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When i was 9 years old there was an older boy in my neighbourhood that i would hangout and play with. The boys name was Caleb and he was like 12 or 13 at the time. He taught me a fun game where i sucked his dick and he came in my mouth and id see how long i could hold his cum in my mouth before swallowing it. The first few times i didnt really like the game but after he sucked on my dick once i started to like the game more. I eventually was able to swallow his whole load. After a couple of weeks Caleb had his friend Travis come along and i did my first double bj, they both came on my face. I dont really remember why they stopped getting me to suck them off but they were probably just scared of me eventually telling someone what they were getting me to do. I was definitley a willing participant though.

When i was 12 i started to jerk off and watch trans porn and stuff. I liked to steal my moms underwear and wear them while i jerked off. Id cum in them and put them back in her dirty laundry hamper. One day though i found where she hid her dildo and i would use it to train my ass any chance i got. Eventually though i got tired of just doing stuff by myself and missed the days when i got to suck my friends dicks. I started talking to an older guy Rob online, he was in his late 20s, married, had kids and all that - closeted gay type. After i convinced him i wasnt a cop and sexting each other for a few weeks he drove to my town and booked a motel room not far from my house. I told my parents i was going over to a friends house for the night and walked down to the motel. I was so nervous walking up to the door i couldnt feel my legs and i almost turned around and went home but i knocked anyway and Rob welcomed me in. I spent that night as Robs personal sex toy. He assumed a very dominating personality and i became submissive to him almsot out of fear but also out of excitement. Rob just pounded me in the ass over and over that night and took lots of pictures and videos of me that he did god knows what with but i had a great time and it definitley got me to open up more sexually. Ever since that first time ive had no problem having full on gangbangs and being a twink cumslut.




I had to get a job when I was in college. I got an on campus job as a busboy in the main cafeteria. Most everyone at that school didn't work, they were either borrowing their way through or had a rich daddies. Bussing their tables was hard, embarrassing really. But I put up with it, it was a job and I needed the money to pay rent and food.

Back in the back was Julio who was the main cook on the evening shift. Julio pushed me into the broom closet and fucked me. He fucked me many times, I sucked his dick and went to his apartment. Julio was fifty and he liked college boys. I was embarrassed about it and suffered a lot of mental trauma. But it didn't stop me from going to his apartment.

A leap forward thirty years later. I go with some friends offshore fishing off of Manzanillo. The breakfast waiter was named Julio. And he had that same look I remembered. He was man hungry and he woke up that sleeping dog in me. I sucked Julio, with all the passion I had suppressed. I kissed Julio, a small man in his late thirties, I loved on his dick and this time it was my turn to mount him. It was a wave of nonstop pleasure, extasy injecting my sperm in him.

I was embarrassed afterwards, regretted my actions. Julio wanted more and I chose to ignore him. I gave him a big tip instead. After our trip, back in my house, with my wife and kids asking me what I caught in Mexico, I worried 'did I catch something?' I had barebacked Julio. No I didn't. Relief. But the memory, the pent up desire never went away. Not Julio from my freshman year in college, and not Julio from my trip to Manzanillo thirty years later.




i've been having an issue for a while now, i am out of options at this point.

i have this big rhottwhile, i new he was gay but never really cared about it.

I have never had any issues before this.

one evening he was in a happy mood or horny and really excited to see me.

he kept jumping up on me, i pushed him down and went about my stuff.

i was in the bedroom undressing and i pulled my pants down and

started to remove my underwhere as i heard his collor gingle.

he imediatly mounted me from behind and was thrusting.

i stoord up and said stop it as he mounted me again wraping his paws around

me pulling me almost to my knees as i felt a squirt of what i thought was pee hit

my asshole and he throust as i said stop and he took me analy.

kept trying to stand back up as he furasly started humping me and pulling me back

to my knees as i felt his cock slip deeper into me, i fell to my knees and whined

as i felt this big ball slip into me.

i just gripped the carpet as he but fucked me, i looked back between my legs and i

could see his huge balls swinging as i started to cramp i moaned hard and gasped

my balls where swinging as well as i moaned i felt waht was like many

huge squirts go into me as i moaned hard and felt this wave of pleasure rush over me.

i looked back and my cock was swelling as i watched his balls pulsate and i felt

him continue to squirt into me. all i could do was gasp taking his sperm.

this went on for a while and he got off me but i was stuck to him.

i started to panic, hee staid in me for about 26 minutes as he slipped out i could

see his knott deflating, i just gasped and stood back up my legs

and knees felt weak as i pulled my underwear back up as he was licking his cock.

i still was trying to proccess what happened, does it mean i'm his bitch now?

he has tried it again the next day and when he mounted me i felt

my knees go weak as he gripped my waist puling me to my knees and he took me again

another 40 minutes of him tied to me pulsating sperm into me and me gasping.

i was rock hard, dripping precum myself, i think i'm submissive to him now.

he has bred me maybe 6 times recently, my gf is complaining i don't feel sexual

around her. every time i try to go out with her or be excited about he he

forces me to my knees and breeds me.




In my generation liking men was something you kept secret. It started early, by the time I was a freshman in high school I had sucked the dick of our youth minister. He really liked boys and I was one of many.

I did what so many men like me did, we went onto college and got an education. We married a girl we met at college, one that wanted more than anything to be a housewife. Why men like us are attracted to housewife types is a mystery. Off and on I would run into a man who gave off vibes and I would give him a blowjob. I hadn't ventured further than oral, and for that matter had never kissed with a man either. It was a cock fixation.

My wife had a women's group that got together quarterly, they did charity work and their choice was unwed mothers. One of the women had a husband who was into woodworking and the meeting that quarter was at his house. I spent the afternoon with him in his workshop, and sucked his cock and he kissed me. He wanted more, and over his workbench I had to stand and take it. While the women were inside talking about pregnant girls, we were outside fucking in the workshop.

That experience changed me forever. I met up with him and we made out like teenagers, and sucked cock together. He liked getting naked while his wife was at work, I was unemployed there for a while, and we got naked and played sex games, watched gay porn, and fucked until it was time for me to get going. He was my first boyfriend, a man I had feelings for. I made sure that my wife was good friends with is wife and they went to the women's center to help and other women charities.

In the end, I am still Paul's cocksucker and I love to bend over. There's nothing better than getting naked and making out and mutual cock sucking. A man has to do what a man has to do. We are both in the closet so it's a dirty little secret.




I was a 7year old dutch kid; he was a neighborhood friend, a 7yo Spanish kid. He had an older sister that I had a crush on and we did a lot of bodily play things, but mostly sucking each others dick in his clothing closet (literally and figuratively in the closet). I taught him how to masturbate because I learned that from another kid. He let me sniff her underwear (she was 15 at the time and she smelled like heaven). We must has done this al throughout the year, but at the end of the school year, he went on vacation with his mom to Spain; turned out she divorced his dead-beat Dutch dad and went back home, so I never saw him (or his sister (and her underpants) again). Like I said, I already masturbated at that age because I was (technically) abused by a teenager in our neighborhood (that was arrested a few years later for abusing other kids as well as me because some girl told her parents about it, which I didn't because I liked it and I never felt force into anything) which probably introduced me to dicks, masturbation and blowjobs at a bit of an early age (4 or 5 I think), but that's a whole different story. Sex with kids is fine as long as they initiate things and are never forced to anything.. however, it does activate them sexually at a too young age. I was jerking off 3 times a day by the time I was 9 and with having dry orgasms long before I had any jizz.. the Spanish kid didn't mind, because he also didn't have ejaculate yet and we could suck each others dick to completion and it was nice.

Then the first big dick I've ever sucked (and the first load I swallowed) was a big black cock from a well endowed (adopted) Columbian school buddy of mine. I think we must have been 10 and 11 at the time or something, my dick was just fully grown and I've just started producing cum and for some reason we ended up playing this porn game on my computer. He immediately wanted to copy the game to jerk himself off on. He obviously knew what jerking off was because he kept talking about how hard he was going to jerk of to the porn game (he didn't have access to porn, his parents were like 50+ and probably were people with pretty low sex drives; no porn in the house at all!). I asked him if he would mind if we jerked off together next time he would be at my place, because I knew where my dads porno's were stashed, and he agreed. So, a few weeks later we had a sleepover and he brought his computer. We played until it was time to sleep and then I sneaked downstairs to get the porno videos; nearly got caught by mom who saw me sneaking downstairs.. I hid the videos on my back under my shirt as I sneaked back upstairs. A few minutes in, we were watching porn and we got at the blowjob scene where this blonde was sucking this big black cock. He got instantly hard and was tugging at his pjays. I told him that it was ok if he wanted to take it out, and so we both did. It was the first time I watched porn with another kid and I felt myself getting hornier and hornier, especially when I was looking over to his magnificent fat black cock.. "he even has the same curls on the area around his dick", is one of the few some stupid details I still remember myself thinking.. another one was: "holy shit.. he has a big dick and it's leaking precum already.." (I apparently had a precum fetish ever since I licked it off the dick of that older kid that 'abused' me). I became dizzy with lust, and so did he.. I asked him: "hey.. question.. would it be weird if I wanted to try the same thing that she's doing right now?", to which he said: "what.. sucking his dick?? you mean sucking my dick????". I said "hmm, yeah, sorta... I always wanted to try it, and you have a really big one, also, since we just went swimming I know it's not dirty". He asked me "are you sure you want to? I already have a lot of precum" to which I responded "I know how it tastes, it's slightly salty... I have tasted it before". He agree to let me lick it off. After licking it off, my heart was exploding in my chest with raging lust and I asked him if I could suck his dick. The only way he could reply was by pulling his underwear further down to completely free his big dick that was now staring me in the face. For a second, I was kind of scared; I never had such a big dick in my mouth. The Spanish kid and me had thin pencil dicks, and the older kid only had me lick the head of his dick and he sucked my pencil dick. I never sucked his actual dick, so this would be my first time. I slow let the head of his dick slide over my tongue as it entered my mouth, and then I slowly closed my lips around it. All he could do was moan, and I could feel his dick jump up and start to leak even more precum. After 10 or 20 bobs of my head I heard him mumble something, but I didn't knew what he said and then I felt his dick twitch. I was so horny that I didn't care about the cum rushing out of his dick, making an audible sound through the tight uthera that was completely squashed between the two swollen glands of his hard cock. He came so much, I had to swallow it down twice before I could take it out of my mouth without making a mess. I was so horny after that, I came without touching myself, purely from rubbing my dick against the inside of my pajamas., I slept with a gigantic wet patch in the front of my pajamas that night, but I didn't care. I jerked off 3 more times when he was asleep (which didn't take long) and ate my own cum to clean it up every time. I still had some of his cum on my left hand and I kept smelling it when I masturbated. I must have jerked off 1000 times to that memory back in my youth and now thinking about it, my heart is pounding in my chest and my dick is leaking precum as I'm writing this down... fuck... anyway...

The first big white cock (somehow I know which guys have big cocks, lol) I've ever sucked was one of a buddy of mine (when I was like 15 or something and he was 14) that slept over when I was in my teens. We were having a LAN party and he was sleeping over. When it was finally time to go to bed, we watched some porn together on my TV. We were so hot and bothered that I knocked off my covers and he did the same. We then kept jerking off to the German porn (which I borrowed from dad without him knowing) we were watching, but then I noticed how big his dick was. his dicks girth was almost twice as thick as mine and he was jerking his 22cm (we measured it later as I was curious) long dick with long strokes as I was "knobbing" the head of my dick. (we both had uncut dicks, and I was flicking my glans between my curled index finger inside my foreskin; he was stroking it slowly up and down the entire length). As I got hotter and hotter after seeing his dick starting to ooze precum, my heart was racing and pounding hard in my chest.. Then (while this girl was sucking this massive white cock in the porno) I finally asked him if I could touch his dick to feel if his was just as hot as mine, which I did. My head started spinning when I was slowly jerking him off and "knobbing" his dick and he threw his head back and started moaning. When he looked back at me, I non-verbally asked him a "may I?" while gesturing to lower my mouth onto his dick, he nodded. I started sucking his dick as I learned to do from the older kid in our neighborhood back when I was 5 and from my times with the Spanish kid when I was 10 and it didn't take him long to start moaning louder and louder until he involuntarily started thrusting his hips into my mouth and said: "I'm about to cum, watch out" to which I responded with pulling his hips into my face until I almost gagged on the head of his dick as it spew 2, 3, 4 big wads of cum down my throat, after which I pulled it out and let it my head and face rest on his belly.. I gave him a kiss on his stomach as a sign of appreciation, which prompted him to gift me with another another spurt of cum on my cheek. We both laughed and I eagerly wiped his cum off my cheek and into my mouth to clean up the sticky. We stayed friends and watched porn together and jerked off many times after that, but it never was as hot as the first time after that.

Then in my 20s, me and a buddy of mine were watching porn on vacation one time and again, while we were jacking off, I noticed how big his dick was and it made me dizzy with lust... I asked him if he had ever sucked dick and he told me no.. I told him I had and I would like to suck his and he was curious to suck mine. By then it must have been years since I sucked my last dick so I felt this rush of excitement flood over me which caught me by surprise. By then I was having regular sex with my girlfriend, so sex itself was nothing new, but this touched something that came from a very deep place in my memories and reminded me of the Columbian kid and the well-endowed Caucasian kid. I was really looking forward of gulping down a nice hot load of cum.

However, before I knew it, he was on his knees, sucking my dick, but I had a bit of trouble coming because I drank too much, however, I went on my knees as it was my turn to suck, and a few minutes later he was cumming down my throat and, according to him he never came as hard in his entire life.. not even when he was fucking his insatiable bisexual girlfriend he had at the time. We sucked each other off many times after that and still do to this day. His cock is a gorgeous big one that I love to suck, unfortunately, we almost never get to suck dick when we're sober, so it never ends in orgasms for me as I find it impossible to cum after too much booze and other things. I really hope we can such each other off when sober some day soon. I know he has been exploring his prostate with anal play and I would like him to be the first guy I fuck.. already looking forward to it :)

The oldest one was my dad's dick (yes, my dad, I know.. but hear me out) when he was 55 or something when I was in my 30s to return the favor. A week earlier, he came into the bathroom when I was in the shower (which was quite normal during my childhood, we weren't prudes and went to a lot of nudist resorts with the whole family, so we were quite comfortable naked around each other), but I've been living on my own with my now wife since I was 21 and when I came out of the shower, he remarked the fact that I shaved my dick and balls. I told him "yeah, nice huh? she likes it that way" and he said: "hmm, looks very nice... can I have a taste?".

Maybe I need to preface this with the fact that he and I both fucked my step mom's / his wife's best friend (she was 10 years old than me and 20 years younger than him) on separate occasions, without each others knowledge. That slut was such a nymph, it's not even funny; the bitch wore inlays just to keep her pants from getting soaked all day long. I could have sworn that she had Persistent Arousal Syndrome, but without all the negative effects, but anyway, that's also a story for another time. Suffice it to say, we weren't strangers of getting each other hot and bothered (ever since we knew we fucked and came in the same woman and we told each other about or adventures in the past in a drunk mood).

Anyway.. so, my dad. I always knew he was bisexual (as we've discussed this during my teens, which helped me come to terms with my own bisexuality) and nothing ever came of it, but that time the alcohol made me very uninhibited so I thought and said: "sure, why not" and walked up to him, with my towel still around my neck.. he started sucking me off and using his hand to jerk me off at the same time. He knew exactly what he was doing because I came in less than two minutes and because he told me "hmm, apparently you have my dick, because that's exactly the way I liked to be sucked too". The next week I dropped by after work, horny as fuck and told him I wanted to return the favor; he didn't mind. I don't particularly like old dick though, but he was my dad, so I obliged him. Since then we've sucked each other's cocks a few times but that's about it.

We're still acting normal around each other and nothing much has changed, apart from having nasty chats on private chats from time to time when we both happen to be horny. I believe consenting adults should be able to choose to do stupid things like this, especially with people that we trust and love... people act so weird about things that people can do, even when they like doing it.




I don't know a guy who won't tell you that they would never let a gay guy kiss them. I was one of those guys. But circumstances make all the difference. I worked with him, I didn't know about his gay life. An office outing and he was there with a couple of the employees he had and the table had a lot of liquor and beer and wine. The girls lost their inhibitions, some of the guys got a handful of ass or tit and some went dancing. A couple of the girls danced together, erotically, with their skirts halfway up their thighs, clearly we could see their panties. I was quiet, being older I didn't participate.

He came over to my side of the table, put his hand on my thigh. Asked me if those girls got me hot, and grabbed my dick. No, he said, no hardon. But he didn't let go, he held my dick in his hand and massaged it until I did get a hardon. Now that's much better, isn't it. The, he said in my ear, let me see if I can make you happy. And with that he slipped under the table and he had my dick in his mouth giving me a blowjob.

With all the commotion around no one stopped or appeared to even notice. He triggered my orgasm, and he kept my dick in his mouth sucking hard on it as I came. It burned all the way to my asshole. He kept sucking on my dick after he had milked me, half hard half soft he moaned under the table.

He came up for air and told me he wasn't in the mood to go home alone and I should come with him. We left, caught an Uber and we were at his house in ten minutes. A big place, he said he inherited the money. In his room a great big mirror on the wall, and another one on the ceiling. He was undressed and working on me when I grabbed his dick.

We stood naked and made out, our bellies together, our dicks against each other. We made out like a couple of teenage kids, his hands going up and down my back, and around my 'buttocks'. When we lay down on the bed it was strictly business, now it was kissing his dick and sucking him and he had my dick in my hand and he fingered my asshole. He lifted himself up and said 'sorry' and got up and came back and squirted some lube into his hand and rubbed in my asshole.

I 'took' it like a man, I didn't even whimper. I took every inch of it, and he spent his sweet time fucking me. Every thrust was better than the last one, his dick kept getting harder. Putting both hands on my shoulders he lifted himself up and relieved himself in me. We showered, and got dressed and I told him I better leave.

I don't tell my friends about that night, or any of the other nights that we've gotten together. I've learned to really like having sex, having have sex with me. Something about his weight on my back, his hips grinding and his dick thrusting. Something about his hot breath on my neck and his cuming in me. I never thought I would be the one taking it, I have always been rather aggressive with the women I've fucked. But, I really enjoy him taking over, kissing me, and massaging me, fucking me.




Hi, I'm a 16 year old femboy and I love everything anal! I love stuffing my tight, virgin hole with my fingers or whatever else I can find. I adore the feeling of flushing my insides with water, but when I'm horny enough I just spit on my fingers and fuck my hole as it is, I don't care if it's nasty and filthy, when I need to rub my prostate, anything goes! My heart beats with excitement knowing that all you dirty pedos will be reading this and fantasizing about stuffing your nasty cocks into my dirty lil boy hole! I can't wait to be raped, gaped and have ass destroyed by you disgusting freaks!