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I wanted to give a little more back ground on my cousin before I finish this confession. She is 25 and looks like a model. She is the type of girl that every guy stares at. She has a perfect body, I don't know her exact measurements but her body looks perfect, nice 38C-D tits, slim waist and nice round ass. She also has the face of an angel, dark brown eyes, long black hair and always has a nice tan.

Now back to the confession.

As she was coming down from the orgasm that I had just given her from eating and fingering her hot wet pussy she told me that she hadn't cum like that in forever, that her ex-husband never ate her pussy and that he couldn't last long enough to make her cum.

I was thinking what an idiot I would eat that pussy everyday if I could, and I was also thinking that I couldn't blame him for not lasting long, she was so beautiful and sexy that I didn't know if I would last long with my cock deep inside that tight pussy.

My cock was the hardest it has ever been in my life, she pulled my head up to hers and we started kissing very passionately. She reached in my shorts and grabbed my cock, she pulled away from our kissing and said you have a big cock and pushed me back so she could see it better. I said thanks, I grew it myself. She laughed and said that I did a great job, I laughed too and we started kissing again.

As we were kissing she was stroking my cock, I was already getting close to cumming. I broke from our kiss and started sucking on her nipples, this positioned my cock so that she couldn't reach it, I was wanting to make this last as long as I could. After a couple minutes of my sucking and playing with her nipples she pushed me back and rolled me off of her. She grabbed my cock again and started stoking it and looking at it really intently, almost like she was inspecting it. She said that she was amazed at how big it was, she had only seen ones that big in porn on her computer. I never thought of my cock being that big, it's 7.5 x 6 inches but she thought it was huge.

As she stoked it and massaged my balls she leaned over and took the head of it into her mouth. She only sucked it for a few seconds and I thought I was going to cum, so I pushed her away. She looked up at me with big beautiful eyes and asked if she was doing something wrong. I told her the opposite, that she was so sexy and so beautiful that I was already about to cum. She blushed a little, smiled real big, and asked, you really think I am sexy? I told her that she was one of the most beautiful and sexy women that I have ever known. She said she had never let anyone cum in her mouth but she wanted me to be the first and told me not to worry about cumming so quickly, that she would make sure I would get hard again so she could feel my big cock deep inside her pussy. With that she took me back into her mouth and started taking in as much as she could, I could tell she wasn't very experienced at sucking cock, but it didn't really matter at this point, I was so worked up from eating her pussy and thinking about being inside her that I started cumming, she took as much as she could into her mouth, but I was cumming a lot. I shot more cum than ever before. She swallowed a lot of it but some was running down her chin, she used her fingers and pushed the cum back up into her mouth. She was amazed at how much cum I produced. She said she can't wait to feel that cum deep inside her pussy, and started licking my cock from base to head and then took it back into her mouth. I started to get soft for about 5 seconds and then I felt it getting hard again. She sucked for awhile, and then jumped up and pushed me back on the bed and positioned herself so her pussy was directly over my cock. She looked and me and said if I lower myself onto you we are committing incest, is that what you want? I told her there is nothing I want more than to be inside you.

She lowered herself onto my cock, her pussy was so hot and tight. She moaned over and over as my cock disappeared into her. I took a minute to take it all in, I had a drop dead gorgeous woman on top of me with my cock buried deep into the tightest pussy I had ever felt. I was in heaven.

She rode me for a few minutes then I turned her over into the missionary position and started fucking her with all I had. She was moaning so loud that I thought she might wake up her kids, so I started kissing her, I was exploring her mouth with my tongue and she was doing the same as my cock pumped in and out of her. She started breathing heavy and making little high pitch noises so I knew she was about to have another orgasm, so I kept pumping in and out. She grabbed my ass checks and pulled me into her as deep as she could get me and said I'm cumming, that's all I needed I pushed into her as hard as I could and started unloading my seed deep inside her. I felt my cock head hit up against her cervix as I was cumming. Even after I was done, my cock didn't go limp, so I kept fucking her, it was really wet and slippery and was sliding in and out so easily. She started breathing hard again and said I'm gonna cum again, so I kept fucking her.

When she came down from that orgasm, I pulled out of her and told her to turn over. I entered her from behind and could really feel the bottom of her pussy in this position. I fucked her like a mad man for a few minutes, she started cumming again, she was shivering and jerking around uncontrollably. This made me start cumming again. I shot a second load into her hot wet pussy and collapsed down on the bed beside her. We were both breathing hard and all sweaty. She slide up on top of me and I put my arms around her and just held her there. She told me that she had never had orgasms like that before, one right after another and that I was the best she had ever had. This made me feel like I had just concurred the world. We kissed some more as I stroked her beautiful body.

I asked her when her kids would get up, she said that they were late risers and wouldn't be up for another hour or so. I told her that we had time to shower together then. She looked up at me like she had just found out she won the lottery and said that she had never showered with anyone before. I couldn't believe it and was already thinking about how awesome it was going to be to soap her luscious body up. I got off the bed, she followed, I picked her up and carried her to the bathroom.

I will tell the rest in a couple of days.




Last week I had some family come and visit. It was my cousin, Jess, and her kids. I am from a small town and now live in Atlanta, so some of my family will use me as a vacation home and come stay with me and my wife to see the sights in Atlanta. I don't mind it at all, especially after last weeks visit.

Jess and her two kids came down to stay for a week and see the sights. My cousin is a beautiful woman, she is 6 years younger than me and has an incredible body. She left her husband and took the kids with her last year because he was abusing her. I have had a crush on her since we were kids.

She and her kids arrived on Sunday night and we all went out for dinner, me, my wife, her and her kids. During dinner we all talked and caught up on everything and had a couple of drinks. Jess was getting a little tipsy from the drinks, she commented that she hadn't drank any alcohol in a long time due to having to be responsible for the kids all the time. My wife told her to drink up and have some fun, that she would watch after the kids. So after a couple of margaritas Jess was feeling pretty good.

About half way through the meal I had to take a piss due to the beers I was drinking and excused myself. The bathrooms were on the other side of the restaurant. When I was coming out of the bathroom Jess was standing there smiling from ear to ear. She hugged me and told me how great it was to get to spend some time with me. I could feel her breast pressing up against my chest, it felt wonderful. We continued to hug and I told her that I had missing hanging out and talking with her. She gave me a tight squeeze, by this time my cock was getting hard from all of the touching. As we parted she looked down at my crotch, I guess she had felt my hard on. She leaned back in and asked me if she was causing that. I was little embarrassed and just smiled at her. She gave me a kiss on the check and I went back to the table hiding my erection.

When we got back to the house, Jess was really tipsy now and talking a lot, I was afraid that she might say something about her giving me a boner in the restaurant but she didn't. While my wife was putting Jess's kids to bed me and Jess was left alone in the living room for awhile.

She was sitting on the sofa and I was sitting on the love seat, she whispered to me that she couldn't believe that she had made me hard in the restaurant. I told her that she was a beautiful woman and that she made a lot of men hard. She asked me if I had ever fantasized about being with her. I confessed that I had always had a crush on her and thought she was extremely sexy. She blushed and told me that she had always thought that I was very sexy too. My cock was at full mast and she noticed it again. She said I see your little friend is ready to go again. I told her that he would always be ready for her.

My wife came in and said the kids were in bed and that she was going to bed. Me and my wife always go to bed at the same time, so I figured I had better go with her. I knew that me and Jess would have more time alone the next day while my wife was at work. I work from home at least two days a week.

The next morning I got up and went to my home office and was working when my wife came in and kissed me goodbye as she headed off to work. She asked me if I had seen Jess or the kids yet, I told her that I thought they were all still in bed. She left and I continued working.

About 15 minutes later I heard Jess calling me. I went down to the room she was staying in. She was laying in bed under the covers. She said good morning and asked if my wife had left for work yet. I told her that she had and that she wouldn't be back until around 5 pm.

Jess smiled real big and asked me what was I waiting for, a little confused I asked what she meant. She didn't say a word, she just pulled the covers from her, she was completely naked under the sheets. It was a beautiful sight, her nice firm titts and completely shaved pussy there for the taking. I didn't say a word either and dove into eating her pussy. It was such a nice pussy, it tasted wonderful and was so tight. I worked on it for a good 5 minutes and she started moaning and saying that she was cumming. She grabbed my head and pushed it into her pussy as she ground it on my tongue.

I will finish this post tomorrow.




I was really horny that night. I got on-line and answered an ad from a CD to have a little fun. I'm 54 years old and he was 22. His hair was long and he had nicely done make-up. I met him at a gas station and he led me down a couple of roads and onto a dirt road. It was pitch black that night.

I got out and sat on my hood. He came around back and snuggled up to me. I kissed him long and deep. His lips were as soft as any woman's. My cock was already getting hard. I fondled his tits through his blouse and he had large nipples and it was apparent he was on hormones. His cock was much bigger than mine, but he said he hated it and couldn't wait until he had it removed. I love my cock and could never do that.

He turned around and told me to shove my finger in his ass. I did and he bent over telling me to put two more in him. His asshole was tight but supple. He turned around and unzipped me, pulling my cock out. He took me in his mouth and started to suck me better than my wife ever could. Several times he pulled off of my cock to tell me how nice my cock is. All the while I had my hand down his blouse playing with his nipples.

He sucked me for about 10 minutes and I said I was ready to cum. "So, honey, you want to cum in my mouth or my ass?" I told him I wanted to cum in his mouth. He kept sucking and I couldn't hold it any longer. I came harder than I had ever cum. He took it all. He was masterful. Even after I stopped cumming he kept sucking until there was no more, either in me or on me.

He stood up and tucked me back in. We kissed one last time. I got in my car and drove off. I can't wait until I see him again.




I confessed about fucking my mother in law a few weeks ago. We have still been fucking at least twice a week. She is the best fuck I have ever had. She loves to take my cum in always licks all the cum off of my cock after I cum in her pussy or ass.

The other day my wife got mad at me for some reason and went to our bedroom and locked herself in. Her mom heard us arguing and when she heard the door slam to the bedroom she came out and told me not to worry about her being mad, that she would get over it.

She then said that she needed to go to the grocery store and asked if I wanted to go also, and whispered that she would make it worth my while. So I yelled through the door to the wife that I was going to the grocery store with her mom, she just yelled back, have fun!

Little did she know that her mom had my cock out and was sucking it before we were out of the drive way. When we got to the store she made me cum deep into her throat. It was so fun, on the way back I fingered her pussy until she had an orgasm. So, I did have fun!!

She has even been hinting around that we should find another woman to bring into our fun. I can't wait to see if it really happens. Well I have to go, she is calling me and says she needs me to help her with something, I hope its her pussy again...




I work in an office. I often have to go into Kathy's office for questions or other business. I'm in my 50s and she's a little older. She's not beautiful, has a big nose and thin, pursed lips. She's a little pudgy but has large tits. In our visits we sometimes flirt a little. I asked her one day if she was married and she said she'd been divorced for about 10 years but it was hard since she's up in years and nobody seemed to want to date her.

She mentioned one day that she'd even date a married man just for the company. She knew I was married and even mentioned once, "I'd even date someone like you." I left it at that for a few weeks. One day I walked into her office and caught her with her hand between her legs. She straightened up quickly and didn't think I saw her, but on the way out I glanced back and said, "You know I saw that." I pointed at her pussy and walked out. The more I thought about that the harder my cock got. I was stretched down my left thigh a little when I went back into her office. She immediately looked at my crotch and noticed my bulge.

I sat down in front of her desk and she walked around me and closed and locked her door. She came up behind me and put her hands on my shoulders. She rubbed my shoulders then moved her hands down to my nipples. She circled my nipples for a few seconds and I felt my cock twitch. She must have noticed. She leaned down and kissed my neck. I didn't stop her. I never knew she liked to talk dirty until she whispered, "You know, some days you make my snatch drip like a fucking leaky faucet."

I got bold and said, "So, you wanna make my faucet leak?" She didn't flinch, but instead walked around and knelt in front of me. She undid my belt and unzipped me. Then she pulled my cock out of my shorts. "My god, that's a fucking monster," she said. It wasn't really, but my wife never compliments me like that. She took my cock tenderly into her mouth, almost as if to whisper to it. She got me harder than a fucking steel rod. It had been a while so my nuts were full. In three minutes she had me ready to cum. When I told her so she reached up and pulled my nipples as hard as she could. That sent me over and I let her have it. I filled her mouth with my cum and she swallowed it all. Instead of pulling off she kept sucking me until I was completely spent, then sucked until I was hard again.

When I was hard she stood up and turned around. She bent over her desk and told me to fuck her like the whore she was. I didn't waste any time. I stood up and scooted up to her. I lifted her dress and she was bare. I put my hand on her cunt and felt her wet and slippery. I shoved my cock all the way in and started to fuck her. I lasted about 10 minutes and when she sensed I was getting close she told me to fuck her ass. I couldn't believe it. My wife never likes it in the ass so I pulled out of her cunt and shoved my cock into her ass. It was slippery enough that it slid right in. It was much tighter than any cunt I'd ever fucked and she started to milk my cock with her ass muscles. It didn't take long and I was cumming. She just kept saying, "Oh, fuck, fuck, fuck." I was finally spent and pulled out.

She turned around and kissed me. Long and hard. She finally told me I needed to get out of her office. As she walked me out the door she said, "So, come by any time if you have similar problems and we'll see if we can work it out.

Needless to say I had a lot of issues that year.




I married young to a sweet woman and shortly after we started a family, since I was working that while we weren't poor there was still plenty of room for more I decided to pay for her to go to college to help her get a job that paid enough to help cover some of the money we needed to get by on. I strongly suggested she go for a degree in something she liked doing and would pay well, she obviously didn't listen to that last part and I didn't have time to pay attention to what courses she was taking since I no longer had the time after taking over caring for our two kids or else I would have noticed she basically went for Liberal Arts, Gender studies, and Social Politics, you know those classes that cost an arm and a leg, tech nothing, and leave the students of them without any future.

Anyways over the course of her degree she became a feminist and started to get openly hostile towards me and our son, Alex, while showing our daughter, Sandra, with more than we could actually afford. Honestly I felt it was just a phase and put up with her abuse, that was until she began to hit and insult Alex openly. I immediately kicked her out of the house and told her not to come back, which she did with the police, after a long court battle it looked bad for me until the attourny's began to interview our children, especially when Sandra and Alex began to describe hos their mother had become a hateful bitch and abusive towards Alex, the judge ruled in my favor since I had a stable job and she at that point was a college drop out since I refused to pay for any more classes and she had no real job. Still didn't stop her from vandalizing where we lived, my car, and harassing us everywhere we went even after we put several restraining orders on her. In the end we wound up moving to another state and I found myself a better job that paid more.

However between work and raising my kids I didn't have much time to find someone else and the times I tried were disappointing and most women are horrible bitches to men, they either want to lead you on or don't want to give you a second look and it's not getting any easier because they've always been that way but it is getting worse. I know this sounds like one of those dozens of obviously fake suddenly gay stories written by a woman to pleasure herself to this site is plastered with at this point but it's not. I'm straight always have been always will be, anyways my frustration over finding a woman who would be interested in a romp in the sack with me let alone having a relationship was so fruitless I wound up mostly abandoning it and just wound up using porn to fill my sexual urges even though I knew it was all faked for the camera, it was still easier than real women.

So I dug out my old porn stash and started to enjoy it and even add to it, of course I have certain tastes and would organize it so that I could watch what I wanted when I wanted, it wasn't long until i began to notice that the porn was never organized how I had it on certain days and suspected my son, since he is 9 and getting to that age I felt I needed to sit down and have a talk with him about how porn is nice but it isn't reality, but I needed to catch him in the act first of course. So one day I came home early and sure enough heard a rustling in my bed room, I of course snuck to my room and looked in to see on my bed staring intently at one of my magazine and their hand down inside of their pants my 13 year old daughter Sandra. I was shocked because I was expecting it to be Alex, either way I knew I had to have a talk with her, but to say I was nervous as hell would be an understatement. I ended up clearing my throat to get her attention which I knew startled her.

"We need to have a talk" I said to her to which she very quietly and nervously nodded, so I sat down on the bed next to Sandra and went with a modified talk that I had been preparing for Alex about how it's natural to want to explore her sexuality but she needed to know that porn was fake and that she should only have sex with those she loves and trusts. When I was done she asked me a few questions about what she saw in the magazines and DVD's I had and I tried to answer them as best I could, things led up to her asking me if a mans dick really looks like it does in porn of course I told her that every guys dick is different and most of the porn stars use fake extensions and they make multiple cuts to make it seem that they can go on for hours when in fact they are much smaller and can't last anywhere near that long.

Sandra of course wound up asking me to see my dick, I was floored and stumped, on one end there was my desire as her father to protect her and keep her safe and it was screaming that doing so was too wrong, and on the other was my Libido which at this point was raging pretty hard, of course she while I was debating this she wound up opening my pants and had gotten her hand into my boxers far enough I could feel her pulling my dick out. I of course stopped her and told her again that this was something she should do with someone she loves and trusts, what she said next still rings in my ears even as I write this.

"But I love you dad, and if I can't trust you, then who can I trust? Are you saying you don't feel the same about me?"

I couldn't respond to that and instead just finished pulling my pants and boxers down. She of course was surprised and played with my dick for several minutes then she did something surprising, she started to suck my dick. I never really liked getting blowjobs even from my Ex and the few times she gave them to me I had to beg her for them, so I was breathless that my daughter did it without me asking her to, she was clumsy and in the end I wound up caving in and telling her what to do and after several minutes I was getting close to cumming in my daughters mouth. I would have too had my son not gotten home around that time and I had to scramble to put my pants back on and put the porn away before he walked in on my daughter sucking my dick.

Afterwards I was so ashamed of myself for letting that happen that I wound up not really talking to Sandra for a few weeks, eventually my nerves died down and things started to get back to normal, a few months later Sandra turned 14 and she had several friends over for her birthday party, Alex made several new friends, and my wife who had not paid a penny of child support until then decided she was going to try and track us down by suddenly starting to pay it and tracking the money, of course I refused her money knowing just what she was trying to do and also being warned by a friend that still talks with her that she was trying to figure out where we were. But that's all just backdrop to things that happened between when Sandra game me her Oral virginity and the next Sexual encounter I had with her.

Alex was spending the night with a friend and I had though Sandra had gone to bed and I was feeling in the mood to relieve myself. I got out the old porn stash and started watching a DVD in the living room, it was getting to a good part when behind me I heard someone say.

"Oh I love this part." and Sandra sat down right next to me.

I asked how long she had been standing there and she replied something to the point of long enough to know I wasn't jacking off and for the actresses to switch out a couple times. I almost turned it off but when i reached for the remote she stopped me. Me and Sandra sat on the couch watching porn for a few minutes when I felt her working her hands into my boxers once again, this time instead of fighting or questioning her I just slipped them down some and let her play with me, which turned into another blow job from her as one of the actresses on screen began to blow the random man on the screen. Of course my attention changed to my daughter who once again was sucking my dick and I watched har as she worked my shaft, kissing and licking me and slowly sucking me into her mouth, she was still not very good but I just sat back in silence and played with her hair gently while she sucked my dick. It took a while but I was back to the point of cumming once again and I of course told Sandra I was about to fill her mouth, this just made her suck even more and she tried taking me deeper into her mouth. I knew she wanted to taste me but with the say she was gagging I knew it wouldn't be very pleasant for her so just as I felt myself tipping over the edge at the point of no return I took hold of the side of her head and lifted her up so that just the tip of my dick was still just barely in her mouth and shot my load.

Of course she was surprised, later on she told me that she only ever sucked my dick meaning I got her Oral virginity and she never expected cum to go shooting out like that, she coughed and gagged some, calling it's taste foul but at the same time she liked it and wanted to know if she could suck my dick later and of course I agreed. I swapped out disks and we began to watch another porn, this one about lesbians, of course Sandra again surprised me when she put my hand down her panties and asked me if I could rub her pussy for her, the feel of her pubic hair, her heat, and how moist she was was incredible and I just sat there playing with her pussy for several minutes at which point my Libido was raging once more and I wanted more than just a blow job this time, I wanted pussy.

Still I was her father and some sense of that still told me fucking her was wrong, but my Libido worked it's way through and I pointed to the girls on the screen eating each others pussies and asked her is she would like me to do that. Sandra said she was waiting for me to ask and we shifted so that I was now kneeling on the ground and she was there with her legs spread and me leaning in to kiss, suck, lick, and finger her pussy. She of course came almost right away but I kept going giving her another three orgasms before I could no longer contain it.

Pulling away from eating her pussy I slowly lifted myself up staring into Sandra's eyes and leaned over to kiss her, my hard dick pressing up against her wet slit, I rubbed myself on her for a bit then took hold of my dick and tried to get the angle just right to insert myself, after a few failed attempts Sandra reached down and took hold of my cock and guided my head so that just my tip was in her pussy hole. I of course got a bit of my senses back and asked her if she was sure and she said yes.

I leaned in and kisses her as I slid into my daughters virgin pussy, I wish I could say I felt some resistance but honestly I didn't really, I did feel it when she suddenly grabbed hold of me and squeezed hard asking me to stop for a bit. I asked her if I should pull out and she shook her head so the two of us stayed that way for a bit and then after a few minutes I began to slowly finish putting myself into her. I stayed that way for a bit then started fucking her slowly and gently, but it wasn't long until I was really fucking her hard and fast with her moaning and cumming like mad. It was maybe 20 minutes later I felt myself getting ready to cum again and I told Sandra about it, she just grabbed me and kissed me pulling me in tight, so when I felt myself once again at that point of no return I just merely shoved myself in as deep as I would go and filled her pussy with my cum.

We laid like that for a few minutes, the DVD had finished long ago and was back to the title screen but the two of us just kissed and hled each other with my dick still pressed and held firmly inside of her. When we were done we both got up and cleaned our mess up some, as I was settling into bed Sandra of course came in and laid right next to me and cuddled close, we ended up talking some and she said that she had wanted me to be her first since she was a little girl and first learned what sex was, that she fantasized about me walking in and taking her whenever she looked at my porn, we of course talked some more, about how If this was going to continue she couldn't tell anyone about it and we had to start using birth control, she of course half joked that it could be too late for that and she wanted me to get her pregnant. We eventually fell asleep in each others arms.

A few days later she gave me her anal virginity as well and her period came two weeks after, I put her on the pill and told her I won't even consider getting her pregnant until she is at least 17 and won't miss her graduation because of it and she agreed. It's been only a few months since all this started but Sandra and I couldn't be happier because I know she is with someone who loves, cares for, and trusts her and she is with someone she has always wanted to be with.




today i'm 34, back when i was 12, i spent 2 weeks at summer camp. just 1 week before i went to summer camp, my mom, 31 back then and had a real sexy body, and i went swimming a my aunt's place, she looked sexy in her bikini, so did my aunt. to watch my mom and my aunt in their bikinis made my dick hard in my speedo.

the day i went to camp, my mom said there would be a surprise for me when i got back from camp. 2 weeks later, when i got home from camp, the surprise was my mom was pregnant at almost 5 months. she had on a large sheer loose fitting top and short shorts on underneath. that made my dick so hard, i hid the bulge in my short shorts with some of my camping gear.

when i put my camping gear away, i hung out in my room watching how big my dick got in my short shorts. for the rest of that day, it was just me and my mom. then my mom wanted me to see her in her room, when i got there, she already lifted up her large top, my heart beat real fast when i saw how high her short shorts stretched, there was only 3 or so inches below her bra.

her tummy curved out from her bra and down to the crotch of her short shorts. when she was pregnant at the time, my mom's breasts were d cup size. when i felt my mom's baby, i thought about how sexy she was in her bikini, at that time my mom did not look pregnant at all. she also didn't say anything about going to have a baby.

after i was done feeling her baby, i went back in my room and felt how hard my dick was in my short shorts.