I have to admit its with a bit of shame that I write this as I have pedo fantasies. It happened after a family gathering when I was 20 years old. one of my autns was covering one of my cousins with a towel so she could change. She must have been 9 at the time. Then she must have lost her grip and dropped the towel and my cousin was naked. I remember turning over as she screamed and seeing her perfect lil body naked and dripping water. At first I would avoid thinking about it but one night I couldnt stop dreaming about it and actually came in my sleep. After that I would masturbate while looking at family photos and I even managed to steal one of her panties. Im ashamed to admit that I would cum harder and would last longer while I thought about her than with any woman. Today I am married and have a daughter of my own. I would never hurt her as I love her like a father would a daughter however sometimes i do wonder if her naked body is like my cousins and I touch myself. I know this makes me a monster however its something I cannot control but the pleasure I feel from masturbating fantasizing about my daughter is a lot better than when I fuck my wife.

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