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I love to see little boys get pleasured. I love to watch them getting their little cocks stroked and sucked and licked. I’ve been super lucky recently. I met a young woman that I’ve become quite close with. I help her out with money and in return I get sexual favors. I found out that she does methamphetamines and I realized this could be used to my advantage. I took some over to her house one night when we were to exchange favors. She was so excited. As she got high I told her I wanted us to get real freaky tonight. I told her I’d be giving her substantially more money than I usually do. She said we’d do anything I wanted. I got her to bring her 5 year pill son in her bedroom. I directed her to suck his little penis as I watched. He liked it. His little cock got hard right away. I told her I’d take over for her. I watched this boy a moment. Laying on the bed with his cock sticking straight up. I began by jacking him off softly. As I proceeded to gain speed he moaned. My dick was so hard. I started rubbing my dick against his. I can’t believe how good it felt. Before I knew it I was cumming all over his little cock. The next time I went over I sucked his penis. I have been going every week to pleasure and stimulate this 5 year old boy’s penis.




I daydream about the life of a big dog, like a Rottie or a Shepherd, as a member of a sexy family.

Since I'm not fixed, I frequently lick my balls just because it feels good. They're big and round and always ready to make more cum. The man of the house doesn't mind if I watch when he's jacking off to porn, and sometimes he'll even play with me wrestling on the floor and massaging my cock until it starts peeking out of its sheath. Sometimes he's so horny that when my red rocket comes out, he licks it and sucks it gently while he beats his own meat. I love his mouth....he always makes me spray cum all over him and he cums too. I get why he likes it, cuz he lets me lick his jizz off his dick too. I always clean him up good.

His daughter smells so good. She's just little with no fur anywhere but her pigtails and is easy for me to push around. She likes to run and chase and wrestle with me too. I lick her face and neck and she giggles. The other day she laughed so hard she wet herself a little and I shoved my nose in between her little legs and licked a little. She was soooo good......I'm gonna get more. She doesn't have panties under her little nightie at bedtime and I can smell her cunny from rooms away. I'm gonna start knocking her down "accidentally" every night to get my nose and tongue in her little pussy. She's too little to push me off of her, and she'll love the way my rough tongue feels eventually. I'm gonna lick her until she's always giggling when her puppy makes her cum over and over.

Then there's the missus. She feeds me, walks me, brushes me and makes me feel loved. Her husband already licks her pussy, but he doesn't mount her as often as he used to. Sometimes when she bathes me, she uses the sprayer gently on my cock and balls. I once heard her using it on her sexy places too and she moaned and moaned. I'm such a horny dog, that while the little girl is at school, I'm gonna wait for my chance at Mom. She gets on her knees to clean, and I can get my nose under her sundress. Or I can lick her wet snatch when she steps out of the shower. I love the taste of cum, no matter which of my family's it is. But with her, she gets so horny too....I can smell her need. She'll find out that even though I can lick my big red fuckstick, I love it in a hot wet hole even more. The first time I mount her might scare her a little, but she won't risk a bite. She'll feel my front legs around her when her juicy pussy gets crammed full of throbbing dog cock. She'll probably cry a little, but when she gets fucked so hard and fast that she can only cum over and over, she'll enjoy it soon. After my knot gets stuck in her pussy and she feels my cum filling her love tunnel, she'll lay down exhausted when I pull out. Then I'll lick away her tears, and then dive into that pussy and lick her cunt clean. If I'm lucky, my jizz will have run down over her ass too, and I'll get my long tongue up in there and make her squirm with a good tongue fucking of her butthole.

I'm a very horny boy, but you won't find me humping the furniture. My family will love being my fuck toys every day.




I’ve never told anyone this before, but it feels ok to do it now.

When I was 13 and 14 I babysat a little girl that was the daughter of a woman my mom worked with. She was a little terror - 3 and still in her terrible two’s. I would be so tired when she’d get dropped off at 7a.m. I just wanted to go back to sleep.

So, I’d do things to stay alert - read her stories and put on tapes for her to watch and things. One morning I was just horny and I wanted to sneak off and rub my clit and then go back to watching her. I went into the bathroom and stuck a hand in my little gym shorts and tried to be as fast as I could. But it wasn’t happening, so I grabbed one of my makeup brushes I kept in the drawer and liked to play with. I’d rub the soft head of it on my clit and then put the handle in my pussy.

I leaned back onto the counter to get a good angle and was tickling my clit, lost in how good it felt before I realized the little brat had walked in on me.

She was blond, tiny even for 3. She said all excited and loud, “makeup!”

And I had been so close to cumming, so wet, so fucking horny, the kind you get only when you’re a teen and just want to rub yourself on any and everything to see how it feels - I just said, “Yes, makeup - do you want some?”

She said yes, so I rubbed the brush I’d had on my pussy against her face, and then I told her to come in. I locked the door this time. I told her we were going to put make up on our pussies. She looked confused so I explained - she called her privates her “bobo”. “It feels really good to put makeup on your bobo.” I pulled my shorts totally off, panties too and sat back onto the counter, my pussy about eye level with her. “Ever seen a big girl’s bobo?” She shook her head no. She looked at me then. “I call mine ‘pussy.’” She looked more and I slid the brush slowly down my clit so she could see. I shuddered. “It feels good, but really only big girls can do it, if I let you, you can’t tell anyone, you’ll get in trouble.”

“No telling!” She agreed. She pulled her little shorts down and I picked her up and sat her on the counter, kneeling in front. I painted that little baby pussy with my brush while she talked.

“Feels good,” she said over and over.

I took the tip of the slim handle and barely pressed it inside her hole. “It feels really good when you can fit something in here but you can’t yet.”

I told her I was going to use my fingers now. She was pretty wet, visibly so, as I rubbed a finger tip on her clit, pressing down a little. She actually fucking moaned and I nearly came. “Now, I want to lick it and make it clean ok?”

I realized what I was doing was wrong, but it was like she was a sex toy or something. A fun little addition to all the masturbating I did.

She said ok to my licking her and I went to town. I licked that tiny, hairless, slippery cunt until my tongue hurt and she was moaning in what may have been pain even. She seemed to cum though. She tried to back away and told me she needed to pee. My own orgasms were sometimes that intense and I spoke with my lips against her bald pussy, “it’s ok, if you pee, just do it in my face, sweetie,” and then she let go and started to shake a bit. It was a little extra wet. She might have squirted some - a thing I didn’t know existed at the time.

Then I asked her if she wanted to see what her bobo tasted like. She eagerly agreed. I told her to lick my face, and she licked her own cum off me. I opened my mouth and she took the hint, sticking her tongue on mine and wiggling it, then pulled back giggling. “That’s like my mommy and Mike.”

“Yes we can kiss like them, but that’s more grown up stuff. Nobody can know.” She kept kissing me, sloppy and then I grabbed her little face, and jammed my tongue down her throat, slurping, spitting into her. I felt kind of aggressive, I didn’t want to hurt her but I kind of did. I picked her up off the counter now, her bare wet pussy warm through my tshirt against my waist.

“Can I see your boobies?”

“Yes, but I want to see yours too, ok?”

We both took our shirts off. Her flat chest and tiny rosy nipples were so cute. She touched mine. Her eyes were kind of glassy as she stroked them.

“Do you have milk?”

I explained I didn’t but then told her I wanted her to suck like I did. She put both her little hands on one tit and clamped onto my nipple, sucking so dutifully, moaning a little. I guess it reminded her of nursing. I lazily stroked my clit while she sucked and I cradled her blond head. I shifted her around a little and played with her pussy while she sucked. She nuzzled in, eyes closed and legs flopped open while I played with her. She had this total relaxed look on her face. Like bliss.

“You’re a good girl, only the best girls get to play like this. Only good girls get to play with their pussies together.” She smiled as she sucked and I was so turned on watching her suck and smile and tapping a finger on her clit I was fighting the urge to cum hands free.

I was trying to decide how I wanted to cum. I wanted to have her tongue on me. I laid back on the bath rug and spread my legs. “Will you lick me clean?”

“Yes, like a big girl. Your pussy is pretty!”

She crouched down and began licking, just as feverishly, as excitedly as I’d licked her. I watched her blond curls bounce between my legs. Her tonight was tiny but she was right on my clit like she knew. I didn’t have to direct her. “Suck it into your mouth like you did my nipple, honey.” When she did that, my legs shook. “Suck my pussy, you are such a good girl!”

I grabbed her head as I was about to cum and smashed her face hard against me, grinding my clit into her face…”lick my fucking pussy….I love your baby pussy, play with your bobo while you make me cum…”

I exploded into the best orgasm ever.

I fucked that kid until she was 12, offering to babysit free even. We did everything there is to do together - I even had my boyfriend fuck her once while I sat in her face. I can’t believe she never told anyone, but then she had a good time. I was always a little forceful with her. It always makes me smile when I think about how annoying she was until I taught her to be good. I would literally tell her to sit still or I wouldn’t lick her, or to pick up her toys so we could do big girl things and she’d immediately do what I asked.

She wanted it. Whoever says that kids can’t consent is wrong. She wanted it. She even asked for it. She’d finish breakfast or a cartoon and sit next to me and rub one of my tits and ask, “Can we play with our pussies?” Or “Will you lick me clean?” After she’d peed. Her favorite thing to do was to lay in my lap and suck nipples while I rubbed her bald baby pussy. It seemed comforting to her and I sometimes wondered if her mom did that to her.




I'll try to make this story as short but detailed as possible.

I was 14 and my then girlfriend was 13. Our first serious relationship for both of us. Needless to say it wasn't long before we started playing around. Now before I go any further let me tell you what this 13 yr old body of hers looked like. She was tall for her age, had long brown her and beautiful brown eyes to match, a cute little gap in the front of her teeth, damn near double D tits that hung with perfect brown nipples, a little pudgy belly, thick ass with a hairless brown asshole and thick thighs. Alway had her toes and fingers painted and like me we were both late bloomers so we were bald below the waist.

Anyway, she ended up having a falling out with her parents and moved in with her aunt temporarily before moving back home. Her aunt had one daughter but was older and moved out on her own. The aunt was never married and not in a relationship at that point. So my girlfriend would call me to come over. I my parents or an older friend would drive me over there. Typically my girlfriend would be nude almost always at her aunts house. In the beginning I thought it was weird and slightly unsettling to be around my naked girlfriend while her aunt was just up and hanging out. Didn't matter anyway cause Typically as soon as I got there she grabbed me and took me to the guest room she was staying in then.

We would fuck for hours and we were pretty loud at times. In between our sessions we would go to the kitchen for snacks and/or drinks to refuel. Her aunt would make snarky remarks about us. At one point I was on the floor in the bedroom and my girlfriend was sliding up and down on my cock. Her ass facing the door. She was fucking me good. Grabbing her teenage tits and moan like a whore. Suddenly her aunt just walked in on us and sees her 13 yr old niece sliding up and down on my 14 yr old bald cock. Now she knew what we were doing but never just come out and say it or confront us about it. She apologized and stepped out and closed the door. I was freaked out and nervous she would tell our parents. My girlfriend said we were fine. I asked her how can she be sure? Her reply floored me, she said "cuz I laid out on the couch naked and masturbated beside her as she watched the news". My eyes were huge. Thought that was hot as fuck!

So that night at dinner it was awkward for me. Her aunt made the comment that she hadn't been with a person for years. My girlfriend spoke up and said she can join us anytime. Her aunt smirked and said we were to young and that it's illegal but more importantly that we don't want her. My girlfriend pleaded with her but she didn't budge. I personally thought the whole conversation was awkward in the moment but I'm sure glad we had it.

Later that night we were in bed. We laid there in the dark.. naked and cuddling. She started pushing that thick 13 yr old ass against my cock and I was instantly hard. Before long she was holding the headboard and riding my cock angery like. Must of been to loud cause it got her aunts attention that was in bed. She burst in again and said "you guys just keep teasing me" as she stared at our naked bodies. My girlfriend slide off and told her to hop on my cock. Her aunt came into the room and closed the door behind her. She said she would love to with our consent but due to back issues she can't. My girlfriend told her not to worry about it and that I can fuck her. I was a little shocked I was volunteered like that but excited as well cuz unknown to my girlfriend I have a fetish with older women and nothing I wanted to do more then cream pie in an older women.

Now her aunt wasn't the best looking woman. You can tell she had a rough life and was missing a few screws up top but nonetheless I was gamed. She refused to take her shirt off cuz she was embarrassed by her body even though we both encouraged her. She got on the bed and laid on her side cause that's the only way she could lay without being in pain. So got on my knees and slide my young teen cock up her hairy pussy. She let out a moan. The musk and warmth from her was intoxicating. I looked at my girlfriend as she laid infont of her aunt ttalking to her. Her aunt looked over to me and asked if I can go harder. Of course I can. I pounded her. She reached back and held my arm and moaned loudly. My girlfriend masturbating as she watched. I tried everything not to cum. I pulled out and took a break. They were both confused why it stopped and I explained I was about to cum. They both smiled as I slide back in. As I'm fucking her aunt the aunt is talking dirty to both of us. Begging her niece to put her little pussy in her face. My girlfriend started to 69 her aunt. Both moaning at this point.

What did me in was watch my girlfriends sexy, young foot in her aunts mouth. Those candy red toes being sucked on. I got to cum in my first pussy that night but I was sucking my girlfriends toes with her aunt when I did it.

Unfortunately that was a one time event. I did get a hand job years later from her and made me swear not to tell a soul but that was it.




The weirdest thing occurred before my very eyes the other day. My daughter is 13 but she already is a full D cup. She was changing as I walked by her room. I kinda sneaked a peak when my mother walked into her room. My mother is 91. She started kissing her fingers then putting her fingers on my daughter’s pussy - only covered by cotton panties. My mom started rubbing her little crotch and making kissing noises at my daughter. My daughter was frozen in shock, as was I. I watched a bit longer. Mom took her other hand and started rubbing my daughter’s tits with one hand and her little pussy with the other. Mom started moaning and saying she liked how my daughter’s body felt. Then, she actually started sucking my daughter’s 13 year old nipples. She kept saying she was sorry but she couldn’t help it. She was furiously rubbing my daughter’s crotch. She leaned down and licked her crotch over the cotton panties. She started telling my daughter how good she smelled. Then she pulled the panties down and inserted a finger inside my daughter. My daughter winced and said ooow grandma you are hurting me. Mom just muttered an apology and kept finger fucking my child. She got between her little legs and started licking her clit. I was in shock. She licked her a few minutes and then she turned to walk out. I went to my room and masterbated - hard. I replayed all I had just seen over and over again till I came with such a force I almost blacked out. I want to see this again. Many, many, many times. I want to watch my mom molest my 13 year old daughter.




i have a 20 year old sister. she already has 3 kids. all girls. 6 months, 2years old, and 3 years old. my sister is beautiful - and naive. Im a 45 year old man and i also do meth. meth makes me desire taboo situations. so about a year ago i started talking to my sister, to convince her to do meth with me. she agreed after promising her we would just do it a few times and that i would totally take care of her. i went to her apartment shortly after, and we got high. right away I got horny. it didn't take long before I noticed she was getting horny too. i told her that it was normal to experience intense arousal. I also told her it was really important she experienced sexual release to prevent physical problems. she believed me, of course. i suggested to her that she should masterbate. she just went along with everything i said. before i knew it she was on the bed with her skirt up. she was rubbing her clit, and enjoying it. i put some porn on for her to watch. i started with brother sister porn. As she was watching and rubbing her clit, I began to fondle one of her nice tits. God I was so hard. she asked me to change the porn to something else and I put on some cp with mother and daughters. this time as she rubbed I yanked her shirt up and pulled a tit out of her bra. I put it in my mouth and she moaned. she liked it. i asked her if she liked what she was watching and she giggled and said she did. That night we watched cp and i fingered her and licked her young pussy so good. i made her come so many times with my hands and tongue. when i was ready, I got her and bent her over. i shoved my big, fat cock in her tight little pussy. i pumped in and out a few times before i unloaded inside of her.

the next time i got her high i told her she should breastfeed her daughter, that shed trip on how good it felt. right away that kid was sucking her tit and i started rubbing my sister's crotch. she got loud quick. moaning and groaning, saying over and over how good it felt. i ate her out and she came in my mouth, squirting her juices all in my mouth. i took the baby so she could enjoy her orgasm. of course the first thing i did was start playing with her pussy. i took her pamper off and started diddling her little hairless pussy. i laid her on the bed and just rubbed and caressed the little girl while my sister laid on the bed, eyes closed, just enjoying her after glow.

it wasn't long before i was licking the one little girl in front of my sister. and it wasn't long before she started licking her daughter. in fact, every time we got high, i'd push her to do more with her girls.

now we both are molesting all three girls. we diddle them constantly. rubbing their nipples and bald pussies. sucking the nips and licking their hairless slits. i like molesting them. i really love to get them watching cp porn and coaxing them into doing what is happening in the porn. i've got these girls sucking my sister's tits and licking her cunt, and my sister does the same to them. the girls have started playing with my cock a lot more. they lick it and suck it till i come.

i molest them all daily. some days i want to fuck them, but my sister says they are too little still. i crave molesting them. i crave touching them. i crave licking them. i desperately want to find more girls to diddle. maybe some young teens just hitting puberty. Ooo, to feel little puffy nipples in my mouth. i'd fuck an older girl for sure. maybe 12 or 13.

i've thought of making some videos with my sister and nieces to show a couple guys i know. i'm going to find a way to get some friends of mine to come play with me and my sister and the girls. i want to watch them be molested. molested by various older men ages 45-85. i want to video their molestation. i am desperate to see men molest them. maybe even watch a guy drug and fuck my sister. then he can move on to the girls.

i found a butchy 16 year old sitter that i feel certain will diddle them. i'm anxious to find out.




My sister-in-law, (we’ll call her Kate), loved to watch & control. Fortunately for her the infant girl she adopted had some strange genetic disorder that caused her to develop very nice breast extremely young.

So Kate would go shopping with her 3 yr old daughter, (Sue), and purposely get near a mother daughter couple or a grandmother granddaughter couple also shopping.

Almost without fail the adult female of the couple would ask how old is your child. When Kate said “Three.” The person would always comment on the size of her tits. When Kate explained the medical condition their fascination took over and they would stammer around and stroke Sue’s little arm. Invariably they would asked if they could actually see her tits.

Kate would smile and say “not here, how about the dressing room?” If they followed her into the dressing room Kate’s pussy would instantly start flowing because she knew she had them.

This particular time the viewers were a grandmother name Laura and her 11 year old granddaughter Tess who were shopping for a new swimsuit for Tess.

Once in the dressing room Kate told them the deal is if you want to see her daughter, Sue, naked they would both have to be naked.

Laura immediately started arguing that she just couldn’t get naked in front of her granddaughter and she certainly would not have Tess disrobe. Laura looked in the mirror and saw that Tess had already removed her top, shorts, bra, and she was currently removing her panties.

That completely altered Laura’s decision especially when Tess approached her grandmother and started unzipping her dress. Tess smiled at her grandmother and softly said, “get these clothes off now, you are not cheating me out of an opportunity to see those big tits on a 3 year old.” To drive home her point Tess slipped her index finger in Laura’s mouth.

After the both of them were totally naked Kate would have them stand there arms at their sides and turn to face each other.

With Laura & Tess standing there completely naked Kate removed Sue’s clothes and told them to look at this naked baby all you want. The erotic sight of this child with adult tits took their breath away. Tess actually moaned and squeezed her own nipples.

The next thing happened repeatedly. Laura asked “could we possibly touch them.” Kate replied “absolutely, but whatever you want to do to Sue, you must first do to each other.”

Again trepidation set in, but once Laura & Tess started stroking and sucking each other’s tits Kate would be finger deep in her own pussy instructing them to continue until she cums.

After Kate orgasmed she passed Sue over Laura for closer inspection and slipped her fingers into Tess’ mouth to clean the pussy juice off of her fingers with her lips.

Kate would sit back and eagerly watch a grandmother and granddaughter ravish each other’s bodies for the very first time and then pass Sue back and forth between them to repeat their nasty actions on little Sue.

Once they were exhausted Kate would attach Sue to her clit and calmly tell Laura & Tess, “I’m so glad to meet you both. I’ve videoed this beautiful interaction between you two.

I will keep the video safe from anyone else’s eyes as long as Tess sends me a video each week showing you two continuing to enjoy each other’s cunts, tits, & asses. If I don’t receive the weekly video I will send this anonymously to the authorities.”

They both agreed without arguing. When they were walking out of the dressing room Kate hugged both and let them dip their tongues in Sues little pussy one last time. As Tess hugged Kate she whispered in her ear, “thank you so much, please help me to get grandma to eat my mom’s cunt.” Kate smiled, winked and said “no problem.”