I'm a married man if 42 years old. My wife is 37 and we have a 13 year old daughter. I got back home last Sunday from a weekend fishing trip with three old childhood friends. We do this trip every year as a way to keep in touch and relive the old days. When i got home on Sunday morning, I was greeted by my wife and daughter with open arms and our black lab, Jack, wagging his tail happy to see me. Later on that afternoon my wife and daughter left to go to the store. I heard a phone ringing and noticed my daughter had forgotten her phone on the counter. Looking at it I could see the call was from my wife so I answered it. It was my daughter and she said she thought she lost her phone or something so was calling from moms phone to see if it was in the car or the store. I told her it was here safe at home. We hung up and something got the better of me and I opened up the messages. I've never done this as she has never given me a reason to not trust her. I saw several text from friends but nothing to be concerned about but then I saw a message from my wife and it was from the Thursday morning of the day I left. I left on Thursday afternoon for my weekend trip. All the message preview showed was "God can't wait until..." with the little paperclip to show a attachment to the message. So I opened up the message and it had a picture of my wife laying on our bed in lingerie with our dog beside her and the full message was "God I can't wait until this weekend when your father is gone and we all can be alone." My daughters responce back "yeah I know I miss being with you and Jack so much and looking real hot dressed like that. Can't wait to see it, and more, in person."

I was stunned. Still am a week later. I havent brought it up to either of them. Not sure how, or if I even want to. I've tried to look at their phones respectively but havent been able to. Again not sure I want to afraid if what else I may find. I did however go into my wife's dresser and closet and found several new prices of lingerie I've never seen and a couple new pairs of heels as well. She isn't exactly a stranger to wearing heels but it isnt common enough these new ones would be overlooked.

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