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My husband works in a bank. One night his boss invited us over for dinner. It was just my husband and I and his boss and wife. We had a nice chicken dinner and after dinner we went into the living room for drinks. The wine flowed freely and my husband was getting pretty drunk. I wasn't because I knew I had to drive home. We talked about sports, politics, the weather for about an hour. His boss was still nursing his second glass of wine while his wife and my husband were getting pretty drunk. About 10:00 I suggest it was time we got home and my husband started to get up. Then his boss turned to him and said "Terry, I'll give you a thousand dollars to let me fuck your wife." That shocked me most of all. Terry thought about it and said no. Then his boss said he'd give him 25 hundred. We had some past due bills and Terry thought it for a few seconds and said "Let's see the money." John, his boss opened his wallet and pulled out the money and laid it on the table. "It's all yours, just say okay." Terry mumbled "Okay." I thought "I'm not gonna fuck this old man for money." Before I could actually get up to leave John had me by the arm. His wife Liz had my other arm. Terry was nearly passed out on their couch. I struggled but John said "You know honey, a deal's a deal, and besides if you don't fuck me I'll beat the shit out of both of you and fire him." Before I could digest his threat they had me in the bedroom.

I think he slipped something in my one glass of wine because I was becoming a bit dizzy. I didn't pass out and knew everything that was happening but couldn't stop it. They first stripped me and both played with my tits a bit while she massaged my pussy. When she shoved two fingers inside me I started to feel a little warm. That's when they moved me to the bed and laid me on my back. She mounted my chest pinning my arms to my side and grabbed my legs. She lifted them up and he crawled on the bed. He started to lick my pussy. I didn't like it at first but the more he worked my clit the more turned on I became. He told his wife I had the biggest clit he'd ever sucked and a minute later I was cumming. She felt my arms wouldn't fight her anymore so she scooted up and put her cunt on my mouth. At the same time he scooted up and shoved his big cock inside me. Again I knew what was happening but was powerless to stop either of them. It actually felt great having a cock larger than Terry's in my cunt and having another cunt on my mouth. He was a real stud and fucked me for about 20 minutes. His wife told me to tell them I wanted his cock in my mouth. I complied and said "I want your fucking cock in my mouth. She got off of me at that point and he mounted me. He put his cock up to my lips and I took it. She started to tongue fuck me and within a minute I felt him cumming in my mouth. He had a bit load and I took it all. Terry never let me keep his cock in my mouth. He probably figured I wouldn't like it. It was actually okay. He kept his cock in my mouth and she moved from my wet pussy to my asshole. She started to tongue my asshole and he started to tell me how his big cock was going to fuck my ass until I couldn't walk. It registered in my mind but I really didn't care. He kept his cock in my mouth for nearly 20 minutes and he got hard again. She had made me cum a few times with her tongue and fingers and he finally pulled his cock out of my mouth. then he said to tell him I wanted to be ass fucked. I couldn't bring myself to say it so I told him no. He slapped me. Then slapped me again and said to say it. After a few more slaps I finally said through the tears "Please fuck me in the ass."

He hopped off of me and they traded places again, only this time she was facing away from me and planted her asshole squarely on my mouth. She said to tongue her asshole. At the same time she was massaging my nipples, which turns me on and he was tonguing my asshole and finger fucking my cunt. I finally stuck my tongue up her asshole as far as I could. About that time she told him it was time and he scooted back up to me. She lifted my legs high and I felt his cock penetrating my ass. All of a sudden it hit me and I started to try to scream. It hurt like a bitch. Then he started to fuck my ass. I couldn't get away as she had my legs lifted up and was essentially sitting on my face. About 10 minutes later my ass was numb and I gave up. I slumped and let him fuck my ass. She moved back and put her cunt back on my mouth and said to make her cum. She started to play with my nipples and I felt his thumb on my clit. He actually made me cum again by fucking my ass and massaging my clit and I know I made her cum because I could taste her juices flowing into my mouth.

They finally got off of me and took me into the living room where Terry was asleep. John told me that was the best ass he'd ever fucked and I swallow like a fucking pro. He said to get my husband home but if I ever needed a little extra money we didn't need Terry to get it done.

I've been back to their house two or three times a month for the last two years and have stashed away nearly $25,000. I figure at this rate another couple or three years and I can finally leave my do-nothing piece of shit husband. I'm getting pretty fucking close now.




My wife and I went to her office party. There was plenty of booze and we were all getting pretty wasted. About two hours into the party Devin, my wife's boss told me he had something to show me. He led me down the hall into a bedroom. We walked into the bedroom and he closed the door. He opened his pants and said he needed me to suck his cock. I said I wasn't gay. He said he didn't care, but if if my wife wanted to stay employed I better suck his cock. I was reeling but knew her job meant the world to her. I walked to him and said I wasn't going to suck him. He slapped me. He was a large black man and much stronger than me. I felt the slap and he slapped me again. I fell to the ground. He said to get on my knees and raised his hand again. I didn't really know what to do but I didn't want to get hit again. I got on my knees and he walked over to me. He put his cock up to my mouth and pushed it in. I took his cock into my mouth and he was mouth fucking me. I felt stuck as he was mouth fucking me so my wife could keep her job.

He came in my mouth and finally pulled his cock out of my mouth. He said that I was to suck his cock anytime he wanted from that day forward. To my surprise when I walked out of the bedroom and into the living room I saw my wife sucking Devin's boss, Brad. Brad was fucking her mouth as deep as I had ever seen her take it. I stared at her for another two minutes and he filled her mouth. She swallowed it all and kept sucking until he was totally spent.

We finally made it home and didn't talk about the night. Then she got a text with pictures of me sucking Devin's cock and her sucking cock as well. The note said that if we wanted to both stay employed we would suck or fuck them whenever they wanted. We finally talked about it and forgave each other but agreed that it wasn't so bad and we would suck or fuck them anytime they wanted. We actually love it and have been sucking their cocks for the last year. By the way, we're both still employed.




I've been married for 11 years and about five years ago my wife started to call me a little bitch boi because I'm slight of build and have a little cock. I know she loves me but over the last year she's gotten a bit meaner when it comes to sex. I've suspected she's getting cock on the side but couldn't prove it. We go to a lot of parties and about a month ago we were at her boss' house for a party. There were at least two dozen people there and the alcohol flowed freely. We were both a bit drunk and she excused herself to use the restroom. A half hour later she still hadn't come back so I wandered down the hall to check on her. The bathroom was vacant so I went a little farther. I heard moans coming from the bedroom at the end of the hall. The door was open so I stepped into the doorway and saw her naked on her back with a cock in her mouth and one in her cunt. At first I was pissed, but then realized that this was turning me on. I walked over to the bed and said "What the fuck is going on?" She took the cock out of her mouth and just smiled at me. "Hi honey" she said. "Just having a little fun."

The guy fucking her pulled his cock out of her and she sat up. "Here's the deal" she said. "Your cock doesn't satisfy me anymore and I have to have a real cock so I let Mike fuck me." Mike was her boss. "If you ever want to fuck me again you're gonna do whatever he says." Then she noticed the small bulge in my pants. She pointed and laughed. "Mike, I think Terry really likes your cock. See, he's hard just looking at you." I felt embarrassed and took a step back but I knew she was serious. I really loved her and didn't want to lose her and if Mike's cock was what she needed to stay my wife then I'd let her have him. I started to walk out of the room when Mike stopped me. "Where you going bitch boy?" Fuck, she had told him that's what she calls me. "Now get you little man cunt back here and take your clothes off." I thought he was going to watch me fuck my wife so I stripped. Then he had me get on the bed on my back, and when I did he pulled me to the foot of the bed so my head was hanging off the end and shoved his cock in my mouth. I could taste my wife on him. I started to push him away when she sat on my chest and said "Don't move you little fucking bitch. You're gonna get more cock tonight than you could ever imagine." I was stuck. I couldn't push him away and couldn't get out from under her. Mike started to slowly mouth fuck me. I hated to admit it but this was really turning me on.

I was starting to relax a little when I felt my legs being pushed up. she reached back and hooked both legs under her arms. Then I felt a cold squirt of oil on my asshole and a finger was being pushed in. She never played with my ass so this was a new feeling and it hurt. While Mike was mouth fucking me I could hear them kissing and he was fondling her tits. Then a second finger was shoved into my ass and he started to stretch me out a little. I was about to cry from the pain when the fingers pulled out. I was relieved but a whole new pain took over when he shoved his cock in my ass and I felt his nuts slap against me. Now I was crying from the pain. Mike's cock was very large in my mouth but the guy in my ass felt much bigger. He was slowly fucking me and after a minute or so the pain went away. Then she said "That's it bitch boy, take it like the fucking little cunt that you are." About that time Mike said "Okay bitch I'm gonna cum and you're gonna swallow." I tried to pull away but I couldn't. He let loose and I got a mouthful of his jizz. She reached down and plugged my nose and I had no choice but to swallow. Oddly enough I liked it. She finally took her fingers off of my nose but I wanted to keep sucking so I did. Mike said to make him hard again. By the time he was hard the guy fucking me said he was about to cum. Mike pulled his cock out of my mouth and I felt warm jizz fill my ass until it flowed out. He finally pulled out of my ass and I thought we were done. The guy fucking me got off the bed and wiped his cock off with my shirt. He then came around to the foot of the bed and put his cock in my mouth. At the same time I felt Mike shove his cock into my slippery ass. There was no pain that time. My own cock was hard as a rock, all four inches of it.

The guy I was now sucking was uncut and had a large hood on the head of his cock. He worked in and out of my mouth until it passed over the head and he started to get hard. Having cum already it took about a half hour until Mike came inside me, and another 10 minutes until I swallowed a second load that night. That was the start of it. Now all she will let me do is eat her pussy or fuck her with a strap on and she won't even touch my cock. To top it off I have become Mike's bitch and every Tuesday and Friday night I have to go over and suck his cock until he's ready to fuck me, or sometimes he'll cum twice in my mouth. I don't like having no sex with her but Mike's huge cock more than makes up for it. I guess we've found the right compromise.




This happened a few decades ago when I was a corporate secretary in a large company. I had been working there since graduating college two years before and had recently gotten married. It was a very fast courtship, about four months from meeting to marriage. One day at work my boss, Mr. Wilson, patted me on the ass as I left the office. The next day he did the same thing, and when I told him it was inappropriate he said I wouldn't do anything if I valued my job. When I told my husband about it he just laughed and said it was harmless and basically forbade me to lose my job. This was well before sexual harassment was a thing.

A couple weeks later as I was taking a note for him. this asshole of a boss, a real pig with a huge belly walked behind me. He leaned over and put his hands on my shoulders. His hands moved down inside my blouse and cupped my tits. I thought about my conversation with my husband and sat there frozen. His hands then went inside my bra and found my nipples. This big, fat man had a surprisingly tender touch so I let him play with my nipples. A couple of days later he called me into his office. As I walked in he locked his door and as I walked to the chair in front of his desk I felt his hand on my ass again. I froze and shivered when his hand moved down and the side of his hand ran down my ass crack. Then he said, "Every time you walk in here my dick gets hard.". Then his hand moved under and he cupped my pussy. I don't know what he did but he touched something and my body shivered. He was rubbing my clit and without wanting to I felt myself getting wet.

I let out a small "Oh" when he pushed in a little and he turned me around. I wasn't sure what he had planned when he pushed my shoulders down and told me to kneel. I thought he just wanted me to be subservient to him but was taken aback when he unzipped his pants and pulled his cock out. It was much bigger than Terry's (my hubby). He had a large foreskin and he pulled it back over the head and said, "Now you suck it." I was in a quandry. My pussy was itching but this wasn't my husband. My job was staring me in the face so I leaned in and took his cock in my mouth. "That's it honey. Take that fucking cock." He talked dirty to me for the next five minutes as I sucked him until he was rock hard. His cock barely fit in my mouth. I have never swallowed cum, not even my husband's, but was actually excited to have him cum in my mouth. Without warning he tensed up and started cumming. There was so much I started choking. I swallowed a lot but a lot came back out and fell on my chest. He kept mouth fucking me until he was spent, then had me keep sucking until he was cleaned off.

It was at the end of the day and he told me to clock out and go home. I sat in the car and cried. I drove home humiliated. As soon as I walked in Terry asked how my day went. I told him the whole story, even about me getting wet when Wilson was playing with my pussy. Instead of running over and knocking the shit out of my boss he started asking me questions. "How big is his dick? Did it taste good? What did his cum taste like?" In humiliation I did answer his questions, and when I told him I still had his cum on my chest he gently removed my blouse and started licking it off. "Fuck, that's good," he said as he licked all the dried cum off of my chest. I was appalled. Then he said he was going over to take care of Mr. Wilson. I figured he was going to beat the shit out of him, but when he came back he relayed his story: "He was still at the office when I got there. I walked in and he was sitting behind his desk. He was alone and when I told him what he did to you I walked around his desk and stood over him. He was as cool as a cucumber and reached out and put his hand on my cock. Then he said he would give you a 15% raise and a nice Christmas bonus if I stood still for five minutes. When I said okay he unzipped me and took my cock out. Honey, I gotta tell you he gave me the best blowjob I've ever had. He made me cum twice before he took his mouth off, then to make a long story short he had me suck his cock. I don't know why you don't like it. It made my dick hard when I sucked him off and took his whole load."

I was furious and called him every fucking name I could think of. We cooled off for a couple of days and then discussed it. He admitted he liked it and would be willing to suck my boss anytime I needed something and if it took for me to keep sucking, or even fucking him for my job, that's what was what I was going to do. I worked there for my entire career, and sucked or fucked this fat fuck's cock nearly every week until he decided he needed someone a bit younger. I still sucked him occasionally but now had an assistant of my own. We broke her in and she was still there when I retired. It's too bad, too, because his cock was the most wonderful cock I ever got fucked with.




The guilt washed over me as I turned my head and saw the picture of his wife and kids on the shelf. I was bent over on the end of the couch in his office as his wonderful large penis plunged in and out of me, he was so large I was fluttering with each thrust. I knew is penis would be large with his height of 6'7" or so and super broad shoulders, he has like a size 14 shoe, I was hoping for OMG big but this was OMFG big. He was making me stretch so much that my clit was getting rubbed by the bottom of it as he filled me like never before done. Still the picture on the shelf made me blush, I thought to myself, wonder if he will do her when he is home tonight as well. My thought was interrupted by him sinking his cock even deeper and the head exploring new depths, I opened my mouth and grasped the edge of the couch cushion, it felt so damn good but hurt a little at the same time.

He moaned out telling me how tight my pussy was then asking me if it was okay to say pussy, I just muttered out an uh-huh still getting stretched out. He grabbed my hair and pulled my head back all I could see was the picture now, his wife staring at us with a smile on her face.

Do you want me to cum on your back?

I told him no, tell me when your close and I will swallow you. He kept up his pace and then pulled out, I swung around and plunged my lips over his penis tasting myself all the way down it with a little white ring at the bottom from my wetness. I swallowed all of his cum and he pulsated and fucked my mouth, he gripped my hair and I sucked on him hard digging my teeth in a little bit. He gasped out trying to pull it out because it was to sensitive now for sucking on but I had my fingers around his balls and gripped the bottom of his shaft with the others. He begged me to stop pulling on my hair but I was relentlessly sucking on it making him squirm on purpose.

I laid back on the couch and spread my legs out he knelt down and began licking my clit and lips, god you taste so good he murmured between licks. I came with a huge orgasm from his wonderful talents of licking me and probably other women, he did tell me that he loved to lick pussy.