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So, i'm 70 years old, pretty fit for age and a happy man.

When i was 17 i got my 17 year old girlfriend pregnant. We ended up married an happy with a daughter. She grew up well and happy as well. She was 19 when she gave birth to my grand daughter. I was 36 at the time. The father left her as he was a complete waste of time. I was glad when he left. I helped my daughter raise my grand daughter. When i was 45, my wife also the same age, she died unexpectedly of a stroke.

I lived close to my daughter and grand daughter, only a few minutes away so i was always nearby to help out. This was good for me as i enjoyed the distraction from being alone all the time.

My grand daughter was a quiet girl, but met a nice guy and got married at 19, then at 20 gave birth to my great grand daughter. So i was 56 when this happened. I loved having all my family near and seeing the girls. I guess it was being lonely that got me. I started seeing my grand daughter as a nice sexy woman. But it was when my great grand daughter hit 12 that i knew i was looking at a young girl as sexy when i shouldn't be.

Over a couple of years i enjoyed seeing her, watching her body develop into a super cute maturing teen.

It wasn't like i planned it, but my grand daughter asked me to watch her for a couple week while she went away on work. I agreed. I was happy to have the company at home and of course to check out how sexy she was getting. She arrived and all was good. We chatted and played some board games. On day 4 she accidentally caught me masturbating, but didn't know it was using a photo of her to do it. We talked and i explained that being alone for many years and not having anyone to help my my adult male urges that sometime it was something i needed to do.

We moved on. End of the first week, we were watching TV and she asked if i was ok. I told her of course. I didn't see it coming when she asked if she could help me with anything. I told her we could clean the garage tomorrow and go for a swim afterwards. She agreed.

Seeing her in her tiny pink bikini was hard. I mean really hard. I had to stay in for an extra 10 minute just to keep her from seeing my raging boner from watching her for over an hour swimming around.

We got back from the pool and while making some dinner she again asked if she could help with anything. She then hinted, anything at all....

Well dinner could wait. I told her if she wanted she could help me with my adult loneliness issues. I know it was silly, but it was too late for me to stop. I fucked my 14 year old great grand daughter, on the dinner room table, then in my bed. I never even considered her or if she was safe, i just pumped my great many years of frustration into her tiny body. I unloaded so much in her bare, not thinking about the repercussions.

After dinner i fucked her 2 more times in her bed.

By the time my grand daughter arrived home at the end of the following week, i must have been fucking my 14 year old great grand daughter 8 or 9 times a day. It wasn't till almost 6 weeks late she found out she was pregnant. She told me, and asked what to do since her mother doesn't know. Knowing it was bad that i had done this we told my daughter, grand daughter that she came to me in fear of telling them a boy school had knocked her up. She decided she could bring herself to have an abortion, so now i have a great great grand daughter, just born 4 weeks ago, but she is also just my daughter.

So now my fifth generation of girl is also only my second. Not that the 2 in the middle know it.

While bad i will continue to help raise the girls. We agreed not to tell anyone. What none of my family knows it that this really opened me to my desires for young girls. I hadn't ever realised how much i adore them. But i really find myself out of control. Over the last 6 months i have been up to no good. It started by finding a add in a local magazine for a girl advertising 18, escort services only $300 for a night. I hired her and on our third time i even asked if she knows other girls or younger. I paid her and she connected me to some she used to work for, as she put it. For the next couple of months i was paying 3 or 4 times a week to fuck girls 15 and 16. I finally asked for a girl younger. I had to pay a lot, but i got a 13 year old girl. I was so into it that i made sure to slip the condom off half way and i unloaded into her tiny pussy.

Since i started finding girls myself. Posting dodgy adds for hire help and babysitting, when i was actually meant to be the babysitter. I have managed to fuck another 8 or 9 girls and i love pumping my loads into them when they aren't expecting it. My last girl was only 2 weeks ago, she is only 12 and let me, a 70 year old man have her. I told her it wasn't possible to impregnate her since i'm too old and she's too young. Well i hope she will be baby sitting for me as i unloaded in her tiny body 6 times before she went home.

It's really such a bad problem now, but i can't help myself as i just want to keep impregnating as many tiny girls as i can. I have even hinted to my great grand daughter that we could have another baby if she wants. I'm hoping she'll agree of at least fuck me again. If she even agreed to have sex with me i would make sure to stealth her no questioned asked, no way i wouldn't be unloading in her belly if i get the chance again.




I am a sixty year old man and I got a call from an old girlfriend from high school and she said that my sister told her that l was living about an hour's drive from my hometown and Lele asked me please come and visit her. I said that I was free for three weeks and I would drive up tomorrow morning. Lele said that she was so excited that I was coming and she said that she would show me a good time. I said that I would call her when l was close to her house. I drove up and l remembered that l had dated Lele for over two years and I had fucked her really good the first time we went out and l had started dating her when my sister Wendy told me to fuck her because she had been asking Wendy to get me to take her out. I was two miles from Lele's house and I called her and she asked me how far away from her house was l, l told her that l would be parking in her driveway in three minutes..Lele said that she was going crazy waiting for me and I told Lele to meet me at her front door naked and she said that she would love to do that. I pulled up and l saw Lele standing on her porch naked and I walked slowly to her and l asked her if she remembers our first date. I took her in my arms and we kissed deeply and she whispered that she remembers everything l did to her. Lele sat beside me on the couch and l told her to spread her legs wide open and I knelt between her legs and I dragged my tongue up and down her pussy lips and I would stop every now and then and ask her if l was doing this right. Lele said that l was the first boyfriend that licked her pussy and she said that she couldn't believe how good I licked her pussy and made her cum. I started dragging my teeth over her clit and licking it hard and then using my teeth on her clit and after l had been licking her clit and biting it she was saying that l was making her cum and she gushed cum all over the couch and l sat beside her and l asked her if she wanted me to do anything for her because l would love to be her pussy slave. Lele kissed me and she said that she wanted me to fuck her pussy all night. I followed Lele to her bedroom and I got on top of her and l pushed my cock Into her cunt and I began fucking her with steady strokes and she was holding my hips and moaning and I told Lele to make me do something for her. Lele was moaning and I kept fucking her pussy deep and when she came she gushed more cum and I drove my cock all the way to the very bottom and l held my cock there and she was moaning and I told Lele that my cock belongs to her and her pussy belonged to me. I pulled out of Lele and I laid beside her and she kissed me and said that she knew that I was going to fuck her pussy like l always had. Lele said that she wanted me to train her to be my fuck toy. I asked Lele what her hottest fantasy was and Lele said that she wanted me to fuck her daughter Teresa and her daughter's friend Nancy. I told Lele that she was going to make them want to fuck me and she was going to bring them to me in her bedroom. Lele said that she would be my slave..Lele said she wants to take me to the beach so her friends would see my cock bulge. I told Lele that l would do anything for her because she was my mistress. Lele put on her smallest bikini with a red nightie over it and we went to the beach and sat down under her umbrella and after two hours five of her friends were sitting with us and l had taken two Viagra and Lele was stroking my cock and two of her friends were watching her stroke my cock. Their names were Juliet and Dawn and Lele was telling them that l had dated her in high school and now I was living with her and she was loving having me with her. Lele told her friends that we were going back to her house and she would see them tomorrow. I picked up our chairs and she put her nightie on and she whispered something to Juliet and she walked beside me and she said that Juliet was ready to come over and meet me. Lele and I showered and Lele made some snacks and drinks for us and we sat on the back porch and she said that she Juliet would come over this weekend and I took Lele to her bedroom and I fucked her and licked her pussy for two hours and we were resting and talking about how she had started fucking me when she was sixteen. Lele said that she had heard Melody and my sister Wendy talking about how big my cock was and how much they loved me fucking their pussies and she had decided to ask Wendy to get me to take her on a date and when l fucked her on our second date and I fucked her pussy hard and she said that l fucked her for three hours and l licked her clit and pussy and she never knew anything about being licked that she had kept fucking me until I left for college. I told Lele that l would be her lover and master forever and l would do anything she wants. I was licking Lele's clit and she was moaning and I kept licking her clit and there was a knock on her bedroom door and I heard a woman's voice say " I am home mom and Susan is with me". Lele holds her finger to her lips and Lele says ok honey we will have breakfast tomorrow morning. Lele was looking at me and I whispered is that her daughter Teresa and her friend. Lele whispered to get next to her and then she started telling me about Teresa and her friend Susan. Lele said that Teresa had learned to fuck when she was thirteen when her father started fucking her and lots of her friends. Lele told me that her husband Jerry had started getting Teresa and her friends interested in fucking when they were eleven and by the time they were thirteen he was fucking Teresa and five of her friends. Lele said that Teresa was a fuck queen and she loves fucking and licking pussy too because her father Jerry had a young girlfriend Lynn and Jerry and Lynn taught all of them to lick pussy and be sex slaves for men and women. Lele said that Susan was Teresa's friend from work and she said that she was going to bring Teresa to her bedroom and introduce her to me and Lele slipped on a seethrough nightie that didn't cover her pussy or her tits. Lele kissed me and she came back with a beautiful woman with brown hair and big tits that had really big nipples and Lele said that this is Al her first boyfriend and she said that this is Teresa her daughter. Lele told Teresa to sit on the bed and talk with me for a few minutes. Lele got beside me and she told Teresa that I was going to live with her and she wants Teresa to get to know me and I talked to Teresa and she said she would talk more tomorrow morning. Lele said that Teresa had been staring at my cock the whole time she was talking with me and Lele said that Teresa was ready to fuck me.




I lived in the country side I am 16 years old and my family owns a farm we have a lot of cows,sheep,chickens, a lot of farm animals. My favorite one is my horse Jack I would take him out strolling around the farm we have amazing fun times, I lived close to the woodland areas and take him there once we were far away enough we was catching our breath and I notice him seeing his huge cock out it was huge probably bigger than a human mans cock, now I heard about people having sexual interests with their animals and I never understood why. Curiosity got the best of me so I went to him and petting him slowly down to his cock and begin stroking he seemed to like it so I decided why the heck not so I kneeled down and began sucking him I was enjoying it I sucked him hard and good I felt him twitch a bit and stopped now I was really horny so I took off my clothes this part of the woods is our property anyway so I was safe I then led him to a boulder so I can get on and bend down since I am petite I then let him sniff me and inserted his dick in me i was then having second thoughts since it was too big and long I was feeling pain but I pushed it in further and begin jumping back and forth I was a moaning mess I felt him moving himself I couldn’t believe I am fucking my horse it felt so good I felt myself wanting to climax and I did my pussy was dripping and so was his cock but I helped him as I drank him. Ever since I could ever get alone time I would go to my stallion and do the same thing all over again.




I used to play a game with my baby cousins when i was 12 and they were (girl)6 and (boy)7. I would make them fuck and jerk off as they did. Seeing there little bubble butt both the boy and the girl turned me on so much. Eventually i would get on top of bot and slide my cock through the boys asscheeks and into the girls puffy pink pussy. Feeling both of them grind as i humped them was such a turn on. After a while i started trying to see if i could fit inside her While he was on top and inside her. Ahe eventually took both of us inside her and loved feeling me cum inside her. After i came i would make him suck me off till i god hard again and start working on his little hole. I ate her out as i did this and this went on till they were 11 and 12 respectively. Now they're 12 and 13 and are some horny fuckers always texting me to join them




I really want to fuck my mom's fat ass every time I see it I get so hard I want to bend her over and just pump every last drop of my cum deep in her




my dad is not that hot. but something about the taboo of incest makes me want to fuck him. it used to just be something i thought about. but lately i’ve been thinking of ways to try to get caught by him to see if he’d fuck me. and i keep doing little things trying to hint at him. idk if he’s getting the hints. but i really want him to fuck my pussy or make me suck his cock.




I’d like to start off in saying technically I was molested by various cousins when I was about 8 years old. I was always a very curious and enthusiastic child and I loved my cousins so much. I was an only child and had only younger or older kids to play with. The older girls were about 15 or 16 at the time and loved having a little blond haired green eyed slave boy to do their bidding. I loved the attention and blame my painful addiction to all things sexual on the ‘education' they gave me.

Neither knew about the ‘games' each of them played with me. They were on different sides of the family so hardly had the chance to meet. The first was Jacky. She was a tall tomboy with red hair and dusty blue eyes. She was still growing into her body from what I remember. Her face was delicate and a bit long, long arms and legs with breasts just starting to show. She loved the outdoors, fishing, camping, hunting. She loved to build shit. Often I would find her head down and ass up working on dune buggies or sprawled on the floor working on mini bikes.

Our games varied but the one that still makes me Jack off and spray walls to this day was a fishing trip.

There were loads of cranberry bogs around where we lived and we would often borrow a Jerry boat and just paddle out for the day. It was so much fun being out in the middle of the bog with not another soul for miles. By this time we have played simple games. Kissing, heavy petting, truth or dare. She always was in control telling me what she wanted me to do. She was fascinated with trying various things to my young cock and balls. Squeezing, pulling, pinching even slapped them a few times. When she licked and sucked me the first time I felt like I was convulsing when I came. At the time I had yet to have a full load. Best I could do was a heavy flow of slippery precum that she seemed to love.

Anyway, that one day on the boat we were dressed to swim. Shorts and tee shirts. It was hot as fuck out in the bog so we both expected to get wet. There was some flirtation on the trip out where she told me she wanted me to do something with her she always wanted to try. Obviously I was all for it.

I remember the boat rocked a little as she stood up and started shifting gear around. She told me to come up to the front with her as she took off her shorts. I’ve seen her fiery young Bush close up during licking lessons before but I started shaking like a dog wanting a treat. She always joked with me that I took direction well. She leaned back draping herself over the life preservers and seat cushions and spread her legs as I finally got to her and keeled in to start licking and sucking her ‘kitty’ like she taught me.

Jacky was always a restrained girl when we played. Always trying to be silent in fear of being found out so it scared me into stopping when she moaned loudly. The moan turned into a whimper not to stop. That she needed to ‘pop’ before we could try something different. Her hands were freezing when she cupped my head and pulled me into her for a good eating. She was not shy or timid and I think that was one of the best things for me. She arched her hips when she wanted me deeper or maneuvered to guide my oral attention to the correct location. Jacky had a very sensitive clit and would always flinch on the uplick. It had to be about 10 -15 min of jaw aching work until her painting and moaning were short and clipped. I sucked her clit hard rolling my tongue in circles over it. When she came she gripped the sides of the boat and locked her legs around me. She damn near screamed every cuss word I knew and it echoed over the water. I have craved her taste for years. Sweet and salty just like a good candy should have been.

She lay there with her eyes closed taking in the sun’s warmth. She told me to pet her kitty for a little. She asked if I remembered fingering. I started petting her pussy trying to circle around her swollen and red clit. She was so wet 3 fingers were nothing. She told me to try to add more. I slipped in a forth with some resistance. She started moving again. Pushing my fingers deeper into her. I watched, stupefied as My curled thumb almost entering her asshole each time she pushed. She told me to try to fit my whole hand in her. At this point my shorts were soaked with precum. My cock was so hard it hurt. I was having problems focusing but my addiction to want to please overruled all else. One second I had four fingers blurred deep in her the next just the tips as she drew back then with a little effort my whole hand slid into her pussy up to the wrist. We both froze at the achievement. I could feel her muscles contracting around me and she panted in short breaths. She started to rock slowly back and forth as her eyes sleepily closed again. I tried experimented myself with opening my hand or making a fist. Various actions brought out more moans. It didn’t take long before she sat up quickly and grabbed my arm pushing me even deeper. She just looked at me and stopped breathing. Her hips bucked twice and I could feel her pussy tighten over and over like a mouth trying to take in more and more. I could see my small fist poking and moving under the skin of her tummy. I remember giving myself a little wave which shoved her over the edge to cum, from what she told me later, the hardest she ever had. She twitched and convulsed as I pulled out of her. My hand was soaked up to mid forearm. Streams of her juices soaked the cushion making small pools in the boat.

It was a good fifteen minutes before she even tried to move. We did many things as playing games in two short years but memories of that one boat ride will keep me viagra free forever.