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Here's the story of my first two rapes.

First was my girlfriends sister a year ago. Three years old, big ass for a toddler, very hot. I went to a sleepover at this gfs house and when everybody was asleep went into the room, gagged and fucked her. This was all night long. I shoved my cock in her mouth, in her tight pussy. She cried so much and I took some lovely pictures. Then I went back to the bedroom and got in bed. She was still asleep. That morning I fucked her too. She probably got her sisters pussy juices inside of her :),

The second was a blond 13 year old. She lives near my house and goes to school near my house so it was easy to find out her route home. I found out there was an alleyway and one afternoon I followed her home, took her down that alley, threatened her with a knife and fucked her. I've got it all on video too. I blackmailed her with the video and some photos I took, as well as saying i'd kill her and rape her body if she didn't let me fuck again. She comes round now basically every day or else. Thinking about carving some things onto her skin (used goods, slut, worthless etc.) but I don't want to get caught and miss out on her fat ass.




Me and my sister are meth heads she has foster kids girls are 5 month old 3 years old boys 1 and 6 anyone interested in meeting only sickest pervs were looking for ,[email protected]




I am a registered sex offender for life. I have convictions for a violent sexual assault against an adult female, and possession of child pornography. I regret neither. I wish I could go through life being sexually violent against women and children.




My grandfather raped me when I was 7 years old and after a few months I started enjoying it. He was very sadistic and enjoyed hurting me or giving me to other men for them to use me too. I was bred at 13 by a man who paid my grandfather to breed me and had a at home birth where they both used my mouth while I was in labour.




I had been volunteering at a special needs school for almost 3 months. I have always liked helping out and being able to help the children who need it. I have a young brother who has needed help most of his life.

A new girl was enrolled and i was asked to meet her the next day and help settle her into her new class. I found out she was actually 15, but with a capacity of about a 6 or 7 year old. She had been sick when she was young and basically never expanded beyond that age.

The next day i met her parents and her. I was shocked as she looked absolutely stunning. If h hadn't known i would have guessed she was 18 or 19 years old, not only just turned 15. She had no external signs that she was handicapped, but once we spoke a bit it was clear she was very young minded. She was also carrying a doll, she called Trish. She said it was her best friend.

Well all was good for a few days, but i have to admit i was always staring at her, wondering what she looked like under the young girl tops and skirts. I spoke to her parents a few times and i even asked her mother if i needed to worry about her given she was clearly maturing. Her mother knew what i meant and said she didn't understand and she took care to make sure when she gets dressed in the morning that a pad was always placed in her pants before she got them to put on. I thanked her and checked it she had any monthly issues, which i was pleased to find out none that were apparent and she joked and said i'll find out in 2 weeks.

While playing a couple days later she got upset and ran out. I had to go find her and found her hiding under the deck out the back of the school lunch area. I took her inside and we went to the change rooms for some quiet to help calm her. I was talking to her and we chatted about Trish, her doll. She told me that when Trish was old enough she was going to have a baby they could both look after.

I know i shouldn't of, but the chance was to good. A young girl, super cute, knowing she was right about ovulation time and wouldn't understand. I did!

I told her if she wanted a baby sooner i could help her and Trish now if she wanted. But it would be our secret and then we could get her a baby. She was so excited i told her we needed to play a game and then she would have a baby soon after.

It was slow, but i explained every step to her as i helped pull her skirt and pants off, lifted her top off and took my own pants off. I spent almost 4 hours that day fucking her tight pussy, pumping every load i could into her belly. Over the next 4 weeks i must have fucked her and unloaded in her at least 50 times. She seemed to enjoy our game and hadn't said anything to anyone. I slowed down after this and was only fucking her once or twice a day for almost another 2 months. Her mother asked me one morning when she was dropping her off how much she was eating as she appeared to be gaining a little bit of weight. When i stripped her that day i could see her belly had a small bump forming. My god i was so turned on knowing a girl of 7 mentally, and not even 16 physically was pregnant with my baby, i really went to town on her. When her mother picked her up she asked why her daughter looked so tired and i explained a lot of sports and running today. Well, kind of true since i kept fucking her for almost the entire day. I blew dry loads the last 4 or 5 times after fucking her pretty close to once every 30 minutes for 7 hours.

I left that school and moved states after this. I found a new school and as of now, i have been fucking a 9 year old girl who is unable to talk and give me up, but has been menstruating for almost 3 months. I love putting her diapers back on after i have pumped her pussy full seed, knowing that no one knows she is full or leaking all day. Sometimes i fuck her 4 or 5 times, which really leaves her diaper wet with leaking cum when i change her before her mother comes to pick her up. I can't wait to see her belly swell as well. Only 9 years old and i am trying so hard to put a baby in her tiny belly.




i’m a 17 year old girl & i need to be raped asap, i want a group of older men to completely take over me and use me as their fucktoy!!




My wife past away a few years ago and it really hit my daughter hard this last year when she hit puberty at 11. I've never been close to my extended family so it's just been us since my wife past. She's going up so fast and looks like a carbon copy of her mother just shorter.

A few weeks ago she wanted to stay home from school because all the boys were always looking at her and the girls were saying mean stuff about her new breasts. So we just made it a long weekend. I took her to the lake. Our cabin had a hot tub and since it was too cold to swim she just relaxed and played on her tablet. She came in from soaking to dry off and called for me to bring a towel. As I brought her one she was undressing then completely naked. I haven't seen her nude since she was very little and then there she was young, athletic from soccer, with her little breast, bubble butt, and fuzzy little pussy. She just laughed then walked up to me to get the towel and asked what was wrong because my jaw dropped and I didn't look away. I just told her sorry for staring and that she just looked so much like her mother.

After dinner I went in for a soak myself. I brought my tablet out and was watching daddy daughter porn. The creampie ones are my favorite. I was alone and I took my trunks off and was naked. Next thing i know i hear her voice say want some company and my daughter climbed back in. I quickly turned my tablet off and told her up front I was naked. She replies with "oh okay" and then takes off her bathing suit. My cock was rock hard from the porn and by this point its throbbing. She sat there for a few minutes with her tablet watching YouTube videos and then just sat hers down and climbs over and starts to sit on my lap. I try to low key tuck it and for the most part a success. She just curled up and put my arms around her and told me she misses mom. We have this pure moment together and her bare ass and pussy are sitting flat on my throbbing dick. I know she has to feel it. Her butt wiggled a little and I moved a little and I just wanted to go into animal mode but I held it. I told her I loved her and it was getting late and she should be getting ready for bed.

I told her to return the favor from earlier and bring me a towel. And I sat there and waited, trying to make my boner for my daughter go away. Then I waited some more. Like 30 minutes went by and I just thought she was using the bathroom. I reached for my tablet and turned it back on. Fucking youtube! My daughter took my tablet. I stood up and heard her voice behind me Daddy? I turned and looked at her still naked holding my tablet with incest porn playing on it. She asked if I wanted to have sex with her and tried to explain how complicated my feeling were because she looked so much like her mom. Then she asked me how her mother was in bed and did she do the things like these people were doing. She climbed back into the hot tub and I sat down. She sat next to me and started asking about my dick. I let her touch it, and hold it, and she asked me to stand up and she cupped and played with my balls and giggled. Then she looked up at me and put my cock in her mouth. I jumped a little and asked what are you doing and she said she wanted to try what was in the videos. She started sucking and my dick barely fit her tiny mouth. I put my had on the back of her head and pushed her down further. This doe green eye brown haired little angle was sucking my soul out. I came so hard and watched her little checks puff out. Some of it dripped down her chin but she swallowed most of it.

I sat down in the hot tub to cool my jets and think about wh as t just happened but she just climbed into my lap and I was rock hard again. I figured i just crossed a line so might as well take it as far as it would go. I asked her if she'd ever masturbated and she giggle and said no. I told her I'll show her and that i was going to return the favor for her. Lifted her up and laid her on the edge of the hot tub. I grabbed both of her little ass cheeks and raised her little pussy up to me and I started licking her little cunt. She started to pant and squirm and the I took on thumb and popped in into her asshole, then a moment later my other thumb went into her pussy. It was tight and I felt a pop. I just busted her hymen. She said ouch for a sec then started moaning. I was eating out my daughter's clit and fingering her pussy and asshole and then she came. Her athletic legs wrapped around me and she came hard legs shaking everything.

I gently brought her down back into the hot water. It took her a minute to talk but she asked me if sex was anything like that. I told her yes and better for both people.

I'm rock fucking hard and demons screaming in my ear. Then she straddles me and grabs my dick and lowers herself on to it. It was so tight. The tightest pussy I've ever felt. She lowered herself down all the way and I could feel myself pushing against her cervix. Then she started fucking me. And getting into it. She cried out fuck me Daddy and I picked her up out of the water and held her ass as I fucked her. I was in full animal mode and just fucking her to pieces and then she said dont stop. I told her o had to that I was going to cum. She replied with cum inside me just dont stop. And my balls exploded. The same baby batter that made her just filled her to the brim. I could feel all the cum dripping out of our already wet bodies. I just held her there still cumming. It was our new moment.

After that she's been daddy's little girl and been sleeping in my bed because i keep the house too cold.