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This was an incredible experience that I had back in my younger days. My best friend Tom back then was married with an 11 year old daughter, soon to be 12. He and his wife and me and my girlfriend and daughter hung out together all the time. He and I worked together.

One evening we all went to an outdoor concert about 2 hours away. After the concert was over, we all jumped back in his car again to return home. Tony and his wife were in the front seat and my girlfriend, his daughter and I were in the back seat. I was on the left, his daughter was in the middle, and my girlfriend was on the right. It had been a warm evening but as the sun went down the temperatures cooled off pretty quickly. We were all a bit cool so we threw the blanket we had over top of us all in the back. Before long, my girlfriend and his wife were both asleep. I had my eyes closed, but became aware that his daughter was rubbing her leg up against mine in a seductive manner. We both had shorts on. The more she rubbed my leg with hers, the more I became aroused.

Both of our hands were under the blanket and with my cock getting harder by the minute, slowly started rubbing my leg back against hers. I slowly reached my hand over to her leg and placed it on her mid thigh and gently rubbed up and down. Almost instantly, She grabbed my hand and moved it up higher to her crotch and pressed my hand against her shorts covered pussy very hard and began moving my hand back and forth on her covered pussy. My dick by this time was rock hard. With my free hand, I undid the zipper on my shorts, and pulled my hard cock out. I then grabbed her left hand, and placed it on my cock at which time she started stroking it on her own without and encouragement. I then slid my right hand into the leg of her loose shorts and under the elastic of her panty's to her wet little pussy. I found her wet little slit with no problem and started sliding my finger all around her slit rubbing from her hard little clit to her vaginal opening. Wen my had hit her vagina, she used her free hand to push my finger inside her and started a humping motion while pushing my finger deeper into her.

All the while that we were doing this, I kept noticing Tom looking back at us in the rear view mirror. I could tell something was up with him but wasn't sure what. His breathing seemed a bit heavy and I could tell his left arm was moving a lot. Meanwhile, his daughter and I kept our little sexual enjoyment going until we both ended up having an orgasm. She almost started convulsing as she came and her breathing was hard and loud which sent me over the edge and I came all over her hand under the blanket. By this time, Tom's mouth was wide open and his breathing was harder as well. I would have swore that he was cumming also. By this time, we were within 5 minutes of my house and we all kind of got ourselves back in order before arriving at my house.

After arriving home, I grabbed the blanket which my girlfriend and I had brought and she and I got out of the car, said goodnight to all of them. Tom asked if I had a good time and I said yes, very, at which time the daughter said she did too. Tom said good, he was glad. My girlfriend and I went inside of the house and ended up fucking for about 2 hours more. I kept imagining fucking Tom's daughter and I plowed my girlfriend like I had never fucked her before. She ended up having multiple orgasms and was exhausted afterwards.

A couple of days later, Tom was over at my house alone. My girlfriend was at her apartment. We were setting around drinking some beer and he asked me if I liked playing with his daughter's pussy in the backseat the other night. I was a bit taken back, but looked at him and said why do you ask that? I know what you two were doing, I have been having my way with her myself for about 2 years. Her mother doesn't know though. He said that he jacked off himself while driving watching and hearing us. He asked me did I like how wet her little pussy got? I said yes, very much so. He told me that she told him that I fingered her really good and she came and that she jerked me off and I came all over her hand, and she licked my cum off her fingers and I tasted goof to her. The entire time that Tom is telling me this, he is rubbing his cock through his pants,

I told him that I fucked my girlfriend that night for about 2 hours thinking what it would be like to fuck his daughter. He said, oh she is tight and too bad that I didn't get a chance to taste her pussy. All this time Tom is rubbing his cock, and then he asked me if I would like to taste her pussy and smell what her pussy aroma smells like. I said, "Hell Yes". He then said good, and pulled out his cock and said here, suck my dick and you can smell her pussy and tasted it both. He then walked over to me and put his dick up to my lips and said that he fucked her just before he came over while her mom was at work. Being that close to my face, I could smell the sex on his cock and I opened my mouth and began sucking his dick. He held my mouth and fucked my mouth for about 15 minutes before slamming a load of cum down my throat. By this time, my dick was rock hard and he returned the favor.

Since that day, he and I often got together and suck, and fuck his daughter in a threesome. Oh, why did they move away?????




Hi out there. I'm Klaus and I'm from Germany. I love this platform and read a lot here.

I have something to think about a lot at the moment. We have a daughter and she is 12 yet. She slowly develops and with it the curiousity for boys develops too. There are some boys, she's meeting (i don't think of dates!) but when I have seen her with a boy I in the evening when I'm in bed, i Think about the boy putting his boycock in her. I don't want to think so but I do. Am I alone with that or are there other dads with similar thoughts?




I'm in my 30s, bi single, and not to badly hung ate 7". I have one brother who is 10 yrs older then I, as long as I can remember I've been sucking and fucking him. When I was 15 yrs old I fucked an 8 yr old boy who lived next door, I was fucking him with him laying on his belly reaching back, and holding his butt cheeks open, from that point on the sight of my dick plunging in his little butt I was transformed into a pedophile. Ever since that day I was always on the lookout for curious boys, I always was downloading deep web cp, then I ran into some new stuff, and I posted some of my saved cp. This went back and forth until we started chatting in a chat room. The person said she was a woman, but you know how that goes, and I never believed it.

When we decided to meet, I was expecting to be busted, this rather pretty blonde woman showed up. We talked, had drinks, and she said we should go and get a hotel room. We get in the room, she brings out her laptop, and starts up some cp of this new girl I've not seen, and then we start fucking. It was the hottest fuck I've ever had because he was talking all kinds of dirty pedo stuff. After that night we dated, I told her that I was bi, and she told me she thinks it's the hottest thing ever to see a man fuck a boy. Then she goes on telling me she's not told me something yet, I question her to what, and she tells me that she has a 6 yr old son. I'm thinking "okay this got to be a fucking setup", and then I ask her to move in. lol

I met ther boy, fuck he's a small framed boy, blonde hair like his mother, and really outgoing personality. Him and I hit it right off, so when they're moving in, I deck his room out with race car bed, racetrack and race cars around his room's walls, went all out. He was in love with me of course and I think his mom was in love too. So a couple nights go by, just before he asks to sleep with us, and I say ask your mom, she told him yes. Her and I always slept naked, so I asked if she wanted me to put on sleep pants, and she asked me "why so Jordan has to take them off you"? I asked if he knows, she laughs and says "yes baby, he's been fucked before sweetie".

As soon as I got into bed, this little boy slides under the covers, and starts sucking my dick. She pulled the covers back, then started fingering herself as she starts saying she like "yes suck daddy's cock honey", and then she reached in the drawer getting the lube. By this time he's on his hands and knees sucking my dick, she then squirts lube in his ass crack as she asks her son "want to make daddy cum honey"? He replies as he looks directly in my eyes "I want daddy to sperm in my butt mommy" she says "make daddy cum honey", and he gets up, steps one leg over me, and then squats down. I watched him reach between his legs taking my dick in his hand, and I felt him line my dick head up to his little butt hole, and then he sat down on my dick taking almost half. He then started working my dick inside his butt hole and before you know it, he was sitting on me with my whole dick inside him.

The whole time his mom saying shit like "oh yes honey fuck daddy", "that's it honey make daddy cum, and just all kinds of shit, then I felt some of her squirt spray us. His little naked boy body bouncing up and down on my dick, I started fucking him harder. I got to the point of grabbing his hips and really started pounding his little butt, and then I said "I'm going to cum". Oh fuck did that get her going, she's about yelling "oh fuck yes, come in his ass, fill your little boy's ass with cum"! I could feel my cum running down my nuttsack as it leaked out of his little butt and I came harder then I've ever cum.

My dream came true, I could fuck pussy or a little boy anytime I wanted, and she soon was pregnant. She had our daughter, when Missy was around 1 yrs old, her mom started teaching our daughter how to suck daddy's dick. Within that first year she pregnant again, and we soon had our second son. During all this we've met other people who have pedo interests, some with kids of their own, and some not. We're a pedo family, the first time I put the head of my dick in my daughter, and filled her with cum, she was 4 yrs old.




I met this woman for a blind date, she had a daughter, Heather who was 7yrs, I have two boys, Dillon who is 16yrs, and Jacob who is 14yrs old. Her and I fucked that night, and then that started a sexual relationship. The kids got along great, my boys watched over her like bothers, and we wanted to move in together. The house I owned only was a two bedroom, I wanted to wait until I sold my house, and she said she would move in until I sold the house, and then Heather could just bunk with the boys. That was perfect because I'm a total perv, my two boys and I have all played before a couple times, just sucking each other off. So I know exactly how it's going to play out with Heather bunking with my two boys, then Kim (my gf) was a total freak in bed, and it made me wonder, does she not see how a 7yr old girl bunking with two boys going through puberty would end up?

So they move in, everything is fine, then one night I caught them, Jacob was laying on his bed, Heather was bending over next to the bed sucking him, and Dillon was behind her just drilling her. As I watched this scene, the only sound Heather was making was slurping sounds, and light mmmmmm sounds. I walked in just as Dillon started filling her pussy, I paused as I opened my robe grabbing my hardening cock, as Dillon pulled out I touched him on the shoulder, and he jumped sky high, I almost started laughing. I put my finger over my mouth telling him to be quite, just then Heather went to stand up so I stepped behind her quickly putting my hand on her back, and Dillon says; "No stay there Heather, I'm not done". I look at her gaping hairless pussy dripping Dillon's cum, with my cock still in hand, I line it up to her little hole, and push my cock into her. She grunted, then looked back, I put my finger over my mouth again, she smiled at me, and simply went back to sucking Jacob's dick. I pulled back a little and shoved my cock into her pussy, she gasped as she went forward putting both hands on the bed to stop herself, and she looked back saying; "wow you have a big one"! I simply want; "shhhhhh", pulled back a little and pushed my cock back into her, she again grunted. Then I started slow fucking her cum filled preteen pussy, her little pussy was so fucking tight on my cock, but my cock easily slid in and out of her now gaping pussy hole, and in no time I started filling her with cum.

As time went on, a few times a week I'd sneak into the kids room and fuck Heather's little pussy. This went on a few months, then one day I caught Dillon fucking Kim (my gf), she freaked out apologizing, begging me to forgive her, and I say; "How would you feel if you caught me fucking Heather and what would you do"? She answers; "as long as you're not forcing her or hurting her, Dillon wanted to, I didn't hurt him or make him do anything". I say; "Well since I'd never know if you two are fucking or not, then I guess it's okay, (looking at Dillon), you can fuck her anytime you want, (looking back to Kim), so I think the kids should sleep with us tonight and let's get everything in the open". Kim looked at me funny and said; "Okay". As we was going to bed that night I told both boys to play with Kim and I'll play with Heather. I'm not sure what Kim said to Heather, but when we got into the bedroom, Heather stripped and got on the bed spreading her legs. I looked over at Kim, she was looking at me, then she smiled at me, and I couldn't get my cloths off fast enough. I get between Heather's legs and started licking her little bald pussy. After 10 minutes or so I felt the bed rocking, I looked up and Dillon was on top of Kim fucking her, Kim is looking at me still smiling. I get up on my knees between Heather's legs, line my cock up to her little pussy, and look back at Kim, she whispers; "Fuck her baby". I started working my cock into Heather's preteen pussy, since Heather was already used to my cock, I started shoving my cock all the way inside Heather's little body, and as I'm looking at Heather's bald pussy taking my cock I hear Kim almost yell; "Oh fuck yes, fuck our baby's little pussy"! I then heard Dillon moaning as he filled Kim's pussy with cum I started drilling Heather's pussy and I started filling Heather's pussy with seed just as Jacob was pumping his cum in Kim's mouth. After we all laid there a while laughing, joking around with each other, Heather then rolled over, started licking my cock, and says; "I like yours in me, it's bigger", I replied; "So you like big cock huh"? Heather chuckles then said; "Yep, because I can feel you squirt your juice in me" and Kim looks at me then said; "Oh fuck is that hot and makes my pussy tingle".

I fucked Heather more than I fucked Kim, within a couple months Kim was pregnant, by who we don't know because Dillon, Jacob, and myself would creampie Kim's pussy every time we fucked her. Kim had a girl, her name is Sabrina, and it was not long before Kim wanted me to cum on Sabrina's baby pussy so she could lick it off as she fingered herself. Heather was pregnant at 13 and had a little boy we named Thomas. I was able to start fucking Sabrina when she was around 5, at this point Kim started getting into huge dildos, and she'd watch me fuck Sabrina as she smashed her cunt with a monster dildo. Kim would lay with her gaping cunt open, then Dillon, Jacob, and I would jack off then cum in Kim's pussy, and then Kim would take one of them monster dildo shoving our cum deep in her womb.




My wife, my daughter, and I had a pretty average life. It started when my daughter and I was swimming, she was around 8yrs old. I was sitting in a lawn chair, my daughter comes and sits on my knee facing me. She said that she had to pee, I said well go in the house, she said that she was going to pee in the pool, I said no go into the house, then she giggled saying I'll pee on your leg, and I said if she did Ill just get in the pool to wash off.

After we went back and forth with her saying "I'm going to do it" and me saying "go ahead I don't care", then she reached down pulling her swimsuit to the side exposing herself. I've not seen her pussy since she was a baby and now I'm looking at my daughter's bald pussy, her pussy opens a little, and then a golden stream of pee sprays my leg followed by her giggle. As I'm watching my daughter's hairless pussy spray my leg, she then turned a little and her piss stream now was hitting my crotch. Her stream slowed, I looked up at her asking if she's happy now, she replies "yep.... do you have to pee dad".

I said "what you want me to pee on you"? and she replied "yep".

So I pulled the front of my shorts down, my cock sprang out, and she said "dang dad..... it's big"! Still holding her swimsuit crotch open exposing her pussy, I pointed my cock right at her pussy, and started spraying my daughter's pussy with my warm piss. After I finished pissing on her pussy, she reaches out taking a hold of my cock saying again "dang dad, you're dick is big", I'm rock hard and about to cum, so I grabbed her standing her up. I stood up, I took her by shoulders turning her so she's standing in front of the chair, and told her to sit down.

I took my cock back out, started jacking it, she flipped me out when she stood up saying "wait dad", and yanked her swimsuit bottoms down, then sat back down spreading her legs wide. Now I'm standing in from of my 8yr old daughter, cock in hand jacking off, looking at her bald pussy that's gaped open a little. The first blast of cum hit it's mark, hit her clit and started running down her hairless slit. I see her hand go right for it, she started rubbing my cum all over her pussy, and the second blast hit the back of her hand, she moved her hand to look at the huge glob of cum starting to drip off her fingers,as my third blast of cum landed right in her opened pussy.

After I stopped spraying her with cum, she squeals "that was assume dad" as she's still rubbing her pussy, then I watch her dip her two fingers into her pussy, and her other hand was working on her clit, her body stiffened up, and then she started to shake. Then it hit me, my 8yr old daughter was having an orgasm, and not only was she fingering herself too, she's doing all this in front of me. After she came back down to earth, everything that just happened hit me, and said "you can't tell anyone that we did this", and she says "I know dad, I'm not stupid".

That night when kissing her goodnight, she says "dad, come back when mom goes to sleep", I said "NO, we'll get caught", and she says "no we won't, mom don't wake up in the night", which she was right. Later I got up to pee, I stopped to check on my daughter, she's sleeping with no covers over her, and she's in just panties. So I go in, one thing led to another, I'm jacking off as I'm lightly rubbing her slit through her panties. She wakes, puts her hand on top of mine, and I just kept rubbing her. Then she lifts her butt a little, pushes her panties down, and I take them the rest of the way off. When I touched her pussy again, her little bald pussy was dripping wet, after playing with her clit a second I dipped my finger inside my daughter's pussy, and she moaned a little, I was shocked how it easily just slid all the way inside her. So I pulled it out, rubbed her clit a little again, and pushed two fingers inside her, she moaned a little louder, and I started finger fucking her with two fingers. Her hand went to her pussy and started rubbing her clit. I felt my daughter's pussy tighten around my fingers, she started to shake a little, and started moaning ever so lightly. After she got off, she looks up at me and says "dad, use your dick", I asked "huh, what do you mean", and she says "put your dick inside me to squirt your juice". I was so fucking turned on, she didn't have to ask twice, I got on top of her lining my cock up to her bald little hole, and I pushed the head of my cock inside her. She didn't even moan, so I pushed almost half my cock in her, and felt it hit bottom, she jumped saying "ouch.. that hurt". I tell her sorry, and started to slow fuck her with just half my cock. I lasted maybe a minute before I was filling my daughter's pussy with my seed.

After that night, she became daddy's girl, we went every where together, and I fucked her in all kinds of places.

I'd fuck her in dressing rooms, restrooms, and even get a hotel a few times to really fuck her pussy, after a month or so I could fuck her with my full cock, and then she clearly loved it. When she was 9 I told her that I could not cum in her anymore and that's when I started butt fucking her.

She's 11yrs old not and she's a total slut, she let's several boys fuck her.

Several times now I'd shove my cock in her asshole and cum would drip out of her pussy.

So I said fuck it, if she's going to let other boys/men cum in her pussy, I'm going to use that pussy too, and I went back to filling her pussy with cum.

At 12 she got pregnant had an abortion and at 14 she had a healthy little baby girl which is more of my daughter then my granddaughter.




My daughter is 15 and flirts with me. She knows I am a feet person and when I walk by she puts her feet on the table, the sofa arm rest, or just sways her feet and toes around as I pass by.

She also wears shirts without a bra, she must have 30DD Tits, very nice size boobs. She started flirting and wearing my old shirts when she was 13. At that time her boobs were still developing so her nipples were not visible. But now at 15 and almost 16, her nipples show and she still wears my old shirts. Sometimes she wears shirts she has cut so her tummy and bellybutton are exposed.

When she is around me she clearly and purposely perks her boobs forward and up and more of her belly and sometimes the lower 1/2 of her boobs are exposed.

I have never really been a tits guy, I am more of a hands and feet type of guy. But my daughter's flirting and her big boobs have sent my interest in a new direction.

My wife is terrible in bed, no passion, very conservative, boring in bed. I eventually cheated on her after 18 years and now I IM with lady friends for thrill but no sex.

Anyway, my wife no longer arouses me. My daughter on the other hand makes my hormones go wild and gives me instant hard-ons with her flirting. Initially I thought I was seeing things, but she is definitely flirting with me and teasing me.

3 years ago, I got curious whether my wife was masturbating because I thought perhaps that was the reason her sex drive was bad. So I hid an audio recorder in the bathroom. To my surprise, instead of catching my wife, it was my daughter who was in the recording, masturbating in the shower. I have a very high sex drive, and I can see and sense my daughter's drive is off the charts.




"Daddy's Dirty Little Cocksucking Whore"

Eleven years ago, when I was 13, my Mom and Dad came home drunk after celebrating their anniversary with a night out of dining, drinking and dancing. When they went to bed, they started having sex and I heard them. I was a virgin then (except for fingering my pussy) and I was curious (VERY curious!) as to what sex looked like. I crept down the dark hallway and quietly opened their door, and there my parents were in all their drunken glory :


At first, is was with Mom on top until she had an orgasm (I may have been a virgin but I knew what an orgasm was!).

Then, after she sucked on his cock (God, it was BIG!) for a few minutes (I wished that it was me sucking him!), they switched to doggy-style and Dad fucked Mom good and hard until she had another couple of orgasms. Mom sucked his cock some more (which made Daddy groan with pleasure - I wished I could make him groan like THAT!), then she got on her back, spread her legs and bent her knees. My Mother's pussy was really hairy! I was busily fingering my almost hairless pussy and wishing mine was as hairy as hers (it wasn't then, but it sure IS now - even more so).

Then my Dad got between her legs and put his big, hard cock into Mom's hairy, wet cunt and started slowly fucking her.

At first Mom was moving around alot and making all kinds of lewd remarks. I never knew that my Mother had such a potty-mouth! But as Dad kept fucking her, she got quieter and moved around less and less. Daddy kept fucking her slower and slower. Then the sound of Mom soft snoring filled the room and Daddy gave up (unsatisfied) and got off her. I could tell that he was disappointed because, after all that sex, he hadn't cum yet. He stretched out on his back and slowly stroked his still-hard cock a few times. Then, he put one arm up over his head and soon, he too started softly snoring.

My poor Daddy! All that SEX and no orgasm!

I stayed there, peeking through their door, with my panties around my ankles, fingering myself and decided that I wanted a closer look at my Father's "manhood". I stepped out of my panties and eased through the door and sidled up to Dad's side of the bed and stared at his cock. I couldn't take my eyes off it. Daddy's cock was BIG, it was still HARD, and it was BEAUTIFUL !

I gingerly reached out and lightly touched it with my fingertips. It was warm and still a little wet with Mom's juices. With my little heart beating a thousand miles an hour, I actually found the courage to wrap my fingers around it and held it for a few moments. I had decided that "enough was enough" and it was time for me to get out of my parent's bedroom and go back to bed and finger-fuck myself into orgasmic oblivion.

I leaned over and gave Daddy's swollen cockhead a goodnight kiss. I was overwhelmed by the taste and the erotic aroma of their sexual juices. So much so, that I began french-kissing Daddy's cock. When I ran my tongue around the head of his cock, my Father gave out with a very quiet, groan. The same kind of sexual groan he made when Mom was sucking his cock. Wow!

Daddy really, really needed his sexual release, so I started sucking his cock like I saw Mom had done. I took my Father's swollen sex organ in my mouth like I saw Mom do and started bobbing my head like she had.

I was doing it! I was sucking a man's cock! And not just ANY man's cock! I was sucking my DADDY'S cock !!!

After a few minutes of slowly (and quietly) sucking Dad's cock, the sights and sounds I had witnessed earlier came back whirling through my sex-addled brain. I moved my ass around so that it was up near the head of the bed and that gave me a much better cocksucking angle than from the side, and I started sucking Daddy harder and faster (I was finger-fucking myself harder and faster too)! The over-powering sexual aroma and the slurping and sucking noises I was making was so intense it made me cum!

I heard my father almost silently moaning and groaning like he had with Mom earlier. I was on a mission! I must make my Father cum! I must suck Daddy off!

I started taking my Father as deep as I could, and then even deeper. I stopped fingering my cunt and used that hand to angle my Dad's cock into my sucking mouth and used the other to cup and massage his sperm-swollen balls. He was groaning a little louder now!

I was so busy giving my Father a blowjob that at first I didn't notice my pussy was being rubbed. But when a finger MUCH bigger than my own entered my "private parts", believe me, I noticed!

I pulled my mouth off of my Father's cock and turned to see if my Dad was still asleep. He was, but the hand that was over his head when he fell asleep had fallen and now was up the back of my short nightie and between my legs! My own Father was finger-fucking me in his sleep!

After enjoying the sensations for a few moments, and assuring myself that my Dad was still actually asleep, I went back to finish the job (blowjob) at hand.

Daddy was moaning and groaning louder now (I was almost afraid that it was loud enough to wake up Mom!) and I was

sucking his cock faster and deeper. Then, I tried to take all of my Dad's cock into my mouth. When I did, I felt his other hand come to rest on the back of my head. I stopped moving. My Father must have woken up!

But he hadn't. It was, as I've since learned with a LOT of experience, just a reflex action.

After a few seconds nothing further happened, so I went back to completing my mission with zeal!

I had only gotten another 10 or 12 good deep sucks in, when my Father's hand pushed my head all the way down on his cock so that my nose was buried in the thick bush of his pubic hair and the head of his cock had been forced all the way to the back of my mouth and down my throat!. His pelvis started thrusting furiously as he rapidly bucked his hips and fucked my lips!

I ran out of air and I couldn't breathe but I was loving it !

Daddy's other hand really finger-fucking my tight little cunt harder now using the same rhythm as his pelvic thrusts into my mouth. Having all that happen at once gave my the biggest orgasm I'd ever had! I was quietly (as quietly as I could) screaming and I was ever so thankful that Dad's pounding cock muffled my orgasmic vocalizations!

And then, my Father started CUMMING too !!!

I was overwhelmed by all it!

It was so very warm. It tasted so very good! And there was so very, very MUCH of it !!!

My Father was cumming in my mouth and down my throat. I was out of air, I was choking, and I desperately needed to catch my breath, but Daddy was still cumming! I had to make a quick choice!

Swallow or breathe? Breathe or swallow?

Daddy's balls were vibrating in my hand, his cock was throbbing in my mouth, and his incestuous seed was pulsing into my too-full mouth and down my throat!

Breathe or swallow! Swallow or breathe?

My oxygen-starved brain somehow knew that a girl only gets one chance to give her very first blowjob and what the right thing to do was... So my decision was instinctively an easy one :

Swallow NOW, breathe LATER !!!

So, swallow I did.

And swallow... and swallow... and swallow.

And then, finally, he was done and so was I.

As I knelt there with my Dad's cock in my mouth and trying to breathe through my nose, I was the happiest little girl in the whole wide world !!!

I had made my own Father cum and he had made me cum !!!

Then my Dad made the most wonderful sound I'd ever heard.

He sighed.

It was kind of a long, low sigh. A sigh of absolute and complete sexual satisfaction. A post-orgasmic sigh, if you will.

Then Daddy's one hand relaxed and slipped off my head so I was finally able to take his cock out of my mouth and breathe better. My Father's other hand went limp and his finger started to slip out of my thoroughly finger-fucked pussy. I squeezed my cunt muscles as hard as I could just so I could keep it in there for just a little while longer, but gravity eventually won out over my untrained flesh.

As I stood up and started tip-toeing towards the door, I thought I heard my Father mutter something under his breath. I picked up my panties, and then curious, I stepped back over to my Dad's side of the bed.

When he didn't say anything further, I leaned over and asked him, "What did you say?"

And then, in a barely discernable whisper, as he fell fully asleep, I heard my Father utter those thrilling words that I will ALWAYS remember.

"You're my Dirty Little Cocksucking Whore, aren't you?"

As I skipped out the door, I thought to myself, "Yes, Daddy! Yes, I really AM your Dirty Little Cocksucking Whore!!!"

( And I still am, and always WILL be, Daddy's Dirty Little Cocksucking Whore, too !!! )

Daddy's Dirty Little Cocksucking Whore !