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I am a 25-year old pre-op transgender woman from a borderline nudist family (we weren't the kind of people who immediately stripped down to nothing once we were alone in the house, but nude beaches and nudist resorts were a thing in my upbringing) and I have seen my mom naked on countless occasions. For a while it didn't mean much; however as i entered puberty I began to notice. Every time I saw my mom in the buff, i would fixate on her butt and how it jiggled while she walked. I didn't think much of it, until my late teens, when my masturbation fantasies started to involve her. At first it was just her body, then it graduated to just being in the bath or shower with her. Eventually it turned into handjobs and blowjobs, and finally full penetration to her pussy or ass.

Much as i've tried to fight it, i still fantasize about her frequently; sometimes i wish that, just before i switch genders full time, she would be allowed by me to fuck her and let her taste my cock. Other times it goes to other extremes; i sometimes fantasize about one night when it's just us, knocking her unconscious-either by a blow to the head or by roofie-stripping her naked, tying her up and blindfolding her, and just having my way with her; fondling, penetration, the whole nine yards.

However, I've already taken it to some pretty heavy extremes; one night while my folks were out of town, i went onto their bedroom computer, and found some pretty hot photos of my mom; in the bath, naked outside, getting penetrated by men (not all of whom were my father). My personal favorite is one where she is doing nude yoga in our living room, with her backside facing the camera. Her glorious booty showing off. I saved that and a few others to a flashdrive and revisit it frequently when alone.

I don't approve of these feelings and know they'll probably never be reciprocated, nor my fantasies come true; however i still have fun feeling so naughty pleasuring myself to my own mother.




If my husband cums soft and slow like Mount Kilaeua my Son cums hard and fast like Mount St. Hellens. I'm an amazed Mother on just how hard I can get my Son to explode for me. My husband is fine, but my Son is amazing and I can't seem to get enough of him and his explosive cum.




I want to have an incest family. I want to live in the middle of nowhere and just have me a little incest family. Work the land, homeschool the kids, fuck like dirty rabbits. Make my wife and kids dirty little whores. I want to watch my future son put a baby in his mom while I pump one into his young turtle sister. And every so often let some outsiders in to keep the gene pool from becoming stagnant.




one night right after i was 7yo, my dad walked to the liquor store, and never came home, he'd always was in a habit of disappearing for weeks at a time even anyway.

my granddad, my dad's dad that is, who'd we'd lived with anyway had started having sex with my mom no sooner had they found my dad's body just blocks away.

fastforwards to when i was 8yo, my mom wanted me to wear this little speedo, when i'd put it on, my dick got hard, and i told her how my speedo bothered my dick.

my mom wanted me to wear it anyway, and to wear a large teeshirt to hide my speedo bulge. that day we went shopping at walmart, when my mom wanted to try on some dresses, she wanted me inside the dressing room with her.

that was when the fun began! at first i was shy about taking off my shirt cuz my dick was hard in my speedo, she'd whispered "it's ok honey, i have something to share with you anyway, here, watch." she no sooner took off her dress than was she in a high waist maternity bikini, for the first time, since she'd had me when she was just 14!

my mom had turned 23 just 3 weeks earlier, when i'd saw her in her teeny little regular bikini on her 23rd bday, i never knew she'd ever got pregnant at all! she said in my ear "i'm almost 16 weeks pregnant, i'm barely showing, isn't it lovely?" i nodded yes.

when she had me feel my baby sister inside of her, i looked at the bulge in my speedo, when my mom said "aren't you happy now?" i nodded yes. when we got home that day from walmart, me, and my mom spent the afternoon in the pond begind our house.

so when i felt my mom's baby some more, she'd asked "how is your penis honey?" i said "it feels so nice, now that you're having a baby, and you got got a nice bikini almost over your tummy"




I have been indulging with my Mom for some time now. Anyway, condoms are a little pricey since we use two a day. The first time we made it I didn't use a condom since we didn't have any; thank God I didn't get her pregnant that time. Now, I use them religiously with her; don't want to get my Mom knocked up and all...

I decided to invest in some, "Jo," instead (Anal lube)

After I got home from school, I text my Mother to, "Meet, me in the bathroom." I feel better about being behind a closed door with a lock on it when my Father is home sleeping before his night shift.

I invited my Mother into the bathroom and closed us in for a few. My Mother asked, "Are you all ready for me, sweetie?" I told her to turn around and kneel over the toilet. With the nightlight on, I started to lube up for her. My Mother let me lift her skirt up to start in on her... I railed my lubed up cock between her cheeks, and then began to press her butt.

I felt her tighten up with my initial press. I told her, "Mom, just relax." She remained quiet and didn't resist so I put a few drops of Jo on her and then pressed her again. Managing to get the head of my cock in her, the rest of my slicked up shaft began to slowly push into her. I worked my Mom with a few in and outs until suddenly, I was able to rail my shaft down into her butt all the way; balls deep in my tight backdoor Mom.

After a few more push thrusts, my Mom said, "Baby, that's my ass..."

Fucking her, I said, "I know, Mom."

She didn't say anything else and continued to let me take her from behind. I watched as my rock hard oiled shaft thrust in and out of my Mom's butt.

After a couple of minutes, I began to drawn near with her. My Mom began to whisper, "Oh, yeah, baby," knowing I was getting close; she could feel it.

I began to pulse in her and she told me to, "Give me all of that cum, honey."

A few more thrusts into her was all I could take...

Grabbing her hips an thrusting into her balls deep, I began to unload into my Mom's ass. It was the single greatest feeling I could ever have.

We finished up, kissed, and then went about the rest of our day.

I can only wonder how long my cum would be in my Mom. One day, two days, or maybe three if I was lucky!




Growing up I had quite a normal life, my mum and my dad were still together and living happily. They ended up having 3 children, my older sister, me and my younger sister. After my younger sister was born, my dad "left to go get some milk", I dont think he could handle 3 kids. Right now I'm 16, my older sister is 18 and my younger sister is 12. A few years after my dad left, when I was about 6 or 7, my mum shouted for me and my sister to come upstairs, which we did. When we both walked in she was lying on her bed, fully naked, breastfeeding our younger sister. In a panic we both ran out, but she demanded for us to come back in. Worried incase we got in trouble, we both walked in. She told us to lock the door, which my sister did, but I couldnt stop staring at her pussy. I've never considered my mum attractive, but I couldnt take my eyes off of it. My mum noticed this and started to finger herself in front of me, this is my first memory of a boner. She told both me and my sister to take our clothes off of each other, and when we did, she told only me to put my sisters clothes on. I was so confused at the time but still did it, I kind of liked being bossed around. She told me to come over in front of her. As soon as I got there she grabbed my head and pushed it into her pussy, told me to lick it and smell it, and I did, and I loved it. She held me there for a few minutes, and I noticed something warm, it was her pissing in my mouth. It tasted bad but I didnt want to get in trouble so I kept licking. I noticed she had my older sister sucking on her other tit. She let go of my head and were told we could leave. My mum started walking around nude and getting us to bathe together. Eventually me and my sister were walking around nude and copying what we did with our mum. I would suck on her nipples and lick her pussy as she peed in my mouth. My mum caught on to what we were doing and invited us to sleep in her bed tonight. I remember her putting something on to watch as we layed in bed, there was a girl on all fours. Except I noticed, it wasnt a girl, it was a guy wearing girls clothes. A group of women came along, these all wearing strap ons, big ones too, atleast 10 inches and 4 inches in width. The "girl" was fucked senseless for an hour and all I thought was, I wish I was that guy. My mum got up and threw me some used panties. They were wet and had a blood stain on the front, but I still put them on. My mum opened a draw, only to pull out a dildo and a strap on, she told me to shove the dildo up my ass. I had no idea what the dildo was until she handed me it, and well I tried, I wanted to copy the guy on the TV, but I couldn't get it in. My mum took it back off of me, only to start shoving it violently up her pussy. She pulled it back out and started to suck on it, my sister was watching, she looked confused. I asked about it and she had no clue she could stick anything up there, she started trying to put her own fingers up until my mum told her to stop. She handed me back the dildo, and I sat on it, only for it to slide up my asshole. It was really painful, to the point I was almost crying, but I think my mam enjoyed watching it. I sat in pain for a bit, while I noticed my mum was putting the on the strap on. My mum faced my sister and pushed her down on the bed. She told me to watch as she positioned it right in front of her entrance. She pushed it in and my sister let out a yelp. She kept telling her it hurts, but she continued and eventually, she stopped saying it hurts and she seemed to enjoy it. I also stopped feeling the pain in my ass, and would try to go up and down, it was quite hard at first. My mum pulled out of her, some blood came out with it, and she moved on to me. She pulled out the dildo, it really suprised me but as it passed my sphincter it felt great. She started fucking me with her strap on, she was quick and aggressive, and I liked it. While she did she pulled on my hair, I loved being used by her. She told my sister to bend over infront of me, her ass was in my face. My mum pushed my head into her ass, telling me to lick it. My sister obviously hadn't wiped correctly, since it tasted really bad, but I also kinda enjoyed it. I think the constant moans we were all making woke up our little sister, who was sleeping in her cot. This queued us to stop. My mum pulled out and I gave my sister a few more licks. However it turns out it wasnt over. She had an idea that involved my 2 year old sister. She placed her head at my penis, that was still hard and she started sucking, I guess she thought it was a nipple. She kept doing this until I orgasmed, I obviously couldn't cum as I was too young. My mum then actually breast fed her and I took the other nipple as my sister fingered my ass. As we grew up this would happen more often, we all grew to be nudist and very sex open. My mum realised she could keep my behaviour in check as well as my grades high if she offered to fuck me with her big strap on as a reward. She would still end up doing it regardless anyways. If she didn't, she raised both of my sisters to be dominant and I'd let them fuck me. I liked it when my older sister fucked me since she had a horse cock strap on and a pink one that was covered in rubber spikes. They felt great.

When my younger sister turned 8, I got the pleasure of taking her virginity. On her birthday, we let her be the one in control of everything, and well it turns out my younger sister is really kinky. I was tied to the bed, unable to move, she made both my mum and my sister shit in their pants and leave them on. My sister kept giving me little scratches and bites, usually biting my nipples. She drew blood from a few scratches but it was alright. She let my sister and mum take off their panties and left them on the floor. She demanded that I let them sit on my face as I eat their asses out. I didnt really want to taste their shit but i still did it anyway. I havent really mentioned but my sisters and mum are quite chubby. They let their full weight on my face and I proceeded to lick the shit off of both their asses. While doing this my sister pulled out my cock which is currently hard as nails. She opened up her lips and slid down my cock, I popped her cherry and had her moaning and screaming for the first few minutes. After we finished I was the "toilet for the day" I wouldnt eat their shit but let them all piss in my mouth.

Sometimes when I really need to be fucked, I like to get in bed with my sister or my mum, play with them while they're asleep, let them wake up and "punish me". At these points they're really aggressive when it comes to fucking me, sometimes I get fucked in my ass while getting throat fucked. Sometimes they just piss on me. Sometimes I'll just be walking around my house and they'll come along, push me down and fuck me right then and there. I regularly make out and fuck my younger sister, or she fucks me. We tend to sleep together since I really like her kinkyness. I guess I'm also into the fact shes pretty dirty as in unhygienic. Shes doesnt shave very often as well as showering. But I kinda like the fact that she stinks and is always sweaty. I enjoy licking the sweat and burying myself in her pubes and armpit hair I like the piss and shit stained panties which she likes to shove in my mouth.

On my 16th birthday, I was taken to a nudist resort for a few days, I enjoyed getting fucked by my family. One day we went in public, my mum used her strapon on my ass and started fucking me really hard. It caught the attention of a few people. Some were disgusted but some stood around and watched, the majority were women. Some wanted to try me, and I let them, my mum loaned me her strap on (They wouldnt have known it was my mum) and I got fucked by two other women, one was quite slow but strong and rough, while the other one was really fast and aggressive. I think I enjoyed being watched by a crowd, especially knowing their were kids nearby, but for some reason nobody seemed to care about that. I think a little girl noticed but that was it. We left that day and in the car journey back, I let both my younger and older sister fuck me and use me, if they needed the toilet, that's what I was there for.

This is still a regular thing, I'm probably gonna try getting fucked by my older sister tonight.




I met my wife on an online dating app when I was in my mid 20s, I was fucking her the first night, and wasn't long before she moved in to my place. After about a year we went to visit her parents out of state, they were in their mid 50s at the time, and everything went good. First night we was going to watch a movie, her mom got ready for bed, settled on the sofa, my wife and I was on the floor in front of her. Her dad said he was going to bed, so we started watching the movie, then as it started my wife said she was going to bed, and when I went to get up, she said for me to stay up with mom, and then come to bed after the movie. As the movie played on, we was making small talk, and every time I looked back to answer her, her legs were spread open just a little more, and then of course my gaze at her crotch got longer. Then she asked me something, when I looked back her lags was spread wide open, and she had a nice bald pussy gaping open just a little. As I lay there staring at her smooth pussy she slides a hand down and starts fingering her pussy. I did not even think about, I simply slid over to her and started licking her pussy. She's starting to moan, then I stand up and drop my shorts, she leans forward and starts sucking my cock. She then leans back, spreads her legs, and slides forward so her ass is hanging off the sofa. Just as I start fucking her I hear what sounded like a headboard lightly banging the wall upstairs. As I'm drilling my mother in-law's pussy I realize what I'm hearing is my wife getting fucked, the only people up there is my wife and her dad. Then through the moans of her mother I hear my wife say; "oh yes daddy cum inside my pussy" and I hear her dad grunt followed by an awwwwww.

For some reason that really turned me on and I started pumping cum inside her mother's pussy. When I got upstairs in bed with my wife, we stared playing around and I could taste her dad's cum as I ate her pussy. As I'm fucking her, she whispered in my ear; "did you like cumming in my mom's pussy baby", and I started cumming right away. The next day her sister and her niece came over to meet me. My wife's sister is in her early 30s, prettier than my wife and her daughter was 9yrs old, cute little girl. That night my wife's niece begs her grandmother to spend the night and she agrees.

So that night again my wife's mom suggests a movie, her dad says he's going to bed, and my wife says she's tired too. I'm thinking okay I get to fuck both her mom and her again. Then my wife's niece begs her grandmother to stay up to watch the movie too and she agreed. I started thinking damn, when my mother in-law told me to come sit with her on the sofa, as we're sitting there she starts rubbing my cock, I whisper; "she's right there", and my mother in-law says; "does that bother you", I thought a second then said; "no, not really". As my mother in-law is rubbing my cock, my niece keeps looking back at us and my mother in-law whispers to me; "take your shorts off". I look at her and say; "with her right there" and she says; "does that bother you", I stood up dropping my shorts as I said; "NOPE".

I sit back down, my niece is staring right at me giggling, my mother in-law leans over and starts sucking my cock right there as my niece (who I just met) watches. Then my new little niece slid over between my legs, my mother in-law points my cock down toward her granddaughter, and her granddaughter slide in the rest of the way taking a hold of my cock. My mother in-law looks at me and says; "you have a problem with that", of course I respond; "NOPE". I then feel my niece's mouth start sucking my cock, as I look down my mother in-law whispers to me; "I want to watch you fuck her, do you have a problem with that"? Again I say; "NOPE", she pats on the sofa and says to her granddaughter; "come up here baby and lay down", and this little girl jumped up like she was excited. My mother in-law gets a tube of lube out of a drawer, my niece spreads her legs wide, and as I'm staring at her beautiful little hairless pussy that was gaping open just a little, my mother in-law then pours lube all over her little bald pussy.

Just as I lined up my cock to her little pussy hole I started hearing the headboard again banging on the wall upstairs and I started working my cock inside this little girl's pussy as my mother in-law is saying; "oh yes, shove your big cock inside her little bald pussy". At that point I have enough of my cock inside her pussy to start slowly fucking her, my niece is softly moaning, my mother in-law is saying some wild stuff about how she wants to see me fuck her little pussy. I'm hearing my wife get fucked by her dad upstairs, my mother in-law is telling me to fuck her granddaughter's hairless pussy, as I'm looking at my cock thrust in and out of her little pussy hole. Then my mother in-law stands up next to her granddaughter who's on the sofa getting fucked, she's just about fist fucking herself, and she starts squirting all over her granddaughter. That was all I could take and I started pumping cum inside my new niece's little pussy. After I finished I pulled out, my mother in-law starts sucking my cock as my niece is still laying on the sofa panting like a dog, then my mother in-law then gets between her granddaughter's legs, and starts slurping my cum from her now gaping hole.

My wife soon after had our first daughter, my father in-law and I used to let my baby daughter suck on the heads of our dicks. When my niece was 13, we were fucking just about every day and I got her pregnant. My wife's niece had my second daughter, by this time my first daughter was around 4, and by then we could get at least half our cock in her pussy. My father in-law and I would fuck my daughter as my wife and then her mom watched as they egged us on while they smashed their pussies with huge dildos. I never thought this shit happened more or less to me, but I'm glad it did because a nice young tight little pussy feels so good as you push your cock into it, and I wouldn't change a thing.