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My wife died in a car accident when she was 57 years old. I was devastated and for nearly six years could hardly function as a human being. Gradually I started going to the local Senior Center. We played Bingo, checkers and a host of other easy games. I didn't feel like a really old man but figured I'd live out my last decades alone and fairly miserable. I had some male and female friends but there was never any spark between any of us. I attended church a number of times during the year but found that lacking a little also. However one Sunday morning a man named Donnie befriended me. he invited me to their house for lunch that afternoon. I was 67 years old and he was about 45. Debbie was about the same age. Over the next several months Dennis and I became pretty good friends. We went golfing, if you could call it golfing, fishing and I helped him restore an old pickup truck.

One day as he was driving me home from church he said that Debbie was home preparing a special treat for that night and insisted I join them. Of course I accepted and he drove over to their place. It didn't seem like anything really special. A nice afternoon meal and watching football. We were drinking beer during the football game. I wasn't much of a drinker so after about four or five I was getting pretty drunk. At halftime Dennis said he was going to make a beer run and would be about a half hour. No sooner did he leave and Debbie scooted over on the couch and sat on my lap facing me. I looked a little goofy at her and she said "I've noticed you have quite the package down here. Her hand reached under her and she grabbed my cock. I'll admit she is attractive and my cock started to rise a little with her hand on it. Before I could say anything she found my mouth and kissed me. She broke the kiss and said that since I'd been a good friend to her husband that they both thought I deserved a special treat. I started to protest and she assured me that Dennis was perfectly okay with this, that it was even his idea.

Who was I to argue, especially when she slid off of me and unzipped my pants. She pulled my cock out and commented at my girth and length. It was true that I was larger than most and fairly thick but I hadn't even been able to jerk off for the last several years. I hadn't had a good blowjob in four decades and I was drunk enough to let her proceed. She sucked me hard and kept sucking when I said I was about to cum. She just shook her head yes and kept sucking as I exploded. I filled her mouth to the point she had to spit about half of it out, and all over my cock and balls. "Oh fuck" I said as she finished me off.

As soon as she took her mouth off I heard Dennis say "Bravo honey. That was fucking fantastic." I didn't see him come in as he sat next to me and opened the case of beer he brought in. We drank some more and I was drunk enough that I didn't even tuck m cock back in. My pants and shorts were still down around my ankles and I must have put away another four or five before Debbie spoke again. "So stud, you ever suck a cock." I slurred something about not being gay but she just ignored me. Then she said to Dennis "Go ahead honey, show him what you got." He stood up and pulled his pants off. His cock was pretty much sticking out. It wasn't as big as mine but I knew I couldn't take it all in my mouth. Then I wondered why I was even thinking that way. Then Debbie took my shirt off and they laid me down with my head hanging off of one of the arms of the couch. "Just relax and enjoy it" she said as Dennis stepped up to me and tilted my head back a little more.

Without even thinking I opened my mouth when he put his cock up to my lips. Go ahead Terry suck it. I put my lips around the head and he gently started to mouth fuck me.I had never done this before but knew I wanted to keep going. My head was reeling as I sucked him even harder and tasted his pre-cum as it oozed into my mouth. I actually liked the taste and sucked him even harder. Then I felt my legs being listed and Debbie was licking my asshole. I let her and didn't even want to stop her. My wife had never done anything like that and I was loving it. Then I felt a finger enter me and she started to slowly finger fuck me. Dennis didn't cum and finally pulled his cock out of my mouth. He told Debbie to switch. Shen pulled me off the couch onto the carped and Debbie squatted over my face and put her cunt on my mouth. Dennis said to go ahead and tongue fuck her. I started to lick her slit and nibbling on her clit when I felt his cock against my asshole. He slowly pushed in and finally pushed past my muscle. I grunted but was too fucked up to fight him. Then he started to fuck me. While I was eating Debbie she leaned over and took my cock back in her mouth. I didn't think I could get hard again but she was good. Dennis fucked me for about 10 minutes and said he was going to fill me up. She mumbled to go ahead and about that time I came again. She took it all this time. I passed out shortly after that and woke up in the morning on the floor with a blanket over me and a pillow under my head.

They were already up and came into the living room. Dennis explained they were swingers and both loved sex with either men or women. They said that I had a lot to offer and wanted me to join them on a regular basis. It took me batting drunk a few more times and letting him fuck me before I was fully on board but by the time I turned 70 I found that my cock worked just fine and I loved fucking them both. Not only them but it has opened up a whole new world I never imagined I would be a part of.




My wife's a little kinky. She likes to play with my asshole when she sucks me and takes my cum in her mouth. I love everything about her. Then one night when we were drinking she confessed that she had a lesbian experience a number of years back. We didn't mention it much after that as I told her I didn't care what she did before she met me. When she pressed I told her I had never had a gay experience. She was okay with that. Then one day she said we were going to a party that Friday night. I said okay and we showered and went to the party.

We arrived at Jim and Tammy's house about 5:30. We had all eaten and the other couples had arrived by 7:00. We all chatted and drank a bit and one of the women said the they should leave the men to play cards and all agreed they should go to the male strip club. My wife didn't drink much so she drove. That left the six of us to play cards. The first game was pretty innocent, seven card stud. Then Jim the host suggested we headed to the basement for some fun. Everyone agreed so I followed them to the basement. I got the idea that they had all done this before and when one of the guys asked if I had ever sucked a cock I told him no. Then got all excited and Jim told them to prepare me. They grabbed me and started to undress me. I said I wasn't comfortable with this but six on one was no match. They stripped me and made me get into the sex swing he had in the basement.

I tried to protest but they had my hands tied up on top and my feet tied to a pair of stirrups. They all stripped and Jim's cock was huge. It was at least six inches soft and I felt myself being pulled back. I was in the swing but was nearly horizontal and the first guy stepped up and put his cock up to my lips. He said I was the main attraction and was going to suck all of their dicks. He pushed in my mouth and I couldn't stop him as he started to mouth fuck me. I was pretty helpless as He pushed and pulled his cock in my mouth. Then I felt someone pulling my nipples as that first guy started to cum in my mouth. I didn't really like it as he emptied himself in my mouth. Then another guy took his place and started mouth fucking me. About that time I felt a tongue on my asshole. I didn't know who it was but then he pulled his finger away and I felt his cock start to enter me. He began to fuck me while I was sucking this other guy's cock I felt him cum in my ass . It hurt at first but became okay after a few minutes. Then I felt another cock push into my ass. He about split my ass in two as he pushed his cock in. About that time the guy in my mouth came. It wasn't a lot but I tasted it all. Then a third guy came up and started ot mouth fuck me. I got the feeling they had done this before. I took his cum and another guy stuck his cock in my mouth. I was sucking cock after cock while being fucked by the guy who was splitting my asshole apart. But after a minute or so it started to feel good. He was a real stud and his cock hit my prostate with every thrust and my cock was hard not. I sucked every cock that was put into my mouth and when I had taken every load of cum they had to give me and there was no more cocks to mouth fuck me I still had that big cock in my asshole. He fucked me for another 10 minutes and someone put their mouth on my hard cock. It didn't take long and I was cumming. I can usually only cum once in a night so when he took his mouth off my cock I shriveled as the guy in my ass kept fucking me. After another 20 minutes he said he was cumming and filled my ass with his load. He pulled out and his cum dripped out of my ass down my ass cheeks.

Then decided they had enough and when we walked back upstairs into the living room the ladies were all sitting there.

After another half hour of chatting I decided it was time to go home. My girlfriiend drove me home. We went into the bedroom and I was about to pass out when she said her girlfriends had told her that I was going to suck cock and get fucked. I was drunk enough still to tell her everything and she even cleaned the cum out of my asshole. We finally got married a year later and on our honeymoon she had Jim come into our motel room and fuck me while she watched. It was the biggest cock I'd wver seen and when he finally came in my ass I was sucking my new wife's cunt. She came as well and it was one of the greatest nights I'd ever had. We have been swingers from the get-go and over the next four years I've sucked more cocks and been ass fucked more times than I could count. I just love both cock and cunt.




On my last day after 10 years at work my employees took me out to celebrate. We went to this little dive down the street. We started drinking about 5:30 and by 8:00 we were all pretty hammered. I had about an hour to drive but knew I couldn't. Lindsay, one of the other supervisors said I could crash on her couch until I could drive. She only lived about six blocks away from the bar. Everyone left and I drunkenly followed Lindsay to her house. She was divorced and lived alone. She was 41 years old and her kids were out of the house. She was a little overweight but seemed to have nice big round tits and I'm sure she caught me staring at them from time to time.

We got to her house and went inside. I was ready for sleep and laid on the couch. I don't think it was two minutes and I was out. At some point I felt her crawl on top of me. I was so drunk I didn't notice she had removed my shoes and pants and even my underwear. When I noticed her on top of me I sensed a nipple at my mouth. I instinctively started to suck on it. She kept saying "That feels so fucking good I think you're gonna make me cum." I felt my cock being massaged between her thighs and after a couple of minutes sucking on her nipple she scooted down so my cock was between her lets resting on her cunt. She kissed me and I felt her tongue inside my mouth. I responded and tweaked her nipple. She moaned and when we broke the kiss she turned around and stuck her cunt on my mouth. She took my cock into her mouth and even still pretty drunk my cock got hard in her mouth. She said she wanted to drain me. When I asked if she wanted me to warn her she said she loved surprises and was looking forward to sucking me dry. And she did. Her cunt was dripping juice in my mouth and I couldn't hold back any longer and gave her a two week's worth of my jizz. She swallowed every fucking drop and kept sucking until I got soft and then started to get hard again. She had cum twice in the time it took me to cum once. Her pussy was clean shaven and tasted sweet.

I almost passed out again when she turned back around and sat down on my mostly hard cock. It plunged deep inside her cunt and she almost came right then. She started to actively fuck me and I reached up and started playing with both tits again. When she was about to cum she leaned over and shoved her tongue back in my mouth. At the same time her hands found my own nipples and pulled. This sent me over the edge and we both started cumming. My load wasn't very much this time but when she shrieked I knew she was cumming also. When we were both spent she got off of me and went and got another 6-pack. We downed them and she dragged me to her bedroom. We were both still naked when I laid on the bed and passed out.

It was Saturday morning and I woke up to something on my cock. It was her mouth. She said I had the sweetest cum she had ever tasted and said to just relax and let her have it. It took about 10 minutes and when I was ready to cum I felt a finger in my ass. She was now finger fucking my asshole while sucking me to orgasm. This took me over the edge like never before and I came hard. She took it all and when I was spent she moved up and we made out for another 20 minutes. I tasted our saliva and my cum on her tongue while we kissed. It was nearly 9:00 that morning when I finally got dressed and left for home. I had a little explaining to do with my wife but she understood that I couldn't drive the night before and had to stay at "Mike's' house. It was a good thing that she didn't want sex that week. I think she would have noticed the bruise on the base of my cock and I got away with it. Lindsay called me the next Friday and invited me to dinner with her. I told my wife I had to work late at my new job and headed over to Lindsay's after work. I didn't get too drunk to drive home that night but fucked her so hard she nearly passed out. This time though I fucked her first before she sucked me. Man, what a fucking slut she was, but on the other hand what a fucking man slut I am.




My husband works in a bank. One night his boss invited us over for dinner. It was just my husband and I and his boss and wife. We had a nice chicken dinner and after dinner we went into the living room for drinks. The wine flowed freely and my husband was getting pretty drunk. I wasn't because I knew I had to drive home. We talked about sports, politics, the weather for about an hour. His boss was still nursing his second glass of wine while his wife and my husband were getting pretty drunk. About 10:00 I suggest it was time we got home and my husband started to get up. Then his boss turned to him and said "Terry, I'll give you a thousand dollars to let me fuck your wife." That shocked me most of all. Terry thought about it and said no. Then his boss said he'd give him 25 hundred. We had some past due bills and Terry thought it for a few seconds and said "Let's see the money." John, his boss opened his wallet and pulled out the money and laid it on the table. "It's all yours, just say okay." Terry mumbled "Okay." I thought "I'm not gonna fuck this old man for money." Before I could actually get up to leave John had me by the arm. His wife Liz had my other arm. Terry was nearly passed out on their couch. I struggled but John said "You know honey, a deal's a deal, and besides if you don't fuck me I'll beat the shit out of both of you and fire him." Before I could digest his threat they had me in the bedroom.

I think he slipped something in my one glass of wine because I was becoming a bit dizzy. I didn't pass out and knew everything that was happening but couldn't stop it. They first stripped me and both played with my tits a bit while she massaged my pussy. When she shoved two fingers inside me I started to feel a little warm. That's when they moved me to the bed and laid me on my back. She mounted my chest pinning my arms to my side and grabbed my legs. She lifted them up and he crawled on the bed. He started to lick my pussy. I didn't like it at first but the more he worked my clit the more turned on I became. He told his wife I had the biggest clit he'd ever sucked and a minute later I was cumming. She felt my arms wouldn't fight her anymore so she scooted up and put her cunt on my mouth. At the same time he scooted up and shoved his big cock inside me. Again I knew what was happening but was powerless to stop either of them. It actually felt great having a cock larger than Terry's in my cunt and having another cunt on my mouth. He was a real stud and fucked me for about 20 minutes. His wife told me to tell them I wanted his cock in my mouth. I complied and said "I want your fucking cock in my mouth. She got off of me at that point and he mounted me. He put his cock up to my lips and I took it. She started to tongue fuck me and within a minute I felt him cumming in my mouth. He had a bit load and I took it all. Terry never let me keep his cock in my mouth. He probably figured I wouldn't like it. It was actually okay. He kept his cock in my mouth and she moved from my wet pussy to my asshole. She started to tongue my asshole and he started to tell me how his big cock was going to fuck my ass until I couldn't walk. It registered in my mind but I really didn't care. He kept his cock in my mouth for nearly 20 minutes and he got hard again. She had made me cum a few times with her tongue and fingers and he finally pulled his cock out of my mouth. then he said to tell him I wanted to be ass fucked. I couldn't bring myself to say it so I told him no. He slapped me. Then slapped me again and said to say it. After a few more slaps I finally said through the tears "Please fuck me in the ass."

He hopped off of me and they traded places again, only this time she was facing away from me and planted her asshole squarely on my mouth. She said to tongue her asshole. At the same time she was massaging my nipples, which turns me on and he was tonguing my asshole and finger fucking my cunt. I finally stuck my tongue up her asshole as far as I could. About that time she told him it was time and he scooted back up to me. She lifted my legs high and I felt his cock penetrating my ass. All of a sudden it hit me and I started to try to scream. It hurt like a bitch. Then he started to fuck my ass. I couldn't get away as she had my legs lifted up and was essentially sitting on my face. About 10 minutes later my ass was numb and I gave up. I slumped and let him fuck my ass. She moved back and put her cunt back on my mouth and said to make her cum. She started to play with my nipples and I felt his thumb on my clit. He actually made me cum again by fucking my ass and massaging my clit and I know I made her cum because I could taste her juices flowing into my mouth.

They finally got off of me and took me into the living room where Terry was asleep. John told me that was the best ass he'd ever fucked and I swallow like a fucking pro. He said to get my husband home but if I ever needed a little extra money we didn't need Terry to get it done.

I've been back to their house two or three times a month for the last two years and have stashed away nearly $25,000. I figure at this rate another couple or three years and I can finally leave my do-nothing piece of shit husband. I'm getting pretty fucking close now.




I met Debbie at a country bar. My wife is sort of a prude so I often go to the bar to listen to the band. They're fucking awesome. Anyway, one night I was sitting at a table and this short blond woman asked if she could join me. After introductions we engaged in some small talk and after about three pitchers of beers she asked if I wanted to come back to her place. I jumped at the chance. She was very cute, about 5'1" tall and had a slim waste and nice tits. Twenty minutes later we were walking into her apartment. She didn't waste any time and within three minutes she had both of us naked and making out on her bed. Then she turned around into a 69 and took my already hard cock into her mouth. I'm almost seven inches hard and she took the whole fucking thing. My wife could never do that and the more I fucked her mouth the more she was loving it. I fucked her mouth for at least 10 minutes and when I was getting close I warned her. Then I felt two fingers being shoved into my asshole. They were wet and slipped in easily. What a fucking feeling that was. I was cumming down her throat and she was finger fucking my ass. I came harder than ever before.

I finally went home and met her again the next Friday night. We replayed the scene again but this time after I came down her throat she kept sucking me until I was hard again. Then she turned back around and mounted me. I fucked her for about 15 minutes and she lifted up and put her asshole down on my cock. She fucked me with her ass until I was ready to cum again. I let loose and gave her what was left in my nuts. Her asshole was the tightest thing I'd ever fucked. When we were finally done we went into the living room and drank a few more beers and talked about life. At one point she asked if I liked my ass penetrated and I told her it was the greatest feeling I'd ever had. She said we should meet the next Friday and I agreed.

We met at the bar that Friday night and drove straight to her place. She brought out a bottle of whiskey and we proceeded to get drunk. She suggested we get naked. When we did she picked up her cell phone and texted someone. When I asked what she was doing she just said it was a surprise. She walked me into her bedroom and got into a 69, just like the times before. However when she started to suck me she immediately started to finger fuck me. I was really getting into it when I sensed someone else was walking into the room. Then they were on the bed. Debbie took her mouth off of my cock and pulled my legs up. I felt something against my asshole and was amazed when it slipped in without a whimper from me. I couldn't see who it was but I knew it was a cock. I'd never been fucked before but this was a whole different feeling. She had hold of my nuts as he fucked me. She still had her cunt on my mouth and I tasted her juices as she started cumming and a few minutes later I heard him grunt and knew he was cumming inside me. His cum ran back out of my ass as he pulled out and walked away. "Who the fuck was that?" I asked when she finally got off of me. She said it was just a friend, but then asked if I enjoyed cumming without even being touched. It was then I realized I had cum all over myself and nobody had even touched my cock. Wow. What a fucking feeling.

We finally got up and drank some more. Then she asked if I liked it and I had to admit I did. She said she could provide more of that. Over the next two years I ate her cunt while her friends fucked me. I never did find out who they were but I was so enthralled with it I had her bring her friends, one each week and let me suck them dry. She always blindfolded me so I couldn't see them but now I'm almost lost if I don't get a cock every week.

My wife finally found out and divorced me, but I don't mind because I'm now free to get all the cock I want. Debbie isn't in my life anymore but I'm living the life I think I always wanted. I suck as much cock as I can and get fucked nearly every weekend. I'm a full-fledged faggot and loving every minute of it.




I was 27 years old and Terry was in his 50's. We used to flirt a lot and he was pretty cute for an older man. I often stared at his cock as he glanced at my tits. I knew he was staring at the mo occasionally I went bra-less and would watch him look at my nipples through my blouse. We ate lunch outside together quite often and one day the subject of sex came up, We both decided we knew each other enough to speak openly. He said his wife didn't want sex anymore and he was frustrated. Then one day I blurted out "I bet I can make you cum before you leave today." He took that as a challenge so when it was time for our break I walked over to his cubicle and dragged a chair with me. "What are you doing?" he asked. I whispered "I'm here to make you cum." I reached down and put my hand on his thigh. I said "We've got 15 minutes. You think you can hold out?" she asked. I have only been with my wife so I hemmed and hawed around a bit and my hand was on his thigh rubbing up toward his cock. The I touched it. I pulled his cock so it was down toward my side of his pants. I told him I didn't want to start anything, but I won't lose when it comes to making a man cum. I squeezed his cock and it started to grow. Within a minute his cock was straining against his pants. I told him to just relax and let me work. There was nobody else in the office. fo I got on all fours and started to unzip his pants. I pulled his cock out. It was about the same size as my boyfriend's cock. I took it in my mouth and told him to cum when he felt like it. I sucked his cock until it was hard and after a mere three minutes he was cumming. I sucked him clean and finally pulled off of him. He zipped up and pretended like nothing ever happened.

Ever since that day he grabs my tits at every chance and I love it. I ofter whisper for him to play with my nipples. I just wish his wife would agree to the swinger lifestyle. But it was not to be.

Abot a year after that incident I was at work rubbing his shoulders when his wife walked in. I looked at her comfortably but she just looked at me and said "So, you're the one fucking my husband." I didn't know what to say but she continued, "That's okay. Ever since you sucked his cock he's been the most loving husband I could imagine. And I'm okay with it."

Then I got bold and asked her if she wanted to join me for drinks after work. She said yes and sent him home. We ended up at a local bar and after a few drinks she put her hand on my thigh and said she wanted to taste my pussy. I let her. We went back to my apartment and ate each other out until we both came at least twice.

Now we've become swingers and both of us have sucked more cock and ate more pussy than we can imagine. We have a great open marriage and enjoy each other as much as we enjoy other couples and singles. I must admit I love another woman's pussy as much as another man's cock. What a fucking life.




My husband's a fucking dick. He's controlling and has a little dick. He makes me suck his cock and I hate it. I don't hate his cock but I do hate him forcing me. One night I got fed up and he was drinking. I said I was going out to get a real cock. He didn't believe me and called me a fucking slut and I deserved a good beating. He stumbled toward me and I was able to push him back on the couch. Then I picked up my purse and left. I knew if he came looking for me he would come to the only bar in our little town so I drove about 20 minutes away and found a bar that had a full parking lot. I figured that this was as good a place as any so I parked and went inside.

I was sitting on a stool at the bar for about an hour drinking and was getting pretty smashed. Before I knew it the bar was emptying and it was after midnight. I was still drinking when two guys came up and sat on either side of me. One asked what was eating me and I poured my heart out about my fucker of a husband. Jeff was on my right and Marc was on my left. All the while they had their hands on my back just rubbing gently. Then I blurted out that I just need a kind man with a big cock. Jeff put a hand on my leg and asked if I would give him a chance. I was so drunk I said I'd try anything once. He grabbed my hand and said to come with him. He said he'd bring me back in the morning to get my car and the three of us drove to his house.

As soon as we walked in his living room he turned and kissed me. I forgot all about Marc. We kissed as he led me into his bedroom and started to undress me. Within minutes we were both naked and making out on the bed. Then I felt my lets being lifted up and Marc was eating my pussy. I kept moaning as Jeff played with my tits and Mark was working my clit. I came two or three times before Marc started to fuck me. His cock was bigger than my asshole husband's and he made me orgasm. I was sucking Jeff's cock at the same time and it was huge compared to my husband. I heard Marc say he was cumming and a bit later he pulled out of my pussy. He told Jeff I had a really tight cunt and Jeff just had to try it.

They switched places and Marc was straddling my chest with his cock in my mouth when I felt Jeff enter me. His cock felt huge inside me as he started to fuck me. He hit spots I didn't even know I had. I had orgasm after orgasm as he fucked me into oblivion. I passed out from the pleasure and woke up the next morning naked and beside Jeff. My asshole felt weird and when I put my finger down there I felt dried cum around my ass opening. I knew then that I had been fucked in the ass. As I was waking up Jeff rolled over and started kissing me. I was sober but wanted it. He was gentle and exciting at the same time. I reached down and started stroking his cock. I was amazed at its size. We ended up fucking again that morning. I spent the day with him and we fucked again that night. Then he confided in me and said that he fucked me in the ass when I was passed out. I told him I didn't remember but for some reason I told him I wanted to do it again. We rested a bit and drank a few beers and he said he could get hard again if I wanted it. I sucked him hard and then got on all fours. He got behind me and started to tongue my asshole. When he had lubed it enough with his spit he said he was now going to fuck my ass. I told him I was ready and he pushed his cock into my ass. It hurt a bit but the more he fucked me the hornier I got. I let him cum in my ass and when he finally pulled out I sucked him to a second orgasm.

When I got home that second night I told my asshole husband that he had to leave and I was through with him.

That was two years ago and my new husband Jeff fucks me nearly every night. He makes really good money and is the best lover I could ever imagine. I love him dearly and will let him put that huge cock in whatever hole he pleases. He uses my entire body, mouth cunt or asshole I'm always ready to accomodate him and we're so fucking happy I can't hardly stand it.