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I started dressing up as a bimbo trap while in highschool. I would go on Grindr and find dirty men to fuck me.

One day a meet a guy that asked if I wanted to be a total slut. A dirty little sissy fucktoy getting fucked barebacked in public by strangers with his trap son and young friends joined and men I knew fucked me without recognizing the Twink sissy in fuck me pumps, fishnets and a slutty schoolgirl dress.

"Yes please God I want to be fucked like that please daddy.

"Give me your arm slut, I am going to unleash you inner whore. I want you to relax and do everything that twisted dirty little cumdump tells you to. No matter how pervy or wrong. The nasty you become the harder you will cum."

I feel a prick a cough, then a massive rush and desire to fuck my family, strangers, to take cocks and force girls on my clitty. I also felt very femme and wanted to dress up.

"Fuck yes daddy I want to go out and Walk the street as your sissy whore. I want to fuck raw dick. I want to look over my shoulder and beg the stranger fucking my sissy ass to pump me full of his hot cum as my daddy gets his cock lined up.

Yes daddy DP your slutty Catholic schoolgirl, I can't wait to see Father Flannigan's cock come through the confessional gloryhole when I tell him what a nasty slut he need to bless with holy cum! God I want to worship cock and suck Satan's dick while I get fucked in my ass by Jesus and Mary Magdalene squirt s all over my face.

"Yes son you are ready to be a good little nasty sissy for me. Dance slut show off your body, designed for one thing. Making men explode their hot daddy loads all over you.

You want me to fuck your tight little ass don't you you horny faggot. You want gay sex don't you you dirty faggot?

Yes daddy please fuck my faggot ass like you do I little boy discovering hot man sex with his father. Feeling sooo good as a thick cock penetrate his hole and fucks him sooo hard he screams before it gets so good he moans.

"I never feel so good daddy, so slutty, so nasty. When you cum in me I want more. I want more fuckimg more hot dirty men pumping me full of cum like I am a dirty little girl that is a boy a gay boy taking his first cock becoming addicted to rough and very gay sex. Begging men to fuck. Hot and nasty talking,

You need to use me like the flithy fuckpig I am, daddy. Publicly where I can be seen, begging a stranger to let me show his son how to fuck daddy.

I am so high that I want to go fuck a little boy while begging for more pervy men to offer me boys and drugs and cum and cock. I fuck my son pumping out hot cum all over him as he begs for me to take his sister to the projects and worship BBC's while my wife, gets brutally raped next to my daughter and I whisper "Yes fuck my family and make sure you have any pics sent to her boss so he can get his cock ready for work. My slutty girls need to be fixed caked in cum when they kiss the other girls at work and slip a shard in tight young holes. I want to be with her dressed like a total breeding office sex secretary, getting those college sorority bitches high and willing to fuck while their little girls watch.

"Finger your clit, baby girl while mommy take the bosses cock. Don't worry, your next. Your 12 to body is going to be used for breeding and you will beg for more. Beg for mommy to offer you to our clients, our pedo Arabic men that have harems where you can learn more nasty technics to milk a gallon of cum from a man that fucks his daughters every night.

"Yes dirty little girl, a want you walking home with cum dripping from your face and ass as the neighbors watch and make plans to rape you and your sisters as soon as you slam again.




Ive been trying to fuck her for a few weeks now. We’ve been talking more and I learned she has some of the same kinks as me. She’s not my first family member I slept with. I fucked her sister I want to fuck them both at the same time. I didn’t last long at all. I definitely can’t wait for more. She’s so hot.




A couple of weeks ago I told you about my Supersize BBW Friend with Benefits (I will reprint that below this), Jackie is the most Sexually Oriented Woman I have ever met, We "Make out" like a Couple of Teenagers, When she Sucks My Cock its way more than just head bobbing, her tongue can unscrew the Head and work on the wires! She makes Eye Contact and knows exactly how to pleasure me. She always Swallows. When We Fuck its warm and wet, I Love laying on her and feeling us move together, it makes me think of Warm Pacific Waves Breaking on a Tropical Island Shore. She has amazing Vaginal Muscle Control and can Grip my Cock with almost the pressure of a hand. We give each other mind blowing, Leg Shaking Orgasms She can make the sweat pour off me!

She isn't self Conscious of her Belly, she says she just doesn't seem to have any self control, she IS self conscious of her Fat FUPA Pussy, Its Huge and looks like a DD Boob hanging between her Legs. She told me she hates the look of it and said a Guy once took her home from a Party once and she got on the Bed Doggie Position and "shook it a little", looked over her shoulder and he had "The Deer in the Headlights" look and said he had to leave, he forgot something.

To make her feel better about herself I call it "The Sugar Sack" (Its literally like a bag of sugar) and during foreplay I give it lots of squeezing and kneading, the Cleft is deep, like 4 fingers deep, but at the bottem she's like every woman, Soft, Big Inner Labia and Clitty Hood, a firm plump Clitty Button that stands up when you stimulate it. She told me she hadn't had much Oral done to her, all of it when she was younger and lighter but the men she knew didn't do it very well. I told her I like a Challenge.

We met for our regular "Fuck Night" and I had her light a couple candles, We kissed standing next to her bed and then undressed, she's a very big girl with a huge Ass and Belly. I had her sit on the edge of the bed and I put a pillow on the floor to kneel on, I put my hands under her fat Thighs, lifted them and told her to lay back and hold her Tummy up. as she did I found my self Face to (Face?) with her Huge Pussy Mound. I kissed it softly all over to make her relax, then I took it in both hands and spread it open with my thumbs. Then I took a deep breath and pressed my face into the slit and I licked it up its length. She Gasped and I felt her thighs jump and quiver like she was fighting closing her Legs. I came up for air and got another breath, Her Cunt was musky and warm but freshly scrubbed. then I did it again...slowly. I kept doing it ...breathing between licks. It was nice to turn the Tables a bit and be in control of her pleasure. I wanted to get farther in and I took a breath and went further in, I found her Inner Labia and Clitty and gently sucked them into my mouth and gave them tongue swirlies as I sucked. She Literally Bellowed out a Huge Groan and Clamped my Head so tight between her fat legs my ears rang, I could feel my Pulse in my Head and I had to stop to get her to open them! I joked and said "Like that?" she said "What are you doing to me!"

I now had 2 tricks to deal to her and in between I found her Hole and pee hole and the tip of my tongue explored them both. My Face and Chin were getting wet and glazed and I could feel thick warm cream spreading into the Cleft, She was making some a lot of noise but I only heard it when I came up for Air. I kept dealing the tricks, especially the Clit Sucks and Tongue Swirlies and she Arched up Quickly and Said "OHMYGOD!!!!" and Clamped my Head again and I kept sucking...and then something Wild Happened! I was sucking and my Mouth began to fill with Warm Water! It was DEFINITELY Not Piss..it was just warm slightly salty water and all I could do was Swallow it.

I came up and laid next to her and she grabbed me and hugged me and started crying..I kept asking if she was ok and she kept shaking her head yes but kept crying. when things settled down she told me..."I hope you don't mind but I have a serious crush on you"

I played it off and said "Well that certainly makes things easier for Me"...but I wonder if this is going to get messy

My Original Post:

I Had Sex With A Huge Fat Woman And Loved It

I had a sexual fantasy and followed through with it. I wanted to have sex with an SSBBW woman and finally met one (about 450 pounds) she was early 40’s, with a huge belly apron, FUPA and large Ass with 2 buttcheek fat pouches below it.

I met her at a gas station convenience store where she worked and started flirting when I would go in there. She seemed receptive and liking it so I asked her for her number and got her number and email.

I was upfront with her that I was seeing someone but we could be friends and she seemed fine. I called and asked if she wanted to go out for coffee and met her at a shop I know on a Friday night. We talked for a couple of hours and hitting it off. She confessed she hadn’t dated in a Long Time.

After that we went out to the parking lot. I had a Dakota pickup and she had an SUV so we sat in her Car and talked more. I finally decided to make a move and I kissed her. She kissed back HARD, it quickly turned into a make out session in the parking lot but we had to stop more than once as Cars were coming and going. I did manage to go up her shirt and squeeze her fat Pussy Mound through her stretchy pants. She had rubbed my Cock (trough my pants) when I did

We finally parted and I knew I could nail it. She gave me her address and I went there the following Thursday night

We went pretty much straight to the bedroom and although still a bit awkward started kissing again but things warmed up again and we were touching each other everywhere. We both undressed and she got on her hands and knees in the bed. I put my Cock to her mouth and she started sucking with what seemed like Cock worship! She even told me “Your Cock is so Beautiful” I had to stop her a couple of times it was too good. She looked at me then and said “Fuck Me”. It was so hot to hear

Eventually I got her on her back and worked myself between her fat legs (which she spread) in all honesty though I was having trouble getting past her inner thigh fat and I was in the Slit but not the Hole

We kept it up and I felt my Cock go from a warm place to a warm and creamy place and her reaction showed me I was in her

I started thrusting and she was moving her hips to meet me as we moved, then I felt something amazing. When I pushed my Cock in all the way she would bear down and squeeze my Cock with her vagina walls. It was like fucking and being jerked off at the same time

I had to stop or cum so I pushed in all the way and stopped and felt her pussy spasming and she was clenching and unclenching my Cock then she squeezed it Tight and said I’m Cumming! And she slowly pushed me out of her Cunt!

After being pushed out of her I finished by jerking off on her Nipple while she watched

It was the most amazing sex I ever had….find one for you




I get horny of my step daughter small puffy nipples.

I am her step mother




I’m a 14 year old girl and I’m always horny. I touch myself more then once a day . I wanna be raped so badly.




So I was laid up on an injury for a while and spent my down time watching movies, playing video games and of course... watching porn. Stuff I really never do as I work quite a bit. During an image porn search I ran across a picture of a masked female looking straight into the camera with a big dog cock in her mouth. I have always thought in my mind that I would be disgusted by this... however I became excited. Something about her eyes and giving a blow job to a different species just.. got me off. I felt a little weird after I finished and chalked it up to a one time thing never to be seen again. Wrong. That very night all I could think of was women Blowing/Fucking dogs so out comes the phone and explored for hours! 4am rolls around and finally put down the phone to get some sleep. Next day I was right back at it but now I am searching for woman with horses... How did I get into this kink so quickly? It has been a few weeks now and have returned to work so I have normalcy in my life now. However, I still search for this type of porn on my down time and I can not stop. Why do I get so turned on by this? I like it but realize it is not "Normal". M/30's




I lived in Florida when i went to college and after I got out of school i met a beautiful woman named Ruth and she was very horny and she was 42 and she would do anything I told her..She had three friends that would come to her house every Saturday night and they would get drunk and I would go there around 12 and on night Ruth took me to the kitchen and she said that I had to lick her friends pussies I asked her why. Ruth said that it is Laura's birthday and she said that it I licked them she would have a threesome with any girl I wanted. We went back to the bedroom and she said that I was her slave and I had to lick them and she made me lick them alll . After I licked her friends she told them to leave and she said that I had a present and I went to a door and she said that she would be waiting in the bedroom after I was done fucking Maria. she opened the door and she said that I was going to teach her daughter to be my girlfriend. I went to the bed and I heard Maria say that I could do anything to her and she said that I could fuck her friends too . I made love to Ruth and Maria for two years and I still visit Maria every year and she is my girlfriend.