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My daughter let me lick her pussy pretty much every day. I loved her taste! I eventually wanted more, but was afraid to fuck her. Then one day she caught me watching porn. The woman on the screen was sucking someone's cock. I told her she should try doing that.

That was when knelt down and started sucking on my dick. It became a new hobby for us. She would always follow me to my bedroom and stuff the head of my cock in her mouth. She'd stroke it up and down while sucking on it. I made the mistake of cumming in her mouth without a warning. Needless to say it didn't go over well.

The blowjobs she gave me after that were much shorter, and I've never cum in her mouth since. She would spread her legs and finger herself for me while I jerked off, or let me rub my dick on her pussy till I came.

Forget to mention she's almost 20, so this was about 18 years ago. That's right. She was a toddler while this was going on. Of course I had to use different words for everything we did, in case she repeated something to my wife, or anyone else really. As soon as she started talking better I decided it was smart to end our activities.

Recent events make me think I may get to enjoy her grown body again soon!