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Yes I am. My grandma and I made love for the first time years ago. After my grandpa's funeral I told my parents that I will stay with grandma for a while. I was 16 then and my grandparents lived in the same part of town. so I just got some clothes and my school utilities and moved in with my granndma. she has been 64 then and because of my grandpa's really unexpected death, she was very depressed. IT happened in the 3rd night. she came to me in the guestroom and begged me, to sleep near her in the large bed. She really missed my grandpa. We hugged a lot, but nothing more. But at being 16 I for sure got hardons. Sure she's quite old but my cock at that time was only interested in Tits. And my grandma had some. In the middle of the night I woke up because of someone's hand on my cock. She did not realize it, I think, because ma grandma still snored next to me. I tapped her on the shoulder but she did not wake up. So I layed back on my pillow and concentrated on her hand and my cock. I never imagined my grandparents still having sex at their age. But she knew what to do with a hard cock. she jerked me off like an expert and I did not last long. When I came down from my orgasm, I looked in my grandmas eyes. she apologized again and again until I took her and hugged her. She had started it in her sleep (or dream) and woke up in the moment she brought me to squirt. She has been shocked about what she had done and it cost me a lot of work, to calm her down. Finally I took her hand and put it again down on my cock, which again was hard then. she got big eyes and then even got a red face. but she did not take her hand away.

The next night I went to her room, when we went to bed and layed down beside her, without her coming and get me to. She looked at me, but then she smiled. For a while we layed there just hugging and she told me she needed that. then after a while her hand went down to my hard cock. this time she was awake and she nevertheless jerked me. I again came over her hand and she did not do anything to wipe it off. we layed there for a while, then sie asked me if I ever had sex with a girl. I had not and I told her. Suddenly she started rummaging and then, she apologized again and climbed on top of me. She's just tiny and it was no problem for me, but then she suddenly took my still hard cock and sat down on it. It lasted a moment until I realized what happened. I was inside her. later she told me the rummaging before was because she had to take off her pantie and because of her age, she had to put some oil in her vagina to become slippery. That night I had my very first real sex.

In between I am 32 and my grandma just became 80. We've had a big Party and although I'm married, I stayed the night with her and we've had a night of hot and dirty sex. My wife knows about our past and she's ok with it. She even watched some times (when we visit my grandma) and she even masturbated while watching but she does not want to join in. It's ok with me.

Lars from Copenhagen




Im currently a 23 yr old virgin (male) and ive always been into girls/women and man im horny ALL THE TIME, im pretty sure ive been horny since i was 5 yrs old. But in the past few years my sexual target audience has changed...

I now find little girls sexually attractive now ages 3- 10 primarily, i have 4 little sisters who dont live with me ages 7,8, 11, and 13. I havent done anything super sexual with them maybe just rub theyre pussys through their clothes then i pick them up, but thats it.

So far i been able to fight the urges pretty well i think but its getting harder and harder, ive recently found myself watching A TON of child porn and and beastiality porn and fuck I LOVE IT!

I love it so much i went and bought a but plug and an 8in dildo now i slow fuck myself while i watch childporn overall i really like it.

But this isnt how i thought i was ganna grow up,

...now i have finger fucked my friends little sisters she was 7 yrs old and over that passed summer i visited her quite a bit, i showed her all kinds of porn we watched together in her living room and masturbated she even wanted to watch me pee everytime i went to the bathroom we kissed and she loved every minute of it, she hated when i left to go to work or back home, she even cry some times

Ive also eatin out my and great niece 5yr old pussy we were play fighting and i kept spanking her so she sat on my face and pinned my arm down so i couldn't fight back, so i just started licking and moving my mouth around where her pussy would be, she kinda stayed still for a minute then got off my face and asked "what are you doing" i replyed "nothing, i couldn't breathe". (She such a bratt) she said "good!" Anyways later i started watching porn and jacking off right beside her and she immediately has questions...

One of those repeated questions was "why" and i told her because your in my house, in my room, in my bed. You can leave if youd like.

She just layed beside me and watched porn with me i eventually moved my hand over to her pussy in her panties and started rubbing and playing with her she did kinda liked it, she never got wet, just a little moist that it, we watch regular porn, child porn (which is her favorite) lesbian porn, incest porn ect...

Anyways that night she passed out in the middle of my bed while watching Troll Hunters on Netflix

She was laying on her stomach with a pillow under hips so her cute little firm butt was kinda in the air

I took pictures, i pulled down her night shorts and panties and took more pictures, then she woke up and flipped over asking "what are you doing?" I looked at her and said ..."well i kinda wanna lick your pussy" she then pulled her shorts and panties off for me and spread her legs wide apart, so i kissed her nipples and kissed down to her clit, and sucked on it, played with it, i got way to much into it because i looked up at her face and she looked so worried, i asked "how do that feel? Do you like it?" And she says "that enough" so i kissed her butthole a few moee times and pulled her shorts up and we fell alsleep

...that was 2 weeks ago. And i kinda cant wait for next time but i REALLY DON'T LIKE WHERE THIS IS HEADING, and i wanna stop before i get caught or something worse i need to stop. But shit this is hard




my sister is 3yrs older, we started fooling around when i was around 8yrs old, and when i was around 13yrs old, we fucked a few times.

we grew up, when i was around 22yrs old, she met this guy, and shortly after the guy and his 10yr old daughter moved in with my sister.

i didn't like the fact the guy moved into her house and not the other way around, until my sister laughed as she said he has a hot daughter.

my sister invited me over for dinner so I can met them, the guy's daughter is a stone cold knock-out, and i could not take my eyes off her perfect little butt.

she has a small frame with blonde hair, blue eyes, with a perfect little body, and the roundest little bubble butt i've seen on a preteen.

my attention was mostly on her, chatting with her, joking around with her, and she really was digging me.

in the conversation it came up that i always go fishing, the guy's daughter says she always wanted to go fishing but he would not take her.

my sister jumps in saying i should take her fishing tomorrow which was saturday and it was set, i was going to take her fishing.

that night i had to jackoff a few times thinking of fucking that little girl and got very little sleep that night, even jacked off a couple times in the morning.

so i wear a pair of of thin loose fitting shorts planing on maybe flashing her to see how she reacts and go from there.

i get over there to pick her up and she comes out in a pair of spandex shorts and a rather tight top, i could not believe what i was seeing.

we get to a secluded fishing spot, get setup, and i get behind her to show her how to cast.

i crouched down a little so my cock was lived up to her little butt, i was starting to get hard just thinking of my cock touching her butt.

as i'm showing her i'm softly rubbing my cock in the crack of her sweet little butt, she then said she can feel that. and i play dumb asking feel what?

she said that she can feel that i have a big dick, i was like ummm huh, and she pushes her butt harder into my almost hard cock saying it feels big.

so i say yeah i have a rather big one, she bends over putting the fishing rod down, and turns around facing me then says okay let's see it.

again i'm like ummmm huh? she says well come on, let's see it, show it to me.

fuck i pulled the front of my shorts down and my 8" cock flopped out fully hard and she says damn Karen (my sister) was right, you do have a big one.

again i'm like ummmm what? she say oh be quite, drops down to her knees, and takes a hold of my cock, then i watch as she starts sucking me.

all i could think was oh fuck, this beautiful little girl was sucking my cock, and she takes my cock out of her mouth saying you want to do me don't you.

i asked her has she ever had sex before, she says yes her dad fucks her but his dick is not this big, she pauses, and says i have to do her in the butt.

again i'm like ummmm what?

she said that i have to do her butt so she don't get pregnant, i told her that i can't get a woman pregnant, and now she's like ummm what.

i told her that i squirt but it won't make a baby and she said okay in an almost excited voice.

yeah as i'm licking her little bald pussy that has a slight tinge of pee, i could tell her pussy had been well fucked, and i got up on top of her.

eased my cock into her tight little pussy a she moaned, i slow fucked her with just half my cock, then i started going deeper, and deeper.

her pussy was so fucking tight around my cock, i started fucking her harder, she moaning loudly, and i start drilling her little hairless pussy.

then i shove my cock in her little body almost all the way as the first blast of cum floods her pussy, she let out a scream, and I pull back.

i then shoved my cock in her again, she screams, and the second blast of cum floods her little body.

after i finished filling her with cum, i pulled my cock out of her gaping bald pussy, and as my cum pours from her hole she said oh fuck is you dick big.

i said oh you'll get used to it, she smiled at me saying oh i'm sure i will.

we fucked 4 more times that day before i took her home.

when we got there, her dad was gone to work, my sister asked if she enjoyed herself, and she said yeah i did, you're right he has a really big dick.

my niece ran off to put her things away, my sister asked well did you enjoy yourself and all i said was thank you.

my sister told me the only reason she let this guy move in because she knew he was fucking his daughter and thought of me.

she told me she liked the guy, but wished he had a bigger dick, and i said well if you want a big cock, then pulled down the front of my shorts.

I fucked my sister right on the dinning room table and my niece sat in one of the chairs watching us.

now i fuck my niece all the time and fuck my sister when she wants a big cock to drill her pussy.




I want to have an incest family. I want to live in the middle of nowhere and just have me a little incest family. Work the land, homeschool the kids, fuck like dirty rabbits. Make my wife and kids dirty little whores. I want to watch my future son put a baby in his mom while I pump one into his young turtle sister. And every so often let some outsiders in to keep the gene pool from becoming stagnant.




I thought we were an average family, even though my wife and I swing with other couples or males, and then I also like reading sex stories thus how I found this site. We have two boys, Ryan who is 16, and Tim which is 13, and then our daughter Heather which is 11. We have the day to day to day life, my wife and I work, and then our kids go to school like any other family. The kids had a few hours before we got home and we trusted Ryan to watch the two younger ones. I got sick one winter with the flu so I stayed home from work a few days, one day I hear Ryan whispering to Tim or Heather, and he said; "No we can't he may wake up" which of course perked my ears up but I lay pretending to be sleeping. Then I hear Tim say; "He's on that cold medication and he won't wake up, trust me he sleeps hard" and I hear Heather say; "Yeah Ryan, come on, please", and then I heard Ryan say; "Okay but you have to be quite".

I'm laying there straining my ears to see if I can hear what they're doing and where they are in the house. I hear nothing for a while so I get up to see where they're at in the house and what they're doing, since they was all sneaky about it. As I go down the hallway I stop at Ryan's room, nope not there, Tim's room is next, and nope not there, I then stop at Heather's room. Put my ear to the door and I stood there for a while because I could not believe what I was hearing, I'm hearing sex sounds. I didn't know what to do, I ended up slowly opening the door, and yep I was right they was having sex. Tim was laying on Heather's bed with his legs bent, Heather was between his legs sucking Tim's dick, and Ryan was behind Heather flat out fucking her with his full dick. I stood there watching in shock, then I heard Ryan moan saying; "Hurry Tim I'm going to cum", and Tim replies; "Okay I'm ready go ahead". Ryan moans rather loudly and I had a full view from the back of Ryan's cum leaking out of Heather's bald pussy, and then Tim moaned with Heather making "Mmmmm" sounds as Tim was filling her mouth with his cum.

At that point I quietly left and went back to my room, after a few minutes I hear Tim say; "I know that I shut that door", because I left the door open a little. I then hear Ryan say; "Man you could have got us busted", Tim replies; "I'm telling you I shut that door", and then Heather says; "It don't matter dad's still sleeping, come on", and then a few seconds later I hear the living room TV kick on. I could not get the image of Ryan's cum leaking out of Heather's little pussy and she was taking Ryan's rather large dick too! As I'm laying there thinking of what I just seen, even I know it was bad, and something had to be done about it, I was rock hard. I start stroking my dick thinking of what I just seen and I called out to them; "Ryan, Tim, and Heather come in here please". They all came in standing at the foot of the bed, Ryan says; "What ya need dad" and I reply; "Sorry I forgot to close the door", all three of there faces dropped. Ryan says; "What door" and I reply; "Heather's door", Heather put her hand over her mouth like "Oh no". I then ask; "How long have you guys been having sex" and I got a blank stare from all three of them. I then say; "Clearly all three of you like it, but I hope you all know that you can never tell anyone", Heather gets a big grin on her face, and Tim still standing there with fear in his eyes, Ryan says; "So, ummmm, are you saying it's okay"? I pause for a second and say;"yes but you can not tell anyone, and I don't want you to cum in her, she's getting to the age where she can become pregnant". Ryan says; "We know not to tell anyone", Heather chimes in; "I know dad", and Ryan says; "You want to do it too dad", my mind started racing, and then Heather says; "Yeah dad, you can do it too".

All I could think about is seeing Ryan's dick all the way in her pussy and I pulled the covers back exposing my hard dick. Heather got a huge grin on her face, Ryan says to her; "Well go get it", and Heather climbs up on the bed. I could not believe this was happening, Heather gets between my legs taking a hold of my hard dick, and she say;s "Dang dad, yours is big", she then puts her mouth on my cock. I'm laying there looking down at my 11 year old daughter with her mouth on my dick, then Ryan says; "Get on him Heather", she stops sucking the head of my dick, and stands up taking off her shorts. As she straddled me, she giggles as she took a hold my dick, and lowered herself, lining up her little pussy hole, and then I seen Ryan's cum drip from her little bald pussy onto the head of my dick. I then watched my daughter sit down on my dick taking almost all of it before she jumped saying; "Wow you have a big one", I reply; "Oh baby that feels so good", and she starts slowly riding my dick", she lightly moans as she pushes herself down on my dick. That was about all I could handle, I moaned saying; "I'm going to cum, I shouldn't cum inside you, but I want to so bad", and Heather smiles at me then replies; "Please daddy, cum in me, I want you cum daddy, please", as she picks up the pace of her thrusting herself down on my dick. I grabbed her hips and thrust her down on my dick, she moaned loudly as I lifted her, and then I thrust her back down on my dick. She's moaning loudly, just as I'm about to cum, I hear Ryan say; "Yeah dad, cum in her", and I replied by moaning loudly as I started filling my 11 year old daughter's pussy with cum for the first time. It was the hardest I've ever cum before, there was a puddle of cum between my legs, and when Heather slid off my dick, the cum leaked from her gaping pussy hole.

I've only fucked Heather three times in a couple mounts because it's hard to get alone time with her and one day Heather says (to me); "Dad I never get to spend time with you, I want a daddy daughter day" with her mom sitting next to me, her mom says; "Yeah that's a good idea, you two can go hang out a few hours on Saturday", and Heather says; "Yeah dad, please", of course I said yes. So we'd go to out of the way parks to get some "daddy daughter time" and I would fuck her in the car, and then once I even got bold in a parking lot at a park fucking her on the hood of the car. On one of our outings we was at a park in the back lot because there was a lot of people in the park, so we parked in the back, and there was only one car back where we parked. So Heather gets me hard, then gets up on my lap, and I start fucking her, and then she says; "dad look at that car". I look over and standing behind the car is a guy with his rather large dick out jacking it. Heather giggled as she was slowly riding my dick, she then said; "Look how big his dick is dad, dang", and I replied; "Yeah it looks pretty big", and then Heather shocked my by saying; "I wonder if it would fit in my pussy". I didn't know what to say, then she says; "Dad can I try", I said; "try what, you mean let that stranger fuck you", and she smiles at me saying; "Yeah". So I opened the door, she's on my lap facing me with my dick all the way in her pussy, and I turn putting both my legs out the door. I tell Heather to get down to turn her around and the guy is now walking our way. Heather gets down, I turn her around so she's facing away from me, and I sit her back on my lap, I then grab both of her legs behind her knees, and pull them up to her chest spreading her wide open. Just as I get her spread open the guy is standing right in front of her with his dick in hand, I say; "Go ahead man, just do not hurt her", I'm looking over Heather's shoulder as I watch this guy's dick go into my daughter's little pussy, and Heather moaned stopping him with her hands, he almost got his whole dick inside of her. Then Heather shocked me again saying; "Go ahead mister, screw me", this guy just flat out started fucking her, drilling his dick inside of her, and she's moaning softly saying; "Yes, yes, oh yes", then the guy moans, and then I watch his cum start leaking from Heather's pussy. After that guy left, I fucked Heather's cum filled pussy in the car and I felt that guy's cum leaking down my balls as Heather rode my dick with her sloppy wet pussy. That was the hardest I've ever cum, watching a guy fuck, and cum inside my daughter's hairless pussy was such a turn on.

Now daddy daughter day we look for men, I watch as they fuck my daughter, I've watched her take cum in her pussy, and mouth.

Ryan and Tim rarely use her pussy, they have girlfriends now so Heather is daddy's little cum slut because she'll drop her pants for any dick daddy says to fuck, and then daddy loves watching men cum inside her.




My wife past away when my daughter was 5. Unfortunately she had been unwell and she started taking drugs. She overdosed and i was raising my daughter alone.

When my daughter got to 15, i being honest love watching her and her friends playing and hanging around the house. She was very cute and most of her friends were too. By the time they got to 17 i started fucking one of her friends. She found out and got pretty angry at me. She even said she would report me since they were underage. In the heat of the moment i told her i would rather fuck her, but since i can't i fuck her friend. She said she didn't realise i felt this way and that she didn't want me fucking her friend anymore.

The agreement was i wouldn't, but i was allowed to fuck her once in place of. She agreed on the basis that i was careful and she was only having to once. I hadn't expected it, but was glad she did. 2 weeks later i took her out for dinner, had a great night. I allowed her some drinks, just enough to loosen her up. Or as it turned out, get her tipsy.

In that state, she was pretty relaxed about it and i decided that since she was on the pill i didn't need to worry. We got home and i fucked her on the lounge, cumming in her bare. I fucked her in her bed, again cumming in her bare. What i didn't know, until almost 6 weeks later, is that she had stopped taking the pill cause they were making her unwell. The doctor had told her to try stopping to see if she felt better. So it turned out i impregnated my 17 year old daughter. She didn't agree with abortion, but we agreed never to tell anyone and that i was going to be granddad, not dad.

Well, she gave birth to a healthy baby girl. Now my daughter always protected her and stayed around when she visited. She never said it, but i don't think she really trusted me to be with her on our own. Can't really blame her.

My granddaughter grew up way to fast, and i have to admit that by the time she turned 13 i already looked at her, wondering what if. She was so small and sexy and always wearing cute little skirts and singlet tops. When my daughter said she needed to go away for a night, i got so excited. A night babysitting my now 16 year old granddaughter/daughter.

The night came around and i planned it well it advance. We had dinner in, but i had wine with dinner and allowed my granddaughter to drink. I spiked the wine to make sure she was totally out of it when she finished over half the bottle. I asked her while we talked and drank if she had a boyfriend, which she didn't. I got personal and asked if she had sex with any boys she liked, and she had once with a boy she dumped. I asked if she was safe or on the pill, playing the protective grandpa. She said she made him use protection cause she wasn't on the pill. I asked her if she was having periods yet. She giggled and said that was personal, but your my grandpa so i guess it's ok. She confirmed yes and even said she had it about 10 days ago.

Once she was over the top gone, i wasted no time. I loved knowing that she didn't even know i was her father and i was fucking her, trying my best to put another baby inside her too. I fucked her on the lounge as well. Lay her on the dinner room table and fucked her while she slept hanging off the table. I fucked and cummed in her 2 more times in her bed before cleaning her up and leaving her to sleep.

She didn't say anything in the morning or when my daughter arrived home. I heard nothing, so i assumed i got away with fucking her. After not hearing anything i also assumed she didn't get pregnant. Well that was until, 12 weeks later when my daughter ran to tell me our daughter was 12 weeks pregnant and they had only just found out. She never got any morning sickness so nothing gave it away until she said her school skirt was tight around her waist.

My daughter was not happy, but i told her she turned out fine and we worked it out. We could work it out with our daughter too. She still doesn't know im her father, but my granddaughter does know i'm the one who fucked her and impregnated her. Neither of them know i did it on purpose or that i raped her, they both believed me about getting drunk and it just happened when we were both hammered. Because of my daughters beliefs about abortions, she had always pushed the same kind of opinions onto my granddaughter so she also didn't have an abortion. I now have a 4 year old great granddaughter/daughter as well.

I will say that while i shouldn't, i really like dreaming of how much i would love to fuck her and put another baby into her when she is a nice young teenager as well.




My mom, dad and sister used to play with me sexually all the time growing up. My sister is 6 years older than me and I remember it starting when I was 6 and in the bath. They would all take turns washing me and I would giggle and liked how it felt. They would always tell me how beautiful I am and point out all the things they liked about my body which felt really nice. Nothing really sexual happened yet but I was already starting to feel aroused. This kind of thing went on for a few years and slowly escalated into sexual activities. All the focus was always on me for some reason. My sister got in on it some, but not nearly as much as me. When I was 8 and still getting baths we would play games to see who could "wash" me the best. A game I made up mind you. It involved me sitting on a bath stool that had an open bottom so you could wash underneath. Kinda hard to explain. It had an open area underneath that went the whole way like a tunnel accept open on top like a 'U'. They would each take turns "washing" me underneath and I'd be the judge of who did the best job. This meant who got me off the most. We had fun and they would get really excited whenever I'd have an orgasm. I would spend a lot of time in the bath.

This led to me being naked around the house and me wanting to show off. I would sit on the couch in the living room in front of them, naked and legs spread and no one seemed to care. They still gave me compliments which made me want to take things further so I began spreading myself for them to see. At the time I couldn't believe I was doing It but it just felt so good. I remember my sister saying "Someone's feeling good", my mom saying "Yeah she is", and my Dad saying "Oh geez" but having a grin on his face. They gathered around me on the floor and started touching my legs. I was leaning back with my legs spread. My mom was right in front of me. My dad to the left and my sister to my right. They started rubbing my thighs and saying nice things to me like "Awe, you just want to feel good right now, huh." I couldn't do much but nod and say "Uh-Huh". I felt so good I was trembling. I just remember really wanting my dad to see me spread open so I kept spreading it and keeping my legs back. They all started commenting on how pink I am and how good my "pussy" looks. That was the first time they referred to it in that way and it kinda blew my mind. "Oh my God" was the most fequent thing I said from then on as they each took turns rubbing my now called pussy to see who could make me feel the best. I don't know how many times I orgasmed... A lot. That was also the first time they played with me like that outside of the bath. That time was very intense and lasted a while.