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So, i'm 70 years old, pretty fit for age and a happy man.

When i was 17 i got my 17 year old girlfriend pregnant. We ended up married an happy with a daughter. She grew up well and happy as well. She was 19 when she gave birth to my grand daughter. I was 36 at the time. The father left her as he was a complete waste of time. I was glad when he left. I helped my daughter raise my grand daughter. When i was 45, my wife also the same age, she died unexpectedly of a stroke.

I lived close to my daughter and grand daughter, only a few minutes away so i was always nearby to help out. This was good for me as i enjoyed the distraction from being alone all the time.

My grand daughter was a quiet girl, but met a nice guy and got married at 19, then at 20 gave birth to my great grand daughter. So i was 56 when this happened. I loved having all my family near and seeing the girls. I guess it was being lonely that got me. I started seeing my grand daughter as a nice sexy woman. But it was when my great grand daughter hit 12 that i knew i was looking at a young girl as sexy when i shouldn't be.

Over a couple of years i enjoyed seeing her, watching her body develop into a super cute maturing teen.

It wasn't like i planned it, but my grand daughter asked me to watch her for a couple week while she went away on work. I agreed. I was happy to have the company at home and of course to check out how sexy she was getting. She arrived and all was good. We chatted and played some board games. On day 4 she accidentally caught me masturbating, but didn't know it was using a photo of her to do it. We talked and i explained that being alone for many years and not having anyone to help my my adult male urges that sometime it was something i needed to do.

We moved on. End of the first week, we were watching TV and she asked if i was ok. I told her of course. I didn't see it coming when she asked if she could help me with anything. I told her we could clean the garage tomorrow and go for a swim afterwards. She agreed.

Seeing her in her tiny pink bikini was hard. I mean really hard. I had to stay in for an extra 10 minute just to keep her from seeing my raging boner from watching her for over an hour swimming around.

We got back from the pool and while making some dinner she again asked if she could help with anything. She then hinted, anything at all....

Well dinner could wait. I told her if she wanted she could help me with my adult loneliness issues. I know it was silly, but it was too late for me to stop. I fucked my 14 year old great grand daughter, on the dinner room table, then in my bed. I never even considered her or if she was safe, i just pumped my great many years of frustration into her tiny body. I unloaded so much in her bare, not thinking about the repercussions.

After dinner i fucked her 2 more times in her bed.

By the time my grand daughter arrived home at the end of the following week, i must have been fucking my 14 year old great grand daughter 8 or 9 times a day. It wasn't till almost 6 weeks late she found out she was pregnant. She told me, and asked what to do since her mother doesn't know. Knowing it was bad that i had done this we told my daughter, grand daughter that she came to me in fear of telling them a boy school had knocked her up. She decided she could bring herself to have an abortion, so now i have a great great grand daughter, just born 4 weeks ago, but she is also just my daughter.

So now my fifth generation of girl is also only my second. Not that the 2 in the middle know it.

While bad i will continue to help raise the girls. We agreed not to tell anyone. What none of my family knows it that this really opened me to my desires for young girls. I hadn't ever realised how much i adore them. But i really find myself out of control. Over the last 6 months i have been up to no good. It started by finding a add in a local magazine for a girl advertising 18, escort services only $300 for a night. I hired her and on our third time i even asked if she knows other girls or younger. I paid her and she connected me to some she used to work for, as she put it. For the next couple of months i was paying 3 or 4 times a week to fuck girls 15 and 16. I finally asked for a girl younger. I had to pay a lot, but i got a 13 year old girl. I was so into it that i made sure to slip the condom off half way and i unloaded into her tiny pussy.

Since i started finding girls myself. Posting dodgy adds for hire help and babysitting, when i was actually meant to be the babysitter. I have managed to fuck another 8 or 9 girls and i love pumping my loads into them when they aren't expecting it. My last girl was only 2 weeks ago, she is only 12 and let me, a 70 year old man have her. I told her it wasn't possible to impregnate her since i'm too old and she's too young. Well i hope she will be baby sitting for me as i unloaded in her tiny body 6 times before she went home.

It's really such a bad problem now, but i can't help myself as i just want to keep impregnating as many tiny girls as i can. I have even hinted to my great grand daughter that we could have another baby if she wants. I'm hoping she'll agree of at least fuck me again. If she even agreed to have sex with me i would make sure to stealth her no questioned asked, no way i wouldn't be unloading in her belly if i get the chance again.




I had been volunteering at a special needs school for almost 3 months. I have always liked helping out and being able to help the children who need it. I have a young brother who has needed help most of his life.

A new girl was enrolled and i was asked to meet her the next day and help settle her into her new class. I found out she was actually 15, but with a capacity of about a 6 or 7 year old. She had been sick when she was young and basically never expanded beyond that age.

The next day i met her parents and her. I was shocked as she looked absolutely stunning. If h hadn't known i would have guessed she was 18 or 19 years old, not only just turned 15. She had no external signs that she was handicapped, but once we spoke a bit it was clear she was very young minded. She was also carrying a doll, she called Trish. She said it was her best friend.

Well all was good for a few days, but i have to admit i was always staring at her, wondering what she looked like under the young girl tops and skirts. I spoke to her parents a few times and i even asked her mother if i needed to worry about her given she was clearly maturing. Her mother knew what i meant and said she didn't understand and she took care to make sure when she gets dressed in the morning that a pad was always placed in her pants before she got them to put on. I thanked her and checked it she had any monthly issues, which i was pleased to find out none that were apparent and she joked and said i'll find out in 2 weeks.

While playing a couple days later she got upset and ran out. I had to go find her and found her hiding under the deck out the back of the school lunch area. I took her inside and we went to the change rooms for some quiet to help calm her. I was talking to her and we chatted about Trish, her doll. She told me that when Trish was old enough she was going to have a baby they could both look after.

I know i shouldn't of, but the chance was to good. A young girl, super cute, knowing she was right about ovulation time and wouldn't understand. I did!

I told her if she wanted a baby sooner i could help her and Trish now if she wanted. But it would be our secret and then we could get her a baby. She was so excited i told her we needed to play a game and then she would have a baby soon after.

It was slow, but i explained every step to her as i helped pull her skirt and pants off, lifted her top off and took my own pants off. I spent almost 4 hours that day fucking her tight pussy, pumping every load i could into her belly. Over the next 4 weeks i must have fucked her and unloaded in her at least 50 times. She seemed to enjoy our game and hadn't said anything to anyone. I slowed down after this and was only fucking her once or twice a day for almost another 2 months. Her mother asked me one morning when she was dropping her off how much she was eating as she appeared to be gaining a little bit of weight. When i stripped her that day i could see her belly had a small bump forming. My god i was so turned on knowing a girl of 7 mentally, and not even 16 physically was pregnant with my baby, i really went to town on her. When her mother picked her up she asked why her daughter looked so tired and i explained a lot of sports and running today. Well, kind of true since i kept fucking her for almost the entire day. I blew dry loads the last 4 or 5 times after fucking her pretty close to once every 30 minutes for 7 hours.

I left that school and moved states after this. I found a new school and as of now, i have been fucking a 9 year old girl who is unable to talk and give me up, but has been menstruating for almost 3 months. I love putting her diapers back on after i have pumped her pussy full seed, knowing that no one knows she is full or leaking all day. Sometimes i fuck her 4 or 5 times, which really leaves her diaper wet with leaking cum when i change her before her mother comes to pick her up. I can't wait to see her belly swell as well. Only 9 years old and i am trying so hard to put a baby in her tiny belly.




I was 39 years old and been teaching my whole working life. I'm not married but had a girlfriend, she was also a teacher.

I was one of 3 teachers acting as escorts for our school freshman trip. I won't say where we went for privacy reasons, but we were going away for 6 nights.

Now i won't lie, but i like checking out the girls, seeing them in school uniforms and skirts. I have always liked girls young and cute. By the time i was 15 the only girls i checked out were 13-15 year old's.

Anyway the trip was formal so the students had to be in uniforms each day and evening. They could change into relaxation clothes once past 7:30 pm and the days activities were done.

The first couple of nights i just tagged along with my female counterpart when she did rounds to check on the girls and make sure all was ok. Then again at lights out. Seeing so many of the girls in pj's, singlet tops, boxers and even a few only in bras and panties was exciting.

It was the fourth evening and while everyone was in the main dinning hall for a dinner with a few guests i noticed one girl missing. I noticed cause i have been checking her out each night. She is 14, extremely long blonde hair down her back, nice small breasts and a super tight body. She even had nice hips forming and seeing her in her school skirts was always lovely. I told the other 2 escorts there with me that i would go find her and bring her back.

I left and headed firstly to the bathrooms and asked a waitress to check if she was in their. She wasn't. I checked with the main desk which room she had been moved too for the night, as we were rotating the boys and girls to have different room mates each night. Obviously not mixing them.

Anyway i headed to her room. When i got to the door it was closed, but i heard noises inside. I took a few steps back and was able to see inside, the curtain had a small gap to the window edge. I was so surprised and turned on at the same time. She had her school shirt on and her skirt, but it was the rest i was excited to see. She was straddled legs over the end corner of the bed, her pillow between her legs, sliding herself back and forth over it, rubbing herself against it. I could see she had pink panties on and she was rubbing through them, but they pulled nice and tight each time she slid back.

I was going to burst in, but i realized i wanted to watch. Moving back to the door i very carefully checked if it was unlocked and was pleased to find it was. Without thinking, even though i know i shouldn't have i very checked both ways up the walkways and noting no one coming i quickly stripped. Very gently i opened the door only enough to slip in. I closed it and gently hooked the latch.

After putting my clothes down next to the door i very slowly made my way towards her. I was lucky as she had her eyes closed as she softly moaned. Being so distracted she didn't seem to notice me at all. I was right behind her by this point. I waited till she slowed down again and slid right back. Taking my opportunity, as fast as i could i lifted the back of her school skirt, pulled her panties down over her ass, enough to have clear access, and grabbing her hips tightly i pulled her even further back as i pushed my cock directly into her pussy. She was already nice and juicy from her rubbing, so i slipped in easily. I didn't feel any hymen being broken, but who cares. She yelped as i pushed in.

Before she had a chance to scream i used 1 hand to push her head down and into the bed cover. It was like having my cock in a vice, she tried so hard to tighten herself up to stop me, it just made it even better. I just rammed her as fast as i could, driving myself as deep as i could each time. I only lasted maybe 2 minutes, and i let go of her head as i held both hips again, pulling her as tightly onto my cock as i could as i unloaded inside her super hot teen body.

She lay crying as i sat in the chair next to the bed. She didn't even move, but once i was hard again i knew i had too. The second time i made her spread as wide as i could, still holding her hips tight, i thrust into her for almost 15 minutes until i pumped a second huge load into her pussy. She just kept muttering about please don't cum in her and she is not on the pill. All she did was make me blow even harder in her at the idea of impregnating such a beautiful young girl. She wouldn't even be 15 by the time she would have my baby if i did manage to impregnate her.

Well i cleaned up, cleaned her up and put her into bed. I explained to her that if she told anyone that i knew her younger sister and i would fuck her much harder than i did her if she did tell. I left and went back to the dinner and explained that she was unwell and needed to sleep.

On the final night i managed to catch her as she left the dinner and headed to the bathroom, i pulled her away and since i had told the other teachers i was going to call it, i took her to my room. I fucked her so many times that night, making sure to fill her pussy until i was blowing blanks. I took her back to her room at about 3:30 in the morning and told the other girls that woke she had been unwell, but she was fine now. I must have fucked her at least 6 or 7 times, as i was so sore by the time o got back to my room.

She came to see me back at school almost 9 weeks after the camp to tell me my wish had come true and she was pregnant. She wanted me to pay for the abortion and not tell her parents. I lied and said i would, but she will have to let me fuck her everyday until she is at least 14 or 16 weeks along and just starting to show. I wanted to see her belly at least a little bit swollen with our baby. She cried, but agreed. I fucked her almost every afternoon in my class room before she left to go home. I waited till she was 17 weeks and then said i would pay now. She didn't know that i planned it and the clinic had to explain to her she was past the 16 week cut off and they couldn't abort our baby. Oh my god it was so happy i had got the timing right. Just knowing she was going to have to carry my baby to term and actually wouldn't be able to hide it soon, was the best turn on.

Since this happened, i got a taste for the forbidden girls and each year for the last 10 odd years i have targeted at least one girl and in almost every case i found a way to get them. I just love blackmailing them and fucking their young bodies. I even got a 13 year pregnant 2 years ago. My first child love had a baby girl who i almost 11 now. I have 4 other children with the girls i fucked over the years. My 11 year old daughter is very smart and has skipped a few levels in school. She is joining this years trip and i know that she started her periods 4 months ago. I have already planned to fuck and impregnate her while we are away. I really want my young daughter to come home with her own sister growing in her young teen belly.




I'm 41 years old, single with a 18 month old baby girl. My wife passed away during birth due to complications. I very rarely get any time to myself. The first time i got a night off was almost 6 months ago. I found a sign up at the local supermarket for a young girl offering babysitting services.

I called her and arranged a night out while she would look after the little one for me. She arrived no time. I introduced myself and invited her in. I introduced her to the bub and we went and sat. She explained the cost was $25 for the night, plus any dinner provided. I was more than happy. Turns out she lived a couple of suburbs over and went to the local high. She just turned 14 the month before.

I have to say, that while i didn't think of myself as a perv, she was really cute. Slim, short, toned skin with long sandy blonde hair. She had nice small breasts poking out and a pretty face. Guess it all fit since she explained she wanted the extra cash to pay for a cheer leading camp in a few months.

Anyway i went out. The night was great, a few drinks, dinner with the boys and some good laughs. I got home late and she thanked me as i paid her and headed out front herself. Her father pulled up and picked her up.

The second time was a week later. I asked her back again and she happily agreed. I headed out earlier this time as i didn't want to be so late home tonight. I had an appointment in the morning. When i got home, she had my baby girl in her baby rocker near the table off the the side of the pool. She was in having a swim. She said hi and waved. I asked if everything was ok and she said she brought her swimmers cause she saw the pool last time and figured i wouldn't mind if she did. I didn't.

At first i didn't notice, but after watching her for only a minute i was rock hard. She climbed out over the pool edge. Watching her slim body, tight little ass slide out i was shocked how excited i was. I stood and perv'd on her while she got dry and slide her skirt and top back on over her wet bikini.

Now i planned it. I asked her the following week again to come babysit. She agreed. I told her to bring her swimwear so she could have a swim. She did, since she arrived and told me she would take a swim a bit later. I headed out, but i only left for a bit over an hour. I headed home. I got it right and found bub in rocker and her in the pool. I told her that i wasn't feeling well and came home early. She said she could pack up and go, but i told her to enjoy the swim. Actually i told her maybe i would feel better for a dip myself. I got into my shorts and headed into the pool. I really couldn't stop watching her sexy young body.

After a short rest i started teasing her about all the boys she must have chasing her. I gently at first splashed her, then chased her a bit. Over about 15 minutes i got up to wrestling with her, holding her tight and dunking her. I held her tight around the belly, pulling her ass tightly into my crotch as i did. God she felt so great. She stopped the 3rd or 4th time i did this and said she felt me press into her butt. I knew what she meant and i told her i was sorry. I explained a cute girl, playing around and being lonely i didn't mean too. She for the first time asked why i was lonely, even saying she thought my wife must have been away or something. I told her she was gone and i was a single dad. The mood went down, so i started to tease and play around again.

After several more times of catching her and holding her tightly tome and having my cock pressed into her sexy teen ass i decided to go for it. I chased her and caught her. I wrapped around her and again held her tight around the belly. This time i slid my shorts down and had my cock out so i could rub it against her bikini covered ass. And i did, several times, making sure to really press firmly into her body as i did. She giggled and said she could feel me again. I told her i couldn't help it and she giggled again. I didn't even wait or ask, i used one hand the pull the back of her bikini pants down. With me standing on the bottom of the pool and her held with feet hanging in the water i was able to tip her torso forward as i did and line myself up easily. I did so and pulled her back onto my raging hard cock. She yelped and kicked her legs while saying "oh my god, i'm sorry, my bikini pants slipped.....careful your getting in me....oh, oh, quick pull it out". As you can imagine i didn't, i pushed right through her hymen and sunk my entire cock into her teen pussy.

She struggled again, still saying to be careful as i pull out, she isn't safe and she didn't mean to accidentally let my cock into her. She really didn't seem to know i had actually started fucking her. I let her struggle around, half pulling off my cock as i pulled her back again, impaling myself back inside her.

After what felt like hours, but was only 20 seconds, i told her sorry, i didn't mean it either. I knew after so long without and being so worked up i couldn't hold myself. I pulled her tightly back onto me one last time and unloaded everything i had into her teenage body. I really pumped so many squirts into her, i knew could feel it as i unloaded in her belly. She freaked out and really pulled hard to get off. As i let her off, i acted freaked out as well. I told her "Oh shit, i'm so sorry, i was trying to pull you off and in our mucking around i didn't realize i was so close. I didn't mean to end up in you. I think my shorts must have hooked your bikini pants and pulled them down.....crap, did much get in you? Oh god, you said your not safe. When did you have your last period?". She had a total shocked face as she answered that it was about 12 or 13 days ago. I was already hard again, but i had pulled my shorts back up.

I told her i'm sorry so many times, no meaning any of them. I told her she should be fine since it was her first time and i'm getting old. She calmed down after a while and we arranged her dad to pick her up.

I didn't hear anything and no police or anyone came knocking. I decided to try my luck calling her about 8 weeks later. She agreed to babysit for me. She came over and when she arrived we sat and talked. She told me she already knew she was pregnant from our pool accident. She told me she was booked to have an abortion in a couple of weeks time. I asked her to please not. I said i know it was an accident, but with my wife gone, i would love to have another baby, if she would consider keeping it and not telling anyone what happened, i would raise it and never tell anyone. After much talking and convincing she agreed to keep our baby. She is now about 5 months pregnant with a our baby girl. I get so turned on thinking about her only being 14 when she gives birth to our baby, all the while not knowing i raped her intentionally, happily pumping her teen body full of seed in a hope for her to get pregnant without her reporting me or calling rape to anyone.

I have no idea how, but i really hope that after she has our baby, i can find a way to put another baby in her teen belly. I would love to get 2 or 3 babies out of her before she gets to old. After now realizing i really do love tiny young girls, I have even gone and found another new babysitter a couple of week ago that is just as cute, but she is only 13 a few months ago, and i really hope to repeat the same trick with her. I have already had her in the pool with me and just played around. She is coming over tomorrow night and i'm going to try and get the biggest load i can into her even younger pussy. God i hope i can get her pregnant!




So the normal family gathering. Everyone spending the day together at my parents place. I always love when my sister come along as she always has my niece in tow. I spend way too much time looking at her and thinking about all the thing i want to do to her tiny body.

My niece is 14, very short for her age, but slim and toned. She does dancing, keeping herself fit and i think sexy. She has long dark hair, fair skin, tight body and maybe a large A cup pair of breasts on her. She showed up today wearing a short ruffled mini skirt and a thin trap singlet top. I could see her blue bra under and through her white top and a few time i got flashes of her pink underwear under her skirt as she helped set up the table.

After lunch everyone went outside, but i noticed her in the lounge room. I went to her and left the others to go out. I sat with her and asked of she was ok. I played and tickled her a bit as i did. We chatted and she explained that the boy she liked didn't like her. I told her he wasn't worth it and told her i would give anything to be with her. She giggled and said that wasn't right cause i was too old for her. I joked back and said i'd show her that i'm not too old. She laughed and said that she couldn't cause i'm her uncle. Well i played it and went to work.

I only took me a couple of minutes flirting and slowly working her to lie down on the lounge and i was in. I was gently kissing her as she was still half saying we couldn't. While i kissed her i pushed the front of my pants down and lay over her. I got between her legs and used one hand to lift her skirt up. I pulled her pink underwear down at the front and i line up. She was shocked and clearly holding her breath as i pushed into her. She whispered that i shouldn't, but i just kissed her again and pushed in further. Just knowing the rest of the family was only just outside made it even hotter.

I knew i had no chance of lasting so i just pushed in as deep as i could. I managed to hit the bottom of her pussy with my head, which drove me over. She must have felt me as she quickly said "i'm not on anything, you can't". I just held myself completely pressed into her and unloaded everything i had into her tiny body. I must have spurted 3 or 4 good squirts into her teen belly.

She was scared and said she didn't want to have sex or be pregnant yet cause she was too young. I told her i had to prove to her i wasn't old and the best way is to put my "old" sperm into her and give a baby, proving i'm not to old for her.

She settled after i told her i would take her to the doctors tomorrow and get a morning after pill with her. She has no idea that i have no intention of doing that.

Anyway, the best part for me, that she doesn't know, nor does my sister is that she isn't my niece, she's my daughter as well. Almost 15 years ago i was staying at my sisters place after a big party. She has always assumed that her boyfriend fucked her and got her pregnant that night. She still has no idea that i was the one who fucked her twice that night while she was out cold. I cummed in her so much and nine months later i have had a niece.




My daughter turned 18 and just a few weeks later came home to tell us she was engaged to her high school sweet heart. They have been together since they were 14. He is a nice enough guy, treats her well and always listens to me. I am proud to say that my daughter was still pure at this stage. She follows her mothers catholic beliefs, as does he. I am however, not a follower myself.

Anyway, i agreed to it and they went about setting it all into motion. The wedding was almost 3 months ago. Turns out the best wedding i have been too.

So firstly. My daughter is a dancer and gymnast and i have always thought she was just gorgeous. Long dark hair, small b cups, super tight legs and thighs and a perfect little bubble butt. She is really short at only 4'8", but it just makes her even sexier. Then to add to this i paid for a $4000 wedding dress for her, which just made her so stunning. Slim top and waist, nice bows around her hips and a big following, smooth skirt with long train.

The wedding went well, the day was great. The evening was really good and everyone had a great time. Both my daughter and her new husband had too much to drink during the evening. At the end i agreed with my wife to take them up to the hotel room and make sure they got in ok. With the young fella's help, considering he was drunk too, we held my daughter up and carried her to the room. She was out right after we lay her on the bed. I poured a drink for and the young bloke to enjoy together.

We sat down and he passed out only half way though his. I hadn't planned anything, but i finished my drink and seeing my teenage daughter lying on the bed in her amazing dress, i got excited and hard. My mind raced as i told myself no, but then it lost myself on one thought. I have known my daughters cycles for several years as she is the same as her mother, and i knew that meant she was right in prime.

I made sure both of them were out and i stripped off. I moved my daughter to be hanging, upper body on the bed and lower over the side. I lifted the many layers of her dress and pushed them up over her head to reveal her silk lacy underwear underneath. I was so turned on as i pulled them down to her ankles and off. I slid my hands under her dress to hold her hips tight. It only took a few goes to get myself in and only a few more to push in until my head reach her uterus and pressed hard into the bottom of her pussy.

I was lucky, cause she stirred and in her drunk state she spoke. She clearly thought i was her new husband as she just told him to go easy so she didn't hurt. I just softly agreed and kept going. Just knowing she was awake and didn't know it was her father fucking her made it even better. I really wanted to finish properly in her, so as i felt myself getting close i really pulled her hips hard, forcing my head to press deep against her cervix to allow my full 6 and a half inches to push into my 18 year old daughters body.

She began to twitch and her pussy squeezed me as she had her orgasm and that pushed me over. I was telling myself to pull out until then and that all changed to holding myself completely inside her. She passed out again as i unloaded in her. I hadn't cum like that since the day i did so in her mother to create her. Since she was out i used her 2 more times to really empty my balls completely inside her. I stripped her husbands pants off and lay him on the bed with her as i finished up and left.

Keeping with her faith, and that she thinks i was her husband she has never questioned it and last weekend she came over to tell me and my wife she and him got pregnant on the wedding night and she is almost 3 months pregnant. She was so excited about it and clearly hoping she will have a baby girl. I was so hard all day knowing the baby growing in my daughters belly is mine, her own baby sister or brother.




I want to have an incest family. I want to live in the middle of nowhere and just have me a little incest family. Work the land, homeschool the kids, fuck like dirty rabbits. Make my wife and kids dirty little whores. I want to watch my future son put a baby in his mom while I pump one into his young turtle sister. And every so often let some outsiders in to keep the gene pool from becoming stagnant.