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I’m a 48 year old man for the last year or so have been thinking of my wife getting fucked by another man while I watch we’ve been talking about it and she finally agreed. I told her only one way I pick the guy and she has to stay blindfolded the thought excited her! I don’t need to see his face because I love you but I sure as heck want to feel his cock and suck it. If it really excites me I’ll let him fuck my asshole I said deal we fuck like crazy after that conversation, I don’t really want to fuck somebody that I know of anyway I was doing some work on my computer lo and behold I found naked pictures of my stepson my wife’s kid 17 years old naked masturbating close-ups asshole dick and balls. Got a nice looking dick good size then it hit me he’s the one I got so fucking hard thinking about it that I sent my wife a dick pic and told her I found the guy and she was so excited. She said she was gonna go to the bathroom at work and masturbate so I set it up for the weekend got a room, when it came to the time, I tied her to the bed knees down ass in the air arms tight in front of her, then came to knock on the door and motion him to come to the bed his eyes almost popped out of his head I told him to takeoff his clothes his dick was hard as a rock told my wife he is here and he is hard as a rock. She spread her legs as she was kneeling down and put her ass in the air so I could get a good look. I told her he wants to eat your ass hole. She said please do sir you can do what you want to me to the kid woke up and just starts eating her ass and pussy from behind reaching them touching your tits. My wife says you feel great and he started fucking her. Should’ve seen the smile on his face with his cock with inside his mom she started screaming fuck me stranger fuck me he pulled it out of her pussy and slammed it in her ass she jumped and had a low, muffled scream. She said that’s it fuck my ass as he was fucking her ass. I came so hard my cum shot about 6 feet across the room and I could tell he was getting ready to come I said don’t come in her ass pull it out and make her swallow lol, he pulled out go to the front of her grabbed her by the back of her hair, pulled her hair up, slammed his cock in her mouth and shot the hugest load Ive ever seen in his mothers mouth. I came again hard I said, don’t spill it and swallow it all which she did and just started going crazy, sucking his cock. Thank you sir thank you please fuck me some more I untied her and told him to 69 her which she did sucking away on his cock don’t know what it was. Her own son is a turn on. He buried his face in his mom‘s pussy and he got up and started fucking her pussy and squeeze her tits played with her nipples started choking her. She yelled out nonstop fuck me like a whore. He came hard inside his mom. then she yelled out to me. DP me which we did and continued all night. She said thank you sir for your cock in your cum can I lick your ass hole before you leave that was hot watching her lick her sons asshole. which got him hard again and he fucked her ass one last time and made her come. He looked at me with a smile on his face when she screamed out that she was coming that she called me and asked if it would be all right if she could fuck him again anytime I said of course and he left my wife said if your friend younger, I said yes bye she said he fuck me hard older guys. Don’t get hard like that she said used to fuck me like that when we were younger, then proceeded to tell me that his dick and cum tasted good , I said you could have it all you want she said really I said yes after the fourth time she yelled out I think I’m getting addicted to your cock sir will I ever know who you are he turned to look at me? I told her if you want to take off your blindfold he looked scared I said stick your cock in her so you could be fucking her while she sees you are he started going to town on her she said I’m coming I said take off your mask and she saw her son. She said Thomas this is so fucking nasty and wrong don’t stop Fucking me shoot your cum deep in me fuck you’re mother like a whore he said shut up you fucking whore I’m coming she said I changed my mind come in my mouth she sat up, took his cock and swallow every drop of it. She said I love your cock son I’m hooked on it I love it. taste the smell of it and I love the taste of your cum, now you know what I look like naked you’ve seen my ass all my pussy and tits I give them all to you should I didn’t mean to thank you so much I don’t know what to say. It’s wrong to fuck your own kid but I’m glad you’re fucking me. She spread her legs wide She said take a look at where you came from , fuck my ass and they were at it again she just kept saying fuck my ass fuck my ass fuck my ass came again in our ass hole this time she said I’m coming when he pulled out she say up and cleaned up his dick got every drop a cum and told her son your dad said that you can fuck me anytime when we’re at home and nobody else is around I want you naked so I could see your nice cock you’re still a kid and it’s wrong but I love your cock and balls and I want you cum in me it’s been over a year now and they still fuck pretty much every day yesterday she told him when you get married make sure you marry a woman that lets you fuck me! And she looked at me and said, you made it all happen and so start fucking my little sister whenever you want I told her she said OK her son always told her I love your pussy mother and kissing your ass hole I get so hard when I see you naked you’re the best looking woman ever I love your big nipples. Can I tell my best friend Joe he said bring him home and he could fuck me too.




I’m now 28 years old but this all happen back when I was 12 just really starting to understand being horny and exploring. My aunt (25) and I had more of a friend type of relationship she was like my bestfriend. Well one night my aunt came over to stay with me while my parents went out for a date. Just a normal night of us hanging out and we decided to watch a movie. So we’re sitting next to eachother watching the movie and there’s a sex scene. I just try to act normal and mature about it but my dick had other ideas. You could noticeably see my dick growing under the cover I was hoping she didn’t see. After about 2 awkward mins I’m fully hard trying to cover it up without her noticing and then kind of chuckles and says are you okay over there ? I said yeah I’m fine but after what seemed like forever (probably 10min) it would not go down. I was praying she wouldn’t bring it up again because I was embarrassed. Out of no where she puts her hand on my leg and says you know it’s okay it’s natural. Feeling nervous as can be I just said sorry it won’t go away. She then said she could help it go away while she slide her hand under the cover and grabbed my dick. I was in total shock I couldn’t form words to come out of my mouth I just scooted closer to her. She then pulled the covers back and said don’t worry I promise I’ll make it go away. She then got off the couch and on her knees in front of me and said here we have to take these off as she’s pulling my shorts down. My cock flops out and she looked for a second and said well dang that’s nice. I’m still in total shock of what’s going on as she grabs my dick and wraps her lips around me sucking up and down. My cock throbbing in her mouth she lifted up and said just relax and let it out. She started sucking me again and I exploded filling her mouth full of cum. To this day that’s was the best orgasm I’ve ever had and now to this day i still fantasies about an older women with a preteen boy.




First time I remember masturbating around age 6. It was a hot summer and as such the three of us did not wear anything at home. Just to set the scene a little.

We lived next door to my best friend who lived with her mother and older brother 6. They had a pop-up pool in the back yard that we used to swim in pretty much every day. Needless to say, we didn’t wear bathers in the pool because there wasn’t much point getting dressed to get into the pool.

Basically, we bounced between houses naked. Sometimes through the gate in the fence other times via the front gate on the open street. We were essentially naked from Mid-December, when school was out till we had to go back to school in February, of course we had to get dressed when we went out) but most the time that was just throwing a dress over top. no underwear, that included my mother as well she wore a spaghetti string dress that covered the essentials while out.

So, like I said we spent most of that summer in the pool but whenever I came home from my friends place I always got this impression I had just missed something. Mum would be hurrying out of whatever room she and dad were in and asking me questions about how swimming was etc. dad would show up a couple of minutes later and sit down in his chair or grab a drink for everyone. But the day I remember starting masturbating was slightly different.

I had just been sent home cause Suzy and her family were heading out for the evening and had to get ready. So, I didn’t come bouncing in to the house like I normally did. When I walked in the door, I saw mum sitting on dad’s lap rocking back and forwards. Neither of them saw me cause mum facing away from the door and blocking dads view. I was so stunned I just stood there and watched for a while. and because I was quiet, they didn’t notice me. I could see dad’s penis going in and out of mum’s vagina (yep we used real names for things) and heard them bath moaning like they were enjoying it.

After a while I started to feel a slight tingle in my stomach and vagina. I was unconsciously rubbing my pussy and hadn’t noticed. about that time, I heard dad grunting loud and mum started shuddering a little. Dad laid back and closed his eyes while mum got up and turned around. I saw dad’s penis plop out of her vagina just as she noticed me standing there. she just started to say something when I dashed away to my room and slammed the door. I slumped down behind the door and just sat. I didn’t know what to think but I knew I had just seen something that I wasn’t meant to. I heard mum and dad talking loudly then about 3 minutes later mum knocked on the door.

I stood up and let her in. She walked over and sat on my bed. That was when we had the other parts of the talk, bird bee’s baby’s blah blah had all that before but now she was talking about how it feeling good and that it was not something to be ashamed of etc. I honestly can’t remember what I was thinking at this point but at some stage I must have answered all the questions right because she got up gave me a big hug and went to make dinner.

All I could really think of was how good it felt to touch myself down there. Mum had of course explained the basics of self-pleasure (if anything she is through when we start on a new subject) and she said if I have any questions to ask her about it. After sitting and thinking for a while I got up and went out to the lounge where Dad was still sitting on the same chair, he asked if I was ok and then turned back to reading the book he was reading as I walked in.

Everything seemed as normal as ever. apart from this tingling I had in my pussy. I sat down on the couch and flicked on the TV. While I was watching, I started to play with myself. not intentionally but because it was tingling. I was getting right into it and had almost forgotten TV was on and dad was in the room when mum stood in the door way and said "just what do you think you're doing"

I jerked my hands away from my pussy quickly and looked up guiltily, dad had looked up and over at me seen me playing but hadnt said anything but now mum was on my case. Then she smiled and said " I have asked you to set the table 3 times, but you were too busy playing with your self that you didnt hear. Go wash your hands and set the table like I asked."

I got up and saw dad’s penis was a lot bigger than normal, he smiled at me and then went back to reading his book and I went and washed my hands and set the table. After dinner we all sat in the lounge room and watched a movie that was playing on TV. We all sat on the couch as normal and sat cuddled up dad in the middle with his arms around both of us, Dad was rubbing my arm gently and ocasionally rubbing my chest and brushing across my nipple it felt good. At some stage through the movie I started playing with myself again.

I looked around and noticed dad was playing with one of mum’s tits. Mum was also rubbing her pussy. but we were all still watching the movie. Soon I forgot about the movie and started rubbing more. the more I rubbed my pussy the better it felt, I must have touched my clit at some stage because I suddenly got a huge jolt that made me shiver and jerk. I it touched again and once again my body shook. the third time i touched my clit I couldn’t stop. I jerked around and shuddered so much dad grabbed me so I wouldn’t fall off the couch. I felt so good nice strong arm holding me tight while coming down off the best ride i had ever had (so far).

I once I finally got my 'composure' back i looked around and saw both mum and dad smiling at me. The movie had finished, and it was starting to get dark outside. Mum stood up, picked me up and carried me to bed.

I must have fallen asleep pretty quick cause I woke up and it was really dark. I heard mum moaning loudly and what sounded like a struggle in their room. I got up quietly and snuck to their door which was wide open. I saw mum lying on her back with her legs in the air and dad doing press-ups in between them . I could see his penis going in and out of her vagina. Their groaning got louder and then suddenly stopped. Dad knelt up and quickly move up so his penis was next to mums mouth. Mum started sucking on it like it was an cheese filled sausage. then dad granted really loud and mums mouth puffed up really big. she looked like she was trying to swallow stuff ( well obviously I know now )

Once dad had stopped jerking she opened her eyes and looked at the door where I was standing. she looked me straight in the eye and said "Bed, young lady" I turned and ran back to bed where I rubbed my pussy till I shook and then prompt fell asleep.

When I woke the next morning and walked out I realised things had changed around home. I wasn’t sure how but the place was not as stress full as it had been.

Needless to say I had lots more fun that summer and from then on but the one thing that slightly confused me till I was old enough to discuss it with my mum was that no matter what happened or what I tried, Neither mum nor dad touched me in any way that I would consider sexual. Yep they both rubbed my chest, smacked my bottom and helped me clean my vagina but never once did they initiate any touching or encourage me to touch them.

Talking to mum about 5 years later she said it was a line they were both not happy to cross. They enjoyed watching me play and enjoyed an audience occasionally but never considered letting me join in physically. I understand this now that I have my own children




I trick her. I trick her to play games so I can touch her private parts. So I can molest her 6 year old body. I’m 72 years old. It’s old, I know. But all I honk about is playing with a fresh young pussy. I get her to take off her panties first. Then I get her to play horsey with me, straddling my leg. Eventually I ask her if she wants to play a new game. I tell her is horsey, but she will sit on my palm. Oh yea, to feel a moist 6 year old pussy resting against the palm of my hand. Then she begins to buck her pussy into my hand. My cock gets fucking hard. I tell her I’m going to make it harder to stay on and it’s her job not to fall off the horsey(my hand). I slowly stroke her labia. I slip a finger between them. My cock is twitching. I start rubbing it with my other hand. I feel her wetness. So wet on my hand and finger. I tickle her clit and she giggles. I rub my cock harder. I get her to put her little hand in my lap on my hard cock as I lightly stoke her little pussy. I am molesting my 6 year old great-niece. I get her to rub my cock the way I like. As I diddle her, she is stroking my dick. I tell her there is an ever funner game. I lay down and tell her to sit on my face. Her bare pussy touches my lips. Oh the sweet sweet smell of her baby pussy. She knows to stay seated on my face. I lick her with very light and sifts strokes of my tongue. I slightly part the lips and touch the tip of my tongue on her tiny clit. I start running my hands over her flat chest. Pinching her little nipples and ringing her hole. My did is so fucking hard. I lick and lick her as she wiggled around on my face. I’m so turned on I just need to unload in a sweet little cunt. But she’s too little to fuck. I tell her to come with me to her sisters room. She’s 15. Quite a saucy little tart she is. She’s got full titties with great cleavage. Her butt is round and hard. She’s thin, very little waiste. Long hair. Dark curls to her waiste. Green bedroom eyes with the longest lashes, and plump juicy lips. She was in bed asleep in just a tshirt. I started beating my cock on the 15 year old’s ass. I was so ready to explode. I rolled her on her tummy and started licking her pussy from behind. I knew I wouldn’t last long so I quickly shoved my hard cock in her little pussy. She has had me do this before. She’s lost her fight. She just goes with it now. I got the six year old to get up on the bed with us. I diddled her little pussy as I fucked the 15 year old. I exploded in ripples of ecstasy. I came in that little girl until my toes curled




When i was around 9, me, my brother and my mom went to my godmother's house for a party. We stayed late, and they stayed in the living room. I, however, was in the closet, balls deep in my godsister who was the same age as me.




I want to be a naughty little girl, 5-6 years old, with a daddy who loves me. He shows me by tickling me when we're snuggling watching TV, wiggling his fingers in my ribs or palming my little bare feet in his big hands and wiggling a finger on the sole of my foot. It makes me laugh so hard and squirm in his lap. Sometimes I feel his man-thing get hard and fat under my pee-pee when I'm wiggling around. He told me that just means he's happy that I'm having fun with him.

The other day we'd played so hard that he laid me down on the floor exposing my tummy by pushing my nightie up and blowing raspberries on it. His fingers gently pinched my puffy little nipples at the same time...It tickled so much I happily screamed and giggled! He kept blowing more and more but getting closer to my naughty place. Before mommy left us, she told me that only bad girls rubbed their naughty places, so I didn't know why he was so close. "Daddy, that's my naughty pee-pee place.....stop...." But daddy didn't stop. Instead he scooted way down and used his thumbs to spread my naughty slit. "Baby girl, it's so pretty, and you love being tickled. I'm just gonna tickle it for you. " Daddy ran his fingertip up and down my little pee pee, tickling lightly and making me squirm. Then he kissed my bare little slit and started tickling my tiny button with his tongue. It felt so good, my daddy kissing my pee-pee, and then he blew raspberries on my button and made me shriek with laughter. "Daddy...stop..... it tickles too much! I have to tinkle!" "It's ok baby girl.... I'll help you.... your pee pee is already wet." He licked my little nub faster and faster and I felt his finger slide inside of me, faster and faster. "Ohhhh daddy.....oh it feels funny......" "Don't be afraid little one, daddy's got you..... just special secret tickles.....go ahead and enjoy it." It turns out I didn't tinkle, and daddy told me later they're called having cummies.

When I calmed down and daddy was snuggling me, I felt his big man-thing poking my tummy while I laid on him. "Daddy, are you still happy you made me have so much fun?" "Yes baby girl, daddy is very happy. Would you like to show Daddy how much you love him like he does you with his special tickles?"

I love my daddy, so of course I did. Daddy had me straddle his naked thigh and showed me how to slide my little hands up and down his man-thing. "You're making Daddy feel so good pretty girl... can you keep doing that but kiss daddy's fat cock for him? Just lick it like a popsicle for Daddy." I leaned forward and licked it, tickling the tip with my tongue while I rubbed it up and down. Daddy felt so good he started to bounce the leg I was sitting on, rubbing my little wet pee-pee on his thigh. He knows I like playing horsey but this was different, it rubbed my bad girl place and felt so good. I sucked Daddy's fat cock like a big thumb while I bounced up and down. He held me in place with his big hand pushingdown on my head a little and then he groaned and bounced me hard, and my mouth got full of this sticky white juice. I swallowed as much as I could but some dripped down my chin and on my chest too.

"I'm sorry Daddy.....I made a mess", I pouted. Daddy laughed and pulled me up, cuddling me close. "Oh no, sweet girl....Daddy made a mess, but you gave me the happy cummies too! I'm so proud of my big girl..."

Now Daddy tickles and kisses my pee-pee place every day to give me cummies and let's me kiss and squeeze his man-thing to make it shoot whenever I want. He promises he'll teach me more when I'm bigger as long as our special tickles stay a secret.




It’s me again from #4732. Because I got some feedback I figured I’d tell you guys a bit more about my 13 yo daughter. Now again I’m 42 and married happily for 15 years. I’ll be buying my daughter a dildo shaped like her dad to get off with, I found out she already has a vibrator. I’ll be taking it tonight to use on myself with my husband. I’ve shown my husband photos of our daughter in skirts and bathing suits while I give him head and it makes me feel so dirty hearing him say things like “that perfect flat stomach”, “her big perky tits”, “that fat ass I stare at every time she bends over”, “slutty fcking cocktease”, “daddy’s little whore”. I can’t stop thinking about her. I want him to cum in her panties and know she’s wearing them, I wanna put a hidden camera in her room and watch her pleasure herself. We’re gonna start letting her have her little bfs sleep over and hopefully hear her tight teen pussy get played with while we fuck. I love her so much but the fact I’m inferior to her is such a turn on. I’ll never be young or sexy or thin again and that’s what my hubby wants. I love him telling me that now is there something wrong with me? I’ll never let him touch her but the role playing is just so insanely hot. I picture him eating her to cum now constantly and my sex life has never been better.