I remember when i was i think between 13-15 i went with my parents to visit my aunt and uncle. As the time they had 2 twin girls (fraternal) and a son, who at the time was still a baby. While hanging out with my female cousins (who were i think 7 or 8 at the time) I sat in a lounge chair. Next thing i knew, one of the cousins was sitting in my lap. Being that age, i was CONSTANTLY horny, so when she sat on my lap, after a few minutes, i found myself grinding my groin into the ass of her pants. After a few minutes of doing this, i could see a look of arousal on her face....Let's just say when ya see what a 7-8 year old looks like turned on...ya don't forget it. The other twin must have been watching this, and got a little jealous so she stood on the other side of the chair, and without even thinking, i began rubbing, and squeezing her ass through her pants, eventually they ended up switching places and the other got to feel what the other did. How i didn't cum in my pants i'll never know...but It ended up happening for a few more trips we'd make over there. Sadly it never went any further than that (although i wanted it to) , but there are times i'll remember back to those days when i need to "clear out the pipes" lol

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