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I'd really love to 69 with a nine year old girl. No rough stuff, just soft kissing and licking. Everytime I see an 8 or 9 yr old girl I get so hard.




When I was thirteen I had a girlfriend named Jean and we really loved each other. She liked to have me suck her nipples and she would let me lick her tits and she began to tell me how much she loved me sucking her nipples. She was the first girl to suck my cock. One day I was sucking her nipples and fingering her pussy and she said that she had told her sister Ellen about how I had been licking her nipples. I asked her what Ellen said to her. Jean said that she loved me licking her tits and I told her that i loved her. Jean said that her sister wanted to talk to me. Jean said that her sister was waiting in her bedroom. Jean went to her sister's bedroom and they came back and Ellen sat next to me and said that Jean had told her all about how I had been licking her tits and she asked me how l learned to lick and suck nipples. I told Ellen to ask Jean about that..Jean said to tell her sister about how I learned to lick her nipples. Ellen told me to tell her how l learned to lick her sister's nipples. I told Jean to tell her sister what l told her about how I learned to lick and suck on her nipples. Jean asked me to tell her sister what l told her. Ellen asked me how l learned to lick nipples. I told Ellen that l was eleven and my friend's mom had been showing me her pussy and she had taken me to her bedroom and she taught me how to lick her pussy and she took me to her mother's house and they made me lick both of their pussies and my girlfriend's mom said that she wanted me to be her lover. Jean never knew that I was licking her mother's pussy and Marsha said that she wanted to see me lick her daughter's pussy. I told Marsha that l had been licking my sister's friend. Marsha told me to call my sister's friend. I told Marsha and Jean that I would do anything for Marsha but I loved Jean. Marsha told her daughter Jean that she was going to show her something that she had never seen. Jean asked her mother to let me be her boyfriend. Jean and I sat together and Marsha told Jean that she wanted her to learn to fuck and Marsha n said that l had a big cock and I was a great boyfriend.. Jean's Mom left the bedroom and I told Jean that l loved her and she told me that her mom asked her if she could fuck me. I told Jean that l wanted her to make her mother do whatever she wanted. Jean asked me how to get her mom to do whatever she told her. I told Jean that l loved her and I wanted her to tell her mother to do anything l told her. Marsha came back and she said that she wanted me to fuck her and her sister Tina. I told Jean to tell her mother what to do Jean told her mom Marsha that she was my girlfriend and she said that she wanted her to let me spend the night with her. Marsha asked Jean if she had fucked me Jean said that she wanted me to fuck her and teach her how to be my girlfriend and slave. Ellen looked at me and then she asked Jean if she would really be my lover. Jean looked at her mother and told her that she had been sucking my cock for three months and she told her mother that I had been licking her clit and teaching her how to suck cock. Ellen looked straight at me and she said that she wanted me to fuck Jean like a man. I told Ellen that l had been fucking both of my sisters since I was sixteen and l turned to Jean and I told her that i loved her. Jean told her mom that she knew that she had been fucking her dad and uncle. Ellen said slowly than her dad had started fucking her when she was eleven and she told Jean that she had been trying to get her husband to fuck Jean and Ellen but he wouldn't do it. Jean said that she was going to take me to her bedroom. We were sitting on the bed and Jean said that she had been watching her sister and her boyfriend fucking and she said she would love to be my lover. She went to her mother's bedroom and when she came back she said that she had never been fucked. I told her that she was going to be my lover and she told me that she was going to be my lover. I told her to tell her sister and mom that I was her slave. Jean asked me what I wanted her to do. I told Jean to bring her mother to me. Jean came back with Ellen and I told both of them to sit down on the bed. I told Ellen that l had never fucked Jean and I had only been licking her pussy and then Jean told her mom that she had never felt anything so good. Ellen told me that her pussy was leaking cum while she thought about me licking her daughter's pussy. I told Jean to lay back and I got between her legs and I spread them wide and I began licking her pussy and Jean was moaning and I asked Jean if she loved to be licked. I stopped licking her and l looked at Ellen and l asked her if she wanted to lick her daughter's pussy. Ellen said that she would rather have me lick her pussy after I was done with Jean. I was licking Jean's clit hard and she was moaning and lifting her pussy up and I was fingering her pussy and I was rubbing her g spot and when Jean was coming l looked into her mother's eyes and I kept licking her clit and she was coming over and over and I was looking at Ellen and l lifted my head from Jean's clit and her mom was licking her lips and she said that she had never seen a man lick pussy like that. I moved up to Jean's lips and I told her to lick her pussy juice from my face. Jean whispered to me that she loved me and she wanted to be licked like that every day. I asked her mother Ellen if I could lick Jean every night. Ellen said that I could lick her daughter's pussy any time l wanted and then Ellen said that she wanted to lick her daughter's pussy now. Jean looked down as her mother started licking her clit and Jean said that she wanted to bring her friend Paula and she told her mom that she wanted her to lick Paula's pussy.. I told Ellen that l was going to lick Jean now.




i used to let my dog lick my pussy. i wish i would have let him fuck me.




My wife past away a few years ago and it really hit my daughter hard this last year when she hit puberty at 11. I've never been close to my extended family so it's just been us since my wife past. She's going up so fast and looks like a carbon copy of her mother just shorter.

A few weeks ago she wanted to stay home from school because all the boys were always looking at her and the girls were saying mean stuff about her new breasts. So we just made it a long weekend. I took her to the lake. Our cabin had a hot tub and since it was too cold to swim she just relaxed and played on her tablet. She came in from soaking to dry off and called for me to bring a towel. As I brought her one she was undressing then completely naked. I haven't seen her nude since she was very little and then there she was young, athletic from soccer, with her little breast, bubble butt, and fuzzy little pussy. She just laughed then walked up to me to get the towel and asked what was wrong because my jaw dropped and I didn't look away. I just told her sorry for staring and that she just looked so much like her mother.

After dinner I went in for a soak myself. I brought my tablet out and was watching daddy daughter porn. The creampie ones are my favorite. I was alone and I took my trunks off and was naked. Next thing i know i hear her voice say want some company and my daughter climbed back in. I quickly turned my tablet off and told her up front I was naked. She replies with "oh okay" and then takes off her bathing suit. My cock was rock hard from the porn and by this point its throbbing. She sat there for a few minutes with her tablet watching YouTube videos and then just sat hers down and climbs over and starts to sit on my lap. I try to low key tuck it and for the most part a success. She just curled up and put my arms around her and told me she misses mom. We have this pure moment together and her bare ass and pussy are sitting flat on my throbbing dick. I know she has to feel it. Her butt wiggled a little and I moved a little and I just wanted to go into animal mode but I held it. I told her I loved her and it was getting late and she should be getting ready for bed.

I told her to return the favor from earlier and bring me a towel. And I sat there and waited, trying to make my boner for my daughter go away. Then I waited some more. Like 30 minutes went by and I just thought she was using the bathroom. I reached for my tablet and turned it back on. Fucking youtube! My daughter took my tablet. I stood up and heard her voice behind me Daddy? I turned and looked at her still naked holding my tablet with incest porn playing on it. She asked if I wanted to have sex with her and tried to explain how complicated my feeling were because she looked so much like her mom. Then she asked me how her mother was in bed and did she do the things like these people were doing. She climbed back into the hot tub and I sat down. She sat next to me and started asking about my dick. I let her touch it, and hold it, and she asked me to stand up and she cupped and played with my balls and giggled. Then she looked up at me and put my cock in her mouth. I jumped a little and asked what are you doing and she said she wanted to try what was in the videos. She started sucking and my dick barely fit her tiny mouth. I put my had on the back of her head and pushed her down further. This doe green eye brown haired little angle was sucking my soul out. I came so hard and watched her little checks puff out. Some of it dripped down her chin but she swallowed most of it.

I sat down in the hot tub to cool my jets and think about wh as t just happened but she just climbed into my lap and I was rock hard again. I figured i just crossed a line so might as well take it as far as it would go. I asked her if she'd ever masturbated and she giggle and said no. I told her I'll show her and that i was going to return the favor for her. Lifted her up and laid her on the edge of the hot tub. I grabbed both of her little ass cheeks and raised her little pussy up to me and I started licking her little cunt. She started to pant and squirm and the I took on thumb and popped in into her asshole, then a moment later my other thumb went into her pussy. It was tight and I felt a pop. I just busted her hymen. She said ouch for a sec then started moaning. I was eating out my daughter's clit and fingering her pussy and asshole and then she came. Her athletic legs wrapped around me and she came hard legs shaking everything.

I gently brought her down back into the hot water. It took her a minute to talk but she asked me if sex was anything like that. I told her yes and better for both people.

I'm rock fucking hard and demons screaming in my ear. Then she straddles me and grabs my dick and lowers herself on to it. It was so tight. The tightest pussy I've ever felt. She lowered herself down all the way and I could feel myself pushing against her cervix. Then she started fucking me. And getting into it. She cried out fuck me Daddy and I picked her up out of the water and held her ass as I fucked her. I was in full animal mode and just fucking her to pieces and then she said dont stop. I told her o had to that I was going to cum. She replied with cum inside me just dont stop. And my balls exploded. The same baby batter that made her just filled her to the brim. I could feel all the cum dripping out of our already wet bodies. I just held her there still cumming. It was our new moment.

After that she's been daddy's little girl and been sleeping in my bed because i keep the house too cold.




I hate im like this I love all of this rape incest pedo stuff all of it but this shit is how I control myself id never actually do it apart from incest if it was consenuel but I def would never hurt a child but I do have a dark mind and love forbidden taboo stuff that is wrong to do but ig jerking off to hopefully made up good writeing is better then actually doing it




In 1991 when I was 25 my cousin “Ricky” was 13 and younger brother “Shaun” 18 was staying with great-grandpa 88. We were having general conversation at first then it moved to sexual talk. Ricky confessed to me that he has been wanting to have sex with me since he was 9 years old. I liked hearing that.

I was 6 foot 1 and 270lbs with a 6 inch dick but a big smooth white ass that got me fun with the older men age 60 plus. I even got laid by two different men in their 90’s.

My great-grandpa got me when I was age 4 in 1970. Nine years later my younger brother and I started having sex. It was just sucking and rubbing against each other and getting my ass rubbed which turns me on.

So after Ricky told me I blushed and went to the front bedroom and thought about this.

Then Shaun comes in and I decide to do this so he helps me undress and we walk back in the living room my dick getting hard as my ass bounces with each step as I walk on the hard wood floor.

Ricky’s eyes get big as I entered nude standing there rubbing my ass and I am horny. Grandpa helps him undress and I sit on the floor my legs spread apart and my arms resting behind me. Grandpa and Shaun coach him into masturbating my dick. He did a great job as I squirted my load on his face.

Later all 3 missionary fucked my dick during the night.




My uncle sexually abused me when i was a 10 year old boy. Now i get aroused when i think about what he did to me.

My uncle lived far away but he came to visit our family 2-3 times a year and would stay for a few days. I looked up to him and he was a funny man. Our family home was small, so he used to stay in my bedroom with me.

At bedtime he used to undress completely in front of me and get aroused. At 10 years old I only had a small penis and it fascinated me how big and hairy his was. He would watch me undress and touch my naked body and perform oral sex on me. I was so naive, I was just concerned I would accidently pee in his mouth; I didn't realise at the time he was molesting me. It wasn't long before he talked me into performing oral sex on him and it eventually led to him having anal sex with me. He never wore a condom and i can recall tasting his semen and how warm his cumshot was. I never thought what he was doing was bad and this continued until I was 13 years old, when my parents found out what he was doing to me.

I've thought about these events often over the course of my lifetime and for many years I was ashamed at being groomed and abused, but recently I have found myself thinking about it alot more and masturbating at the same time. It actually arouses me when I think about him fucking my virgin asshole and sucking my little dick until it felt fizzy. I always feel guilty after I have cum though.