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OK. So first of all, it was no accident, though it was supposed to appear to be. It started when I awoke from a nap and heard muffled giggles of several women, including my wife, in the next room. I slept naked, and as usual, I had a total erection upon waking.

That day, I decided I wanted whoever was in the den, to see the monster throbbing between my legs. So I popped out of the bed and walked to the closed door, where I paused. I thought about what my wife would say if I opened the door and the potential consequenses. I then decided it would appear to be accidental so everything should work out fine.

I stood there with my heart pounding and I found myself rubbing my organ and thinking of what it would feel like if I opened the door. I felt a bit of liguid ooze from my swollen dick. I wiped it off and then I went for it. I flung the bedroom door open and stepped into a room where my wife and her visiting friends could see my totally erect and throbbing package.

As I stepped through the door, my wife shouted out, "there are women in here." Ah, too late! I was standing buck naked in front of her and two of her friends, one of whom was staring intently at my rcck hard penis. I stood naked acting disoriented and stunned as they looked on and, after a short discussion with the wife, I backed up into the bedroom.

I closed the door and, as I was getting dressed, I heard the girls all laughing at the situation and discussing it.

This was the beginning of many, many instances in which I let virtually everyone in my wife's circle of friends as well as her family see my totally naked body, usually with a fully erect penis.




I was 23 years old and living on my own. I had a roommate because I was kinda poor. Shortly after I moved in I noticed two or three times a week he had another man over and they went into his room to watch TV. Or so I thought. One hot night he invited two guys over and one brought a case of beer. I was in just gym shorts and a T-shirt. After four beers I gas really buzzed. I looked over and Tom my roommate was rubbing Mike's cock. I tried not to stare but kept looking at them. Then Tom pulled Mike's shorts down and knelt between his legs. He started sucking Mike's cock. I kept staring as I'd never seen a man give a blowjob. They were both into it and I was absently playing with my nipples. Then Jerry, who was on the couch next to me reached over and grabbed my cock through my shorts. I was almost hard and hadn't even realized it. "You ever have a guy suck your cock?" I said I wasn't gay. He chuckled and said, "Neither was I until a dude sucked my cock. Here let me show you." He pulled my shorts down. I didn't want to make an ass out of myself by leaving so I let him. He knelt between my legs and removed my shorts. He started sucking me. This was better than any woman could suck. I was hard in seconds.

After a few minutes he laid down on his back in front of the couch and told me to kneel on my chest and fuck his mouth. I knelt over him and bent over the couch with my cock at his lips. He took me in and I started to slowly fuck his mouth. My cock is pretty small but he didn't mind. I was in another world when Tom sat on the couch in front of me. His cock was staring me in the face. I figured he wanted me to suck him. I had never really thought about it before but was now curious so I leaned in and took his cock in my mouth. I loved it. Now I couldn't understand why women were so reluctant to suck cock. My cock was hard, his cock was hard and then I felt Mike start to lick my asshole. "Oh, fuck yeah," I said. Jerry kept edging me so I wouldn't cumm too quickly. I was so drunk I hardly knew what was happening. Then Mike stuck a finger in my ass and began to finger fuck me. It felt great having someone fingering my asshole. I lifted up a little to give him better access and hardly flinched when he took his finger out of my ass and shoved his cock in me. We got in a rhythm with me thrusting into Jerry's mouth as Mike pulled out and I pulled out as Mike thrust in. Being fucked and mouth fucking Jerry at the same time was the best sexual experience I ever had.

I was the first to cumm. I gave him as much as I had and he took it all. Just about that time I felt warm cum squirting into my mouth. I started swallowing and was able to take it all. Tom kept his cock in my mouth until I had sucked him completely clean. Mike fucked me for another 10 minutes and filled my ass with his load. He finally pulled out of my ass and I nearly collapsed. Mike and Jerry got dressed and left. Tom got a couple more beers and we drank for the next hour. We were still naked sitting on the couch when Tom bent over and took my cock into his mouth. I let him suck me for nearly a half hour and I had a second cumm.

I woke up with a massive fucking hangover, laying on my belly with Tom laying on top of me fucking the shit out of me. After he came in my ass he got up and showered. We became lovers and have been sucking guy's cocks and getting fucked as often as we could. That was four years ago and we're still at it with no end in sight.




i used to come here to jack off reading about rapists and pedos and dog fuckers. now this place is packed with dumbass mid life crisis white men or their spoiled trolling undisciplined brats. neither of whom want to talk about or even write fake stories about the good shit just because they're chickenshit. is it too much to ask for you retarded ass fapistas to post that vanilla bullshit somewhere else? can the dark people have just one spot that you posers aren't trying to steal?




My next door Jenny and I are close friends. She's divorced and I'm married. We talk about everything. I think she knows more about my sex life than I do. I get horny when I'm drinking so last Friday was no surprise. Jenny came over shortly after lunch with a couple bottles of wine. We finished off the first bottle and were well into the second when she leaned over and kissed me. I'm not a lesbian but her lips were very soft. I responded and when she stuck her tongue in my mouth I melted. Before I knew it we were naked on my bed. She had my legs spread and was tonguing my pussy. I came twice before she climbed on top of me and started kissing me again. My head was still spinning and I said, "So, what next?" Her answer surprised me. "I wanna fuck your husband.." I laughed but could tell she was serious. I laughed again and said, "Let's do it."

Terry, my husband, came home at 6:00. I met him at the door in my bathrobe. I kissed him and opened my robe exposing myself to him. "So, stud, you ready for the treat of your life?" He had no idea what I had in mind but just started stripping. I told him I had to bind his hands and blindfold him. As soon as his clothes were off his cock was twitching. I duct taped his hands behind him and put a scarf around his head blinding him. I led him to the bedroom and told him to lay on his back on the bed. I let him lay there for about 10 minutes and he was going nuts. His cock steadily got harder the more he thought about it. Then Jenny crawled between Terry's legs and gently took his cock in her mouth. He said, "Oh, fuck honey that's good." She sucked him for another five minutes. Then she got off of his cock and mounted him, plunging down on his cock. He still didn't know it wasn't me. She bounced up and down and gyrated until he was starting to understand. "Who is that?" he demanded. I laughed and crawled on the bed and kissed him. "Don't worry honey, just go with it and enjoy." He started fucking her back with abandon. After another five minutes he said, "I'm cumming!" She grabbed his nipples and pulled them hard. She knew from me that his nipples usually send him over the edge. He grunted and I could tell he was cumming. He finally finished and she crawled off of him.

She laid next to him with her pussy about head high and I crawled on top of her in a 69. I could smell his cum and her juices as I started licking her pussy. He had filled her up with more cum that I had known he was capable of. I started licking his cum out of her pussy. She was moaning and within five minutes I had her cumming. I licked every drop of cum out of her. When I finished with her I crawled on top of him and mounted his still hard cock. Jenny left without him ever knowing who he had just fucked. I leaned forward and kissed him. When I stuck my tongue in his mouth I still had some of his cumm in my mouth and fed it to him. I think he loved it. We fucked for about a half hour and he managed to cumm a second time. He hadn't done that before.

It's only been a few days but I haven't told him anything and it's driving him nuts. I told him that it was the most exciting thing I'd ever been a part of and I have much more planned. We've fucked every night and are both looking forward to more.




For years my wife had said she would some day want to go to an orgy. I wasn't really interested in having sex with total strangers but after a few years she was bringing it up more and more so I told her if she could set it up I'd let her go. A couple of months ago she said she wanted to take me out to dinner so we got cleaned up and headed out. She stopped at a nice house in the country instead of a restaurant. "What are we doing here?" I asked. She said, "We're going to an orgy." She hopped out of the car and headed to the front door. She had the car keys so I had no choice but to either sit in the car or follow her in. I followed.

Jim, the host took our coats and told us that pretty much anything goes as long as nobody gets hurt. "Whatever," I said. I got a drink and looked around. I was now the only one with clothes on. Men and women were kissing, petting and even fucking in the living room. My wife came over and told me I needed to get undressed. Reluctantly I stripped. I was surprised my cock was starting to get hard. Shortly after I stripped two women came over to me and said they had a special treat for me. They led me to a bedroom and had me lay down on the bed with my head at the foot of the bed. One started rubbing my feet and moving up my lets while the other one started kissing me. "This is actually pretty cool," I thought. After a couple of minutes the one at my feet was at my thighs and the other one turned around and mounted me in a 69 position taking my growing cock into her mouth. Her pussy was completely shaved and she put it on my mouth.

I felt my legs being lifted and now the woman between my legs was licking my asshole. Then she started to gently tongue-fuck me. All I could say through the pussy in my mouth was "Oh, fuck." I felt my nuts start to tighten up and knew I was gonna cumm. I said, "I'm cumming" but the woman on my cock didn't budge. I started cumming and she started swallowing. She sucked me dry but didn't get off of me. She kept sucking and a minute later she shuddered and I tasted her juices flowing into my mouth as she started cumming, too. My cock was getting softer by the second but neither of them were stopping. The woman tonguing my asshole was glorious. I was in second heaven with these two gorgeous woman making love to me. I kept sucking on that pussy as she kept sucking on my cock. I was starting to get hard again when the pussy I was sucking lifted up. I thought she just needed a little break when I felt a cock at my mouth. I had no intentions of sucking another man's cock but here it was, right at my mouth. He pushed in and his cock popped past my lips.

Wow! I never guessed that sucking a cock could be this exciting. I had a cock in my mouth and was getting my cock sucked and my ass licked. I was starting to get into it when the tongue pulled away from my ass. Again I thought she just needed a little break but was totally surprised when I felt something else being pushed into my asshole. It was a cock! I was now being fucked by another man as well as sucking a cock. Then the woman sucking my cock hopped off of me so it was no surprise when another guy mounted me and started sucking my cock. He was good. Better than my wife, and she can suck some good cock. I felt the guy in my ass cumm first. His jizz was running out of my ass and down my ass crack. It was warm running down my ass and onto the bed. Then the cock in my mouth started cumming too. My mind was on my ass and I was unprepared for a mouthful of cumm. I decided I had come this far so I started swallowing. It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. I sucked him dry and they all got off of me. My cock was rock hard as they all left the room.

I let my cock go down a bit and walked out into the living room. Everyone was gone except my wife and the two large black guys fucking her. One was roughly pounding her cunt and the other was fucking her mouth. He was pulling her nipples as far as they would go. She was bucking and moaning as she was being pounded from both ends. I stood there watching her when the guy in her mouth looked at me and said, "Get your ass over here, bitch." I walked over to him and he pulled his cock out of her mouth and told me to lay down. I now wondered what it was like so I laid down next to her and he put his cock in my mouth. She looked over and her eyes got wide as I started to suck his cock. His cock was much bigger than mine but wasn't any different than sucking that white guy's cock. It wasn't long and he came in my mouth. I swallowed it all. The guy fucking my wife pulled his cock out of her cunt and straddled her. She opened her mouth and he filled it with his cumm.

When they were done they got dressed and left. It was just Jim, my wife and me. I was reluctant to talk about it but my wife wanted all the details. We traded our stories and then left for home. It was the quickest four hours I'd ever spent and now I can't wait to do it again.




I never realized growing up that many men look at a woman's lips and dream of having those lips on their cock. Only after I got married did I learn this truth. We had sex a few times before we were married but never really got kinky. On our wedding night he told me that I had lips for days. They were large and with a little lipstick I can make them look even bigger. I thought I was just getting a little prettier for my man. On our wedding night we got a motel a few towns over from home and after dinner we hopped in the shower together for the first time. He soaped up my entire body and when he put his fingers in my pussy I nearly melted. The surprise came when he said it was my turn and pushed me down to my knees. I never liked putting a man's penis in my mouth and was reluctant but wanted to please him. I opened my mouth to take his cock in my mouth. He didn't usually cuss but just kept saying, "Oh, fuck honey, you suck cock like a $200 whore." Then he held my head and said, "I was right. Your mouth is the best cunt I've ever fucked." He started to fuck my mouth and I tried to pull away. "Not so fast, bitch. I still need to cum." The more I struggled the harder he fucked my mouth. Before I knew it he started cumming. I hated it but he hard me in a vice-like grip and I had no choice but to swallow.

Other than this I loved him to death. We fucked a lot that first year and slowly I got used to him mouth-fucking me. I felt like I was being mouth raped for the first six months but eventually got used to it but never really liked the taste of his cum. I kept telling him I didn't enjoy it but he just kept saying that he did, so I would keep sucking his cock until I liked it. He must have decided that I needed more practice so one night when we were drinking a friend of his came over. We were both really drunk and messing around a little when Dave came in. Terry offered him a beer. I was seeing the room spin a little and hardly noticed Dave there. Terry undid my blouse and unclipped my bra (front clip). Then he did the unexpected. He produced a couple of nipple clamps and put them on my big nipples. It hurt a little but was exciting as well. Then he said to Dave, "You've always wanted to know how well these lips sucked cock." He unclipped his pants and pulled them down, exposing himself. He pushed my head down onto his cock. I dutifully opened my mouth, forgetting Dave was sitting there watching us. It wasn't long and Terry was cumming. I took it all. I had my eyes closed the whole time and when I opened them Dave was sitting next to Terry with his pants down and his cock about half hard. "Now I need you to suck Dave's cock," he said.

I started to get up but he wrapped my hair in his fist and guided me over to Dave's crotch. I tried to resist but was too drunk to do anything. I found my lips wrapped around Dave's cock and he was fucking my mouth. "Don't worry, she can take it all," Terry said. Dave's cock was quite a bit bigger than Terry's and he lasted a long time. Finally he started cumming. I didn't want to but had no choice but to swallow. Even after he shot his load he never got soft. Terry made me suck him until he came a second time. I was on his cock for a good hour before we were done. By the time he had cum the second time the nipple clamps didn't hurt a bit and when Terry reached down and put his fingers in my pussy I was already gushing. I didn't realize how much sucking Dave's cock turned me on.

That next Friday we were getting pretty drunk again when another friend, Marcus walked in. Marcus was a large black man with a big belly. We played out the same scenario with Terry making me suck his cock then holding me on Marcus' cock. Marcus had a huge cock with a large hood over the head. I had never even thought about having a black cock and was actually surprised when he pulled his cock out of my mouth. Terry put me back on his cock and I felt Marcus kneeling behind me pulling my pants down. He pulled them off and didn't even bother with any more foreplay but just shoved his giant cock in me. "Oh fuck," I said with Terry's cock in my mouth. Marcus hit places in my pussy Terry never reached. I came at least three times before he war ready to cum. Right before he started cumming he shoved a finger in my asshole. Another first. His finger was all the way in my ass and he started to finger fuck my ass when his cock spasmed and shot into me. I nearly blacked out and about the same time Terry came in my mouth again. I was in orgasm heaven. Without prompting I pulled off of Terry's cock and quickly turned around, pulling Marcus out of me. I bent down and put Marcus' cock back in my mouth and sucked him until he came again and then sucked him dry.

I soon determined that sucking another man's cock was about the most exciting thing I'd ever done. Within another three months I had either sucked or fucked all of Terry's friends. Then he decided that we could make some extra cash by charging other men to have me suck. I was a bit nervous at first but after a bit my big pouty lips were my ticket. I've been sucking strange men't cocks for cash for the last 11 years and we're about to retire in a few more months. I have become the biggest cum slut in the state and don't know if I can give it up even after we are done working. We're still young yet and I proposed we buy a boat and entertain strange men on the water. He thought that was a great idea and tomorrow we're going boat shopping.




I never used to understand how a man could become gay. I understand now. Men who are gay or bi-sexual have no problem with a cock. I can't say so for the women I've known. Men swallow. Men don't cringe when they put your cock in their mouth. Men are not only willing, but eager to taste your cock. I understand that now. I believe cock is addictive.

I remember the first time I sucked another man's cock. I was a 23 year old soldier heading back to overseas. My wife was at home for a few more months until my hitch was over. I had a layover waiting for a military flight and was at a local hotel. I decided to take a walk and on the way back a pink Cadillac stopped and offered me a ride. When I told him where I was staying he said he owned the bar in the basement of the hotel. I thought he was making it up. On the way back he asked if he could suck my cock. I told him no and he offered at least come down to the bar and let him buy me a drink. After dinner I decided to see if he was telling the truth. I walked into the bar after dinner and he was behind the bar. He was about eight inches taller than me and had a huge belly. He brought me a drink and asked if I was ready to get my cock sucked. I told him no again. He kept bringing drinks and after each one he asked me again. After about eight drinks my cock was getting hard because after thinking about it for an hour I wanted to see what it was like so I told him yes. He told me to go to my room, get undressed and leave the door unlocked.

He came in a few minutes later and locked the door. I was laying on the bed naked with my cock about half hard. He wasted no time pulling me to the end of the bed with my ass just hanging off the edge. He knelt down and put my cock in his mouth. He sucked me soft then hard. His lips hit my pubic hair as he deep throated me. What a fucking rush. No woman I ever knew did this for me. He sucked me until I was ready to cum. When he sensed I was getting close he shoved a finger in my asshole and hit my prostate. When I told him I was gonna blow he clamped his lips around the head and took my full load. He finger fucked me as I fucked his mouth and shot the biggest load of my life. Right then I knew I wanted to suck his cock as well. He didn't ask me to but I offered.

He got undressed and laid on the bed with his ass at the end like mine was. I couldn't care less that he was ugly and fat. I only cared about his cock. It was quite a bit smaller than mine so it fit in my mouth perfectly. It was soft, even as it was getting hard. He had a bit of a hood so I had to work the hood over the head of his cock. "You suck cock like a fucking pro" he said. His foot was playing with my cock and I liked it as well. He kept asking if my cock was getting hard while I sucked his cock. He asked if I wanted him to cum in my mouth. I shook my head and kept sucking. A moment later he started cumming. I loved it. I loved the taste, the texture and even the smell. I swallowed every drop. He said I sucked his cock better than anybody ever had. My cock was hard as a fucking rock. I had never gotten hard like that after I came.

He got up and told me to lay on the bed again. I thought he was going to suck me again but he lifted my legs and put his cum dripping cock up to my asshole. He lubed me up a bit with it and shoved his cock in my ass. I felt his nuts hit my ass cheeks. He had very large nuts and his cock was still hard. I relaxed as much as I could as he slowly started to fuck me. All I could say was, "Oh, fuck." It felt like I had a cunt where my asshole should be and for the moment I was his slut. He fucked me for a good 20 minutes. About 10 minutes in he started to stroke my cock as he thrust in and out of me. I just closed my eyes and went with it. I came before he did. It wasn't a lot but enough to feel it hit my belly. It was the most intense cum I ever had. Shortly after I came he thrust forward, grabbed my nipples and pulled them. He started cumming and I felt myself cum again. Or maybe it was a continuous cum from him jerking me off. I don't know and don't really care. I just know it felt like two orgasms back to back. He filled my ass to the point it oozed out of my asshole until he finally pulled out. He wiped himself off with a towel and got dressed. He said if I was still here the next night he would bring a friend.

Unfortunately my flight was ready in the morning. I never saw him again but was instantly addicted to cock. I've been married for over 30 years now and still suck cock any time I can. My wife has never found out and never will but it is an addition I have no need to ever give up. Like I said, I now understand how a man can turn gay and consider myself a true bi-sexual.