I have been exploring my gay cum slut side as I have begun travelling for business again.

Recently I was in Jacksonville, FL for two nights. I was staying in a small motel, no lobby. I checked in about 5pm, jumped on an app and started searching for cock. I was very clear what I wanted. He must be a non-smoker, disease free, no pharmaceuticals in my room. My holes were his to use. I had a few who said maybe later, but eventually no takers. I fell asleep about 10:30pm, disappointed.

I woke up at 2am, decided to try my luck. Immediately a 32yo, about 8 miles away was very interested. He preferred topping mature men. I love being topped by younger men. He had just got off work and needed to shower, I suggested we shower together, and he loved the idea. He was on his way!! I cleaned out and lubed up, worked a couple fingers in my ass trying to loosen up a bit. It had been over a year since I had been fucked. I was totally naked and pinned the door open.

He arrived, entered, shut the door, smiled when he saw me. "let's shower!" he said and immediately was naked. A little over 6 foot tall, in shape, limp cut cock. I turned the shower on, it got warm, and we entered. We both rinsed, started showering, and I was washing his cock. He started getting hard and growing. Soon I was on my knees sucking him hard. After a bit he pulled me up, sucked my cock some (he was good) then turned me around. He had me bend over and he shoved his tongue up my ass. I was in heaven. After a few minutes he removed his tongue and stood up. I handed him the lube and he lubed his raging hard cock.

He grabbed my hips, pulled me close, his cock at my asshole. He slowly pushed forward, and he entered me. Damn he felt good, I moaned like a whore. He worked his cock in and was quickly fully in me. He told me my Daddy ass felt amazing. I told him his cock felt amazing and to use me.

He began fucking me, slowly all the way in and almost out, I loved it. He began to pick up the pace, pumping me good. He was deep in me and stopped. I reached down and felt his balls, so tight. "you need to cum" I said. "not yet" he replied. I told him to "fuck me like a whore" and he did. A couple minutes later he is roaring and cumming huge in my ass. I started cumming feeling his cock pulse, shooting cum everywhere. He finished and was breathing hard. After a minute he slowly pulled out. He had me bend over and spread my cheeks and he shoved his tongue back in my ass, driving me crazy.

After he stopped eating my ass, I told him to let me wash him. I washed his cock good and told him there was only one way to verify he was clean. I was back on my knees sucking him. I put his hands on either side of my head he was soon hard and fucking my mouth. He pulled me up, turned me around, shoved his cock in and pounded my ass. for about 15 minutes. He roared and filled me the second time.

After he pulled out, he said he couldn't go again and washed himself. Soon we were dried off, he was dressed, and I had cum oozing out of my ass. He left and I went in the bathroom and watched myself stroke and cum, a lot.,

I cleaned up and went to lay down, it was 3:30am. I smiled, it was 90 minutes from when I went on the app and had sucked cock twice and two loads in my ass. I was a proud cum slut.

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