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I've been breeding boxers for a living, and I've been having some the greatest sex of my life with my boxers. I know there's people out here who think it's disgusting fucking another animal, but I'll tell ya right now, don't knock it until you try it. It's really warm, hot even, much hotter than human pussy. And it's always tight and wet. The tightness is like a 11 year old virgin, no shit. But even then I think it's a toss up, and I'd actually probably choose the bitch pussy. Trust me, when a bitch is in heat she has the hottest, tightest, wettest, love hole you could ever have the pleasure of fucking. Even if you fuck the same bitch daily, she always have a nice pussy, even after she’s given birth several times. My sexual satiation has never been this high before. I’m not even seeing women at the moment (I’m 29). I mean, it’s like why would I want a gal my age when I can have pussy as good as 12 year old pussy?Anyways, what I really like doing is drugging them with ketamine, and knocking them out for several hours. Why? Well first off the dog can squirm around a lot, especially if you have a respectable size penis. Any sort of "above average" gerth will be painful for them, at least at first. Drugging her eliminates this problem. And secondly, there's just something insanely hot about having sex with unconscious pussy. Whether that be human or animal, doesn't matter. Just the fact that you're turning a living creature into a flesh doll, and their pussy is now an inanimate object you can have your way with is deeply arousing on so many levels. I love the erotically hot teasing I can do too. For example, I have this 8 year old female right now, probably my last breeding cycle with her. She’s getting kind of old. But when I hit her with the ketamine injection, in like 6-7 minutes she’s completely limp. Usually for about 2-3 hours too.

I prop her up on this wooden sawhorse of mine, and her limbs just kind of dangle freely, but her pussy is about level with my dick. I always like to tease myself, by slapping my hard cock on her pussy lips. But after a little bit, enough is enough. I thrust my 7 inch cock into her pussy and OMG it’s. Usually after 8 or 9 pumps I’m blowing my load. Her pussy is so tight that when I pull it out you can hear this pop sound when I take it out. Very sexy, and her little cunt is usually just dripping with my cum. Trust me, you’ll always blow your load prematurely on the first go around, probably even the second too. It’s nothing to be embarrassed about really, especially when you understand that animal pussy is designed to give the maximum amount of stimulation possible, in order to make the males cum quickly increasing the chances of reproduction. It’s why animal sex is always quick sex mostly. The tightness and heat is simply just too much to handle. You’ll have a toe curling, eyerolling orgasm and your balls will be emptied. You don’t tame dog pussy, dog pussy tames you. After I get that first load off, I go for seconds maybe 20-30 minutes later, or just long enough that I can recover from my first load. When I fuck her the second time I normally last much longer. By much longer, I mean usually 2-3 minutes lol. Their little pink hot pussies are like heroin to my dick. And the fact these bitches are in dreamland, completely oblivious to the fact I’m having the time of my life with their slippery cunts makes all the more better.




My wife past away a few years ago and it really hit my daughter hard this last year when she hit puberty at 11. I've never been close to my extended family so it's just been us since my wife past. She's going up so fast and looks like a carbon copy of her mother just shorter.

A few weeks ago she wanted to stay home from school because all the boys were always looking at her and the girls were saying mean stuff about her new breasts. So we just made it a long weekend. I took her to the lake. Our cabin had a hot tub and since it was too cold to swim she just relaxed and played on her tablet. She came in from soaking to dry off and called for me to bring a towel. As I brought her one she was undressing then completely naked. I haven't seen her nude since she was very little and then there she was young, athletic from soccer, with her little breast, bubble butt, and fuzzy little pussy. She just laughed then walked up to me to get the towel and asked what was wrong because my jaw dropped and I didn't look away. I just told her sorry for staring and that she just looked so much like her mother.

After dinner I went in for a soak myself. I brought my tablet out and was watching daddy daughter porn. The creampie ones are my favorite. I was alone and I took my trunks off and was naked. Next thing i know i hear her voice say want some company and my daughter climbed back in. I quickly turned my tablet off and told her up front I was naked. She replies with "oh okay" and then takes off her bathing suit. My cock was rock hard from the porn and by this point its throbbing. She sat there for a few minutes with her tablet watching YouTube videos and then just sat hers down and climbs over and starts to sit on my lap. I try to low key tuck it and for the most part a success. She just curled up and put my arms around her and told me she misses mom. We have this pure moment together and her bare ass and pussy are sitting flat on my throbbing dick. I know she has to feel it. Her butt wiggled a little and I moved a little and I just wanted to go into animal mode but I held it. I told her I loved her and it was getting late and she should be getting ready for bed.

I told her to return the favor from earlier and bring me a towel. And I sat there and waited, trying to make my boner for my daughter go away. Then I waited some more. Like 30 minutes went by and I just thought she was using the bathroom. I reached for my tablet and turned it back on. Fucking youtube! My daughter took my tablet. I stood up and heard her voice behind me Daddy? I turned and looked at her still naked holding my tablet with incest porn playing on it. She asked if I wanted to have sex with her and tried to explain how complicated my feeling were because she looked so much like her mom. Then she asked me how her mother was in bed and did she do the things like these people were doing. She climbed back into the hot tub and I sat down. She sat next to me and started asking about my dick. I let her touch it, and hold it, and she asked me to stand up and she cupped and played with my balls and giggled. Then she looked up at me and put my cock in her mouth. I jumped a little and asked what are you doing and she said she wanted to try what was in the videos. She started sucking and my dick barely fit her tiny mouth. I put my had on the back of her head and pushed her down further. This doe green eye brown haired little angle was sucking my soul out. I came so hard and watched her little checks puff out. Some of it dripped down her chin but she swallowed most of it.

I sat down in the hot tub to cool my jets and think about wh as t just happened but she just climbed into my lap and I was rock hard again. I figured i just crossed a line so might as well take it as far as it would go. I asked her if she'd ever masturbated and she giggle and said no. I told her I'll show her and that i was going to return the favor for her. Lifted her up and laid her on the edge of the hot tub. I grabbed both of her little ass cheeks and raised her little pussy up to me and I started licking her little cunt. She started to pant and squirm and the I took on thumb and popped in into her asshole, then a moment later my other thumb went into her pussy. It was tight and I felt a pop. I just busted her hymen. She said ouch for a sec then started moaning. I was eating out my daughter's clit and fingering her pussy and asshole and then she came. Her athletic legs wrapped around me and she came hard legs shaking everything.

I gently brought her down back into the hot water. It took her a minute to talk but she asked me if sex was anything like that. I told her yes and better for both people.

I'm rock fucking hard and demons screaming in my ear. Then she straddles me and grabs my dick and lowers herself on to it. It was so tight. The tightest pussy I've ever felt. She lowered herself down all the way and I could feel myself pushing against her cervix. Then she started fucking me. And getting into it. She cried out fuck me Daddy and I picked her up out of the water and held her ass as I fucked her. I was in full animal mode and just fucking her to pieces and then she said dont stop. I told her o had to that I was going to cum. She replied with cum inside me just dont stop. And my balls exploded. The same baby batter that made her just filled her to the brim. I could feel all the cum dripping out of our already wet bodies. I just held her there still cumming. It was our new moment.

After that she's been daddy's little girl and been sleeping in my bed because i keep the house too cold.




Well, I've known this eleven year old girl for some time now, she is a very good looking young girl, blonde hair and barely any ass and the starting of breasts, maybe an A cup, it happened on a night that aaI ended up having to watch her for a night, her parents went out of town for a week and a babysitter had been arranged but on the last night something happened and i was asked to watch her as the parents would be home the next afternoon, so it was pretty boring at first, we just watched some television and as it got late she changed into some pajamas, it was a nightgown, throughout the evening as she was sitting about i noticed that she wasn't wearing any panties, idk if thst was normal for her or not, but I thought it was pretty hot, throughout the evening i had been texting my girlfriend at the time and we were talking rather naughty so i was pretty damn horny, i could have fucked a dog if she had one, i desperately needed to get off but this adorable girl would follow me anywhere i went, i finally said that i had to use the restroom and went to hrt parents restroom hoping that I'd have more privacy, while looking around ai found a bottle of extra strength sleeping meds, my plan was to drug her so that she'd sleep hard ane i could get off with no worries off getting caught, so I mashed up a few of the pills into some ice cream i found in the freezer and she ate it all, within fifteen minutes she told me that she felt really sleepy and needed to go to bed, she was out cold not long after that, now my plan was to just pull up her nightgown and look at her, maybe touch her a little as i masturbated over her, that's what I did, i played with her little breasts and started to explore her little hairless pussy, i noticed that she started to get wet so i tried to slip a finger in, i noticed that there was no resistance, she had already popped her cherry, my heart started to race as my cock throbbed, i just couldn't help myself, i pulled her to the edge of the bed and placed a pillow under her ass to raise her up enough for me to enter her, now I have a modest almost seven inch cock, with very little effort half of me sank into her incredibly tight pussy, i froze in pleasure as i adjusted to the feeling tgen began thrusting into her, after about five minutes all but about an inch of me was inside of her, it was and still is the tightest pussy I've ever been inside of, it didn't take long before my balls began to tighten up and i started pounding into her, i pushed myself as deep as I could go and exploded inside her pussy,it started to leak out as i continued to thrust, i had never cum so hard in my life, i fucked her two more times that night, i made sure to clean her up really good before i left her alone and passed out on the couch, sadly she moved away not long after that




I am a bi man, 32yrs old, and I first fucked my son when he was 5yrs old, his mother left when he was 3yrs old. My son has the most perfect round bubble butt I've ever seen and because I'm a perv, I've cum on his butt many times when he was sleeping. One night I decided to give my son a piece of a sleeping pill that was prescribed to me, my intention was to only get a chance to rub my cock between his little butt cheeks as I stroked my cock, and of course cum all over his little bubble butt. I stripped him naked, as I was rubbing my cock between his butt cheeks I kept feeling his little boi pussy hole as the head of my cock passed it, and as I was about to cum, I pushed my cock inside my son's hole. I first jut held the head of my cock in him, but then I pushed more in him, and as I was finishing pumping cum in him, I started fucking him with my full 7" cock.

I fucked my son several times that night, filling his little butt with cum, and it was so amazing watching my cum leak from his little hairless hole. The next day he woke up fine and he knew nothing, but he did say his butt hole was sore. I drugged and fucked my son almost a year. Then I met another perv online, he came over so we could fuck around, and I said I wanted to check on my son, inviting him to come with me. We got in there, my son was laying on his bed nude, and I told the guy look at his cute little butt, as I did I notice the guy touch his dick. I started jacking my cock and the guy seen me, so he started jacking his cock. Then I said watch this, got on top of my son, opened his butt cheeks as I lined my cock up to my son's hole, and shoved my cock all the way in my son's little butt hole.

We both ended up fucking my son many times that night and when we was done getting dressed, he said that he knew a few other guys that was into fucking little boys. Now I have little gangbang parties and one time I let 5 guys fuck my son's hole. I want to see my son awake as he's getting butt fucked.




My son was in the boy scouts when he was 8 yrs old, he had a friend who was 9, and his friend who had a little brother who was 6. My son's friend stayed with us every weekend and his little brother stayed over too. One weekend the 6 yr old came out of the bathroom and didn't flush the toilet, when I looked in there was a huge turd in the toilet, and it was bigger then my 7 inch cock! Being a bi man, my mind went right to was this little boy being fucked and I thought I bet that I could fuck him easily. So I got an idea, I went to the store buying cherry flavored benadryl, and cherry coke. That night I gave the three boys the coke and added a big dose of benadryl in the 6 yr old's drink. They all laid in front of the tv watching cartoons, come bedtime the two boys started trying to wake up the 6 yr old, and I told them to leave him be, that I'll let him sleep on the sofa. They agreed and went to their room closing the door.

As soon as the door shut I picked up the little boy, laid him on the sofa, on his belly, so his torso was laying on the seat of the sofa, and his legs was hanging over. I was rock hard at this point, I pulled his undies down exposing his tiny little butt, and I reached in the end table taking out some anal lube I placed there earlier. I lubed up his little butt hold, dipping one finger into his ass, there was no resistance, and I pulled it out, then shoved two fingers int his little butt hole, and then again there was little to no resistance.

I took my cock out, then started rubbing the head of my cock around his little hairless butt hole, and I pushed the head of my cock into his little 6 yr old butt, the head of my cock easily slid into his hole. So I pushed deeper, he moaned ever so lightly, I pulled back a little, and sank my cock into his little body, again he moaned a little. Then I started slow fucking this little 6 yr old boy's tight butt hole, it felt so good I didn't last long, and I started filling his little body with cum. After I was done I cleaned him up, pulled his undies back up, and put him on the sofa.

The next day he said nothing and he acted like nothing was wrong.

I've been fucking him for almost two years now, he is now 8 yrs old, and still every weekend I fill his little butt with my seed.




My wife was bi, when our daughter was around 3yrs old she was sleeping in our bed one night, my wife leaned across her and started sucking my cock. Then she asked our daughter if she wanted to try, she of course said yes, and I watched my daughter suck my cock. I soon was going to cum, my wife told our daughter that I was going to squirt something special in her mouth, and as soon as she said that I started filling my daughter's mouth with cum. The following night our daughter again was in our bed, my wife got her sucking my cock as my wife licked, and started fingering her pussy. The following night my wife gave our daughter a sleeping pill, she was sleeping hard, then my wife told me to fuck her, and stretch her pussy, and that was the first time I fucked our daughter. The following night my wife got our daughter sucking my cock again, then told her to let me put my cock in her pussy. Our daughter moaned loudly as I fucked her little bald pussy, and I filled her tiny cunt with my seed.

That turned into a regular thing, our daughter would sleep in our bed and I'd fuck her, then my wife would lick her clean. After a few weeks of this my wife suggested that I tell my two close friends since I'd let them fuck my wife, she figured they'd want to fuck our daughter too. Of course when I brought it up to them, they both were excited to try, and that night they stayed over. We was all in the bed, they started fucking my wife, I started fucking my daughter's little pussy as they were watching us, and they soon both slid over to my daughter and I.

I watched my daughter suck one of my friends as my other friend started fucking her. They both used her mouth and pussy all night filling her with cum several times. The following night my wife gave our daughter another sleeping pill, when I asked why she told me that I need to get her ass ready because she said our daughter needs to be able to take cock in both her holes. Our daughter's asshole was tighter then her pussy and I filled her ass with cum four or five times that night. The very next night my two friends and I all fucked our daughter at the same time. When we was done my daughter was just covered in cum, as my wife just sat on the side of the bed plowing her cunt with a huge dildo.

By time our daughter was 4yrs old, we had five guys who would come over, my wife and I would watch them gangbang our daughter covering her in cum. Our daughter soon would ask in the day if the men was going to come over to use her, which clearly told me she liked being fucked. My wife got pergnet again, and 9mo later had our second daughter. My wife started licking and fingering our second daughter when she was just a baby, by time she was 2yrs old I was able to fuck her with full penetration. By time she was 3yrs old she was being gangbanged with her sister.

I never thought that my wife and I would turn into pedophiles, but it happened. We also had a couple guys bring their kids over, one had a 5yr old son which we'd all butt fuck him, and the other guy g=brought his 11yr old daughter over. We soon had a bunch of men who would come over all the time, at all times of the day, and they'd come in, strip one of our daughter, and then use her preteen pussy. Actually I'm shocked just how many pedophiles we ran into, just about every guy we'd approach with the idea of fucking our daughters jumped right into it, and it got to the point where our daughters would pull down their pants down to let any man use their pussy or ass. They turned int total cum sluts and our oldest daughter got pregnant at 12yrs old, she had our first grand daughter which again my wife started training her when she was a baby.




I had my daughter for the weekend all to myself and having her 11 year old sexy as hell body near me give me ideas which if I was a good dad I wouldn't have done but I slipped her a roofie on the only two nights I had her and fucked her pussy the first night taking her cherry and the second night I fucked her ass coming in her mouth.

I get her again next month for a long weekend and I cant wait. I know my buddy would love to fuck her as well and maybe we both will fuck at the same time.