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I want to be tied to the floor and fucked by dogs while people watch. I want to feel the hot cum fill me up over and over again as I'm used as a bitch just for entertainment. Afterwards people can fuck my lose holes, or hit me a few times to tighten me up and fuck the cum deeper inside me. It drives me crazy thinking about being reduced to nothing more than an animal to be bred and fucked and forced to orgasm over and over again. It would be even better if I accidentally pissed all over myself being tied up and raped for so long.




I come from a conservative and religious family so anything sexual was always a sin. I feel disgusting and ashamed when I get turned but sometimes I can't help but keep going. When someone fills me up inside as I beg them not to it drives me crazy. I've only ever cum when being bred. It's the only way I can cum. I don't want to be pregnant and would abort if it ever happened but I need to cum so badly and the only release is when hot sperm floods my cunt. It's even better if it's in secret when someone could discover my sins. Discover me as I drool and beg to be filled fucked senseless. I fantasize about being bred over and over again in front of a large window where anyone could walk by... Kids, couple's, doesn't matter as long I can get off. Im desperate.




My grandfather raped me when I was 7 years old and after a few months I started enjoying it. He was very sadistic and enjoyed hurting me or giving me to other men for them to use me too. I was bred at 13 by a man who paid my grandfather to breed me and had a at home birth where they both used my mouth while I was in labour.




I had always considered myself as straight, but, I had caught myself looking at guys dicks when in the locker room in high school. I thought it was just that I wanted to see how my dick size compared. Then while I was in boot camp I saw my first real BBC. The owner of it was in the bunk right beside me. The first time I saw it was in the showers. His cock soft was as big as mine was hard. I was really fascinated by it, he caught me looking at it a couple of times, and would just smirk.

One night I had to stand the watch, which was just walking around the barracks all night. As I walked past his bunk he was laying on his back with the covers half covering him. He appeared to be asleep with his cock head sticking out of his boxers. I couldn't help but stop and look at it for a few seconds. As I was looking at it, it seemed to be growing. I looked back up to his face and his eyes were still closed. I looked back down and his cock was starting to raise up out of his boxers and was getting really big. I looked at his face one more time and he still looked asleep. I walked on past his bunk and was wondering if he was having a sex dream. I made my way all the way around the barracks again and as I approached his bunk I couldn't wait to get another look at his big cock. It was sticking straight up and was completely in view. I stopped again for a few seconds admiring it. It was at least 9-10 inches long and really thick. As I stood there looking at his cock, I felt my cock starting to get hard.

As I stared at it, his hand came up from under the covers and started to slowly stroke it. It startled me and I looked up at his face and he was looking at me smiling. I smiled back and walked on past.

As I walked my cock kept growing and getting harder. I made the lap back around as fast as I could without running. When I got back to him he sat up and motioned for me to come closer. I did, he whispered for me to meet him in the bathroom on my next round. I just nodded my head and walked on.

I was about to lose my mind, I am not gay, I was telling myself, but I was also so excited to meet him in the bathroom. I wondered what I would do. I know he would want me to suck it, and what if he wanted to fuck me with that BBC, I had never done anything with a man before. My mind was racing.

As I entered the bathroom, he was in the last stall sitting on the toilet stroking his cock. It looked so huge. As I approached him he stood up and I still don't know what came over me or why I did what I did, but with my heart was pound I dropped down and took the head of his cock into my mouth. I sucked on the head and looked up at him. His eyes were closed with his head cocked back at an angle. I ran my tongue all around the head, then started sucking him in.

I did to him what I had always enjoyed what women had done to me. When his cock hit my throat it was so large that I couldn't get it down my throat.

I was sucking that BBC like it was my last meal. I kept trying to get it to go down my throat, he must has sensed that I couldn't get it all the way down and grabbed both sides of my head and started fucking my face. He kept pushing it deeper and deeper into my throat until he was deep in my throat and my nose was being buried into his pubic hair.

Then he pulled out of my mouth and told me to pull my pants down. I thought he was gonna suck my cock too, but when I had them down he spun me around and pushed me up against the stall wall, got behind me, reached around and started stroking my cock while he ran his cock up and down my ass crack.

It was instinct that I pushed my ass back at him giving him better access. He spit on his hand and started lubing my ass hole up while fingering me and stretching my ass open. He did this for awhile, I thought I was gonna cum a couple of time while he was finger fucking me and jacking my dick at the same time but I held off.

When he thought I was opened up and lubed enough he started rubbing his BBC up and down my ass crack again and the next thing I knew was I felt extreme pain and his hands on my shoulders. He whispered in my ear to just relax and enjoy it. The pain was really bad to begin with but he just left his cock, I think about half way in me, for a little bit and then started to pump in and out really slowly. The pain was soon replace with pure pleasure and I was fucking him back for all I was worth. It didn't take long and I was shooting my load all over the wall without my cock even being touched.

As I shot my load onto the wall my ass muscles were spasming causing me to grip his cock tighter and he started cumming. He shoved his cock as deep as he could and completely unloaded into my ass. He stayed there a few seconds after his last spasm.

When he pulled out the cum gushed out of my ass and down my balls and my leg. I was hanging on to the stall wall so I wouldn't collapse, my knees were so shaky when I tried to turn around that I had to sit on the toilet. This put his cock right in my face again. I still don't know what was controlling me, but I took his cock back into my mouth and cleaned it up and was making it hard again when we heard someone say, "that was hot as hell". I looked over, still with the BBC in my mouth and saw the drill sergeant standing there stroking his cock he was a big black guy and his cock was almost as big as my friends.

I thought we would be in big trouble, but he walked over and presented his cock to me. I took it into my mouth without hesitation. To be continued....




I'm a married man, in my 40s, and we have one kid, a 8 year old daughter. She's a little heavier then she should be, she has long blond hair, and her little pussy is still hairless. It all started when my wife was away for a week and near the end of the week I was horny as shit. I went into my daughter's room, pulled the covers off her, and peeked at her pussy, just to give me an image in my mind so I could jack my cock off. Well as I was peeking at her little hairless pussy, I started jacking my cock, and next thing I knew, I was ready to cum. Why I decided to cum on her little hairless pussy, I don't know, but I leaned over her a little, and totally covered her bald pussy with my cum. Then I simply let her panties go and left her pussy covered in my seed. The next night I went in there because I wanted to cum on her again and when I pulled back the covers, she was naked from the waist down. I stood there jacking off, when I was ready to cum I got between her legs on the bed, and put my cock up to her little pussy hole, then started pumping my cum into her little bald pussy. After my wife came back I still continued to go into my daughter's room late at night, she was always sleeping without any panties on, and I now get on the bed between her legs to cum on her pussy. One night as I was about to cum in her, my cock was at the entrance of her little hairless pussy hole, then I felt her push down onto my cock, and the head of my cock slipped in her pussy. She now no longer pretends to be asleep and I now can slow fuck her until I fill her with my cum.




We're a normal family, I work, my wife is a homemaker, and we have one daughter who is 8yrs old. Our daughter is an average small framed blonde hair and blue eyes. Since she is an only child she's spoiled and pretty much gets what she wants or needs. One day I was home sitting on the sofa, my daughter came in, dropped off her backpack, and set her phone next to it, then went to her bedroom. Her phone dinged, I picked it up to take a look, it was her friend Kate, then I went into her file system, and found a video called me playing.

I opened the video, it started with a closeup of her belly, then she panned down, and she was naked! The video went on with her showing her pussy, and her other hand slid into the frame, then she started rubbing her clit. I'm sitting there watching a video of my 8yr old daughter play with her clit and what she did next shocked me, her finger slipped into her bald pussy. As I'm watching this video, I felt my cock start to get hard, I continue to watch as my daughter is fingering her little bald pussy, and she stopped, her hand went out of frame, and then when her hand entered the frame again, she had a little lotion bottle. I'm thinking she's going to use the lotion inside, but no, I watched my daughter push that bottle inside her pussy, and now I'm rubbing my cock through my shorts as I'm watching my little girl fuck herself with a bottle that's almost as big as my cock.

I quickly sent the video to my phone just as she came back into the room, as I looked at her, she was in a pair of spandex shorts and her clit was clearly visible. That night I could not sleep, I had to watch that video a hundred times and I was rock hard. So I got up, went down the hallway, and peaked in her room. She was covered, laying on her side, facing away from the door, and I went into her room, then closed the door. I walked over to her bed, opened my robe and started jacking off my cock. I wanted to see her body, so I slowly uncovered her and she was sleeping naked! At this point lust took over, I squatted down a little, and started rubbing my cock up and down her little butt. As my cock tip got to her little pussy I pushed forward a little softly poking her pussy, and the second or third time I did this, I felt her push back a little.

The next time my cock head slid down to her pussy, again I felt back a little, this time I really pushed forward, the head of my cock entered her little hairless pussy, and I heard her softly gasp. I froze, not knowing if she woke up or maybe I hurt her, I was about to pull the head of my cock out of her pussy, I felt her push back, and my cock slipped in my daughter's pussy even deeper. So after a slight pause, I pushed forward again pushing my cock even deeper in my daughter, and my daughter made a soft mmmmmm sound. I slowly pulled back a little and then pushed my cock in her even deeper, again she made a soft mmmmm sound. Then I started slow fucking my daughter. Then I heard my daughter whisper "do it faster daddy" and I started fucking her a little faster shoving my cock in her deeper. She responded by saying "mmmm, yes daddy, that feels good", so at this point I was about to cum, so I grabbed her hip, and started really fucking her little hairless pussy. Now she's moaning loudly and I started filling her pussy with my seed.

After I finished pumping my little daughter full of cum, I slowly pulled my cock from her pussy, as my cock unplugged her pussy hole my cum came pouring out of her gaped open little bald pussy hole, then she turned and smiled at me. I said please baby don't tell your mother, and she said "no daddy, I won't ever tell anyone". The next day I leave before she gets up, I came home late, she was going to bed at this time, and came up to me, kissed me then whispered "come to my room later daddy", I whispered "okay baby if you want me too".

I've been going to my daughter's room every night for the past few months, I even have fucked her mother, then go to her room after, and fuck her with my cock still covered with the cum I shot in her mother an hour before. I know it's wrong, but I can't help it, her little pussy is so tight, and now I'm worried that I'm going to her my daughter pregnant because I try to pull out but I never seem to in time, and then end up pumping her little womb full of daddy's seed.




My wife of 4 years had been fooling around with her well hung co worker for about a year, she only stopped because we were going to try and have another baby. At 5' tall and 100 pounds shes a hot lil blonde. So one night while we were fooling around I said wouldnt it be hot as hell if M came inside of you right now? She gasped and said no, im due to ovulate any day now! Not sure why, but this made me so excited... I said text him and tell him you need his cum inside of you tonight! She said with how big he is (9" and thick) he could easily get me pregnant honey! I said lets roll the dice and see. This made her very wet. She texted him and said she needed his cum. About 10 minutes later we got his reply. He said meet me at my house in an hour. My wife couldnt believe it, as he knew she wasnt protected at the moment. She was nervous and started thinking of reasons to blow him off. Until I started nibbling her neck and telling her I wanted M to put a baby in her belly. She got dressed and left around 8. She didnt get home until 3am. She said M couldnt wait to cum inside of her. He did it 3 times that night. She missed her period that month. Our daughter is 4 now. M has since moved away. Yet my wife and I want to do it again! It was so erotic, she still teases me about it sometimes with her sexy little smirk....