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I caught my boyfriend touching my niece. She is two. He was so scared. I was wet. I asked if his dick fit in her mouth. He tried, and pulled away as soon as she gagged. It was cute but I wanted own my niece. I grabbed her head and fiercely opened her mouth and shoved her head down. I said, she can't gag if she can't breathe, than fucked his dick with her throat. He came so fast, but kept pumping like she was a cheap whore. It was violent and unforgiving. Then I pissed on her crying face and left her in the bathroom to cry to sleep while I sucked him hard again, and asked him to get me pregnant.




I am a priest. I’m 58. The other day I saw a father and daughter I know sitting quietly in church. No one else was there. They didn’t see me. Dad took his hand and slid it up her little legs. She was about 6 years old. I watched. My dick started stirring. I was thinking about how nice it must be to touch a warm little pussy. He had his hand under her dress a while. I could see it moving under the fabric. I started tugging at my dick under my robe. He took her little hand and placed it on his crotch. She just rubbed his bulge. I was getting so horny watching. About 15 minutes later the bells rang. It was time for confession. The little girl sat in the pew while dad came to confession. I quickly got in the booth. He confessed a bunch of little sins and said he was done. I knew this was my chance. I spoke up. I said “Larry I saw you molesting your daughter. “. He got real quiet. “There is only one way to make this right. You need to bring her to me right now so I can cleanse her properly. And every time you molest her you need to bring her to me for a cleansing. And ofcourse confess every detail of what you’ve done. “

“Yes Father” he said. I told Larry it was a good time because no one was here. So he went and got his daughter and brought her back to the confessional. I had them both come in my booth. I told her I was going to cleanse her really good. She just smiled. I told Larry as I cleanse her I needed him to tell me in detail what he does to her. I started by sliding her dress over her head. I asked her to come in front of me. I started rubbing her flat chest. Then I started licking her nipples. She giggled. “Come on, Larry, what do you do to her when you molest your daughter. Oh and you can rub one out while you watch me cleanse her. It will purge you of wrong doing. So larry took his rather large dick out of his trousers and started tugging at it. As he did I slid my hand in the 6 year old’s panties, gently rubbing her hairless pussy as I licked her nipples. Larry told me how he’d suck her nipples and finger her. He told me how he loved to go down on her and lick her sweet little pussy. He even got her to start sucking the tip of his penis as he jacked off. I just listened and played with the little girl.

“I’m going to begin cleansing her vagina of all sin Larry. I’ll need your help. Take off your trousers and boxers and come sit in my chair.” I took off the girls panties and put her on dads lap. I started grinding her butt into his cock. He moaned. I played w her pussy. Then, Larry’s cock got real erect. I started sliding her pussy up and down his shaft. He loved it. I decided to take this all the way. I started licking her pussy and I’d let my tongue graze Larry’s cock as I did. He let me. Then I started licking the tip of his dick as he grinded her into him. I sucked the tip in my mouth a few seconds. Then I went back to licking 6 year old pussy.

“Ok Larry. Let me cleanse her mouth. “. I told her to hold my clock and lick it. She did. Larry was jacking off furiously. “Do you have carnal knowledge of your daughter Larry?” I asked. “Oh yes father, I do” he said. I asked her if it hurt when daddy put his penis in her vagina. “Not anymore” she said in a cute voice. I took out my raging hard cock and slid the tip against her hairless pussy. “Come here, Larry “. Jack me off as I rub it on her cunt” I told him. Larry was jacking me off and rubbing her nipples. Then I slid inside her little 6 year old pussy. I pumped in and out maybe 3 times when I exploded in cum inside of her. “ lick it up Larry”. He did. He sat there and licked every drop of come out of her little pussy. I explained that every single time he molests her, it’s crucial that her bring her here to me at the church to cleanse her. Larry must love molesting that little girl because he brings her almost daily.




My granddaughter is 4. She and my daughter live with me. I love to play horsey with my granddaughter. She gets wet as she bounces up and down on my leg. I get her to grind into my crotch to get my dick hard. I finally got brave and placed my hand out and told her to sit on my hand and play horsey. I felt her wet pussy pounding bc against the palm of my hand and got rock hard. I told her I wanted to show her another game. I told her just stand there but hand was stil on her pussy. I started rubbing it over her panties. She giggled and said it tickled. I told her she needed to play correctly so we needed to take off her panties. She did. I told her I was going to tickle her and myself and see who lasted longest. I took out my dick and started rubbing it with one hand and rubbing her pussy with the other. Gawd it felt good. I was getting so horny and wanted to taste her. I brought my hand off her pussy and put a finger in my mouth to taste her little four year old pussy. She asked what I was doing. I told her it was time for me to tickle her a different way. I got her to lay down and open her little legs. I got down close to her pussy and started by putting my nose in her pussy. Smelling it. Feeling it on my nose. She laughed and laughed. Then I started licking her with long strokes. Her wet pussy was delicious I just licked and sucked her little pussy for a long time. I finally asked her if she would like me now. She giggled and said yes. I guided her mouth to my hard dick and told her just to lick it. As she licked I jacked off. Soon I was about to cum. I let it squirt in her mouth. She had it in her mouth and spilling down her chin. I came harder in her mouth that I ever had in my life.

Her mom works two jobs so I’m home alone with my granddaughter most days. She lets me touch and lick her all I want. She loves it. So do I.




my boyfriend has a small dick so i pretend he's underage when we're fucking, it's the only way i can get off with him anymore, i feel terrible

but i want to ride a teenage dick so bad, like 13-17




I saw my friend’s 14 year old daughter on Reddit in a bra and miniskirt. I want to fuck her so hard. I want to slide my cock in and out of her mouth and pussy. I want to get her to ride me. I want to get my 16 year old daughter to fuck her with a strap on. Omg to watch my daughter push a dildo in and out of that sweet 14 year old pussy. To watch them 69 each other. To get them both on my cock at once. I want to have them scissor around my hard cock.




I am a girl. When I was 12 I was in the hospital with migraines. I went off to do some test that required electrodes on my head. As the lady performing the test was adhering the wires I felt her pussy brush against the top of my hand My hand was on the arm of the wheelchair I was sitting in. She’s move and her pussy would rub down onto the back of my hand. She did this over and over. Then she moved to the other side and began somewhat bumping the back of my other hand. My 12 year old pussy was warm and tingling. She was blonde. Not bad looking. Big tits. Small waist. Nice big ass. I didn’t know what to do. I just let her rub. Then, all of a sudden, I turned my hand over under her pussy. I started rubbing her pussy over her pants gently. She took my hand and put it in her pants. I felt her silky panties. They were wet in the crotch. I just rubbed ever so lightly. I wasn’t sure what to do. She got my fingers inside her panties and I kept stroking her. She lifted her shirt. No bra. Super perky big tits. She put them in my face. I stayed still. She laughed and told me to start sucking one. I licked her pinkish brown nipple and started sucking. My pussy was going crazy. She guided a finger into her pussy and started gripping my finger and sliding up and down. She took her hand and played with my 32a titties. It felt so good. I wanted to explode. Then she put her hand under my hospital gown. I had white cotton panties on. She rubbed me over the panties then finally slid the to them side and stroked my clit. She rubbed it a few moments and I unexpectedly came. She let me suck and finger her a few moments longer and then she pulled her shirt down. She just went back to administering the wires on my head as if nothing happened. It’s the hottest thing I’ve ever experienced.




I’m not like the rest of you here. What happened wasn’t something I wanted to happen. It wasn’t even something I’d fantasized about, and this certainly isn’t going to be some recount of how my sweet, innocent princess was somehow wanting it or asking for it or knew what she was doing - as if a 3 year old girl can be a wanton slut.

No. The real shit is more complicated than that. It started out as a huge accident, because I’m an idiot. She loved to sit in daddy’s lap and be rocked to sleep. In fact, when she was in what everyone thinks of as the rough toddler years, me rocking her was damn near all that would calm her down. It was a nightly routine, until one evening.

It was totally age appropriate for her to be curious, and totally normal for a kid who is innocent to just notice something feels good and then seek it out or want more, and until we explain shit, they don’t know what’s allowed or not.

But, the night she began to rock her narrow little hips back and forth on my thigh as I held her, despite knowing all of that - at least intellectually - I panicked. I didn’t know what to do. She was in her summer nightie, Care Bears on the front of it, legs spread and straddling my leg, her face turned toward my arm when she rocked back and forth just a little. She made a little “mmm” and sucked harder on her thumb. I freaked out and grabbed her under the arms, and sat her on her feet.

“It’s time for bed now.”

I must’ve said it sharply because she looked a little sad. “Am I in trouble?” Her bottom lip jutted out as she spoke. My idiocy, and my abruptness hurt her feelings. I took a deep breath. How to explain and not scar her for life?

“No, honey. It’s just…the rocking you did…um, we can’t do that, it’s not bad, it’s just not for us.”

“Feels good, daddy,” she said to explain, while kind of dragging the toes of her right foot across the carpet.

“Yes, and it’s ok to do things like that alone but daddies and babies don’t do that.” There. That should do it.

“Because daddies don’t like it?”

I rubbed my hand over my face. “Everyone likes those feelings, but adults and kids don’t do that together. We can talk more about it tomorrow. Right now, let’s tuck in.”

I tucked her in, put a kiss on her forehead and collapsed onto my own bed. I hadn’t been prepared and had no idea my leg would play a starring role in her first masturbation attempt. I hoped she’d forget the entire thing.

I felt fucking sick, because what she couldn’t know or understand was that I’d felt the tiny bones of her pelvis dig into my thigh. I’d felt the heat from her baby pussy against my leg through her panties, and my cock had answered, hard as a rock.

I wanted to punch myself in the dick but I didn’t. I tossed and turned all night feeling the memory of her warmth and hoping tomorrow would be normal.

It wasn’t. Our morning routine went down without a hitch, but after bath time and her mother leaving for the Night Shift at the hospital we got into my recliner like always.

This time when she rocked her hips, I let it go. My dick was about to explode. She moved and wiggled against me, sighed and slurped on her thumb. I’m a sick bastard but I let her do it.

After a few minutes she stopped and said, “I’m sorry, daddy, I forgot. Should I go be alone now?” It was a moment of truth there wouldn’t be any going back from.

“No, sweetie. You can do what feels good but we can’t let anyone know, ever. We’d get in trouble.”

“I promise daddy!” She seemed excited, and she ground her little pussy into my hard thigh. I’d made my choice. I put a hand across her back and stroked as she rocked. I kissed the top of her head while she humped me. She turned her head toward my neck and nuzzled in. I put my thumb against her soft pink lips and she licked and then giggled. “I’ll suck your thumb instead of mine, daddy!”

I let her. I pushed her night gown up and ran fingers down her bony, small back. Slowly, talking myself into and out of it the whole time, I stroked her tiny little ass. She rode and rode and then I bounced my leg, like I’d done a million times before and she shuddered.

“Did you like that?” I whispered.

“Yes, do it again?”

I bounced my leg between her 3 year old thighs until she was sucking my thumb like her life depended on it and then she began to shake a little. I stopped.

She lay on my chest, panting. I made my little girl cum.

We continued on with that nightly routine for a while. Each night after, I’d carry her to bed and tuck her in, and kiss her. That little kiss on the head became “kiss me like in movies” over time and I’d French kiss her and suck her tongue into my mouth. In my own room, I’d take my rock hard dick out and jerk off, squeezing hard, imagining how tight her little baby pussy must be.

It was one night during a kiss like that she asked me if I could do what she did, have the special feeling she had with me. I explained what her cumming was and she repeated that word like it was magical.

“Yes, I can cum too, baby, I just don’t because you’re so little and like I told you, what we’re doing could get us in a lot of trouble.”

And then she said something that nearly made me nut in my pants. “I want you to cum too, daddy. Like me.”

That’s when it changed. Any pretense I had that this was something that could be undone or stopped left me. I wanted her so fucking much, I stopped caring. I felt reasons coming up.

…I made her, she’s mine, she wants it, I didn’t start it, it’s just a natural expansion of the love we have for each other…

I asked her to get naked for me and she did, giggling and turning to face me where I knelt on the floor by her bed.

I stripped too. And standing there naked, my cock pulsing with my heartbeat, my little princess reached out to touch it, of her own volition. “Is this how you cum?”

“Sort of, baby. That feels good.”

She kept touching, gently, exploring my dick. Precum was leaking out my head, and I couldn’t take my eyes off her tiny little hands as they felt their way around me.

I got back to my knees and moved her around. Her legs dangled from the edge of the bed and I gently spread them apart, pulling her ass all the way to the edge.

I was so afraid of scaring or hurting her. “I want to kiss you here,” I barely touched her bare, tiny pussy. “It will feel very good, and if you don’t like it, I’ll stop.”

“Can I touch your thing some more?”

I grabbed my dick and leaned back so she could see. “Yes, I want you to touch it and make daddy cum like you do, but first I want to lick your perfect little pussy.”

She giggled and looked down at herself. “My pussy?”

“Yes, right there.”

Without any more directions from me, my little baby spread her legs and I could see her for the first time. In that moment I wanted to lick, suck, fuck….consume her. She was pink, so small. And slick, glistening wet. She was excited and wanted me and it was so wrong and dirty, but all I wanted was her.

I kissed her mouth again, licking her lips open just like I was about to lick her pussy. She put her skinny arms around my neck and opened to me. “I love you, daddy.”

“I love you too, princess.”

I bent my head and licked at her flat little nipples, sucking each one gently. Her hands were on the sides of my face, so small, so different than the feel of a grown woman’s hands.

I kissed down her smooth skin to her tummy, and then pressed her back towards the mattress. “Lay down, and tell me when it feels good and if it doesn’t, ok?”

“Ok, daddy.”

She sighed and laid back. I could smell her. A hint of the lotion her mom uses on her after the bath like strawberries, and her scent, clean, wet. Her pussy laid open, her clit and tiny hole visible. I took a ragged breath. I’d never seen anything so fucking perfect, ever.

And it was mine in every fucking sense of the word. I licked my lips and then pressed them against her clit, moving them slowly, gently over the tiny nub. I licked and flicked my tongue across her, and over her little fuck hole, which was so small I could barely get the tip of my tongue into it.

The whole time, her little sighs and moans filled my ears, she said “daddy” over and over, she stiffened up once, her little legs encircling my head, “I think I have to pee, daddy, stop!” I stopped just long enough to tell her to piss in my mouth if she needed too.

“That happens sometimes when it feels good, it’s ok, baby girl,” I slowly moved a finger over her clit as I spoke, “just let it happen, I’ll love anything that happens, I love anything that feels good to you.”

And I put my tongue back on her tiny clit, slowly, methodically lapping at her, building her back up. I held her tiny body with my hands, covering most of her torso. She began to shake a little. Her breath was fast.

“Daddy, I’m cumming, I’m cumming on your mouth…” The soft but guttural, animal noises she made were amazing, no shame, nothing held back.

As she came, she squirted and I drank her up, my whole mouth fit over her and I licked and sucked until she was whimpering.

I sat back just a bit, petting her little pussy lips. “This is so special, baby. I love this, you’re so perfect, all over.”

I wanted to fuck her. I want to shove my dick inside her princess baby cunt even if it made her scream and bleed. I wanted to spend the rest of my life on my knees worshipping her pussy. I was a slave for that little girls cunt from that moment on.

She interrupted my thoughts by asking if I would make her cum again. I used my fingers that time, watching her move, watching my finger tip move, watching her little bitty pussy hole clench as she came. She squirted again and I taught her what to call it. I had no idea a little girl could squirt like that.

“Now can I make you cum? Show me, daddy.”

That was the sweetest thing I’d ever heard. I picked her up and held her against me. She wrapped her legs around me like always, but very different since she was naked. My cock brushed against her. I had an idea.

Hold her against me, I sat on the bed. “There are lots of ways to cum, and watching you cum has made me feel so good I will probably cum really fast.”

I laid back on the bed and held her up while I got adjusted, and then sat her carefully over my cock. Her little pussy was hot and soaked from my licking and making her cum before.

“I want you to slide back and forth on my dick, but be careful. It might go inside your pussy and if it does it might hurt.”

She was looking down at her little lips spread over my shaft and said, “It can go inside me?!”

I had precum dripping out my head in a sticky stream, her hot little cunt mashed against my dick, and was barely thinking straight but I tried to explain.

“Stand up and I’ll show you.” She did and I dragged a finger from the front of her slit back to her warm tiny hole. I pressed against it just a little. “Right here, when you’re bigger I can put my dick in here…” I couldn’t take it, I pushed the tip of my finger inside.

She inhaled hard and I thought I’d hurt her but I hadn’t. She wiggled a little. “Feels good, daddy. I want your….dick in me.”

“It would hurt, but you’ll be big enough someday. I can’t hurt you.”

“I slide careful daddy, I want you to cum now.”

Really enthusiastically, she sat down, centering my dick between her pussy lips. I guided her hips slow, down over my dick and back up again.

“I think I might cum too, daddy. Can I?”

Through clenched teeth I was able to tell her yes.

“Just like this, baby….slide your pussy on me, make daddy cum.”

She moved back and forth, working her slick clit along my cock. I couldn’t take my eyes off her. She was biting her bottom lip, her eyes closed, a look of concentration on her sweet face. I let go of her hips and let her go at it.

“Princess, this feels so good,” I told her. She smiled a little at my encouragement. I have no idea how I didn’t blow my load instantly. I think just the idea of her being so pleased helped me last longer. I would’ve stayed there forever.

I still felt like a sick bastard but it wasn’t like I imagined it. You read stories about some guy molesting his kid and it comes off like he forced it, you think a kid can be interested or want it. They do sometimes. My little girl wanted it. She wanted to feel good and wanted to make me feel good too. I loved her. I worshipped her after she let me make her cum. It was all the feelings. I wanted to hold her like always and protect her, love her, care for her, and make her feel so good.

I brushed fingers over her small pink nipples and she opened her eyes. She groaned a little, started to shudder, close. She was so wet against me.

“Look at me while you cum, princess, tell me how it feels, tell me you love it.”

“I love you so much daddy,” her pussy slipping faster over me, my orgasm so close, “I love your dick, daddy, and how you make my….pussy cum, I want to make your dick cum…” with that she shook and a fresh gush on my dick let me know she finished again, and I came hard, squirting all over my stomach and chest.

I don’t know why but I wanted it all over her, I pulled her forward onto me and in the process drug her through the cum I’d left all over. I squeezed her to me, “Daddy’s little princess with the pinkest prettiest pussy,” I tell her.

I lifted her up and sat her on my face. She wiggled around some and I sucked on her until she sagged against me again.

We had to have a talk again. No one can know, it’s our secret. She asked me if we could always do it. We made a code word to let each other know we wanted to be alone to do it. We went on like this for years.

I taught her to suck me, to tongue fuck my asshole. I couldn’t make it through a day without cumming with my baby girl. She was so different than some grown woman. She had no shame. I never got tired of her coming to me, and just telling me she wanted her pussy licked.

When she was eight, I fucked her for the first time. She was so tight it hurt, and she cried too, but as I eased in she begged me to keep going. She told me how she waited so long to have my dick in her. I came inside her and licked the blood off her cunt when I was done. When I dropped her off at school I’d tap her pussy lightly and tell her she belonged to daddy.

She’s 13 now. We are close and loving. She’s still my little baby, my princess. We don’t sneak around as much anymore, I divorced her mom. We have 50/50 custody so 4 days of my week are spent naked with my little girl. She’s the best thing to ever happen to me.