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I found this site by searching for help to my problem, my daughter is 7, I'm 46, and my wife is never around anymore. I seen my daughter's pussy when she was coming out of the shower, and I started jacking off to the thought of me pushing my dick into my preteen daughter. So I started searching are there any other dads with this problem and damn what I found was shocking. I began started to leave the bathroom door when I showered and the first night I did it my daughter just happened to walk by as I was standing there nude. Then after passing by she passed by again and this time at a much slower pace. I started stroking my cock and when my daughter walked by she actually stopped. Now she is standing in front of the open door watching me jack off when I glanced up at her our eyes locked and she smiled. That very next night when she got into the shower she left the bathroom door open and when she opened the shower curtain I was standing just outside the bathroom door and she smiled at me. She got out of the shower and set on the toilet naked. I was jacking my dick and slowly kept walking closer to her and she just sat there with her legs spread. As soon as I got to where I was standing between her legs I started to cum all over her pussy and she started rubbing my cum all around her pussy. Now that's our thing she showers and sets there on the toilet nude as I jack off on her pussy.

I want to fuck her so bad but don't want to hurt her.




I met my wife on an online dating app when I was in my mid 20s, I was fucking her the first night, and wasn't long before she moved in to my place. After about a year we went to visit her parents out of state, they were in their mid 50s at the time, and everything went good. First night we was going to watch a movie, her mom got ready for bed, settled on the sofa, my wife and I was on the floor in front of her. Her dad said he was going to bed, so we started watching the movie, then as it started my wife said she was going to bed, and when I went to get up, she said for me to stay up with mom, and then come to bed after the movie. As the movie played on, we was making small talk, and every time I looked back to answer her, her legs were spread open just a little more, and then of course my gaze at her crotch got longer. Then she asked me something, when I looked back her lags was spread wide open, and she had a nice bald pussy gaping open just a little. As I lay there staring at her smooth pussy she slides a hand down and starts fingering her pussy. I did not even think about, I simply slid over to her and started licking her pussy. She's starting to moan, then I stand up and drop my shorts, she leans forward and starts sucking my cock. She then leans back, spreads her legs, and slides forward so her ass is hanging off the sofa. Just as I start fucking her I hear what sounded like a headboard lightly banging the wall upstairs. As I'm drilling my mother in-law's pussy I realize what I'm hearing is my wife getting fucked, the only people up there is my wife and her dad. Then through the moans of her mother I hear my wife say; "oh yes daddy cum inside my pussy" and I hear her dad grunt followed by an awwwwww.

For some reason that really turned me on and I started pumping cum inside her mother's pussy. When I got upstairs in bed with my wife, we stared playing around and I could taste her dad's cum as I ate her pussy. As I'm fucking her, she whispered in my ear; "did you like cumming in my mom's pussy baby", and I started cumming right away. The next day her sister and her niece came over to meet me. My wife's sister is in her early 30s, prettier than my wife and her daughter was 9yrs old, cute little girl. That night my wife's niece begs her grandmother to spend the night and she agrees.

So that night again my wife's mom suggests a movie, her dad says he's going to bed, and my wife says she's tired too. I'm thinking okay I get to fuck both her mom and her again. Then my wife's niece begs her grandmother to stay up to watch the movie too and she agreed. I started thinking damn, when my mother in-law told me to come sit with her on the sofa, as we're sitting there she starts rubbing my cock, I whisper; "she's right there", and my mother in-law says; "does that bother you", I thought a second then said; "no, not really". As my mother in-law is rubbing my cock, my niece keeps looking back at us and my mother in-law whispers to me; "take your shorts off". I look at her and say; "with her right there" and she says; "does that bother you", I stood up dropping my shorts as I said; "NOPE".

I sit back down, my niece is staring right at me giggling, my mother in-law leans over and starts sucking my cock right there as my niece (who I just met) watches. Then my new little niece slid over between my legs, my mother in-law points my cock down toward her granddaughter, and her granddaughter slide in the rest of the way taking a hold of my cock. My mother in-law looks at me and says; "you have a problem with that", of course I respond; "NOPE". I then feel my niece's mouth start sucking my cock, as I look down my mother in-law whispers to me; "I want to watch you fuck her, do you have a problem with that"? Again I say; "NOPE", she pats on the sofa and says to her granddaughter; "come up here baby and lay down", and this little girl jumped up like she was excited. My mother in-law gets a tube of lube out of a drawer, my niece spreads her legs wide, and as I'm staring at her beautiful little hairless pussy that was gaping open just a little, my mother in-law then pours lube all over her little bald pussy.

Just as I lined up my cock to her little pussy hole I started hearing the headboard again banging on the wall upstairs and I started working my cock inside this little girl's pussy as my mother in-law is saying; "oh yes, shove your big cock inside her little bald pussy". At that point I have enough of my cock inside her pussy to start slowly fucking her, my niece is softly moaning, my mother in-law is saying some wild stuff about how she wants to see me fuck her little pussy. I'm hearing my wife get fucked by her dad upstairs, my mother in-law is telling me to fuck her granddaughter's hairless pussy, as I'm looking at my cock thrust in and out of her little pussy hole. Then my mother in-law stands up next to her granddaughter who's on the sofa getting fucked, she's just about fist fucking herself, and she starts squirting all over her granddaughter. That was all I could take and I started pumping cum inside my new niece's little pussy. After I finished I pulled out, my mother in-law starts sucking my cock as my niece is still laying on the sofa panting like a dog, then my mother in-law then gets between her granddaughter's legs, and starts slurping my cum from her now gaping hole.

My wife soon after had our first daughter, my father in-law and I used to let my baby daughter suck on the heads of our dicks. When my niece was 13, we were fucking just about every day and I got her pregnant. My wife's niece had my second daughter, by this time my first daughter was around 4, and by then we could get at least half our cock in her pussy. My father in-law and I would fuck my daughter as my wife and then her mom watched as they egged us on while they smashed their pussies with huge dildos. I never thought this shit happened more or less to me, but I'm glad it did because a nice young tight little pussy feels so good as you push your cock into it, and I wouldn't change a thing.




Our daughter is the average eight year old, blond, blue eyes, small frame, and very out going. I'm going to make a long story short here, I walked into our daughter's room to say time for bed, and she was nude, on her knees with her head on the floor (it looked like she was looking under her be) with the family shepard trying to mount her. When I walked in she jumped up to her feel, I was like the fuck Cindy, and she says that she was looking for shorts under her bed when the dog kept jumping up on her, saying that she could not get him off. It sounded logical and I scolded the dog sending him out of her room.

For the next week I made sure the dog was not around her and it was over the following week I stopped paying attention. I woke up around midnight one night, wanted to get something to drink, and as I walked past our daughter's room, I heard what sounded like my daughter was jumping on her bed. When I slowly opened the door, she's kneeling next to her bed with her upper half laying on her bed, and our dog was behind her just drilling her. I stood there a few seconds in shock, as I was standing there in shock I could see the dog's cum dripping from her pussy, and I had a full view of the dog's dick assaulting my daughter's little bald pussy. I in a loud whisper said "CINDY", she jumped up, and started in with he would not get off me. I asked how he got into her room, she said the door must have been opened, I said how did he even get you off the bed, and she said that the dog pulled her bottom half off the bed then put his dick in her (yes she used the word dick too).

I was not buying it all this time, as I talked to her to find out why, she told me that she was curious, and when the dog did it, she paused then said "well it hurt at first, but after a few times, it sort of felt good". I could not believe it, we talked for a little while and I told her to go clean up, then go to bed. The dog slept in our room for the next few days. During that time, every time the dog moved at night, visions of the dog's cock drilling my daughter's pussy kept flooding my mind. It was like the third night I got up to go check on her, I peeked into her room, she seemed to be sleeping, and she was uncovered. As I went in to cover her up, she was laying on her back, and her panties were riding up into her pussy giving her the most perfect cameltoe I've ever seen. I looked down at my little daughter's cameltoe, I pictured that dog's cock drilling her (which was not much smaller then my cock), and the next thing I know, I'm rubbing my cock through my sleep pants. I figured that I'd just jackoff real quick, no one would know, and I pulled the front of my sleep pants down unleashing my cock.

Now I'm standing there stroking my cock, as I looked at my daughter's cameltoe, and pictured me fucking her. Then she turned onto her side, which freaked my out making me to put my cock away quickly, and she then slid her bottom half off the bed, so she was in the exact same position as she was when the dog was fucking her. She didn't look at me, her face was down into the bed as she knelt there, and I hear her whisper as she wiggled her little butt, "go ahead daddy, do it". I hesitated at first, then I knelt down behind her, pulled her panties down to her knees, then started rubbing my cock up, and down her pussy slit. I don't know if it was because of my pre-cum or because she was wet, but she was ready, and when my cock head reached her pussy hole, I pushed my cock into my daughter's pussy. She didn't make a sound, so I pushed more of my cock in her, and again she didn't even make a sound.

Then I pushed the rest of my cock in her, I got a moan our of her, and I started to slow fuck her. After maybe a minute, Cindy picks her head u, and whispers, "do it faster daddy". So I start really fucking her, as I was fucking her, I heard her say, "harder daddy", and I felt her fingers touch my cock, I knew she was rubbing her clit as I was fucking her. So I get a good grip on her hips and started fucking drilling her tight little pussy. Even through all the thrusting I was doing, I felt Cindy start to shake, and she started really moaning rather loudly. Just knowing that my eight year old daughter was having an orgasm as I was fucking her preteen pussy pushed me over the edge and I started pumping my cum inside her little body. We both just collapsed, I slowly pulled out of her pussy, and heard plopping sounds as my cum leaked from her pussy. I sat on the bed and started telling her that she can never tell anyone, she said, "I know daddy, I'm not stupid". Then she asks me to lay with her for a bit, so I got in bed with her, snuggled her up, and we both fell asleep fast.

I told my wife that she had a bad dream and I went to lay with her, then fell asleep.

Our daughter is eleven now and I fuck her more than I do her mother.




My wife is a drug whore and I kicked her to the curb shortly after my daughter was born. When my daughter was 3 she discovered my dick, she was on my lap when I fell asleep in a chair watching the television, and I got hard, I always get hard when sleeping. When I woke up she asked what it was, after I got passed the whole boys have a penis, and girls have a vagina, she wanted to see. So I showed her and let her touch it, no I didn't get hard.

After she checked me out, she dropped her panties and started checking herself out. Then she wanted to know why I have a dick and her a pussy, she wanted to know why we had them. So I explained when a man and woman love each other they connect with them and then that's how a baby is made. Yes I over explained it all to her because now the "why" questions came flying at me, and I don't know why I over explained it all to my 3 year old daughter, maybe it in a way turned me on.

With that being said, I kept going with it all and again I was in a way getting turned on by explaining sex to my daughter, even through she is only 3. I started becoming hard and again I got flooded with questions, then of course she was amazed it grew, and then now it's hard too. So I went to the next step, as opposed to explaining it to her, I opened my laptop, and started showing her videos of a guy fucking a woman. She was fascinated how the cock slide in and out of the woman's pussy. She then of course wanted to try and of course I said no. Then I clicked on a new video, it was a woman sucking a guy's cock, and as he started cumming in her mouth, my daughter blurted out "wow daddy, do you do that? Does it taste good?, Is that stuff milk daddy"?

As I was trying to explain to her what that white stuff is, all she was thinking of was what it tasted like, and now she wanted to see my dick again. I pulled my dick out to show her and as soon as she touched it, her mouth opened, and she went for it. I at first stopped her, but she kept saying "please daddy, I want to taste it", and the more she begged to taste my cum the more turned on I was becoming. Then I figured what's the harm, so the next time she went for it I let her, and I felt the warmth of my daughter's mouth on the head of my now hard cock.

I started softly stroking the top of her head, telling her what a good girl she's being, and as I looked down at my little daughter sucking the head of my cock, I was going to start to cum. I told her "here it comes baby, keep your mouth on it sweetie" and I watched her cheeks puff out with the first blast of cum, she choked a little then I heard her make a gulp sound. Then as soon as she gulped down my first blast, I filled her mouth again, and again I heard her make a gulping sound. Since I haven't cum in a long time, I filled her mouth a few times, and when I was done her response, "wow daddy, it tastes good, make more" as she started sucking on my shrinking cock. Then of course I had to explain why it got soft and why she has to wait for more cum.

This went on for several years, she sucked me off, and drank my cum at least a couple times a day. When she was around 7 we was having an addition added to our home, one day I caught her sucking one of the construction workers in the bathroom, and when I walked in the guy was in a total panic. For what ever reason I was okay with it ad told him to calm down, it was okay, and then looked at my little girl saying "go ahead baby, make him cum", she went right to his pants trying to get them open again. The guy opened his fly letting his huge soft cock flop out and I watched my daughter get her mouth on his cock as soon as it flopped out. As I'm watching my daughter suck this guy's cock I took out my cock and started stroking it. Then the guy announced "I'm going to cum", my daughter simply make a "mmmmmm" sound, and I said "that's it man, fill my daughter's mouth with cum". I then heard him grunt, my daughter started making slurping and gulping sounds. As soon as she was finishing him up, I felt my cum boiling up, I announced "I'm going to cum baby", I watched my daughter flip around so quick, and got her mouth on my cock just as I started squirting cum.

The guy quickly zipped up and got out of the bathroom. My daughter was finishing me up, she then looked up at me saying "that was fun daddy, can we do another one", and I said "yes baby but we have to be careful". Later that day I pulled that guy aside saying "my little girl loved drinking your cum, do you know anyone else you can trust"? He said "hell yes I know a few guys that love little girls", I told him why don't he get a couple together and come over tonight. That night he texted me saying he had four guys that want to come over tonight and I told my daughter there was four men plus the guy she sucked today, she got so excited.

That night after they got there, I told my daughter to take off her cloths, and within minutes we all was naked, as they started all petting her she started sucking one of the guys, and one asked "does she fuck too". Right after I said "no she just sucks", my daughter pulls the guy's cock out of her mouth saying "yes daddy, I want to do that too", and the guy looks at me with a huge grin. I said to my little girl as she's back on the guy's cock, "no baby it's going to hurt the first few times", she takes the cock back out of her mouth and says "so daddy, I want to do that too". I said "okay, but I'm first".

I walked her over to the couch, laid her down, I guy got over her face feeding her his cock, as I got some lube, and started lubing up her bald little pussy. I got on top of her, lined up my rock hard cock to her little hole, and pushed the head of my cock in my 7 year old daughter's tight virgin pussy, and she let out a loud "ouch daddy, that hurts", I replied "I told you baby, it will only hurt a minute, and it'll be okay", she said "okay daddy, do it", with that I shoved my whole cock inside her little body. She screamed, then started to cry, I told her to just relax as I left my cock buried deep inside her little pussy, and after a minute or so she stopped crying. I asked if it stopped hurting and she said yes, it don't hurt real bad like it did. So I slowly pulled out a little, then pushed it back in, and she just simply grunted this time.

As the five guys was just standing there jacking their cocks as they watched me start to slow fuck my little girl, then the guy she was sucking got back over her dangling his cock near her mouth, she opened her eyes when his cock touched her lips, and she went back to work sucking on his cock. I slow fucked her a minute, as my orgasm started to build, I started fucking her faster, and harder, and I could tell she was in pain, she didn't say anything just laid there grunting as I buried my cock in her. I started to cum and it was the hardest I ever came, ever! After I finished pumping my little daughter's pussy full of cum, as I watched my cock slide from her little gaped pussy, my cum poured from her little body, and I heard a guy say "I'm next".

All six of us fucked my daughter in both ends over and over again! Then the guys started to pull out and cum on her, at the end of the night she was covered in cum. The next morning my daughter said her pussy hurt, I told her it will be sore for a couple days, and no more cock in her little pussy for a few days. It was only two days later when she was sucking my cock she asked "daddy will you put you cock back in me, but not so hard this time", I told her that I'd be easy, and I started out by licking her little hairless pussy which she seemed to really love. I lined up my cock to her little hole, slowly pushing it in to her, she moaned a little, and I asked her if she was okay, she said yes that it don't hurt anymore.

My daughter is now 23 and she is a total cum slut, she will suck off or let just about any cock fuck her.

I even watched her let a large dog fuck her and when that dog's knott pulled out of her, her gaping pussy fucking gushed cum! It was the hottest thing I've ever seen, but that's another story, and yes she drank dog cum too.




My wife was bi, when our daughter was around 3yrs old she was sleeping in our bed one night, my wife leaned across her and started sucking my cock. Then she asked our daughter if she wanted to try, she of course said yes, and I watched my daughter suck my cock. I soon was going to cum, my wife told our daughter that I was going to squirt something special in her mouth, and as soon as she said that I started filling my daughter's mouth with cum. The following night our daughter again was in our bed, my wife got her sucking my cock as my wife licked, and started fingering her pussy. The following night my wife gave our daughter a sleeping pill, she was sleeping hard, then my wife told me to fuck her, and stretch her pussy, and that was the first time I fucked our daughter. The following night my wife got our daughter sucking my cock again, then told her to let me put my cock in her pussy. Our daughter moaned loudly as I fucked her little bald pussy, and I filled her tiny cunt with my seed.

That turned into a regular thing, our daughter would sleep in our bed and I'd fuck her, then my wife would lick her clean. After a few weeks of this my wife suggested that I tell my two close friends since I'd let them fuck my wife, she figured they'd want to fuck our daughter too. Of course when I brought it up to them, they both were excited to try, and that night they stayed over. We was all in the bed, they started fucking my wife, I started fucking my daughter's little pussy as they were watching us, and they soon both slid over to my daughter and I.

I watched my daughter suck one of my friends as my other friend started fucking her. They both used her mouth and pussy all night filling her with cum several times. The following night my wife gave our daughter another sleeping pill, when I asked why she told me that I need to get her ass ready because she said our daughter needs to be able to take cock in both her holes. Our daughter's asshole was tighter then her pussy and I filled her ass with cum four or five times that night. The very next night my two friends and I all fucked our daughter at the same time. When we was done my daughter was just covered in cum, as my wife just sat on the side of the bed plowing her cunt with a huge dildo.

By time our daughter was 4yrs old, we had five guys who would come over, my wife and I would watch them gangbang our daughter covering her in cum. Our daughter soon would ask in the day if the men was going to come over to use her, which clearly told me she liked being fucked. My wife got pergnet again, and 9mo later had our second daughter. My wife started licking and fingering our second daughter when she was just a baby, by time she was 2yrs old I was able to fuck her with full penetration. By time she was 3yrs old she was being gangbanged with her sister.

I never thought that my wife and I would turn into pedophiles, but it happened. We also had a couple guys bring their kids over, one had a 5yr old son which we'd all butt fuck him, and the other guy g=brought his 11yr old daughter over. We soon had a bunch of men who would come over all the time, at all times of the day, and they'd come in, strip one of our daughter, and then use her preteen pussy. Actually I'm shocked just how many pedophiles we ran into, just about every guy we'd approach with the idea of fucking our daughters jumped right into it, and it got to the point where our daughters would pull down their pants down to let any man use their pussy or ass. They turned int total cum sluts and our oldest daughter got pregnant at 12yrs old, she had our first grand daughter which again my wife started training her when she was a baby.




I want to have an incest family. I want to live in the middle of nowhere and just have me a little incest family. Work the land, homeschool the kids, fuck like dirty rabbits. Make my wife and kids dirty little whores. I want to watch my future son put a baby in his mom while I pump one into his young turtle sister. And every so often let some outsiders in to keep the gene pool from becoming stagnant.




I'm a married man, in my 40s, and we have one kid, a 8 year old daughter. She's a little heavier then she should be, she has long blond hair, and her little pussy is still hairless. It all started when my wife was away for a week and near the end of the week I was horny as shit. I went into my daughter's room, pulled the covers off her, and peeked at her pussy, just to give me an image in my mind so I could jack my cock off. Well as I was peeking at her little hairless pussy, I started jacking my cock, and next thing I knew, I was ready to cum. Why I decided to cum on her little hairless pussy, I don't know, but I leaned over her a little, and totally covered her bald pussy with my cum. Then I simply let her panties go and left her pussy covered in my seed. The next night I went in there because I wanted to cum on her again and when I pulled back the covers, she was naked from the waist down. I stood there jacking off, when I was ready to cum I got between her legs on the bed, and put my cock up to her little pussy hole, then started pumping my cum into her little bald pussy. After my wife came back I still continued to go into my daughter's room late at night, she was always sleeping without any panties on, and I now get on the bed between her legs to cum on her pussy. One night as I was about to cum in her, my cock was at the entrance of her little hairless pussy hole, then I felt her push down onto my cock, and the head of my cock slipped in her pussy. She now no longer pretends to be asleep and I now can slow fuck her until I fill her with my cum.