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I grew up an only child and have always been close to mom. I thought we could talk about anything. My favorite time of day was after my drunkard dad would pass out and mom and me would be on the couch watching TV. I would lay with my head across her lap and she would rub my back. I learned later that while dad was drunk she was out fucking other guys or even girls. However it was very comforting to have her hand rubbing my back while I laid with my head in her lap. Then when I was about 11 or so this changed a little bit. While her hand was rubbing my back her hand would move down to my ass cheek. This felt really good and she would tell me how soft my skin was. It was glorious. Then one night she had me turn around and she started to rub my feet and calves. This was a whole new feeling and I was loving it.

Dad was usually drunk by about 6:30 and passed out in his recliner. On Friday and Saturday nights mom would leave shortly after dad passed out and returned around 11:00. She was usually drunk. One Friday night when I was 13 she got home a little early and wanted me to join her on the couch for the late show. Her hand rubbed up and down my leg for a bit and accidentally slipped a little too high and could feel her rubbing my cock. I had boners before and knew what it felt like but really didn't want her to stop. Before I knew it I was cumming. She felt my cum through my jammies and just said to go clean up. She acted like it was no big deal. The next morning she broached the subject and said that she knew what had happened and it was perfectly normal. I accepted that and it became our normal routine. She would stroke my cock through whatever I was wearing until I came then told me to go clean up.

When I was 15, one night she mentioned that my cock was bigger than dad's. I blushed and she asked if my girlfriends had ever made me cum. She was pretty drunk that night and when I told her no she said that she had a special surprise for me. Dad was passed out as usual and when I said I was ready for her surprise she pulled my pajamas down and started to suck me. I was uncut and she said she loved that about me. She actually chewed on my foreskin for a bit and when I eventually came she swallowed it all. She said it was the sweetest cum she had ever tasted. Then she said I should watch straight and gay porn to get an idea on what I'd like to do with her. She also assured me that this was all natural and I shouldn't feel awkward. What the fuck did I know at that age?

That was about the time I noticed her perfect tits, large nipples and thin waist. I figured out too that she was somewhat of a whore. She often left on Friday and Saturday nights for several hours and would come home pretty drunk. For the next two years she would come home on those nights and come into my room and suck my cock until I filled her mouth with my seed. Then one night she was really drunk and after she sucked me off and took all I had to give she kept sucking until I was hard again. She had me on my back and mounted my cock. She pulled my hands up to her tits as she fucked me. I ws able to cum a second time that night. It was fucking fantastic. We fucked like this for several months. Then one night she actually brought a man home. Dad was oblivious as he was passed out in his chair. She brought him to my bedroom and said that this was a different way to get my cock sucked. He sucked me and after I came he mounted my chest and put his cock up to my mouth. I had looked at enough porn to know what was expected. This was the first time I sucked another cock.

Fast forward a couple of years: I'm out on my own and have my own apartment. I've found that the most willing cocksuckers are older men who want so suck me or fuck me. I have come to love sucking cock and having a nice cock in my ass until he cums. I'm a full-fledged bi-sexual and fuck women or suck men. I don't know what the future now has for me but I know that sex is my life and I'll suck or fuck anything that walks. Man, I g;uess mom turned me into a fucking cum and cunt whore after all these years.




I’d like to start off in saying technically I was molested by various cousins when I was about 8 years old. I was always a very curious and enthusiastic child and I loved my cousins so much. I was an only child and had only younger or older kids to play with. The older girls were about 15 or 16 at the time and loved having a little blond haired green eyed slave boy to do their bidding. I loved the attention and blame my painful addiction to all things sexual on the ‘education' they gave me.

Neither knew about the ‘games' each of them played with me. They were on different sides of the family so hardly had the chance to meet. The first was Jacky. She was a tall tomboy with red hair and dusty blue eyes. She was still growing into her body from what I remember. Her face was delicate and a bit long, long arms and legs with breasts just starting to show. She loved the outdoors, fishing, camping, hunting. She loved to build shit. Often I would find her head down and ass up working on dune buggies or sprawled on the floor working on mini bikes.

Our games varied but the one that still makes me Jack off and spray walls to this day was a fishing trip.

There were loads of cranberry bogs around where we lived and we would often borrow a Jerry boat and just paddle out for the day. It was so much fun being out in the middle of the bog with not another soul for miles. By this time we have played simple games. Kissing, heavy petting, truth or dare. She always was in control telling me what she wanted me to do. She was fascinated with trying various things to my young cock and balls. Squeezing, pulling, pinching even slapped them a few times. When she licked and sucked me the first time I felt like I was convulsing when I came. At the time I had yet to have a full load. Best I could do was a heavy flow of slippery precum that she seemed to love.

Anyway, that one day on the boat we were dressed to swim. Shorts and tee shirts. It was hot as fuck out in the bog so we both expected to get wet. There was some flirtation on the trip out where she told me she wanted me to do something with her she always wanted to try. Obviously I was all for it.

I remember the boat rocked a little as she stood up and started shifting gear around. She told me to come up to the front with her as she took off her shorts. I’ve seen her fiery young Bush close up during licking lessons before but I started shaking like a dog wanting a treat. She always joked with me that I took direction well. She leaned back draping herself over the life preservers and seat cushions and spread her legs as I finally got to her and keeled in to start licking and sucking her ‘kitty’ like she taught me.

Jacky was always a restrained girl when we played. Always trying to be silent in fear of being found out so it scared me into stopping when she moaned loudly. The moan turned into a whimper not to stop. That she needed to ‘pop’ before we could try something different. Her hands were freezing when she cupped my head and pulled me into her for a good eating. She was not shy or timid and I think that was one of the best things for me. She arched her hips when she wanted me deeper or maneuvered to guide my oral attention to the correct location. Jacky had a very sensitive clit and would always flinch on the uplick. It had to be about 10 -15 min of jaw aching work until her painting and moaning were short and clipped. I sucked her clit hard rolling my tongue in circles over it. When she came she gripped the sides of the boat and locked her legs around me. She damn near screamed every cuss word I knew and it echoed over the water. I have craved her taste for years. Sweet and salty just like a good candy should have been.

She lay there with her eyes closed taking in the sun’s warmth. She told me to pet her kitty for a little. She asked if I remembered fingering. I started petting her pussy trying to circle around her swollen and red clit. She was so wet 3 fingers were nothing. She told me to try to add more. I slipped in a forth with some resistance. She started moving again. Pushing my fingers deeper into her. I watched, stupefied as My curled thumb almost entering her asshole each time she pushed. She told me to try to fit my whole hand in her. At this point my shorts were soaked with precum. My cock was so hard it hurt. I was having problems focusing but my addiction to want to please overruled all else. One second I had four fingers blurred deep in her the next just the tips as she drew back then with a little effort my whole hand slid into her pussy up to the wrist. We both froze at the achievement. I could feel her muscles contracting around me and she panted in short breaths. She started to rock slowly back and forth as her eyes sleepily closed again. I tried experimented myself with opening my hand or making a fist. Various actions brought out more moans. It didn’t take long before she sat up quickly and grabbed my arm pushing me even deeper. She just looked at me and stopped breathing. Her hips bucked twice and I could feel her pussy tighten over and over like a mouth trying to take in more and more. I could see my small fist poking and moving under the skin of her tummy. I remember giving myself a little wave which shoved her over the edge to cum, from what she told me later, the hardest she ever had. She twitched and convulsed as I pulled out of her. My hand was soaked up to mid forearm. Streams of her juices soaked the cushion making small pools in the boat.

It was a good fifteen minutes before she even tried to move. We did many things as playing games in two short years but memories of that one boat ride will keep me viagra free forever.




I was fourteen and my girlfriend Elsa was really good at sucking my cock and I loved licking pussy and making her cum. I had started licking pussy when I was thirteen with my girlfriend Jean and she liked getting naked and l had watched a xrated movie that my father had and I saw men licking women's pussies and I started licking Jean's pussy and she loved it. Jean told her older sister about me licking her pussy and Marsha told me to come to her bedroom one afternoon and she said that Jean told her that I was licking her pussy and Marsha asked me who taught me to lick pussy. I told Marsha about watching the movie and she said that she wanted me to lick her pussy and she got naked and she said come and lick her pussy. I got my mouth on her pussy and I was licking up and down her pussy lips and I started licking her clit and flicking it with my tongue and she was telling me how to lick pussy better.

Next year l was dating Elsa and she loved me licking her pussy and clit and she sucked my cock and swallowed my cum after a few weeks we would get naked and lick and suck each other. We started hiding in the back of her garage behind some furniture and she would sit on a chair naked and I would lick her clit and make her cum and she moaned and then she would suck my cock and we would keep doing it to each other. One day she was naked and l was naked and sitting between her legs and licking her clit and she was moaning and I heard her mother shout to Elsa to get up and go to her bedroom and wait for her. Mrs G was standing right in front of me and she started asking me if I was fucking Elsa and l said no and she said that she had never seen anyone doing that. Mrs G said that she was surprised that l was licking her daughter l told Mrs G that she was married and she could do anything she wanted with her husband. Mrs G was standing really close to me and she kept looking at my cock and I was really hard and l asked her if her husband licked her pussy she looked up and said that was none of my business. She was looking at my cock and I told her that she could touch it if she wanted to. She looked at me and I took her hand and I put it on my cock and I told her that i loved to feel her touch my cock. She was moving her hand slowly and I leaned forward and l kissed her and l pushed my tongue into her mouth and she was moving her tongue and she said that she should stop. I kissed her again and I started squeezing her tits and she was moaning and I told her to sit down on the chair and l would show her how good I licked pussy. She said she had never been licked and l pushed her down on the chair and l told her to get her panties off and she lifted up and she pushed her skirt and panties down. I told her to spread her legs really wide and I began licking her pussy. Her pussy lips were big and I saw that her clit was big and I started licking it hard and she was saying ohh over and over. I told her to take her blouse and bra off she pulled them off and I asked her if she liked getting licked by me and she said that she had never felt anything like it and I told her that i was going to keep licking her clit all day. She moaned as I licked her big clit and l sucked it into my mouth and I began flicking it fast and I was fingering her pussy and she came really hard and she had pussy juice flowing from her cunt and I kept licking her clit and she came again and she moaned and l licked her pussy while she kept coming. I stopped licking her and she looked at me and I told her that i wanted to lick her pussy every day and I was her boyfriend, Mrs G said that l had showed her something that was unbelievable. I told her to let me lick her pussy more and I leaned forward and l sucked her clit into my mouth and I was licking it slowly and I told her to look at my eyes while l lick her pussy and I started licking her clit really hard and fast and she was moaning and rolling her head from side to side and she came hard again and more pussy juice flowed all over my face. I stood up and l told her to lick her pussy juice that was on my face. Mrs G was licking my face and I asked her if any of her friends had been licked by their husbands. She said that she had never heard any of them say anything about being licked. I told her that i would love to lick her best friend's pussy for her and she could tell her friend that I was her love slave and she said that she knew that any of them would love to get licked by me. I told her that i would lick her pussy first while her friend watches and then she would tell me to lick her friend's pussy. Mrs G said she would talk to Marie and she would tell me. I told her to suck my cock and I would lick her pussy again. Mrs G told me that her name was Janet and she sucked my cock and I came in her mouth. I licked her pussy again and she said she would call my house tomorrow because Elsa was going with her husband to visit his parents

She called my house and I answered the phone and she said that she would pick me up at the beach. I got into her car and she said to lay down on the floor so nobody would see me l was laying on the floor and I had my head on the seat next to her leg and l slipped my hand between her legs and I told her to spread them and l pushed her panties to the side and l was fingering her pussy and started rubbing her clit and she said please keep rubbing her clit like that and she was moaning a little and I told her to drive by her friend's house and she could show her who her lover is. Janet said she was going straight home so I could lick her pussy. She pulled into the garage and I went in and she said let's go to her bedroom and she closed the door and l told her to take her clothes off she kissed me and she almost ripped them off and she started taking my clothes off and I told her that i wanted to fuck her first and then lick her pussy. Janet pulled me on top of her and l began fucking her and that is how I lost my virginity. We kept fucking for a year and l started fucking her friend Marie and Marie got me to date her daughter.




I have been dating a very beautiful woman named Dee for three months and she loves to fuck me and she does anything l tell her. I bought her some really crazy clothes and she loved wearing sexy clothes all the time. She told me that she was going to have her granddaughter Sarah staying with her for the summer and she said that she wanted me to come over and meet Sarah and stay the night. I got there and Dee told me to come in and she mixed a drink and she gave it to me and she said that she wanted me to show my cock to her granddaughter Sarah later on and she said come to her bedroom. I was sitting on the bed and Dee got her seethrough top on and she put on a tiny skirt and she said to sit next to Sarah and I could see how beautiful her granddaughter was. We were watching tv and she said that she had taught Sarah about men and and she said that l should run my finger up and down her pussy while she was sitting with us. Dee told Sarah to come and watch tv with us. Dee had a night gown on and Sarah was next to me and I had my hand on her pussy and I was running my finger up and down her clit and she was kissing my chest and Dee whispered in my ear that she was going to go to the bedroom and she would help me to fuck Sarah and she whispered that she was going to lick her granddaughter's pussy while I fucked her from behind and then I could fuck Sarah. Dee said that she was going to bed and I heard the door close and I told Sarah to get naked and stand in front of me and show me her body. She slowly took her nightie off and she turned around and l took my shorts off and l pulled Sarah to me and I told her that i was going to fuck her pussy deep and I was going to stretch it and make it a woman's pussy. I told her to get on her knees and I began fucking her from behind and I was fucking that little pussy and she was moaning and she said please keep fucking her all night.




I joined the USMC right out of High School on the buddy system with Tracy. We went to boot camp together and went to our tech school together. We were best friends in school and talked about everything. We even competed against each other in nearly everything. We were out in the desert at school and often pt'd together. That meant we ran together. One day he challenged me to a three mile race. I knew I could beat him so I agreed. Then he said that our bet was that the loser had to suck the winner's cock. We often bet money but never a sex act but I knew I could beat him so I agreed. He wanted to make sure that I would honor the bet if I lost. I readily agreed, knowing that in a little bit I would get my cock sucked.

We started the 3 mile courst pretty even. By the halfway point I was ahead. We got near the end and he came sprinting by me and crossed the finish line about thr4ee years ahead of me. That was the first time he ever beat me in a road race. Fuck me I thought. I hope he was just kidding about our bet. We roomed together and got back to the room without a word about the bet. But as soon as we got into the room he said I owed him the bet. Fuck you I said, but he reminded me that if I had won he would suck my cock so he thought I should honor the bet as well. As he said this he was stripping.

I had seen him naked a few times in gym class and in our room but never thought anything about it. He started to wave his cock back and forth and as I sat on my bunk he stood in front of me. Again I said "Well fuck me." I noticed my cock had twitched a couple times and realized I wanted to suck his cock even though I wouldn't admit it. He stood iun front of me and I took his cock into my mouth. I sucked him until he got hard, then he started to mouth fuck me. Surprisingly I didn't gag when he shoved his cock down my throat. I was actually liking it and when he came in my mouth I took it all.

A week later as we came back to our room from dinner he asked point blank if I wanted to suck his cock aga9in. I said I wasn't sure but as he removed his trousers and then his boxers I couldn't help but stare at his cock. Ht said he knew I wanted it. I did and pulled him forward and put his cock in my mouth. When he was hard he said that he wanted to fuck me. I said I wasn't into that. He was a lot stronger than me and pulled me off of my bunk and onto the floor. He managed to strip me and said if I screamed he would beat the shit out of me. I knew he could so I remained quiet. He pushed my legs up toward my chest and scooted up to me. He had one hand playing with my smallish cock and the other was rubbing up and down my ass crack. It actually felt pretty good and I didn't fight him. Then I felt a wet finger enter my asshole. I wasn't sure at first but it soon felt really good so I just relaxed and let him finger fuck me. then he said he was going to fuck me. His cock pushed into my ass and spread my hole wide. He started to fuck me and my cock got harder. I was loving it. He finally thrust all the way in and I actually felt him cum inside me. He filled my ass to the point it was oozing out and down my ass crack.

That was the first time of dozens of times I sucked him or he fucked me. I was in love. From acquaintences to best frineds to lovers. We got out of the Corps within a month of each other and kept seeing each other. We got married a couple of years ago and I do anything he wants. I'm a stay at home husband and he brings home the bacon. He provides very well and all I have to do is cocok, clean and tend to his big cock nearly every night. Man I love my fucking gay life.




My name is Debbie. I didn't realize my husband of three years, Terry, was such a pussy when we got married. After about a month of being married he wanted sex less and less. I didn't suspect anything and just thought it was how marriage was supposed to go. I found out about five months ago that I was pregnant. When I really started to show didn't want sex of any kind. Again, I thought it was just married life until the night I caught him looking at gay porn. He didn't know I noticed but I started to take notice more and more. I didn't have a problem with him jerking off when I didn't want sex but had no idea he was thinking about cock instead of my cunt.

I was about eight months pregnant when I walked into the office that night and he was jerking off to gay porn. He finally noticed me and tried to cover up. I told him that I knew he liked two guys sucking each other or fucking each other while he jerked off. He tried to deny it but when I called him a cum-sucking pussy he broke down and finally admitted he jerked off to gay porn. When I asked him if he was gay he denied it at first. But after I pushed him he finally admitted he had thought about it. I have no problem with two gay guys fucking and told him I thought it would be really hot to watch him suck a big cock. He said he didn't believe me at first but after we actually talked about it I told him I loved him no matter who he sucked or fucked as long as he didn't do it behind my back. We were finally communicating with the truth and I game him permission to bring a man home to have sex with while I was pregnant. He doubted me but I finally convinced him that I wanted to see it.

That Friday night we made a plan. We were to go to a gay club and we were to bring a man home for me to watch them. About 11 o'clock that night a big heavy set guy approached us and struck up a conversation. He was divorced and discovered he was gay a few months back. We finally asked him to follow us home to have sex with Terry. He saw my condition and agreed. I called him aside while Terry was in the bathroom and said I really wanted to see my husband suck his cock and take him up the ass. He said he could stay hard for hours and cum multiple times. I was getting wet just talking about it.

We finally got home and Terry was more nervous than either me or John. John finally made the first move and told Terry that he knew that I wanted to see him suck cock and get fucked. They stripped. John was about five inches taller than Terry and at least a hundred pounds heavier. He had a large belly and a medium sized fat cock. Terry looked at me and I nodded in approve. He got on his hands and knees and took John's cock in his mouth. I could see John getting bigger and he was soon hard. He must have been seven inches long and very thick. Terry's cock was hard too. After a bit John looked at me as if to say "I'm gonna cum in his mouth, okay?" I told him to empty himself and he grabbed the back of Terry's head and I could tell he was cumming. He put his entire load in Terry's mouth, then said "Is this your first time?" Terry was pretty drunk and didn't realize I was right there. He told John that it wasn't his first time, but John had the biggest cock he had ever sucked. That surprised me a little, but my pussy was dripping by this time just watching them.

Then John asked me if I wanted him to fuck Terry. I told him that fuck yes I wanted to see him ass fuck my husband. Terry was pretty pliable in his state so when John told him to get on all fours and get ready to be fucked Terry didn't hesitate and got on all fours with his ass sticking in the air. I was surprised that John was still hard and a few drops were oozing out of his cock. He knelt behind Terry and rubbed his slippery cock up and down Terry's ass crack. Then he started to slowly enter T's ass. He was buried to the hilt and terry was moaning, telling him to fuck him now. John started to fuck Terry and within seconds was pounding him hard. T kept saying "Fuck me harder." This lasted for at least 15 minutes and I was sitting in a recliner watching them and finger fucking myself. I was mesmerized by John's cock. Then I thought it would be fantastic to have that big cock in my cunt.

I told John not to cum and to come fuck me. Terry was almost out of it and when John pulled out of T's asshold terry collapsed on the floor and just laid there. I got out of my chair and turned around. I got on my knees and bent over the chair and told him to fuck me from behind. My big belly was hanging down and as his big cock entered me I felt fuller than ever. I thought that this beats the fuck out of Terry's five inch cock. I orgasmed almost immediately and he was able to fuck me for another 10 minutes. I nearly passed out as his cock went deeper than anything I ever had inside me. He finally was ready to cum and I told him to not hold back and fill me up. It wasn't a lot since he had already cum but the size of his cock was worth it.




My name is Mary and I am a divorced sixty year old woman that has started thinking about fucking my boyfriend who was my high school boyfriend. Four years ago l saw he was on Facebook and l called him and he remembered so much about me . I was flying up to visit my family and l told him to meet me at my hotel and when he came into the room l was instantly wet and he kissed me and said that I was beautiful. I kept kissing him and he told me to take my clothes off well l did it and I was leaking cum and then he told me to take his clothes off and I tore them from him. When I pulled his pants down he had a big cock that was nine inches long and really thick. I started sucking his cock and he said that he wanted to lick my pussy first and when he was licking my clit he made me come three times harder than I ever had before. He pushed my legs up to my shoulders and he drove his cock Into me and I had never been fucked by a huge cock like his. He told me that he had never forgotten how much he loved to fuck me. He fucked me and his cock hit all the way in. He fucked me for twenty minutes and then he told me to get on my knees and he fucked me and he asked me if I was his love slave. I was going crazy and he said that he was made to fuck me and he wanted me to be his. I was moaning and then he pulled his cock out and he told me to tell him what I want him to do for me. I had never been fucked so deep and hard and l knew that l had come more than ten times and I told him that l wanted him to train me to fuck and I said that I would be his love slave. I don't know but I wanted his cock inside my pussy all the time. He told me that he wanted me to be his lover and he said that l had to do four things for him. He moved between my legs and he licked my clit and he asked me if I was going to do what he says. I could feel him licking my clit and I was ready to come and he said to tell him. I told him that I would do anything for him. He stopped licking my clit and he was rubbing it with his finger and he said that l was going to stop wearing panties forever, then he told me that l was going to wear really short skirts or short dresses and he said that l had to make sure that my friends saw my pussy. He asked me if I would do those things for him. My clit was making me lift my hips up and down and I told him that l wanted to do those and more. He said that I was going to be naked when I am with him and l had to keep my pussy wet . He said that I had one really important thing to do for him and he told me to bring my best friend and we were going to teach her to fuck and lick. I was going crazy and l said I'm going to come and I could feel cum squirting from my cunt. He got beside me and he was kissing me and he said that l was his fuck toy and he got on top of me and started fucking me and his cock hit the bottom of my pussy with each trust and l wanted him to fuck me every day and night and I told Al that l would really like to call my friend Linda and take her out with us tonight and she said Linda was a slut . He said that he only wanted me and I had to decide if l wanted to be trained to fuck him and do the things l dreamed about. He asked me if I was ready to show my pussy to some of my friends and other women l was interested in meeting. He said that he was going to buy me some new sexy clothes and he said let's go..We drove to a very nice women's store and he told me to pick out the most revealing tops and the shortest skirts l could find and he said buy a couple of pairs of crotchless panties that had a big opening so my pussy was easy to see. He got two seethrough blouses and he paid for them and we went back to the hotel and he said put the seethrough top and the black skirt on and I came back and he told me to sit down and I sat on the chair and he told me to spread my legs whenever l was sitting and look around and find women to show my pussy to.

Al gave me a pair of nipple clamps with a chain connecting them and everyone could see my nipple clamps and l was really wet and when l let Linda in she looked at me and said she loved the nipple clamps and l introduced Al to Linda and she said that she wanted a drink and l made some for us..I sat next to Al and she sat down across from me in a chair and I spread my legs wide open and she looked at my pussy and she said that she wanted to change her clothes and I said I would come with her. Linda took out and skirt and cropped top and she said that my tits looked delicious with the nipple clamps. I told Linda that l wanted Al to have a hard on when I am with him. Linda was almost naked and she leaned to me and kissed my lips and she whispered that she wanted to lick my pussy and she got on her knees and she lifted my skirt and started licking me. She said that she wanted to lick my pussy and fuck my boyfriend if I was ok with it. She was making me leak pussy juice and l told her that she had to do whatever I tell her and l told her to stay beside Al on his left and I was going to be on his right. I said that I was going to show my pussy to some of the women in the bar and I told her to get a woman to come back to the room with us.