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My daughter is 15 and flirts with me. She knows I am a feet person and when I walk by she puts her feet on the table, the sofa arm rest, or just sways her feet and toes around as I pass by.

She also wears shirts without a bra, she must have 30DD Tits, very nice size boobs. She started flirting and wearing my old shirts when she was 13. At that time her boobs were still developing so her nipples were not visible. But now at 15 and almost 16, her nipples show and she still wears my old shirts. Sometimes she wears shirts she has cut so her tummy and bellybutton are exposed.

When she is around me she clearly and purposely perks her boobs forward and up and more of her belly and sometimes the lower 1/2 of her boobs are exposed.

I have never really been a tits guy, I am more of a hands and feet type of guy. But my daughter's flirting and her big boobs have sent my interest in a new direction.

My wife is terrible in bed, no passion, very conservative, boring in bed. I eventually cheated on her after 18 years and now I IM with lady friends for thrill but no sex.

Anyway, my wife no longer arouses me. My daughter on the other hand makes my hormones go wild and gives me instant hard-ons with her flirting. Initially I thought I was seeing things, but she is definitely flirting with me and teasing me.

3 years ago, I got curious whether my wife was masturbating because I thought perhaps that was the reason her sex drive was bad. So I hid an audio recorder in the bathroom. To my surprise, instead of catching my wife, it was my daughter who was in the recording, masturbating in the shower. I have a very high sex drive, and I can see and sense my daughter's drive is off the charts.




We all know that feeling after an evening of drinking and eating the time comes when you need to take a piss.

The bathroom is down the hallway her bedroom is directly opposite. As I open the bathroom door I notice her door is open and I can see this sweet little thing asleep in her bed. Well there’s no need to close the door now is there.

I unzipped and pull my cock out to piss.

The thought of standing only feet away from this hot little thing with my cock in my hand is enough to make me hard. I turn to see if she’s asleep. That beautiful little face I can’t help it I give my cock a little stroke. I heard a rustling and turn to look.

I see her moving.”is she asleep” or just pretending. I turn back to stroke it again. Now my cock is hard I’m so turned on.

I want to turn around and pound my cock while stairing at this little sweetie. But I dare not.

I decided to turn around as I put my cock away. That’s as dairing as I’m pro paired to be. As I turn I see her eyes shut. “She is awake” “did she see my cock”.

For the next week I couldn’t stop thinking about her eyes gazing at my hard cock.

A few weeks had gone by. I saw her again she was in her normal playful mood. Standing close looking up smiling as she stands on my foot.

“Why don’t you close the bathroom door when you pee” she says. “ I didn’t think it mattered”. “I saw your dick when you turned around” she giggled. “I’m sorry. I’ll close the door next time” “you don’t have to” “ I always leave the door open when I pee”.

This sounded like the sweetest invitation.

Later that night she went off and changed for bed. Coming out in her little nightie that was to small. “I’m going to the bathroom and then to sleep”. She then does a little spin flashing her little ass and leaves. “What was that did she want me to follow”. With My heart ponding and my cock getting hard I tell myself I’ll just go and say good night.

I walk down the hallway and first look in her room the quickly turn to the bathroom.

There she is sitting with her nightie up smiling at me. “Did you need to pee” she asks. “Um yes really bad” my hand grabbing my cock. Squeezing it while I look at her sexy young legs. Spread just enough for me to see the cleanest little pussy I’ve ever seen.

“We might need to share” she giggles. “What do you mean?” “We can both pee at the same time”.

I couldn’t resist. I pull my now hard as a rock cock out and get down on my knees in front of her. She opens her little legs now giving me the best look at her tight little pussy.

“There you go now you have room to pee”

I put my cock between her legs into the bowl pretending to need to piss.

She giggles “your dick is big”. “I’m sorry there’s not much room. As I look up at her sweet little face I release my cock and it springs up and rests on her tiny pussy.

I just about exploded. Her soft pussy felt so good. “ your dick is touching me” she says. “Sorry sweetheart”. She smiles reaches down and grabs my throbbing cock and moves it away from her pussy. “That’s ok I like it it feels warm”. How she has her little hand wrapped around my cock and it feels incredible. My head is spinning my cock is pulsing. And then it happens. I exploded cum all over her pussy. My god she made me cum by just touching my cock.

She giggled with joy as my warm seed dripps from her wet little cunt.

Them this little flirt blew my mind.

“Let me clean it up”. Pushed my still hard cock back down between her legs and started to pee her warm wet pee all over my cock.

Never have I ever been this turned on.

My dirty little flirt.