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My wife past away a few years ago and it really hit my daughter hard this last year when she hit puberty at 11. I've never been close to my extended family so it's just been us since my wife past. She's going up so fast and looks like a carbon copy of her mother just shorter.

A few weeks ago she wanted to stay home from school because all the boys were always looking at her and the girls were saying mean stuff about her new breasts. So we just made it a long weekend. I took her to the lake. Our cabin had a hot tub and since it was too cold to swim she just relaxed and played on her tablet. She came in from soaking to dry off and called for me to bring a towel. As I brought her one she was undressing then completely naked. I haven't seen her nude since she was very little and then there she was young, athletic from soccer, with her little breast, bubble butt, and fuzzy little pussy. She just laughed then walked up to me to get the towel and asked what was wrong because my jaw dropped and I didn't look away. I just told her sorry for staring and that she just looked so much like her mother.

After dinner I went in for a soak myself. I brought my tablet out and was watching daddy daughter porn. The creampie ones are my favorite. I was alone and I took my trunks off and was naked. Next thing i know i hear her voice say want some company and my daughter climbed back in. I quickly turned my tablet off and told her up front I was naked. She replies with "oh okay" and then takes off her bathing suit. My cock was rock hard from the porn and by this point its throbbing. She sat there for a few minutes with her tablet watching YouTube videos and then just sat hers down and climbs over and starts to sit on my lap. I try to low key tuck it and for the most part a success. She just curled up and put my arms around her and told me she misses mom. We have this pure moment together and her bare ass and pussy are sitting flat on my throbbing dick. I know she has to feel it. Her butt wiggled a little and I moved a little and I just wanted to go into animal mode but I held it. I told her I loved her and it was getting late and she should be getting ready for bed.

I told her to return the favor from earlier and bring me a towel. And I sat there and waited, trying to make my boner for my daughter go away. Then I waited some more. Like 30 minutes went by and I just thought she was using the bathroom. I reached for my tablet and turned it back on. Fucking youtube! My daughter took my tablet. I stood up and heard her voice behind me Daddy? I turned and looked at her still naked holding my tablet with incest porn playing on it. She asked if I wanted to have sex with her and tried to explain how complicated my feeling were because she looked so much like her mom. Then she asked me how her mother was in bed and did she do the things like these people were doing. She climbed back into the hot tub and I sat down. She sat next to me and started asking about my dick. I let her touch it, and hold it, and she asked me to stand up and she cupped and played with my balls and giggled. Then she looked up at me and put my cock in her mouth. I jumped a little and asked what are you doing and she said she wanted to try what was in the videos. She started sucking and my dick barely fit her tiny mouth. I put my had on the back of her head and pushed her down further. This doe green eye brown haired little angle was sucking my soul out. I came so hard and watched her little checks puff out. Some of it dripped down her chin but she swallowed most of it.

I sat down in the hot tub to cool my jets and think about wh as t just happened but she just climbed into my lap and I was rock hard again. I figured i just crossed a line so might as well take it as far as it would go. I asked her if she'd ever masturbated and she giggle and said no. I told her I'll show her and that i was going to return the favor for her. Lifted her up and laid her on the edge of the hot tub. I grabbed both of her little ass cheeks and raised her little pussy up to me and I started licking her little cunt. She started to pant and squirm and the I took on thumb and popped in into her asshole, then a moment later my other thumb went into her pussy. It was tight and I felt a pop. I just busted her hymen. She said ouch for a sec then started moaning. I was eating out my daughter's clit and fingering her pussy and asshole and then she came. Her athletic legs wrapped around me and she came hard legs shaking everything.

I gently brought her down back into the hot water. It took her a minute to talk but she asked me if sex was anything like that. I told her yes and better for both people.

I'm rock fucking hard and demons screaming in my ear. Then she straddles me and grabs my dick and lowers herself on to it. It was so tight. The tightest pussy I've ever felt. She lowered herself down all the way and I could feel myself pushing against her cervix. Then she started fucking me. And getting into it. She cried out fuck me Daddy and I picked her up out of the water and held her ass as I fucked her. I was in full animal mode and just fucking her to pieces and then she said dont stop. I told her o had to that I was going to cum. She replied with cum inside me just dont stop. And my balls exploded. The same baby batter that made her just filled her to the brim. I could feel all the cum dripping out of our already wet bodies. I just held her there still cumming. It was our new moment.

After that she's been daddy's little girl and been sleeping in my bed because i keep the house too cold.




My baby grandaughter came into my bedroom in the middle of the night dressed in her short nightie and no panties. She asked if she could sleep with

Grampy, and I willingly allowed the four year old into my bed, and she snuggled close beside me. I could feel her warm little body, and the warmth of her bare pussy against my thigh. It made Grampy so hard, and I pressed closer to her. Then I felt her tiny hand against my boxers and her fingers reached inside to hold my erection. I started to lubricate with pre cum almost immediately and coating her little hand. I quietly slipped my underpants down so I was naked and loving the sensation of her bald pussy sliding back and forth against Grampy's slippery pee pee. It only took a minute or maybe too until I spurted several ropes of hot cum on the toddler's bare pussy. Maybe the best cum of my life.




my sister is 3yrs older, we started fooling around when i was around 8yrs old, and when i was around 13yrs old, we fucked a few times.

we grew up, when i was around 22yrs old, she met this guy, and shortly after the guy and his 10yr old daughter moved in with my sister.

i didn't like the fact the guy moved into her house and not the other way around, until my sister laughed as she said he has a hot daughter.

my sister invited me over for dinner so I can met them, the guy's daughter is a stone cold knock-out, and i could not take my eyes off her perfect little butt.

she has a small frame with blonde hair, blue eyes, with a perfect little body, and the roundest little bubble butt i've seen on a preteen.

my attention was mostly on her, chatting with her, joking around with her, and she really was digging me.

in the conversation it came up that i always go fishing, the guy's daughter says she always wanted to go fishing but he would not take her.

my sister jumps in saying i should take her fishing tomorrow which was saturday and it was set, i was going to take her fishing.

that night i had to jackoff a few times thinking of fucking that little girl and got very little sleep that night, even jacked off a couple times in the morning.

so i wear a pair of of thin loose fitting shorts planing on maybe flashing her to see how she reacts and go from there.

i get over there to pick her up and she comes out in a pair of spandex shorts and a rather tight top, i could not believe what i was seeing.

we get to a secluded fishing spot, get setup, and i get behind her to show her how to cast.

i crouched down a little so my cock was lived up to her little butt, i was starting to get hard just thinking of my cock touching her butt.

as i'm showing her i'm softly rubbing my cock in the crack of her sweet little butt, she then said she can feel that. and i play dumb asking feel what?

she said that she can feel that i have a big dick, i was like ummm huh, and she pushes her butt harder into my almost hard cock saying it feels big.

so i say yeah i have a rather big one, she bends over putting the fishing rod down, and turns around facing me then says okay let's see it.

again i'm like ummmm huh? she says well come on, let's see it, show it to me.

fuck i pulled the front of my shorts down and my 8" cock flopped out fully hard and she says damn Karen (my sister) was right, you do have a big one.

again i'm like ummmm what? she say oh be quite, drops down to her knees, and takes a hold of my cock, then i watch as she starts sucking me.

all i could think was oh fuck, this beautiful little girl was sucking my cock, and she takes my cock out of her mouth saying you want to do me don't you.

i asked her has she ever had sex before, she says yes her dad fucks her but his dick is not this big, she pauses, and says i have to do her in the butt.

again i'm like ummmm what?

she said that i have to do her butt so she don't get pregnant, i told her that i can't get a woman pregnant, and now she's like ummm what.

i told her that i squirt but it won't make a baby and she said okay in an almost excited voice.

yeah as i'm licking her little bald pussy that has a slight tinge of pee, i could tell her pussy had been well fucked, and i got up on top of her.

eased my cock into her tight little pussy a she moaned, i slow fucked her with just half my cock, then i started going deeper, and deeper.

her pussy was so fucking tight around my cock, i started fucking her harder, she moaning loudly, and i start drilling her little hairless pussy.

then i shove my cock in her little body almost all the way as the first blast of cum floods her pussy, she let out a scream, and I pull back.

i then shoved my cock in her again, she screams, and the second blast of cum floods her little body.

after i finished filling her with cum, i pulled my cock out of her gaping bald pussy, and as my cum pours from her hole she said oh fuck is you dick big.

i said oh you'll get used to it, she smiled at me saying oh i'm sure i will.

we fucked 4 more times that day before i took her home.

when we got there, her dad was gone to work, my sister asked if she enjoyed herself, and she said yeah i did, you're right he has a really big dick.

my niece ran off to put her things away, my sister asked well did you enjoy yourself and all i said was thank you.

my sister told me the only reason she let this guy move in because she knew he was fucking his daughter and thought of me.

she told me she liked the guy, but wished he had a bigger dick, and i said well if you want a big cock, then pulled down the front of my shorts.

I fucked my sister right on the dinning room table and my niece sat in one of the chairs watching us.

now i fuck my niece all the time and fuck my sister when she wants a big cock to drill her pussy.




I want to have an incest family. I want to live in the middle of nowhere and just have me a little incest family. Work the land, homeschool the kids, fuck like dirty rabbits. Make my wife and kids dirty little whores. I want to watch my future son put a baby in his mom while I pump one into his young turtle sister. And every so often let some outsiders in to keep the gene pool from becoming stagnant.




My mom, dad and sister used to play with me sexually all the time growing up. My sister is 6 years older than me and I remember it starting when I was 6 and in the bath. They would all take turns washing me and I would giggle and liked how it felt. They would always tell me how beautiful I am and point out all the things they liked about my body which felt really nice. Nothing really sexual happened yet but I was already starting to feel aroused. This kind of thing went on for a few years and slowly escalated into sexual activities. All the focus was always on me for some reason. My sister got in on it some, but not nearly as much as me. When I was 8 and still getting baths we would play games to see who could "wash" me the best. A game I made up mind you. It involved me sitting on a bath stool that had an open bottom so you could wash underneath. Kinda hard to explain. It had an open area underneath that went the whole way like a tunnel accept open on top like a 'U'. They would each take turns "washing" me underneath and I'd be the judge of who did the best job. This meant who got me off the most. We had fun and they would get really excited whenever I'd have an orgasm. I would spend a lot of time in the bath.

This led to me being naked around the house and me wanting to show off. I would sit on the couch in the living room in front of them, naked and legs spread and no one seemed to care. They still gave me compliments which made me want to take things further so I began spreading myself for them to see. At the time I couldn't believe I was doing It but it just felt so good. I remember my sister saying "Someone's feeling good", my mom saying "Yeah she is", and my Dad saying "Oh geez" but having a grin on his face. They gathered around me on the floor and started touching my legs. I was leaning back with my legs spread. My mom was right in front of me. My dad to the left and my sister to my right. They started rubbing my thighs and saying nice things to me like "Awe, you just want to feel good right now, huh." I couldn't do much but nod and say "Uh-Huh". I felt so good I was trembling. I just remember really wanting my dad to see me spread open so I kept spreading it and keeping my legs back. They all started commenting on how pink I am and how good my "pussy" looks. That was the first time they referred to it in that way and it kinda blew my mind. "Oh my God" was the most fequent thing I said from then on as they each took turns rubbing my now called pussy to see who could make me feel the best. I don't know how many times I orgasmed... A lot. That was also the first time they played with me like that outside of the bath. That time was very intense and lasted a while.




I moved in with my best friend. She had a cute 9 yo daughter who was developed like a 18 yo.... She has the plumpis, juicy butt,,, perfectly round... after a month or so my roommate had to go out of town to nashville for 4 days due to her work... I was laid off and offered to watch her daughter while she was gone... it was mid summer and she didnt have school... thefirst day alone with her i let hergo play with her friend wo lives next door... i had this awesome idea of letting her cath me naked. So i got naked and got a tawl and laid on the couch. position the towel to where my cock was easily showing... i figured she had never seen a cock. she was the only child, no men had been around her. so about an hr i see her walking up to the door. I immediatly got int postion and acted like i was sleeping with my cock out of my towel... it was half hard... she came in and immediatly seen me on the couch.. i had my eye barely open... she came closer and was checkingout my cock... it instantly got hard, hard like i had never had such a boner... her eyes got big, she just stood there fixating on my hard cock... then she said "wake up b****" I didnt move one bit... then she walked into her room for about 3 or so min and came back out this time tip toeing... she slowley walked up to me... at this time my cock was soft... till she got right next to me and boom! it got massivly hard again... she slowly touch my cock... and man! i had never been so turned on... i woke up and acted mad at her and threatin to call her mom and the cops! i knew i had her now! i know ill be able to have my way with her now... blackmailing a 9 yo... after i calmed down from fake being md i told her i was interested in girls private parts also... i told her i always wanted to see a girls butthole (which ive seen many" told her" ifyou let me see your butthole i will never tell anybody that she touched me while i was asleep... she didnt want to.. started crying agin... so i ated like i was calling the cops and she freaked out "OK! OK! ill let u see it, please dont call anyone.. so we went to the basement... i made sure i was recording this.. on my laptop.. she had no idea... anyway she pulled her pants and panties down to her ankles... i bent her over and made her spread her cheeks..... omg! the smell of ass was strong! no poop, just s smelly ass whichabsolutely turns me on... i ended up tounge fucking her ass and her puss while i jacked off... u should of seen her face when my tounge rubber her clit and she got off for the first time... it was the most erotic thing i have ever had... for 16months, at least once a week i was tounge fucking her ass... mainly in the shower... i tried anal with her... only got my head in her ass and she just cant handle it... so one night i put 2mg xanax in her drink, she passed out in her little panties, i got to fuck her 9yo ass finally! 3 x's that night... she never did noticed.. suprised i was....anyway, i moved back to flordia.. shes 14 now and absolutely hot! and a huge whore.. probably cause what i did to her... her mom found a video on her phone of her daughter using her moms dildo... she was fucking her own ass and molesting her 6 year old brother!!!! i would die to see that video!!!!




One day I caught my 10 year old daughter making I guess a masturbation video, she was using a rather large hair brush handle, and was just plowing her pussy. When I walked in I yelled WTF are you doing Amber, as she yanked the brush out of her pussy for a second I seen her pussy was gaping open before she closed her legs, and she kept saying I'm sorry. I got her calmed down, as I was talking to her as to how she learned that, who she learned it from, and why is she making a video of her doing it.

Come to find out, she learned it from her little 8 year old friend next door who is always over out house, they send videos back and forth. So I took her phone, as I started watching a few videos, and seeing the little girl next door plowing her pussy with a bigger brush than my daughter was using, and I started getting hard watching the videos. I tell my daughter she shouldn't use the hair brush handle because it may hurt her, if she is going to masturbate she should use something softer, and she asked what. I laughingly said that really a man's penis is what goes in there, and then she looked right at the bulge in my pants, I then said that her hair brush handle is almost the size of my penis. Still sitting on the floor naked from the down, she asks if she can see my penis, of course you can see it, and I pulled out my rock hard cock.

I then said for her to lay back and spread her legs, I got between her legs, spit on her pussy, and she said ewwwww daddy as I was rubbing the head of my cock on my daughter's bald pussy. I then pushed into her little pussy, she moaned a little, I pulled back a little and pushed almost all of my cock into her tight hole, she only lightly moaned. So I started slow fucking her, she then looks at me with a huge smile, and says we should make a video so she can send it to Bella her little friend next door. I took her phone, started recording, and pointed it at my cock sliding in siding inside her stretched pussy. I pulled my cock out a few times so I got her little pussy gaped open and I'd plunge my cock back into her causing her to moan. The video ended with me pulling out of my daughter and cumming into her hairless gaping pussy hole.

Withing minutes of Amber sending that video to Bella, she texted she's coming over, and in seconds she was knocking on the door. Amber opened the door still bottomless, and as I hear them coming toward the bedroom, they're giggling. When they walk into the bedroom, I'm on the bed stroking my half hard cock and Bella jumps up on the bed, I said nope you have to be naked when you're on my bed. As Bella was taking off her pants off, Amber got between my legs, and took over jacking my now hard cock. I watched Bella's little bald pussy stretch around my cock and she completely sat down on my cock. I flipped her over so I was now on top, I put her feet behind her ears, plunged my cock back inside this little 8 year old girl, and started drilling her pussy, all she did was lay there and moan.

I made sure the video of me on her phone was deleted after I fucked her again, then fucked Amber again, and I shot my seed deep inside their little pussies. My daughter Amber and Bella are both in high school, and they both sell their pussy to older men. Of course they both not only fuck me but they both give me thousands of dollars every month. I love watching my daughter take a man's cock and have her ride my cock with her shaved cum filled pussy.