or sucking her tits, and there was my mom with her tongue planted in a womans puss. I knew he could get anything he wanted but I never dreamed he would coax and probably seduce my own mother to have any sexual activity.

I guess that is what she meant when she said it was a surprise.




My girlfriend Rhonda and I had been together for about 6 months. She was pretty uninhibited in bed and liked to lick my asshole when we were in the 69 position. It felt pretty kinky at first but I soon came to really like it. One night she said she had a guy put a roofie in her drink and take advantage of her. We talked about it for a bit and she offered to roofie me so I could understand what it was like. I figured since it was in a controlled environment I'd be willing to try it. So one Friday night shortly after dinner she said she did it. When I asked about what she said she had put a roofie in my water. I wasn't expecting it and about 15 minutes later I was starting to get really sleepy. I woke up in the morning with a bit of a headache and had no idea what happened the night before. My body was also a little sore and I was curious. When I asked her about it she said it was so fucking hot she wanted to do it again. I guessed that we fucked a few times or something like that. I told her that if she enjoyed it I might be willing. Then she showed me the video she took. What a fucking cunt.

The video: She helped me to the couch. I was barely coherent and she helped me get naked. I was sitting on the couch and she knelt in front of me and started to suck my cock. Then the doorbell rang and she answered it. It was two big black guys and she ushered them in. "Is this the bitch?" one of them asked. "Yep" she said. "Do whatever you want." They both laughed a little. They picked me up and carried me to the dining room and laid me on the table on my back. I had my head hanging off of one side and my ass was at the other side. They both stripped and started to stroke themselves. They both had very large cocks. One then stepped up to me and bent my head back a little more and my mouth opened. He put the head of his cock in my mouth and slowly started to mouth-fuck me. Within a minute he was fucking my throat with that monster. "Baby, you were right" he said to Rhonda. "His throat is like a tight fucking cunt." About the same time he put his cock in my mouth the other guy was lubing my asshole and shoved his cock all the way in with one thrust. He had my legs pulled up and started to fuck me in the ass. They got in a rhythm and I was swaying back and forth with them. The guy in my ass came first and pulled his cock out of me. He walked into the bathroom while the guy in my mouth pulled about halfway out and started cumming. It filled my mouth to overflowing and was running down my cheeks.

At this point in the video Rhonda put her hand on my cock and mentioned that I was almost hard. I didn't realize it but watching myself get fucked was turning me on. She then mentioned what a little pussy I was and never knew I liked cock. I said I didn't but her look said otherwise. I thought the video was over and was enjoying it when she took my pants down and my cock popped out. But she said the best part was yet to come. "More?" I asked and she just replied "Oh fuck yeah." As the video continued the guy in my ass walked back into the picture and they traded places. He put his cock in my mouth and started to mouth-fuck me. Rhonda was stroking my cock in rhythm to to the cock in my mouth on the video. Then the guy who was first in my mouth shoved his cock in my ass. They got into a rhythm again and mentioned that spit roasting a white cunt like me was worth the price. After they mouth and ass fucked me for about 20 minutes they both pulled out and carried me to the living room. One laid down and was now fucking me from underneath. They positioned me so the other guy knelt above me and forced his cock into my asshole. Now I had two big cocks in my ass. I never dreamed I could take a cock, let alone two at the same time. They were stretching my asshole beyond its capability.

They both ass fucked me for what seemed like an eternity. My eyes were glued to the video when I noticed I was cumming. Rhonda had her hand around the head of my cock and caught a lot of it. About that time I could tell one was cumming in my ass. Rhonda reached up and put her cum filled hand up to my mouth and told me to lick it. I absently licked my own cum off of her hand as one guy pulled out of my ass and a minute later the other guy tensed up and came in my ass. He finally rolled me off of him and they picked me up and carried me to bed. She must have cleaned me up because I didn't feel any of their cum inside me when I woke up the next morning, but I was pretty shocked when the video showed them each paying her $100 each.

I called her every name in the book and she laughed. "What's so fucking funny?" I demanded. Then she said "You're such a little fucking bitch. I've been doing this to you for months and you've never even noticed." Then she handed me a stack of CDs, each with other men's names on them. Then she got up and walked out and never came back. I ended up watching the videos, realizing that I really liked to suck cock and have the large ones ass fuck me. Since that night I regularly go to the gay bar and bring other men home with me. I've become such a fucking cock slut I can't live without it. I think I've finally found the man I want and we have been together now for three months. All because that fucking bitch roofied me one night without me knowing it.