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Well I’m a 28 year old straight male.

I’m a straight guy but I absolutely love to suck on my horses cocks. I’ve been sucking my horses cocks for like 18 years. The first time I sucked one I was in the barn feeding them and I just happened to notice that my horse curly had dropped his cock out well I was instantly turned on I was hard as hell. So I got naked and got on my knees next to him and he didn’t care when I started to stroke his cock it got extremely herd and I couldn’t resist I had to have it in my mouth. I started kissing it and licking it up and down and he was loving it so I got directly underneath of him and stuck his massive cock in my mouth and started sucking it like I was going to die if I didn’t. After that first time every morning and night when he seen my heading to the barn he would come running with his cock out ready for his cock to be sucked. I honestly love sucking on horses cock. And I also love human pussy. I LOVE HORSE COCK!!!!!!




So I have been thinking hard on molesting my son. Comment if you want updates. I have been staring at his ass for a minute and i can seen myself rubbing my cock inbetween his cheeks. I clean his butt still he has the cutest ass. I sucked his cock like three times i want to do more. I always wanted to still my cock in his mouth i tried a couple of times.




I (m54) got married young at only 17, I soon became a father and life was going well until 1991 when we had some major money troubles.

I had a way to earn money as where we lived there was a big gay community and I was soon giving head for money in the toilets at work, I was soon found out by the company and let go.

I had to explain to my wife not only where the extra money ad been coming from but that I no longer had a job, She was most bothered by my losing the job and said she understood why I had been sucking cocks for cash and appreciated that I would go so far to provide for her and our now three daughters.

I found a way to carry on earning by getting into fetish porn and was soon dressing up in lingerie and being gangbanged while cameras clicked away, after a few times I was asked to take a dog cock in my ass for three times what I had been earning for taking five cocks.

After a day or two thinking about it I agreed and was paid what amounted to a months wage up front with double that coming to me after. I was soon on a ferry going to Belgium and upon arrival at our destination I was given a room and slept until the next day, I awoke to the sound of dos barking and found a note had been pushed under the door asking me to ready asap.

Black lingerie and heels were laid out ready and I was soon looking like a transvestite whore, Then I was guided into a room and saw a video camera on a tripod and three men with cameras.

What followed was two hours of me sucking and being fucked in the ass before being knotted for what seemed like hours before licking and sucking the dogs cock clean.

The next day I was ready to o home when I was asked to do more videos with more animals, after some discussion I agreed to do three more days filming and end my time with a live show, I phoned my wife and explained the delay and went straight back to being a whore.

I did one film with a do and its owner one with two dogs two films were done of me taking horse cock and I was even filmed being fucked by a boar pig and finally I was filmed doing a gangbang with both dogs and men, I had worn different lingerie for each film and was getting to keep it all.

The evening of my last day came around and I wore a red and black Basque with fishnet stockings high heeled boots and for a change I tied my hair back and had makeup professionally applied.

The night started with me being groped and man handled like a piece of meat by a large group of men before a dog was brought in, I was soon sucking its cock and the jeering crowd faded into the background and I went to work I sucked and was fucked by three different dogs then the boar was brought in and finally a donkey I took them all as deep in my ass as I could and was flooded with cum, to end the night I was made to suck off anyone who wanted me to and allow them to cum on my face.

For what I had done that week I was away I got paid the equivalent of a years wage at my old job, I was given a set of vhs tapes when the editing had been done and as a booster to our income I went back four more times and the last time I went I was fucked by four horse's two donkeys twenty dogs and around fifty men over a three week stay.

After Belgium changed their law making Bestiality illegal to make I stopped even though I could have gone to Hungary and carried on I thought my ass wouldn't take much more punishment so declined.

We recently moved house and my oldest daughter found the Vhs tapes and not knowing what they were got them put onto DVD and arranged a family viewing of "dads family vids"

I'm now single and disowned by my entire family but can finally watch those films again as I get fucked by my dog!




I'm 15 and I just want to be raped or sexually harassed really badly. I fantasize about getting gang raped and beat by someone I trust and then they bring me really close to death. Like beat me and torture and rape me until I wish I was dead. Then after using me for a few years and having a couple rape babies with me (he rapes the babies too) he suffocates me and fucks my dead body. And he eats my flesh and cums all over my half eaten corpse.




I'm an 32 years old guy and I love to play with my ass.

I have an slim feminin body with a cute sexy butt.

If I'm alone at home I dress my body with my girlfriend's lingerie and dessous, feeling girly and slutty.

I like to wear tight and hot strings, bodysuits and high cutted overkneesocks.

To have some little boobs I stuff out the bra

If I'm dressed like an sexy girl I regard myself in an mirror and pose with my body, especially with my ass.

I love kneeing down Doggystyle pushing my butt up.

Wearing an buttplug make this even more intense.

Then I fantasize that a horny man with an big beautiful cock get along and start abusing my ass.

As his big cock entering my butthole in my mind, I push a dildo inside my ass.

Penetrating and stretching my hole let's me go crazy.

I push the toys even harder and faster into my little ass.

If I'm not feeling slutty enough I take out some huge toys to stretch my ass wide open and making it gape. I love that.

Watching myself in an mirror gaping my asshole makes me feel so horny.

If I'm about to cum I get on my back so I could aim my dick upon my chest and my face.

Facializing myself and having my hot cumshot on my skin makes me feel hard abused.

Then I guide the cream into my mouth and swallow it enjoyable down.

I love torture myself this way




I want to fuck my mother in law so bad. She's so sexy. I would love to stand behind her and start feeling her ass. Pull her pants down and bend her over. Licking her asshole and then her pussy. Licking her pussy from behind while my nose is in her ass. Then filling her up with my thick 8.5 inches.

I'd cum a huge load in her. She cannot get pregnant.

I want her to know how bad I want her. I feel like the feelings are mutual but I don't know how to approach it.

I'd hate if she denied me and then told her daughter! I love her daughter and don't want to lose her. This is just pure carnal lust and desire.




I was 18 (now 22f) when my niece (now 4) was born and still living with my step mom, step brother, and his wife. All three of them worked while I did online college, naturally I was the deligated babysitter. At first it was easy; feed her, change, burp, nap, some playtime, and repeat till they first of the three got off. Usually my step mom first but she always hid up in her room. Then my brother maybe two hours later, and his wife soon after that. On average we spent from 8am-5pm without any adult and until 7pm without a responsible one.

After a few months I started to notice she liked being wiped after a diaper I'd wipe her down and then use my fingers. She would coo and smile, scrunching her feet. So I started doing it every diaper change, even rubbing her little bum hole after the first few times.

By the time she was about 13 months, shed started walking; I'd tought her to walk over to the swing chair when she wanted touched, her parents never cought on. Id sit her in the bouncer, take off the diaper and rub her little bum hole and clit while the chair was on.

I moved out at 20, still within a hour of home so I still see my niece at least every other weekend, sometimes Thursday Sunday night. When she started talking I knew I needed a code word, something easy for her parents to dismiss as child's language. So I tought her we were playing with her imaginary friend Cookie Monster since she loves old Sesame Street. Id lay her out on a special blue cookie blanket I made to keep here and strip her down, opening her baby legs. Since she was a bit older I would use my tongue one her clit or bum hole; whichever looked juicer, while I gently started probing the other hole with my fingertip. It took about two months of visits before I was able to get my whole pinky in both her little holes...shes so sweet and tight...I cant get enough of that taste!

She's now four and her favorite seems to be a finger in her bum while I lick her clit! I'm gonna train her to be such a baby whore!