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Her name was Carol. She lived with her girlfriend Joan. I was 16. Mom and dad had mentioned they were lesbians but I really didn't know what that meant. They had a built-in pool and my brother and me often were invited over to swim. He was older and eventually joined the Army. I often felt like an only child after he left and Carol almost became my second mother. She invited me to go fishing with them one day. We found a secluded spot and the first thing they did was to strip down to their bras and panties. They told me to stare if I wanted, otherwise ignore them because they always fished this way. Then Joan asked me to get her cigarettes from the car and when I did she told me to light one for her. That was my first cigarette but I already felt my dick getting a little hard staring at her large tits and smoking her cigarette. I stared a lot at their tits that day but they didn't seem to mind. We finally packed up and headed home. Just before we got to my house Carol turned to me and said "You know, I just got fixed so if you want to practice fucking just let me know." I was blown away and went straight to the bathroom and jerked off.

About a week later, on a hot Saturday Joan called and invited me over to swim. My mom was okay with it so I got in my trunks and headed over. The water was pretty cold and they were both in the water when I got there. To my surprise then had no tops on. Their tits were both out of the water and my cock jumped. They said to come on in that the water was fine. It about froze my nuts when I stepped in. Carol turned to Joan and said "I bet his dick is shriveled up in the cold." She reached over and put her hand on my crotch. "I guess I was wrong" she said as her hand circled my cock through my trunks. "Oh fuck honey" she said to Joan, "I've got to have this." She grabbed my hand and led me out of the pool. When I asked what she was doing she just licked her lips and looked down at my shorts and said "I gotta see what you have."

I was confused but she assured me it was okay. When we got to her bedroom she sat me on the bed and put a tit up to my mouth and said she really loved to have her nipples sucked. I started sucking on her nipple and almost came right there. My cock was almost rock hard now and she was mashing her nipple against my mouth and telling me how good it felt. I didn't even notice Joan in the room but when her hand went under my trunks waistband and grabbed my cock I finally opened my eyes and saw her. I glanced down and she was naked with her hairy pussy seemingly staring back at me. About that time Carol pushed me back onto the bed on my back and they both took my trunks off. My seven inch cock was standing almost straight up. Carol knelt down and took my cock into her mouth. "Oh fuck" I said and almost immediately started cumming. It was a pretty big load but she took it all. I started to apologize but Joan assured me it was natural to cum quickly on my first time. She finished sucking me dry and they started kissing and feeling each other up. Then Joan's hand went down to Carol's cunt and started to finger fuck her. "Oh honey, deeper" she kept saying and I thought Carol was cumming. My cock stirred again as Carol was being finger fucked. Then Joan asked if I wanted some of this. I shook my head yes and she took her hand away and told Carol I was ready.. I was still laying on my back when Carol crawled on top of me and squatted down onto my cock. At the same time Joan squatted on my face and put her cunt on my mouth and said to tongue fuck her. I'd never done anything like this before but she smelled like she wanted me to lick her so I did.. She told me to nibble on the little knob and when I did I felt something squirt on my chin. "That's so fucking good" she said as I nibbled on her while Carol was busy bouncing up and down on my cock. It took almost 15 minutes for me to be ready to cum. I warned her but she kept bouncing up and down and even grabbed my nipples and pulled. I came even harder than before and she said it was the best orgasm she ever had. It really wasn't but I was impressed with myself at the time.

A half hour later I was in my trunks and heading home reeling at what just happened. Before I left Joan said that if they invited me over to swim it really meant they wanted to fuck me. It eventually turned into them fucking my ass with a strap on and just last month introduced me to gay sex. I sucked my first cock and a week later got ass fucked for real for the first time.

I'm now 38 and have been married for 11 years with two kids, but that hasn't stopped me from visiting Joan and Carol now and then to either fuck them or get fucked by one of their gay friends. I'm such a fucking pervert but am determined to live this life without my wife never knowing.




I was at a motel in southern Missouri. I took a ride and put a message at the rest stop 10 miles down the road to call my room if they wanted their cock sucked. I went back to the motel and started drinking. After about five beers my phone rang. It was a guy who saw my message and wanted to come to my motel room. i told him to come on by. About 15 minutes later he knocked on my door. I let him in and he asked me if it was safe in here. I locked the door and said it was as safe as any place. He took off his pants.

I sat on the end of the bed and bent down. I took his cock in my mouth He had a decent hood and I pushed it over the head with my lips. His head was bulbous and as I sucked him he got harder by the second. Withing two minutes his cock was hitting the back of my throat and there was still two inches out of my mouth. Then he pulled out of my mouth and told me to get on my knees facing the bed. I said I don't do anal and he said that's okay, he just wanted to rub his cock between my ass cheeks. I turned around and leaned over the bed. He pulled my gym shorts off and I felt his hands on my ass cheeks. Then I felt his cock between my cheeks and he was essentially dry humping me between my ass cheeks. I was okay with this. Then I felt his hand on the middle of my back and felt his cock against my asshole. I told him again I didn't do anal. By the time I got the last work out his cock was pushing into me and within seconds his cock was buried to the hilt inside me. He started to slowly fuck me and when the pain finally subsided I started to enjoy it as he hit my prostate with every thrust. His cock pistoned in and out as he fucked me harder and harder. I was moaning and started cumming as he fucked me. Neither of us had touched my cock but his cock against my prostate took me over the edge and I let loose.

I never dreamed I could cum without my cock being touched. What a fucking rush that was. He fucked me for a few more minutes and said he was cumming. He filled my ass to overflowing and I felt his warm jizz dribble down my nuts as he emptied himself. I was still bent over with his cum oozing out of me when he pulled his pants on and left. I can't even remember what he looked like but ever since I've been addicted to big cocks in my asshole. I'm still married to a woman but get all the cock I can nearly every chance I get. What a fucking cum slut I've become.




It was our wedding night. He had always been proper and had sex a few times. Nothing kinky and I really loved him. He rides his Harley on the weekends but always came home to me. Anyway after the ceremony he put me on the back of his Harley and he and his Harley buddies followed us to the hotel. We were in the honeymoon suite and after a couple bottles of wine we were ready for bed. We were getting hot and steamy when he grabbed my hands and pulled them behind me. He said he had a super hot surprise for me. I was excited. He then tied my hands behind me and put a mask over my eyes so I couldn't see. Then he strapped a ball gag in my mouth. I was getting a little worried now. He got off the bed and I heard the door open. I couldn't see and could barely make a sound but I knew I wanted no part of what was about to happen.

"Honey" he said. "This is your initiation." He didn't say anything more. I had no idea who or how many there were. I don't even know if my new husband fucked me. For the next two hours I felt hands on my tits, in my cunt, in my ass and had been fucked at least eight times. But the shocker was when I heard them laughing and someone said "Here comes the train." I felt two men lift me up on my knees with my head buried in the pillow and a huge cock was being shoved in my ass. I screamed as best I could and felt him split my asshole apart. At least that was what it felt like. He fucked my ass for about 10 minutes. By that time my asshole was numb and there was very little pain. I heard him grunt and he came inside my ass. I felt the warmth as it oozed out and down across my cunt lips. He finally pulled out and I felt relief. But then I felt a smaller cock enter my ass. It didn't hurt. He finally came and then two more took turns ass fucking me. I was about to pass out when someone undid the ball gag and I felt a giant cock in my mouth. I heard my husband behind me say I had to take it all or he was out of the club. I really didn't have a choice. I was now on my back with a cock in my ass and now this giant in my mouth as he straddled me. He mouth fucked me for a long time and finally started cumming. I had never taken cum in my mouth but didn't have a choice as he filled my mouth and I had to swallow or choke. He finally pulled out and another took his place. I lost track and must have sucked another half dozen men before they all finally got off of me and left. I was shattered. I couldn't believe my sweet new husband was such a fucking pussy, letting his buddies fuck me like that.

Over the next month we fucked like rabbits. He had a nice big dick and it stayed hard long after he came I found our sex lacking. I think he noticed and asked me to tell him the truth, what was wrong? After a little embarrassment I told him that one cock inside me just isn't cutting it. I couldn't believe I said it but he said he had the solution. Again came the embarrassment as he got on his phone. An hour later another eight men were in our living room with their cocks out. Mike, seemingly the leader had the largest cock I'd ever seen. He must have been the one that fucked my ass first that night in the hotel. I couldn't help staring at it and my husband just sat back on the couch and said to go for it. I did. I sucked that big cock then turned around on all fours and told him to give it to me. As I turned around I saw it. What I'd always dreaded. My man was on his knees sucking another guys cock while a third was pounding his ass. I watched him being ass fucked just as I was getting ass fucked. Then another stood in front of me and I was now mirroring my husband as we each were sucking a cock from the front and being ass fucked from the back.

Our marriage never did go back to just us two. I couldn't believe I married a gay man and every time I wanted to talk about it he shut me down. Within six months I left him and hooked up with Mike. He was more than willing to share me with the guys, but the one thing they did that I was happy about was that they kicked that little fucking pussy of a husband out of the club. A year ago I was a demure, shy woman and now I'm the cum slut of this biker gang and having the time of my life.




Her name was Brandi. My wife hadn't wanted any sex in months and I was tired of jerking off so I went to the bar that Friday night. She was at the end of the bar. She worked at the Convenience store where I bought my beer. I walked over and sat next to her. She was pretty drunk and started complaining about her bastard of a husband. He was a trucker and gone for weeks at a time. He wouldn't be back for another week. Then she said "At the store I noticed that you stare at my tits a lot." I apologized and she laughed. "No, I like it" she said. I was a little tipsy myself and said "Then go braless and I'll stare more." I was definitely flirting and she excused herself to go to the restroom. She came back and I noticed she had taken off her bra. "There, how's that?" she asked and sort of pushed her tits toward me. "I really like a man with a beard" she said. When I asked why she reached up and stroked my beard and said "because it tickles my thighs." I chuckled a little and she said "follow me home and you can tickle me." She got up and walked out. I followed her and we were soon inside her apartment. She locked the door and pulled her shirt up over her head. She came over to me and kissed me. At the same time she said "I like my man to talk dirty to me. Tell me what you want."

I was pretty shocked but drunk enough to open up. "Turn around and let me feel your fucking tits" I said. I spun her around and grabbed a tit in each hand. Then I started to roll her nipples and pulled them out. Then she said "Tell me what you're gonna do." I said "I'm gonna rip your fucking clothes off and tongue fuck your cunt until you beg me to stop." I reached down and unbuttoned her slacks. She stood there as I pulled them down. She wasn't wearing underwear. I picked her up and carried her into a bedroom and dropped her on the bed. I quickly stripped as she said "Eat my cunt." I dove between her legs and could both smell and taste her sex as I tongue fucked her until she shuddered. After she came she said she wanted to give me a massage. That was weird but I rolled off of her onto my belly. She started on my shoulders and worked her way down to my ass. She was kneading my ass cheeks when I felt her slap me. "Ever been spanked until your ass was burning?" I shook my head no. "Well, you're about to" she said and slapped me again. It was oddly exciting. Then she took a moment and tied my hands to her headboard. I thought she was kidding about making my ass burn but three minutes later after she spanked me relentlessly I was nearly in tears begging her to stop. Finally I felt her soothing hands rubbing up and down my cheeks and then her fingers were playing with my asshole. "Ever been ass fucked?" she asked. I shook my head no and she said "Then this will be new, won't it?"

I felt a finger enter my asshole. My ass was burning but it was actually pretty exciting. Then a second finger entered me as she started to finger fuck my ass. Then, with my hands still tied she managed to have me turn over. My cock was hard as she mounted me in a 69. Her cunt was on my mouth and she was sucking my cock. Then I heard someone walk in. I tried to ask who that was but she was grinding my mouth with her cunt and her lips on my cock felt so good I sort of forgot about it until I felt my legs being lifted up and something bigger than a finger push its way into my ass. It was a cock. I wasn't gay but this was fucking great. There was no pain and with each thrust he hit my prostate. It wasn't 30 seconds and I started cumming. She didn't even flinch as I filled her mouth and she swallowed every drop. She kept sucking until I was hard again. Then she turned around and plunged her cunt onto my cock. I was still being fucked and didn't care that I was being fucked by another man. She asked if I wanted to cum inside her. I said "Oh fuck yeah." Then she said "Honey, I've been waiting months for this, but first you have to do something for me." "Oh fuck, anything" I said.

I felt the cock pop out of my ass and a few seconds later he was on the bed and was straddling my chest. He stuck his cock up to my lips and pushed into my mouth. "That's it honey, suck that cock" she said. I took to it like he was my lover and started to suck him as she was fucking my cock. I didn't last as long as him and came first. It wasn't much but the feeling was fucking awesome. His cock was a bit bigger than mine and I was getting into it when he said he was gonna cum. I didn't know what to do but couldn't really move when he started to cum. I didn't have much choice but to swallow as he let go. I sucked him clean and he finally pulled out and walked away. She was still on my cock and reached up and untied me. "Now, play with my fucking tits" she said. I did as she leaned down to kiss me. We made out for another five minutes and she finally got off of me. She brought a couple of beers and we sat on the bed and drank. She said the guy was her lover when her husband was away and asked if I liked it. I said I didn't consider myself gay but I really liked it.

Whenever her husband is out of town we make arrangements to suck or fuck each other. Now she doesn't need me tied up in order to suck her lover's cock. My wife has no clue but seems pretty happy that I don't bug her for sex anymore. What a fucking cunt Brandi is, but man can that bitch suck cock.




We'd only been married for about four months when I happen to mention that Terry said he was jealous that I had such a hot wife and wish he had someone to fuck like Jenna. She said that nobody but me could fuck her. I left it at that. I slowly introduced her to the kinky side of sex with blindfolds and light bondage. One night i had it all set up. I would blindfold her and tie her hands behind her. I doubled her legs up so I had her thighs tied to her ankles and she was helpless. Then I told her that I had a friend who wanted to fuck her. She protested quite a bit but was unable to move with the way I had her tied up. I texted Terry and said that she was ready. A few minutes He arrived. I told him that she was his to do whatever he wanted. She had no idea who it was. Terry stripped but before he could do anything I mounted her chest and told her to suck my cock. She was eager to do that, and since Terry was pretty quiet she had no idea he was there. Then he knelt between her legs and started to lick her cunt. She was squirming and begging me to not do this. It was too late I told her and I scooted down a bit so I could feel her tits. I was working on her nipples when Terry started to lick her cunt. She squirmed and begged not to do it but after a couple minutes of Terry eating her and me playing with her nipples she started to get into it. He said that he was going to fuck her so hard her cunt would hurt for a week.

I kept working on her tits and nipples and Terry actually made her cum with his tongue after a few minutes. Then I got off of her and said that my friend was going to fuck her now. She didn't think this was acceptable but when Terry's big cock entered her she gasped. He started to fuck her and she started to moan. She never cussed but after a couple of minutes was saying "Oh fuck me. Fuck me harder. Fill me with your giant cock." His cock was much larger than mine and he proceeded to fuck her for about 15 minutes. He hadn't cum yet and pulled out of her. He asked if I had ever fucked her in the ass. I said I had not. He said that now was the perfect time. He straddled her chest and put his cock up to her lips. She was so fucking horny she took his cock in her mouth and kept mumbling to fuck her. I knelt between her legs and started to fuck her. She was writhing and moaning as I fucked her. Then Terry said to shove my cock in her ass. We had never had anal sex before but I knelt between her legs and put my cock up to her ass and shoved in. She screamed at first but then calmed down and soon was rocking to my rhythm. I fucked my wife's ass for the first time as she was sucking off my best friend. He said he was gonna cum and she was so horny she took his entire load in her mouth and swallowed it all. I the meantime I was fucking her ass.

I finally came in her ass and she swallowed his entire load. That was a first for both of us. Since that night she insists of fucking me with her strap[on and encourages to make her cum with my tongue. We have found another outlet for her sexual frustration. I never told her who had fucked her but she said she needed his big cock. We made arrangements and at least once a month because friend Terry fucked my wife in the ass and I filmed it all. She has become a real ass fucking slut and will let anyone except me fuck her in the ass. She says she loves it and I want to make her happy so I let her fuck anybody she likes. I have filmed her sucking or fucking at least half a dozen men.

But the exciting part came when she said she wanted to tie me up. I let her and my hands and feet were spread eagle on the bed when Marcus came in. He had the biggest cock I'd ever seen and the cock in my pants really wanted a nice cunt or mouth to put it in. She put a blindfold on me and said her friend Marcus was gonna make me cum then fuck me in and ass. And after that I was to watch her suck his cock and have him fuck her. I couldn't move. My hands and feet were really bound and she proceeded to suck this man's massive cock. When he was hard again she straddled my chest facing my feet and had him straddle me behind her. She told him to fuck her and he rammed his big cock into her cunt. I was helpless watching this anonymous man fuck my wife while both were hovering above me. When he was ready to cum she told him to turn around and feed it to me. I had never tasted cum before but he shoved his cock in my mouth and started cumming. At the same time she shoved two fingers into my asshole. I barely noticed his cum hit the back of my throat as she was finger fucking my ass. She worked my prostate and I started cumming too. Oh fuck what a rush. I didn't even mint sucking his cum because my cock was letting it fly. Afterwards he got off of me and I saw them fucking. They fucked for at least half an hour and he said he had to get back to his girlfriend. I never saw his face but I know a giant cock when I see one. He had a giant cock. Since then my wife teases me with my smallish cock and occastionally lets me fuck her but most of her sexual fulfilment comes from Marcus, this big black guy with the giant cock.

I still don't know who the fuck her is.




I've been bi-sexual ever since I got married. My wife likes straight sex but that's about it. So I've often wandered outside and one night happened to get my cock sucked by another man. It was better than my wife could ever do so I started looking for excuses to go get some strange cock. I enjoy sucking cock and have recently discovered the joy of being ass-fucked. One night I hooked up with this guy and he took me home to his place. He asked if I liked nipple play and I told him I did. Then he asked if I had ever used nipple clamps. I hadn't and he said I was in for the ride of my life.

We got undressed and he had me suck his cock for a bit. When he was hard he got up and came back with a couple of nipple clamps. He said it might hurt at first but I would end up loving it. I was skeptical as he attached the clamps to my nipples. He squeezed tighter and tighter until just the top quarter inch of my nips were sticking out over the clamps. Then he told me to truly enjoy it he would have to tie my hands. I was a little scared but let him tie my hands behind me. I was on my back and he knelt over my face. He bent over and put his cock back in my mouth. I had never been bound before but found it exciting. Then he started to play with the tips of my nipples. My wife sucks on my nipples sometimes but this was completely different. There was a bit of pain from the clamps but when he started to roll and pinch my nipple tips I about went wild. My cock got hard as he mouth fucked me and played with my nips.

He took his cock out of my mouth and knelt between my legs. He pushed my legs up and thrust his slippery cock into my ass. I grunted as he buried himself inside me. He started to slowly fuck me as he reached forward and started to work my nipples again. He rolled, pushed, tugged and pinched the tips as he continued to ass fuck me. Before I knew it I was cumming and my cock hadn't even been touched. Even after I emptied my nuts my cock stayed hard as he continued to fuck me. The more he worked my nipples the harder my cock got. Before he could cum I came a second time. What a fucking rush. Cumming twice without ever being sucked or stroked.

He finally came in my ass and filled me up. He took the clamps off of me and I felt the pain as the blood rushed back in. It wasn't all that long but it was fucking intense. This was absolutely the most exciting sex I'd ever had and had to have more. Over the next months I tried to talk my wife into using clamps on my nipples but she would have none of it. That's okay because I have introduced several other men to the pleasure of nipple clamps and my nipples have actually gotten a lot bigger and tougher from my nearly constant clamping of them, even at work. I fucking love nipples and the erotic feeling of having them clamped and will enjoy it for many years to come. It's too bad my wife is such a cold cunt, we could have had a lot of fun if she would have opened up a little.




My wife was being a total cunt that night so I decided to walk down the street to the Bar. I was at the end of the bar on a stool and was on my seventh or eighth beer when this big fat guy sat on the stool next to me. He introduced himself as Jimmy and offered to buy me another beer. I let him. Pretty soon his hand was resting on my leg. I didn't give a fuck at this point. Then he slid his hand up a little and gently squeezed my inner thigh. "You kind of like that, don't you" he asked. I shrugged. I was pretty wasted at this point so when he asked if I wanted to see his RV in the parking lot I said okay. It was a small 20 foot job with a couch, a sink and a small bathroom. I told him it was nice and before I could get to the door he pushed me onto the couch. When I asked what he was doing he said he was going to suck my cock then fuck me. I only heard suck my cock. He knelt in front of me and pulled my pants off. My cock was already about half hard for some reason. I never thought of myself as gay but was intrigued at what a blowjob from a man would feel like. He was an expert. He took my entire cock in his mouth and when I said I was cumming he didn't pull his mouth off like my wife does. When I said that I felt a finger being shoved into my asshole. Wow. What a fucking feeling. I came harder than I ever had. He sucked me dry and I thought we were done. He had other plans.

He stood up and stripped. His big belly hung over his cock. I looked at it and was impressed. It was bigger soft than mine is hard. He straddled me on the couch so his cock was at my lips and said to get him hard. In my drunken state I opened my mouth and let him put his cock in. It was soft and warm and I was getting into it when he started to cum. I was surprised to say the least and not grossed out like I had imagined I'd be. I took it all but he didn't pull his cock out of my mouth but said to keep him hard. I sucked him for about five more minutes when he stood up and pulled me to the floor. He turned me over so I was kneeling over the couch. He knelt behind me and I felt his cock push its way into my asshole. It stung like a bitch and I told him I couldn't do it. He just said that's okay and pushed in a little more. Before long he had his cock all the way in me and was fucking me. The pain subsided and I was starting to enjoy it. He fucked me hard then soft then hard again and I felt my cock. It was hard. I guess I must really like this I thought. He finally said he was gonna cum and what was left of his jizz ended up inside my ass. He finally pulled out and I got dressed. By the time I walked home my underpants was soaked with his cum. I walked straight into the bathroom and washed them out in the sink. I put them at the bottom of the hamper, took a shower and went to bed. The bitch was none the wiser and now I spend nearly every Friday night at the bar and have spent many of them in Jerry's RV. Now I don't mind it when the wife is a total cunt.