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My husband and I are open to many things sexually.

Way back in 2007 we watched the movie The Ranch, a movie about a Nevada brothel and the women who worked there.

In one scene some of the ladies are out by the pool tanning. One of them describes how when she was young she would let the family pooch lick her pussy and that it felt so good.

Well, that got me thinking about letting our dog lick me. I was so nervous and didn't do it right way.

One summer evening my husband and I were in the back yard sitting on our lawn furniture. I was sitting and my husband was lying down with his legs over mine. I was playing with his dick while he was looking at porn on his phone.

Our dog was sitting near us and when I pulled his dick out of his shorts I patted his dick and our dog came right over and sniffed his dick and then licked it!

Seeing that made me wet. My husband looked at me and said "what are you doing?"

I told him that it must feel good and that it was making me really horny.

As I jerked him off the dog kept licking until all of his jizz was cleaned off of my hands.

My husband then told me to pull off my shorts and he let the dog lick my pussy.

It felt amazing. Our dog was a lab.

I came so hard that started to squirt all over. I had not been a squirter before then but am now.

Since then we have included our dog occaisionally. We let the dog lick my pussy and his dick while we fuck.

When my husband is out of town on business I let the dog lick me.

Once when we sat our freinds male German short haired dog I rubbed his dick until the pink part came out. I kept playing with it until the dick was huge and had a large knot and it kept spewing dog jizz all over. I made me crazy and I let the dog lick me out until I came all over.




im sixty three years old I live in Denver Colorado and have lived with this for fifty five years and never told anyone about this and need to get this off my chest

It all started when my mother passed at the age of eight and my dad wanted to move to Michigan

We lived with my half sister she had two daughters April twelve Mary eleven and one son named Rusty thirteen and lives in a big mansion with a swimming pool in the backyard

One evening I was talking a bath and would play with my cock it would get somewhat semi hard haven't had a full blown rock hard cock at this point

I stepped out of the bathtub with my semi hard cock when April walked in her mouth dropped to the ground and her eyes popped out she started at my cock for a few seconds and said nice and walked out

A few days later April had asked me if I would like to go with her babysitting and I said ok

Two days later April had to babysit and I went with her

The parents left I was setting on the chair and April standing in front of me and asked if I ever seen a naked girl before and I said no

April started slowly stripping her clothes off and by the time she was totally naked I had my first blown hard on

I tried to quickly cover it and April said don't be shamed it's suppose to do that Im going to show you what it's made for

April told me to stand up and take my clothes off

I stood up unbuttoned unzipped my pants they dropped to the ground and pulled down my underwear and stepped out of them

April's mouth dropped to the ground and her eyes popped out and said it's big ( believe it or not my cock was seven half inches long thick uncut )

April dropped to her knees and started sucking my cock ( this feels so good ) after a few minutes she couldn't take it anymore more she stopped and said the fun part

April laid down spread her legs and said get on top of me so I got on top of her and she grabbed my cock and started slowly sliding my cock in her tight wet pussy

I started fucking her she started moaning and after a few minutes later i got the hang of it and started fucking her brains out until she started screaming im cummming and laid there

I asked her what cumming meant she told me it's the greatest feeling you can ever imagine and you should be able to cum within a year ( I started cumming four months later )

I noticed April bleeding and I asked her if I hurt her and she said no you busted my cherry she got up cleaned herself up checked on the baby

A few days later I was walking down the hallway and April's door was cracked open April was telling her best girlfriend Kay about my cock I left before I was caught

Three days later April had to babysit again and I went with her

The parents left I was setting on the couch and five minutes later the door bell rang and it was Kay

April interduced us and Kay set next to me and after a minutes April asked Kay if it was hot and Kay said yes it is

Both girls stood up stripped their clothes off once their naked my cock was sticking straight up

April asked if I would fuck Kay liked we did before I said ok unbuttoned unzipped my pants they dropped to the ground pulled down my underwear and stepped out of them

Kay's mouth dropped to the ground and her eyes popped out and said it's bigger than both of my brothers and my dad

Kay laid down spread her legs I got on top of her and started sliding my cock in her tight wet pussy she quietly whispered in my ear it hurts slower I took my time pushing it in all the way

I started fucking her she started moaning and after a few I started fucking her brains out moaning the hole time until she started screaming im cummming and laid there

April noticed Kay bleeding and said he busted your cherry also and took Kay into the bathroom and cleaned herself up checked on the baby

April walked back into the living room my cock was still hard and said my turn

April laid down spread her legs and I got on top of her and started fucking her brains out until she climax

We fucked a few more time before I moved back to Colorado

I had one sexual encounter when I was thirteen years old three of us boys jack each other off and dared to swallow their cum

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Hi, my name is Susan, 41 years old and married. I own a riding school and a rental stable. I have two daughters the oldest is 17 the other a few years younger. I'm remarried and my husband has a son who's 15. We have a café in the riding hall where the boyfriends of the girls who ride gather. I'm running this with a friend. She is 39 married with four children. I have see the boys look at me. I'm ashblond and i've fixed my boobs after the kids. One day she said the guys were commenting on us. So I start dressing sexy and feel encouraged that the guys see me. We work in tight riding pants jeans or chaps. We each have an office upstairs over the café. One night I hear noises from my friend's office. I peek in and one of the guys pumps her on the couch. Later that night, she comes in to me and says a guy wants to see me. I don't know why I said yes. To exicited. I think so. The next day I take hotpants and chaps. I have some lessons and then go to the office. There I take off my hotpants and keep my string panties. Taking on the chaps. Soon my friend and two guys will be here. I know the guy from her office. Then there's this guy my daughter hung out with for a while. And a friend to my Son-in-law. He's been with us many times. My friend takes her boyfriend to the couch and immediately starts sucking him. The other guy has a bump in his pants and I lean back and pull my finger over the fabric of my panties. Let him see. Then I fold it aside and show myself. I'm too excited to think clearly. He'll be in right now. He's not that big and I'm wet. He pumps hard and comes pretty fast. My friend's riding her boyfriend, and they're almost done, too. We talk a little and my guy says that he know a guy who has a huge cock. Who wants to meet a girl. But he's shy. The guys ask me if I could meet him. I'm too excited to think and say yes. The guys say he's so shy and wonder if I can imagine being blindfolded. He would have the same. I'm too excited to say no. We're meeting the next night in a cabin we own. I told them where the keys were. The next night I'm going there. They're there already and they're coming out. They're taking the blindfold. Put it on me. They lead me in and their hands take on me everywhere. I'm pushing away whoever I think is my friend's boyfriend. They'll lead me to bed. I feel like I'm in the front and there's a really big dick. It's already hard. But I'll take it in my mouth Soon I'll crawl up and steer him right. I ride him hard and should have heard something was wrong. But I was too excited. He comes hard and fills me completely. Im also comming and our juices mixes. Then I hear him and it seems familiar. I rip off the blindfold. That's my stepson under me!!! He is blindfolded to. The guys are sitting on the couch and they've got their dicks in front. I'll take my things and run out. Go to the office and lock the door. I'm going to write to my husband that I'm going to be late because I'm going to look at a horse. And spend the night away at my Colleague. I don't know what to do!!! Susan




Sheer white blouse no bra no vest top no pockets tits showing

Sheer black seamless tights pussy showin under the tights

Nothing else

Any age




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Right after I turned 12 (i'm 13 now) my Dad started sneaking into my room at night after everyone else was asleep. I'd hear the click from him quietly shutting the door, then he'd walk over to my bed really slowly (probably to keep thr floor from squeeking cuz it always squeeks). Once he gets to my bed i'm always wide awake but I always keep my eyes shut and pretend i'm sleeping. He usually climbs on the bed super slow on his knees, and once I feel his weight on the bed I start getting tingly and my heart races because I know exactly what he's gonna do. If I have the covers on he'll pull them down, then he crawls up closer to me. I usually sleep in just a shirt and a thong or gstring. My Mom is a b*tch and forbid me from buying them but my Dad will buy me anything I want when he takes me shopping. Once he crawls up to me he'll really gently and slowly slide my underwear off, then he'll start licking my pussy. The first time he did it I was so shocked and surprised I almost screamed, but the feeling of his giant tongue licking up and down my pussy was so amazing I couldn't even move, I just wanted him to keep doing it. All I've done with boys is my BF tried to finger me and he had no idea what he was doing and it was terrible. But my Dad knows exactly what to do he makes me feel so good. Hes such a big guy, and stocky, and he has total Dad belly. Seeing him crawl up my bed in just his boxers makes me so horny, like my pussy is soaking wet before he even starts licking it. I pretend to be asleep the whole time he licks me, but I cant help moaning sometimes and when I do he clamps his huge hand over my mouth to keep the noise from escaping, and it just makes me even hornier. He gives me a huge orgasm every time he licks me, I've never felt anything so good. The last few times he's come in my room he's taken his boxers off, and he rubs the head of his dick on my pussy before he licks me. He has a huge dick, it's so thick with a big head on it, and he has huge balls too, surrounded by all this thick black hair. He's super hairy, and feeling it against me makes me so f'ing horny. I've been pressing against his cock when he rubs it on me, I want him to put it inside me so bad, even though it looks like it won't even fit. I love my Dad so much.




Once, when I was around 13, my sister left her computer on while I was alone in the house. I went through her photos and videos and saw her nudes but there was also a video. In the video my dog was licking her pussy and ass. I am 25 now and still there have only been two moments in my life when I was more turned on. One was when my dog started licking at my sisters crotch through her pants in front of me. She stopped him and played it off well but, I knew why he was interested. The other was when she bent over in front of me without a bra on and I got full view of her tits.