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I want somebody older to eat my fat 14 Year old virgin pussy. I get so horny thinking about older men or women eating me out. I'm horny just thinking about it. I could be your slut. Young people just don't have enough experience to Fuck me so I go for the older people. My cunt gets so wet. I fantasize about getting my tight cunt stuffed and filled with cum of even a strap on. I such a whore and I don't care. I no I'm young but I've matured early.




I was very young the first time I sucked a cock and it was a friend which turned into a regular thing about 3 or 4 times a week. He did suck me once but after that I just sucked him. Later in life I got married started a family and after 10yrs got divorced. Then I started sucking cock again at a local adult store. This became a pattern in between girlfriends. Well after my last relationship broke off it wasn't long before I was looking for cock again.

I am a normal guy next door type that from talking to me you would not guess I love cock.After finding one and after sucking him off at a local park I thought about it and told myself I was no longer going to find another GF as I really enjoyed sucking cock. It has been 12yrs since I have been with a woman and my mind set is I love pleasing men and letting them use me for their sexual pleasures as I basically get my pleasure from pleasing and satisfying them totally.

I have 2 guys that (at separate times) will text me saying they need sucked off or a quick piece of ass, which I just started doing anal about 6yrs ago and found I love that also.

Anyways they will text and give me some notice and then show up and either I get on my knees and suck them off or they might sit in the recliner and I suck them off, sometimes I will answer the door naked then suck them hard and then bend over the couch and let them fuck me. just about every time they are here it takes maybe 20 to 40 minutes and when they cum in my mouth or in my ass they say thanks and leave. Not one time have they ever even so much as touched my cock and I have busted a nut without touching myself by both sucking them (depending on how verbal they get) of getting fucked.

In the past year or so I have even got bold and having a conversation with a stranger if sex comes up I will make a comment that I prefer to please a man and do things his GF or wife won't do. This has resulted in a few bad situations but has also got me on my knees sucking them off in their cars or in an alley and one time in the bar restroom (which was not a gay bar).

I admit it proudly that I am a true cock hound and always willing to suck a guy off just about anywhere as long as we don't get put in jail and I truly love worshipping cock and swallowing cum and after the first time of a guy bare backing me and cumming inside and feeling it leaking out I was hooked and prefer bare back (as long as I really know the guy is clean fucking bare back is the best. All a guy has to do is show me his cock and if I don't go down on my knees I will ask if he wants his cock sucked.




Since I was young I've always felt submissive and have always had a thing for wearing women's clothing and makeup.

Now I'm married to a beautiful wife and step daughter I'm constantly having fantasys about them force feminising me.

They are both aware that I already wear panties every day and women's shorts at home but they don't have any idea how deep these feelings become.

I want my wife to have consistently insist that I always wear a bra and skirts makeup etc when home and keep me locked in my chastity device and withhold any sexual stimulation from me only pleasuring her.

I'd never touch my step daughter in a sexual way but would love her to also be a dominant part of my feminization by telling me what I should wear and humiliating me about it.




I was 22 when I sucked my first cock. It was 17 years later when this happened. I stopped at a rest stop to shit. Sitting in the stall I read the message on the wall to go sit on my hood if I wanted a blowjob. I finished and walked outside. I sat on the hood of my car and a minute later a man walked over to me and asked if I wanted my cock sucked. When I nodded he had me follow him to the back of his pickup. He had a topper on the bed with curtains on the windows. We quickly stripped and I laid down on the thin mattress he had in the back.

He knelt between my legs and took my cock in his mouth. I was about half hard but quickly grew to my massive five inches pretty quickly. He was balls deep on my cock when I started cumming. He swallowed every drop and kept sucking until I started to get hard a second time. I never had a double blowjob like this before. Without taking his mouth off of my cock he turned around and stuck his cock in my face. I told him I didn't swallow as I opened my mouth and took his cock in. It was much bigger than mine and about half hard.

We stayed like this for about 20 minutes and I felt my balls ready to release. I tensed up and started cumming again. He sucked every drop out of me and took his mouth off of me. He knelt over my face and started to fuck my mouth as deep as I could take it. He reached down and pinched my nipples. That made my cock jump again. "Fuck, dude," he said, "you suck cock better than my wife." His cock was thick with a small hood and was soft as a baby's ass. He had my head tilted back just a little and his legs were hugging my head. "You said you don't swallow, but tonight you're gonna," he said as his legs squeezed together. I tried to pull off of him, then tried to push him away but he was much stronger than me. He grabbed my wrists and held them up as he said, "Oh, fuck, I'm cumming!"

As soon as I felt the first shot I knew he was right. I was gonna swallow. He had a huge load, much bigger than mine and I had no choice but to take it. I found that I really liked it. He was actively fucking my mouth as he shot his load into my gullet. "Oh, yeah. You're like a cum-sucking little faggot, aren't you?" I thought we were done, but he kept his cock in my mouth until he started to get hard again. I was exhausted. He finally pulled his cock out of my mouth and quickly got down between my legs again. He raised my legs. I thought he was gonna suck my cock again.

Instead of sucking me he shoved a wet finger up my ass. I jumped and said, "I don't do anal." He chuckled, "maybe not, but tonight you do." He pulled his finger out and scooted up to me. I felt his cock push its way into my asshole. It almost split me apart. He was stronger than I imagined and literally over-powered me. He managed to bury his cock balls deep in me and stayed still until I relaxed a little. When the pain was subsiding he started to fuck me. Having cum once already he was able to last about another half hour, fucking me like I was his girlfriend. "Don't you dare fucking cum in me," I warned. He just laughed as he started cumming. "Fuck!" I yelled. But I quickly calmed down when I felt his hot jizz fill my ass. It felt like I wanted it all along.

With his cock still in my ass he leaned forward and kissed me. I responded. My cock was getting hard again. He forced his tongue past my lips and we made out for about minutes. He finally pulled his cock out of my ass and rolled off of me.

I got dressed and left, but it was the best sex of my life, wife and girlfriends included. I have been sucking cock and getting fucked ever since.




I am 28 yrs old, married, and have been having sex with men on the down low for the past 3 years. I live in a medium sized town so it isn't too hard for me to find horny married guys that want their dick sucked or want to fuck my hot tight ass. I usually chat with them online, then meet them in a park, public bathroom, or give them car head.

The other day a guy I was chatting with told me to meet him at a park bathroom that had a glory hole. I didn't know about it or I would have already been going there.

I met him there and sure enough there was two glory holes between three stalls. I sat in the middle one and before long I had sucked five cocks to completion and had my cock sucked to completion once. I don't even know if I sucked the guys cock who wanted me to meet him there, but I didn't care, I got my belly full of hot cum!

I went back there yesterday hoping to get some more cum. When I got there, there was already someone in the middle stall so I went into the end stall up again the back wall. As I sat down and started stroking my cock I heard someone else come in and enter the last stall. I peeped through the glory hole and the guy in there was looking through the opposite glory hole. And within a few seconds I could see he was sucking the guy that had just came in. So I sat there watching and stroking. It didn't take long and I heard the guy grunt a little and new he was cumming. I watched as not a drop of cum hit the floor, so I knew he swallowed.

I sat back and stroked thinking how I wish I was getting that cum and heard one of them leaving. I looked back through the hole and that guy was leaving too. I was disappointed that I didn't get to suck either one of them. I took the opportunity to move to the middle stall.

I sat in the middle stall for a few minutes and I heard someone come in. He went to the last stall and sat down. I peeped in and saw him stroking his cock, it was a nice 7-8 incher. I leaned down and put my mouth over the glory hole and twirled my tongue. I felt his cock head hit my tongue, I moved it out of the way and let him push his hard cock all the way to the back of my throat. I then went to work. I sucked him good, deep throating him from time to time and would deep throat him and stay there and let him fuck my mouth/throat for a few seconds at a time. It didn't take long and I felt his cock get tighter and I knew he was about to cum. This made me suck even harder, when he started cumming, it was a lot, I mean a lot. I had never had this much cum come out of one dick before. But I took as much as I could and swallowed like the good little cock sucker I am. When he finished cumming I continued to suck him clean. I was about to stop when I realized that his cock was getting hard again. I had never been fucked through a glory hole, and was really wanting to feel this big hard cock shoot a load deep inside my ass. So, I kept sucking until he was as hard as a rock. I stood up while still stroking his cock and put my ass up to it and started rubbing the head of it up and down my ass crack. I spit in my hand a couple of time and used it for lube and stuck a finger in my ass to help get it ready for his big cock. I started to guide it into me and it felt a lot bigger than it looked.

It took a few minutes to get him worked into my tight ass. But once he was all the way in, I just pushed up against the wall and he did the rest, he started fucking me for all he was worth, I was in heaven. He was fucking me really good when someone came in. He stopped, but didn't pull out, he just stayed there. I just stayed there too with his cock buried all the way into my ass. The guy just came in pissed in the urinal and left, as soon as the door closed behind him my guy started pumping me again. After a couple minutes of this he slammed into me balls deep and I could tell he was getting tired, so I pulled away from the wall and started fucking his cock as is stuck out of the hole. He really liked this and started moaning and within a couple of minutes he started cumming, breeding me really deep. It felt so wonderful as his cock pumped his seed deep into my ass. As I pulled off of his cock and sat down on the toilet he said meet me outside at the white truck. I said ok, and was thinking, that voice sounds familiar. I let the cum drain out of me while I heard him leave. I got straightened out and went out to the parking lot looking for the white truck. When I saw it I almost fainted, it was my dads truck.




I let 5th grade girls watch me masturbate and cum!

They would walk by my house on their way home from school and I would strip nude and masturbate so they could see me. They watched me masturbate every day. One day they were watching me masturbate and then started to walk away so I said, 'Don't go away, come back and watch me cum!". They heard me say that. One pretty brunette girl came back and did just that. She stood about 6 feet away from me and stared at my dick as my cum squirted out. When she saw me completely finish cumming she ran to catch up to her friends. She then told all her girlfriends what I did. -Glenn Willis




I'm a 50ish married man. I also like to suck a nice cock now and then. One night I responded to an ad on-line and agreed to meet him. He was about 15 minutes away, and when I arrived he was only in a robe. He was a big, fat guy and led me to his bedroom. To my surprise there was a tall, skinny naked guy on the bed. He was staring at my crotch and stroking his cock as I walked in.

I stripped and got on the bed. Skinny guy told me to suck him. I bent over and started sucking his cock while fat guy started to play with my ass. He ran the side of his hand up and down my ass crack, then started to play with my asshole. After a few minutes skinny guy pulled his cock out of my mouth and had me lay on my back with my head over the edge. Fat guy stood over me with his cock at my mouth. It was large. Much larger than mine. I opened my mouth and he put his cock in my mouth. He slow-fucked me for a minute and his cock started to get hard. It was very thick. I loved it.

Before I knew it I felt a wet finger slip into my asshole. My wife plays with my asshole when she's sucking me, but I'd never been fucked. It wasn't long, though, and skinny guy lifted my legs and I felt his cock push it's way into me. He started stroking my cock as he fucked me. I was being spit-roasted for the first time. Fat guy was now fucking my mouth slow and deep. I found myself moaning each time skinny guy's cock touched my prostate. "Oh, fuck, I'm gonna cum," fat guy said. He grabbed my head and I felt him shoot his wad. I managed to swallow all of it, and about that time I felt the warmth of skinny guy's jizz fill my ass.

He started to pull out of my ass, but I told him I needed more, so he stayed still until he started to get hard again. Twenty minutes later he was fucking me like I was a $4 whore. He lasted a bit longer that time, but managed to cum a second time.

That was the first time I had been fucked, but I was determined to be fucked a lot more. Since then I've been fucked about two dozen times and have even talked my wife into fucking me with a strap-on. She doesn't know I like cock, but my sex life is full, even to this day.