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It started way back when I was 11, my mom was 30 and was 4 months pregnant, it was '90 at the time. My dad was away on business for the month.

(Two months earlier, when my mom annonced with a glowing smile on her face that she was pregnant, her tummy was still slim at the time. She was in her bikini when she told me, it made me hard in my short shorts to feel the baby of a slim sexy women in her bikini, mom or no mom.)

Then it happened one afternoon when I got home from summer school. After I had lunch, I put on my speedo for afternoon swim practice and for the first time, my dick got huge hard, I looked down, it was big. I needed my hardness to go away, I had swim practice that day, it wouldn't, so I wrapped my beach towel over me.

Then my mom came home from her doctor and said her baby was all nice and healthy. That day, she had on a skirt and matching loose fitting top and asked me to feel her baby, before I had the chance to feel my mom's baby, to my surprise, she lifted up her top and out came just a glimpse of her bra and her tummy or what very little of her tummy I could see as the top of her skirt had stretched way over her growing tummy.

When I felt her baby, my mom said 'Oh sweety, I love how that feels, can you please feel me some more?' I said 'I got swim practice today and I'm already in my trunks, I'm going to be late.' She said 'Don't worry, I called the pool and got you out of practice today.'

Then she wanted me to hang out with her in her room, first I put the towel away, then when I went to her room, there she stood in only her panties and bra. I was sexually aroused in my speedo when I saw how my mom's panties had stretched almost up to her bra.

When I felt her baby, she did a hand job between my legs, then we both got naked and were my mom's breasts all nice and sexy. Then she sat by the corner of her bed and spread her legs when I pumped my big hard dick up her tight little slit.

After we both made out on her bed, we both took a shower together, my dick was huge and hard when I felt her baby when she did a hand job while we were showering. Then when we'd gotten ready for bed, she was in her panties and bra when I was in my flyless underpants. I never got enough from feeling my mom's baby at the time she was pregnant.

When my mom was a little over 6 months pregnant, it was the last day of summer school, I was huge ingénieur my mom goodby when my dick got huge hard in my short shorts underneath. When I was ready to leave the house, my mom had opened up her blouse and out came her big short shorts, her little bit of tummy and her bikini bra.

When I saw how sexy she'd looked that day, I skipped my last day of summer school, took off my shirt, felt her baby when my dick had gotten hard in my short shorts. Then we went to the beach that day at her say so. When we were on the beach that day, I was in my speedo, my mom was in her bikini bra and short shorts.

While I was playing in the water, a couple high school boys in speedos got all wiggling hard from looking at my mom's tummy as they walked by.




It had started several nights before the school year had started, my mom and I had been by ourselves in a motel room, I had started getting ready for bed when my mom had asked me to sleep with her, I still had on my short shorts when she still had on her short shorts and bikini bra. Then we had both taken off our short shorts, I was in my striped speedo, my mom was in her bikini. When we'd both gotten in bed that night, we'd caressed each other, her tits were sexy hard in her bikini bra, my dick was huge and hard in my speedo. We stayed at it till we were both asleep. This had all happened when my mom was in her mid 30s, when I was in 7th grade at age 12 and 13, way back in the early 70s.

Around 1 month after school had started, my mom had gone around the house in her bikini, at that time, I'd had no way to tell she was pregnant.

Almost 2 months after school had started, my mom sat me down one day and let me know she was going to have a baby and that she would have the baby in the very next June when the school year had ended. When she'd told me this, she'd already pulled off her blouse and skirt. I'd gotten all hard in my short shorts and had stripped to my briefs when I'd seen my mom's stomach all squishy between her panties and bra.

After she let me feel her baby, I went to my room and had enjoyed rubbing myself in my briefs, I couldn't help myself. I remembered around those several nights in that motel room before I'd entered 7th grade, my mom was had shown off her sexy flat stomach in her bikini, it made me get all big and hard in my striped speedo.

At age 11, I'd started cumming, sometimes in speedos, sometimes in my briefs, I had always some how cleaned it up so my mom wouldn't know.

There had been a few times when my mom had gone around the house in her panties and bras and still showed off her still flat stomach after she'd told me about her pregnancy, I had gotten hard in my short shorts just from watching her feel her baby.

The day I turned 13, my mom let me look at her stomach as her pregnancy had just began showing, she'd had on pregnancy panties and bra when I had on briefs, was I all nice and hard in my briefs from feeling her baby as my mom's belly had already started blossoming.

When her pregnancy had started showing and she'd started getting a belly, she'd started wearing seethrough nightgowns, so I still saw what was underneath. When she'd said goodnight to me, I would take a glance at her seethrough nightgown, I had seen what her belly had looked like in her pregnancy panties and bras. I'd started rubbing myself every night till I had fallen to sleep.

Then around Easter vacation when my mom was 6 to 7 months pregnant, I was in my speedo and was ready to put on my basketball jersey when my mom had asked me to her room. There she was in her dress and had asked me if I wanted to look at her belly. I told her I wasn't up to it when she said it was ok. Then as she pulled off her dress, out came her nice slim legs, big pregnancy panties stretched around her belly, a three inch swath of bare belly and bra, was my dick hard in my speedo.

Then she'd had something else to tell me, she'd asked me if I had remembered our night in our motel room those several nights before I'd gone back to school, I told her yes. Then she had told me I was the father of our baby, that the baby had happened in her stomach on that night when we'd both been in that motel room.

My mom had smiled when she told me that and that she'd wanted to be pregnant. We both kept this from my dad who never knew I was the father of what he'd thought was his baby.

After hearing the news, I'd stared at her 3 inch swath of bare belly knowing that went from a flat stomach to a round belly when I was hard in my striped speedo.




Seeing my mom's tummy

It was back when I was 9, my mom was 32, it was '91. One Saturday, I had just changed into my speedo for the day. My mom, then around 5 months pregnant, had gotten home, she'd seen me in my speedo and was she aroused to see me dressed like that.

My mom had worn a loose fitting dress and I'd noticed her breasts had gotten a little bit larger, her tummy had been growing big and I had started getting aroused at 9 years old in my speedo. She'd gotten home from doing some little bit of shopping.

Sometime later, when I was in my room, my mom had tapped on my bedroom door, I turned, there she was, in only her short shorts and bikini bra, my dick got hard. Then she said 'Hey sweety feel mommy's tummy.' When I felt her growing tummy, I felt my dick hardening in my speedo. I was turned on by how the top of her short shorts had stretched way over her navel.




Today, I'm 41, when I grew up, my mom had always kept herself slim, she'd always liked showing off her body.

I remember her spandex short shorts, spandex sports bras. Even at age 3, when I saw her in her panties and bra, I'd gotten hard.

When I was 11, my mom was pregnant at age 34, she'd told me the news when we'd both gone to the beach, she'd been in her bikini, I'd been in my speedo, her tummy was still flat when she'd told me, I was hard in my speedo.

When her tummy had gotten big, she covered up her rounding tummy. I could still see what her tummy had looked like between her panties and bras in her seethrough nightgowns.

One day, when my mom had been around 5 months pregnant, she'd been in her bikini bra and short shorts, stretched over her then soccorballsize tummy underneath, there'd been 3 inch or so swath of bare tummy between the front of her short shorts and bikini bra.

I'd had a friend over that day, we'd both had speedos on, watching her tummy had made us both hard in our speedos.

Then one day, she was riding her exersize bike, she was in her extra large tank top and spandex short shorts, I was in my spandex short shorts too and no shirt on.

After she'd got done with the exersize bike, then it was my turn. When I was on the exersize bike, my dick had gotten all big and hard in my short shorts.

When my mom had seen how big my dick was in my spandex short shorts, she'd smiled and pulled up her tank top, showed off her 3 inch swath of bare tummy between the front of her spandex short shorts and a glimpse of her bra.

Then after awhile, when my mom had gotten out of the shower, she'd had on her loose fitting blouse and matching skirt. She'd had a doctor appointment that day.

When she'd told me it was for her baby, she'd pulled up her blouse and our came the front of her skirt stretched almost all the way up to her bra.

When she'd pulled up her blouse, she'd covered almost all her bra, then when I'd looked at her tummy, how very little of it was bare between the glimpse of her bra and the top of her skirt, my dick had wiggled hard in my spandex short shorts.

When she'd left the house, I'd taken my shower, then after I'd gotten done, I'd put on my speedo and rubbed myself in it, then I'd fell asleep in my room and forgot to close the door.

Then awhile later, when my mom had woke me up, she'd said I'd looked sexy in my bathing suit and had done a hand job on my speedo.

When I'd looked at her, there she was, in spandex short shorts for pregnant women and sports bra, with just very little of her tummy peeping out between the top of her spandex short shorts and spandex bra.

Then a week later, I'd been doing my homework, I my mom had come home, right in front of me, she'd opened up her dress, out came her bra, little bit of her bare tummy and the top of her panties.

Then I'd opened up my bathrobe, out came my briefs and my big hard dick underneath. We'd both smiled at each other when I felt her baby.




For #1788 I know that very feeling.

When I was little, my mother wore non silky non seethrough gowns to bed, then about the time I was 12 when she was ? 28, she become widowed in '97. She didn't seem to care, my dad was hardly ever around anyway. The day she was widowed, her wardrobe changed.

She'd started wearing little clothes, mini skirts, short shorts, seethrough gowns, bra tops, the works. Seeing her dressed like that got my cock hard, sometimes I cummed.

When I was 12, I was on the local dive team for the boys 10 to 12 division, our speedos made our cocks hard. It was almost a week after she was widowed, when I got home from practice, I was in my hoody with my team speedo on almost underneath.

10 or 15 minutes after I got home, my mother got home, she was in her biker jacket, hot pants sheer pantyhose, I thought she was sexy when she said "Hey honey, how was diving practice?" I said "We didn't practice, our coach got talked to the guys about a couple of upcoming swim meets. When he talked so much, then there wasn't time to practice, oh I put away the dishes." She said "Thanks for doing that."

When I was getting ready for bed, my mother softly asked "Hey honey, are those my panties you're wearing?" I said "Mother!" "I wouldn't wear your panties!" "That's my team swimsuit, here see?" As I pulled up my hoody. "That's where it says 'Regional Division II', come on really, I wouldn't wear any of your clothes."

She said "Even if you did wear my panties, I won't get mad, really honey, I think you'd look sexy in my panties." I said "Even so, I still wouldn't wear your clothes, right now, I'm going to bed."

When I took my hoody off my mother asked "Have any of the girls at school told you how sexy your ass is?" I asked "What would I want with girls?" She said "I'm sure they've seen you in swimsuits many times at those swimpool events and when I've been there honey, I've heard some girls saying so too, you're lucky you got my ass genes."

She turned her hot pants clad ass at me and asked "Like my ass honey?" I said "I have to admit, it is nice and sexy." She said "Oh honey, you're so sweet, I'll come in and kiss you good night."

Then when she came in my room, she was in a thigh high sheer seethrough gown, her bra and panties were to die for, her tummy was a sexy turnon. Instead of kissing me good night, she asked "Honey would you like to sit in the spa with me?" I said "Ok." Then when I saw my mother strip to her panties and bra, my cock got all big and hard in my speedo.

Then she asked "Have you had sex before?" I said "No way!" My mother said "Mommy would love to have your sperm fill her tummy." Then we both were naked in the spa, so when we both had sex with each other, my mother moaned the whole time she felt my hard cock wiggle around inside her till a huge gush of cum filled her pussy. Were we got done, she said "Oh honey, oh that felt good." Then we both went to bed.

Then just a little more than 2 weeks before I was 13, was my last diving event before I was aged out, I didn't want to continue on anyway. When I got home, I was in my team speedo and team windbreaker, I found my mother seated in the middle of the couch, her tummy made almost a double roll between her bikini bra and short shorts where she had both her hands across the front of, she had this glowing smile across her face.

Then she said "Congratulations honey, we're going to have a baby!" When she said that, my cock grew big and hard in my team speedo when I took my windbreaker off. Then she said "Wow honey!" "I love how big your penis is, it makes you look sexy in your swimsuit." I said "I sure love how you're dressed." She said "You're so sweet honey."

When my mother stood up, her tummy was still flat, though there was a barely visible baby belly under the front of her still fitting short shorts. When I felt our baby, my cock wiggled hard in my team speedo. When I stared at my mother's tummy, I was impressed by how my cum was making her tummy grow with our baby inside.

Then months later, I was already 13, my mother was 29, it was '98. Her growing belly looked sexy in her bikini. We were walking at the edge of a flowing river when some college age guys stared at my mother's belly and their cocks got hard in their shorts and speedos.

Then when she put on her short shorts for pregnant ladies, the front of them were sexy as they were stretched way over her belly. There was very little of her bare belly showing off between her shorts and bikini bra. I thought she looked even sexier dressed that way than just in her bikini.




it started when i was just 10 years old, my mom and dad fell out of love with each other, mostly he went on long business trips, i hardly ever knew him anyway.

one night when i got ready for bed, my mom asked me to sleep with her, when i asked what if my dad suddenly came home from one of his business trips and found me in bed with her, she'd told me not to worry about that and that he wasn't coming home anymore, that she'd became widowed, the last time i'd ever seen him was several weeks before he'd been killed from some over seas car bombing.

that night, i'd slept in my nylon short shorts and she'd slept in her panties and bra. she was luscious looking and slim in her underwear, my dick was suddenly hard in my short shorts, her tits had hardened in her bra too.

when we both slept together that night, i'd woke up with cum all down the crotch of my short shorts, i quietly got up, cleaned the mess and had changed in my white and green striped speedo, rinsed the cum out of my short shorts, then got back to bed.

the next morning, i got up, lucky me, no cum on the sheets, my short shorts were dry off the shower door, i put them in the hamper, then my mom woke up, smiled when she saw me in my speedo, she said i could start sleeping with her from that night on.

that day, we'd gone swimming at her friend's house and had a good time there. my mom, then in her early 30s, was sexy and luscious in her bikini.

7 or 8 weeks after she told me she'd been widowed, she puked up then when i found her in her room, she'd stood there at the mirror in her panties and bra looking at her tummy and had rubbed the the front of her panties.

when i'd asked her if she might have come down with something, she smiled and said she might be pregnant, she even wanted me to feel her tummy, when i felt her tummy, my dick had felt suddenly hard.

the next day after i got home from my friend's house, my mom was all smiles and had a glow in her face, when i'd took off my jersey and was in only my jean short shorts, she'd broke the news she was expecting my baby.

when i'd asked my mom to look at her tummy, she'd gladly pulled off her dress, out came her bra, still flat tummy, panties, thigh high pantyhoses and sandals.

my dick had gotten so throbbing hard i'd cummed in my short shorts when i'd felt my baby in my mom's tummy, she was all happy.

weeks later after that baby news, i was at my friend's house for a sleep over, there was just 4 of us, i was the only one in my speedo, then my friend got in his speedo when he saw me in mine, our 2 other friends went home and got in their speedos at the last minute, so the 4 of were in our speedos and our dicks were hard.

the next morning, after i got home from my friend's sleep over, i was still in my speedo when i got home, there was my mom, all smiles, her glowing face and our baby had already began to show, she was in her her pregnancy short shorts and pregnancy bikini bra, only a 2 inch swath of bare tummy between the front of her short shorts and bra and her luscious legs, feeling my baby made me get all sexually aroused in my speedo.

when i got done feeling my baby, i'd run to the bathroom in time to cum down the toilet, then she'd wanted to go to the beach, her and me both, when we got there, only a handful of people were there, some guys, grown men even, got big hard dicks, some in their speedos, just from staring at my mom's then pregnant tummy at the time.

a little over 2 months before she'd had our baby, she'd invited me to the fitting room at this clothing store for pregnant women, inside the fitting room, she'd tried on several dresses, one dress had a high hem line, she'd pulled up her half slip around half way between the top of her panties and bra, my dick had throbbed hard in my jean short shorts, lucky me, i didn't cum.

that day, she couldn't find any dress she liked, when we got home from that clothing store that day, I'd stripped down to my jean short shorts when my mom had stripped only to her bra and pregnancy skirt, there was just an inch of bare tummy between the front of her skirt and bra, my dick throbbed so hard, i'd cummed in my jean short shorts.




When i was 13 years old i started masturbating with the usual stuff, porn magazines, any late night movies with nudity, etc at the age of 14 i remember one winter having to do an assignment about my family origins, i needed some photos of my relatives, so i looked through our family photo albums, in a folder full of random photos a came across some photos of a family reunion at my aunties house some years back where all the family was posing for the photo and my mum was flashing her boobs in the pic, we lived in a different country back then and we were visiting the family ,we hadn't been back for years, and my mum had had a boob job so she got a bit drunk that night and she wanted to show them off i guess, i still remember that family reunion even though i was small, and she was going around flashing her new boobs all night even for the photos that where taken that night. When i saw these photos in that folder, at first it aroused me, my mum had beautiful tits, but at the same time i felt ashamed to be aroused by my own mothers tits but on the other hand it made it even more morbid and exiting, one day i took the photos to my room and masturbated whilst looking at those photos of my mum flashing her beautiful tits, the first time i came over those photos the orgasm and the load of come where tremendous and it felt so good, but afterwards i felt ashamed for masturbating over my own mothers tits, i put the photos away without my mum seeing me and promised myself not to do it again, but i couldn't help myself and every now and then i would sneak the photos out of that folder take them to my room and masturbate. i later found some of my aunty topless in the pool too, it got to the point that my wanks were substantially more pleasurable and exiting than the porn i used to steal of my uncle, but at the same time i had feeling of guilt after i came, i even had to pretend to be looking at the rest of the photos in that folder to sneak the ones of my aunt and mums boobs to take them to my room when my mum was in the living-room, to the point that my mum started asking me why i looked so much through that folder of random photos, to which i made up the excuse of looking at photos of my dad because i missed him as i lived as an only child with my mum and my dad was overseas. As timed passed i started feeling less guilty about the fact that i masturbated over nude pics of my mums and my aunts tits, and started fantasising in actually sucking on them or touching them, so, with time, the feeling grew stronger and stronger and it became a fantasy, it was still winter and one day the thought, that in the upcoming summer i would get to see my mum topless around the house right in front of my face and not in a photo, all day, as she used to walk around the house almost naked when it was hot, ever since i could remember, just the thought gave me an instant boner and totally changed my perception and the fantasy changed from looking at a pic of my mum to getting horny over my mother herself, but i couldn’t wait until summer so i started peeping on her when she had showers or i would make up an excuse to go into her room to talk to her while she was coming out of the shower or when she was getting undressed I would get a good glance of her beautiful breasts. She was 44 at the time, she had beautiful perky tits, you couldn’t tell she had had a boob job if you didn’t get up close to see the scar, which i tried to do every chance i got. Every time i had the chance of perving at her tits i would try to save a good mental image and go to my room to masturbate, often my dick was rock hard well before i reached my room. As the colder months went by my perving ambushes on my mum increased till the point she started to realise what was going on, as one day, she caught me spying on her while she was having a shower, that time she questioned me about what i was doing, she thought it was funny at first because i was so embarrassed. Obviously I denied any spying on her naked body, but i couldn’t stop i just decided to be more cautious until she caught me again and this time she got very angry at me, and told me that i should stop doing that, that it wasn't healthy, so i stopped for a while because i felt so embarrassed and ashamed again. For the rest of winter i stoped perving on her and she forgot about the issue. Until summer came. Since i first started masturbating, this was the first summer since i discovered these photos of my mother and my aunty showing their tits, i didn’t have to to spy on my mother in the shower or getting changed anymore, she would walk around the house in her knickers she hardly ever wore a top. it was amazing i had complete view of her beautiful breasts, she used to listen to the radio in the kitchen and she would dance to the music so i used to love watching those beautiful tits bouncing all over the place when i walked past or went to the kitchen for whatever reason after that i used to go in to my room and i would cum in two seconds. i also used to go to my auntys house as to visit her her, i would ring her first and ask her what she was up to? and if she said just laying by the pool and sunbathing i knew she would be topless. Just the idea made me so horny i would masturbate before grabbing my bike and rushing over to her house with the excuse of going for a swim, just just to perv at her tits and after masturbating in her bathroom while i pretended to take shit, wanking over my aunties tits made me even more horny as i had less opportunities to see her tits, after the excitement of my wanks decreased, one day i took it a step further… as one day, my mum had fallen asleep taking a nap in her room so i went in to take a good glance at her exposed boobs, rush to my room and shoot a big load, All this happened in the nineties before digital cameras or mobile phones, how easy would it be now, to take a snapshot of her bear breasts for later use, the thought of using a conventional camera had crossed my mind but id be to embarrassed to get the photos developed due to the content, so i came up with a better idea, why not masturbate over my mums tits while she was sound asleep right there. So thats what i did. i wanked right there for the first time, while perving at her actual tits i remember cuming all over the carpet right in front of her bed. i wore a towel around my waste so i could wank myself under the towel, clean al the cum of the carpet, and at the same time, have the excuse of taking a shower in the shower in her room, in case she woke up. Mum used to take naps with her tits out on the couch in the living room too, there i just used to stand behind her or behind the other couch, those wanks were amazing and at this time being already 15 soon to be turning 16 the thought and the desire of wanting not only to touch her tits but to fuck both my aunty and my mum started to grow on me as the ultimate fantasy i could think of. Summer passed and autumn came so it was harder to see my mums naked tits let alone my aunties, so i had to spy on her again except for the occasional hot day she would take her top off, have some wine and listen to the radio. My desire to try fuck my mum grew stronger so i came up with a strategy, a plan to try and fulfil my ultimate fantasy i would ring my dad and tell him i wanted to go overseas and live with him, thus convincing my mum to let me have sex with her, with the pretext that i was leaving and we may not see each other again, then when i accomplished my goal i would tell my mum i wanted to stay. I executed the first part of my plan. I told my dad and my mum that i wanted to go live with my dad overseas. On one of these hotter nights i remember one particular time when mum was a bit drunk and she let me have some beers and we smoked some weed together too, so i started getting confident and at the same time clumsy. i was sitting on one of the stools at the kitchen bench and mum was in the kitchen on the other side having some wine and a joint, listening to the radio and dancing as i was siting at the bench, she, could only see me from the waist up but i had full view of her beautiful tits bouncing around whilst she danced to the music on the radio. As we were both a bit drunk and stoned i started to wank under the bench while i looked at her tits as i thought she couldn’t see what i was doing, but after a wile she said to me [are you alright there son are you having a good wank? she started laughing at me so i tried to deny what i was doing but she walked around and i wasn’t fast enough to put my hard cock away and wipe the cum of the floor, so we started talking about why i masturbate over her, and that it wasn’t healthy that i should like girls my age etc , and creeping up on her wasn’t right, now i wasn’t so embarrassed and this is when i saw the opportunity to try my plan. i explained to her that i only just really liked her tits, that it had nothing to do with the fact that she was my mother or that i had any sexual thoughts of her so that night we agreed that she would show me her tits so i could masturbate, that way i didn’t have to spy on her anymore. After all i was leaving the country in a month or so, so it would be our last little bit of time together who knows for how long and we both cried. i have to add that after this point in time it was the beginning of summer holidays, at first i was a bit shy. but afterwards i would ask mum if i could wank over her tits but, depending on where we’d do it, i would cover myself with a blanket, she would sit next to me and waited until i finished wanking myself at first she would lift her blouse and put it down again and say, thats it , and i would say, I’m not finish, After a few times, she started finding funny watching her son going at it like a monkey, so it started feeling less uncomfortable. One day mum asked me to remove the blanket that covered my hard cock so she could see me do masturbate, my plan was working and things were getting more intense, as i remember the first time she saw me come and shoot my load i noticed she started feeling aroused by the sight of my big cock and the fact that i shot that big load, she even asked me if she could do it for me but she stoped and we both agreed we were getting carried away and we had to set some rules. 1. We wouldn’t touch each other and 2. that i could not tell anyone about this. but, the more often we did it the more she liked it and she started touching herself wile she watched me then we started touching each other and finally i got to touch her tits. i get a hard on, just thinking about it. i asked her once if i could come on her tits, at first she said, no, but then i would remind her i was leaving in 3 or 4 weeks that she would never see me agin and she would give in, but the first time i came all over her tits my load was so big it was so horny that she liked it, her sun squirting all that hot come over her tits, i would also fuck her tits every now and then, sometimes i used to masturbate for 30 to 40 minutes holding the climax so i could shoot a massive load all over my mums tits and rub m cock all over them, she sucked my cock to and i would eat her pussy but she said we couldn’t have sex. i was so close to finally fucking my mum i wouldn’t insist even though i wanted it so bad because she would get mad and id get nothing at all and i was loving every minute of it. i had my last chance on a similar night as the night i started masturbating in front of her. Mum was a bit tipsy and in a good mood so i asked her if we could fuck, that i hadn’t done it before and i wanted to to know what it felt like, at first she said no but finally she agreed i was so exited i was finally going to fuck my mum actually i was going to lose my virginity to my mum, she didn’t know this, i told her i fooled around with a girl and id done it but it was very bad and that if we were doing all the other stuff already a quick fuck wouldn’t make a difference. So she got a condom she put it on my cock she put a blanket over us and in between us so we weren’t feeling each other too much, before that, we didn’t touch each other that much, i would com on her titis only and she sucked my cock once, so i got on top of my mum, she guided me inside her pussy and i started pumping it didn’t take long until i came but at first she told me to stop after three humps that that was enough that i already felt what it feels like, then i asked her to let me cum so as i kept on going she started to come too and she loved it so much she grabbed another condom and we did it again this time we fucked more intensively. We had no condoms left and we wanted to keep fucking because it was so good, but mum wouldn’t let me fuck her with out a condom in case i came inside her. After that night, and until the week of my flight, we fucked so many times i loved sucking her tits fucking her tits and coming on them, she loved how i made her cum. i was on summer holidays so for weeks i would just stay at home smoke weed and fuck my mum, we would fuck each other all over the house, we would go through boxes of condoms really fast, thats how much we were fucking, all morning day and night.