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My mom, dad and sister used to play with me sexually all the time growing up. My sister is 6 years older than me and I remember it starting when I was 6 and in the bath. They would all take turns washing me and I would giggle and liked how it felt. They would always tell me how beautiful I am and point out all the things they liked about my body which felt really nice. Nothing really sexual happened yet but I was already starting to feel aroused. This kind of thing went on for a few years and slowly escalated into sexual activities. All the focus was always on me for some reason. My sister got in on it some, but not nearly as much as me. When I was 8 and still getting baths we would play games to see who could "wash" me the best. A game I made up mind you. It involved me sitting on a bath stool that had an open bottom so you could wash underneath. Kinda hard to explain. It had an open area underneath that went the whole way like a tunnel accept open on top like a 'U'. They would each take turns "washing" me underneath and I'd be the judge of who did the best job. This meant who got me off the most. We had fun and they would get really excited whenever I'd have an orgasm. I would spend a lot of time in the bath.

This led to me being naked around the house and me wanting to show off. I would sit on the couch in the living room in front of them, naked and legs spread and no one seemed to care. They still gave me compliments which made me want to take things further so I began spreading myself for them to see. At the time I couldn't believe I was doing It but it just felt so good. I remember my sister saying "Someone's feeling good", my mom saying "Yeah she is", and my Dad saying "Oh geez" but having a grin on his face. They gathered around me on the floor and started touching my legs. I was leaning back with my legs spread. My mom was right in front of me. My dad to the left and my sister to my right. They started rubbing my thighs and saying nice things to me like "Awe, you just want to feel good right now, huh." I couldn't do much but nod and say "Uh-Huh". I felt so good I was trembling. I just remember really wanting my dad to see me spread open so I kept spreading it and keeping my legs back. They all started commenting on how pink I am and how good my "pussy" looks. That was the first time they referred to it in that way and it kinda blew my mind. "Oh my God" was the most fequent thing I said from then on as they each took turns rubbing my now called pussy to see who could make me feel the best. I don't know how many times I orgasmed... A lot. That was also the first time they played with me like that outside of the bath. That time was very intense and lasted a while.




When my cousin (female) and I were 4, she caught her dad eating out her mom and talked me into letting her do it to me. She got mad because I wasn't making the same noises her mom was lol.

At the same age my uncle whose 8 years older than me was baby sitting me. He stripped me naked in his room under the guise of playing house. I gave him a hand job, he rubbed his dick on my face and nipples. He tried putting it in me but it was to big so he ended up eating my pussy while he jacked off and came on my pussy and chest. This is the only time he ever did anything like this. But this is when I understood why my cousins mom made noise when her boyfriend ate her. My first orgasm.

When I was 5 I asked my brother if he wanted to see something cool. I pulled off his pants and touched his dick until it got hard. At age 7 I'd lick it to get him hard. Age 8 I let him put it in me but it was small and didn't feel like anything so we started humping each other with it against my clit until I came.I have fucked this brother as an adult. His dick is bigger than mu husbands and I get off in a matter of minutes. He does things my husband won't do, like eat my ass and eat pussy cream pies.

From the ages of 5-9 I regularly fooled around with my step sister. It started by teaching her how to get off by straddling a pillow or stuffed animal and applying pressure where her pussy is and humping it to climax, which progressed to dry humping, sucking each others nipples, rubbing pussies over our pants. From 9-11 we started to eat each other out over clothes but began getting naked and tickling each others pussies and rubbing each others clits. 11-12 is when we began to rub our bare pussies together and she finger fucked me for the first time and taught me how she liked to be finger fucked. She also had a round brush that had a rounded silicone handle we used as a dildo on each other. That was the first thing she ever put in my ass. 13 is when we finally properly ate each others pussies. We'd suck on each others clits while fucking our tight pussies and ass with the brush handle. At 14 we started licking each others assholes, granted she was the only one brave enough to spread my cheeks wide enough to slightly open my asshole so she could push her tongue in my ass and fuck it that way. She found her mom's huge vibrating dildo that also hand a strap on band and our parents homemade porn. We would watch them while she used the vibrator on herself and played with my titties and clit with her free hand. After a few months of this she put it on and forcefully (at first) tried fucking me with it, a couple hours later she finally convinced me to do it. She popped one of the tapes in and sat on her bed and had me sit on her lap, legs spread with my back against her chest. She positioned the vibrator between my lips as it rested against my clit and began rocking her hips. Her hands roughly massaging my boobs, pinching and pulling on my nipplea, biting my neck while she asked if it felt good. If i liked watching my dads big cock sliding in and out of her moms pussy. She continued to do this until i experienced my first squirting orgasm. At that point I was sufficently wet enough for her to slip the dildo in my pussy with little resistance and fucked me good. This carried on until we were 18. I still think about it all the time and still fuck myself to the memories. I honestly miss it.




When my son Jason was 3 years old he caught me masturbating, when he walked in he got a close up full frontal view, and when he came in I was just about to cum. I couldn't stop it now and cum sprayed from my cock all over the floor right in from of him, almost at his feet. He didn't say a word as the cum spewed from the head of my cock, when I finished he looked up at me, and asked why I peed on the floor. I told him it was not pee, he of course asked what it was, and I told him it was cum, of course he asked what was cum, and I didn't want to get into a long discussion about what cum was so I told him it was daddy's milk like mommy's milk comes from her boobies. He the asked what it tastes like, I told him I don't know, and he dropped right to the floor licking at the biggest glob of cum on the floor. I was dumbfounded, he looked up at me saying it's good daddy, and went for the next glob, I told him to not lick it off the floor, and then he gets up pointing to my dick saying can I have some daddy.

My mind was racing, I didn't say a word as he walks over to me taking a hold of my dick, and he bent over taking my half hard cock into his mouth, and then I felt him start sucking on the head of my cock. I could not believe what was happening, it was if I were outside of my body looking down, and I heard myself say that's it suck daddy's cock. He looks up at me saying nothing is coming out, I say it's not like a boobies, you have to suck on it a while for it to cum out, and he went back sucking the head of my cock. I put my hand over the top of his hand holding my cock and said Jason do this as you suck it, as I start stroking my cock. I let go of his hand and he kept jacking my cock as continued sucking.

I'm sitting there looking down at my 3 year old son sucking my cock as he jacks me off, I said okay get ready it's going to squirt in your mouth just keep doing what you're doing, and I felt it coming so I said here it comes. I seen his cheeks bulge as the first blast of cum filled his mouth, he gulped it down just in time for the second blast to fill his mouth, and I came harder then I've ever cum before. After I was finished he squealed with joy as he told me to do that again daddy and I told him I have to wait for a bit before I can do it again. Then I got into the whole you can't ever tell anyone conversation with him and after that conversation I felt my dick twitch, so I told my son to suck on it again I maybe can do it again for him.

He sucked my cock three times that day, he was hooked, and so was I. It went on a couple years, he sucked my cock when ever he could, and I was more then willing to let him. When he was around 5 years old is when I pushed my finger his butt and started rubbing his butt hole. After I fed him what he wanted I asked if he liked me fingering his butt and he said that it felt good, so I'd finger his little asshole as he sucked my cock. As this went on the next few months, I then moved on to two fingers in his ass, and push my fingers deeper into his ass. He was around 6 years old when I first tried to push my cock into his little butt, he gasp as the head of my cock entered his little butt hole, and I just held it there telling him to relax. I still remember to this day, as soon as I pushed a little more in his asshole I started to cum in his butt, and after I filled his ass with seed, he was mad because he didn't get to drink my cum. It then turned into me putting my cock in his ass, I let him know when I was ready to cum, and he'd flip around so he could drink my cum.

Each time I fucked him, I'd slowly push deeper until his hands pushed back at me, and I was always as gentle as I could be, of course I didn't ever want to hurt him in any way. One day he comes home from school and tells me he sucked another man off today. Totally a what the fuck moment, come to find out he stayed in for recess and sucked off his teacher under his desk. I was caught between being mad and being aroused imaging my son sucking some guy's cock. So I request a teacher parent conference, I'm sitting across from him, he's behind his desk, and after some small talk I say so Jason tells me you two really like each other. I could see the fear run through him, so I say don't worry I'm not angry, and matter fact it's kind of a turn on. I seen the relief wash over his face and I said I wish we had more privacy here now. He says wait a second, gets up walking to the door, pulling the shade, and locking it, turning around saying no one has keys to that door, and then everyone is gone anyway. I stood up, unbuttoned my pants, unzipped them, and dropped them to the floor. I looked at Jason and said go take care of Mr. Thomas's cock. I watched my son walk up to this guy, bend over, and start sucking his cock.

After taking my pants off, I waked up behind Jason, rubbed my cock up and down his butt. I then told Jason to get on his hands and knees on the desk. I went over putting my cock in his mouth, and Mr. Thomas was rubbing his butt, pulling his ass cheeks apart, and then I said go ahead he can take it. I heard my son moan with my cock in his mouth as Mr. Thomas pushed his cock inside his little asshole. He only pushed his cock in and out a few times before he said that he was going to cum. It was so erotic watching my son get fucked as he sucked my cock I said go ahead man fill his little butt with cum and I'm going to fill his mouth. I heard him grunt shoving his cock deep in my son's ass and held it there, as I started filling his mouth.

My son and I now had a fuck buddy and the best part, he has a 2 year old daughter which he wants her to be just like Jason, a cum slut.




I can't please my wife's pussy with my 3.5" dick but I would love to have a couple bigger cock guys stretch that tight pussy. Both could cum inside and now i have a creampie to eat.




It was our wedding night and I was a bit nervous. I had never been fucked by a man before. My pussy was itching a little bit and when we finally settled down to go to bed I thought I was ready. I was young and innocent. I knew he had fucked a few women in the Army but that didn't matter as long as he loved me above all others. He kept saying how much he loved me and how beautiful I was so when we finally got naked I felt like a queen. He gently laid me on the bed and laid beside me. He started kissing me and our tongues found each other. I was as horny as I'd ever been and his hands felt great on my body. Then he did the unexpected. He turned around and hovered over me with his cock touching my lips. I told him I didn't want to suck him but as I opened my mouth to speak his hard cock slipped in my mouth. I didn't want to hurt him so I kept my teeth away from his cock.

He started to slowly fuck my mouth and I felt his tongue and mouth on my clitoris. I had to admit his tongue felt great massaging my cunt. Within a minute I was cumming. He kept fucking my mouth but the real surprise was when he came in my mouth. It was so much I couldn't take it all. I didn't want to swallow but had no choice. It tasted horrible but he just kept mouth fucking me until he was spent. He said to clean him off and he wasn't very nice about it. He finally pulled his cock out of my mouth and said "I've had more and better blowjobs in those cunts in Germany. If you want to stay my wife you're gonna learn to cock a dick like you should. I was scared shitless. Then he laid on the bed and said to suck him again. I was afraid not to so I crawled on the bed and bent over him. His cock seemed large but I had nothing to compare it to. As I took his cock in my mouth he told me when and where to apply pressure and he was soon hard again. Then he said I was going to swallow it all this time. It took over half an hour but he finally started cumming. He held my head and complimented me this time.

After I had sucked him completely clean he finally told me I could get up. Then he rolled over and fell asleep. I was at a loss. I thought I would finally lose my virginity that night but I fell asleep unsatisfied. I woke up to him spooning me and his hands were all over my tits. It wasn't unpleasant and when I was finally coherent I started to roll over. He said that he wanted me on my side facing away from him. Then I felt his hand on my ass and then a finger was working its way into my asshole. I really didn't want this but he wouldn't let me up. Then he said that ass fucking was the one thing he always wanted in his bitch. He rolled me over on my stomach and I felt a sharp pain as he penetrated my asshole. I screamed into my pillow but he kept going. I could tell his cock was hard inside me and instead of cumming he said he had a big surprise for me. He started pissing. He said he saved it all night just for this moment. I felt his warm piss fill me up and squirt out past his cock. He finally pulled out after he was done pissing and asked if I was ready to get fucked.

I felt beaten. I said that I would do anything if he would keep his cock out of my ass. He rolled me over onto my back and told me to spread my legs. I did and his big cock entered me. I wasn't horny but his wet cock lubricated me enough to slide in without any pain. He fucked me for about 15 seconds and pulled out. I asked him what was wrong and he said there was nothing wrong. Then he hopped up and straddled my chest and said to open my mouth. reluctantly I did and he shoved his cock in. He mouth fucked me again until he filled it with his cum. He said to swallow it all. I did and he said that this was how to start a marriage.

I'm much older and wiser now but for the first six months or so he never came in my pussy but only in my mouth. I eventually came to like the taste of his cum and found that I couldn't get wet unless I sucked him first. He is still the master of our house 14 years later and I pretty much do what he wants. I even got used to him fucking my ass nearly every Saturday morning. He is a great provider and I don't even have to work. He expects me to keep the house clean, which is pretty easy and cook his dinner, which I enjoy doing. I now suck his cock any time he wants and when he finally gets around to fucking me I cum hard and am left satisfied. I now if I am willing to suck his cock nearly every night and let him have his way with me I'll be able to keep him. After all I love him and will do anything to please him.




I have been wanting to fuck my mother in law since she moved in with us. She is an older woman at 80, but she still has a nice looking body. I have been walking around the house naked some trying to "accidentally" let her see me and she did see me once, but I chickened out and walked out of the room really fast. I don't think she even realized I was naked. But, a few minutes ago I was doing laundry. I always wear boxers and a t shirt while I am doing laundry. This time I pulled my cock out through the hole on the front of the boxers and stroked myself until I was nice and hard. I had my cock ring on so it would stay nice and hard and stick straight out while I was going to the laundry room.

My mother in law was in the kitchen as I walked in and said good morning to her. I had the laundry basket in front of me covering my hard cock.

As I passed her, I moved the basket to my right side exposing my hard cock to her for a couple of seconds as I turned going into the laundry room. I was looking right at her face as I did this and saw her eyes go down toward my cock and saw her eyes open wider and her mouth drop open a little. I kept watching her face as I went into the laundry room. She kept her eyes looking down toward my cock. As I go to the washing machine, I opened the door and turned facing the machine. This made my cock just visible to her under the door of the washing machine. I asked her how she was doing and watched her eyes as I was waiting for a response. He eyes was locked on my cock as she muttered out a reply. She finally broke her stare at my cock and looked up at my face. I was smiling at her, she looked back down at my cock again as she turned around to he coffee maker. As I finished putting my clothes into the washing machine she kept taking short peeks back at my cock. When I turned the machine on and was walking back out of the laundry room, she was facing the coffee maker so I reached down and stroked my cock a couple of times making sure it was at full erection and as I went past her. As I walked by I acted like I didn't know my cock was out and stopped and told her that I would be making some breakfast in a few minutes if she was hungry. She did her best to look me in the face, but I kept seeing her looking at my hard cock. I turned and went back into the hallway and looked back at her. She was smiling really big as she went back into her room. Now the ball is in her court, I will wait and see if she returns the favor. I hope so, I really want to fuck that 80 year old pussy, I know it hasn't been fucked in over 10 years.




I started fucking this slut, she's in her early 30s, 5' 6" tall, weighs maybe 100lbs wet, brown hair, and eyes, with a shaved pussy. She has three boys, Ryan who is 14, Jimmy who is 9, and Sam 6, but his nickname is crash because he's always bumping into things. I'm a very sexual guy, 6' tall, 200lbs, and have an 7" cock. We started fucking all the time at her place and the boys soon knew we was fucking too because I'm sure they heard her. One day she comes to me saying Ryan's bedspread has cum all over it and she don't know what to say to him. We go into his room cause she wants to show me and I was shocked just how much cum was all over his bedspread, There was globs of cum all over the bed, so I say that he must like to cum, she asks me what does she say, what if he's doing it wrong, and I laugh saying as much cum there is on that bed he seems to be doing it right. She asked if I could talk to him and I agreed.

Later after school I go into his room saying his mom wanted me to talk to talk to him about all the cum on his bed and she was concerned he may not be doing it correctly. After small chit chat, he says tells me he can hear us when we fuck and it turns him on. Then I ask if he's never has sex yet but wants to try and it gets quite for a second, then he asks if he could maybe watch him and his mom. I say that I don't care but not sure his mom will go for it and he says maybe I could leave the door open so he could watch us. So after some more chatting that's what we agree on, I'm going to leave the door open to her bedroom when I fuck her, and he's going to watch us. So after her and I talk about what was said, I told her everything, and then even him wanting to watch us fuck. She first say no, but after telling her it's a teaching moment that clearly he wants, she agreed, and that night the mood was set.

That night the door is open, we start fucking, soon we see him peaking in, and I whisper; "let him come in baby". She says no at first, but I say; "don't you love him"?, come on baby, you need to help him out a little here and be a mom". She caved right in agreeing, so I called Ryan into the room, he comes in naked with his hard cock in hand, and a rather nice sized cock too for a 14yr old. I'm still on top of his mom slow fucking her, then Ryan is standing at the foot of the bed, I tell him to get on the bed, she puts her hand over her eyes, and he gets on the bed next to us. I say; "see son, this is how you have sex with a woman, look at how I'm sliding my dick in and out of her pussy", he's looking at my cock sliding in and out of his mom's bald pussy, and I say; "come on son, try it" as I get off of her pulling my cock out.

Either of them said a word as Ryan got on top of his mom, lined his cock up to her pussy hole, and pushed it inside of her. They both moaned rather loudly, I say; "go ahead son, now start fucking her pussy", and he starts fucking his mom. He didn't last a minute before he moaned then said; "I'm going to cum" and I said; "go ahead son, cum inside your mom's pussy". He fucking pumped his mom's pussy full of cum, so much it was leaking out of her, and when he got off her I said; "suck his cock baby while I clean your pussy up", and then I told him to put his cock in his mom's mouth. They without saying a word did what I said and I started licking her son's cum out of her pussy.

About the time I was finished sucking out his cum, I looked up, and he was hard again. So I told him; "come on son, I have her pussy cleaned up, come and fill it up again for me" and he got right back on her. We did this four times, her son would fill her pussy with cum, and I'd lick it out of her. The next day nothing was said about it, the day went on like any other day, and after school I went in to make sure he was okay with it all. Yeah he was okay with it and wanted to do it again. So I tell him that I can get him warmed up so he lasts longer the first time, he asked how, and I said; "we have a few minutes, take your pants off, and I'll suck you", and he didn't say a word, quickly stripping his pants off. He sat on the bed, I got between his legs, and started sucking his cock. He lasted maybe a few minutes, he moaned saying; "I'm going to cum", and still sucking him I made ummm, hmmmm sound. He fucking filled my mouth with the sweetest tasting cum I've ever tasted. As I was sucking him dry, he says; "keep sucking it, I can cum again in a second", I kept sucking, he was only soft for a few seconds, and I felt him getting hard in my mouth. I drained his balls three times before his came home from work that day.

I'm going to ask her to marry me because I love watching her son fuck her and love drinking his cum.

Now I can't wait for all three of her boys gangbanging their mom as I get to lick all their cum.