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The first time I ever agreed to hook up with a guy I went out to a public park by my house wearing shorts and a t shirt. He asked me if I would mind if he snuck up on me so that I couldn't see his face. I said sure. I got to the park and stood next to a tree just waiting for him. Before I noticed, he had pushed me up against a tree and had yanked my shorts and underwear down to my ankles. I felt him prod his dick right up against my virgin hole and just shoved it in me. Luckily I had put a little lube on my hole so he went in pretty smooth. He kept me pinned against that tree and hammered my hole so much and came inside me. He left me with cum leaking out of my hole and laying on the ground. I'll never know who he is but I don't regret a thing. I thought it was so hot!




I’m going to turn 18 soon and I’m gonna miss being a underage slut for men. I’m a chubby hispanic boy who just loves pleasuring men ever since I was 15(I wish I started sooner). I’ll still continue pleasuring older men but I’ll miss the illegal factor of it all. It made it so fucking kinky and I’m sure the pervy men were happy to have a young slut to use. I just wanna make older men happy




I always knew I was bi. I grew up with my sisters under the careful teaching of our father on how to pleasure each other and him. My two sisters and I grew up doing everything together. I are an ass for the first time at age 6. It was my oldest sister who was nine at the time. I thought it was fun immediately and she just gasped and moaned while I did it.

We are all married now and are all still quite active with each other. My sisters are married but that doesn’t stop me from enjoying the taste of their sweet kisses and asses. Earlier in the month my youngest sister and I were going at it pretty hard and loud. She is amazing and literally feels like a virgin every time.

I’m walks her husband and catches me balls deep in my sisters ass as she is lying their moaning my name. He was shocked to say the least and started screaming yet his cock was noticeably getting hard because we hadn’t moved and I was still slowely sliding in and out of her tight ass. He finally stopped yelling and saw me still inside my sister going at it. His look changed and he smiled at us and said he had wanted to try something for a long time but was afraid to admit it. He said he’d been wanting to be with a man for a while. My sister was floored yet so happy we could continue to be with one another. He got naked and walked over and leaned down while looking in my eyes. His cock was dangling above my face and I knew exactly what he needed. So as I continued to be inside her she watched as I slid his cock in my mouth.

She had loved watching my dad and me so I wasn’t surprised. I worked him pretty good and had him so close I could taste his precum. He pulled away and told me to get out of my sister I did and he asked if he could try it. I was surprised but said ok. He looked at it while he played with it then suddenly sucked it into his mouth. If his mouth was a virgin I couldn’t tell because he was like a vacuums. My sister crawled under him and began sucking him again till he shot in her mouth. I was close anyway and followed suit. My sister got up on her knees and sucked me hard again then told her husband she wanted me to fuck him while she watched. He was very hesitant till I stuck my tongue on his dark hole. He gasped and then just obediently bent over so I had easier access. After about five minutes I stopped and he had his eyes closed and was in heaven. My sister had been fingering herself and just smiled at me. I put my hard cock to his dark chur and pushed. It faced some slight resistance but then slid right in He gasped but I slowed down till he could take it and get used to it. Within minutes I had my balls slapping against his small tight cheeks. My sister was under him watching as his cock flowed to and fro. I told him I was gonna cum then shoot a huge load in his ass. We collapsed on the couch with my cock in him till it shrank. He told me he loved it and was what he hoped. Now he is always there videoomy sister and I. Then him and I.




I'm in my mid fifties, living hand to mouth. I have a decent job, but also have alimony and child support. I live in an apartment close to work, the car I got is the old Honda and my wife got the SUV and house in the suburbs. Don't mess around, don't get caught, and you won't have to get divorced and lose everything.

My case was worse than most. It was an uneven marriage, I earned all the money, she stayed home and spent it. I messed around, first with a young girl at work but that got boring. Through her I met this young Mexican, he was working Valet parking cars. I got the urge, a real live urge to kiss him, to kiss him like a girl. I kissed him and he let me get his penis out of his pants and stroke him and kiss him.

I took him home with me and we got naked, his smooth Latino brown body and his penis fit in my mouth. I kissed him a lot, I couldn't stop kissing him, I spread his legs and licked his tight butthole. I had never done anything like that. Sucking his penis and rubbing my penis up and down his butt crack. He did his part holding onto my penis when it was hard, but he was passive and he wanted to get fucked. I fucked him, his ass was tight and it felt good to be on his back. It had been a long time since I had enjoyed fucking, I fucked him until I had no choice but to cum. It was over and he got up and got dressed and asked me to take him back to the bar where I had picked him up.

He was male prostitute and he kept pictures, he had set up his phone in the room and he blackmailed with them. A real pro, not all of the video was worth it, but there were some parts where there was no doubt it was me fucking him and kissing him. That's how he exposed me to my wife and I got divorced. I had to change jobs, that little girl was part of that clan, they didn't care, boy or girl, they filmed the encounters and held it over your head and you paid them.

My lawyer was pretty clear about it, going to court with him was going to open it up to the public. Pay the creep off, I should have paid him when he first asked. Now all I have is left is a desire for another 'boy' in to fuck, but I'm scared so I masturbate instead.




I'm going to relate how it came about that I sucked a man off and he fucked me. I was 21 and a friend had invited me to Belize to spend a couple of weeks there during the summer. He was 'rich' and did rich guy things, he paid for my ticket.

First it's hot, and second the place was an open air thing, on stilts, with fans overhead. You slept on large mattress mats on the floor. The open area had views to die for and the bathroom was open so when you showered you were butt naked facing the private beach, if someone was down there they could see you, so be careful when you showered, unless you like being seen naked.

My friend loved the place and he refused to wear anything when he was there. He was naked, and when he bent over he showed off his naked hole, where the sun don't shine. He showed off his naked hole, and swished his behind from side to side, his cock and balls hanging beneath moving to the rhythm. He has hairy thighs and a hairy butt and heavy facial hair and his hair is black and he washed it every now and then. He stood over me when I was sitting, his cock in my face. He kept me naked too, except I was mostly embarrassed.

He insisted on showering together and playing swordfights with our cocks. He rubbed his cock against me and got hard under the shower spray. He put both hands on my head and pushed me down until I fell to my knees with his cock in my face, slapping my face with his cock. Instinct? I opened my mouth and the next thing you know I was sucking his cock and he was telling me keep it up show him some loving. Fully aware that anyone on the beach or a boat could see us and me on my knees sucking him off. It only got worse.

He had me bend over, hold onto the water handles and he ran his cock right up my ass. I kept looking at the beach to see if someone was watching him fuck me. It felt good because it did, but out in the open like that scared me and my dick stayed soft and tiny while his cock sliced me open.

Two weeks of raw sex, of sleeping with him, of being fucked and sucking cock in the shower, of fucking and sucking cock on the veranda. I was his toy boy and he loved it, and I loved it too but was too embarrassed to say so. It wasn't until the last two days before he 'kissed' me. I'd heard of girls complain because they hadn't been kissed when they got fucked. I know the feeling.

I went because he invited me and paid for me to go spend those two weeks with him. I came back with a sore enough butt and memories of his cock down my throat. I swallowed because he held my face so he could watch me swallow his cum. I licked his ass because he bent over in the shower for me to lick him, to ream him out.

I'm not proud of being such a worthless sissy about it, but after we got back he never asked me over. He always seems to have some other toy boy to play with. I was just his summer fling.




I have kept my secret for a long long time. I first sucked on a dick when I was in the fourth grade, we sucked each other. The difference is that I let him pee in my mouth and I swallowed. I fell in love with dick and have been a cock sucker ever since.

I've taken it up the ass. Partly because I just needed to know what it felt like. I let a guy who picked me up at a bar fuck me. I played the part and went back to his place, sucked him and let him fuck me naked. It was really good, the feeling of a man on my back, gripping me and fucking me. I've been fucked many times after that.

Over the last forty years, yes I'm not a young guy, I've sucked men in Amsterdam and New York, in pickup trucks and bathroom stalls. Sometimes I just need it to be nasty. I had an old red neck truck driver pee down my throat in the stall of rest stop. He had a great thick cock and I sucked him to completion afterwards. The thrill of sucking cock while someone walked in and peed in the urinal was special.

I met Jim, I met him pumping gas. He has a restomod Mustang and I complimented him on it, asked him if I could sit in it. As I was holding the gear shift he put his hand on my hand and I let him keep touching me. He has a belly like mine, hairier on the chest and back, and hair up the crack of his ass. I laid out for him, face down and let him fuck me until he came and spent the rest of the evening with him leaking cum out of my ass. He showed me that he sucked his dog's dick, but I couldn't go there, but watching him got me hard.

Jim asked me over to watch the ball game last Saturday. We were in shorts because of the heat of the summer and soon I was on my knees giving his cock the respect it deserved. He took his erection enhancers before I went over and he was especially hard. I like a hard dick in my hand and now I had him where I wanted him, I spread my cheeks and sat down and rode his erection down and down. I like a man on my back, holding me tight, his chest against my back, and his dick in my ass.

Well that's all folks, just sharing some of my stuff. Don't get too upset as you grow older, you can suck a hard man off, and you can bend over, even if you can't get hard enough to fuck a pimply faced boy you picked up at the mall.




Following an accident I was laid up for weeks. A physical therapist, male and outwardly gay, came three times a week to work on articulation and strength. One of those days I grew a hard on. He told me that was extra and not covered by insurance. We agreed on fifteen bucks for a hand job, a blowjob was free. What a hungry young man, he worked me until he milked me.

Once a week he gave me a blowjob. When I was released he told me he wanted me to return his favors. He came by the apartment after work and I grew a greater and greater appetite for his dick. He wanted a 'mounting' which I was more than glad to provide.