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I’m a 16 year old male highschool student and i’m the school hoe. i give boys head whenever they want and ive been caught many times getting fucked in the bathrooms. I love getting fucked by DL baseball boys they all have huge cocks. Sometimes when the middle schoolers come visit our hs i’ll take a couple boys to a private spot and get fucking railed by them. i’ve been dmed by boys that i have class with if we can “hangout” which usually means they’ll pick me up and fuck me in a random parking lot. i’ve fucked multiple male teachers and they all love me.




I met him at a lunch place and we sat on the patio. He asked if I was serious, the price was 150 and I had to rent the room. He suggested this flea bag motel on the exit of the freeway. I agreed, I was hungry by then and I told him I carried the cash and he could follow my pickup.

I gave up on meeting someone a while back. I have a number I call and someone of my liking is sent out to me. This man was what I had asked for, taller and stocky. I had asked to make sure he was cut, I don't suck uncut cocks. My idea for the afternoon was a little bit of everything. I was really in the mood to have him fuck me.

He knocked and I let him in, we got undressed together. He was cut and had a handsome penis, proportioned and as I held it he rose to the occasion. He offered me some help from medication but I turned it down, it gives me a headache. And for that afternoon I was more interested in how long he could stay up, I wanted to get the full treatment.

We kissed, a must if I am to get in the mood. A long session of kissing, standing together naked, his cock against mine, erect and pressing against each other. I ran my hands around his back and his backside was firm, he ran his hands around my backside. I liked that, I like the feel of a strong man's hands massaging my butt cheeks. I kissed harder and he responded pulling me to him.

We lay on the bed and were soon in a sixty nine sucking each other. His cock was hard, he must have taken a double dose. Good, I like a hard cock when he fucks me. He made me cum, I say made me because he used his finger against my prostate and I couldn't fight it, I came with some of it dribbling down his chin we kissed again. I licked his chin clean and swallowed what he had given me. It was way too soon but I needed him to fuck me.

I lay flat on my stomach and let him massage me, paying extra attention to my butt and his thumbs massaging my anus. He could tell It was time and he got on me, pressed his body against mine and started to fuck me. With his cock so hard it felt great, I love it that way. Once in all the way he fucked and fucked and fucked, slow and fast, in and out, slow and fast, in and out, I had a small ejaculation into the bedspread. With a lift up he grabbed my shoulders and he went to work until he came, licking my anus after he pulled out.

On a per the hour basis he is expensive, from start to finish it was barely thirty five minutes. But it was worth it, it always is. That's the difference between a professional and an amateur.




My uncle had a Mobil gas station when I was growing up. I went there to hang out after school. There was this guy that worked there on cars, and pumped gas. He was a grease monkey, that's what my Uncle called him. His name was Rob.

One afternoon I showed up and I caught my Uncle corn holing Rob the grease monkey in the office. My Uncle saw me too and I had to sit through a course in diplomacy. If I told anyone I was dust, like from ashes to ashes and dust to dust, dust. What happened is that once you see it, it never leaves your mind. Rob with his pants around his ankles and my Uncle pounding his ass.

I had wet dreams about that, I felt myself with my pants around my ankles leaning across the table like that and getting my ass pounded. I dreamed about it for a long, long time. I left home when I went away to college. I was all alone there and from time to time I would see a man that reminded me of my uncle, and there I went again, wet dreams about getting my ass pounded like my Uncle pounded that grease monkey Rob's ass that afternoon.

When it happened it was all wrong. I was working on a term paper and after I turned it in the professor was all over me, and I was called to his office. He gave me a D, told me to write it over and he would consider bringing the grade up to a C. I wasn't listening, I was looking at him, he was just like my uncle, a big heavy man with a heavy six o'clock shadow of a beard, big hands and he looked at me like a German Shepherd looks at a steak. I was nervous, real nervous, when I asked him if there wasn't something else I could do to get my grade up.

He said no. Redo the term paper, that's all. But he got the message and that afternoon I found out just what it was like to get your ass pounded with your pants around your ankles. After I found out what it was like to suck on a big old cock. I don't know which one I liked more, maybe both the same. I went back to my room with my ass still twitching and still wet from being fucked like that. I sat down at my desk in my room and daydreamed about how I had got my ass pounded.

I did get my grade up to a C.




Once upon a time I was in Rio in Brazil on a contract basis. I was staying at this extended stay hotel. Breakfast was available but the other meals I took at nearby restaurants. I frequented this one restaurant, it served plate meals. The waiter was always the same one, Joao, a friendly man. As the days went by he didn't ask me what I wanted, he brought my drink and told me what was good and ordered that for me. He put his hand on my shoulder and whispered things in my ear.

One evening when he put his plate down he left a piece of paper. It had the name of a bar and the address and a time on it, 1:3O am. I nervously put the note in my shirt pocket and as I left he swatted my rear with his hand. I walked around for a while before going back to my room to wait for the appointed hour. I found out that I could walk there in twenty minutes so I left early. At 1:30 I approached the bar and went in. It was crowded, lots of men around, and I stood along the wall getting my eyes used to the darkness.

I felt a hand grab my hand and then an arm around my shoulder, Joao took me to a small table and ordered some beers for us. We sat close to each other and he leaned his shoulder against mine. As my eyes got used to the light, I saw men of all ages talking and drinking, and some were close to each other. From time to time a man leaned over and kissed a man beside him.

Joao went back to the hotel with me, he undressed and smiled at me as he lay back on the bed and patted the bed beside him. He was a bit chubby with very hairy legs and chest and back and his penis was like a great big worm waiting. I undressed slowly, still very nervous about it, before going over to him. He took my penis and put it in his mouth before drawing me down on the bed with him and kissing me on the mouth. My hand went for his penis and I was soon holding his erection.

We kissed for a while, he gave me a rub down, I sucked on his penis before he took some hand cream and got on my back for me to be his boyfriend. I was thirty five that year and it had been twenty years since a man had been on my back like that. It was Nirvana.

For the rest of my assignment I met Joao several times more at the gay bar, and I always went to him for my evening meal. He left little naughty cartoons with me when he served my meal. Always gay scenes, boys sucking and boys fucking and boys kissing. I suppose it was his way of reminding me that I was his boy and I sucked him, and kissed him, and of course he fucked me.




This happened a few years ago. Me and my family were low on cash, so we lived in a hotel for about 2 years. There were only two beds in the room, so me and my younger brother would sleep together. At about 6 in the morning, I woke up groggy. I felt my brother's raging boner up between my ass cheeks. This immediately turned me on so hard. My underwear were a mess. I tried to get him harder, rubbing my ass against his cock, hotdogging it, everything. He eventually got up, though, and went to the bathroom. I'm hoping he was masturbating to me.




Somethings remain your secret. This is one of those things. When I was fifteen I lived next door to this family, their son was a senior in high school and he was adopted. He came over to our house a lot, and hung out with me. Although it was commented on no one really thought much about it, why would he hang around a ninth grader and not guys his age, and he never dated.

Well it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure it out, unless you are in denial. Because I was sucking his dick and he was spreading my cheeks. He is totally gay, like the proverbial three dollar bill gay. But at the time he was straight cut and no one made much about it. I loved it, I mean I looked forward to it and sucking his dick was the least of it. He was a real animal when it came time to fuck me.

Of course secrets have to remain secrets, he went to college that year and I finished growing up with out any other sexual involvement with a guy. I'm married and have a life to live and I have never spoken to him since he left for college.




Male here. Last night with my wife asleep upstairs I invited a guy over who had a bbc. I sucked him off for a little then got up and let him rub his cock on my ass probing me but not entering me. He reached around and started to jerk me I was so turned on I was about to cum and I quickly turned around had him sit down and I came all over his cock I then went down on him and sucked his cock as much as I could eating my cum at the same time until he came in my mouth and I swallowed that too.