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I had the most amazing experience of my life earlier. My mom went on a four day trip for work so late last night I crawled into the bed with my dad. I was only wearing skimpy bout short panties and a T-shirt. I woke up early this morning and he was spooning me I could feel his hard cock against my ass. I started to rub my ass against it. Still sleeping he rolled the other way away from me. I couldn't resist I reached around him and started rubbing the bulge in his sweat pants. In a minute it was rock hard and fucking huge! I slipped my hand in his pants and started to rub it. Omg it felt so nice. He sleepily rolled over on his back and stretched, putting his arm around me.he opened his eyes slightly to look at me. He lovingly caressed my hair and kissed my forehead. He reached down and pulled his dick our of his pants and it flopped back up to his belly button. I gasped and my heart was racing. He let out a soft moan as I rubbed him. He kissed me passionately on the lips. Suddenly he forcefully grabbed my head and pushed it down to his cock. I started to lick and suck it. It was so big, he grabbed my head and started to fuck my throat. In moments he was shooting a load of cum in my mouth. I swallowed every bit of it. It was so amazing. He pushed me on my back and stuck his hand in my panties, sliding his finger between my pussy lips feeling how wet he made me. My clit was so swollen and throbbing. He played with my clit for a few minutes until I was shaking before pushing two of his big fingers into my tight hole and fucking me with them. I begged him to put his dick in me but he wouldn't do it. Instead he finger fucked me until I came on his hand. Then he rolled over and went back to sleep. Omg I know this is awful but it was so sexy and amazing now all I can think about is how bad I want my dads dick! I'm going to sneak my moms vibrator and fuck myself thinking of it :)




My daughter Megan was looking eatable since about14ys old. Tiny little flat titties, long slim firm legs, a little round firm ass and a coal black very thick and hairy cunt. Mmmm she was a hot little fuck slut and knew it. She would wear this skimpy assed bikini that showed half her ass and her cunt hair would stick out the sides. She would lay out tanning with her legs spread open very wide. That tiny patch of bikini would get sucked right into her cunt gash. Fuck, I have to go jerk off




I'm a 24 year old girl and my 52 year old mother and I have sex. We are both really bi and love the experience. It was so difficult for us to find sage comfortable women to be with that one night thanks to some alcohol, we decided to try it with each other. It is incredibly hot and the contrast in our age and bodies makes all the more exciting.

I am shaved and Mom is very hairy and we find it a turn on for each other. It started with just masturbating but it quickly turned in to full blown sex. We are with each other 2-3 times per week. We both agree that we have never had more powerful orgasms. At first it of course was weird, but it was so very hot that the weirdness left quickly.

Most of what we do is just with fingers and tongues and occasionally when the mood hits we use a dildo. I know it sounds strange to most but let me tell you, it is the most comfortable you will ever be with another woman and it is just such a turn on.




On the weekend i was home with my daughter and her best friend. They are both 14 and so similar in many ways. Same long sandy hair, same height, small figures and tight little asses.

Just after lunch i went out onto the porch. They were both hanging over the railing in their matching red swim shorts and had the same bikinis on. They often hang out and had the same clothes, or similar.

Watching their tight asses for a couple of minutes i headed back inside. I couldn't help myself, so i went to the lounge room and started masturbating. I got excited so i headed back to the back door so i could perv while i did. My daughter had gone down to the pool. It was so hot looking at her friends as i crossed a line. I kept pulling and headed back out onto the porch. I was so close to cumming i went for it. I got behind her quietly, then as quickly as i could i pulled the back of her shorts and bikini down. Holding her hips tight i pushed my cock into her tiny pussy. She was tight, but it only took 4 or 5 thrusts and i was in, balls deep.

Just as she tried to get up and turn, i heard her yelp and say "Dad, what are you doing". It was too late as i blasted one of the largest loads of my life into her tiny teenage pussy. I just held her as i spurted every last load of sperm into her.

She and her friend went straight to her room. She finally spoke to me today and told me she was worried about me having got her pregnant. She told me her mother had stopped her from getting the pill because she was too young and she was in the middle of her cycle. I almost blew another load in my pants.




5 months ago i did something i couldn't help.

I have always had a thing for young girls. I love girls of 14 - 16 years old. I love long blonde hair and i like tiny tits and tight bodies and tummies.

I was asked to pick my daughter and her friend up from a party. My wife sent me to get them. When i got their i couldn't find either of them. I went in and started searching for them. Another girl told me they were upstairs in one of the bedrooms. I found them both out cold in the master bedroom. I could smell the drinks and pot. I spent a couple of minutes trying to wake them, but they barely even stirred.

What can i say, seeing my daughter in her white singlet top and blue mini skirt. I went and closed the door and locked it. I pulled my short and underwear off and climbed onto the bed. I lifted my daughters legs up onto my shoulders, pushed her skirt around her waist. I pulled her panties up her thighs to her ankles, over my head. I knew she wasn't a virgin cause i caught her with a boy a couple of months before. Seeing her 16 year old pussy, i drove in. I fucked her hard, driving as deep as i could inside until i was ready. I know i shouldn't have, but what man would stop when inside a super hot young girl. I just blew as hard and deep inside her as i could.

I got her dressed again. I could see my cum leaking in her panties, but it just made me so hard again. I climbed over to her friend. She also has long blonde hair and a tight body. She is 15 ears old, and still hot as hell. I had to lift her dress up and pull it around her tummy. I was one of those tight fit on top, but fluffy around the bottom. She looked hot in the baby pink dress.

I did the same, her legs over my shoulders and panties around her ankles as i pushed into her tiny pussy. I found she was a virgin as i broke her hymen. I just sunk all the way in and fucked her hard. It took almost 20 minutes to blow a second time, but god did i blow hard. Knowing i was filling a young girl with my load was amazing.

I got her dressed and then took each one, one at a time and carried them out to the car. I took them home and put them into bed.

In the morning they both complained that they were feeling sick and sore. I told them that's cause they were hung over. Anyway it's been 5 months and they both have nice round belly forming. Neither knows that they are pregnant with my babies, as they think some boy at the party must have done it. I am loving watching them both grow bigger as my babies grow and them just not knowing.




My wife was in bed and my 14 year old daughter was headed to the shower before bed. I was left watching tv in the dark lounge room with my daughters 13 year old best friend.

She is a tiny girl, short, slim and a tight little body. She was just getting a nice a cup going and her hips just starting to form. I had been flirting with her for several months, poking, pinching and just getting sneaky feels in when i can.

With both my girls gone, it didn't take long looking at her in her thigh length satin nightie to get excited. I also didn't take long to sweet talk her the final stage of willingness.

I had her on her knees, on the lounge, arm over the back rest, ass out. I stood behind her and dropped my boxers to the floor. I pulled her panties down around her knees on the lounge. She was trembling as i held her hips and slowly pushed my cock into her tiny pussy. It took a few minutes to slowly work into her tiny body, i never felt her hymen as i pushed in.

I was starting to work myself in and out of her, pushing myself deeper as i worked her. She kept telling me "make sure you pull out, i'm having periods now". Then "remember to pull out i'm not safe" and "i'm not on the pill, so make sure you don't cum in me".

I had all intention of pulling out and cumming on her ass. As i finally got myself balls deep inside the tiny girl, i got distracted as we both spotted my daughter standing shocked in the door watching us. I didn't even flinch as i exploded so hard into her tiny pussy. It felt like i blew an entire cup full into her. She just climbed off me, but way too late.

Her and my daughter left and went to the bedroom. I freaked out all night, but they said nothing in the morning. My daughter hasn't spoken to me since that night, until today. She came home and told me her best friend is now pregnant and it was my baby.

What my daughter doesn't know it that i have spent the last 12 weeks going to her friends house after schools out, while her parents are out and fucking her 2 or 3 times a week. I even went to the school a couple of times and she skipped class so i could fuck her in the girls locker rooms. And she has helped me at home twice while staying over. She got me once my daughter was asleep and i had fun. I twice got blow jobs from her until i was about to blow, then gently pulled the covers off my daughter. I slowly climbed onto her bed over her legs and lifted her shirt. She always slept in shirts and panties. I pulled the front of her panties open, gently resting my cock head against her pussy and then jerk till i blow, holding my head against her slit, pumping my load into her pussy.

We hope i can get her pregnant before she works out what i've been doing.




I'm a 22 year old girl and stay with my mom and I'm usually horney. So, whenever I'm home alone, I pull the window curtains and take off my clothes and be like that until mom returns. I spent the entire day, masturbating, watching porn, reading sex stories.

These days, I sleep next to my mom and I have developed sexual feelings for her. As it is summer, I get an excuse to sleep in just panties. I have tried fondling her boobs and pussy while she is sleeping. I try to hold her tits and pussy but she resists in sleep. I'm scared to make any further moves. I'm thinking of doping her drink and fucking her while she sleeps.

One day it so happened that I was home alone all naked and decided to booze. There was a bottle of brandy from which I drank two pegs. Little did I know that it could do so much wonders. I ran all over the house like crazy and starting dancing to music like an animal. I got tired and lied there. I kept tripping all over the floor and lied wherever I could for the next couple of hours. I woke up to hunger and didn't want to eat like a normal human. So, I decides to spill cookie chunks all over the house and eat those bits like a dog. It was heavenly. I cleaned up eat bit lying on my shoes, on door mats, on bathroom floor and the dirtiest corners of the house, all with my mouth. I felt thirsty and so, spilled water over the floor and slurped it like a dog. I had no idea that I would be doing such a thing in my life. I slept all day and woke up only when my mom was home and kicked my pussy, seeing me lying naked in the middle of a messy house. She knew everything at once and pulled me by my hair and said that she's going to teach a lesson. If I liked being a dog so much, she's going to treat me like that from now on, she said. For me, it was like a dream come true.

She made me clean up the floor with my mouth and made me sleep at the door all naked, that night.

The next day, she got me a collar, a leash and dog food. She showed me the place where we leave our footwear and said that was going to be my place. She immediately put the collar around my neck and put some dog food over the floor. I wasn't provided a bowl either but hey, that is the best part. She said I was not allowed to talk but just bark to convey any msg which I sincerely agreed by barking. For the next week, my routine was to wake up and eat the food on floor, (she also fed me the leftovers from her dinner) drink water from the tap, fetch newspaper from my mouth and bark whenever she expected a reply from me.

There was a change after a week. I was supposed to be a maid as well as a dog. I was not allowed to wear a single piece of cloth.I was supposed to wake up early, sweep and mop the floor, do the dishes, wash clothes and make coffee for her. After she drank it, she used to pee on my face. Then, she would go to take a shit and I was supposed to clean her ass with my bare hands when she was done. Now comes my doggy part. I was supposed to clean her shoes by licking them, fetch her socks with my mouth and lie down on the floor so that she could keep her feet on my boobs while she watched TV. After she had peed evrytime, I was supposed to clean her pussy by licking it up. This went on for a month and those were the best days of my life. She then said that she has hoped that I have learnt a lesson and needed to behave ever since. Now, I have no guts to tell her that I actually loved all that and I wanted to fuck her. I hope this wish too, is fulfilled soon