I was pissed at my wife last Friday night, so I went to get drunk. As I sat at my booth a rather large couple came over and asked if they could sit with me. The place was packed, and I figured it would be safe enough, so I let them sit there. They sat on the other side and we chatted as we drank. Pretty soon the talk changed to flirting, and the woman, Pam, got up and scooted in next to me. "So, stud," she said, "You ever fuck a fat chick?" Before I could answer she put a hand on my thigh and squeezed a little. My cock twitched. I shook my head no, and she said, "Why don't you come over to our place and add that to your bucket list?" When I hesitated, she said, "Look. Junior over there cant get it up enough to get in my ass, and I really need a back door fuck." I looked down and saw her nipples through her blouse. I finally said okay, and they led me to their house.

"First, I think we should shower," she said, and headed to the bathroom. I followed, we stripped, and she and I stepped in the shower. My cock was about half hard when she reached down and grabbed it. "Oooh, honey, you got some nice balls," she said as her hand slid down and cupped them. She had me soap her up and as we were kissing I was playing with her nipples. Fuck, they were big. I was getting lost in the moment when I felt another pair of hands on my back. I'm not gay, or even bi, but his hands felt really good. He soaped my back up, then his hands moved down to my butt cheeks. He was washing my ass when his hand slid between my cheeks and rubbed up and down. "You like that, honey?" she asked. "Yes, it feels nice," I responded.

She then sat down and told me to join her down there. I knelt down and started sucking on her tits. First one, then the other. All of a sudden I felt something, rather large, being shoved in my asshole. "Ahh, fuck!" I said. She grabbed my wrists and held me so I couldn't move. I had to just kneel there while he fucked me. It hurt at first, but quickly turned to pleasure. When my arms relaxed she let go of my wrists. I kissed her as she reached down and started to stroke my cock. Then she said, "I guess I lied when I said his cock didn't get hard enough." She laughed at that and told me to just relax and enjoy it.

He fucked me for a good 15 minutes, then pulled out. "Time to get out," he said. We dried off and they led me to the bedroom. They laid me on my back on the bed with my head at the foot, hanging off a little. She crawled up and knelt between my legs and started to suck my hard five inches. She was really good at it, but I got a shock when he moved in front of me and put his cock up to my lips. It was a bit bigger than mine and thicker. Instinctively I opened my mouth and he put his cock in. He slowly mouth fucked me as she sucked me. I felt her put two fingers in my ass and massage my prostate. I was moaning and bucking as she sucked me. His cock felt really good in my mouth, and he had large nuts, a lot bigger than mine. I felt a third finger enter my asshole. She finger fucked me for about 30 seconds and I couldn't hold it any longer. I started to cum. She held her mouth over my cock, and each shot of cum hit her throat, then dribbled past my cock onto my balls and pubic hair.

At the same time, as I was concentrating on my cock, he started to cum. Gravity took over and his cum had nowhere to go but down my throat. I had never swallowed another guy's cum before, but this was fucking great. I clamped my lips around the head of his cock and sucked him dry. When he finally pulled out, she was wiping my cum up with her fingers. She brought her fingers up to my mouth and stuck them in. I sucked the cum off of her fingers three times as she cleaned me up.

When we were done we all went to the living room for a beer. I finally got dressed and headed out. We exchanged numbers, and tomorrow night we're gonna do it again. Too bad my wife is suck a cold, fucking fish...

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