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So it was on our nightout , me and my gf were alone ( all bored ) . At some point of time we both got intimate but she was not really in the mood for sex . I was all turned on by the time. My gf was wearing her soft cotton nighty ( nightdress) so i was casually rubbing my penis on her stomach , kissing and hickeys which turned out to be really sensual, cozy and erotic. It was that time when i couldnt resist the feeling , stranded her tight in my arms and started huming on her stomach. Trust me " this was the best feeling of my life after sex ".

That day i discovered belly humping is the best resembling action for sex. leaves no traces , everythings clean ( except u and ur gf may get sweaty due to continues action and heat ). The girl's moaning will drive u crazy while stomach humping.

PS: *Men always on top

* Always let ur girl wear " a soft tshirt , nighty or lingerie " to avoid unnecessary friction and loss of enjoyment.

* Always cover yourself with sheet " it supports you from unnecessary hump force.

* 15-20 seconds of hump only then break " frequent breaks are necessary for ur girl to rest her stomach and relax her breath , or she dies Lmao"

* try to maintain as much silence as you can " no fan, ac or cooler , tv , radio " etc. Its a surprise . Enjoy

* This tips are wholely and solely for men not for females.

*Please tell me on not the only one and this is a normal fetish




I'm now just a horny old man of 53. It must have started when I was just nine. I remember when my mom and dad took my older brother to get ice cream when he turned 16. They would be gone for at least a half hour and my older sister, Lynn, who was almost 15 said it was time for me to be a big boy and let her see my winkie. For some reason I let her pull my pants down and start playing with my little cock. Then before I knew it she had dropped down to her knees and put it in her mouth. It actually felt really good. After a bit she let me get dressed and said that if I wanted to be a big boy I would let her see it whenever she wanted.

A few weeks later mom and dad were at lodge for the night and Lynn came into my bedroom and said it was time for her to play with my cock. She pulled my pants down and as she was sucking me my brother Richard came into my bedroom. He stood there watching for a minute and said that looks like fun and before I knew it I was on my back with my head off the side of the bed with his cock in my mouth. It seemed absolutely huge and he fucked my mouth until he filled it with his cum. He said it was man juice and would make me into a man so I swallowed it all. This went on nearly every week for several months. I was pretty used to him cumming in my mouth when one night I walked into Lynn's room and he was fucking her. She was cussing up a storm and I was mesmerized. He finally pulled out and squirted all over her back. He wiped it off with a towel and then saw me watching them.

He made me sit on the bed and suck him until he was hard, then made me take off all of my clothes and stand up bending over the bed. I did and felt his finger poke into my asshole. It was wet and slippery and he pushed in deeper and deeper and told me to just relax and I would enjoy it. I finally did and with a second finger in me he was finger fucking me. My little dick was sticking out and he pulled his fingers out. Then he said that this was hot a faggot gets fucked and I felt him push his cock into my ass until it popped past my pucker muscle. It hurt at first but Lynn just kept saying to relax and it would get better. It didn't get any better that night, but the next week he fucked me again, and by the fourth week of him fucking me I started to enjoy it.

For the next two years I got ass fucked nearly every time mom and dad were out of the house. Sometimes Lynn was there and sometimes it was just me and Rich. bout that time I learned about jerking off and had my hand on my cock nearly all the time. The more he fucked me the more I liked it. He finally moved away but I still needed a cock in my ass. I started using everything in the house that I could fuck myself with and by the time I turned 15 I was pimping myself out online to much older men. I became an excellent cocksucker and would let anybody fuck me for a price.

I kept it up after high school and by the time I was 24 I had nearly $300,000 in the bank and hooked up with this older hooker and opened our own brothel near Las Vegas. On occasion I would offer myself at a special price and give other men the blowjob of a lifetime. Within six years I had made my first million. I invested wisely and by 40 my net worth was in excess of 13 million. I retired at 42 and have lived a bachelor life ever since. I hire the best hookers to fuck or suck me and will actually pay the men who used to pay me for them to suck me or fuck me. I guess I'm a little different but have had more sex than most men and don't have any desire to stop anytime soon. So if you want a nice ass or mouth to fuck, just e-mail me and I'll be available. You know who you are.




I was 27 years old and Terry was in his 50's. We used to flirt a lot and he was pretty cute for an older man. I often stared at his cock as he glanced at my tits. I knew he was staring at the mo occasionally I went bra-less and would watch him look at my nipples through my blouse. We ate lunch outside together quite often and one day the subject of sex came up, We both decided we knew each other enough to speak openly. He said his wife didn't want sex anymore and he was frustrated. Then one day I blurted out "I bet I can make you cum before you leave today." He took that as a challenge so when it was time for our break I walked over to his cubicle and dragged a chair with me. "What are you doing?" he asked. I whispered "I'm here to make you cum." I reached down and put my hand on his thigh. I said "We've got 15 minutes. You think you can hold out?" she asked. I have only been with my wife so I hemmed and hawed around a bit and my hand was on his thigh rubbing up toward his cock. The I touched it. I pulled his cock so it was down toward my side of his pants. I told him I didn't want to start anything, but I won't lose when it comes to making a man cum. I squeezed his cock and it started to grow. Within a minute his cock was straining against his pants. I told him to just relax and let me work. There was nobody else in the office. fo I got on all fours and started to unzip his pants. I pulled his cock out. It was about the same size as my boyfriend's cock. I took it in my mouth and told him to cum when he felt like it. I sucked his cock until it was hard and after a mere three minutes he was cumming. I sucked him clean and finally pulled off of him. He zipped up and pretended like nothing ever happened.

Ever since that day he grabs my tits at every chance and I love it. I ofter whisper for him to play with my nipples. I just wish his wife would agree to the swinger lifestyle. But it was not to be.

Abot a year after that incident I was at work rubbing his shoulders when his wife walked in. I looked at her comfortably but she just looked at me and said "So, you're the one fucking my husband." I didn't know what to say but she continued, "That's okay. Ever since you sucked his cock he's been the most loving husband I could imagine. And I'm okay with it."

Then I got bold and asked her if she wanted to join me for drinks after work. She said yes and sent him home. We ended up at a local bar and after a few drinks she put her hand on my thigh and said she wanted to taste my pussy. I let her. We went back to my apartment and ate each other out until we both came at least twice.

Now we've become swingers and both of us have sucked more cock and ate more pussy than we can imagine. We have a great open marriage and enjoy each other as much as we enjoy other couples and singles. I must admit I love another woman's pussy as much as another man's cock. What a fucking life.