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Growing up we lived way out in the country like most all of my friends did back then. My best friend and I started out pretty young. We were about 10 years old when we started playing around naked late at night at his house or mine. The more we did the more we wanted to do so it wasn't very long before we were sucking each other all the time.

I asked him to finger my ass one night and it was hard for me to be quiet as he fingered my ass with my dick in his mouth. After that he couldn't stop fingering my asshole and one day down by the creek we were naked in the bushes sucking each other and I asked if he wanted to put his dick in me. He was very anxious and I was face down in the cool grass holding my ass cheeks open with him on top of me pushing his dick up my asshole. As soon as it went in I told him it felt good and to keep going. He got it all the way up my asshole then he fucked me ten he fucked me again. Seems like every day after school for weeks he and I went down to the creek so he could fuck my ass and on weekends we stayed down on the creek and he fucked me a lot. We still sucked each other a lot but he fucked me in the ass a lot too.

As time went on we got older and he would cum in my ass and we liked to swallow each others cum and he could really fuck me good and we both wanted to fuck all the time. As we got older we also shared our private secret with our closest best friends and of course they were very horny also and wanted get in on the fun so we would camp out on the creek on weekends and have sex all night long and they all fucked me for hours and I liked getting fucked and having the others watch and taking all their cum in my ass. Some times there would be 10 of us camping out and 9 of them took turns fucking me for hours one hard dick after the other being shoved up my ass and them fucking me shooting their warm cum in me then pulling out for the next one to fuck me in my cum filled asshole. It was normal for the others to be paired up sucking each other some jacking off watching me get fucked and of course some of them fucking my mouth while some one fucked my ass. It was always great sex and very casual. None of us thought anything about it we just liked having sex and many times I can remember taking my pants down bending over holding on to a tree or something so some one could fuck me real quick and get off in my ass.

The wooded near one of my friends house that lived in town was a good place for him and I to go to after school to fuck. We would walk thru the woods from school to his house and stop in a private spot so he could fuck me. Some days his parents worked late so we would go to his house and fuck there before they got home. I liked watching him fuck me in a mirror and see his face when he came up my ass. Two of my friends were hung very well very long and thick and both had a huge head that always stretched me open going in and both came a lot. Everyone enjoyed watching these two take turns on my ass and some of them would get up really close to watch their huge dicks fuck my ass and watch them shoot their huge thick loads in my ass.

All my life I have enjoyed things in my ass and I really enjoy getting fucked hard and deep and I have had quite a few select well hung men over the years. Only one black man but he fucked me several times Quite a few big thick hard Mexican dicks and a lot of horny white men. Only once did I have sex with two men at the same time and I met with the several times for a few months. They were in to bondage at times and they liked to tie me up and use my mouth and ass at the same time and ever had me wear panties a few times they used toys and butt plugs on me and a few times I would spend the weekend at their house and let them use me how ever they liked and I got used to being DPed and taken out to the woods to get raped and the more they raped me the better I liked it.

We used to o out to this old barn on some friends property and they would rape me over and over in that old barn tie me up and rape my ass and mouth and fuck me with toys and even beer bottles the made me do things I never thought I would ever do and some I wont talk about. Back then I was a very horny kinky some times nasty slut that liked a lot of dick and cum and you could stick just about anything up my ass and I liked it In that old barn there were three small rooms that they always put me in then they would fuck me in the mouth and ass with my hands tied behind my back and both of them cum in me balls deep at each end. Always when they gave me a DP they both came in my ass and that was one of my favorite things. Two big hard dicks up my ass at the same time then both of them emptying their nuts in my ass . Damn that was good. I wish I had two good friends like that today. I love to be fucked!!!!!




I'll admit it. I Love cock. Pretty much everything about it. Even though my wife occasionally sucks me off there's nothing like another man with my cock in his mouth. She also hates to play with my asshole but most men I've been with have no problem probing my asshole with their fingers, their tongues and even shoving their cock into me. It wasn't always that way. I am happily married and our marriage started as a great sex fest but the last five or so years the sex has diminished to the point of two or three times a month and usually on Sonday night. The problem is that I'm horny on Friday night and she isn't. I like lips on my cock when I'm about half drunk. I can just let go and let my cock do its own thing. That brings me to my love for cock.

I was in the Army and had just been home on leave and was heading back overseas. I was in this flea bag hotel that had a bar in the basement as my flight was the next day. After dinner I decided to go down for a drink. After a couple of drinks a large fat guy came over to my table and asked if he could sit. I said he could and he bought me a drink. Then he bought me another and after the third one he bought me he asked if I ever had my dick sucked by a guy. I told him I wasn't gay and he said I didn't have to be gay to get a good blowjob. He seemed to let the subject drop and bought me a couple more drinks. Then he asked if I wanted to try it. I said "What the fuck, why not?" I stumbled to my room with him following me. I closed the door behind us and he said to get undressed. He stripped along with me and for the first time I realized how big he was. He stood at least eight inches taller than me and had a huge belly. I wasn't impressed. Then I looked down and saw his cock. My cock is average, about five to six inches long when hard but his was bigger than that soft. And he had huge balls that seemed to hang down forever. For the first time my cock twitched looking at another cock. I was just drunk enough to not give a fuck.

He told me to lay on my back on the bed and pulled me down so my ass was just off the end of the bed. He knelt on the floor and started to suck me. It wasn't a minute and I was hard. I was getting close and when he shoved a wet finger into my asshole I exploded. He didn't miss a drop. It was the greatest blowjob I'd ever had. To think I could cum and my lover wouldn't even flinch as I filled his mouth was a huge turn on. He sucked me dry and when he stood up his huge cock was mostly hard. He moved a little closer and said to take it in my mouth. I was just drunk enough to do it. It barely fit and I couldn't get but about two inches into my mouth. This thing was fucking huge in my mouth and he asked me if I wanted him to cum in my mouth. I shook my head no and he pulled out. I thought this was pretty erotic and thought we were about done but he told me to lay on my stomach. I did and he starting massaging my calves and moved up to my hamstrings. It felt really good but was surprised when he spread my ass cheeks and I felt him licking up and down my ass crack. He probed my asshole with his tongue and I was loving it. Then he pushed a fat finger into my ass and found my prostate. I was getting hard again. Then a second finger joined the first and he was spreading my asshole out. Slowly and gently until I started to moan. I was in my own little heaven when he said he was going to fuck me now. I didn't resist and felt the weight of him on top of me as he slowly pushed his cock into my ass. It hurt a bit at first but after a minute or so he was pretty much inside me. His weight on me was comforting and when the discomfort left me he started to slowly fuck me. My cock was tucked back pointing toward my feet and getting harder. Soon he was fucking me hard and deep. I just kept telling him to fuck me deeper. He had at least eight inches in my ass when I felt the first warm shot of his cum. He filled me up so fucking much that I could feel it coming back out of my ass and running down my balls. He finally pulled out and went into the bathroom to clean himself off. When he came back in I was laying on my back with a hard dick. I was staring at his cock and without saying a work he came over and got on the bed. He straddled my chest and leaned forward. His cock was right at my mouth. I opened my mouth and leaned into him. I wanted that big cock back into my mouth. I sucked him for at least 15 minutes and without saying anything he came in my mouth. I'd never tasted anything like that before but I was liking it. I ended up sucking him dry and didn't want his cock to leave my mouth.

In the four years since that night I have gone out to the gay bar nearly every Friday night. Most night I manage to meet a guy in the parking lot or go back to his place. I've been fucked more times than I've fucked my wife. I love a big cock in my ass. I love a small cock in my ass. Size really doesn't matter with me. I'm just obsessed with cock. I've sucked all kinds of men. Every race, every cock size, fat or skinny id just doesn't matter as long as it sticks out above his nuts.

Then a couple of months ago my wife caught me jerking off to gay porn. It took a while but I finally admitted to her I thought I was bi-sexual. She said it was finally time I admitted it and she understood and was okay with it. She did say though that as long as I was getting strange dick in my asshole she wouldn't fuck me. She was afraid of catching something. I gotten tested regularly and am clean to this day. As long as I bring her a clean report she said she would fuck me. We've opened up so much that she even bought a series of strap-ons and instead of me fucking her she fucks me at least once a week. Usually on sunday.




I had been volunteering at a special needs school for almost 3 months. I have always liked helping out and being able to help the children who need it. I have a young brother who has needed help most of his life.

A new girl was enrolled and i was asked to meet her the next day and help settle her into her new class. I found out she was actually 15, but with a capacity of about a 6 or 7 year old. She had been sick when she was young and basically never expanded beyond that age.

The next day i met her parents and her. I was shocked as she looked absolutely stunning. If h hadn't known i would have guessed she was 18 or 19 years old, not only just turned 15. She had no external signs that she was handicapped, but once we spoke a bit it was clear she was very young minded. She was also carrying a doll, she called Trish. She said it was her best friend.

Well all was good for a few days, but i have to admit i was always staring at her, wondering what she looked like under the young girl tops and skirts. I spoke to her parents a few times and i even asked her mother if i needed to worry about her given she was clearly maturing. Her mother knew what i meant and said she didn't understand and she took care to make sure when she gets dressed in the morning that a pad was always placed in her pants before she got them to put on. I thanked her and checked it she had any monthly issues, which i was pleased to find out none that were apparent and she joked and said i'll find out in 2 weeks.

While playing a couple days later she got upset and ran out. I had to go find her and found her hiding under the deck out the back of the school lunch area. I took her inside and we went to the change rooms for some quiet to help calm her. I was talking to her and we chatted about Trish, her doll. She told me that when Trish was old enough she was going to have a baby they could both look after.

I know i shouldn't of, but the chance was to good. A young girl, super cute, knowing she was right about ovulation time and wouldn't understand. I did!

I told her if she wanted a baby sooner i could help her and Trish now if she wanted. But it would be our secret and then we could get her a baby. She was so excited i told her we needed to play a game and then she would have a baby soon after.

It was slow, but i explained every step to her as i helped pull her skirt and pants off, lifted her top off and took my own pants off. I spent almost 4 hours that day fucking her tight pussy, pumping every load i could into her belly. Over the next 4 weeks i must have fucked her and unloaded in her at least 50 times. She seemed to enjoy our game and hadn't said anything to anyone. I slowed down after this and was only fucking her once or twice a day for almost another 2 months. Her mother asked me one morning when she was dropping her off how much she was eating as she appeared to be gaining a little bit of weight. When i stripped her that day i could see her belly had a small bump forming. My god i was so turned on knowing a girl of 7 mentally, and not even 16 physically was pregnant with my baby, i really went to town on her. When her mother picked her up she asked why her daughter looked so tired and i explained a lot of sports and running today. Well, kind of true since i kept fucking her for almost the entire day. I blew dry loads the last 4 or 5 times after fucking her pretty close to once every 30 minutes for 7 hours.

I left that school and moved states after this. I found a new school and as of now, i have been fucking a 9 year old girl who is unable to talk and give me up, but has been menstruating for almost 3 months. I love putting her diapers back on after i have pumped her pussy full seed, knowing that no one knows she is full or leaking all day. Sometimes i fuck her 4 or 5 times, which really leaves her diaper wet with leaking cum when i change her before her mother comes to pick her up. I can't wait to see her belly swell as well. Only 9 years old and i am trying so hard to put a baby in her tiny belly.




my dad is not that hot. but something about the taboo of incest makes me want to fuck him. it used to just be something i thought about. but lately i’ve been thinking of ways to try to get caught by him to see if he’d fuck me. and i keep doing little things trying to hint at him. idk if he’s getting the hints. but i really want him to fuck my pussy or make me suck his cock.




i’m a 17 year old girl & i need to be raped asap, i want a group of older men to completely take over me and use me as their fucktoy!!




Ever had a crush on teacher??!

I once had a crush on my teacher. She was every ones dream. Perfect body, awesome looks andintelligent.i tried my luck by talking to her in Chemistry lab about some chemicals and started dropping hints. She was about 10 years older than me. She was still unmarried. Since the classes were over, we knew no one was gonna come there. I directly groped her juicy tits without thinking. She was submitted and stopped. I thought i was done for. But then she started unzipping and we had an awesone hour in the lab. We broke some equipments too. The nest days lab was awkward coz i knew she became wet by thinking about last day




This is the craziest situation I could ever imagine!!! I was scrolling around on Chaturbate a few days ago and was stunned when I came across a bedroom scene with no one in it, but I recognized the bedroom!!!! It was my 18 year old granddaughter's bedroom!!!! I was sure of it!!!! I had helped her paint and decorate and it was very unique!!!! I could not believe it!!! I watched for awhile. No one was there. Just her bedroom and empty bed. Then, all of a sudden SHE came into the scene and sat down on the bed. All she had on was her panties!!!! I completely quit breathing!!!! I was so shocked that I felt like I was going to pass out!!! I kept watching and during the next hour she put on quite a show. She worked her pussy and her asshole over pretty good with a pink vibrator!!! The tips were pouring in!!!! She obviously was a hit!!! I always felt that she was a cutey, but tried not to think of her in a sexual way!!! Now, I can't think of her in ANY OTHER WAY!!!! I am soooo fucked up in the head over this!!! She is my granddaughter and I love her dearly, but I am getting erections like I haven't had in decades when I think about her and/or see her. Now I am jacking off several times a day just thinking about her!!! I have not been able to do that in many, many years!!! I have been able to watch her on Chaturbate a couple of more times, and I get so aroused and jack off so much I am afraid I am going to have a heart attack!!! My cock has not worked like this in a very long time!!!