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Had my first cock at 13 when i was playing truant in a park . A guy walking his dog paid me to go into the toilets and wank each other . it was great.Saw him a few times and sucked him off and even played and sucked his dogs cock and let the dog lick my cock . i came instantly when the dog licked me.The dogs cum tasted very salty

Then one day he brought an old ugly restarded guy who had a huge cock with a big purple head . I started sucking hime when he grabbed my head and started fucking my mouth hard .I tried to push him away but the other man held my arms , it was very rough and he came in my throat . i sucked the other guy but never met them again together.

A couple of years later i saw the retarded man collecting glasses in a pub near the park gates , he saw me and we went into the park in some bushes and i let him fuck my mouth again . used to go there any time i was horny. he used to like lie down with him behind me put his cock between my thighs and hump me , his cock hitting my balls while he was, kissing my neck and his arm around me wanking me .

I then started having sex with any stray dog i could , letting them lick my cock mostly. Then years later after divorce i let 2 neighbours dogs fuck me . they use to vist me regular esp the randy lab just to fill my ass with cum . Never fucked a female dog but had some fun with friends young boxer she used to love me licking her pussy , Used to get behind her and hump between her legs my cock rubbing her pussy , Sadly the moved before she was big enough to fuck . Been addicted to dogs and very old mens cock ever since




I had sex with my 5 year old sister! Im currently 14 and I have had sex with three boys but this is the best that my pussy has ever felt in my life she madd me squirt I came at least seven times and she peed . Her pussy is so soft and wet I cant take it! She wanted it more than me she moaned and sucked my nipples and rubbed her pussy on my ass wtf. I licked her clit and asshole and we grinded on each other pussy until I became dizzy. It feels like she was the one in charge I feel guilty because im the oldest but she wanted it and she moaned and came




I was almost 5 years old the first time I experienced something erotic, and which I remember as a thrilling experience. I was with my great-grandmother in a sleeping compartment on a train. There were bunk beds in the compartment, but my great-grandmother said I could sleep with her. This was in 1971, so I peed in a so-called pee bucket before we went to bed. So did my great-grandmother, who at the time was close to 70 years old and a fantastic lady, and whom I was very fond of. After we finished getting ready for the night, I became aware of how nice, smooth and beautiful the underwear she wore; pinup style. When we had laid down, I lay next to her bottom in a spooning position, and my pee got really stiff. "Do you like great-grandmother that much?" - she asked, while laughing lovingly and patting me on the side of the ass with her free right hand. I confirmed that it felt so good to lie like that. She positioned her ass in such a way that my pee slipped into her butthole, outside her panty fabric. I was naked. This is how I lay and felt this delicious and tickling feeling, and with instinctive jerking movements before I fell asleep. Great grandmother said nothing more, neither then nor later. At another time (I was still 5 years old) I lived for a while with my grandmother's sister (great grandmothers offspring), and while living there I got shingles. She got hold of an ointment from the doctor, which she was supposed to apply to me. I was completely naked when she applied the salve, and when she smeared my crotch my pee got really stiff. She grabbed it and massaged it while she laughed. Her husband was sitting nearby. He laughed too. I remember this as a nice and innocent experience. Later, when I had turned 7 and started school, I became friends with another boy in the class. He showed me porn magazines that his father had. He wanted to do what the people in the magazines did, and we took off our clothes. Suddenly we were in the 69 position and he took my stiff pecker in his mouth. It was so delicious that I started shaking all over. Suddenly he asked if I wanted to suck him too. I saw clear liquid oozing out of his pee and didn't know it was precum at the time. I tasted it and I remember it was just a little salty and smooth. I liked it. But it was hard to concentrate on his pee when it felt so good in my own dick. So we decided to take turns sucking each other. He could really suck that boy. It was so delicious. My whole body shook, and suddenly I almost fainted. Today I know I had my first (dry) orgasm. Afterwards I did as he had done. He also had a dry orgasm. We did this until the third grade. After this I moved to another part of the city I lived in. I was then 9 years old, and lost contact with my sucking and jerking friend. This was my first sexual experience of many. Maybe I'll write more later. Sorry for my limited English. English is not my main language.




I was 10 the first time I took my grandpa's cock in my ass he caught me with and older neighbor boy and let him finish and sent him home he's hot a 10 inches and he made me take every inch and filled me up. I loved it for the next 7 years I took his cock anytime he needed it and even his friends from time to time I spent 3 hours once when I was 12 just getting fucked by 3 grown men. I miss those days.




We were both 13 at his house one summer morning. His parents at work for the day. We were laying in his bed talking and we started to play with our dicks and when I took off my underwear he did too and for the next two hours he and I stroked and jacked each other off we sucked eac other and after letting him lay on top of me and hump on my naked ass I asked if he wanted to fuck me and before long he was fucking my asshole and he came in my ass two tmes.

We showered together and spent the rest of the day sucking each other and he fucked me several times and came in my ass every time. For thenext 7 or 8 years he andI sucked and swalllowed each others cum an he fucked my ass countless times and it seemed like I had his cum in my ass every day




When I was twelve years old, and in the seventh grade, my gym coach, Mr Thomas was gay for me. One day, he said he needed to talk to me after school about my P.E. Grade. So after school, I went to the locker room and met him in his office. I was a small petite boy with girlish hips, blue eyes and long curly blonde hair. I was not very athletic and my gym grade was bad. He said as much, and I said that no matter how much I tried, I couldn’t make the grade. He said, “Their might be a way, if you can keep a deep secret. If you can, I’ll give you straight a straight A”. I was all in for that and agreed. “I’ll do anything to get an A”.

So he said, “Well, it means that we need to go to the shower and let me take all of your clothes off.” My heart was beating 1000 kph and I didn’t know why I had to be naked. I said so, and he said, “Trust me. It will be fun. Have you ever jacked off”? I was embarrassed but nodded yes. He replied, “Do you get off? Do you get a weenie tickle and shoot sperm”? I was so stunned! I nodded yes and he said, “When you are naked, I will jack you off and make you weenie tickle and shoot sperm. It feels so much better when someone else does it to you.” I couldn’t help it! My dick was rock hard and my tummy was burning with butterflies. I nodded yes, and the fun started.

He made sure all of the doors were locked. Then he took a bottle of baby oil out of his desk. He stood up, walked around the desk, and gently took me by the hand and led me to the shower.

Once in the shower, he turned on all the hot water and steamed up the entire room. I was waiting with a beating heart and a throbbing hard dick.

So now he comes to me and takes hold of my blue T-shirt and pulled it up. I raised my arms and let him pull it over and off of me. He was panting with lust as he messaged by breasts and shoulders. Then, taking me into his arms, he began kissing me like a girl. It was then that his hand went inside of my pants and I felt strong fingers wrapping around my hard weenie. I was putty in his arms.

He then went to his knees and unbuttoned my levis and slowly took them and my undewear down and around my butt to my ankles. My dick popped up stiff and hard like a spring and the next thing I knew, his mouth was on it and sucking. OMG it felt so good. I had gone into early puberty at age ten, and had hair all over my groin. He deep throated me and soon he made me cum freaking hard! I shot puberty sperm down his throat as his tongue rubbed the tickle spot under the head of my circumcised seventh grade weenie! I cried out, “Gimmie weenie tickle! Milk my weenie tickle coach! Fucking weenie tickle”!

The next thing I knew, he had my pants, shoes and socks off of me. He got naked and I saw his huge massive hard dick. “Now it’s your turn Mike. Lets fuck in the hot shower baby dove”.

So he led me into the hot water and I went to my knees. He rubbed the head of his dick over my lips! I opened my mouth and began to suck him. He told me how to use my tongue under the head of his cock, and soon I had him moaning and groaning. I felt the head of his dick expanding and contracting as I sucked! He moaned, grunted and I tasted a mouth full of sperm for the first time. I was jacking off as he came and was burning with butterflies. I was having the best time of my life!

So now he rubbed my entire naked body down with the oil and sqeezed jacked my dick as he did, making me cum a second time! Since he was on his knees and I was standing up, my boy cum shot into his face. The hot shower water washed it down onto his shaved chest.

Then, he handed me the bottle! I oiled him down from head to toe and was jacking his hige circumcised, twelve inch long dick with both hands. I was grinning and giggling and having so much horny fun. My dick was still so hard and sex swollen that I came again, hands free. My load shot onto his belly button and the water washed it down over his nuts.

My legs went weak and I went to the shower floor. He layed on top of me! He started rubbing his entire oily dick across my oily dick! I was still so hard and after five or six minutes of dick to dick sex, I was moaning and saying, “Oh fuck I’m getting another weenie tickle”! He replied gently,”cum now baby boy! Let it go love and cum for me Mike”. I came again hard and my body was quivering with sperm all over my tummy.

Then the next thing I know, he put my small hairless legs up over his shoulders and rolled me back onto mine! That huge dick began pressing into my virgin butt hole. I cried out from the pain as he forced that oily dick up my twelve year old butt! He was soon all the way inside, and then he stopped, to let my spincter muscle get used to penetration. I laid there whimpering, but let him have me. He was panting and could no longer hold back. He began stroking and fucking, fucking and stroking. While I was crying, it made him fuck me harder. My own dick was hard again and then, I came again, hands free! The orgasm made me cry out, “fuck me I’m getting a weenie tickle! Fucking weenie tickle! Oh fuck me do the pee pee! My sperm shot all over my hailess little chest and hit my own mouth! I tasted my own cum for the first time because he had me rolled over onto my shoulders with my naked legs wrapped around hus huge muscular torso! I was his girl bitch and he was like a dog in heat! Just then, coach cried out, “Me too!! Oh you bitch you made me cum”! I felt my butt fill with a crawly flood of semen.

He turned me sideways and we spooned, with his dick still full inside my butt. It didn’t hurt anymore. He messaged my little dick from behind as we lay under the hot running shower water.

A long time later, he let me up as his dick plopped out of my ass. He dried me with a towel and got me dressed. He got dressed and brushed out my hair, kissed me full on the lips and said, “Come over to my house on Saturday for more loving time. I agreed, and as I left the locker room, my butt was sore and so was my dick.

I was at his house the next day by noon, on my bike. As soon as I got inside, he was on me. It was like a whirlwind he was so fast! I was stripped naked, picked up and taken straight to bed. It was a big waterbed. This time, he cut to the chase! He greased up my butt and his dick with vaseline, got me on all fours, and fucked the hell out of me doggy style, all of the while jacking me off with botn hands! Omg he made me cum! I shot sperm down onto the sheets and felt him cumming inside of me.

Then it was the 69. I was under him in the 69 and he drank my semen up in a vacume like suck. I felt butterflies in my tummy as he sucked me! The butterflies went from my tummy down into my balls! Then they shot up the shaft of my dick as he sucked, hitting the head of my throbbing boy cock. When it hit that tickle spot under the head where the top of his tongue was rubbing, I had a huge weenie tickle inside his mouth! My hips were pumping as I mouth fucked him!

Later on he shaved what little public hair I had off, and gave me a deep body message. So for years I was his boyfriend, until I was 17. By then he had a new nine year old boyfriend. I loved being molested and enjoyed every bit of the sex’




I have been on tinder a while and I have great success. To date, I have invited 6 men over thinking their about to get some good pussy and not knowing his asshole is about to be mine and my husband's for the night. 👅 I put a little something in their drinks to knock them out and when he wakes up. Then I dress them up in one of my slutty dresses, Completely feminizing them. My husband uses his bbc to pound the fuck out of these guys while I give him a prostate massage. He cums so hard in them.