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(M40) My Sister is 2yrs younger than me. We started fucking when she was 13 & I was 15. We Use to have sex alot, we both loved it an enjoyed it an we kept fucking for 7-8 years after. We haven't had sex again since I was 22. We would always sneak to each other at night each night an Fuck for ages, I always cum nside her everytime we fucked, she loved it. She would always get naked in front of me an wouldn't say nothing. I still think about her naked an us fucking, I can't wait to Fuck her again real bad, I want to stick My Big cock deep inside her pussy again. My Sister has a 16yr old daughter who I want to Fuck as well. I also have fucked 16 female cousins as well. I Love incest sex it's the best feeling. I even have nudes of my cousins & also my 20yr old daughter to. I want to Fuck My daughter real bad as well. I also perv on my younger female cousins who are 11-17yr olds. I'm obsessed with incest ...

I watch incest porn everyday.

I Would like to meet others like me feel free to comment.

Can't wait to Fuck My Sister again....




When I came out of our bathroom last night my wife was lying on the bed .She told me "here clean this really good and threw a dildo at me . The way she way laying and all I figured she had just finished using it on her self so I obediantly sat down ,put it in my mouth and started licking and sucking on it to clean it thoroughly . I had been sucking on it for a minute or two when Amanda our 16 year old daughter walked in the room ,looked at me and asked her Mother what I was doing.(like she didnt know) Kelly looked at me and said "tell your dauchter what you are doing baby ." I pulled the dildo out of my mouth and told her I was cleaning her moms dildo off for her.My daughter busted out laughing and soai " thats not moms dildo,,That one is mine." she told me to look on the bottom saying she wrote her initials on it because mom kept taking hers.I Looked and there was Amandas initials .My eyes went wide and I looked at Kelly and asked her if she knew.Kelly and Amanda both started laughing and Kelly told me that as soon as Amanda finally stopped moaning she knew that she was done so she went in her room right then and grabbed her dildo,It was still slick with her juices on it .My wife said she sat down on the bed then a second I walked in and thats when she threw it to me and told me to clean it up.Amanda was laughing so hard that she fell off the bed and when she finally calmed down enough to talk she thanked me for licking her pussy juice off of her dildo and asked me how she tasted to me. I told them both that they were not funny at all because she has kept me locked in my chastity device for a month and a half and now she is having me lick my daughters dildo clean right after she has used it.Kelly told me to calm down ,she told me I should be thankfull because I got to suck on Amandas toy,at least I got to have sex,,Amanda did too ,,she pouted and said everyone but her got to have sex tonight . I was about to tell her I would be glad to lick her but before I could even get half the sentenance out Amanda pushed her back on the bad and dove inbetween her legs and started going down on her mother.I was frushtrated and horny as fuck and wasnt going to sit there and watch my wife and daughter play with each other so I stood up and started to walk off.My wife yelled at me and told me to get back on the bed,she told me to get right next to them so I could watch everything and maybe learn a thing or two about how to lick a womand pussy and make her cum good and hard. My wife and daughted made love to each other right next to me for two hours and forced mt to watch every minute of it.When they were finally done my wife handed me her dildo soaked with her and my daughters juices as well as Amandas and told me to suck them both clean . I not only am forced to watch my wife and her boyfriends have sex but now I have to see my daughter doing it with her as well. It was torture but also damn hot to watch.




My name is April i was sixteen I was good looking wash board abs with nice breast and I think I did a unforgivable sin

My brother Rusty was seventeen tall good looking with rock hard chest and wash board six pack abs mildly hairy with a nine inch thick uncut cock

I watch through the crack on the door brother masterbating in the shower and masterbate also

We have a swimming pool in the backyard

One hot humid Saturday afternoon parents gone for a day and not expected to return late evening

I was in my bedroom watching Rusty sunbathing by the swimming pool i told myself that im getting fucked by my brothers cock

I put on a bikini that left nothing to your imagination and pulled out a couple of joints from my dresser drawer and went to the backyard

I set next to Rusty and lite a joint and passed it to him

We finished the joint flying higher then a kite

We both were talking for a few minutes when I stood up stripped my bikini off and laid down

Rusty said that the fuck are you doing I told him im sunbathing and Rusty said yes nude whats the matter you we shy no we're brother and sister

I know I had to try something so lite up the other joint and passed it to Rusty

Rusty is starting at my pussy and noticed a bulge starting i told him get rid of the bathing sute

He started to stand up i walk over to him grabbed his trunks pulled them down and his cock was standing at full staff

I dropped to my knees and suck his cock he saying this is wrong this is wrong his head fell back and started enjoying it.

I stopped laid down on a air mattress spread my legs and said fuck me with that monster cock of yours

Rusty got on top of me and started sliding his cock in my pussy im whispering in my ear what it hurts so I took my time pushing it in all the way

He started fucking me and I started moaning in pleasure after about twenty minutes i started to cum and started saying im cummming and at the same time Rusty shot his load of seed deep into my pussy

Rusty you just cum in me Rusty replied sorry it just happened and couldn't help it i started bleeding Rusty said you ok i said yes you busted my cherry

Rusty told me it's his first time also

The next day my time of the month so I knew I wasn't going to have a baby

Rusty and me would fuck regularly until he went into the military

Three years ago we both got so wasted and we fucked once more

My brother is a police officer in Massachusetts and is planning on visiting me for two weeks

Im wondering if I could get him to fuck me again

Well that's my confession i advise anyone not to have sex with family members if you think about it it's a little gross

I started getting these strange feelings going through me becoming horny I told myself that I was going to get fucked by my brother




Hello all, going to make a confessions about something that recently happened with my daughter. She backed up her phone on the family computer, and her pictures and videos are on my cloud. When I was looking through, I noticed a row of pictures that caught my attention. I clicked on them to see what is my daughter, wearing stockings and suspenders, pouting her lips and with her index finger up her pussy. I was immediately shocked but captivated, totally in love with the teen body of my daughter. In those moments, my cock was so hard it was impossible for me to do the right thing and delete the pictures. I started to scroll to find the most beautiful series of her sticking more and more fingers in her pussy hole... in the fourth picture, she has three fingers in her hole, and her other hand is pinching her nipples. After seeing pictures That almost made me cum in my pants, I frantically searched through the gallery to see if there were other pictures like these... I’m not proud to say I invaded her privacy, but I can’t resist the way she looks. I want to bang her desperately when I’m jacking Off, to the point where I’ll cry, but I would never do anything. I love my daughter.

I won’t describe everything I found, because she appears to do a lot of erotic footage and pictures... which makes me jealous but also makes me adore her even more.

But I will describe this one video. In it she is in her bedroom, wearing leather clothing. She takes her pants off her starts fucking herself with a toy. I can’t describe to you guys how hot her moans are. She is almost crying or whining but it’s so sexual and beautiful. After cumming, she pulls the toy out and says thank you to the camera. She kissed the camera and starts to pout her lips. She started moaning “I’m so horny right now, I wish someone could fuck my hole.” I came so hard to that. I was all sweaty and in excstasy, and dreaming of my daughter little pussy around my throbbing father cock. This kind of ignited to fire in me to chat with younger girls online. My wife is beautiful and I love her, but My daughter made me desire a small tight body... I have been going on Chats and finding girls, it has been amazing... I usually chat with over 18 but not older than 22. I always wank until I’m edging super hard, then I’ll pull up the video of my daughter pouting and I’ll cum desperately all over my hands. It’s pretty dirty I know, but if you saw her, you would desperately want to shove your cock into that tight little hole .... writing this makes me feel desperate again, I wish she would like to fuck her father.




One thing I got addicted to happened in accident. I had a pocket pussy and I rolled it up in a blanket to fuck it on the edge of my bed. I put on some porn and was going at it so hard, I didn't hear my dog come into my room. While I was bent over, my husky started sniffing around my balls. It shocked me at first but when he started licking, I was in heaven. That wet dog tongue felt so good on my balls and ass while I was fucking this pocket pussy. Right before I came, my cock slipped out and I blew my load right onto my dog's lapping tongue. He licked up everything as I laid there shaking. It was the best feeling I've ever experienced. We've done this dozens of times, and part of me wishes he would mount me while I fuck that pussy.




i touch my mom when she passes out on the couch. i slide my hand slowly up her shirt and grab her small soft tits. after i grasp her i go down to her panties and start to take them off i touch her pussy and lick her. i masterbait when i'm done and i want to do it agien while shes in her bed with my dad how should i do it without them waking up?




Hello. Looking for a daddy about 50 years old. I’m 18 and would love to submit. You can smack me, pee on me, pinch me, fuck me til I cry.... I just need to be fucked really hard by a daddy. Please everyone. Desperate teen girl .