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We were engaged for almost two years. We fucked occasionally and I sucked his dick a few times but he always pulled out before he orgasm'd. We finally got married. He was the only man I ever had any sexual contact with. He seemed to have a really big cock. He said it was seven inches long. I didn't really know if that was large or normal. The wedding was great and I told him I loved him so much I'd do anything for him. Finally came the wedding night. We rented a nice hotel room and after dinner we showered together and were ready for bed. He always took charge when we were naked together. I was pretty excited when he asked me to lay on my back with my head off the end of the bed. He was playing with my breasts and said to just close my eyes and relax. I felt his cock against my lips so I opened my mouth and he gently mouth fucked me. Just a little at first, about what I normally sucked then he pushed in farther until he hit the back of my throat. He pulled out and said He was going to teach me to deep throat him. Before I could say anything he shoved his cock to the back of my throat again. I almost gagged but held off. He hit the back of my throat a few more times then said only tow more inches to go. That scared me a little and I tried to push him off. He was much stronger than me and held my hand in place. He hit the back of my throat again and pushed. I was now gagging but he pushed in farther. Then he pulled out. I sputtered and spittle flew out of my mouth. Then he was back in. He continued to fuck my mouth like this for another few minutes. He kept telling me to relax and just swallow it like it was a banana. I tried but it was making me gag every time. Then he pushed all the way in. That time I didn't gag but felt him drive past my throat and I felt his nuts on my nose. He said "Just a little more honey." He leaned into it and was now all the way in. I couldn't breathe. I was ready to pass out when he pulled his dick out of my mouth. I took a big breath and he was all the way in again. He pulled halfway out and told me to breathe. This went on for about another five minutes and then said he was going to cum. I really didn't want this but he was holding my head steady as he mouth fucked me. Then said he was cumming. I felt it as he shot down my throat. I didn't taste anything as he came down my throat. He pulled out until I could breathe and said to suck the rest out of him. I then tasted it as he finished cumming. It wasn't great but not as bad as I thought it would be. Then he said "Here's the deal honey, I'm not gonna let you cum until you deep throat me on your own and learn to swallow everything I give you. Then he laid on his back with his cock half hard and told me wait 10 minutes and suck him deep. I never dreamed he could be so rough but noticed that my pussy was wet and neither of us had even touched it. I went into the bathroom to clean up. I came out a few minutes later and he spread his legs and said to get to it. I knelt between his legs and took him into my mouth but couldn't take him down my throat. He got pissed and got up. He ordered me onto my back again at the end of the bed. We repeated the scene until his nuts were slapping my nose. He pulled half way out just as he started cumming. I tasted it all that time.

It took four days of him face fucking me at the end of the bed. We hadn't fucked yet as man and wife and He told me every day that I wouldn't cum until I learned to deep throat him and swallow voluntarily. On the last night of our Hotel stay I was finally able to get him all the way in on my own. He came hard in my mouth and I was okay with his cum by now. We finally ended up fucking that last night and I came so fucking hard I nearly passed out. I came to love a hard face fucking and loved it when he pounded my pussy like a fucking piston. Over the years I've sucked his cock so many times I can't count. Then about a year ago I was on my hands and knees and he was eating me. His tongue slipped, or so I thought, and he licked my asshole. Then he rubbed his cock on my cunt a few times to get it slippery and shoved it in my ass. I screamed at the pain. He said that now I had to learn to take it in the ass. For the next week he fucked me in the ass twice a night until I finally was relaxed enough. It really didn't do much for me but when he shoved a vibrating cock in my cunt and then shoved his cock in my ass it took me to new heights. It must have been the extra pressure that made me cum harder than ever. By the time we were married five years he had introduced me into not only deep oral sex and anal sex but sex with him and one of his friends. They called it being spit-roasted. One cock in my mouth and one in my cunt. Then it became two of his friends and him. This was so fucking hot. One man mouth fucking me, one fucking me in the cunt and one under me fucking me in the ass. This became our thing. Three men fucking me in all three holes at once. I never dreamed that anything could be better than an occasional fuck normally. I thrived on this, but when he brought another couple home it got even more intense. One man in my mouth, one man under me fucking my ass and the other woman eating my pussy. What a fucking rush. Then after the guy came in my mouth he switched places with the woman and I learned to eat pussy while being fucked in my other two holes. I've learned to be comfortable and even crave all types of sex. It could be sofy or rough, bound or free. I love it all and even had my husband call me names during sex. What a fucking whore I've become.




I've been married for about 25 years and my wife has put on some weight and has no interest in my cock anymore. She has told me that she doesn't care what I do as long as I didn't bring any diseases into our home. I took that as a hall pass to have sex. I started to look on-line for women to fuck or suck my cock. I happened onto a gay website and got intrigued. The more I looked at gay porn the harder my cock got. I finally started to look as exclusively gay porn.

His name was Tim and said he needed to suck a nice cock. I answered his post and made arrangements. He lived about 10 miles away so I told my wife I was going out for a drink. I'd done this plenty of times so she was okay with it. I arrived at Tim's house and he opened the door in only a bath robe. As soon as I walked in he shed his robe. He was about 5 inches taller than me and had a big belly. But what drew my attention was his cock. It was at least five inches soft and curved down like a soft cock would do. He tole me to strip and as I took off my clothes he headed to his bedroom. I followed and he turned on the light. He told me to lay on the bed and when I did he started to suck my cock. It was the first time another man sucked me. Within minutes I was cumming. I warned him but he just kept sucking until I emptied my nuts into his mouth. He swallowed it all. It was the best blowjob I'd ever had. He emptied me and took his mouth off of my cock. He asked if I wanted to suck him. I told him that I'd never done it but was willing to try.

He laid on the bed and I bent over him and took his cock in my mouth. It was soft as a baby's ass as I sucked him but he was soon hard and his cock was at least eight inches long. I thoroughly sucked his cock and thought that my wife didn't know what she was missing. He didn't cum in my mouth though. When his big cock was hard he told me to stop. I did and he told me to bend over the bed. I really didn't know what he had in mind.

As I bent over the bed his hands started to rub up and down on my ass cheeks. Then I felt his hand start to play with my asshole. My wife never did that but it felt really good and he rubbed up and down over my asshole. Then had wet a finger with his saliva and slowly pushed his finger into my ass. He said to just relax, and as I did he slowly finger fucked me. I felt really good and then he took his finger out and I felt him move up to me. He put his still hard cock up to my asshole and slowly push in. It hurt a little but he said to just relax. As I did his cock moved in until it was buried inside me. Then he started to slowly fuck me. In and out. I felt something I'd never felt before.

He fucked me for about 10 minutes and asked if I wanted him to cum in my ass or mouth. I told him I didn't know and he pulled his cock out. He went into the bathroom and when he came back he had me sit on the floor. I was facing him when he shoved his cock back into my mouth. I found that I loved sucking his cock and a few minutes later he was cumming. That was the first time I tasted cum and I loved it. I ended up, not only taking his cum, but kept sucking him until he came a second time in my mouth.

Man, what a fucking slut I've become. I've sucked Tim at least a dozen times now and even let him cum in my ass a bunch of times. My wife has no clue where I go on Friday nights but really doesn't seem to care. I guess I'll keep sucking cock and being fucked by various men until I'm tired of it, which doesn't seem likely any time soon.




When I told my wife I think I like to suck cock she fucking freaked out. She badgered me to tell her how many cocks I'd sucked. I hadn't really sucked anybody yet but I told her I had the urge. She got more pissed and kicked me out of the house. Fuck her I thought and drove into town and got a motel. I took my laptop with me and got on-line to one of the gay dating sites I had been looking at. He said his name was Johnny and I told him mine was Glenn. He said he had a huge cock and really wanted to be sucked off by a true sissy boy. I wasn't really sure what he meant but my dick was hard just conversing with him so I invited him over. About an hour later he arrived at my motel room.

He said he was an alpha and I said whatever. He was about eight inches taller than me and had a big belly. I was more interested in his cock than his looks or size. He told me to strip and pointed down at my smallish cock and said that I looked like a true sissy boy who needed to be dominated. I was a little embarrassed. Then he told me to take off his shirt. I did and he had big man boobs with large nipples. He had me suck on them a bit then told me to take his pants off. I knelt down and pulled his jeans down. He wasn't wearing underwear and when I pulled down his cock popped out. It seemed massive compared to me. I old him I had never really sucked off another man before. He ignored me and just pulled my head toward him. He told me to open my mouth and when I did he shoved his cock in. I was both repulsed and excited at the same time. He was uncut with a pretty big foreskin and pulled it back as he shoved his cock in and out of my mouth. He said to suck it like my mouth was a cunt. He kept telling me how good of a little sissy cunt I was as he got harder and harder. Pretty soon his cock was rock hard and at least seven inches long. A couple of times I started to gag and he backed off. Then he asked if I'd ever been fucked. At the same time he pulled his cock out of my mouth and told me to turn around. I only wanted to suck him not get fucked by him, but when I told him that he grabbed my hair and pulled my head back. He managed to turn me around and pushed me over the bed. I was in a standing position with my chest on the bed and his hand in the middle of my back holding me there. He said if I fought him he would break both arms and skull fuck me. I froze as he pushed my legs apart and I felt his wet slippery cock make its way into my asshole. It hut like a fucker but he just pushed in more until he was buried inside me. I begged him to stop but he just kept saying that his sissy cunts were only alive to please him and started to fuck me. I was crying by this time from the pain. He just kept at it and about five minutes later the pain had turned to pleasure and my horniness. I felt my cock starting to get hard as he thrust in and out of me.

Pretty soon I was moaning each time he pushed in with his big cock. Then I started to beg him to fuck me deeper. Then he pulled out and pulled me to where I was sitting in front of him and started to cum on my face. He stuck his cock up to my lips as he was still cumming and pushed it into my mouth. He mouth fucked me until I had sucked him clean. Then he got dressed, told me thanks and he left. A little while later my wife called me. When I answered she begged me to come back home. She said she understood that I wanted to experiment with men as long as I came home to her. Through tears I told her I would be home the next day. I sucked off two more men that night in my motel room.

When I got home that Saturday afternoon she was sitting on the couch with Tom, one of our neighbors. She said that Tom was a gay man and she had explained everything to him. Then she said she needed to see me suck a man's cock. I hadn't even had a chance to shower and clean up. I smelled like dried cum and body odor. Tom said it was time to show my true colors. He stood up and dropped his pants. Hes cock was really nice. Not as big as that first guy but looked perfect for sucking. My wife kept urging me on until I knelt in front of Tom. She got real close to my face as I took his cock into my mouth. She started to rub my cock through my pants and I got immediately hard. I didn't cum the night before and was ready. She undid my pants and put her hand inside my shorts. Almost immediately I started cumming. Right in my pants and in her hand. She must have lost it because she took her cum soaked hand out of my pants and told me to suck her fingers. Tom's cock was hard but I took my mouth off and sucked all of the cum off of her fingers and licked her hand clean.

She called me a fucking sissy fag and went to the bathroom. Then Tom asked if I wanted to get fucked. I shyly nodded yes and stripped. I knelt over the couch and he fucked me for the next 10 minutes. At some point my wife came back into the room and watched me get fucked until Tom filled my ass with his jizz. He finally pulled out and got dressed. Then he left. My wife said it really turned her on and wanted me to suck her pussy until I came in my pants again. This was about as kinky she had ever gotten. It had opened up a whole new world of sex for us.

We now use language we never did before and suck or fuck each other more and more aggressive than ever before. We have become swingers and I finally found out her motive for accepting me. It was because all along she wanted pussy for herself.




I was on a business trip in Tennessee and the motel had a bar next door. I stopped in for a drink. After a few more a guy walked over to my table and asked if I needed a drinking partner. I said Of course and he sat down. He bought me a couple of drinks and said that in this part of the country if a guy buys a drink the recipient owes him a favor. I asked him what kind of favor and he said that the women he buys drinks for usually suck his cock. I said I was down with that if he had someplace to go. He got up and led me outside to his car. The parking lot was pretty dark and he leaned against his car and said that this was as good a place as any. I squatted down and unzipped his pants. I fished his cock out and started to suck him. It was nothing special, about average but the more I sucked the more he talked to me, telling me how good I was and my mouth was more like a cunt than his own wife. I got him hard and he pulled out his phone and texted someone. A minute later he said that if I wanted he could take me home and have a threesome with his wife.

This was a whole new thing for me but I was game. I had sucked a bunch of cocks on my trips but never had another woman before except my wife. I followed him home and she met us at the door naked. I just stared at her tits. Then were gorgeous. Large with bit nipples and as soon as we walked in she said that she had only cum twice and needed all the cock he could give her. It was like I wasn't even there. Then she hugged me and asked what I liked. I told her I like nipples and she said that was her favorite thing. She turned and headed into the bedroom. He led me behind her and when we got to the bedroom we all stripped. She said she loved strange cock and started to play with my cock and balls. He was behind her and as soon as she bent over and took my cock in her mouth he plunged into her. She got me hard in a minute and said she needed me to fuck her. She laid on the bed and said to get under her. She was on her belly and got up on all fours. I made my way under her and she sat on my cock telling me to tweak her nipples. I noticed him behind her and felt his cock against mine. He thrust in and she now had two cocks in her cunt.

We got into a rhythm and she stopped moving every time I tightened up. We double-fucked her for about 10 minutes when he pulled out. Then she said "If you want to continue you're gonna have to suck his cock. She sat up and he straddled my chest. He said "It's up to you." I opened my mouth and he put his cock on my tongue and she resumed gyrating on my cock. He came before I did and I took it all. Then I mumbled I was cumming. He reached down and pulled my nipples as hard as he could. I came buckets. "Oh fuck" was all I could say as I filled her cunt. She got off of me and he turned around into a 69. He took my sloppy cock into his mouth and put his cock back into my mouth. We sucked each other for a bit until we were both hard. He pulled out of my mouth and she mounted my chest with her cunt on my mouth. I started to lick her cunt when I felt him push my legs up and shove his slippery cock into my slippery asshole. Ih fuck what a feeling. I was eating her cunt and he was fucking me. This went on for a while and he grunted and said he was cumming. When he pulled out I felt his cum dripping down my ass as she was cumming min my mouth.

We all then went into the living room and drank some more. What a fucking night. I just hope I can continue with them as my job takes me to their town quite often. If my wife ever found out it would be the end, but as long as I keep traveling I'll suck all the cock I can get and fuck all the cunt I can get.




When I was 17 the older man next door had me over to watch the game and gave me some beers. I must have drank about a six-pack and was quite drunk when he managed to talk me into letting him suck my cock. I never thought of myself as gay, even though I hadn't had sex with a girl yet. I really liked it when I said I was going to cum and he took it all down his throat. When he asked me over the next weekend I happily agreed. We got drunk again and he said he wanted to suck me. I took my pants off and welcomed it. Just before I came he started to play with my asshole. It was great. And when I started to cum his finger entered me. I came hard. We did this for the next few weeks, then one day it escalated.

At halftime I was really drunk and actually asked him to suck my cock. He laughed and said he had something special if I was willing to suck his cock too. I agreed and he took his pants and shorts off. His cock was quite a bit bigger than mine but I was enthralled with the idea of having his cock in my mouth. He was uncut and my lips rolled back his foreskin and he said to cup his nuts. They felt huge. I fondled him while sucking him and about five minutes later he let go. He didn't warn me but just started to cum. I was actually looking forward to tasting his cum and swallowed as much as I could. He told me to keep sucking until he was hard again. It took about 15 minutes and my own cock was hard just from sucking him. I was reeling from the beer and when he said to strip and lay down on the floor I did. I thought he was going to suck me but instead I felt a cold slippery liquid on my ass and his finger was in and out of my asshole. My cock stayed hard as he fingered me. then he removed his finger and scooted a little closer. Before I knew it his cock was pushing past my muscle and he was buried to the hilt. He slowly started to fuck me, telling me that my ass was tighter than any other boys he had ever fucked. My first thought was "How many were there?." Tub then he told me that they were all of age and now that I was about to turn 18 it was okay. He said I made his cock harder than anybody ever had.

The longer he fucked me the more I liked it. He said that after he cums he can stay hard for hours. It sure seemed like it as time passed and he continued to thrust that big cock in and out of my asshole. At one point he stroked my cock a few times and I jizzed all over myself. He rubbed some of it in and put his fingers up to my mouth. I hungrily cleaned his fingers off. He continued to fuck me and 15 minutes later I was hard again. He was finally ready to cum and I told him to let me have it. He was a fucking stud. 56 years old and could fuck like a porn star. He finished and I thought he was going to pull out but he kept stroking in and out. Then he said he had a special surprise. I was laying on my back with my eyes closed enjoying the moment and he started pissing. I had never even heard of this before. It was warm and powerful and I felt it all. It started to squirt out past his cock and he finally finished. I fucking loved it. He had me go into the bathroom and empty myself. It was like a piss enema. Wow.

We replayed this scene over and over for the next year. I never got a girlfriend after this but in college I was able to teach at least a dozen other guys what it was like to suck cock, get ass fucked and have someone fill them with piss. I'm such a fucking degenerate but I love cock in my ass and the warmth of a guys piss.




When I was a young nine year old boy my dad made me watch mom suck his cock. He was a mean drunk and when he had too many he got horny. He tried to play nice with mom but when she refused his advances he would slap her and pinch her nipples until she gave in. Then came that night when he made me watch. He was drunk as usual and at dinner said that tonight was special. When mom asked why he said that his boy was going to see his bitch suck his cock. That infuriated her. She got up from the table to head into the bedroom. He caught her by the hair and pulled her back. He said "It's either yes and you'll love it, or it's no and I'll fucking make you love it." She called him a couple of names but he still had hold of her hair. He literally dragged her into the living room and stood her up. He slapped her hard and said for her to strip. When she refused he slapped her again and tore her blouse from the front. He told me to go sit on the couch and watch what a fucking whore my mom was. I was trembling as I sat on the couch. She finally obeyed and took her top and bra off. Her tits seemed huge and he told her to take it all off. She did and was standing there naked. He had her get on her knees and suck him. She did and when he said he cas cumming he grabbed her hair and wouldn't let her up until she had sucked him dry.

That was the first time. Over the next five years he would occasionally repeat the scene, but the more it happened the rougher he got. He told me that you have to treat a woman like a whore and cum slut if you ever wanted them to do what you want. It graduated into him laying on the floor and her sitting on his cock, then it went even further as he gave me a close up view of him ass fucking her. She cried loudly that first time but he was relentless. She didn't dare do anything that pissed him off or he'd beat the shit out of her.

When I was 14 he got drunk and got into a car wreck and died. Mom didn't cry much but decided that we were better off without him. Over the next few years I treated her nice but slowly got into BDSM porn. I stayed at home after graduation. By this time she was scarred to the point that she didn't date and would usually spend Friday nights drinking. I was 19 now and had recently broken up with my girlfriend. I guess I was too nice to her. I was horny one night so I managed to talk my way into a case of beer and took it home. I told mom what had happened with my girl and started drinking. She was pretty tipsy already but was willing to help me drink. About five beers in I told her that she had nice tits for a mom. She said that dad used to say that just before he slapped her. I knew she couldn't fight me off if I wanted her. We were on the couch and I scooted over to her. She was in her nightgown and bathrobe. I guess she never got dressed that day. After another beer I put a hand on her thigh. She slurred something and tried to push my hand away. I was much stronger than her and wasn't thinking straight. I said to her "Tonight I'm taking dad's place and want you to suck my cock." She said she wouldn't do it. I grabbed her hair and pulled her head back. "I said I want you to suck my cock" I told her. She shook her head so I slapped her. I told her to get undressed or I would slap the woman right out of her. After a third slap she started to get undressed. I had never realized how big her nipples were before and she was standing in front of me. I leaned forward and started sucking on a nipple. Then I told her that I'll be more tender than dad ever was if she'd let me. While sucking on a nipple my hand reached between her legs and I slowly started to finger fuck her. It took a but but she finally started to relax a little.

I finally stood up and kissed her. I asked if she was going to be nice to me. She said she would do anything I wanted only if I wouldn't slap her again. I sat on the couch and told her to suck me. She did but pulled her mouth off of me just as I was starting to cum. Then she got a towel and cleaned me up. I decided that wasn't good enough and told her to go to bed. She did and about a half hour later I was still thinking about it. A couple more beers and I was ready. I walked into her bedroom and got on the bed. I was straddling her chest with her arms pinned to her sides. She stirred half awake and I slapped her. Then a second time. She started to cry. I got off and pulled the covers off. She was laying there naked. I told her that if she wanted to be nice to me she would swallow every fucking drop. Then I slapped her again. She got on her knees on the floor and took my cock back in her mouth. She expected me to cum in her mouth but I had other plans. When I was hard enough I told her to stand up and lean over the bed. Then I said "Dad was right. I have to teach you a fucking lesson to make you mind me." I slapped her ass hard a few times and asked her "Did dad ever fuck you in the ass?" She said no that she would never allow that. I took a spit filled finger and plunged into her ass. At the same time I grabbed her hair and pulled back. I said "Then it's about time you allow it. I finger fucked her ass until she started to cry a little. Then I took my finger out and spit on her hole. I got it nice and slippery and shoved my big cock in. She screamed. I didn't care. I ass fucked her for 15 minutes and she was a broken wreck. Then I pulled out and told her to suck me. I let her wipe my cock off with her bed sheet and told her I was not going to tell her twice. This time she sucked me until I came in her mouth.

When we were done I told her that until I move out I was going to sleep with her and I expected her to wake me up with her mouth on my cock every day from now on. She nodded yes. I woke up the next morning with a hard on and my mom sucking me to orgasm. She swallowed it all and I told her to go make breakfast. From that day forward she sucked me every morning and most nights. I finally moved out three years later and found a woman I was able to keep in line. Then one night we went over to mom's house for dinner. After dinner we had a few beers. That's when I asked my wife if she ever saw an old lady suck a cock? She was taken back but when I said "Watch this" her interest was piqued. I told mom to strip and suck my cock. When she didn't I stood up and slapped her. "Do we really have to go through this again?" I asked menacingly. She shook her head no and stripped. That night I ended up being sucked off by the two women I totally controlled. What a fucking prick I am.




I was in my second year of college. My name's Tracy and I became best friends with Art. He was a Senior but we hit it off. He used to grab about the size of his cock and how his girlfriend sucks him off. I thought it was all talk as I'd never seen his cock so I really had no idea. Then one night he said his girl was coming over and asked if I wanted to watch her suck him off. He said she really wouldn't mind so I said okay. After about a six-pack for each of us his girl, Diana knocked on the door. He said she was 31 years old but partied like she was 20. She was a fucking knockout. She was half black but with light olive colored skin. Her face was gorgeous, and had a slim waist and nice large tits.

Anyway, we sat in the living room for a bit drinking and he announced, "Lady and gentle virgin," of course referring to me, "it's now for the main event of the evening. He stood up and took his pants off. He wasn't wearing any underwear and as his pants got down a bit his cock popped out. I couldn't believe it, My six inch cock was small even compared to his soft. "Holy fuck" I blurted even before I realized what I said. Then he said "Now do you believe me little man? All I could say was "Oh fuck dude." I was looking at his cock and didn't even realize Diana was naked by now. He sat back down on the couch and she knelt in front of him. She took his cock in her mouth and it disappeared completely. She was deep throating that fucking thing. I watched her suck him for two or three minutes and he said to strip and play with her asshole. She wiggled her ass and spread her legs. Then he told me she likes fingers and cocks up her ass. I was just drunk enough to kneel behind her and poke a finger into her cunt. She pulled off of his cock and turned to me. "Not my cunt, you faggot, my asshole." I pulled my finger out of her cunt and rolled it around her asshole. My cock was already hard from watching her suck his cock. So with my left hand I pushed a finger into her ass and he said to play with her tits at the same time. She was in heaven.

She must have sucked him for 10 minutes when he said that it was time. She quickly got off of his cock and moved up to sit on him. She plunged her ass down onto his cock. I couldn't believe her ass could take that monster. He fucked her for another five minutes and said he was cumming. She rose up one last time and lifted her lets to plunge all the way down on him. He grunted and she squealed. He emptied his load into her ass. Then he said "Now baby." She quickly got off of him and knelt down on the floor in front of him and took his cum soaked cock back in her mouth and sucked him clean. My cock was still hard as I watched her suck him dry. She got up and sat next to him. I sensed she was pretty wasted on something herself as she laid her head back and closed her eyes. Within a minute she was snoring softly while he just sat there playing with his half limp cock.

He said it looks like I needed some relief. It had been about a week since I jerked off and he said to just sit next to him on the couch and he would help me out. I did and he bent over and started to suck me. I have never had lips on my cock, neither man or woman but this was super good. I couldn't believe his lips on my cock could feel so good. Then I felt a finger starting to play with my asshole. He said to spread my legs. I did and he inserted a finger and started to finger fuck my ass while sucking my cock. I said I was gonna cum and he mumbled yes. I came harder than ever and he swallowed it all. What a fucking night. He said that sucking cock got him hard and he noticed that looking at his cock got me hard too. Then he said he knew I wanted his cock. He sat back on the couch and said he had plenty left and I should give it a shot. I started at his eight inch cock as it twitched and he put his hand on the back of my head and pulled me down. I complied and before I knew it I was sucking his cock. It was huge, it was soft, and it seemed to fit my mouth perfectly. My own cock was almost hard again all by itself as I sucked him. His hand was on the back of my head and when he started to cum I tried to pull back but his hand held my head down. He said to just relax and take it. I ended up swallowing his load. Even though he had cum inside Diana's ass he had plenty left.

After he was sucked clean he said to keep sucking. He said he could stay hard all night. Within five minutes his cock was hard in my mouth. I was really feeling the beer and he said to kneel down in front of the couch and lean over it. I did and I felt his tongue on my ass. It was soft and felt great. Then I felt a finger enter my asshole. That was twice that night but I didn't mind. He was finger fucking me with one, then two fingers and was hitting my prostate with every thrust. My cock was twitching and he pulled his fingers out and I felt him scoot up behind me. Then his cock was against my hole. He had got me slippery with his spit and he pushed in. He finally got past my muscle and his cock was moving in. At first he fucked me gently with only a couple of inches of his cock inside me. It felt really good so I tried to open up a little more. He said "Oh fuck yeah dude" as he started to fuck me deeper. He said I had the tightest ass he ever fucked and proceeded to fuck me for the next 10 minutes. Then he announced he was cumming. He thrust until his cock was buried to the pubes and I actually felt his balls slap against mine. His nuts were much bigger than mine but I felt his cum as it oozed back out of my ass. With his cock still in me he reached around and started to stroke my cock It was only about two minutes and I said I was gonna cum. He said to just let it go and stroked me until I emptied my nuts on the floor. He brought out another case of beer and we drank some more.

I woke up the next morning on my belly on the couch. I was naked and he was laying on top of me. I didn't realize it at first but his hard cock was buried deep inside me. When he was sure I was awake he started to fuck me. He said to spread my legs and when I did he fucked me harder. I didn't hate it but wondered where Diana was. I was hung over but knew exactly what was happening. I was being ass fucked by my friend and we were both sober. He fucked me for about 10 minutes and emptied his nuts into me. He finally got off of me and told me to get dressed and get out.

It wasn't an unpleasant experience and when he asked if I liked it I said it was okay. He knew I looked up to him and said that I was now his bitch. He said to come back at 4:00 that afternoon to suck his cock and get fucked again. For some reason I was there at precisely 4:00.