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when i was young our family moved to a house way out in the country. there were 7 of us, mom,dad, 4 boys and 1 girl. two of us boys shared a bed with a brother and our sister got a room to herself. She used to tell our parents that she was afraid to sleep in her room by herself and would ask if i could sleep with her. it was always me and never any of our other brothers. anyways, after everyone went to bed, she wouldpull the covers up over our heads and say "doctor time", then we would spend hours examining each other. i would have to take her temperature by sticking my finger in her cunt then i would have to smell and lick it to make sure she wasnt sick. later it had to be done anally, and she would flip over, raise that cute littla ass in the air and say, go ahead doc, i'm ready and i would stick my finger in her ass, good and deep and she would wiggle that ass around and start to count. she said i had to keep my finger in there for at least 10 seconds or it wouldnt work. i would sometimes let her get to about 8 or 9 and pull it out and she would say, now doctor, you know that didnt stay in there long enough, you will have to do it again. when i would wait until 10, she would say, now smell it to see if i am sick then lick it to tell my temperature. i would take a good whiff then stick my whole finger in my mouth. when i pulled it out, i would say, it says 1000 degrees patient, i think i need to do it again. sometimes she would say, well it must be done right so we better start all over again. So back in her cunt and out with a good whiff and lick then back in the butt for another. sometimes her temp would go up and sometimes down, depending on how long we had been doing it. we also tested other things as well, pinching and licking nipples, me on hers and she on mine. when we figured out if she was sick or not, it would be my time. she would take my dick in her mouth, while i counted to 10. sometimes i would get to 10 sometimes only to 5 or so, then she would giggle and start over. then it would be my time and she would stick her finger in my ass. this went on for a few uears until mom and dad said we were too old to be sleeping together and that she shouldnt be scared anymore. i mean really, she was in high school by that time.

Maybe that is where i get my LOVE for nipples andthe smell and taste of pussy and ass!




I got started with sex when i was about 10 years old. I used to be in the childrens choir at the church we attended. There was this girl that would sit behind me with one of her friends who were both a year younger than i was. She would lean up and whisper in my ear telling me how much she wanted to suck my dick and swallow my cum. That would get me hard as a rock and make it hard to stand up and sing. Anyways, after practice, all us kids would go outside and play hide and seek. This girl would get her friend to be the seeker and we would run and hide. There was this room on the back of the church that was supposed to be locked, but she found out one day that it wasnt and thats where we would hide. Her friend would take a long time to find everyone, giving us the time we needed to be alone. We went in the room and closed and locked the door and as soon as it was locked, she would be on her knees, pulling down my pants.. as soon as they hit the ground she would take my cock in her mouth and suck it like a vacuum, and she wouldnt stop until i had unloaded my cum right into her mouth, which she swallowed down with a smile. Wekept this up until i was old enough to get a motor cycle and i would drive it to her house, going on as many back roads as i could so i wouldnt get stopped by the cops. When i got old enough to get my drivers license, i would pick her up sometimes and drive to a nice out of the way spot so she could suck me some more. One day i went down on her and i am glad that i didnt let that experience keep me from wanting to eat other girls pussy. Dont know if she didnt was herself or if it was because she worked a lot in a chicken house, but her pussy sure did stink. and ashe knew it, because she would tell me that i didnt have to do that, but i didnt think iot was right for her to blow me an me not return the favor.




I was in kindergarten when the older boy next door got me to suck him. I really was clueless about it, I mean I didn't get anything sexual from it only some promised candy. This continued every so often and by the time I was nine I was in the eye of a fifteen year old boy who was really nice to me.

It wasn't difficult for him to seduce me. I had a crush on him because he took me everywhere and always was touching me in a sweet tender way. How he convinced me to let him fuck me when I was adamant with my neighbor boy that "there's no way I'm gonna do something like that!" This boy was obviously good at it. he took me to his secret spot in the woods that had a hidden clearing that had a numerous assortment of boy's underpants strewn about. My first thing I said was " I'm not gonna take my underpants off!"

There I lay without any pants on with the back of my briefs down with his slender, smooth boy cock all up inside spurting two loads of thick hot boy cum generously inside of me. I have to say that that felt amazingly good and he continued to fuck me till he went soft and it slipped out pulling with it a gushing quantity of his seed. It dripped like a custard like drool pooling in the front of my underpants.

I told him to wait for me on the path and tossed my underpants amongst the others and jumped into my bluejeans for the ride on his handlebars home. The boy next door noticed a change in me and I started sneaking into my sister's underwear drawer trying on various panties. One or two days a week my boy crush continued to fuck me while I still sucked the boy next door. I was ten when he got into my panties bottoms up and wow was that fun.




My wife past away when my daughter was 5. Unfortunately she had been unwell and she started taking drugs. She overdosed and i was raising my daughter alone.

When my daughter got to 15, i being honest love watching her and her friends playing and hanging around the house. She was very cute and most of her friends were too. By the time they got to 17 i started fucking one of her friends. She found out and got pretty angry at me. She even said she would report me since they were underage. In the heat of the moment i told her i would rather fuck her, but since i can't i fuck her friend. She said she didn't realise i felt this way and that she didn't want me fucking her friend anymore.

The agreement was i wouldn't, but i was allowed to fuck her once in place of. She agreed on the basis that i was careful and she was only having to once. I hadn't expected it, but was glad she did. 2 weeks later i took her out for dinner, had a great night. I allowed her some drinks, just enough to loosen her up. Or as it turned out, get her tipsy.

In that state, she was pretty relaxed about it and i decided that since she was on the pill i didn't need to worry. We got home and i fucked her on the lounge, cumming in her bare. I fucked her in her bed, again cumming in her bare. What i didn't know, until almost 6 weeks later, is that she had stopped taking the pill cause they were making her unwell. The doctor had told her to try stopping to see if she felt better. So it turned out i impregnated my 17 year old daughter. She didn't agree with abortion, but we agreed never to tell anyone and that i was going to be granddad, not dad.

Well, she gave birth to a healthy baby girl. Now my daughter always protected her and stayed around when she visited. She never said it, but i don't think she really trusted me to be with her on our own. Can't really blame her.

My granddaughter grew up way to fast, and i have to admit that by the time she turned 13 i already looked at her, wondering what if. She was so small and sexy and always wearing cute little skirts and singlet tops. When my daughter said she needed to go away for a night, i got so excited. A night babysitting my now 16 year old granddaughter/daughter.

The night came around and i planned it well it advance. We had dinner in, but i had wine with dinner and allowed my granddaughter to drink. I spiked the wine to make sure she was totally out of it when she finished over half the bottle. I asked her while we talked and drank if she had a boyfriend, which she didn't. I got personal and asked if she had sex with any boys she liked, and she had once with a boy she dumped. I asked if she was safe or on the pill, playing the protective grandpa. She said she made him use protection cause she wasn't on the pill. I asked her if she was having periods yet. She giggled and said that was personal, but your my grandpa so i guess it's ok. She confirmed yes and even said she had it about 10 days ago.

Once she was over the top gone, i wasted no time. I loved knowing that she didn't even know i was her father and i was fucking her, trying my best to put another baby inside her too. I fucked her on the lounge as well. Lay her on the dinner room table and fucked her while she slept hanging off the table. I fucked and cummed in her 2 more times in her bed before cleaning her up and leaving her to sleep.

She didn't say anything in the morning or when my daughter arrived home. I heard nothing, so i assumed i got away with fucking her. After not hearing anything i also assumed she didn't get pregnant. Well that was until, 12 weeks later when my daughter ran to tell me our daughter was 12 weeks pregnant and they had only just found out. She never got any morning sickness so nothing gave it away until she said her school skirt was tight around her waist.

My daughter was not happy, but i told her she turned out fine and we worked it out. We could work it out with our daughter too. She still doesn't know im her father, but my granddaughter does know i'm the one who fucked her and impregnated her. Neither of them know i did it on purpose or that i raped her, they both believed me about getting drunk and it just happened when we were both hammered. Because of my daughters beliefs about abortions, she had always pushed the same kind of opinions onto my granddaughter so she also didn't have an abortion. I now have a 4 year old great granddaughter/daughter as well.

I will say that while i shouldn't, i really like dreaming of how much i would love to fuck her and put another baby into her when she is a nice young teenager as well.




I was 27 years old and Terry was in his 50's. We used to flirt a lot and he was pretty cute for an older man. I often stared at his cock as he glanced at my tits. I knew he was staring at the mo occasionally I went bra-less and would watch him look at my nipples through my blouse. We ate lunch outside together quite often and one day the subject of sex came up, We both decided we knew each other enough to speak openly. He said his wife didn't want sex anymore and he was frustrated. Then one day I blurted out "I bet I can make you cum before you leave today." He took that as a challenge so when it was time for our break I walked over to his cubicle and dragged a chair with me. "What are you doing?" he asked. I whispered "I'm here to make you cum." I reached down and put my hand on his thigh. I said "We've got 15 minutes. You think you can hold out?" she asked. I have only been with my wife so I hemmed and hawed around a bit and my hand was on his thigh rubbing up toward his cock. The I touched it. I pulled his cock so it was down toward my side of his pants. I told him I didn't want to start anything, but I won't lose when it comes to making a man cum. I squeezed his cock and it started to grow. Within a minute his cock was straining against his pants. I told him to just relax and let me work. There was nobody else in the office. fo I got on all fours and started to unzip his pants. I pulled his cock out. It was about the same size as my boyfriend's cock. I took it in my mouth and told him to cum when he felt like it. I sucked his cock until it was hard and after a mere three minutes he was cumming. I sucked him clean and finally pulled off of him. He zipped up and pretended like nothing ever happened.

Ever since that day he grabs my tits at every chance and I love it. I ofter whisper for him to play with my nipples. I just wish his wife would agree to the swinger lifestyle. But it was not to be.

Abot a year after that incident I was at work rubbing his shoulders when his wife walked in. I looked at her comfortably but she just looked at me and said "So, you're the one fucking my husband." I didn't know what to say but she continued, "That's okay. Ever since you sucked his cock he's been the most loving husband I could imagine. And I'm okay with it."

Then I got bold and asked her if she wanted to join me for drinks after work. She said yes and sent him home. We ended up at a local bar and after a few drinks she put her hand on my thigh and said she wanted to taste my pussy. I let her. We went back to my apartment and ate each other out until we both came at least twice.

Now we've become swingers and both of us have sucked more cock and ate more pussy than we can imagine. We have a great open marriage and enjoy each other as much as we enjoy other couples and singles. I must admit I love another woman's pussy as much as another man's cock. What a fucking life.




We were at one of my wife's Bank parties. She had been working there for about a year and we'd been married for two. She didn't drink but I admit I had a little too much to drink. About 11:00 she wanted to go home and Dave, one of the Assistant Managers said he'd bring me home. She left and I drank some more. Most had left by this time and I was drunk and fucking horny. At one point I stood up and dropped my pants and shorts. I said "Anybody want this? Come and get it" as I pointed to my cock. Nobody seemed to respond so I pulled my pants back up. I was sitting on the couch drinking another beer and Mike, one of the other tellers said that he and his wife were interested. I thought that this was my chance to get some strange pussy so I said I'd meet them in the bedroom in five minutes. I stumbled into the first bedroom down the hallway and collapsed on the bed. I managed to take my clothes off and was laying there naked when they came in.

Immediately Sherry crawled on me and started to kiss me. she was taking off her clothes while we kissed and she was soon topless. I played with her tits and she said to pinch her nipples. I reached up and grabbed her nipples and she grabbed mine. The harder I pulled the harder she pulled. I was loving it when I felt a mouth on my cock. It was her husband starting to suck me. She asked if that was okay and I couldn't resist. With that she mounted my face and put her cunt on my mouth. she tole me to tongue fuck her so I did. I was rock hard when he took his mouth off of my cock. He lifted my legs and she reached back and pulled them up. He started to lick my asshole and after a couple of minutes I felt his cock against my asshole. He pushed in.

I thought it would hurt but in the position I was in I was enjoying it. She kept telling him to fuck me harder and withing minutes he was pounding me with his cock buried as far as it would go in my ass. While he was ass fucking me he was able to lean over and take my cock in his mouth. He fucked me so long I thought it was a dream. I was still sucking on her cunt when I felt myself ready to cum. I expressed that I was ready and she said to let it fly. I started cumming in his mouth and he took every fucking drop I had to give him. I was still playing with her tits and I could tell she was about to cum also. I tasted her juice as she shuddered and came. then I felt him tense up and start cumming. Right inside me. I felt his jizz run down my ass crack as he kept pumping until he was empty. I collapsed at that point and when I woke up I was naked in the bed being spooned by the host. I tried to get up but his arm was around me. Then I felt his hard cock against my ass crack. I didn't move as he started to rub my ass then put his cock up to my asshole. I started to protest but his arm was wrapped around me holding me in place and his cock was being shoved into me. I didn't know what to think, but it all came back from the night before how I was ass fucked so I thought I'd let him continue to see what it felt like sober. His cock was deep inside me when he started to actively fuck me. I lifted my leg to let him go deeper.He had fucked me about five minutes when he said he had to piss and was going to piss inside me. I didn't have time to react before I felt his warm piss filling my ass. Wow! What a fucking feelin. It felt so good I let him finish and he finally pulled out. His piss ran out of my ass as he got up and walked into the bedroom. I felt like a fucking slut. But I loved it.

I finally got home about noon. My wife was gone shopping and I showered quickly to wash the cum and piss out and off of me. When she got home we pretended like I never spent the night over at Steve's house or how I got fucked at least twice. Our lives resumed as normal but the only difference is now I look for cock as often as I can. I see other men on line or at rest stops. She is none the wiser and we still fuck once or twice a month. Man, what a fucking double life I lead.




I was horny that night and told my wife that I needed to get my dick sucked. She said she wasn't in the mood and completely shut me out. I said that if she didn't make me cum I would find someone who would. She knew I had another woman suck me in our earlier marriage but she didn't think anything of it and said "Go ahead. find someone who would suck that shriveled thing of yours." Then she went to bed. I was pissed. I just said "Fuck you" and walked out. I drove for about 20 minutes and came to this little bar and stopped in for a beer. I had one, then another and another and another and after about seven I was really buzzed. I was getting ready to go home when a woman came over and sat on the bar stool next to me. She put her hand on my thigh and asked me if I was alone. When I told her I was she said she was in need for a real man and I looked like him. After we chatted for a bit she asked if I wanted to follow her to her place. She assured me she wasn't a hooker but just needed a nice cock. I agreed and followed her to her place.

She gave me a beer and while I drank she did a sexy striptease for me. Before I knew it she was naked and asked if I liked her shaved pussy. I did. She came over to me on the couch and knelt down. She undid my zipper and my shriveled up cock popped out through my underwear as she fished it out and started to suck me. She had soft lips and was playing with my nipples as she sucked me hard. When I was hard she mounted me and plunged down onto my cock. Her pussy was wet and I slid into her easily. We fucked me as I got even harder. She fucked me for a good 20 minutes and I said I was gonna cum. She hopped off of me and took my cock back into her mouth as I started to cum. She took it all in her mouth. I thought she was swallowing but when she leaned up to kiss me she deposited my bum back into my mouth. I didn't want to seem stupid so I swallowed it all.

She finally got off of me and said I had the nicest cock she had ever fucked. I mumbled a thank you and she kissed me again. Then she went back down on me. After I was almost hard again she got on the floor on her back and said to lick her pussy. I got down and straddled her in a 69 position and was licking and tongue furking her as she continued to suck me. Then I felt a finger rubbing on my asshole. It felt great. My ife never did this but when she shovedd two fingers in my asshole I nearly lost it. It was fucking fantastic and she finger fucked me while I got hard. When I was hard like a fucking pole she pulled off and walked into the bathroom. I was shocked that she just got up but when she came back she had a strap-on wrapped around her waist and said that she was about to pleasure me like never before. She crawled on the bed and pushed my legs up toward my chest and knelt between my legs. She put that strap-on up to my asshole and pushed in. I had never been fucked and she pushed that cock into me and started to fuck me. It hurt at first but soon became pleasure as she continued to fuck me. She wasn't even touching my cock and I came a second time. It wasn't a lot but the feeling was fucking great.

I finally got home and my wife was asleep. She had no idea and several weeks later we went to bed and were ready to fuck. I was a little drunk that night and blurted out that I was ready to be fucked. She questioned that and I said I wanted her dildo in my ass. She proceeded to hand fuck my ass with her rubber cock she sometimes uses. I came hard and she got the idea. A few nights later she came to bed wearing a huge strap-on and said that she wanted to fuck me. I was about half drunk and raised my legs. She shoved that cock in my asshole. It hurt like a mother fucker but I let her keep going and after a few moments it started to feel good. Her strap-on had a piece that rubbed her clit every time she thrust into me and we both came that night.

She thought that was the greatest fucking night and I let her use that strap-on anytime she wanted. For the next several years she orgasmed with that cock but eventually she decided she needed a really big cock in her pussy. I finally agreed and one night after work I walked in the house and when I got to the bedroom I saw her fucking our neighbor. They quickly separated as I entered the bedroom but she just smiled and said that Tom was here to pleasure both of us.

I figured she set up for tom to suck my cock but when I stripped and crawled on the bed next to her he turned me on my belly and before I knew it his cock was digging its way into my asshole. I really wanted to please her so I let him proceed. He fucked me for about 15 minutes told her he was gonna cum. I thought he would pull out but she just told him to let it go and he filled my ass with his cum. I felt it drip down my nuts as he finally pulled out. I found myself cumming as well and hadn't even had my cock touched.

From that night she set up our encounters with other men and I have now been fucked so many times I can't count. Man I love my ass being fucked and our marriege is better than ever because of this.