On my 18th birthday my boyfriend filled my entire room with balloons. First of all I was very happy about it and we played a little bit. Then we had sex in the sea of balloons. It was nice to see them flying around. Of course we popped some while we had sex. The popping sound was so arousing. It got wilder and more intense. Since we had big balloons too, we had sex on a balloon. That was an unforgettable experience. It was such intense and I felt overwhelmed. After that wild sex we popped the balloon underneath us, that was funny.We had some donut balloons there too. So I decided to put them on my boyfriends dick and rode him and the balloon in cowgirl position. He was so horny. I got more and more wilder and exicited and popped them on his dick. That was so funny. After we finished our wild sex session, we decided to play some funny, naughty and wild balloon games. So he pushed and popped some on my pussy, I got so horny, and I put some on his dick and popped them. I rode them such that he gets more and more horny and that the balloon pops when he cums. From that time on we are having quite often such wild and funny balloon parties andballoon sex

I like playing with balloons on my own, too.I love to ride, grind and hump on them until they pop. I love them pop, when I "pop" and cum. It is such an undescriable feeling, when you are on a balloon and grinding and got wilder and horny and it pops when you cum. Such fuck to pops are like the best what can happen.

You should try that, too! You will see how much fun balloons can be! :)

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