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After my dad gave me some sex advice about the birds and bees, he then gave me some sex toys. I wanted the real thing and I knew it wasn't around me at school. No, I knew the real thing was the large well developed prize resting between my Dad's legs. It just needed to be brought to life when he got home from work. Now, every day when he gets home from work, I raise my Dad up to stand and deliver for me before my Mother gets home from work. The best I could ever dream of; hot, huge, and meaty! I know I might be taking away from some of what my Mom is supposed to be getting from him, but I will keep blowing him because I know she doesn't like to do it. When he gets home, I go to work on him as soon as he can walk in and sit down on the automan for me. After I unzip him and get him out, its fast and dirty, and its hot and a lot!




the woman who had my daughter was a hooker, as soon as she had her, she gave up all rights to me, and I raised my daughter alone. When she was a baby, I'd always take her in the shower with me to bathe her, as she grew it became normal for her to take a shower with me, and she was around 2yrs old when she first touched my dick in the shower. I was washing my hair under the water and I felt her grab a hold of my dick. I stopped her and said she shouldn't touch me there, and then of course she asked why. After explaining the whole boy/girl thing, I told her that spot is private. I'm sure she didn't fully understand, it was abut a year later when she did it again, and it was a long time since I had cum, why I'm not sure but I just let her touch my dick. As my dick got hard she really became fascinated with it, I took a hold of my cock, and started jacking it, as I was about to cum I told her to watch daddy squirt juice. The first blast of cum hit her chest and she squealed in delight. I sprayed her with several more blasts of cum before I finished. Now she is 5, she just loves making me cum on her, and we usually take a shower, then go to bed where she sucks the head of my cock as I jack off, and then she always me to cum on her belly or pussy. Then one day a friend was over watching a football game and she whispered in my ear, do you think Mike likes to cum too daddy, knowing Mike is an absolute pervert, I whispered back, yes I'm sure he does baby. Long story short, we both ended up jacking off, and covering my daughter in cum. About a year later she became a total cum slut and we look for guys online to come over and then cum on her.




I'm a middle-aged divorcee who has the amazing good fortune of hooking up with a beautiful 38 year old woman (Ellen) with a 14 year old daughter (Ashley).

Ellen and I hit it off instantly and have been inseparable for many months. We recently became engaged.

One night after a steamy sex session, I joked about how Ashley would react if she knew her mom was so horny and experimental in bed with me. She admitted that she has always been very open with her daughter and has told Ashley that me and her have an incredible sex life.

What surprised me was that Ellen told me that Ashley asked her if she could watch us having sex/making love. She is a curious 14 year old and wants to know what "the big deal" is about sex. Ellen and I discussed the topic for weeks and it was finally decided that we would invite Ashley into our bedroom to watch us have sex.

For about 3 months now, Ashley has sometimes watched me and her mother have sex, make love, fuck like banshees and do all manner of sexual things to and with each other. After one especially active session, we saw Ashley fingering herself wildly as she watched. Her mother motioned for her to come sit on the bed with us. She was shy but came and sat down with us. Ellen asked Ashley if she'd like to know what it felt like to have a man lick her pussy. Ashley nodded and Ellen asked me to eat her daughter's pussy. I dove in eagerly and made Ashley cum multiple times with my tongue. Ellen then told Ashley that she must return the favor. Ellen demonstrated how to suck my cock and then told Ashley to 'thank me' by sucking my now rockhard cock. Ashley clumsily swallowed my pole and with instructions from her mom, 'stroke it up and down while you suck it' or 'now suck on just the head really HARD and stroke it really hard and fast', I drained what seemed like a gallon of cum into Ashley's virgin mouth. My cum gushed from her lips, got all over her face and clothes and the sheets.

We have had several nights like this where Ashley sucks my cock and I eat her pussy and ass, but I have yet to fuck her. That is my goal. I WILL fuck Ashley's tight virgin cunt and ass before my wedding day. Count on it!




My stepdad used to play with me when I was a kid from about 10-13. Id wake up at night with him standing over me. My shirt would be pulled up over my little tits and my panties pulled down or to the side. He would suck on my nipples and run his fingers up and down my wet slit. Then he would pull me on to his lap and grind against me, I could feel his massive hard cock through his sweat pants. He'd spread my legs and play with what I thought was wear I peed from but now know was my clit. It tickled so much and made me hot all over, causing me to squirm on his erection. He'd slide one finger gently in and out of my tight, wet little hole. Eventually he'd put me off him and leave the room, probably to go jack off. I started playing with myself all the time, hiding in the bathroom rubbing my clit to make it tickle like he did and sticking my fingers in me or anything I could find that would fit. I was so tight and small not much would. I'd sneak near their room and listen while they fucked and peak through the cracks in the door to catch a glimpse of his cock. Sometimes I'd sleep with no panties waiting patiently for him to come play with me and make it tickle real good. One time I woke up to his face in my pussy, giving me the best feeling I'd ever fucking had, making me shake so hard. He left immediately after and didn't pull me on his lap that night. He never took his dick out and I was always too nervous to make any move to further things. Shortly after my young aunt (19) moved in and he started fucking her. She stayed in my room and I'd lay awake watching and listening as they played with each other. They usually went to the bathroom to fuck but a couple times they fucked right there in the floor next to my bed. I'd toy with ny pussy so hard listening to her moan quietly, watching to see his glistening cock going in and out of her in the dark. Trying to feel like he made me with his mouth that one time. Not long after my mom came home from work and caught them fucking on the kitchen counter and she left him. I always fantasize about if I had been brave enough to do more and what he would have felt like inside me. I cum to the thought all the time. I'm grown now and wish I could fuck him so bad.




I never married the mother of my daughter we was only 15 when she was born. I never liked kids before but once she was born I was in love with her. My ex wasn't into being a mom shortly after she gave birth my daughter stayed at my house my parents helping raise her. Never had any naughty thoughts while she was growing up not until one night. My daughter was now 9 yes old I had our own place while I dated I wasn't in a serious relationship. It was summer just the two of us it was pretty late at night my daughter was wearing a short The shirt and panties like always before bed. I wore boxers it was normal for us. She was laying with her head on the arm rest and kicked me. When I looked she had taken her panties off at some point and her legs wide open. She had a tiny 1" long and 1/2" wide strip of hair above her slit that was gapped open and very wet.her clot was hard erect and shiny. Not once in my mind did I think to scold her instead my clock was instantly hard. Your getting big look at that set fuzzy pussy I rubbed her clip and slit my finger sliding inside her half ways as she moaned. I moved her hand to my hard cock look how sexy you are sweetie. She giggled saying your really big as he hand stroked my cock and was feeling my balls. I shoved my finger all the way inside her I started finger ducking her telling her pussy was nice and big and deserved a big cock. She just moaned I started licking her clit while finger fucking her till she orgasmed. Her body was quivering them she jolted and rolled into a ball her eyes wide open. I got nervous how serious of an expression she had on her face, I'm sorry if I hurt you sweetheart. She giggled saying it didn't hurt it felt really good after that she wanted me to do it all the time. To say she was a nympho is an understatement when I would watch porn with her she wanted to act out all the things they did with me. We tried to have sec many times the first few months having a huge 8 3/4" long and 6 1/2" around cock made it very difficult. She wanted fuck like the porn we watched I started using a 7 1/2" long 5 1/4" around dido on her. After a few times she easily accommodated it and enjoyed it after a few weeks working her with that multiple times a day. I lubed my cock after pulling it out and finally shoved my cock inside her. She grunted and teared up in pain for awhile I just held her body tight keeping her perched on my cock with every inch inside her. The next month I fucked her day and night cumming as deep inside as I could shove my cock. By now she could take it from any positions possible her pussy was so gapped out permanently almost 2" wide. The lips and opening was so swollen I knew she was ever seen naked our secret would be revealed. That was 17 yrs ago she is now married and we still have sex he doesn't have any idea. But he has over 11" of cock and gives her an even better fuck like she deserves.




Me and my daughter been flirting with one another for a while now and I want to take things a little futher know. I want to buy something sexy for christmas to break the ice. Any suggestions




After my breakup with my girlfriend of three years, I was devastated, and lonely.

I couldn't focus at work and I found myself skipping meals because I couldn't eat. My best friend, Brian, recommended I get my ass back on the horse by calling an escort agency he has used a "few" times. Brian is a single Tech Sargent in the Air Force with nothing but money and pussy on his mind. I doubt he has used this agency a "few" times.

So, after a few drinks on a Friday night, I gave the agency a call. After listening to the description of a few of the girls they had, I settled on a short, petite, 21 year old, named Catherine.

I was nervous so I started drinking before she arrived. I was even more so when I heard a knock at the door. I opened the door to find my ex-girlfriend's daughter Bobbi standing in front of me in a sexy black dress.

We both locked eyes and were stunned. We didn't say anything for at least 30 seconds. Then, an awkward, "Oh my fucking god...". I told her to come inside. Bobbi is 18, not 21.

"How long?" I asked her.

"3 months, I started working for this agency because I wanted a new experience."

We talked for what seemed like forever but was actually only 30 minutes. After a little discussion, we decided that sex is sex but business is business.

We agreed that what she did on her own time was her business and not her mom's. Then, we fucked. It was hot and fast and don't think for a second that I didn't feel a sense of revenge as I pulled on her hair and pushed her up against the wall as my bare cock entered my ex's daughter's young pussy.

And when it came time for me to orgasm, she whispered, "Cum inside me." As I pumped my load into her young, tight pussy, I felt all my feelings for my ex melt away.

It only lasted 20 minutes, but it was the best sex ever. "Way better than your mom," I told her.

"Our little secret," she said as she cleaned herself off and dressed. of course!

It's been six months since I broke up with my ex and every now and then I see her out with her daughter. I still call her up and the sex is amazing.