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I (25m) am a huge sexual deviant. I seek out young boys who are playing in a park near me alone, I like to take them into the public toilets and get on my knees and suck them off.

Once I convinced this little boy, probably 8 or 9 to come with me. I pulled his clothes off and raped his tight young asshole. It took a while for me to get my cock in him but when I did I couldn’t hold back and fucked him hard. He was crying so I had to cover his mouth so I stopped to stuff his underwear in his mouth and then grab his arms so he couldn’t get free. I came inside him and before I left him I pissed onto his underwear, still in his mouth, and threatened him not to tell anyone. I think about him all the time still.




I’m a 60 year old male. Truck driver. In Oklahoma I have a buddy that brags about a 15 year old hooker he sees. Apparently she just had a baby girl 6 months ago and the baby goes wherever she goes. She is also a meth head. But my buddy says she’s up for anything, has real nice tits and a tight pussy. I finally had to find out for myself.

I got to Oklahoma on a Tuesday night. My buddy set it up so she would meet me at a truck stop and stay the night with me.

Just as planned she was already in the parking lot in her car. That’s when I noticed, she was nursing her 6 month old baby girl. I parked as she walked over. I helped her and the baby in. My dick was going crazy. I had taken a viagra and I was hard as fuck. Now it was pulsing and twitching. Right in front of me is a 15 year old hooker with her baby.

I told her I’d pay her $500 for the night plus get her high all night as long as she did everything I wanted. She agreed. I told her to take off all her clothes and while she was I told her to talk about being 15. And what her 15 year old body liked.

She said she loved having her nipples sucked and she loved getting her pussy licked. I leaned forward and started playing w one of her pinkish brown nipples. It was erect. I told her to take my clothes off. As soon as she did I started jacking off and playing with her tits.

Nurse the baby I told her

She brought her daughter to her engorged tit and I watched as the little girl suckled and cooed as she sucked the milk from her moms tit. I went directly to the other and began sucking. Milk was squirting into my mouth. I slipped my finger onto her pussy lips and stroked them gently.

How does it feel when you nurse? Does it feel good? Do you like it? Does it turn you on? I asked her

She giggled and said that when her baby nurses it gives her butterflies between her legs. She said sometimes she masterbates while the baby nurses. She also told me the baby squeezes her legs together as hard as she can or rubs her own little pussy as she drinks.

Omg the daughter was touching herself. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. I looked over and she was touching her crotch. Mom had taken the diaper off.

Let her keep sucking. I’m going to lick your pussy real good I got between her legs and opened up her lips. What a pretty pink pussy she has. I started licking her w long strokes. Then I started lapping at her clit. I loved darting my tongue in and out of her pussy. She was moaning and rubbing her other tit. I kept thinking of that baby.

I got up and told her to start rubbing her daughter’s pussy for her. She slowly parted the baby’s lips and gently stroked the girl up and down.

Lick her I said

She laid the baby down and began slowly liking her from clit to pussy up and down up and down. I started stroking the baby’s nipples and before I knew my hand was at her pussy and I was rubbing as mom licked. I couldn’t take anymore. I said it was my turn. I got in between those legs and began licking a 6 month old baby pussy. I got mom to suck my cock while I ate out her baby girl.

That night I finally got the baby to lick and suck the top of my dick. She suckled it like her moms tit. I finally started fucking the 15 year old. Sucking her tits and pounding her. I scooped up the baby and brought her to my mouth. I licked her 6 month old pussy as her 15 year old mom gripped my throbbing cock with her tight, wet pussy I came so many times that night. In and all over the 15 year old. And on the 6 month old baby. I titty fucked the 15 year old, she gave me head several times, she jacked me off, we fucked every which way you can think. I licked and fingered that baby all night. I got the baby’s hand and rubbed it on my dick. I video taped some of it at the end.

I asked her if she had any friends her age or younger who do this too. She said yes. And then she told me if I want she can bring her 4 year old sister next time.

Can’t wait to get back.




My dad licks my pussy. I’m 15. Girl. I can’t remember him ever not licking my pussy.

Every night he licks me till I cum. He said grandpa wanted to start licking me.

I let him.

Dad had me dance real sexy and strip for grandpa. I let grandpa grope and touch me everywhere. He sucked on my tits forever.

Daddy said it was time. He laid me down and played with my breasts and grandpa started licking my pussy. He licked me for about 5 minutes and I came. Grandpa is 78.

Dad likes to jack off watching grandpa lick me.

I have an 11 year old brother. Daddy brought him in my room one night and told me it was time my brother got to experience me. My brother had an obvious hard on. He kept touching it - getting closer to me. I grabbed his dick and started rubbing it outside his shorts. He was frozen in shock. I decided I’d suck his cock. He’d never had his dick sucked. I sucked cum out of his hard dick and let it squirt on my tits. Then I rubbed it in He said he wanted to shower with me. We got in and he immediately started soaping me up. Especially my tits. He rubbed himself all over me. He played a long time with my tits. Finally he started sucking them. Dad was watching jacking off. I told my brother to put a finger in my pussy. He started. Slowly. I guided his hand to finger fuck me properly.

You want to lick my pussy I asked him.

Yea I do he said. I made my way to the bed, laid down, and opened my legs wide. He started licking my pussy immediately. Daddy came closer and put his dick in my hand to jack him off as my little brother ate my pussy. After I came I climbed on top of my brother and rode him. He didn’t last long. I thrilled that boy.

Dad said he wanted to watch several older mean licking my pussy.

I agreed.

The next night there were 5 old men at the house waiting to lick my pussy

Daddy gave me a pill. About an hour later I was begging these old geezers to lick me. They took turns sucking my tits and licking my Pussy. I just kept cumming over and over. There was one man. He was huge. Very fat. Brown greesey hair. Marks all over his face. And pimples. He licked me the best and made my tits feel amazing. I called him over. I asked him if he’s like to fuck me. He was so excited. He had me on top riding him. I stopped half way and sucked his dick for a while. Then he took me doggy style and shot his load all inside my pussy. I’m not on birth control. If I get pregnant we all have someone new to lick and play with. I think that man would love liking little girl pussy




I’m 13 and these stories really turn me on. I was molested when I was 6 and ever since then I’ve played with myself but I’ve only ever cum when he told me how . He used to make me hump stuffed animals and toys while he watched and I secretly loved it I’d even rub my pussy on the arm of the couch if he was there. I’m not sure if it’s okay that turns me on idk. I’m a virgin but hoping to get more attention from older men soon because I love the way they treat me and touch me and talk to me.




I’m a 17 year old girl and I always end up rubbing against my teddy bear reading these stories about these grown adults and their kids. Im not interested in getting raped or anything id just like to hear more stories and such.




The first time I remember watching my mom suck our dogs cock I was 4. My 9 year old sister was close by on her knees watching and mom asked her “do you want to taste?”

Sis nodded yes and mom slipped the dog’s cock into sis’s mouth and down her throat. Sis took it like a champ and never gagged.

While holding sis’s mouth against the dog’s balls mom asked if she wanted to put it in her ass. Sis nodded yes. Mom slipped the dog cock out of sis’s mouth and tongued sis’s mouth to get some of the dog cum.

My mom turned my sister’s ass around and pushed his cock in all the way to the knot. One shove from the dog and I saw that knot disappear in to my sis’s asshole. Sis yelped and then said “momma he’s all the way in.” Mom said “I can see that baby girl. Do you like it?”

Sis said “when the knot first went in it hurt but now he is filling my bottom and his cum is hot. It feels wonderful momma.”

At that moment sis started cumming and immediately pissed all over the floor. Mom was rubbing her little bald cunt telling her, “that’s momma’s girl piss all you want.”

I was so excited watching I thought my 4 year old little cock was going to explode, but the visual image that is the strongest in my young memory was when the dog yanked his knot out of that stretched baby’s asshole and it was gaping wide open.

Sis bore down and the hot dog cum just came gushing out of her ass. It seemed to just keep coming and coming forever. My mom was trying her best to catch & swallow all she could in her mouth, but half was running down her chin and on to her tits.

Mom turned sis over and dribbled her mouth full of dog cum into sis’s mouth and said “enjoy your ass coated dog cum treat baby girl.” Sis held it in her mouth for a bit to savor the taste and then swallowed.

Sis’s last nasty act was to lean over and start sucking the dog cum off momma’s tits while momma sucked my baby cock.

Hottest memory of my youth.




I’m a 27yr old single mom I had my son whenI was 15 I’m hardly home because of over time. Well when he was five I started sucking his little dick I still do I have always loved playing with it getting hit hard he’s 12 now and going thru puberty! He always jacks off on my panties he is a good student A’s and B’s keeps our house clean and is starting to cook as well.He greets me at the door naked and strips me at the door I’ve trained him to be my Dom today I said hello love he told me “shut up whore I didn’t tell you to speak go into the side door walk back to the garage naked slowly I said ok ( that door is next to a busy street I was starting to get wet what if I am seen he then blindfolded me put a dog leash around my neck and led me slowly to a picknic table we have in the garage. He then had me walk to the end of it told me to end over at the waist tied my arms to the opposite side then spread my legs and tied them wide I was uncomfortable then he told me to say what I am. I said I am your mother whore when you allow me I will suck your cock and eat your come lick your ass and balls and do whatever you say you can take pictures of me but daily I will show you my pussy and asshole and tits close up I think of you 12 yr old cock all day at work I love that you don’t allow me to wear underwear when I hear you’re young voice I get wet thinking of your cock I love the taste of your yummy cum I love your cock in my ass I keep my body tight and I hope you continue to fuck me the rest of our lives then felt my ass cheeks spread and my ass hole get eaten something was wrong someone got on the table by my face I was scared told him to untie me he said shut up and eat pussy what untie me then a pussy was at my mouth so I ate until she came then I felt a cock in my ass I was cuming so did he then a huge cock in my pussy and the pussy a different one though what the ? I knew he was filmingI was cuming so was the female my blindfold was taken off it was our 11 yr old neighbors daughter naked omg she said thanks for making me cum I looked behind me to see who was fucking it was my black brother in law who then slammed it in my ass I screamed it hurt so much he came quick another cock wasin my ass it was my son hammering me who was filming him fuck me it was my sister who said happy b-day sis thank for eating me how long you been ducking your underage son and his girlfriend I told my son to untie me he said Happy B-day mom we’re fucking you all night then the neighbor girl said now eat my asshole while your son fucks your asshole it went on allnight filming and fucking they sent copies to my mom in Arizona and to my job with faces blacked out whenI was untied I made them watch me fuck my son we all came of courseI took advantage of the black cock When I think of my employees watching along with my parents I get so wet thinking of my sons cock in my asshole close up and they all see it